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The Truth About Leo

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In a castle that was in a rocky like landscape there was an explosion and a couple of screams. Close to the rocks it was seen that the Water Mage, Juvia was hiding behind on of the rocks and an arrow was pointing to her.

Inside the castle Taurus was seen throwing a punch and he knocked someone out and he flew to the wall.

"You knocked him out with one hit, nice Taurus!" Lucy exclaimed.

"Thank you, Lucy!" the bull exclaimed.

"You think that's good?" Toph said and she stomped on the ground and forced two pillars into two goons behind her and knocked them unconscious. "Two hit KO!" the Earthbender exclaimed and she gave a cheeky smile.

Sokka had just punched one of the other goons and he hit the ground. "You're enjoying this way too much, Toph?"

"What can I say? This world of magic isn't so bad after all, besides. I can really..." she saw one of the goons crawling away. "CUT LOOSE!" she exclaimed and she made an earth wave that sped him over to a wall and he fell on his back after impacting it and he was missing a couple of teeth.

Natsu on the other hand had bashed one of their heads against the wall. "Oh Yeah, I'm liking this."

"D-don't you think that is a little execsive?" Aang asked while sweatdropping.

One of the goons got up. "Just you wait, our leader isn't going to like what he has seen."

"Oh, that guy?" Katara asked. "We took him down, long ago." she had slashed three goons with her water whip and she fell to their backs.

"It was easy too." Happy chirped.

"I'm, all finished up here." Erza said as she walked down the steps. She had seen one of the members crawl away and try to escape. The Armored wizard stepped on him, more specifically, she had stepped on his rear. "You really think you can escape? Perhaps you need some more punishment!"

"OOH!" Taurus bellowed and he was blushing. "Please punish me Erza!"

Lucy had Taurus' key in her hands. "Forced Gate-" however before she close Taurus' gate she had seen that a boulder had flown into his face.

"Sorry, Lucy..." he disappeared in a gold light.

"Why did you do that, Toph? I was about to send him back to the Spirit World."

"Sorry, force of habit I guess." the Earthbender replied.

"So did we get all of them?" Grey asked as we walked to them.

"Hey! One of them is running away!" Natsu exclaimed.

"Not if I can help it!" Aang said, he blew into his bison whistle and the high pitched sound was heard by Appa and he landed in front of the bandit that was trying to escape and he growled which made him back away slowly and he backed into Erza.

"Oh I just can't win..." he said with tears going down his eyes.


Later they were now on a path and Appa was waiting in front of them. "That was too easy, I didn't even get to go nuts on them." Natsu complained.

"Oh I think you went nuts on them, a little too nuts. And so did you Toph." Grey commented

Toph just shurgged her shoulders in response.

"Well I guess we can add a castle to our destruction streak." Katara said with a sweatdropp. "Along with a destroyed theatre and a destroyed town." she continued. As she did, Juvia who was still spying on them, but mostly on Grey had raised her head from some rocks from behind and an arrow pointed at her.

Toph's eyes slightly widened and she moved to Juvia's position. "Hmm..." Toph thought. "Whoever that is will have to get up pretty early in the morning to fool me."

The group saw Loke walking towards them. "Is that Loke?" Katara asked.

"Hey, Loke." Natsu greeted. Both he and Aang walked towards.

"You've been gone for a while, where have you been?" Aang asked.

"Oh, I'm just coming back from a job." he replied. "It just happened to be close by."

"Hey Loke." Lucy greeted walking to the two.

Loke suddenly recoiled in fear. "L-Lucy!" he exclaimed. "I-I was just going!" he he ran off while leaving dust behind himself.

"Is he scared of you or something?" Katara asked.

"Why? I did nothing to him." Lucy put her hands on her hips.

"What did you do to him?" Grey asked.

"Aren't you listening?! I did nothing!" she shouted.

"Don't worry I'll go after him!" Aang exclaimed and he formed an Air Scooter and chased after Loke.

Katara walked to the front of the group. "C'mon we should all be heading to Appa anyway, Aang will meet up with us later.

Aang meanwhile was chasing after Loke on an Air Scooter and he saw he was getting closer but he suddenly his eyes were engulfed by a white glow and his arrows glowed as well and he saw the image of a gigantic humanoid Celestial Spirit, with a spiky mustache which stretched down diagonally. He now found himself and he was now a light blue colour as if he had gone to the Spirit World in his universe and he was floating in front of the towering figure

"Uh...? Where am I?" Aang inquired.

"Loke is none of your concern, Raava... You must not interfere..."

"Are you talking to me?" Aang asked.

"You are her current host are you not?" the towering figure asked.

"I am not following, but what is wrong with Loke?"

"This is not your Spirit World, so you must not interfere. You may be the bridge between the Physical World and the Spirit World in your universe, but you have no juristiction over the Celestial Spirit World."

"Wait, that's the world Lucy told me her Spirits come from, but does this have to do with Loke?"

"Begone Raava, you will not interfere with affairs of the Celestial Spirit World."

"But how do you know of my world, what does your Spirit World have to do with my Spirit World?"

Everything turned white and soon Aang was looking at the regular sky and saw Katara and Lucy looking down at him, while Happy was floating above him

"H-hey guys..." Aang said weakly.

"Are you okay? You've been knocked out for about three hours." Katara said.

"Three hours? It didn't feel that long in my vision..."

"You slept like a baby."

"A vision, what was it about?" Lucy asked.

"I dunno? Some huge guy kept calling me Raava, and he also told me that I should leave Loke alone and that he is none of my concern."

"Why? Is something wrong with Loke?" Lucy asked.

"I wish I knew, but I dunno I've also noticed that I get a weird feeling in my gut when I'm around Loke, maybe that feeling has something to do with it." Aang said.

"Aang try and remember can you remember who spoke to you, was he one of your past lives."

"I can't say for sure, he looked more like a Spirit from this world than a human, I don't think he's from me but, what I also want to figure out is who Raava is."

"Don't worry about it Aang, we'll figure it out." Katara assured.

"All this has something to do with Loke, what could be going on with him?" Lucy thought.

Aang slowly got to his feet. "By the way, where are the others?"

