Chasing Lambs @dazzler
Part 2

To Hien’s surprise, Magnai joined him on the field the next morning, without his axe this time. He did not approach or call out, however, taking a seat beneath a nearby tree and leaning up against the trunk to watch. Hien went on practicing, all the while feeling Magnai’s eyes on him.

“Good morning, khan," he said. "Spar with me?”

“I brought no weapon,” Magnai said, holding out his hands. He was dressed in a loose black shirt and waist wrap, having not yet donned his cloak for the day. It was Hien’s first time seeing the pattern of scales that wound up his arms and over his throat, and he wondered, distantly, what the rest of Magnai looked like.

“Your warriors are fond of wrestling, yes?” Hien hoped the innocence of the question did not sound too feigned-- after all, he had firsthand experience with every other Buduga man he met challenging him to a match.

Magnai grunted an affirmative and rose to tower over him. “And you accuse me of being eager for a fight.”

Hien stripped off his outer robe and tossed it to the ground, then removed his belt and placed his sword on top of it, Magnai watching him with a curious expression. The two of them took their places across from one another.

“Care to make a wager?” said Hien. “You may name the terms.”

Magnai thought for a moment. “If you win, you may decline my invitation to the Naadam.”

“And if you win?”

“Surrender to me your body and soul,” Magnai said, his voice going low and dangerous, “and serve me unto death.”

“Fair enough,” said Hien, and tackled him.

Magnai grabbed Hien’s forearms and pushed him back, then lowered his head as if to lock horns. Hien twisted so he butted into Magnai’s chest instead. He sank his heels into the mud and shoved, driving Magnai to an arm’s length.

“I can see why the Buduga clan wanted you,” said Magnai with a sharp grin, fingers digging into Hien’s bicep.

Magnai’s broad shoulders and well-defined chest were ideal for this kind of combat, but Hien saw his opportunity in Magnai’s long legs and slender hips. Instead of grappling with him straight on, Hien folded in and went low, locking his arms around Magnai’s waist and dragging him down. He flailed backwards with a curse, and Hien sprawled over him, pinning him to the grass.

Magnai continued to struggle, but Hien clamped powerful legs around his hips and held on.

“Do you give?” he asked through ragged breaths, trying to spread his weight out by flattening himself over Magnai. He was just about to call the match when Magnai’s clothed length brushed his thigh.

Oh. He was hard.

Hien inhaled sharply, wanting to push against him, to press Magnai’s cock between their bodies, but when he felt Magnai tense, he hesitated, just long enough for him to lurch upwards. Magnai slammed his shoulder into Hien with enough force to knock him down, then stood, planting his feet on either side of Hien’s hips. His chest heaved with effort.

“I win.”

“I am yours unto death, I suppose.” Hien held up his wrists in mock supplication.

Magnai’s answering bark of laughter sounded the closest thing to nervous that Hien had yet heard from him yet. “We should join the others.”

Upon their arrival, Yugiri’s eyes flicked over their grass-stained clothes and wild hair, but she did not comment. Work had already begun apace. Magnai made for the other side of the village as soon as he was able.

Yugiri turned to Hien with a quizzical look. He could only shrug, and she returned to the task of laying down flooring while Hien hovered at her shoulder, feeling torn between the need to explain himself and the desire to quickly change the subject.

To his relief, he did not have to: they worked alongside one another for the rest of the day, speaking only of the progress on Monzen. Hien would occasionally glance over at where the Oronir were helping to erect wooden frames with the builders. Once, Magnai caught him looking, so Hien beamed back at him and made Magnai almost trip over a pile of bricks.

“My lord?” said Yugiri. “A word, if you will.”

“Apologies.” He cleared his throat. “What is it?”

“I thought on our conversation the other day,” she said carefully. “I wrote Lyse and told her that after you return from the steppe, I would talk to you about visiting Ala Mhigo.”

Hien had to refrain from clasping her hand in excitement. “My friend,” he said, eyes sparkling, “I am overjoyed for you.”

She held up a fist and coughed very politely into it. “As an ambassador, of course. To strengthen relations.”


“Though,” she said, and tilted her head, “I wondered if you might like to stay with the Oronir a little longer.”

“Why? I should hate to delay your trip--” Abruptly, he noticed her shite-eating grin. “Yugiri.”

Independence demands it ,” she said, raising a finger skyward. That, Hien thought, was as close as he could hope for to her blessing.

They finished for the day and the rest of the group began the trek back to the House of the Fierce. Hien noticed Magnai standing by himself at the side of the river.

“You know,” he said as Hien approached, “I was surprised you wanted to rebuild this little village first, and not your grand palace.”

