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Galuna Island: The Final Battle

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Happy: Last time on Fairy Tail: Legend of Aang.
Lucy was launched from where Sherry and Toph were by Toph herself.

Lucy: As if things weren't bad enough with this situation, now Erza is here.
Lucy is shown freezing up in fear and Happy tried to fly far away as soon as he saw her

Happy: Aang managed to convince Erza to lets us help the villagers but he had to fight for his life.
Aang was avoiding sword attacks from Erza in her Heaven's Wheel Armor.

Lucy: Hey,I wonder where Natsu is?
Natsu and Toph are now destroying the pillars of the temple and it was beginning to tilt.

Happy: Maybe he is trying to run from Erza too.
Both Toph and Natsu are battling Lyon and Toph is hit by Ice Make: Eagle and she retreats into the hole made Natsu earlier

Lucy: I hope he is okay.
Natsu ignites his fists as he prepares to fight Lyon.

The entire team was surprised as to what Grey had just told them. "What do you mean, Grey?" Erza asked

"Yeah, I thought that Ur was dead the entire time." Lucy said.

"Just let him talk." Aang said. "The beginning is a good place to start, what happened back when you were Ur's pupil?"

Grey began to explain his past in detail to the team about his past involving Ur and Lyon.

This happened at a time when Grey's home city was destroyed by Deliora and he was one of the few survivors of the incident. Grey was first found by Lyon and Ur and he walked over to a grave he made for his parents and he swore that he would never forgive Deliora.

This was when he began his training with Ur and Lyon and Ur told Grey that her training was tough, but Grey held his resolve and he remained determined to continue his training. Once she said they would begin training she suddenly stripped down to her underwear and Grey was shocked and surprised and he saw Lyon do the same thing. Ur told him that he had to get used to the cold if he was going to learn Creation Magic as Grey continued complaing because he wanted Ur to teach him magic. So Grey also stripped down to his underwear as well. Ur made an important point that in order to master Creation Magic they have to become devoted to it and find their own form.

Grey also revealed that it was Lyon's dream to surpass his teacher and while Ur was shopping for food. Lyon told him that Ur took him in because he was wrapped in darkness, and because Grey saw his family killed by Deliora he wouldn't be surprised that he was under that darkness. Ur wanted to guide Grey from the darkness that he was currently enveloped in, but he declared he would drive it away himself. And he said that after he beats Deliora he would leave Ur and he did this while calling her an Ice-queen and this earned him a punch on the head from his teacher.

Later he asked when he would learn some powerful magic and he is told by his teacher that he already has and he is told that Creation Magic can be as strong as he wants it to, Grey is very skeptical of this and it is revealed that he is in his boxers and he is holding his jacket. Ur furiously asked why he stripped and Grey blames Ur for his habit and he is then punched high into the sky, much to the humor of the surrounding towns' people.

As they were walking from town, a wagon passed them the people inside mention that Deliora was seen attacking the city of Brago and this causes Grey who was holding his bag of groceries and he suddenly dropped them the second he heard what those men were saying.

Later at night on the same day, a snowstorm was brewing and Grey set off to fight and defeat Deliora and Ur and Lyon tried to convince him that going against Deliora would be futile and he should stay but he ignored his teacher. Ur threatened to expel him and he would no longer be his student if he left, but Grey didn't care and he ran off the City of Brago to battle Deliora.

In the present Aang, Lucy and Happy are tilting their heads as they took a look at the temple which has been tilted to their left. "Do temples always tilt like that in this world?" Aang asked.

"No." Grey responds. "This must be Natsu's work."

Aang and Lucy sweatdrop while Happy is still trying to un-tilt his head as it looked locked into position and he flies back slightly and there is a rustle in the bushes and a crecent shaped blade with a purple orb sped to them and Erza pushed Lucy, Aang and Happy far back and they slammed into nearby trees.

The saw a crowd of the same wizards who were performing the Moon Drip ceremony. "We finally have you, Fairy Tail." A female wizard part of the group said. Erza made a magenta magic circle appear in front of her and she made a sword come out of it.

"Grey, go deal with Lyon. We will handly these people." Erza said and Lucy took out her whip and Aang got in a fighting stance.

"Don't worry, Grey we can handle these guys." Lucy confidently said.

Grey then ran towards the temple and Aang cleared a path with his Earthbending and Grey ran along the route.

"Aang! Go with him!" Erza ordered.


"Lucy and I can handle them, I want you to help Grey end this. I can tell you are wise beyond your years, I want you to help him, I can feel another evil presence on this island."

Aang nodded. "I gotcha." He jumped high into the air with an air spout over the wizards and he formed an air scooter and chased after Grey.

Grey was running to the temple and he heard a familiar burst of air and Aang was now on his air scooter next to the ice Wizard.

"Aang, what are you doing here?" Grey asked

"Isn't it obvious? I'm going to help you, Erza and Lucy said they would be fine with just the both of them, plus, it's not like I want to settle the score with Lyon, but if we want to beat him, we'll have to do it as a team this time." Grey thanked Aang and they kept moving towards the temple. "So you told us how you met up with Ur and Lyon, but you never got to explaining what happened to Ur, and how you know that she is alive."

