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Fairies vs Phantoms Part 2

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Aang: Last time on Fairy Tail: Legend of Aang.
Erza is striking down Aria with her Blumenblatt.

Happy: We have defeated the Element 4
Jose appears and he quickly defeats Grey, Elfman, Mira.

Aang: Jose is still too powerful, I would imagine only the master would beat him
Aang is knocked out by Erza keeping him from entering the Avatar state.

Lucy: But we still have Natsu
Natsu blocks Gajeel's Iron Dragon's Roar with his arms.

Toph: Plus that metal monster is the one who took me out, so Natsu better take him down
Gajeel slashes through Toph's metallic armor and she was held up by Natsu after hitting the ground.

Outside the Phantom Lord mech, the Fairy Tail guild was in shambles and the shades were still flying through the air continuing their attack.

Zuko was shooting fireballs at the incoming shades and he was suddenly surrounded by them. He spun on his back and he shot fire streams from his feet and this made the shades fade away but more were still on the way. Zuko was panting as three more were approaching.

Alzack and Bisca were standing together while holding their magic guns. "I can't believe it, our guild is destroyed and they are still coming!"

Suddenly a huge flash of lighting engulfed the sky and it hit a big crowd of shades and they exploded. "I heard you needed help." The voice of an old man said.

"Huh? Are you a Lighting Wizard?" Macao asked.

"I will explain later, but right now all that matters is we stop these shadows." The old man said and he shot a thin stream of fire from his right hand and exploded on one of the shades.

Natsu was being engulfed by a fiery aura and his all that could be seen was his eyes that were glowing red. "I'm going to pay you back with for everything you've done." Natsu growled and his power was building. "You will regret ever laying your hands on Fairy Tail." He continued in an angry voice

"I'm not done with you!" Gajeel yelled and he sprinted towards Natsu. "Iron Dragon's Hard Fist!" he exclaimed and both his and Natsu's fists came together and cracks were seen in Gajeel's arm as he was still coated in rough iron scales. A pale green magic circle and a red/orange magic circle appeared in between both fists and flames began to rage wildly around the area.

"You dare hurt my friends with that grin on your face!" Natsu angrily said and all of a sudden he was throwing numerous fire punches at Gajeel. "Crimson Lotus: Fire Dragon's Fist!" each punch that was thrown at Gajeel resulted in a small explosion. "This is for Jet, Droy, Levy, Katara, Gramps, Toph… and Lucy." one more punch was thrown in the form of an uppercut and he flew up into the air and he landed on the hard shattered ground with no pupils in his eyes. From outside the head of the Phantom mech had fallen into the water below and the Fairy Tail mages from outside began cheering after seeing the explosions making it obvious to be Natsu.

"I-I don't believe it." Boze started.

"Gajeel lost." Sue said as the building was beginning to crumble down.

Happy was holding Lucy by her shirt as they were flying up in the air. "Natsu won!" Lucy exclaimed but she quickly noticed something. "Huh? Where is Toph?" Lucy asked.

"Now were even." Natsu said and he quickly collapsed to the ground and looked up at the sky.

"N-Natsu!" Lucy said beginning to worry.

"I don't think I can move…" he said with his signature smile.

Toph walked over to Natsu with a slight limp on her. "Man you sure did a number on him." Toph said. "Oh and thanks, you kept your promise and beat the stuffing out of him." She said and she sat beside him and looked up to Happy and Lucy. "You two go ahead. I'll stay over here." Toph told the two. She lied down and looked up to the sky. "So Natsu. Is this kind of stuff normal for you guys?" Toph asked.

Inside the building Erza was still hanging on as she fought against Jose. "It seems as though are Dragons have finished running amok. That Natsu is very powerful indeed."

Erza looked to Jose while still maintaining her stance. "You underestimated Natsu and his power, his power is on par with mine, if not more so."

"Enough with the modesty, no wizard has lasted as long as you have in battle with me. Have you not taken damage from Jupiter, this battle would have been a better match up. I cannot stand the thought of Makarov's guild having wizards as powerful as you." He told her. "I didn't kill Makarov because I want him to be in despair when he sees his beloved guild and his members gone."

"Why?" the both heard and they saw Aang getting up onto his feet. "Why this grudge against Fairy Tail? What did they ever do to you?"

"Why? You ask? Fairy Tail rose up from nothing, you attracted powerful wizards like Mystogan and Laxus, soon people began to say you were on par with Phantom Lord, then rumors of the Salamander joining, and even Lucy Heartfilia, worse still I hear that they now have someone who can control four magical elements all at once. I couldn't stand the fact of Fairy Tail having so much power. And if you had access to the Heartfilia fortune, imagine the amount of power that your pathetic guild could gain.