"They are out looking for you, but we'll get everyone together." Lucy said. "If we want to figure this out we have to find Loke." "Hey, since we finished early why don't we take a break. I know this place we can go to." Lucy suggested.

"That would be great, we just have to make sure that we don't destroy the place while we are it." Katara said.

During the evening in an empty field the four of Ping, Chun, Hen and Kobu were together and Ping was setting up all of their sleeping bags.

Kobu and Hen were sparring with each other and Kobu had sliced a boulder in half after it was sent to him by Hen with a long whip made of water.

Ping walks up to them and they stop fighting. "You're sparring good, we'll need your strength in case Seigrain's plan fails." Ping said.

Kobu looked to the girl. "Hey, Ping. Ozai promised that my Family would be free when we come back after will kill the Avatar, right?"

"We have been through this before, your family will be free after the job is done. And it is Phoenix King Ozai to you, peasant!"

"I just thought of something. If we are stuck here? How will we get back and tell him we killed the Avatar?"

"You have your priorities, we focus on ending the Avatar's life. We'll worry about how to get back later."

Hen walked forward. "Sooo. If we do kill him, do we bring his dead corpse with us everywhere we go, I mean how will we prove that we killed him if we do eventually do that."

"Because I gave the Phoenix King my word that we will not return unless we have killed the Avatar, so we either fulfill our mission or we remain imprisoned in this world forever, odds are he will end your family, Kobu. So if I were you I'd get your waterbending up to scratch."

Kobu glared at her and he walked away from her and he continued to practice his Waterbending techniques.

"That was cold Ping... and I like it, hahaha!" Hen laughed and he walked away from her. This earned him an eye roll from Ping.

"Where is that little brat?" she asked herself referring to Ping.

"Right here!" she exclaimed and it gave her a fright. "You should be more alert, you wouldn't want the evil Fairy Tail wizards to sneak up on you."

"Ha ha ha. You're hilarious, Chun."

"Why thank you, you complement means so much your hotness." Chun said and she mockingly bowed in front of Ping.

"IT'S HIGHNESS!" she yelled with fire coming out of her mouth. "And I don't appreciate your sarcasm, grow up."

"Again, still eleven!"

"Whatever, I wonder what you family would think when they see this?"

"Ah who cares, not me hehe." she giggled.

"You know nothing about patriotism, you are a Fire Nation citizen! Aren't you proud?!"

Chun's face became serious and she folded her arms. "Proud of what? That we wiped out an entire race and started the Hundred Year war? Or that we treat the other Nations like they are ants we can crush anytime we want? I always asked the question. Why do we fight, why is there war? You know what they told me? That the Phoenix King is always right and we should respect his wishes, as if he is a God capable of no wrong-" Chun had been stopped mid-sentence as her right cheek was glowing red and Chun had held it in pain.

"I should have you killed for saying that! You deserve much more than a slap." Ping said and her sword was unshethed after she had slapped the Firebender. "The way you are talking right now, you are talking like a damn traitor. I'd choose your next words carefully Chun."

Chun tightened her hands into fists but lightened her grip. A tear had fallen from her face and onto the grass. "I-I have nothing left to say."

She patted Ping's back and slowly walked away from the swordswoman.

Later both Team Avatar and Team Natsu had arrived in the spa town of Hosenka, which was a few miles west of Magnolia town. Outside the local inn Aang who was dressed in a light blue gown with red sharp flower petals on it and he also had a blue belt, was carrying a huge pile of hay and he dropped it in front of Appa who was by the side of the building. "Here you go, buddy." The Bison began eating it and he walked back into the inn.

At the same time, Lucy, Katara and Toph were in the hot springs close to the inn. "Now this is relaxing..." Lucy said while she rested her head against a rock.

"This was a good call Lucy, the last time I actually experienced something like this was back in Ba Sing Se." Katara said

"That Earth Kingdom city you told me about?"

Toph who was behind the two of them spoke up. "Or as I'd like to call, the worst city in the world!"

"You sound grumpy Toph." Lucy noticed by the tone of the Earthbender's voice.

"I don't understand how you can be comfortable like this. Its practically a big bath and we're all... naked inside it. With other people." she said while blushing.

"C'mon we're all girls here, you don't have to be uncomfortable around us." Lucy said.

"I'm just saying I would rather be neck deep in some rocks right now. Feels more natural. Besides I don't get all this looking good girly stuff, even though now I know what I look like."

"I could see that with all your terrible hygiene habits." Lucy muttered. "But just because you can't see, you shouldn't just not care what you look like, because you actually are cute." Lucy said.

Toph then blushed and she lowered her head in the water. "Katara gave me that same speech, but it honestly does mean a lot to hear you say that..." Toph's eyes moved and she looked up to Erza's direction.

"Mind if I join you?" Erza asked.

"Of course, but why are you still in your armor?" Katara asked.

"Yeah, doesn't it feel gross when you bathe in your armor like that?" Lucy asked.

"I just feel more at ease when I am in my armor." Erza thought about what the girls had said. "But you do have a point, it does kind of feel gross when I bathe with it." Erza was surrounded in a gold light and she now had no clothes on.

"Erza, you look beautiful naked." Lucy complimented.

"Really, maybe I should walk around the guild naked then."

"That's not what I-"

"Oh I totally dare you Erza!" Toph said getting exited.

"Toph!" Katara yelled.

"C'mon, it will be funny imagine the nose bleeds."


While the girls were busy in the hot springs and Aang was meditating in the corner while Natsu, Grey and Sokka were arguing about something.

"I'm telling you! I beat more guys than the both of you!?" Sokka argued.

"As if, you can't bend or use magic." Grey stated.

"I'm aware of that but I stopped them in place with my weapons."

"With that magic sword of yours I'm sure anyone can break that thing."

"Unlikely, this steel was made from an Iron Dragon Slayer apparently."

Natsu sniffed the blade to which Sokka gave a questionable look. "Yep, this definatly smells like Gajeel's metal." Natsu said.

"Uh guys, trying to meditate here!" Aang said with an annoyed look.