"I was afraid you were going to ask that." Grey said. "Well if I must…" he said and Grey began explaining the conflict that happened between her and Deliora.

-Flashback Begins-

In the city of Brago, the demon Deliora is raging his reign of terror and standing in its way was Ur and she glared at the monster, meanwhile on the ground both Grey and Lyon were temporarily down for the count

Deliora was about to fire a light green beam towards the passed out Grey and Lyon, but Ur was ready to stop the monster in its tracks.

"Ice-Make: Rose Garden!" She yelled and she had the side of her right fist on her left palm and she made an ice rose garden that spread to Deliora and it binded him temporarily and this sent the beam away from them but it still hit a large portion of the city and this made a huge explosion. Grey slowly regained consciousness. "Grey, take Lyon and get out of here!" Ur yelled.

"Why did you come here?" Grey asked. "I thought I was expelled, what about your happiness?"

"I don't need to chase happiness because I see my happiness in the two of you. I came here so I can get that happiness back."

"Ur, your leg." Grey noticed and he saw that her right leg is actually a prosthetic ice leg.

"Oh this, I made it. Isn't Creation Magic exiting, you can create all sorts of wonderful things with it." Ur said. "If Deliora is the reason for your darkness then I have a reason to fight it! Leave, Grey. I want you to pursue your own happiness. You and Lyon."

"NO! It's all my fault that this is happening!" Grey yelled out and he began crying.

Lyon's eyes flicker open and he sees the destruction around him. He had a wicked smile on his face and he walked over to Ur. "You will defeat Deliora, right. There is no way that, that thing will win against the strongest wizard in all the world."

"Lyon, there are others stronger than I."

Lyon's smile quickly fades and he glares at his teacher. "If you are not the strongest. Then what was my training for!?"


"I want to surpass you, that is my dream, but if you're not the strongest wizard. Then what would be the point!?" He looks to his teacher. "Ur, don't you dare lose to that monster you hear me!?"

"Listen Lyon." Ur began but Lyon began running towards Deliora.

"If you're not going to battle seriously, then I will!" he said and he looked up and he pulled his arms back and he thrusted them forward while putting them in an 'X' position with his left palm facing upwards and his right palm facing downward.

"Where did you learn that pose!?" Ur asked

And a whitish blue magic circle appeared on the ground below him and it was going to cover him in a bluish white flash of energy. "I read one of your magical books on my own. Why didn't you teach us these spells?"

"Have you read it all the way to the end?!" Ur yelled.

"Anyone who uses Iced Shell will be frozen forever and I will be the one to seal away Deliora!" Lyon yelled as the energy of the Iced Shell was going to use his body to freeze Deliora. Suddenly Lyon was frozen in an ice rose and he was stopped from finishing the spell.

"That little brat, I can't believe he was going to use the same spell I was. He is going to be a great wizard some day." She said as she sighed

"UR!" Grey yelled.

Ur assumed the same stance that Lyon made earlier and as this happened rocks began rising into the air from the burst of energy and light blue energy began swirling around and a bluish white magic circle appeared above Deliora, two to its sides and one more in front of it.

Grey could only look in horror as she was performing the spell that would seal Deliora, but would come at a great cost.

"Ultimate Freeze! Iced Shell!" Ur yelled and she broke the 'X' stance and the energy around her exploded and it sent four energy beams of the same colour at the magic circles and they soon disappeared when they were hit, and as they disappeared there was an explosion and Deliora was beginning to become encased in ice and as this happened Ur's right eye looked like it lost all colour and a crack was running through it. "Grey, can you do something for me?" she asked. "I want you to tell Lyon that I died, if he knew that I became ice, then he would waste his life trying to break the spell. I want both of you to see the world and step out into the future. Grey, with this spell I seal away your darkness." And with those final words Ur's body became the ice that was supposed to freeze Deliora for an eternity.

Later Lyon wakes up and he sees Grey crying and sees the frozen Deliora. "Iced Shell?" he asked and Grey nodded. "Where is Ur?" he asked and Grey didn't respond. "Grey?" Lyon said as he felt as if her knew what he was going to say.

"Ur is dead." Grey said and all the emotion from Lyon's face fell.

"What are you talking about? She is not dead. You're lying, tell me you are lying!" he yelled. "How can I surpass her now!? My dream is ruined!" he exclaimed. He glared at Grey. "If you hadn't challenged Deliora, Ur would still be here, I would still dream. Grey you killed Ur!" and he punched him in the face and he ran off.

-Flashback Ends-

Grey and Aang get to the entrance of the temple and Aang sees something that makes his body flinch and he ran over and he kneeled down and he saw it as the one and only Toph Beifong who has been out cold for some time.

"T-Toph!" Aang yelled and he kneeled to her and he tried shaking her awake. "C'mon Toph wake up!" Aang said.

"Hey, be careful. She could be hurt." Grey said. Aang shook her lightly and her grey eyes shot open immediately and she made an Earth wave that hit Aang and he slid back and he held his stomach in pain. "Hey, what's the big idea!?" Grey yelled and he placed his right fist on his left palm and prepared to attack but Aang held his arm out in front of him.

