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Natsu: Previously on Fairy Tail: Legend of Aang.
Natsu fell to the ground after being blown from the air by Aang

Happy: We met a boy who fell from the sky.
Aang is shown falling from the sky from an aurora in the sky and to the ground below.

Natsu: Oh yeah, wasn't his name Angle?
Natsu is shown shaking Aang violently to wake him up.

Lucy: Have you forgotten he's from another world?
Aang is fighting Ozai and he shot a blast of lightning into the sky, refusing to kill the Fire Lord.

Happy: I hope that world has fish.
Aang was shot with a bolt of lightning that he blocked by crossing his arms that were encased in earth.

Lucy: You have a one track mind don't you?
Aang faded into particles and crossed over into another world.

Aang was looking down on the town of Magnolia from a high area close to a mountain and he sighed. "By now, Ozai must have succeeded in his plan to burn down the Earth Kingdom by now. I can only hope Katara and the others made it out okay." He thought to himself. "I can't believe I failed the world again…"

He heard voices coming up to him and he saw Natsu, Happy and Lucy coming up to him as he turned around.

"Oh, it's you three. Why are you looking for me?" he asked but with a sad face.

"We saw that you were sad." Happy said. "So I brought you a fish." Happy presented a fish that was gift wrapped with just a red ribbon that was tied around it.

"Uh…thanks, but I'm a vegetarian." Aang said uneasily

"What are you doing out here by yourself?" Lucy asked

"I'm just wondering how things are back in my world." He replied.

"Hey, I told we would figure this out, didn't I?" Natsu said trying to cheer him up.

"Yeah, I remember that, but I would like to be alone for a while if that is okay." Stood up and he jumped high up into the air from them and he was closing in on Magnolia. Meanwhile a huge distance away a person wearing a dark cloak was looking at Aang descending to the town, and he turned to a gang of six people wearing dark casual clothing.

"So we have found them, all we need to do is find their guild, and we can have our revenge on those Fairies!"

Aang was meditating in the East Forest that was close to the town of Magnolia. "No matter how much I try I can even get into the spirit world…" he thought. "I knew I would be stuck, but I can't even get help from my own world… unless…"

He began to meditate and a blue wisp appeared in front of him and it later materialized into Avatar Roku who was now meditating in lotus position with the current Avatar.

"Roku, I need your help."

"Yes, Aang. What wisdom do you seek from me?"

"I've crossed over to another world, Roku!" Aang said sounding panicked. "And I don't know if I can get back. I need help, isn't there a way for an Avatar to get back or something."

"I have no way of understanding your predicament Aang, in the first place I've never heard of any Avatar or anyone for that matter travel to another world, nor have I heard of them coming back."

"There has to be a way. Roku, you and I both know I can't stay here, I've already disappeared for a hundred years before. I can't run away and just stay here!"

"I wish there was more I could tell you so I could help you, but I am as lost about this place as you are… Aang have you ever thought that you were brought here for a reason?"

Aang folded his arms and closed his eyes in annoyance. "And let me guess, you don't know what that reason is?"

"You were unable to go into the Avatar State, because you held onto that attachment, which made you unable to defeat Fire Lord Ozai."

Aang glared as his Avatar predecessor. "You should be the last one to tell me about holding onto attachments, Roku! I'm not the only one who messed up; let's not forget whose fault it is that the Hundred year war exists in the first place! If you were in the same situation, can you honestly tell me you would choose power that the Avatar State grants over Ta Min?!"

"I guess you make a good point. However, there is nothing that can be done by me or any of the other Avatar Spirits to aid you at this time."

"At least tell me this; before I disappeared I saw an aurora in the sky. Do you know anything about an aurora appearing in the sky before anyone disappeared?" Roku shook his head and Aang sighed.

"Don't give up hope; Aang if you can cross to one world, the possibility exists that you can cross back to yours."

"I guess you're right." Roku then disappeared into blue smoke. "But what am I supposed to do here other than sit here with my tail in between my legs." He heard people walking through the part of the forest he was in. he jumped into the tree branches above him and he watched below and saw some shady looking characters.

"Once we deliver that letter we will do a surprise attack of Fairy Tail when that Dragon Slayer is gone, then our guild Eisenwald will be reborn!" one of them said.