"Are you trying to get into the Avatar State?" Natsu asked

"No, I saw something earlier today and I think Loke has something to do with it. Hey, what do you guys know about him."

"Not much actually." Grey admitted. "Apart from that he likes to have many different girlfriends."

"Yeah, that doesn't really give me much to go on. Happy what do you know, you're normally knowledgeable on magic."

Happy made a face, that made it look like he was thinking. "Nope! I don't know anything."

Aang sweatdropped. "I can't forget what that figure said to me, he called me Raava and told me that that I must not interfere with Loke, and that this isn't my Spirit World. The last part is obvious but why did he have to state that part?"

Suddenly the door opened and the four girls walked in. "That was great." Lucy commented.

"It was okay, I guess..." Toph said with a yawn.

"So, I guess its time we hit the hay."

"Are you kidding!?" Natsu exclaimed. "We are in a hotel and there are lots of pillows around! You know what that means?!"

Sokka got a smirk and he picked up one of the pillows. "Pillow fight!" Sokka yelled and he threw a pillow to Natsu but he ducked and it flew into Katara and she fell on her back.

"SOKKA! You're so immature!"

"Don't be such a wet blanket Katara, we're just having a little fun-" however he was soon hit with a pillow from behind and he flew to the other side of the room. That pillow was courtesy of Natsu.

"Now where can I-" Grey began as he saw pillows that were by his feet. "Huh? Where did these pillows come from?" he asked himself and far off in the bushes outside the room, Juvia was holding a pillow and she had blushes on her cheeks.

"Juvia will always help you, Grey-sama." Juvia thought to herself as she watched the spectacle.

Grey threw two pillows to Natsu and Sokka and they both connected and they slammed into the ground. "Now for you Erza!" he exclaimed but as it flew to her she easily caught it with one hand.

"Not bad, Grey but I'll show you who is the best!"

Lucy soon got exited. "Alright, maybe I'll get in and mix it up."

"Luce, that might not be such a good ide-" Katara's warning was interrupted as Lucy had seen four pillows speeding to her like blunt projectiles and they sent her flying across the room and to the outside as she landed in the garden.

"Katara was right- trying to compete with those guys is not good for my health." Lucy said as she had a bruise on her forehead and smoke was coming out of it.

Inside Katara had sighed. "I'm going to see if she is okay, Toph I want you to..." a yellow dotted line figure of Toph was flashing where she was standing. "Huh? I wonder where she sped off to?"

Juvia meanwhile was about to sneak away but she had seen Toph in front of her. "Hello, I don't think we've met." Toph said in an angry tone and she encased the Water Mage in earth that ejected from the ground. "Now tell me!? Who are you and why are you following us!?"

"Juvia will not tell you my reason for being here!" she said as she was still trapped in the earth bind.

"Okay, why are you referring to yourself in the Third person?" Toph asked while sweatdropping.

Katara had caught a glimpse of the scene while she was healing Lucy's bruise. "J-Juvia?"

"Fairy Tail's Water Wizard." Juvia answered.

"What are you doing here, I thought Phantom disbanded."

"We did, Juvia is now an independent mage."

"Wait she was with Phantom!?" Toph exclaimed.

"Grey and I fought against her while you and Natsu were busy with Aria. This is Juvia, formerly a part of the Element 4."

"Right I guess we may have missed each other."

"That being said, why are you here?" Katara asked.

"Someone's been spying on us for a couple of days now since the war had ended, suffice to say it looks like we found spy."

"But why would Juvia possibly spy on... us...?" Katara said and she saw Grey's shirtless body and Juvia's blushing face. "Oh I get it now? Toph you can let her free now."

"You're kidding right, sorry she's a former Element 4, you really think I'm going to let her go."

"I can assure you she not spying on us for the reasons you might think."

"Then why is she spying on us?"

"I-I don't know why..."

"That's a lie Katara!"


"I wont let you stop Juvia's love." a blue magic seal had appeared in front of her and outside Toph's earth trap. "Water Slicer!"

"Toph watch out!" Katara yelled and she ejected water from her water skin and they sped to Toph in the form of water whips and they forced her to the ground and Juvia's razor sharp blades of water cut through Toph's earth trap and they flew to the other side of the garden. "Okay."

"You want to keep Grey-sama all to yourself! You and Lucy."

Katara facepalmed and looked at her. "You do know I am much younger than him, plus Lucy isn't interested in him, you took what he said the wrong way."

Toph sped to Katara and stood next to her. "Uh, what is Crazy Girl talking about?"

"Long story..." Katara quickly got an idea. "Even a water mage as good as you can't take all of us on. So if you leave, I'll put in a good word for you with Grey."

Juvia then sped to Katara and held her hands. "You would really do that for Juvia?" she asked in an excited tone.

"Sure, what are... acquaintances between fellow Water Mages for?" Katara said as she had made that up on the spot.

Juvia then began to walk away. "Just make sure to keep my Grey-sama away from her." the water mage said pointing to Lucy.

"I'll make sure." Katara said.

"So you lied just to get her to leave?"

"What did you want me to say, but I may just throw a hint at Grey, she does seem like she really does like him. I think its sweet."

"Yeah, in a creepy obsessive kind of way." Toph said as she sweatdropped.

Lucy got up from the ground. "My head and the rest of my body hurts. Did I miss anything?"

"Nope." Toph said with a smile. "Not a thing."

Out in the open field, night had fully fallen and Ping was about to go into her sleeping bag, however she had heard footsteps behind her, assuming it was one of her teammates, she paid no mind to it but she was suddenly punched by a huge rock fist from behind and she had slid forwards. She looked up and saw Hen with a rock fist made out of magnetized rocks.

"WHAT. ARE. YOU. DOING!?" Ping exclaimed very angrily.

"Well I'm fighting you, your back said so." Hen said with a smirk

Ping then felt something on her back and she picked a paper that was taped off her back and it read. 'Fight me! Or else!' and it had an angry face at the bottom of the message "CHUN!" Ping yelled and her voice echoed along the field. "Where is she!?"

Hen simply shrugged and she heard giggling behind a boulder. Like an angry Komodo Rhino she stomped to the boulder and glared at the young firebender.

"Oh, hi Ping. Didn't see you there."