Toph got up. "You gotta be kidding!" she exclaimed.

"Is my voice good enough?" Aang asked and he ran over to her and he enveloped her in a tight hug. "It's great to see someone familiar again!"

"Yeah me too, especially since I can't see and all." Toph lightly joked. And while Aang didn't catch it, she rubbed a tear from her right eye but this was noticed by Grey.

"Toph, what's happening with the Fire Nation?" Aang asked. "Where are our friends?"

Toph sniffed a little. "Sorry just had some snot in there." She lied. "I'll tell you later…" she began to notice Grey's presence. "Who is this guy?" Toph asked.

"I'll tell you later." Aang said repeating Toph's words which frustrated her a little. "But we don't have time right now we have to find Lyon and Natsu!"

Meanwhile Natsu and Lyon were still fighting and after one more clash where Lyon summoned a bluish white magic circle and Natsu summoned a orange-red magic circle and both collided.

"You're a handful pointy eyes!" Natsu said

"But your eyes are pointy too." Lyon pointed out.

Suddenly the ice walls behind them shattered and coming from behind them was Grey and Aang.

"Grey, Aang?" Natsu forced out.

"Natsu, Aang. Let me handle this." Grey said as he walked to face Lyon

"Grey are you sure?" Aang asked and when he got no response he had already gotten his answer.

"You have hurt a lot of people on this island, Lyon. You are going to turn them back to normal and you and your allies will leave immediately." Grey demanded.

"And what if I don't…" his eyes widened when he saw Grey move into a familiar stance. Lyon saw that this was the stance of the Iced Shell. "That pose…"

"This is your last chance Lyon, I know that I am the reason that Ur is dead and I will take responsibility for that one day. It is because of this I am prepared to die!" Lyon said and Natsu looked to Aang.

"Aang, what's he doing?!" Natsu asked

"Oh no, he isn't…" Aang began as he had a very good idea of what Grey was doing.

As Grey was in the position for the Iced Shell, a light blue magic circle formed on the floor under Grey's feet and there was a whitish blue energy that began swirling. "So, which is it Lyon. Do we live together or do we die together!?"

Lyon smirked. "Go ahead and do it, because I know it's a bluff."

"This is no bluff Lyon!"

"Do it! You don't have the guts to die!" Lyon taunted.

"Too bad!" Grey said "It looks like I will be taking my exit… Natsu, Erza, Aang. Everyone at Fairy Tail. I will leave the rest up to you. This is… the end!" He thought as he was about to cast the Iced Shell to eternally freeze Lyon.

"GREY!" Natsu yelled and he looked down to Aang. "Aang…"

"Stop him, he can't cast that spell!"


"IDIOT!" Natsu and Aang yelled to Grey and he was punched in the face by Natsu, stopping Grey from performing Iced Shell.

"Natsu! What are you doing!?" Grey yelled

"You come in here talkin 'responsibility' then you be takin my kill?" Natsu angrily said

Aang sweatdropped. "Here we go…"

"Your kill? I'm going to be the one who will beat him!"

"Well I didn't say, 'you will fight him sir'." Nastu replied as he smirked.

Grey grabbed Natsu by his scarf. "I Have to be the one that beats him I don't care what you say. I'm prepared to die!"

Natsu grabbed his Grey's wrist. "Is that so... you dying isn't winning, that's running away!"

"Okay you two knock it off!" Aang said as he got in between them.

Suddenly the entire building began shaking and the temple that was tilted before was returning to its original state. Natsu began kicking the walls in the room in frustration.

"Why is the temple back to normal, after all the trouble of breaking it in the first place!" Natsu yelled in anger

"Now that it is back to normal, the light will shine on Deliora." Grey said.

"Well so much for the easy way." Aang said. "And I can be sure Toph would have helped with leaning the temple."

Zalty ran into the room. "Sorry I took so long, but the ceremony may commence, I have fixed the temple." He said.

"Woah! How did you do that!?" Aang asked.

"Yeah!" Natsu added

Zalty just ran out of the room.

"Ignored!" Aang and Natsu exclaimed in unison. "I'm going after him!" Aang said and he ran after Zalty

Natsu followed but he stopped before the doorway. "Grey, Me and Aang will take care of the little man, you finish things here." He said. "The last time you lost was a disgrace." Natsu said.

"I know." Grey said.

"Not for you…" Natsu began.

"For all of Fairy Tail!" they both said and Natsu left the room to chase after Zalty.

Meanwhile it was nightfall outside. Erza was holding a staff with a pointed tip and she was slicing though the wizards that would perform the Moon Drip ceremony. Lucy slapped another few with her whip and Happy threw what looked like, some kind of rotten seafood on the face of one of them.

"Do not falter, we do this for Reitei so he can defeat Deliora!" one of the masked wizards said.

However an Earth Wave cruised over the majority of them and they were forced to the ground and a rock was thrown to one of them who got up and the three saw a figure walking up to them and Lucy quickly recognized the figure.

"Toph! It's you!" Lucy exclaimed.

