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Hundred and One Year War

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Early morning dawned on Magnolia and Aang remembered after arriving in town late last night. Lucy wanted him to at least sleep on a proper bed, since she was taking all the reward money, it was the least she could do for him. Plus after the mission that he had, particularly fighting against a batch of new enemies, a proper good night sleep would do him a world of good. Though he didn't want to at first, Lucy made sure… by dragging him across town to his apartment, the Avatar was so out of energy he wasn't able to resist.

The Avatar slowly rose as the orange dawn sunlight hit his eyes and he saw that he was inside Lucy's apartment, what was more surprising to him was that he was in Lucy's bed, while she was sleeping on an extra mattress on the floor. "Well that was nice of her to let me sleep here." Aang thought. "I wonder, she has been trying to make sure I'm okay, and yet she has to pay off her rent. I guess I'm more than just a boy who fell from the sky to them, and Lucy is clearly invested in my issues, especially since I told her everything last night. It's weird, it feels like I'm her kid brother or something…" Aang face quickly saddened with that thought. "I wonder if that's all I was to Katara? Maybe if I beat the Firelord, things may have worked out between us, but right now. I'm more confused than ever." He heard the window open and Natsu crawled through.

"Lucy we're…!" Natsu began but he saw Aang in his clothes getting off Lucy's bed. "Aang! What are you doing here?"

"Well, Lucy and I sorta got back late from the mission last night, so she offered me her bed for the night."

"You and Lucy weren't doing things were you?" Happy asked as the blue cat flew into the window clearly making his question clear.

Aang's face turned red once he realized what the cat meant "What?! No! I was just tired and she offered me to sleep here… more like dragged me here sort of against my will, but none of that matters. Besides, I still may have feelings for someone else."

"Oh! Aang is in loooove! I want details!" Happy cheerfully said.

"I think you're the last person… cat…whatever I would want to talk to about this sort of stuff."

Lucy slowly got up and she rubbed her back as it was aching a little.

"Lucy! You're awake!" Natsu cheered.

"Natsu… why are you here!?" she yelled as she covered herself with the sheets she used the night before.

"We're going on a job duh. Erza, Grey and Toph are waiting down stairs." Natsu replied

"Hey! Did you wake up princess yet!?" Toph yelled from the ground

"A job? This early?" Lucy asked.

Aang walked to Natsu's side. "Well I'm up for it! And if the rest of the team is on our side, those guys from yesterday wouldn't dare try to attack us again."

"What are you talking about?" Natsu said.

"Oh, you don't have to worry about that?" Lucy said.

"Oh right, Natsu had something important to tell you Aang." Happy said.

"Oh! Aang you should know…" Natsu began thinking. "I forgot." He simply said and Aang and Lucy anime fainted. "What about you, Happy?" Natsu asked

"I forgot... something about water…" I forgot too.

Aang sighed. "Well if you forgot, it can't be that important. C'mon Lucy."

Lucy sighed. "You three are going to be the death of me." She said and she got up and she got properly dressed but as she was about to leave through the front door she saw Aang about to jump out of the window. "Hey! Use the damn front door!" she yelled.

"Hey, I wanted to ask you something before we go?"

"Sure, what is it Aang?"

Aang began to shyly press his index fingers together. "Well, I just wanted to ask, if it would be possible for me to… well live here with you? I won't be freeloader, I'll help you pay the rent and everything, you won't notice I'm here!" he asked and Lucy began to think as she put her index finger on her chin.

"You did help me a lot with the job, and with everything that is going on. It's the least I can do." Lucy replied.

"T-thanks Lucy."

"Luce!" Natsu whined as they were running late

"I'm coming!" she yelled.

To say that Katara was overwhelmed with her current situation would be a huge understatement. She had only been in this world for roughly three days and she had already seen things that would make anyone's head back in the Water Tribe explode. And even if she could get back no one would believe her, however because Ozai now is in charge. She may not have a home to return to.

Since she arrived, she has been taking refuge in a forest but she has been searching for a better place to live ever since but she would need to earn some money or join a guild for more suitable living conditions.

The waterbender found herself outside a huge tree with some stairs leading to a door. At first glance the tree would have looked like a regular tree but she was wrong about that and she looked and saw that there was a door where the stairs ended, she also noticed a window on the side of the tree.