"Are you responsible for this!?" she exclaimed handing Chun the paper.

"Can't say I am, can't say I'm not."

"You are digging a very, very deep hole for yourself girl, your rebellious nature is really wearing on me!"

"Ah calm down. I'm just having some fun." Chun said in her laid back voice.

"We are here to eliminate a threat to the Fire Nation's future, not to 'have fun'."

"Hey, we're stuck in this world, so I'm making the most of it. And one of those things I am making the most of is messing with you. No one dared to do this back in the homeland." Chun giggled again.

"I'm warning you, Chun. Take this seriously or-"

"Or what, you'll kill me? Let me tell you two reasons why that's not going to happen. For one, as power as the Fire Nation are, you wont wipe out one of their own for personal gain; and second, I am the third best Firebender second to Azula and Ozai since those two aren't here, you need me!"

Ping smirked and she folded her arms and strangely it was her that began to chuckle, silently before she broke into laughter. "You are such a fool!"

"Excuse me."

"You think you're untouchable from my wrath just because you're Fire Nation too? Let me blow your mind for a second. Why do you think the Phoenix King ascended to the throne and not Iroh, even though it Iroh's birth right to be Fire Lord."

Chun shrugged her shoulders. "I never cared much for politics. Plus I was only like... what six when he died. I just thought he gave it to Ozai, besides wasn't it his dying wish that Ozai become the next Fire Lord?"

"Chun, Azulon wasn't killed bu natural causes he was murdered." Chun's eyes had grew wide. "I know shocking isn't it? When I asked the Phoenix King about Azulon he told me that he was an old fool and that his death had paved the way for him to ascend to the throne and secure the future for the Fire Nation, he also told me that he had something to do with his death, not that he would tell me exactly what happened, he meant it as a warning to us, should we not capture or kill the Avatar. The Fire Nation can make people disappear, what do you think happened to Ursa. Odds are she's been killed too."

Chun glared at Ping. "I thought the Fire Nation was ruthless before but this..."

"I'm not done yet. I still have to warn you..."

"What are you talking about?"

"If you don't play ball, I wonder what would happen to you brother?"

Chun's eyes grew again and she clenched her fists. "No! Ozai promised me that if I fight with you to eliminate the Avatar, he will let my brother live!"

"Oh Chun, it seems you fully don't understand the terms of the deal. The deal was that if you fight with us and successfully eliminate the Avatar, your brother will get to live. But if not, he is just a weakling and The Phoenix King will order that his treatment will end and you know what happens next..." Ping performed an evil giggle and she had dodged a light purple Fireball.

"No... YOU MONSTERS!" she exclaimed and she shot a light purple fireball at Ping but she easily dodged it and she kneed the smaller girl in the stomach and she had fallen to the floor and began to cough.

"You brother's life now rests in your hands, if we fail to end the Avatar's life. Your older brother's life will end. Though I can't see why you would care, you hate your parents and your brother has amnesia, poor guy can remember his dear little sister..."

"ENOUGH!" Chun yelled. "Say one more thing about my brother! I will kill you where you stand Ping!" she threatened and had light purple flames growing from her hands.

"Hahahaha." she laughed. "Yes! Good Chun, get angry. Because it is that anger we will need when we commence with Siegrain's plan. Just remember that your brother is on a death clock the next time you try and mess with me." Chun made her flames disappear and she looked down. "Yes, good girl." she said and she gave the girl a single pat on the head. Ping walked away from Chun and the firebender had fallen to her knees, her eyes now hidden by her bangs and she had begun to silently sob to herself.

Lucy and Katara were walking down the road to get away from the others for a while along with the two was the Lucy's Celestial Sprit, Plue.

"Lucy, are your friends are even human?" Katara asked.

"I'm not even sure myself." Lucy admitted. "But I've noticed that Aang has been acting weird, he hasn't been the same since after he chased after Loke."

Katara put her hand to her chin. "Aang hasn't been normal since I've seen him in this world to be honest. He's been trying to make sense of what he saw while he was knocked out. There isn't a spirit you know called Raava is there."

"No. Not that I know of."

"I wonder where he is right now."

"Hey, I have a question. What are the spirits like in your world?" Lucy asked.

"Well, I have come across a few; the first one that comes to mind is Wan Shi Tong."

"What was he like?"

"He was the guardian of an a library that had information on everything about our world." Katara said.

"I'm sure Levy-chan would love it there."

"Yeah, well that is if we could find it. I'm guessing Wan Shi Tong must have dragged it down into the Spirit World. There was also the Ocean Spirit, I knew someone who became the Moon Spirit, but to sum it up; in our world the spirits don't have to live in the Spirit World, they can survive just fine in our human world."

"It works differently here."

"How so?"

"Spirits can't come to the human world unless they are under a contract with a Celestial Spirit Wizard. Though, they can come through the gate themselves by using a small portion of my magical power. But Spirits can survive in the human world using their own magic, but when their magic runs out, they cease to exist, that is why you don't normally see Spirits in the human world. And incidentally, humans can't even breath in the Spirit World so they can survive for an even less amount of time."

"Okay, so clearly the guy Aang saw in his vision could be a Spirit. Now the question we have to ask, is from this world or our world."

"Why would he be from your world?" Lucy asked.

"I'm just thinking, if we had the potential to cross-over to this world, it shouldn't be impossible for Spirits to do the same."

"That could be possible, but for that to happen. The Spirit World and The Celestial Spirit World would have to be connected somehow. And an even bigger question, what does that Spirit Aang saw have to do with Loke?"

"Maybe we should ask Plue?" Katara said.

"Yeah, but we couldn't know what he said if he knew anything."

"I guess you're right."

Plue had looked to the both of them. "I know more than you think and I am also a human pun."

"Oh." Lucy and Katara said simultaneously. However the quickly put the pieces together and they both gasped and slight backed away from Plue.

"What do you mean you're human?!" Lucy yelled.

"And since when could you talk!?"

"Aye!" Plue said.

"Aye?" both girls repeated and Happy was holding himself from breaking into laughter from behind a bush.

"I was sent by Wan Shi Tong to keep an eye on you!"