"Who else would it be, princess." Toph replied in her casual voice.

Erza was taking no chances and she pointed her staff at Toph. "Who are you?" she sternly asked

"Wait, Erza!"

"Relax." Toph casually said. "I fell from the sky just like Aang did when he got here, so since he is helping Flame Brain over there, I figured I'd come back here."

"But how did you know we were here?" Lucy asked

"I felt it all the way from the temple."

"So what else can you do?" Happy asked

Toph was surprised at the voice because she didn't sense him. "Huh? Who was that!?"

"I'm right here what, are you blind?"

"Funny you should ask…"

Lucy was now extremely shocked. "YOU'RE BLIND!?"


"But, you fought Sherry as if you could see her with your eyes."

"Yeah, that's because I 'see' with Earthbending, I can sense many different things from sensing different shifts in the ground… like how that grunt behind me is getting up." She stomped the ground and she made a pillar of earth grow out close to him and this impacted his gut and he was knocked out. "It's how I was able to find you here. I can identify people by the way they walk and I never forget a voice.

"Interesting…" Erza said. "I commend you for finding a way to get around your disability."

"No prob, I some cases it is more reliable than sight. Like for example…" she made an earth wall rise from the ground protecting them from three crescent blades that were thrown at them. "So just to clear, are you wearing metal armor?" she asked looking at Erza.


"Okay, just wanted to make sure, now let's get to the pummeling!"

"Have you noticed something, Lucy?" Erza asked.

"Yes, there may be a lot of them, but they have very low magical power." Lucy said.

"Precisely, they must only have about five wizards among them."

"Nice observation, Armor Queen." Toph remarked.

"Armor Queen?" Erza asked with a slight confusion.

"She… has a habit of not using real names." Lucy said and she quickly looked at the temple. "Hey, why is the temple back to normal?" Lucy asked.

"No idea, but that makes Flame Brain's and my idea useless. Now how about we get rid of these guys!"

"You got it!" Lucy exclaimed and she took out a golden key. "Open, Gate of The Great Crab! Cancer!" suddenly a humanoid form with tanned skin, wore a blue long sleeved blue buttoned shirt with black pants with green glasses with black rims, he had a gold chain around his neck and had a crab like appearance on his head and he had six crab legs from his back and he held twin scissors.

"Right, how many of those things do you have again?" Toph asked

Erza took a look at the spirit. "Aren't you…"

Suddenly Cancer held a bouquet of flowers in front of Erza. "My lady please accept this gift. –choki." He said.

"HAA! What's with the flowers! What's with the word 'snip'! And why are you courting her!" Lucy exclaimed.

"It's a triple take." Happy and Toph said in unison.

"Cancer! Make them unable to fight anymore."

"Okay. –ebi." He said and he was attacking the other wizards.

"Uh, choki and ebi?" Toph asked

"He ends his sentences with 'ebi' meaning shrimp." Happy exclaimed.

"I heard Lucy call him the great crab."

"Aye, I know I was surprised too." Toph then grabbed Happy's tail. "Found ya, what are you anyway?"

"I'm a cat with wings!" he exclaimed.

"…That can talk!? Twinkle Toes has a lot of explaining to do."

Meanwhile inside the temple Lyon and Grey were glaring at each other. "Lyon, did you count on Natsu stopping me from using the Iced Shell?"

"No, I didn't think he would get anywhere near that kind of magic. But I have allies here who have the same goals as I do, if you froze me, the Moon Drip ceremony would defrost me anyway." Lyon said.

"So, Iced Shell is powerless here. I was careless."

"So do you still intend to fight me, Grey?" Lyon asked.

"Stop this! Lyon! You must give up on Deliora!"

Lyon chuckles a little. "Is your guild like a dentist that just de-fangs it's members?"

"Lyon, you should know something, Ur is alive! When Iced Shell was cast to seal Deliora, it didn't kill her; it only turned her body to the ice that is sealing Deliora. The ice you are trying to melt is Ur herself!" Lyon's eyes widened. "I'm sorry for not telling you earlier, I made a promise to Ur that I wouldn't. She figured if you knew the truth, you would try to break the spell and you would waste your life doing that."

Suddenly Grey put his hand on Grey's stomach and a light cyan glow was seen from his hand and he made an ice like panther stabbed through Grey and it ejected through his back. "I already knew that all along! But Ur isn't alive anymore she is just scraps of ice. You must grow up! Grey!" and Grey was holding his stomach as he was on the ground. Suddenly Grey punched Lyon in the face and he flew and he slammed into the ice he made earlier. "How can you move with such an injury?!"

"That's it!"


"I'm tired of trying to save you!" Grey said and he put his fist on his left palm and he blasted a lot of ice arrows, Lyon was hit by some of them and he found some space.

"Ice-Make: Snow Dragon!" and he sent a dragon made of ice of a light cyan magic circle and it Grey was hit by the attack and he stood up and glared at Lyon. "I cannot waste any magic on you, because I still have to fight Deliora."

"Then we will settle it this way." Grey said while holding out his right fist.