"Fairy Tail?" Aang said and he remembered the place he was taken to where Makarov said he was the guild master there. "Why would they want to attack Fairy Tail?" he asked. "Dragon Slayer? They must mean Natsu, well I can't just sit here waiting for them to attack." He jumped from the tree and he made a huge chunk of earth rise in front of the Eisenwald grunts so their path would be blocked. "I don't know what your problem with Fairy Tail is, but if you want to get to them, you'll have to first get though me!" Aang said getting in his fighting stance.

"W-who are you?" one of them asked.

"That doesn't matter he is in our way, so we must eliminate him." One of the grunts said and he outstretched his arms forward and a yellow magic circle appeared in front of their hands and they blasted a beam of light yellow light energy towards Aang but he made an earth wall that blocked them though it collapsed, and coming through the smoke was a huge stream of fire and the quickly dodged them. Aang jumped up and out of the smoke and he blew a huge gust of wind from his mouth and this blew most of the Eisenwald members back to the wall he made earlier, he landed on the ground and he restrained them into the ground so their heads were sticking out of the ground.

"What do you want with Fairy Tail?" he asked.

"That is simple…" said a voice that was behind Aang and the Avatar looked back and he saw a man who had white long hair that stuck upwards and had bangs that covered his left eye. He wore nothing but what looked like the bottom part of a robe and it was torn up and he had nothing on his torso, he had a black scarf and had odd blue tattoos on his body, he had black eyes, and he held a scythe in his right hand and he held it behind his back. He began to float up into the air. "I want vengeance on those flies, and the Salamander!"

"The Salamander?"

"And you will be my bait to lure him here! After you both go down, your guild of flies will be defenceless." he flew into the air and he made a light purple magic circle appear in front of him and he then blew several invisible blades of wind at Aang in a huge wind blast but Aang backflipped and jumped off the wall he made to block the path of the Eisenwald mages he was high in the air and he made an air vortex underneath himself and lifted his legs and he kicked to vortex to the Wind mage and he hit the ground. Aang floated down the ground and he looked at him.

"Out with it! Who are you?"

"Don't get cocky kid, only one has even been able to defeat Erigor, and a lousy Wind mage will be powerless against…" Aang sped towards him and he punched him in the face and Erigor was sent flying back as he followed up with a wind blast from his fist and the Eisenwald mage slid back and he rubbed his cheek, he chuckled as he levitated into the air and.

Aang jumped high on top of a tree and he saw him flying into the air. "So he told me he is a Wind Mage, so in all accounts, he is an airbender to me, only with more of an intent to kill."

Erigor got ready to use his staff and he held it in his right hand and he floated back. "Storm Bringer!" Erigor made a light purple magic circle appear in front of him and he blasted a cyclone of wind at Aang which made a purple glow and suddenly he was engulfed in a huge tornado that spun in the forest and he flew out of it and he was heading to grass land far outside the forest and he fixed himself in the air and he landed on the ground with his feet and he glared at the Wind mage that was flying towards him.

Aang made several boulders float into the air and he threw them at Erigor but they missed as he was flying around them.

"I have no time to waste with you." He made a light purple magical seal and he fired blades of wind at Aang but the Avatar made a hemispherical barrier out of air and this kept the blades from hitting and after the attack ceased he flipped and he sent a blazing ring of fire at Erigor by frontflipping and sent it with his right foot. "What?! Is he a fire mage too!" he said but he sent another huge blast of purplish wind with smaller blades inside it and the fire ring fizzled out. "Don't you know. Flame can never beat wind. What kind of mage are you, you can use Fire, Wind and Earth Magic?"

Aang ignored his question and he shot pillar like earth projections at Erigor but he avoided it. "I can't waste my magic on you, I'm saving it for the Salamander!" he flew down to Aang and he swung his scythe but Aang jumped high over it but he suddenly saw beams of light approaching him and they hit and Aang fell to the ground and he slowly looked up but he saw more beams of light approaching him and he made an earth barrier to protect himself but it burst through and he slid back. The Eisenwald members who shot those light beams were walking closer to Aang and a yellow seal appeared in front of them and the fired all their magical energy in the form of light blasts at Aang. The Avatar managed to jump over all the magical energy thrown at him and he made a huge earth platform throw them into the air and his arms were now swirling with air and he spun around and he made a cyclone that grabbed them and he forced his hands to close and the cyclone grabbing them slammed to the ground, the Eisenwald grunts had now had lost their irises in their eyes signaling their defeat. Aang he landed on the ground and he faced Erigor.