"Very funny." Katara sarcastically said.

"Come out of there you." Lucy said with an annoyed voice.

Happy came out of the bushes. "Aww, I thought you two would be dumb enough to fall for this for a week."

"D-did you just call us dumb?!" Katara said with a slight anger.

"As if we would fall for something that stupid."

Suddenly they both saw Loke walking towards them. "Check it out, is that Loke."

"Loke!" Lucy called out and both girls had run to him.

"L-Lucy." he said nervously.

"Wait, before you run away again, I just wanted to thank you for trying to save me, back when Phantom kidnapped me."

Loke fixed his glasses and he eyed the both of them. "It wasn't a problem Lucy."

"I have a question. Why do you try to avoid Lucy, she hasn't done anything to you, so do you have a problem with Celestial Wizards or something?"

Loke ignores her question. "You two should just forget about me."

"If you're going to cryptic about everything you should have told us you don't want to talk about it." Katara said folding her arms.

"We really should be getting back, I just wanted to thank you for saving me is all." Lucy said and both her, Katara, Happy and Plue were about to leave.

"Wait, Lucy." Loke said and he grabbed her arm and he then wraps her arms around her and while he was hugging her her cheeks glowed red.


"Not, that I want to break up this moment, but I just saw a shooting star."

Both Lucy and Loke let go of each other. "A shooting star huh? Lucy, do you know what happens to a star that can't return to the heavens." he asked

"There he goes, being cryptic again." Katara muttered and narrowed her eyes at Loke.

"What are you talking about, Loke?" Lucy asked.

"Lucy, I don't have long to live." he said.


Loke then chuckled. "Did you believe me? It is one of my lines I use to pick up girls, I was only joking."

Suddenly he faced a slap to the face. "I-I don't like those jokes!" she yelled and she grabbed Happy and Plue by their tails. "Katara lets go."

After the four had left Loke had looked to his hand. "What am I doing? I can't get her involved, just because of my feelings." Loke thought and he looked at his hand and it was slowly beginning to vanish.

The next day, Lucy was sitting by the bar deep in thought and an argument was going on behind her.

Natsu, Grey, and Sokka were in bandages and the Dragon Slayer and the Water Tribesman were in slings.

"How do you get injured in a pillow fight?" Elfman asked.

"Hey, they are special you know." Toph commented.

"Hey, don't be jealous because I won!" Sokka exclaimed.

"You didn't win, if anything you were the first to go down." Grey said

"I managed to beat the both of you!" Natsu yelled with a flame coming out of his mouth.

Sokka then pointed to Grey. "By the way, when did you get so many pillows, it had to take Natsu and I working together to take you down."

"You didn't take me down!"

"We must have hit you harder than we thought." Natsu commented.

"There is only one way to settle this!" Sokka exclaimed.

"LUCY!" all three of them yelled. "WHO WON?!"

Lucy turned to them with an angry face and she was surrounded by a dark purple aura. "Shut up!" she said in a dark voice and this had echoed in the minds of Natsu, Grey and Sokka.

"We're sorry!"

"Woah, Lucy scares them. Good on her!" Toph said with a smirk.

"Lucy scares them, now she's a man!" Elfman exclaimed.

"Hey, what about me?" Toph asked.

"Why do you care, you're not a boy are you?" Zuko said sitting beside the pair.

"No, but I actually enjoy it when he calls me that, makes me feel like I'm the one people should be scared of."

"Meantime almost everyone is afraid of Erza."

"And you're not? I'll admit she is a little frightening."

"You forget Azula was my sister; compared to that, Erza is like Mira."

As they were talking a bunch of girls had walked over to the bar, they looked sad and angry at the same time.

"Uh, how may I help all of you?" Mira asked

"We are Loke's girlfriends." One of them said.

"He told me that he wanted to break up with me."

"He also said that we must see other people."

"Loke said that it was over to me last night."

The girls kept on talking and they had looked at Mira. "WHERE IS LOKE!" they yelled.

"Oh my I don't…" Mira had felt over whelmed by the presence of the girls. "Lucy, help me!" Mira exclaimed and all the girls turned to Lucy.

"Who is this!?" they asked with a threatening voice

"Is this Loke's new girlfriend? Sure she looks cute."

"And she has a nice body."

They continued to comment on Lucy and she had decided to run away from the commotion. "Mira! Why do you do these things to me!?" She exclaimed while running.

Soon the girls began chasing after her. Katara had just seen Lucy and a trail of girls chasing after her. "Okay, do I want to know what is going on?" she asked as she walked over to Mira.

"Those were just Loke's girlfriends. He had broken up with all of them."

"Why to be with Lucy?"

"Who knows?"

"He was acting strange last night. It looked like he was flirting with Lucy, he said some stuff about falling stars never returning to the sky and said that he doesn't have a lot of time left. Mira, what could that mean?"

"Hard to say really, it could be that he really wants to be with Lucy." Mira figured.

"No, he seems persistent, he'd seem like the person to hit on Lucy with every chance he gets, yet I've only seen him do this last night. I hope that this is one of those problems that fixes itself."

"Or end in hilarious way." Toph said coming to them. The comment earned a glare from Katara. "What? Remember what guild we are in? Plus I bet this will all end with Lucy slapping him."

"She already slapped him last night."

"Guess I'm on the right track, anyway I'm heading out on a job see you two's later."

Loke was walking though Magnolia and he looked behind him and he saw Aang with Momo on his left shoulder. "Oh Aang, It's only you."

"Thought I was Lucy?"

"You are a lot more observant that most people think."

"Well, being observant is one of my Avatar traits but enough of that. Yesterday I tried chasing after you, but a Celestial Spirit with a large beard stopped me from doing it. Know anything about that?"

Loke chuckled. "You sure you haven't had your juice spiked by Cana or something."

"Knock it off Loke, something is up and you've been keeping it a secret." Loke remained silent. "Look, are you trying to avoid Lucy, or Celestial Wizards as a whole? Just say something, I want to help you?"

"You aren't even from this world, how can you help me?"