Lyon smirked and chuckled. "You challenging the older student to a hand to hand battle." Lyon sped over to Grey and he punched him in the stomach where he was stabbed earlier. "Aim for your opponent's weak spots, that is what Ur taught us."

"Don't you dare, speak that name!" Grey yelled and he stretched to punch Lyon but he was kneed on the stomach.

"You are pathetic Grey!" Lyon taunted and he elbowed him in the back and he kept punching him over and over in the face and gave him one uppercut in the face and he threw his knee in his chest and he threw one high kick that sent grey flying to the ice wall and it cracked.

Meanwhile Natsu and Aang was chasing Zalty.

"Wait up! Damn it!" Natsu yelled

"Many he is pretty fast for a small man." Aang commented

Zalty stopped running for a second and he outstretched his right hand up and it a white magic circle appeared and a circular part of the roof came down and Natsu kicked the roof part with his feet that were on fire and suddenly the shattered remains of the roof part came back together and it floated back into the roof.

"What did you just do?" Aang asked

"Arc of time Magic. I returned that part of the ceiling to the past before the Salamander destroyed it."

"Time Magic?"

"It is a type of Lost Magic, your Dragon Slayer Magic is similar." Zalty added

"Huh, it is?" suddenly he disappeared from both of their sights.

"He disappeared!" Natsu and Aang exclaimed.

Meanwhile Grey was leaning on the ice wall after he faced Lyon's kick. "Stand up!" he heard in his mind and he flashed back to when Natsu was telling him to stand up, yet ironically, Natsu was the one on the ground. He remembered Natsu's persistence and how he would never give up no matter how hard the opponent and he was beating Natsu in the flash back.

"Just give up, Grey. I am the older pupil and you are no match for me." Lyon said.

But Grey got up. "This fight isn't over yet!" He ran over to Lyon and he punched him in the face but Lyon slightly stepped back and both Ice Wizards charged to each other and the punched each other in the face but Grey's punched proved more effective and this sent Lyon flying to the ice wall. "I cannot lose! Not until I've beaten him!" he said as he remembered his fight with Natsu again.

"You bastard!" Lyon yelled as ran over to Grey but he was head butted and they both entered a fist fight in which neither of them were gaining the upper hand. Grey kept flashing back to when he and Natsu were fighting as kids and he applied the same headstrong resolve that Natsu does and he was using this to match Lyon in hand to hand combat.

"I will not lose to you, Lyon!" Grey yelled as he was punched in the gut but he arched his arm back and he punched Lyon in the face and he threw his knee to Lyon's stomach and he had an opening and he punched Lyon in the face and he flew back and he crashed into the ice wall and it shattered.

"Grey! Ice-Make: Snow Dragon!" Lyon yelled and he made a light cyan magic circle appeared in front of him and he shot out an ice dragon that engulfed half of Grey's body in its mouth and this also aggravated Grey's weak point so he broke the ice dragon with his elbow and he slid on his back.

"You broke our promise!" Grey exclaimed.

"I don't care, Deliora is about to be revived I just have to quickly finish you."

"I will never let you revive Deliora!"

Lyon smirked. "You can't stop this, Zalty is already taking care of the Moon Drip ceremony as we speak."

"Don't underestimate Natsu, he will stomp that guy, and with Aang at his side. There is no way we can lose! Because we are Fairy Tail!"

Zalty was in the cavern where the melting figure of Deliora stood. "Only a matter of time now." He said. He looked behind him and he was shocked by what he saw.

"Now to burn you to a crisp!" Natsu yelled as he was using his Fire Dragon's Iron Fist and he missed but as he stepped out of the way he narrowly dodged a flying kick from Aang but he got caught in an upward spout as Aang kicked his feet upwards and Zalty then looked at the two.

"You two are very persistent, but… how did you two find me?"

"I have a good nose, and you smell like woman's perfume for some reason." Natsu said.

"It's just one weird thing after another, will this world ever quit?" Aang rhetorically asked.

"Haha. While you are amusing I have to revive Deliora."

"That's not going to happen." Aang said defiantly.

"Oh, and why is that?"

"Because Grey will beat that Lyon guy, and me and Aang will wipe that smile off your face!" Zalty smirked after Natsu said that.

"Is that right?" suddenly a purple light fell from the ceiling of the cavern and it was shining on Deliora and both Aang and Natsu were shocked.

"But how? Lucy, and the others are taking care of your Moon Drip wizards." Aang said.

Meanwhile Toby was performing the ritual by himself as he bowed down over and over. "It is weak with only one person doing it but we have already accumulated enough from the moon."

"Not good! We have to stop him." Aang said as the ice of Deilora was melting they both ran but the rock bridge they were on weakened and it fell to the ground.

"I'm afraid I cannot let you do that. I'm not going to let you run away. Coming after me was a huge mistake!" he said.