Erza lightly smirked and Aang glares at Jose. "If you think Fairy Tail was using Lucy to get to her fortune, then you know nothing about us or Lucy. She rents an apartment for 70,000 jewel and she takes on jobs, laughs and cries just like any Fairy Tail wizard."

"We aren't the type of people who would just be nice to anyone, just for their fortune, that isn't who we are." Aang added.

"You see, I don't plan on just handing her over, I'll hold her hostage, which will allow me to take the entire Heartfilia fortune."

"You, you're nothing but a monster. How can you even call what you are running, a guild!?" Aang exclaimed.

"Silence." And purple balls of energy appeared on his fingers on both his hands and he threw flicks to both Aang and Erza and they crashed into the walls behind.

"Aang, run. Allow me to defeat Jose." Erza said.

"You and I both know you can't beat Jose on your own, and that is the same case with me. Our only chance is to fight him together, together we might be the only ones right now who can beat him."

Erza looked towards Jose.

"You start a war for such a stupid, reason!" Erza yelled and she flew over to Jose who was blasting magenta beams at her but she was dodging them, a curved wall appeared in front of Jose and Aang was over it and he jumped high up into the air and he shot a powerful fireball from his feet but Jose simply avoided the attack, Aang landed on the ground and Erza was on top of the wall and she swooped down towards Jose but he was avoiding her blade strikes as she was slashing around relentlessly but she was missing.

"Fairy Tail was once a weak and pathetic guild, now they rise to be one of the most powerful guilds in the country. I cannot allow that, that title belongs to Phantom Lord."

A huge blast of air was blasted towards Jose but he avoided it. "You attack Fairy Tail over some jealously?!" Aang yelled.

"No, I didn't start this war over some petty jealously. This was all to prove who the powerful guild is." He jumped away from a powerful gust of wind and he blasted a flurry of light purple ghost beams of energy at Aang but the Avatar rose a wall from the ground and they shattered past the wall and he slid back, his eyes were closed and Jose was walking to him with a ball of purple swirling energy and Erza was charging towards him but she missed and Aang got back up and he formed his air scooter and he sped towards Jose, the Phantom Guild master was throwing magenta blasts at Aang who was easiliy dodging them and his air scooter began running on the walls and the ball of air shrank and the Airbender ran down the wall in a fast speed by reducing his wind resistance and he magnetized pieces of the ground to his arms and he crossed them in front of him and he was too fast for Jose and he clashed into him and they both collided into the wall on the other side of the room and a magenta ghost shaped energy blast shot Aang away from Jose. "You are quite formidable, Elemental Wizard, however you lack the killer instinct."

"I don't need killer instinct to beat you!" Aang shot back and he just ducked as Erza nearly sliced him. But he pushed her back with a shockwave and she slid back towards Aang.

"You two have been too busy fighting, my forces. You are too weak and worn out to defeat me." Jose mocked.

Aang shot an arc of fire but Jose blocked it with a magenta ghost shaped beam. Aang jumped up. "Now Erza!" He yelled and a magenta seal appeared under Erza's palm and a bladed lance was made.

"Catch Aang!" Erza yelled and she threw it to Aang and he caught it and he spun it around continuously over his head and he slammed it on the ground as he landed on the floor and this made a huge gust of air that brought Jose off his feet and as he flew through the air Erza sliced Jose and he slid to the wall and he slowly got up and he had an angry look on his face.

"I am tired of this fight already, both of you must disappear!" he shot ten blasts of darkness energy from his fingers and Erza and Aang were both dodging them and Aang encased himself in an armor of earth and he faced a blast from Jose and he rolled back but Erza was right behind him and she quickly flew over to Jose to slice him but he dodged all of her strikes and he then flicked his finger and this sent Erza crashing into the wall and Aang with the bladed lance in his hand was speeding towards Jose while spinning it and he slammed it in front of himself and this forced a huge gust of wind that engulfed Jose but he walked out of the gust with dark purple orbs of energy in his hands and he shot a powerful blast of ghosts at the airbender and Aang quickly ducked and his legs were split but he saw Jose speeding towards him and he threw a powerful kick to Aang and he slid on his back and before Jose could use Dead Wave on Aang, Erza sliced Jose and she kicked him back and he slid on his feet. Aang made a flat wave of earth slam into him and he slammed into the opposite wall.

"This fight is OVER!" Aang yelled and his arrows glowed their blinding white colour and his eyes were now engulfed by a white glow and then he surrounded himself in a ball of air. "You have hurt so many people around you. All for mundane reasons, your very existence will bring chaos to this world! Your chaos ends now!" Aang bellowed in his Avatar State voice and he sped to Jose still wrapped in his sphere of air and a vertical ring of fire was seen on the centre of the sphere and he was going to crash into the dark wizard.