"Try me. I already know you are different from all the other wizards in Fairy Tail, for one thing, I know that you don't belong to this world, tell me I'm wrong." Loke remained silent. Aang sighed. "You're surely not making this easy are you?"

"Aang don't bother. Leo won't talk." A female voice had said inside his head.

"Woah did that just happen? Whose voice am I hearing now?" Loke then began to walk away. "Loke, wait!"

"Don't worry Aang, soon you won't have to worry about me."

"What do you mean by that?" Aang caught a glimpse of his hand and saw that it had begun to slowly disappear. "Not good I have to tell Lucy about this."

"No Aang, now is not the right time." The female voice continued to speak. Aang jumped onto a roof and he got into a meditative stance.

"Alright, time to get some answers." He thought and he had begun to meditate.

Aang had now imagined that he was in the same forest that he had landed in when he had first arrived in this world. "Hello? Whoever you are, come out!" he exclaimed. The forest had begun to fog up and he tried to find his way.

"Now is not the right time, the answers will come to you soon, and when they do. It will be up to me to try and sway the King's decision."

"King? I don't understand! Why am I here?"

Aang ran through the lush trees and he soon found himself on a beach. "Where is this place." He looked ahead and he saw a gate that looked like it was leading to Wulong Forest. "Is that? It can't be!" he sprinted across the water and outstretched his hand to get to the gate but it suddenly disappeared.

"You cannot go back. Not yet." a voice said this time it sounded younger and more girly.

"You're the voice that talked to me in my Galuna Island dream. Tell me why can't I go back!?" he exclaimed and he had seen a silhouette of what looked like a young girl with long flowing hair and a flowing dress.

"Your world isn't the only one in danger." Soon the shadowy silhouette had transformed into another silhouette and this would had red marks all over its body and it strangely took the shape of Siegrain and it looked like it was wearing a hood of some kind. Suddenly the world he was standing on had all disappeared and all that was left was a black space and he began to fall through the endless void and he had begun screaming as if they were his last moments.

Aang had opened his eyes in the real world and surprisingly saw that the day was almost over as it was now sunset. "Was that a vision? Or a dream?" he asked himself. "Oh no! Loke I don't have much time! I have to find Lucy!"

Inside Lucy's apartment. She, Katara and Happy were going to come up with a plan to get to the bottom of Loke's situation. "Okay, we are going to figure this out." Lucy said.

They both heard a knock on their door and Katara opened it and she saw Aang on the other side. "Aang, what are you doing here?" the waterbender asked.

"Something is happening to Loke and we have to figure it out." Aang said.

"That's just what we were going to do." Lucy said "Gate of the Southern Cross! I open thee! Crux!" Lucy yelled and a doorbell sound was heard and appearing in Lucy's room was a sprit that resembled a silver cross with gold patterns he had orange arms and legs and he had worn green pants with brown shoes, he had white mustaches shooting from his nose, they had also taken the form of crosses.

"There's that weird feeling again…" Aang said to himself.

"So who is this Spirit, Lucy?" Katara asked.

"He is Crux, he knows all there is to know about Celestial Spirit Magic, and knows all about humans and the Spirit World."

"So if anyone can tell us Loke's problem with Celestial Wizards-"

"It is him." Lucy finished. "Crux, can you tell me who was the last Celestial Wizard affiliated with Loke?" Lucy asked.

Crux began to think. "How long does he take to think?" Katara asked. They all heard snoring coming from Crux and he had a bubble growing and shrinking from his nose.

"He's sleeping…" Aang and Happy said while sweatdropping.

"No he's just gathering information." Lucy said.

Crux suddenly did a very loud scream and he looked at the four of them. "The records of this matter are sealed so I can't say too much. The Celestial Wizard that was affiliated with Loke was named Karen Lilica."

"Lucy, you know this person?" Aang asked.

"Not in person, but I know of her. Karen was also a Celestial Wizard like me; she was also a poster girl for the Weekly Sorcerer like Mira is. She was a member of the Blue Pegasus guild."

"Blue Pegasus, you mean the guild that is under Master Bob?" Aang asked.


"You said she was a member of Blue Pegasus. What happened to her, where is she now?"

"She died during a job." Lucy turned to Crux to ask him another question. "What was his relationship like with Karen?"

"I'm sorry but that is part of the sealed information that I cannot tell you." Crux responded.

"Crux, I have a question for you." Aang said looking to the spirit with a serious expression on his face. "Can you tell me who Raava is?"

"I apologize; I cannot reveal such information, as it is, information on the other world is out of my jurisdiction."

"Well, I can't say that I'm surprised, thanks anyway." Aang thanked and they all saw Crux was snoring again.

"He's looking up more information." Happy guessed.

"No, he's sleeping." Lucy simply said.

Suddenly Grey had broken into Lucy's room apartment though her door. "Grey, is something wrong?" Aang asked.

"Loke has left Fairy Tail!" he exclaimed. "We are all trying to search for him."

"We'll take Appa and find him!" Lucy exclaimed and she grabbed Aang's arm ran out the room, Katara and Happy followed leaving Grey alone and confused.

Meanwhile the rest of the guild were out looking for Loke, it even seemed like they had been looking all over Magnolia and Natsu had even tried looking inside a barrel to see if Loke was there but of course he wasn't and this led Grey to state the obvious while Sokka called Natsu an idiot.

Appa had flown to a location and Lucy, Aang, Katara and Happy disembarked off the Bison and they saw Loke standing by a grave that was on the edge of a cliff that was overlooking a waterfall.

"Loke, everyone has been looking for you." Lucy said.

"Yeah, what's going on?" Katara asked.

"I think I can answer that, this is Karen's grave, isn't it?" Lucy asked and this surprised the four around them. "She was your original summoner wasn't she Loke, or should I say Leo the Lion."

Aang and Katara gasped and Loke had smiled. "I admire your deductions skills Lucy, you were able to figure out my biggest secret."

"I am a Celestial Wizard, and I have made a lot of contracts, I was able to feel who you really were."

"So this whole time, you were a spirit?" Katara asked.

"Now it makes sense." Aang said. "Why you felt different around the others, but this also confirms something else, maybe I can also sense spirits from this world." He figured.