"That is weird, I could have sworn I passed this tree a few times yesterday." She said to herself. "Well here's to hoping that whoever lives here enjoys company." However she would soon be dead wrong. She knocked on the door and no response was heard so she turned the knob and saw that it was unlocked she snuck into the room and saw that the interior of the room looked furnished with one bed and there was a cabinet that looked full of medicines and other bottles that consisted of various items she also saw a detailed rug on the floor and she eyed an old, tall woman who looked like she was working with medicines she had pink hair tied in a bun with two golden pins that ended in crescent shapes. She had reddish eyes and light coloured skin. Her face was framed with two bangs on the sides of her face. She wore a dark green blouse with a long maroon skirt underneath that stretched to her feet, over what she was wearing she had a crimson coloured cape and the collar was decorated with Dragon-horn like protrusions outwards. "Uh sorry, I knocked earlier and you didn't respond. Do you mind if I can ask you a few…" suddenly the old woman glared at the young waterbender and the look of fear was sketched all over her face. "…questions…?"

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!? LEAVE NOW!?" she yelled and she was swinging around a broom and Katara was dodging her strikes.

"Hey! No need to overreact! I'm not a threat to you. I just want to ask you a few questions!" she exclaimed as she was comically running around the treehouse while avoiding the rath of the woman and her broom.

"I don't care! I HATE HUMANS!"

"This would be the perfect time to tell her to look in a mirror, but since she is trying to kill me that wouldn't be the best option." She thought. "Okay, but I may need your help. I'm not from this world!" she exclaimed and the woman stopped the assault on the waterbender.

"What exactly do you mean?"

"I mean exactly what I said, I'm not originally from this world, everything is so different."

"That would mean… you are not from Edolas, are you?"

"Edolas, what no… probably not?" Katara replied as she wasn't sure if she was referring to her world as Edolas.

"Never mind, if you don't come from Edolas, where are you from then?" she asked

"It won't be that hard to describe, first of all in the world I come from, magic doesn't exist at all. And some people have the power to manipulate the elements in my world, it may look like magic, but it's actually called bending. I'll even show you." Katara then made water flow out of one of her water skins and she made the water move around the old woman's treehouse.

"That is interesting… it would seem that there are other worlds other than Earthland and Edolas. So why have you come here?"

"I…dunno, it's a long shot but maybe I could live here?"

Suddenly the woman began waving her broom around and chased after Katara. "I don't care what you are! LEAVE MY HOME AT ONCE!" she yelled and Katara ran out of the door and back into the forest

"Mental note: I should probably never visit her again unless I'm ready to face her broom again. Then again I could probably take her but I don't want to fight her." "So I should probably find Natsu then, he should be around here. He did say he would see me."

Katara waited around the forest for what seemed like hours, in that time she began to think. She began to wonder if it was possible that there could be some magic that could send her back, of course she had to take Aang and Toph back with her. She suddenly got up. "That's it! Aang and Toph must be back at the guild Natsu mentioned to me yesterday. What was the name of the place? Fairy Tale? Or something like that. Well I will hopefully run into those two, besides. Aang and I haven't talked much since the whole Ember Island play thing." She thought. She began running into the town of Magnolia in hopes to fine her elemental manipulating companions.

Meanwhile a head came out from the water and it was the waterbender who was chasing Aang and Lucy the day before. "So she is the one who is of the strongest Waterbenders in the world. And if this plan goes right she will lead us straight to that troublesome wizard's guild. After they go down, the Avatar will have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide." He dipped his head back into the water and he swam away.

Katara heard this motion and she looked back and saw a ripple in the water and she continued to leave the forest.

Soon she arrived in the town of Magnolia and she began searching for the Fairy Tail guild building. However she knew that finding it on her own wouldn't be a simple task. "This place is too big I guess I am just going to have to ask around."

Katara began asking around and she then learned that the guild was close to her location. She was walking there but she caught the sight of a very built person who wore a sleeveless black tunic with metal adorning the areas around the sleeveless areas and the collar also looked like it was made of metal, he had white pants and black boots and he had long spiky black hair and it also looked like he had small metal rivets on his face and he had piercing red eyes that looked sort of reptilian and she flinched as she saw he was consuming what looked like a piece of metal as if it was a chocolate bar. "He's… eating metal…? Okay I hope I never have to come into contact with that guy." Katara thought.

After taking many directions she finally arrived at a large structure and she felt a bit of nervousness as she was about to enter.

"Are you nervous?" a voice asked and walking up to her was girl who was wearing a sleeveless gi that was black and red, her hair was tied in a low ponytail and it was jet black in colour, her eyes were yellow-gold and she had two katana blades on her back in their sheaths. "Don't worry. They might have powerful wizards but they won't attack you." She said.