"Don't get ahead of yourself, child! I will never lose to Fairy Tail! Never! Dead Wave!" he yelled and he blasted a huge beam of purple energy that was made of ghosts and it engulfed Aang, when the blast subsided he was floating in the air about to hit the ground. He made a dark purple magic circle appear in front of him and he blasted smaller energy bolts which consisted of his Dark Wave and a flurry of them were hitting Aang as he was trying to block them by bringing his arms to his face but his entire body was being hit and Aang then screamed out in pain and the individual blasts made a crater in the floor that was covered by a smoke cloud and when it cleared Aang was at the bottom of it and he was heavily knocked unconscious.

"Aang!" Erza yelled and she glared at Jose. "You fiend, don't you ever have enough. How many of us must you bring down, before you are satisfied?!" She ran at Jose.

"Shade Entangle!" Jose yelled and his left hand was engulfed in purple flames and then a dark magic seal appeared and this threw out three purple ghosts and they wrapped themselves around Erza and they suddenly tightened and this forced a painful scream from her and purple electricity was raging around her. Now that I have you, I will show how pathetic you look to all your guild mates, once they see you in this pitiful image, they will have no spirit left to fight."

"You…!" Erza begins but she is later shocked by the ghosts around her so she wasn't able to finish her sentence. "If I am nothing but a liability… I can't let the others give up." She telekinetically picked up her sword and she was going to impale herself with it from the back so that the fighting spirit in Fairy Tail wouldn't be dragged down. However a light was seen and it then freed Erza from the ghosts that were keeping her restrained and she fell to the ground as they faded and the pieces of her armour that were broken off were broken off were coming back together.

"What is this!" Jose yelled and he fired three more ghost blasts at Erza but numerous yellow magical seal appeared in front of Jose and his beam was blocked and Makarov stood in front of Erza.

Aang walked out of the crater and his bruises were being healed and the cuts in his clothing were being mended and both he and Erza looked. "It can't be…" Erza began.

"But I thought…" Aang said.

"Mira, Grey, Katara and Elfman got up and they are surprised to see the light source, even more surprising was that it was coming from Makarov and he was glaring at Jose.

"I can't believe it, master. You're okay." Katara said.

"So that light was coming from you?" Grey asked and they guild master nodded.

"All of you, leave the Phantom Lord guild. I will fight against Jose, alone." He said with a serious tone.

"Sorry, but have you lost it! We have a better chance if we fight him together, going alone against someone like him is never a good idea." Aang argued.

"Yeah, we can easily beat him if we to this together." Grey said.

"Just wait and see what we can do!" Elfman said.

"Enough!" Erza exclaimed. "Master can and will fight him alone. If any of us were here we would only be getting in the way." Erza said.

"Erza is right. We are already worn out from fighting the others of Phantom Lord, maybe we should just let Makarov handle this fight." Katara said.

After they made their decision to leave, the six then left the room and then Jose smirked. "I'm sure that you have no need for the small fry, but don't worry I'll be around to slaughter them afterwards."

"Too much blood has been spilled, blood of children. It is thanks to pitiful parents, a child had to go through many pains, and shed many tears. This fight has gone too far and I will put a stop to it!" Makarov said.

"You wish to start a catastrophe?" Jose asked while smirking.

"It will be necessary for my guild, that I do this."

In the forest outside of Magnolia, Porlyusica is standing outside of her house, and she begins to look up at the sky. "It would seem that nature itself, fears Makarov and Jose's impeding clash." After she says this she kicks a wooden cart of apples and they all fall to the ground, "Humans are a foolish race of simpletons who see fighting as the only means of accomplishment!" she then grabs her broom and begins to swing around in rage hitting more crates.

An apple rolled to a tree root and it was then picked up by Mystogan while he was sitting on the tree branch. "May I eat this." He asked in his slightly muffled voice. Porlyuisca turns to him.

Porlyusica glares at the S-Class wizard "It was odd that Makarov recovered as quickly as he did, so I gather it was you who managed to gather his lost magic back together." Porlyusica deduced and Mystogan took a bite out of the apple he was holding. "HEY! I didn't say you could eat it!" she exclaimed. "I don't like it when people fight each other, and shouldn't you be out there fighting Phantom Lord, since you are a member of Fairy Tail?" she asked and suddenly a powerful breeze blasts through them and all the Phantom Lord subdivision flags are blown all over the area. "Could this mean that Mystogan attacked all the smaller divisions of Phantom Lord?" she thought in shock as they landed all over the forest.

Mystogan finishes the apple and he gets up from the tree root. "May I have another apple?" he asked the old pink haired woman.

"AS IF! Look at the mess you left around my forest!" she yelled. "Those Fairy Tail wizards never cease to amaze me, but power can cause nothing but sorrow, leading one to become angry and forget that they are caught in a whirlwind wrought with tragedies."