"Sorry Loke, I really should have known sooner. I know that when a Celestial Spirit loses its human owner, they have to go back to the Spirit World to await a new contract with another Celestial Wizard, so why aren't you in the Spirit World?"

"But you said it yourself can survive in the Human World using just their magic." Katara said.

"You are right; I have managed to live in this world for three years." Loke told the waterbender

"Three years! I couldn't even fathom One."

"Yeah, my life force has been draining away since I got here and I am just about to reach my limit." Loke said and he had begun to look weak. "I can't ever return to the Spirit World."

"But why, tell me why you can't go back so I can open the gate for you."

"The reason is simple, I broke the sacred bond between Spirit and Summoner, and was exiled in the human world for my crimes."

"So what did you do in order to get yourself trapped here?" Aang asked

"The reason I can't go back to the Spirit World is because… I am the one who killed my Celestial Wizard. I killed Karen." Loke said

The four were shocked by Loke's statement. "Y-you killed Karen?" Lucy repeated.

"I don't believe it! You don't seem like type of person to kill anyone." Aang exclaimed.

"No Aang, it is true. Karen died went out on a job without the ability to summon any spirits and because of that, she lost her life, all because of me. I ended her life that day and the Celestial Spirit World has rejected me."

Loke had then told his story about his former master Karen. Three years prior, Karen was at Blue Pegasus and she was known by Master Bob to have mistreated the Spirits she had contracts with such as Aries the Ram. She even went as far as to say that they were nothing but tools and had no feelings. Bob warned her that she would be suffering if the kept treating her spirits badly.

Karen had attempted to make Aries stay in the human world for a week as a punishment, even though the Spirit didn't have enough magical energy to last that long. But Leo had forcibly summoned himself to switch places with her and threatened that he would not forgive her if she mistreated Aries any longer. He even asked Karen to release the two Spirits from their contracts.

Karen was unable to force him to go back to the Spirit World by closing his gate because she didn't have enough power to perform the task and Leo had come through his own magic, not Karen's; this also meant that with her low magical power, she would be unable to summon anymore Spirits for her to utilize, making it difficult for her to go out on jobs. Leo had gone to nearby ruins and says that she must see him when she is ready to release both him and Aries from their contracts

Karen tried to get Leo to change his terms, and even resorted to trying to beating him up, but he wouldn't change his mind. Eventually Leo noticed that he would not be able to stop his life force from draining. He returned and tried to forgive Karen, but she had died. It was revealed she went out on a job without Bob's permission and without any magical energy to summon Spirits to help her she had lost her life in the process. Karen had actually gambled on the fact that a Celestial Wizard could summon two spirits at a time if she had released enough Magical Power, while this was true, her body wasn't able to take the strain. Leo had only tried to teach her a lesson and teach her that Spirits aren't tools, but this action led to him taking her life and he was now paying the price for it.

Loke had turned to face the four. "When a spirit kills their summoner, they will become trapped in the Human world where they are to die. And I am almost out of time."

"NO! Don't say that!" Lucy yelled.

Loke's body starts to slowly disappear. "Thank you, Lucy. I am glad to have met a Celestial Spirit that is as kind as you."

"No! I'll help you just don't give up hope."

"There has to be something we can do." Katara said.

Loke smiled and looks to them. "Lucy, Aang. Give everyone at Fairy Tail my regards, this is it for me."

Aang took a step forward "No! If we can get you to the Spirit World! Then you won't have to die."

"Such a thing is impossible now; death is the only thing waiting for me." As Loke begins to disappear he is then hugged by Lucy.

"What happened to Karen was only an accident! I'll open the gate for you! Gate of the Lion I open thee! Leo!" Lucy exclaimed as she tried to open his gate.

"Lucy! It is fine, stop this!"

"No! I won't! How can I let one of my friends disappear in front of me?!" Lucy attempted to open his gate again and she had begun to merge with the Celestial Spirit energy and energy was being projected from the ground.

"Lucy!" Aang yelled, he quickly got an idea and he sat on the ground and got in his meditative stance.

"Aang what are you doing?" Happy asked.

"It's a long shot, but if I try and talk to that figure again through my vision he may come and help Lucy and Leo. I just hope I know what I'm doing." Aang's arrows then glowed a bright white and his eyes were engulfed in the white glow almost as if his body was being taken over

Lucy is still trying to open Leo's gate and the energy around the two was growing. "Lucy! Don't! If you keep doing this! You'll disappear along with me. I don't want you to add to my sin!" Loke cried

"If it is a rule that Spirits from the Celestial Spirit world have to die when they defy their contracts, then I will change it!" Lucy screamed and Loke was shocked at Lucy's determination soon time around the entire group had stopped and soon the Celestial Spirit King himself shows, he was revealed to be the same Spirit that Aang had seen in his visions.

Katara saw this and she kneeled to Aang and tried to shake him awake. "Aang! You have to see this! Aang!" but there was no response. "He can't… there is no Spirit World for him to go into, how come his still…"

"The Celestial Spirit King?" Loke asked.

"He is colossal." Lucy commented unable to take her eyes off the gigantic figure.

"I don't understand. Why are you here?" Loke asked looking at the King.

The king looks down to Loke. "Those who bare keys are forbidden from killing their summoners, even though you didn't directly kill your master, you still have to take responsibility." The King said.

"But that is not fair, Karen was abusing her power and Loke was only trying to teach her a lesson! You are unreasonable!" Lucy exclaimed as she yelled at the Celestial Spirit King.

"Lucy, stop!" Loke yelled.

"The human speaks the truth!" they heard and Happy was backing away from Aang and Katara had a shocked look on her face.

"Aang? What's going on?" Katara asked.

Aang began floating in the air and he was surrounded in a white aura. "I am only using my host's body to communicate with the Celestial Spirit King directly." He said strangely this was a feminine voice.

"So you decide to show yourself, even though I told you not to get involved." The Celestial King said as his arms were still folded.

"Katara? What is Aang doing?!" Lucy asked.

"Don't look at me, this is new to me too, I don't know this past life!" Katara said shrugging her shoulders.

"That is because I am not a past life. I am the Spirit of Light and Peace. I am the spirit that resides inside each Avatar. My name is Raava!"