Aang glared at the masked figure. "You're the one who made the mistake here!" he bends the melted water from the ice that covered Deliora and he made them envelop his arms and formed two water whips but suddenly his arrows and his eyes began glowing white. He, suddenly saw a young woman, who he could guess was Ur based on Grey's description of her, and she was cradling a female baby with dark purple hair. In a second vision he saw the same girl but older was being experimented on by other wizards and suddenly the vision ended and he looked at Zalty and he saw the figure of a young adult who had long purple hair and dark brown eyes. "Grey said this water is Ur herself but why am I seeing…" he dropped the water back into the area where Deliora was being melted. "You're not who you say you are, are you?" Aang asked.

"What do you mean?" Zalty asked.

"The Iced Shell turns one's body to ice correct, well I was essentially bending the melted ice that Ur became. The second I felt it I got these weird visions, but now it makes sense why Natsu says you wear ladies perfume… And the second I looked at you. I saw a woman…" Zalty's smirk then turned into a hateful frown. "I already know so much just by touching that water, so Zalty, if that is even your real name. Who are you really!?"

"Wait! She really is a woman?!" Natsu exclaimed.

Suddenly an orb hit Aang in the stomach. "I've had enough of you, Elemental Wizard. I was just going to hold off you and Salamander but since you insist on lying about me. I will have to make you suffer the consequences!" he made the Orb speed to Aang again but Natsu punched it with his flaming fist.

"You're not killing him on my watch! You would have to get through me you perfume wearing bastard!" Natsu blasted a huge stream of flames from his mouth but Zalty jumped and Aang met him in the air and he made and air sphere in both hands and he put it to Zalty's chest and he sped off as the air slammed him into the cave rocks.

"Natsu, go up and stop the ceremony. I'll handle who ever this person is."

"Not a chance! Aang, if we fight together we can defeat him quickly before the ceremony finishes." Natsu said.

"Fine, if you say so." "Ul-Ultear…? what is that? That's the word I kept hearing in my visions. It would be better is I kept this to myself. Last thing I want is to anger this guy even further." Aang thought. "Let's make this quick before Deliora melts!" Aang exclaimed. Suddenly the entire temple begins to shake.

Meanwhile Grey and Lyon are still in the middle of their battle and the temple was shaking. "That means the Moon Drip ceremony has started. You are too late Grey! I will soon realize my dream!" he makes many ice eagles come out of the ground and speed towards Grey and he was avoided them. "I have waited ten years for this moment!" he yelled and Grey then made an ice shield and he hid behind it and the Ice eagles were slamming into it. "Ten years of gathering allies who wanted the same goals as I did, after transporting Deliora from Brago, we began trying to wake Deliora for three years!" he exclaimed.

"You waited three years for this. That is just ridiculous!"

"What I'm doing is ridiculous, and yet you have been in some lame guild for the last ten years!" he yelled and he flung another ice eagle at Grey and this broke the shield.

"I only believe in what Ur told me, since she said there were stronger wizards than her so I came across Fairy Tail!"

"I have lived my entire life for this moment!" he exclaimed. "Ice-Make: Wolf" he yelled and his right arm was now in the ice shape of a wolf's head and he was throwing punches towards Grey who was dodging them. "Since Ur is dead now, how else can I surpass her than defeating the monster she couldn't defeat?!" he yelled as Grey could see he had a crazy look in his eyes.

"That is admirable but I think you took a wrong turn along the way." Grey yelled. "You are too blind to surpass Ur, you will never surpass her with this thinking. Not in a hundred years!" Grey summons an ice sword and he slices through Lyon only to see that he turned to greenish blue ice and he shattered, this made him realize it was a clone.

Lyon was sliding backwards and he made a light cyan magic circle appear in his one hand as he was behind Grey. "Ice-Make: Snow Tiger!" the ice tiger was speeding towards Grey.

"Ice-Make: Prison!" Grey yelled and the snow tiger was now trapped in a huge cage.

"Don't you learn? I'll make light of that creation magic!" and Lyon moved his hand to direct the ice tiger to break the cage but it wasn't breaking.

"See Lyon, this is you." He said referring to the tiger. "Imbalanced and impatient like a caged animal who knows little of the world. By using Creation Magic with one hand you aren't able to use it when you require full power from it!" Grey yelled. Grey then had what looked like a bazooka made from ice. "Ice Cannon!" He yelled and he fired an explosive ice ball from it and it created a huge blue explosion after it hit Lyon and he flew back and was on his back with a hole in his outfit, he was clearly defeated. "That is what Ur taught us." He said. He began to walk but he only later realized the injury to his stomach. "Crap! I should have dressed it earlier!" he said as he made ice cover the wound.

Meanwhile a deafening roar was heard. "There is no way I would forget that sound." He said as he remembered the ciaos that Deliora had caused before. "Deliora!"

Aang and Natsu were watching this all happen. "Oh no, were too late!" Aang exclaimed and Zalty smirked.

Lyon was on the ground where he was defeated and he heard the roar. "There is no mistaking it, there is only one way, to stop him. Iced Shell!" he said to himself.

The roar of Deliora was resonating around the island, the roar was so powerful that it even began blowing back the villagers who were in their storage area that far from the temple, the waves around the island were raging more than ever.

"Haha! It has started!" Zalty yelled out from inside the cavern looking at the half resurrected body of Deliora

Erza, Toph, Lucy and Happy were now inside the entrance of the temple. "What was that?" Lucy asked

"Maybe it was your stomach, Lucy." Happy said and Toph chuckled.