"I wish to believe that such tragedies even harmful tragedies are swathed in light; the light that will guide the world forward." Mystogan said

"Yeah nice story, you mind if you could help me through a tragedy of mine?" a voice asked and the source was a boy who looked 15, he wore a blue and dark blue robe with black pants and dark brown boots he had white bandages around his arm and dark blue fingerless gloves on his hands. He was dark skinned, had blue eyes and he had brown hair tied in a short ponytail.

"Who are you?" Porlyusica asked with an annoyed tone.

"Name's Sokka, probably don't know me. By the way you seen a blind girl, a girl that looks like me only girlish and a bald, monk looking kid?"

"Why should I tell you?" she angrily asked.

"Oh c'mon. I don't know where I am. So just tell me where they are so I can be out of your hair."

"Try Fairy Tail, your wizard friends might be there."

"Wizards, what are wizards?" Sokka asked.

"Leave!" she yelled as she picked up her broom.

"Geez what's with the broom, lady?"

"I HATE HUMANS!" she yelled as she swung the broom around and then Sokka ran from her.

"See ya later then you old hag." Sokka said.


"Let's go, Yip-Yip." Sokka said after he disappeared into the section of the forest and a huge gust of wind was made and both Mystogan and Porlyusica step back, they both saw a six legged massive creature with horns flying up and Sokka was on its head and he looked down at them and he flew over to Magnolia.

Makarov and Jose were still in the room and the others were long gone leaving the both of them alone. "It has been six years since two guild masters stood face to face like this, Fairy Tail has grown so much within that time." Makarov said.

"Haha, your guild is nothing but a pile of rubble now." Jose mocked.

Makarov now made light glow from his pointing finger. "A guild is not a physical being, but a union of its members, a coming together of family." He said as he made a constellation of light with his finger by dragging it around

"You know I am glad that the both of us get to face off, it's not every day that Two Wizard Saints get to face off in a dual, and after this battle we will see who is superior." Jose said and now his scalaras became black and his eye colour was a very faint purple in the middle of his scaleras

"Thank you my children, for all that you have done, you should be proud to be in Fairy Tail." He said as his entire hand then glowed a bright yellow.

The sky began to rumble as Makarov and Jose were about to clash in their battle. Makarov blasted a yellowish white light to Jose with his one hand and Jose does the same thing as he blasts a magenta beam from one hand as well and they both clash and this made the energy of the blasts cover both Makarov and Jose as they were both floating in the air when they were attacking and there was a light blue shockwave right where the blasts collided and Makarov with his free hand then blasted three light tendrils towards Jose and the dark wizard almost a split second later, blasts three magenta ghosts from his free hand too and the tendrils collided and this caused a huge explosion and this made a huge shockwave that blew all around the Phantom Lord broken down mecha.

Sokka who was flying on the huge creature was being blown back. "Jeez what is happening down there!?" as the creature was about to fall from the sky.

Erza, Aang, Grey, Mira, Katara and Elfman had just exited the building and suddenly a huge shockwave was speeding towards them and Aang made a wall to defend them from the blast.

"W-what was that?!" Katara asked.

"I'll give you one guess." Aang said as he let the wall down.

"That is definitely the master's power alright." Erza said.

"Let's hope that their battle doesn't take us out along with the entire town." Katara said with worry.

Back at the battle. Jose glared at Makarov and he made four magenta ghosts form around his right hand and they formed a purplish white ball of energy. "Dead Wave!" he yelled and he then flung the ball of energy through a dark magic circle and he shot to Makarov in the form of a magenta blast stream however Makarov outstretched his hand and quickly made a white circular barrier to protect himself and the blast covered him and outside the guild a growing purple ball of energy could be seen with red electricity raging from the sides of it and it made an explosion.

Through the dust a hole was seen and Makarov was floating and he flung his arms forward and he made three yellow magic circles appear in front of his sides and his legs and he put his fingers together and a small white ball of energy appeared in between his hands and it grew and he fired a long, powerful blast of white energy at Jose and he was engulfed by the blast and this made a huge hole in the opposite end of the room and a huge light energy was seen from outside.

Jose appears almost unscathed from Makarov's last attack. "You power is impressive at your young age, Jose. You have definitely earned your place within the Ten Wizard Saints. However the world would have benefited better from your influence if you had chosen to use your power for good and become a role model to the younger generation."

"Are you preaching to me, Makarov?" Jose asked

"This battle has gone on for long enough, Jose. I will ask you to surrender." Makarov said.

"What!?" Jose angrily asked.

"As is Fairy Tail tradition, I will give you till the count three to kneel and beg for mercy." Makarov said as he lost his pupils and his white scaleras were left of his eyes and he brought his hands close together as he hovered in the air. "ONE!"

"You must be crazy. Old man." Jose laughed.

Makarov made a yellowish white orb of energy appear in between his hands. "TWO!"