"Oh thanks, but I'm more nervous about something else. I haven't seen someone in a long while and he might be in there. But I guess there is nothing to worry about. I mean what is the worst that can happen?"

"What is the worst, indeed."

"Oh, so what is your name?"

"My name is Ping Tung, and you are."

"Oh, its Katara."

"Hmm, not much of a common name you hear around these parts. By the way, what magic do you specialize in."

"Umm, Water magic. I am a Water Mage. See." She made the water flow out of her water skin and she made a small ball of water and she froze it into an ice ball.

"A water mage that can alter the physical state of water. You must truly be powerful."

"N-not really. I'm just gifted."

They both entered the guild hall as their conversation ended and some of the people inside looked at the pair of them.

"I was really expecting more people." Katara said. "Ping, what do you think?" she looked to the older girl and noticed she wasn't moving. "Uh, Ping are you alright in there?"

"Oh yes. Don't worry about me." She looked around carfully. "Are we too late, did they just give us the slip. No matter even if they are not here. Taking down these guys will serve as a warning." She thought suddenly an arm appeared around her shoulders and she got a huge shock as she saw Loke holding on to her.

"Sorry, about this. But your beauty just screams at me, so may I ask what you na…" suddenly he was flipped over onto his back and he had a sword glistening next to his neck and he looked up and saw yellow eyes gleaming at him.

"I. Will. Say. This. Once. Touch me again the next time you breath you will be coughing out blood because I would have punctured your lungs sealing your fate, you scum." She looked up and saw many surprised and some terrified faces. "That goes for the rest of you males who even think of trying to touch me. My blades are friendly to no one!"

Katara quickly got in front of Ping. "Don't worry about her, she just had issues with personal space." Katara said hoping that excuse will prevent some prior judgment from the other guild members. Of course this was in vain as Cana had begun glaring at the girl and Bisca also decided to keep an eye on her. "Try not to kill anyone, I have to ask around." Katara said and she walked over to the bar and she looked at Mirajane and the first image that popped into her mind was Yue as she was the only other person she knew that had white hair.

"How may I help the both of you?" she kindly asked.

"I-well, I'm just looking for someone. It would really help if you could tell me all you know."

"Of course I can help you, does this someone you're looking for have a name?" she asked.

"His name is Aang, and he is a bit younger than me. Is bald, has a blue arrows on his body, you can't miss him." She explained and Mira smiled. "What is it? You know something?"

"Aang has been here the whole time." She said as she smiled.

"WHAT! So he was here the whole time. I-I knew that in my heart he wasn't dead." she took a sigh of relief. "Thanks for telling me, do you know where he is right now, oh and could you also tell me about a blind snarky girl if you could."

"Aang and Toph both joined our guild, it was made official yesterday." Mira said.

"Wait, they allied themselves with you, but why."

"Let me explain." She heard and she saw the guild master Makarov in his orange jester outfit.

"Wow, you must be the shortest old man I have seen... Oops sorry..."

"Aang and Toph, have joined up with us, mostly because they cannot return to their world, which is also the same case with you."

"W-wait, you mean I am trapped h-here." Katara began to smile in denial. "I-I get it, this must be some crazy dream! Well it would make sense cause I haven't been able to sleep lately…"

"Hey! Keep it together will you?" the voice was coming from Cana as she finished emptying her alcoholic beverage. "That fact is you are stuck here, that won't change anytime soon. Trying to make sense of why you are here will get you nowhere."

"So what? I'm supposed to just accept everything that just happened, the world that I come from is under a dictatorship and I'm supposed to just stay here accept it!?"

"I already assured Aang that I and Mira will help him find a way back home, until then he has joined our guild." Makarov said and he was walking to the entrance. "I have something to take care of right now. The both of you feel free to stay for as long as you like."

Katara sighed and took a seat on one of the stools. "So I just have to wait before he gets back, how long will that take?"

"That depends on the job they took. But since they went some of our strongest wizards. I'm sure they will be fine."

Ping walked up to Mira and Katara and she pointed to her. "You, I want you to tell me of every guild member in this room."

"You could have been more polite you know." Katara lightly scolded.

"Sorry, but I realized that I can't stay long. But before that, I want you to tell me everything you know about the Ava… I mean the boy she was talking about."

Katara looked at Ping with some suspicion. "Hold on you are from this world? How do you know he is the Avatar?"

"Well that is what the kid calls himself." Wakaba said while leaning back in his chair. "Either that or they call him the Elemental Wizard."

Katara smiled lightly as she chuckled. "Figures, only he would come up with something like that."