He was looking across the river at the ruins of Doma Castle, and Hien followed his gaze. The water continued to rise, and what remained would soon be completely submerged, but the castle was still beautiful, reflecting red and gold on the water as the sun set behind it.

“Imagine if something happened to the Dawn Throne,” Hien said. “Would you feel the same way?”

“Impossible.” Magnai crossed his arms. “Nothing could topple the Dawn Throne. ‘Tis as ancient as it is sacred.”

“So was Doma castle,” said Hien. “It represented something I’d never known-- a proud and strong Doma. At first, I wanted to rebuild it as it was before, but I realized we cannot return to that time. We must build anew, minding the injuries the Garleans inflicted on us.”

Magnai’s eyes drifted to the scar that crossed Hien’s forehead. He appeared ill at ease, and he was silent for a long moment before speaking up. “Why did you agree to go with me?”

With a small smile, Hien reached out and touched Magnai’s cheek. “You seem like you could use some company up there.”

The scales at Magnai’s throat rippled as he swallowed. “You are of the earth, and I am--”

“--of the sun, I know. Does the sun not share its light with the earth, and give it life?”

“I despise when you speak in riddles, Doman.”

Hien did not mention that Magnai was the one who brought it up in the first place. “I’m asking you to share some of your light with me."

He took hold of Magnai's wrist so his meaning could not be mistaken. Magnai was looking everywhere but at him.

“I believe we are alone now." Hien moved closer, minding the horns, and met Magnai’s lips with his own. They were wind-bitten and warm. Magnai was not bad at kissing exactly, but there was something unskilled in his manner that made him a little rough, a little clumsy. It was almost frantic, the way he gripped Hien’s shoulders and shoved their mouths together.

Thirty seconds or several bells might have passed before they broke apart, panting. For all of their hard work in the village, leaving Magnai speechless felt like one of Hien's greater accomplishments of the week.

“I’ve wanted to do that since this morning,” he said, tugging at Magnai’s sleeve and pulling him in the direction of the hideout. “We will not be missed. Come, let us retire to my quarters.”

To his immense relief, they did not run into anyone on their way back to Hien’s room. As soon as the door swung shut behind them, Hien took Magnai in his arms again, straining on the tips of his toes to kiss his way up Magnai’s neck. The scales were cool and smooth against his lips.

“Here,” said Hien, and led him to the bed, pulling them both down and climbing into Magnai’s lap.

Those glittering golden eyes darkened. “Do you aim to wrestle me again, little prince?”

“You’d lose,” said Hien, and cut off Magnai’s protest by biting at his lower lip. Magnai opened his mouth wider, making a desperate noise in the back of his throat that Hien swallowed greedily.

Hien reached up and tugged his hair free so it spilled over his shoulders. He tilted his head patiently as Magnai wound a hand through it and brought it to his lips.

“You like it?” Hien asked. Magnai nodded, burying his face in the curtain of hair that fell past his shoulders.

Eventually he managed to loosen Magnai’s grip on him, and Hien stripped out of his own clothes before tearing off Magnai’s, ripping clasps and scattering buttons in his enthusiasm. Magnai did not seem to mind, his cheeks flushed dark and his hands roving all over Hien, stroking his hair and cupping his breasts.

“So soft,” said Magnai, almost to himself. He looked up at Hien with such naked adoration on his face that Hien’s breath left him momentarily.

Now feeling a touch lightheaded, Hien moved down Magnai’s body, brushing his knuckles over the scales at his hips and over the tops of his thighs, coming to kneel between Magnai’s legs where the head of his cock poked out from his slit. Hien carefully slipped in two fingers alongside it, coaxing it forth and marveling at how the slickness there felt so similar to his own. Magnai’s hips twitched forward at the touch.

When fully emerged, it resembled most of the Auri cocks Hien had seen so far: thick at the base, pointed at the tip, with prominent ridges just beneath the head. It was rather on the larger end, though. Magnai noticed him staring.

“Never had an Auri cock before, have you?” he asked, grinning with all his sharp teeth.

Hien smiled back. “I was hardly self-denying during my time in Othard, friend. In fact, I learned many things from my Auri companions.”

“Well, I’ve had countless Auri partners, and it’s not like Hyur are built for-- ohhh ,” Magnai broke off, scrabbling at Hien’s head as he took Magnai’s entire length into his mouth.

Hien almost choked at the unfamiliar sensation of the ridges hitting the back of his throat. Magnai’s fingers tightened in his hair, claws raking over his scalp, and Hien felt a shiver go through him. He took several deep breaths through his nose and closed his eyes, swallowing around Magnai’s cock.