"When it comes to battle, we are even in strength if I am not stronger than you! You expect the number-one guild in the country to bow down to you?! I will never say you are stronger than me! IT SHOULD BE YOU BOWING TO ME! FAIRY TAIL WILL DISAPPEAR FOREVER!" Jose yelled as he unleashed a blast of Darkness magic at Makarov.

"THREE!" Makarov clapped his hands together and the darkness magic that was speeding to him had dissipated and he was floating in the air and whitish-yellow light filled the room and light yellow energy was coming from in between Makarov's palms and his eyes were closed. "FAIRY LAW!" he yelled and when his eyes opened a yellow seal with the Fairy Tail emblem was seen coming from his eyes.

Meanwhile outside the area was now a bright yellow.

"What is that!?" Aang asked.

"That is Fairy Law." Erza said.

"Fairy Law?" Katara asked.

"It is one of Master's powerful spells." Erza told her.

Suddenly a colossal yellow magic circle appeared in the sky above the Phantom guild. "He's crazy! He's going to take us out along with the entire guild!" Aang yelled and he was about to make a huge earth shield but Erza grabbed his arm.

"Trust me, Aang. This magic won't hurt you." She said with a serious face. Even though Aang was scared he figured she would know better so he like the others just stood in awe of Makarov's power.

The seal then closed and a huge explosion of light was made and the light explosion had spread and the shades were seen being faded away as the light spread to them.

The light faded and Aang and Katara who braced themselves saw that nothing had happened to them. "We're okay?" Aang said in surprise.

"I don't get it, we were caught in the blast, how come the shades got defeated and not us?" the Waterbender asked.

"The Master called fourth, Fairy Law. This is a righteous light that slays the darkness. It only attacks those that which the caster believes is evil." Erza explained.

"Oh I get it now. This was a way to defeat Jose and the shades in one go." Aang figured. "That guy really is something."

When the light fades the room is almost entirely gone and they were looking up at the sky. When the dust clears. Jose appears however he looked old with greyish pale skin, with white hair as he looked frightened and he was covering his face as if the hide from the light.

"Your rage got the better of you. The magical council will definitely send down punishment on both of us for this. We have other things to attend to for the moment but for now, I will only tell you once. Never come near Fairy Tail ever again. This battle is over." Makarov said and he began to walk away. Suddenly there was an invisible force close by and it appeared behind him and it was Aria.

"So vulnerable. The sorrow…" he said as he attempted to drain Makarov's magic again but suddenly Makarov punched him from behind with a stretched fist and the air mage fell to the ground.

"Now take Jose away and leave." Makarov said not looking at the pair. "Before I change my mind." He happily said with a foolish smile as he turned to face Aria.

Meanwhile on the ground. The Fairy Tail mages were celebrating as they had won the war against Phantom Lord. Iroh stood next to Zuko and they both smiled as they looked up at the broken down guild of Phantom Lord. Aang and Katara hugged each other in celebration.

"Aww, you two would make such a cute couple." Mira said as she saw the both of them and the two quickly let go and looked away from each other with blushing cheeks.

Natsu who was still lying on the rubble from his battle with Gajeel and he smiled as he knew they had won.

"Well it looks like we won Flame Brain, but what do we do with Metalhead over there?" she jerking her thumb to Gajeel.

"Hey, Metalhead." Natsu said and Gajeel quickly got up and headbutted him

Suddenly both Dragon Slayers now had their heads against each other and they were growling at each other. "That's not my name, Salamander!" Gajeel angrily said.

"Okay that's enough you two. Just be lucky that we're letting you walk, Gajeel." Toph said

"Hey, Gajeel. Where did you learn your Dragon Slayer magic from?" Natsu asked.

"Actually, that's a good question. I'm curious to know too." Toph added.

"I learnt my magic from my dragon just like you. His name was Metallicana, the Iron Dragon. But one day he just left, not that I care." Gajeel said turning away from the two. "So you know where he is?"

"No. My dragon, Igneel just left too. Seven years ago, on the seventh day, of the seventh month." Natsu said.

"Huh, weird we get a lot of sevens in this theory." Toph stated

"Hey, how can you say that you don't care about your dragon anymore!?" Natsu asked as he got annoyed.

"Relax Natsu, Gajeel is lying." Toph said with a smirk.

"No I'm not!" he yelled glaring down at Toph.

"Aww big bad Gajeel misses his dragon too." Toph mocked. "Relax big guy, Natsu and I won't tell anyone. Isn't that right Natsu?"

Natsu folded his arms and looked away. "Yeah whatever."

"Oh and one more thing. If I ever see you again. Don't think I'm not going to want payback for beating me." Toph said with a smirk.

"Yeah right as if I will lose to a little girl." He said as he was mockingly patting Toph's head and he walked away laughing.

"Hey Toph…" Natsu started.