"Even when I know you are joking, it still ticks me off." Lucy said to the cat.

"Hold on, who is that big thing that I'm sensing?" Toph asked.

"Deliora, he is the huge demon that these bad guys want to revive, so Lyon can fight it." Lucy replied.

"Man, I'll never get used to this stuff."

"Look, the light from the Moon Drip!" Happy said as he pointed his paw to the light that was coming from the ceiling and making a light purple magic circle on the floor.

Another roar sounded and it was splitting their ears as the roar was extremely loud.

"Maybe you should eat something, Lucy." Happy said in his casual voice.

"Maybe I should feed you to a rat!" Lucy shot back.

"The beast may be resurrected but the ceremony isn't over yet." Erza said. "Come!"

"But Deliora is downwards." Lucy said as she pointed her thumb to the ground.

"We are going to stop the ceremony."

"In that case, step aside Armor Queen." Toph said and she stepped on the ground really hard and her seismic sense allowed her to get a feel of the entire temple. "Well the ceremony is being done, but by one person though."

"Then we still have time, it won't be as powerful using the magic of one person." Erza said. The four moved upwards to stop the ceremony before Deliora could be completely revived.

Natsu and Aang were still facing Zalty. "You are too late, Deliora is revived."

"Natsu, we need to end this now. We are running out of time!" Aang told the Fire Wizard.

"Alright! Here I come!" Natsu yelled but a flying orb impacts him in the face.

"It's that thing again!" Aang exclaimed as he brought it towards Aang but he used is superior agility to dodge the orb attack, he then threw an explosive fire ball at Zalty but he jumped off the rock he was on and he made the orb speed towards Aang but Natsu punched it to pieces. However as soon as it was punched is began coming back together.

"My Arc of Time Magic, I can use it to manipulate an objects time." He said.

"But it doesn't work on humans does it?" Aang asked. "If it did you would have used it on Natsu and I by now."

"How perceptive of you, but now watch as I speed this object into the future!" he yelled and he flung the orb at them and it was moving at very fast speeds and it attempting to hit both Natsu and Aang at the same time. Aang made air scooters appear on his feet and he was avoiding them pretty easily despite how fast they were but Natsu wasn't so lucky and he was getting hit every single time.

"Natsu stay in here till I tell you to come out!" Aang yelled and he made an Earth Tent that protected Natsu after he landed on the ground. "Since your time can't manipulate humans, then running circles around you should be easy!" he then began running in at a very fast speed and his orb couldn't keep up with him and soon Zalty couldn't keep track of him with his eyes. Aang grabbed the orb and he held it to his chest. "Natsu now!" Aang yelled and Natsu broke out of the earth tent and he sped over to Zalty.

"Time to turn you to charcoal! Fire Dragon's Iron Fist!" he yelled and his fist was on fire and he ran over to punch Zalty but he missed and he saw Aang with two water whips surrounding his arms and he made a white magic circle appear in front of him and the water turned to steam and this burned Aang arms

"Ahh!" he screamed out and he glared at Zalty. As his arms were now a glowing pink from the burn but it began to fade.

"I can manipulate all objects, water is one of them, I simply brought its time to the future where it evaporates into the atmosphere."

The Avatar held his arms hands in pain. "Okay, seriously. You are proving to a real pain!" Aang was suddenly hit with the orb as he let it got to collect the water.

Zalty threw the orb to Natsu but it stopped in front of his face as he was going to punch it with a flaming fist. "I can even stop time for objects." The orb then slammed into Natsu's face and he slid back next to Aang. "I can manipulate the time of anything, but it doesn't seem to work on living creatures. That is why I can't melt the ice since the ice is actually Ur herself."

"You are weird you know that?" Natsu said.

"What?" Zalty said.

"I don't see what you could possibly gain from this."

"Hahaha. Lyon is no match for Deliora. He wouldn't beat him in a hundred years!"

"So, what? You plan on fighting it?" Aang asked. "I don't even think your Lost Magic will be a match for Deliora."

"You both misunderstand. I plan to make Deliora mine and mine alone! He may be immortal but there is always a way to manipulate it. It would be great to have such a monster at my command, don't you think?"

"No. I think that completely ridiculous and reckless!" Aang yelled out.

"Yeah, I thought you were going to say something that would get me fired up and ready to come at you." Natsu said.

"You still don't understand, there will be times when you need power." Zalty said.

"Power is overrated!" Aang responded.

"And when that time comes I will rely on the power of my friends!" Natsu said.

Aang's eyes then widened as he noticed something. "If the water is Ur… but those visions might come back… It doesn't matter, we are running short on time as it is!"

"Now I will fast forward the time of the ceiling!" Zalty said and a white magic circle appeared in his hands and he then made the ceiling crumble.