Erigor smirked. "You could actually be useful, you are a powerful mage."

"You'll be shocked to hear this, but I'm not magic!" Aang yelled as he kicked a fire stream from his foot and it missed Erigor, the wind mage jumped up and he outstretched his left arm and a purple magic seal appeared.

"Storm Bringer!" he made a tornado rise from the ground and Aang was now inside it and he was being spun inside it and Erigor flew to the tornado with a smirk on his face and he kicked Aang in the gut and he sped out of the tornado and he grinded on the dirt and Erigor floated back to the ground and he lifted Aang up by the high collar of the jacket he was given. "Time for those flies to pay!" he said to himself.

Lucy later got back to the guild and she looked inside and Natsu and Happy weren't there. She walked over to Mirajane at the counter. "Mira, have you seen Natsu?"

"Oh, a letter came here earlier addressed to Natsu and as soon as he read it, he and Happy ran off." She explained.

Lucy put her hand on her chin. "Where is the letter?"

Mira handed the letter to her and the blonde haired mage began to read it. Lucy quickly gasped as she read it. "Natsu, Aang!" she yelled out.

"Hey, what's wrong Lucy?" Grey asked as he was sitting at a table.

"The remainder of Eisenwald has kidnapped Aang." She said and Grey stood up.

"Where is Natsu?" Grey asked.

"If I know him, he must already be trying to find them." Lucy said.

Grey sighed. "Geez, I'm going to have to save that idiot. Lucy lets go and find them." Grey said after his jacket disappeared again leaving just his jeans.

"Why did you strip!?" she asked and her eyes were sticking out of her head.

Natsu was running through town with Happy flying above him. "Did you find him Natsu?" Happy asked

"Yeah, and I smell someone else familiar who is close." He said and he began to enter into the East Forest and he caught a whiff of someone close and he pointed to a bush. "YEAH! Someone is here!" he said with flames in mouth and he grabbed the Eisenwald grunt and lifted him to his head. "Hey! Where is Angle!" he said putting him close to his head.

"I think you mean, Aang." Happy corrected.

"Hey! Tell me!" Natsu yelled.

"The boy is deeper in the forest." He said as he was scared as he was facing a glare from the Dragon Slayer. He pointed in the direction that his guild was holding Aang and he threw him and Natsu began walking there and as he got closer the smells were becoming familiar.

"I'm getting closer to them." Natsu said and he began running to the scent and he got to the area and he ran through a couple of bushes and he saw a team of five mages and Erigor standing close to a tree and Aang was tied too that tree. "Angle! I found you!"

"Natsu, it's a trap!" suddenly his foot was caught in a snag and he was lifted upwards and was upside down and he saw the Eisenwald grunts preparing yellow seals to throw light blasts at Natsu.

"It's over, little fly." Erigor taunted.

Aang stepped on the ground and it made a wave that put the mages off balance and their blasts missed.

"Nice one Angle." Natsu said as he smiled.

""Who said I needed my hands to bend! and it's Aang!" Aang said as he sweatdropped and he burned the ropes that were holding him and he broke out of them and he jumped on the tree and he made a huge air swipe which hit them and only two of the grunts were blown away. "Hey Happy, can you help me out?"

He stood next to Aang. "Aye sir!" Erigor walked up to them and he unleashed his scythe.

"HEY LET ME DOWN!" Natsu yelled as he was struggling to get down.

"Happy what magic can you use?" Aang asked

"Aera!" Happy exclaimed and his wings appeared in a light green flash and he began to fly.

"Please tell me that isn't, all you can do?"

"What is the problem?" he asked.

"Okay, first objective we beat this guy and then free Natsu."


Aang sighed. "Since you want to get down so badly…" Aang shot a thin stream of fire at the rope and it snapped and he fell to the ground and he quickly got back up.

"Thanks, Aang."

"I helped too!" Happy exclaimed.

"You didn't do anything." Aang stated. He then looked at Erigor. "We have to deal with this guy."

"No problem, I beat him once before!" Natsu said cracking his fists.

"Yeah only he has." Suddenly two light beams came towards them and there was an explosion and a rock wall covered them and Aang let it down. "…Backup." He finished.