"Wait for it…" Toph said with a smile.

A small earth pillar rose from the ground in front of the Iron Dragon Slayer and he fell forward onto his face and Toph laughed.

Gajeel got up and walked away. "Gihi, I think I like this kid." He said with a smirk.

"Hey where is that other Earthbender who we were fighting?" Natsu asked.

Toph performed a face palm. "I totally forgot about him."

Hen who was limping to a nearby ally in Magnolia fell to the ground and he had black burn marks on him he also saw the Waterbender, Kobu leaning on the wall.

Coming from the back of the ally was the swordswoman, Ping and the Firebender, Chun. "I am disappointed in you two." Ping said with a look of disgust evident on her face.

"Hey give us some credit. If that old man knew we were there, then Fairy Law could have taken us out too." Kobu argued. "Plus I got paired up with a love sick rain woman. I could only do so much."

"Since I obviously can't trust you two defeat Fairy Tail mages or defeat the Avatar. Chun and I will take the next assignment while two idiots can lick your wounds." Ping said and both her and Chun walked out of the alley and they walked in the direction away from Magnolia.

Sunset had now fallen on Magnolia and the entire Fairy Tail guild was at their fallen building assessing the damages.

"So there you have it." Iroh said as he finished explaining. "Not all firebenders are bad." He said as Cana and the rest of the guild were listening in as he finished explaining his and Zuko's story so is to rub suspicion off them.

"It's just my crazy sister you have to watch out for." Zuko said.

"Your sister, what would she look like?" Macao asked.

"That doesn't matter, but if you see blue fire all over the place. It will be her for sure." Iroh said.

Toph felt the shattered remains of the guild around her. "I'll tell you guys right now. It's going to take a while to rebuild."

"Even so we should be able to." Erza said.

Makarov is examining the extent of the damage and Lucy came up to him however she had a sad face, despite they had just beaten Phantom Lord. "M-master. I-I'm…" she began.

"Don't give us that frowning face, Lu-chan." She heard and she saw Levy, Team Shadow Gear and Reedus walking up to her in bandages.

"L-Levy-chan?" Lucy said.

"As a guild we all share the same things." Makarov began. "A single person's happiness is everyone's happiness, one person's anger is everyone else's anger and a single person's tears is everyone else's tears. You have no reason to feel guilty, Lucy" He said and Lucy put her hands over her mouth her eyes began to well up with tears.

"I think I finally understand this guild." Aang said. "We're not all just friends who come together and fight together. We help each other. Almost like… no in fact exactly like family would."

Lucy who is now touched by their words begins to cry out loud in front of the guild. "Hey we won what are ya crying for?" Toph asked.

"Their tears of joy, Toph." Katara said.

"In any case I'm glad we beat those Phantom guys, though there is still one loose end to tie up."

"Huh? And what would that be?" Grey asked.

"Don't you worry, Lucy and I have it all figured out."

"What are you talking ab…"

"Oh don't worry. You'll see when the time comes." The blind earthbender said and she looked to Zuko and Iroh. "So when did you two guys get here?"

"We got here some time ago, Zuko came later than I did."

"After father found out I was trying to assassinate him I was chased and I heard a girlish giggle and I followed it and when I did I was led to a very dark part of the forest I was in. When I came out, I figured out I was in this world and when I saw uncle, he explained everything to me." The Firebender explained.

"Well it's nice to have you here Zuko." Aang said as he and Zuko shook hands.

"Wait a minute! Who is your father?!" Natsu asked.

"Ozai. I thought uncle already..."

"So your dad is trying to kill Aang!?" He yelled. "You must be here to do the same thing!" Natsu's fists were now engulfed in fire and he charged to Zuko. "Like father like son. I'll burn you to a crisp! Fire Dragon's Iron Fist!" he yelled and Zuko quickly dodged the attack.

"Ozai might be my father…" Zuko began and threw his palm against Natsu's gut and he stepped back and Zuko sprinted to the Dragon Slayer and he kicked his face and Natsu rolled back. "…But I am NOT like him!"

"We'll see!" Natsu yelled as he punched his fists together and his cheeks puffed up. "Fire Dragon's Roar!" he yelled and he shot flames from his mouth and as they sped to Zuko he made them split and they sped off to his sides and he smirked and he punched the air and he threw fireballs to him and Natsu let them his and he was on fire and the flames suddenly flowed into his mouth and Natsu smirked. "Thanks for the meal, your flames taste nice by the way." Natsu said.

"What are you? You can eat fire!?"

"I'm a dragon slayer bub, fire can't beat me." His fists then lit on fire and he ran towards Zuko. And he threw a punch to him but he missed and Zuko threw a kick but Natsu blocked it. He shot a stream of fire from his mouth and it was speeding to Zuko and he made his arms move in a circular motion and he blocked Natsu's flames and he sprinted to the dragon slayer and he kicked Natsu's midsection and he jumped into Natsu with both his feet and he was sent flying to piece of rubble.