"Natsu, I'll give you an opening. You finish this creep!" Aang bended the water from Deliora's pit of surrounding water and he started feeling weird again. "Focus Aang!" he said and he made the water flow onto his arms and suddenly the water froze and the arrows on his body glowed and his eyes did as well and he jumped up towards the falling pieces of ceiling. Suddenly the ice on Aang's arms had thorns growing out of them as he got closer to the rocks. "Ice-Make: Dual Rose Blade!" Aang yelled in a mixture between his voice and Ur's and he spun around several times in the air while he outstretched his arms that were covered in ice blades with rose thorns and he destroyed the pieces of Ceiling that were falling to the ground and there was smoke all over and Natsu jumped through the smoke with his fists and feet ignited

"I can manipulate time too! The Future!" he yelled and he punched Zalty on the left cheek and he flew to a rock and it exploded on his impact. Aang was still floating in the air inside an air sphere and the glow on his arrows and eyes died down and the ice blades on his arms with rose thorns shattered and he fell, but Natsu made sure to catch him.

"Did we win?" he weakly asked

"Yeah, Aang what was that you did back there?"

"I don't know… it's as if my body was temporarily being taken over by someone else… someone who knows Ice Magic." Aang figured. "I have been influenced but there is no denying I saw the entire scene play out. I think… because I bended the water from the ice that Ur became. I began well, bending Ur herself, did my energy become synced with hers?" he looked to Deliora who was still roaring. "Maybe her spirit merged with me for a moment of time after I bended that water. But something is up with Zalty, and Ur was trying to tell me something."

Grey walked up to them and he saw Deliora. "D-Deliora." He said in fear. "It's you."

Meanwhile at the top of the temple where the Moon Drip was being casted. Toby was sliced by Erza and he fell down.

"So we found the guy, so are we done here?" Toph asked.

"He really was doing it all by himself?" Lucy asked

"You're too late!" Toby yelled. The ritual is already finished!" he yelled and Toph stood on his stomach.

"Seriously, stop talking you voice is annoying!" Toph said sounding annoyed.

"So, Grey did you beat Lyon?" Aang asked as the three were facing the demon

"D-Deliora…" a voice said and they saw Lyon crawling over to the demon.

"Does that answer your question?" Grey rhetorically asked.

"So we meet again Deliora!" Lyon said weakly as he continued crawling. "I will defeat you. This is all so I can surpass Ur."

"You don't look like you could defeat a Winged Lemur." Aang commented.

"Lyon, you can't possibly fight Deliora in that state." Grey added.

"Shut up, the only thing that matters is surpassing Ur. That is all that matters now." He said as he got up to his feet and he was slowly walking to the demon but Grey chopped Lyon's neck and the older pupil fell to the ground.

"Enough Lyon, I will take care of Deliora." Grey said as he walked to the demon and he stood in the water. He put his arms in an 'X' position with his right hand facing downwards and his left arm facing up.

"The Iced Shell again! Are you serious?" Aang asked as another roar was sounded and it was deafening.

"Aang, Natsu. I have to do this!"

"We've had this discussion before. I'm not going to let you do thi…"suddenly Aang felt a sharp pain going through his body and he collapsed into the water. "I've reached my limit…" he said and Natsu picked him up and he saw the same energy form when Grey was doing the Iced Shell the last time. The Dragon Slayer leaned Aang against a rock and he looked at Grey.

"Ha! Even if you do this. I'll just melt the ice again!" Lyon yelled.

Natsu then walked in front of Grey and faced Deliora. "Natsu get out of the way! This is the only way to stop Deliora!"

"The only reason I told you not to use that spell was because I didn't want you to die. If you want to throw your life away, then do it! I'm going to fight this monster."

"Natsu! You can't, Iced Shell is the only way we can beat Deliora!" Grey yelled but Natsu refused to move and by that time Deliora was entirely free and the demon threw a fist towards the first thing he saw and Natsu saw it coming. "NATSU DODGE!" Grey yelled but Natsu put his fist on fire and he punched Deliora's fist and he was engulfed in huge flames and Deliora's fist was engulfed in green energy and a crack was seen in Deliora's arm and Natsu jumps back and he sees the entire demon begin to crack, and it spread to his chest.

"Wha… That wasn't me!" Natsu yelled and the demon Deliora crumbled down and it then fell to the ground in pieces.

Aang slowly got up and he kneeled on his knees. "What happened?" he sees the place where Deliora once stood his eyes widened in surprise. "Hold on! What happened to Deliora!?" Aang exclaimed

Lyon got up. "Impossible. Deliora was already dead because, of the ice which had sealed it!"

"So what we saw was its last moments?"

"Ur had already killed Deliora! I was not a match for Ur, I never was." He said.

"She had killed him in the ice a long time ago, your teacher is really something, Grey." Natsu commented.

Grey put his hand in the water and he let the water seep through the spaces between his fingers. "I will seal your darkness, Grey." He remembered as Ur told him that during his time with her and at her last moments. Grey began crying and he was covering his face. "Thank you, Ur." He told himself.

Aang saw him crying and he smiles he then sees the ice-water that was Ur the entire time spill out into the ocean. "It turns out that she was alive the whole time. Now she flows into the sea where she will watch her pupils for all of eternity." He thought. "As for me, I've always had my past lives watching over me. I may not always rely on them but it's nice to know they are there."

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