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Charcoal Rivers @aglobuzzy

Uh... hi, me looking at the over two dozen people who favorited this story.

It's been a while.

If this update ends up reaching any of you, as you can probably tell by the three year hiatus, this fic is discontinued. I have no plans on returning to it or finishing it.

And I do feel really bad about this. I hate leaving things unfinished and this is by far one of my most popular stories. But it just doesn't spark joy for me quite like it did before. I'm not exactly sure where to go with it and I don't have any incentive to work on it.

That being said, I'm still floored by the amount of support I've gotten for this. This has somehow become THE most voted for story on this silly little site, which isn't much in the grand scheme of things but is still pretty amazing. I'm sure some people will be sad that this is discontinued, but I hope you can be satisfied with the Season One-esque ending.

If you want to, I give you full reign to pick this up and do your own thing with it. I'm sure you'll come up with something cool!

I'll leave you with the very basic outline I jotted down of some ideas and storylines I wanted to get into.

Kyojuro survives Infinity Train

Take his character somewhere? More prominent in downtime arcs since he is important to both Tanjiro and Nezuko’s character arcs.

You know that four month time skip between Infinity Train and Entertainment District?

More drawn out, actually showcase some of the missions there

Build upon character dynamics between the squad there

Add on more Pillars, too

Genya does not conquer the sun, or at least not at the same point canon!Nezuko does

Generally slower paced than canon moving forward

The much-needed Sanemi Genya reconciliation

~ midpoint of the story

Very long, complicated arc

Jumpstarted by the Kamados+Genya having a joint mission with Sanemi

The Kamados and the Shinazugawas get separated at some point

Shenanigans and bonding ensues (oversimplification but whatever)

May I interest you in Breath of the Moon user!Nezuko?

How would this feasibly happen? No idea. But it would be cool.

Kokushibo is very unhappy about this.

Some of the “final battles” have different combatants

Biggest example is that I want Obanai in the fight against Akaza

His relationship with Kyojuro and Senjuro is meant to parallel the Kamados + Genya so it is thematically relevant

Again, if you somehow find this update (I think this site isn't very good at sending them out) then thank you for sticking by this story for all of its development limbo. I'm still writing, just not this. I'll be marking this as discontinued, and there will be no further updates to this.

Also rolyat-insonia on tumblr made this art and I love it very much. Check them out if you can.

That's all. Thank you, everyone.

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