Zuko walked up to Natsu and he extended his hand to help him up. "You convinced now? If I was my father I would have tried to kill you where you stood."

"Yeah, sure you're not evil. But I want my rematch!" he said and he gave Zuko a grin.

"Uh y-yeah sure by the way who is going to clean up the mess that we did to the town?" Zuko asked

Suddenly Makarov began to panic. "We went overboard again! The magic council will be mad at us! Or even worse I might be imprisoned!" and he began to cry but out of fear and Mira and Erza looked at him surprisingly."

Suddenly the entire group hears a roar and they all look up and Aang had sparkles in his eyes. "Is that! APPA!" Aang yelled and he ran to where the huge six legged creature would land.

"What is that?" Grey asked.

"It looks like a bison with horns and a beaver's tail?" Lucy said trying to process what she was seeing.

Aang hugged Appa's head. "I missed you buddy."

"Hey, don't I get some recognition. I was the one who brought him here." Sokka said.

"Sokka? I'm glad to see you and all but how did you get here?" and suddenly a winged lemur with green eyes jumped onto Aang's shoulder. "Hey Momo! Nice to see you too.

"Sokka!" Katara yelled and she hugged her older brother Toph and Zuko went over to them as well.

"Well when I was roughing it a bright flash was seen and Momo flew towards it, because Momo did, Appa followed so I had to go after them and once we did we were in this deep forest and I later met this guy with a mask over his mouth and some old hag with pink hair."

"Did she swing at you with a broom?" Katara asked.

"Yes, but why is that important?"

"Yep that was definitely Porlyusica." Katara said while sweatdropping.

"Oh well, Zuko call your uncle, let's get out of here." Sokka said.

"Hold on we can't leave." Aang said.

"Why not?"

"Well, Katara, Toph and I are sort of tied in with these guys."

"The ones behind you?" Sokka asked and he walked to the wizards and Aang and the others followed him.

"Everyone, this is my good friend Sokka, he's the brains of our group." Aang said.

"He doesn't look very smart." Happy said as he put his paw to his chin.

"I second that." Toph yelled from behind.

Sokka suddenly jumped on Aang. "Tell me I'm going crazy, but did that cat just talk?" Sokka asked pointing at the blue cat.

"It is not nice to point, you." Happy said pointing back at Sokka.

"You're not going crazy, his name is Happy. He is a cat with wings and he can fly." and the cat flew over to Aang shoulder and looked at Momo. The winged lemur jumped onto Happy's head and began picking fleas off him and eating them.

"Happy, since when do you have fleas?" Natsu asked.

"I just never noticed."

"This is getting freaky." Sokka said. "Where have we been taken to?"

"In a nutshell. We're in the world of magic."

"Magic doesn't exist Aang, it is all tricks and illusions."

"No I'm pretty sure magic is real, if you were here as long as I have you would believe me."

"Okay, what kind of magic are we talking here?"

"We have Elemental magic, Dragon Slayer magic, ice magic… it's just too many to list. Look I'll explain it to you later."

Grey looked at him and he snickered. "Nice ponytail." He mocked.

"Hey for your information, this isn't a ponytail! This is a warrior's wolf tail. Very manly." Sokka said.

"Doesn't look very manly to me." Elfman said.

"WHO ASKED YOU!?" Sokka yelled.

"So who's going to explain everything to Sokka?" Zuko asked

"I might as well." Katara said as she knew it would be a bit of an annoying task.

They all heard Sokka scream and he took out his Boomerang and he was about to throw it at Natsu who had his fists engulfed in flames

"Sokka! What are you doing!?"

"Back away from this guy sis, he's a Firebender. Must have followed us here!"

"Hey, I'm a Dragon Slayer. Get it right." Natsu said as he glared at Sokka.

Katara got in between the two and she spread her arms out to separate them. "I think we all need to cool off it has been a long day."

"C'mon Sokka. I'll explain everything."

It was now two days later since Fairy Tail had won the war against Phantom Lord and at the broken down remains of the guild Makarov was looking around.

Aang and Sokka who were now approaching the guild and they saw what Makarov was doing.

"Uh, master. What are you doing?" Aang asked.

"I'm watching out for the Magical Council, they aren't going to take me if they see me."

"Uh you destroyed a huge building and parts of town and plus we did kinda start a war with Phantom so I can't see why they would just leave us alone." Aang said.

"Hold on, you're the Avatar can't you…" Sokka quickly remembered where he was. "Actually forget it. All this magic stuff is going to be new thing to get used to." Sokka said.

"Well I'm handling it just fine. By the way what happened to your sword?"