“Yes,” Magnai said, his voice rough, “serve me.”

Hien almost rolled his eyes at that, despite the futility of the gesture with Magnai in his mouth. With deliberate slowness, he dragged his tongue up the shaft, circling the head before moving back down, his fingers still playing idly with Magnai’s slit.

Magnai growled. “How do you know to pleasure me so?”

Hien pulled off and licked his lips. “I was an eager student of the Buduga.”

“...Daidukul,” Magnai said. “You fucked Daidukul?”

“After we won the Naadam, mind,” said Hien. “It was a passing whim, I do not think it meant much to either of us.”

Magnai fell silent, but Hien could guess at his thoughts. Does this mean anything to you?

Hien lowered his head to continue, but Magnai moved away with an accusatory hiss. “You-- you said I could have you.”

“Is something the matter?” Hien asked, sliding his thumb over the head of Magnai’s cock, then bringing his thumb to his mouth to taste. “Are you afraid you’ll come too quickly?”

Magnai swore but did not move, his fists twisted in the sheets like Hien had bound him there. “I want to be able to fuck you.”

Hien’s heart swelled with inexplicable fondness. He patted Magnai’s cheek and guided him onto his back with a hand at his shoulder. “Patience, O radiant one.”

Kneeling above Magnai with legs apart, Hien touched himself for the first time that night. Already he was practically dripping, the insides of his thighs slick with arousal. He dragged two fingers through to wet them and pressed in, preparing himself, his clit hard and swollen when he rocked against it with his palm. His fingers felt good, and he curled them to reach deeper inside, but they were not nearly enough.

With his other hand braced on Magnai’s chest, he could feel Magnai’s heartbeat thundering against his rib cage. Hien had been with men like Magnai before, though they were generally more upfront about being inexperienced or virgins. Considering all of Magnai’s bravado and talk of conquest, Hien had made some assumptions-- ones that he was now reconsidering as Magnai came apart beneath him like a young groom on his wedding night.

Hien slid his fingers out of himself with a groan and leaned back. “Shall I continue?”  

“Yes,” Magnai managed to gasp. “I- I can’t--”

“Be at ease,” Hien told him, smoothing back a few strands of hair sticking to Magnai’s forehead. Magnai’s hands shook where they were braced on Hien’s thighs.

Slow and careful, Hien guided the head of Magnai’s cock into him.

Oh, gods, it had been a while. Hien took a great gulp of air and willed himself to relax. Magnai looked as though he might faint.

“Are you going to be alright?” Hien asked.

“Are you? It’s tight,” Magnai said, nails digging into the flesh of Hien’s thigh. “I think you’re too small.”

Hien let out a breathless laugh and sank down a few more ilms. “You feel incredible.”

Some of the tension left Magnai’s body at the praise. Hien waited to adjust before beginning to move, rolling his hips to meet Magnai’s quick, shallow thrusts.

Even the slightest movements caused the ridges to rub against that spot just inside Hien that left him shaky and incoherent with pleasure. He slipped one hand between his legs to stroke his clit, which so hard it fair enough ached. Neither of them were quiet, which made Hien grateful for the thick stone walls.

“Harder,” Hien said. “Harder, Magnai, make me come.” Magnai reached out and took Hien’s free hand in his own, lacing their fingers together as Hien fucked himself on Magnai’s cock.

Hien climaxed with abrupt force, gasping and sprawling forward. It took several moments for the room to return to focus again, his clit throbbing and his cunt still clenching around Magnai, who continued to drive into him with frantic need.

“Magnai.” Hien shifted so he was pressed flush to Magnai’s chest, lying on his side. From prior experience he was aware of certain features of Au Ra anatomy, and any second now-- “If you wish to come inside--”

Magnai’s thrusts slowed as the base of his cock began to swell. One more push, the pressure at Hien’s entrance becoming almost unbearable, and it slipped in deep, locked there while Magnai trembled and clung to him. Magnai’s cock pulsed, and Hien felt a rush of warm liquid inside him, sealed in by the knot.

Magnai let his forehead rest against the back of Hien’s neck and curled an arm around his waist, fingers splayed over his belly. Hien shifted, sticky and hot but also drowsy and full and more relaxed than he’d been in moons.

“How strangely we fit together,” he said. 

“A shame you do not believe in destiny,” Magnai murmured.

“I do not claim to understand your gods and their ways,” said Hien, “but when you look at me sometimes, I...” He trailed off. Magnai pressed a kiss to his hair, and Hien closed his eyes. “I think there might be something in it.”

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