"Storm Mail!" Erigor flew up into the air and he began to spin his scythe and a light purple magic seal appeared and he made a huge gust of wind blow in front of him and he was now engulfed in a hurricane like armour and he was floating above the ground.

"That again?" Natsu asked but he was quickly punched and he flew back. "Aang you can use fire magic?"

"...Let's just say I can. Then what?" he asked deciding not to correct the pink haired mage.

Natsu put his fist on his chest. "Throw it at me."

"Are you crazy!? I made the mistake of burning some before, I'm not going to do it you have a death wish?" Aang exclaimed taken back by Natsu's request.

"Don't worry, I'm a Fire Dragon Slayer, I eat fire."

Aang now had a confused look on his face, out of all the things he has heard in this world. This was now by far the most insane of them all.

"I won't do it! I can't risk burning you no matter how crazy you are." Suddenly Erigor flew to them and he was still in his wind armor and he slammed into Natsu and he bounced back and he slid on his feet.

"Aang! Do it!" Natsu yelled.

"Fine, but I won't burn you." He shot a stream of fire in front of Natsu and he heard a suction noise and he saw the flames flowing into Natsu's mouth. "Oh. My. Gosh!"

"That's the power of a Dragon Slayer!" Happy exclaimed.

"Keep it coming Aang!" Natsu yelled but Erigor floated up and he summoned a magic seal from the Storm Mail.

"Storm Shred!" he then shot light blue wind like blades at Aang but they were being blocked by a wall that was summoned from the ground but it was being cracked and the beams broke through and Aang slid back and he slid on his feet and he glared at Erigor and there were some tears in the jacket he was wearing and he stood tall.

"I won't lose to you!" he blasted a powerful stream of fire and it suddenly swirved around Erigor.

"That missed and plus fire won't hurt me!"

"Who said that was for you?" Aang said as he smirked and the stream of fire hit Natsu and he was engulfed in flames and they began to disappear into his mouth.

"Now that I've eaten, I'm all revved up!" Natsu said and his whole body was engulfed in flames.

Erigor was looking at the Dragon Slayer but he felt his Storm Mail fading away and he saw Aang sucking his wind armor into his mouth and he blew on the ground and he landed next to Natsu.

"You shouldn't have brought us together." Aang said.

"Because, if you threaten my friends. I will burn you to a crisp!" Natsu yelled.

Aang punched his fist into the ground and his right fist was covered in clumps of stones and it was in the form a huge rock gauntlet.

Natsu punched his fists together and he jumped up and his fist was covered in flames and Aang jumped with him and he launched in front of the Dragon Slayer. Erigor made another Storm Mail as the two approached and as soon as Aang's rock fist touched it began shattering and it and all the while Aang was sucking the wind from the Storm Mail and he kicked off Erigor and he back flipped over Natsu who was charging towards Erigor.

"Natsu now!" he yelled and he flew landed on his feet and Natsu was sprinting to Erigor whose Storm Mail was weakened and his flames grew and he was engulfed in flames.

"Fire Dragon's Sword Horn!" he yelled and he ran towards Erigor and he headbutted while flying towards him and he flew back and he slammed through several trees and he had no pupils in his eyes.

"Did you have to overdo it?" Aang asked. They both looked at what was left of Erigor's grunts. Natsu's hands were engulfed in flames. "No, Natsu! Leave and take your master with you!" Aang said sternly.

They nodded and they all ran and lifted Erigor and left the forest.

"Hey, come back here!" Natsu yelled.

"We already defeated their leader, so I think that's punishment enough." He said. "By the way Natsu. Who were those guys?"

"Natsu, Aang!" they both heard and saw Grey and Lucy running to them and the former had the side of his left palm, and Lucy was holding a gold key in her right hand.

"Grey, Lucy!" Happy exclaimed.

"What happened to you two?" Grey asked.

"Erigor came back, but me and Aang sent him packing!"

"You forgot about me." Happy said as endless tears strummed down his face.

Aang then turned around and began to walk away.

"Hey Aang. Where are you going?" Natsu asked

"Who knows? Until Master Makarov and Miss Mirajane find a way to return me, I may just find a way to sustain myself in this world."

Natsu put his hand on his shoulder. "Aang, come with us." Natsu said.