"I kinda lost it when we were trying to take down the Fire Nation." He nervously laughed and he took his arm and dragged him to behind a huge piece of rubble where Makarov wouldn't bother them

"Sokka? What's wrong?"

"What's wrong is that we shouldn't be here! It's been almost three months and here you are pal-ing it up with weirdos from another world?"

"Three months! I couldn't be! I been stuck here for just a couple of weeks. I didn't feel like three months. Maybe time speeds up in our world, but that would mean…?" Aang then looked down. "How bad is it, Sokka?"

"The Fire Lord is trying to get the entire world to hate the Avatar. He's promised change and an end to the war so long as all the other nations agree to report all sightings of the Avatar to him."

"And… what happened?"

"What do you think happened!? The world didn't have a choice, not even the Earth Kingdom is powerful enough now to stop him, the White Lotus have gone into hiding so have the Kyoshi Warriors. I hope that Suki isn't…"

"Sokka, I'm sorry…" tears started to stream down his face. "I don't know how to fix this." Aang cried and he slumped on the wall and sat on the ground.

"Well if you were trapped here. I would have at least thought you would have found a way out by now. The Fire Lord has gone mad with power, all because you couldn't stop him when you had the chance."

Aang got up and he was still looking down but when he looked up at Sokka his eyes were filled with rage, not sorrow. "So as usual. It's my fault!" Aang yelled out. "WHY IS IT THAT EVERY TIME SOMETHING BAD IN OUR WORLD HAPPENS, THE AVATAR HAS TO TAKE BLAME FOR IT!?" he yelled out. "'It's the Avatar's fault that our great leader, Chin The Great was killed.'" He mockingly quoted. "'It's the Avatar's fault that the world was plunged into war for a Hundred Years.' 'It's the Avatar's fault that Fire Lord Ozai has taken control of the world.'"

"O-okay, Aang just calm…"

"NO!" he yelled out making Sokka flinch a bit. "I am so sick and tired of taking the blame for everything! The world can't fix their own problems and they expect me to?! I'M ONLY ONE KID! A kid that is cursed to take the blame for all the sorrows in the world." The Airbender darkly said. "Well maybe the world should go without an Avatar! Just so they can solve their own problems!"

"I can't believe you!? You're turning your back on the world!?" Sokka yelled

"What has the world ever done for me!? Except force me to be their saviour. Maybe… maybe I don't want to go back!" he said turning away from Sokka still in a dark voice.

"Aang, just please…"

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" he yelled and his arrows were glowing and they quickly faded as a blast of air nearly launched Sokka off his feet. "Don't follow me." He jumped high up in the air and he began jumping from building to building to get away from everyone.

"I can't believe that guy." Sokka said to himself.

"HEY SUCKER!" a voice yelled and a pair of red glowing eyes was glaring at him and the voice was Natsu as he walked towards Sokka. "What did you do to Aang?!"

Both Sokka and Natsu bashed their heads together. "First of all, the name is Sokka, and second, I didn't do anything! He's the one who went on a temper tantrum."

"You act as if all of this is his fault!"

"And what if it is!"

"Enough Natsu!" they both heard and they both saw the image of Titania in their view.

"Forget it Erza! I wanna teach this little twerp a lesson!"

"Who are you calling little!" Sokka yelled

"ENOUGH!" Erza yelled and she pushed them apart by their heads and the sound of cracking necks could be heard. "I don't know what your problem is, but you can't just blame everything that happened on Aang." She said glaring at Sokka.

"What so I'm the bad guy? I'm trying to remind him that he… we don't belong here. He's not a wizard!"

"No he isn't be nevertheless. He is still part of our family."

"We were his family, but that doesn't even matter now, since all he does it run from his problems." Suddenly Sokka had a cold blade to his throat and he his eyes widened and he gulped.

"It is not fair to blame a thousand sorrows on one person." Erza darkly said. "When I find, and bring him back here. You better be ready to apologize, understand?!"

"Y-yes ma'am…" Sokka said in a squeaky voice and Titania pulled the sword away from his throat and she walked away. "What was that all about?" he asked still shivering.

"You're in trouble, you made Erza man." Happy said and Sokka flinched.

"Oh I forgot you were a talking cat." Sokka said while sweatdropping.

Suddenly Katara was running to them. "I heard a lot of yelling. Is everyone okay?" she asked

"Y-yeah nothing to worry about." Sokka lied.

"He was yelling at Aang saying how the Fire Lord winning is his fault." Happy said while on Natsu's head

"Y-YOU WHAT!" Katara yelled with flames raging behind her.

"That is almost Erza scary." Happy commented.

"You and I are going to have a little talk!" the Waterbender said as she dragged Sokka by his ear.

"Ow, hey watch it

Next Time: Weight of the World

Aang begins to contemplate whether or not he should try to return home, or if he is better off in the world of magic.

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