"Raava?" Happy repeated.

"I grow tired of seeing Spirits suffer because of human flaws, be they Celestial, Ancient or former humans. Leo the Lion, and Aries the Ram have suffered at the hands of the Celestial Wizard Karen, it is because of her selfishness that we are all here right now, it is my understanding that it was the declaration of the Celestial Wizard here that summoned you."

"Yes that is true. But even though your host is trapped here, you have no right to interfere."

"This was not my decision alone; it was also the will of my host. Avatar Aang had the desire to rescue his friend from death. I have seen wars fought and have watched as my very own hosts have killed, which means that I have killed as well. I have seen the worst of human kind and also the best of human kind. I can agree that Leo is responsible for his death but shouldn't have to pay the ultimate price for trying to save a fellow Spirit."

"You are above the rules in this world Raava. I do not see the reason why you choose to defend Leo."

"I have made a decision long ago to fuse with a human in order to restore balance to the world I had existed in, and like it or not I shall restore balance to this world as well, starting now!" Raava said.

"Be that as it may, I cannot change the rules."

Lucy glared at the Celestial Spirit King and began to plead to him. "Please, Loke has been suffering for three years, and he did all that for the sake of Aries!"

The Celestial Spirit King looked slightly conflicted. "Celestial Wizard, I will admit the wishes of my old friend Leo, pains me."

"How can you consider Loke guilty!? To me, what he did will never be wrong in my eyes."

"Please Lucy! I don't need forgiveness! I only want to atone for my sin!" Loke screamed.

Lucy stands up behind him "Caring for your friends, ISN'T A SIN!" Lucy screamed and she had released a huge amount of magical energy and inside that yellow energy she had inadvertently summoned all of the Spirits that she had contracts with which had shocked Loke as well as Raava in Aang's body.

"Incredible, she had managed to summon all of the Spirits that she had bonds with, are Celestial Wizards that powerful? No an act like this would normally kill a Celestial Wizard, but this girl; Lucy Heartfilia, she is different." Raava thought.

Soon after Lucy had summoned all of her spirits, she had collapsed to the ground and all of her spirits had disappeared. "My friends, we all want Loke alive." Lucy weakly said.

"Lucy, don't do this. I don't want you to die like Karen." Loke worriedly said.

The Celestial Spirit King had thought about what had just happened. "It is possible that this law may be an error for this situation. All of this was done just so he could protect Aries, and you, Lucy have done the same thing trying to protect Loke. This is a bond I don't want to be broken so I will make an exception this time. Leo the Lion, I hereby grant you permission to return to the Celestial Spirit World, if you want to repent, you must live on and protect Lucy as she is a friend that is very worthy." He then grins at Loke while saying the word 'Grin' and he disappeared and time resumes.

Loke sees a vision of Karen smiling and she apologizes to him before saying her goodbye.

Lucy gets up and helps Loke to his feet. "Here you go, Lucy." Loke said and he handed her his golden key. The blonde smiled and she planted the key on his head and Loke was transported back to the Celestial Spirit World after three years in the human world.

"You are an impressive human." Raava said as she hovered to the ground in Aang's body. "Your determination to save your friend reminds me of the very first Avatar."

"Really? I feel really honored." Lucy replied

"I must go, I was a pleasure meeting you Lucy Heartfilia." Raava said.

Lucy blushed a little from embarrassment. "Thank you, like wise."

Aang's arrows had faded and were now sky blue again and his eyes had returned to normal. "Huh? What happened? Where is Raava?" Aang asked.

"She's gone, but how do you know about her?"

"Weren't you meditating?"

"A Spirit calling herself Raava had told me she needed my body in order to try and reason with the Celestial Spirit King. After that… everything is just a blur… So where's Loke?" Aang gasped. "Don't tell me he…"

"Relax. I sent him back to the Spirit World."

Aang performed a sigh of relief. "So Aang, did you know about Raava?" Lucy asked.

"No, not until today. But something tells me this isn't the last we'll hear from her."

The next day at the guild Loke had told everyone that he was in fact a Celestial Spirit. "So you are one of them?" Sokka asked.

"Spirit or not, It makes no difference to me." Toph said.

"How? You look exactly like a human." Natsu said.

"You know Virgo is also a human." Loke stated.

"Yes, but she can turn into an in-human form." Natsu said referring to how she was able to transform into a fat, monstrous version of herself.

"I see your point." Loke said as he agreed.

"Everyone he is Loke, the Lion Celestial Spirit!" Lucy exclaimed

Happy began to lie on Loke's shoulder. "Now we have a fully grown cat in the guild." Happy commented.

"So will you come back as a regular guild member?" Grey asked.

"No, I will only come when Lucy is in distress." Loke then picks up Lucy bridal style and she flails her arms and yells at him to put her down. "We must make plans for our future; you do have a love for spirits don't you?"

"Just leave already!" Lucy yelled.

"So glad to see nothing has changed." Katara said with sweatdrop accompanying her.

Loke handed Lucy a stack full of tickets. "These are tickets for the Akane Resort, I can't bring my girlfriends anymore so I thought you should have them."

"There is enough here for both mine and Aang's team to go." Lucy commented. "How many girlfriends did you have!?" Lucy exclaimed.

"We get tickets to a resort and that is the first thing you say?" Sokka commented.

"Well a resort would be nice but can we promise right here and now not to destroy anything or do anything to hurt yourselves in the process." Katara requested.

"Vacation time!" Natsu exclaimed.

Happy had landed on Aang's shoulder. "Are you Aang or Raava right now?" the cat asked.


"Where is Raava is she inside you?"

"That's not exactly how it works-"

Happy had forced Aang's mouth open and he began to scream into it. "Raava! Come out! I know you're in there!"

Katara's eye twitched in slight annoyance. "Sometimes I wonder if that cat has a brain…"

"I don't know anymore…" Lucy said as she shrugged her shoulders.

Next Time: Tower of Heaven

While enjoying themselves on Akane Resort, old friends of Erza appear on the scene but don't have good intentions. Ping also arrives with them and helps them attack Team Natsu and Team Avatar.

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