"I can't stay here… I have to find a place where I can be on my own."

"You don't have to be alone, Aang!" Lucy exclaimed. "You can come with us, you can join Fairy Tail!"

"What? But why, I can't do magic, nor do I know anything about magic."

"Just come with us, master said he wanted to see you back anyway." Grey said.

"You mean, he found a way for me to get back home?" Grey shrugged his shoulders. "Fine, I'll go with you guys one last time." He said.

The group of Natsu, Aang, Happy, Lucy and Grey were now back at the guild entrance and Makarov was waiting near the entrance and he was still in his jester outfit and he had a wooden staff with a pink face on top and he saw the five heading towards him. "Yo!" he said.

Aang walked to the front of the group. "Have you found it Master Makarov?" Aang asked.

He sighed. "Mirajane and I are still looking into it." Aang began walking away. "Wait Aang!"

"W-what is it?"

"You should join the guild, become part of our family."

"Family?" Aang asked.

"Yes." Makarov nodded. "I treat each and every one of the guild members as my children." He said and he outstretched his arm. "What do you say, Aang?"

"B-but, I'm not magic."

He closed his eyes. "You may not have the ability to use magic, but that doesn't mean that you don't have magic inside you. Magic can be anything can think of. You don't have to have magical abilities, you already have other skills that we can pass of a magic." He said as he winked.

"You mean my bending?" Makarov nodded. "Uh… I appreciate the offer really I do, but it wouldn't feel right if I were to just start over in this world, it wouldn't be fair to my friends back home."

"I see. You're welcome to stay here for as long as you need to."

"Thanks for the hospitality, but your offer isn't completely out of the question, just... give me some time to think about it."

"Mmmhmm." He said as he nodded.

Aang was later in the guild and he began to see a person who wore a mysterious outfit and he had a mask on his head and had a dark green bandana on his mouth and he had many staffs on his back walked in and everyone began to feel drowsy and even Aang saw he was falling asleep but he as well as everybody else tried to stay awake. The figure took a request from the board and as soon as he did everyone was asleep, everyone accept for Makarov and he looked at the figure.

"Putting everyone to sleep again, Mystogan?" the figure slowly nodded and he walked out of the guild hall.

Suddenly everyone rose from their short slumber.

Aang got up. "What happened? What was that?"

"That was Mystogan." Makarov said. "He doesn't want anyone to see his face so everytime he comes he puts everyone to sleep so they can't see his face."

"Well that's real, mysterious…" Aang thought about it for a second. "Then again, it does explain the first part of his name." he muttered. Suddenly he saw Natsu charging up to a person on the second floor who was wearing a coat that had fur on the outsides and he wore a black jeans and Natsu was charging towards him.

"Fight me! Laxus!" he yelled but Makarov stretched his arm and slammed Natsu down with his fist that grew exponentially in size and forced Natsu to the ground.

"Hey! Natsu! No one is allowed on the second floor without my permission!" Makarov yelled.

Laxus smirked. "I won't lose to anyone. Not Mystogan or Erza." He then took a look at Aang. "Who is the weakling?" he asked and Aang glared slightly.

Natsu got up and he quickly charged towards Erza. "Lets go, Erza!" Natsu yelled and his right fist was engulfed in flames. "Fire Dragon's Iron…" as he charged towards Erza she punched him and he slammed into Grey and they both flew to a wall in the guild hall.

"Watch where you're flyin, idiot!" Grey angrily said getting into Natsu's face.

Suddenly a fight between the two erupted and a huge dust cloud was formed.

"Okay, now I am sure we should stop this!" Aang said and he got up from his seat.

"Don't worry about it, this kind of this happens regularly see?" Aang and Lucy turned to see Macao and Wakaba fighting as well and Erza tried to stop Natsu and Grey but they both ended up kicking her and he got up and there were flames in her eyes. Suddenly a magenta seal appeared in front of her hand and appearing from that seal was a sword.

"That can't be good." Aang said but he sweatdropped as soon as she joined the fight.

"This happens often, trust me." Lucy said.

"So this is what Fairy Tail is like?" Aang said to himself. "What have I gotten myself into this time?" he muttered to himself.

Next Time: The Cursed Island

After Happy steals an S-Class request and him and Natsu convinces Lucy and tricks Aang into doing it with them.

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