"So I take it that you are not a Water Mage, like you told me." Ping said folding her arms looking at the waterbender.

"Well I had to look native to this world, so I faked it." The waterbender replied while scratching the back of her head. "Man, Sokka is going to freak when I eventually tell him about this."

"Anyway…" Ping said. "Aang, first came to this guild. Actually I had the pleasure of meeting him in person before…" suddenly there was a light tremor in the ground. Levy quickly noticed something and noticed Ping's hands going to a hidden pocket in her gi. "In fact he…"

"LOOK OUT IT'S A TRAP!" Levy yelled before Ping glared at Katara and took out her stilettos that were across her knuckles.

"Too late! Your time ends now!" she yelled.

"Solid Script: Hole!" Levy chanted and using her Solid Script magic she drew the word hole in the ground and this appeared underneath Ping but before the floor collapsed under her weight she back flipped from the hole and she was now behind Levy.

"Foolish girl!" suddenly a pillar of earth ejected out of the hole and it nearly hit Katara but she jumped away from it.

"Damn! Looks like our ambush has been revealed." Said a voice from the hole and coming out on a rising rock pillar was the Earthbender who ambushed Aang and Lucy on the day before.

"Well now since they now see through our ruse. Its time to show them how powerful we can be."

"So you were planning to ambush the guild the entire time?!" Katara yelled.

"Not necessarily our original target was the Avatar, but since he is not here. We might as well take you guys out as a warning, and since your guild master has left. This will be a simple task." Ping said.

Cana stood up and she readied her cards in between her fingers. "Take a look around! You are heavily outnumbered! I suggest you leave if you know what is good for you."

"Hahaha, you didn't think we came here with just the two of us?" suddenly there was an explosion in the roof and light purple flames were shot through and the Firebending girl dropped from the roof and she blasted an arc of fire at Levy, but a water whip from Katara snuffed it out.

"So you guys are looking for Aang? And let me guess the Fire Lord sent you here!?"

"How right you are Katara of the Southern Water Tribe." A male voice said and falling from the same roof was Kobu and he had two water skins around the front of his chest. "I have been waiting for this."

"Why don't you attack us head on like men instead of sneaking up on us!?" Elfman yelled

"If that is what you want. Let's go tough guy!" the Earthbender yelled and he made an made a rock rise up from the hole and it slammed into Elfman and he flew through the wall of guild and he chased after him. "You guys finish up things here." He said.

"Typical Hen, always a lover of destruction." Ping said. "Now… where was I?" she pulled out her Katana. "Then again fighting in a guild hall seems so primitive. We wouldn't want to fight in a closed space."

"In that case! I'll take you out right now!" Cana exclaimed "Card Magic! Jolt of Fate!" around the cards a sea green magic seal appeared and yellow lighting was now being shot everywhere and Ping was avoiding the lightning strikes, Kobu was struck and by the attack meanwhile the lighting was heading for the Firebender and she outstretched her left arm with two pointed fingers and the lighting that was heading for her looked as if it was absorbed into her and she was surrounded by sparks of yellow lighting.

"Let's see how you like it!" she redirected Cana's lightning and sent it back via her right arm through two pointed fingers.

"Solid Script: Iron!" Levy yelled and she generated Iron that spelled the word 'IRON' and it landed in front of Cana and it conducted the electricity and as soon as it took the attack it exploded.

"Let that be a lesson, never use Lighting on someone like me!" the Firebender yelled.

"We need to take this fight outside." Ping said. "So hear this Fairy Tail. Fight us in the town or we begin slaughtering the citizens." She said and this shocked Katara and all of the guild members.

"You're willing to put people's lives at risk just to fight!?" Katara angrily asked.

"They are not from our world, what happens to them isn't our concern!"

"You want to take this outside! Fine!" she looked to Mira. "I suggest you duck!" and she did and Katara made all the barrels of alcohol in the guild explode and she bended the water inside the alcoholic beverages right at the three and this forced them out of the guild.

Cana expectantly glared angrily at Katara. "I will kill you! If they don't first!" she angrily exclaimed with flames around her.

"I think we have bigger problems than crying over spilled beer. I'm going to fight the waterbender alone! That way you can beat the other two with numbers."

"Can you really beat him?" Levy asked.

"Trust me, I am more than a match for whatever this guy can throw at me! The point is we have to divide them so they can't fight at one."

"In that case…" Cana began thinking. "Levy, take Droy, Jet and Bisca and fight that sword girl! Macao, Wakaba you two are with me. We're going to fight that girl with the fire and lighting. Loke, Alzack you stay here and protect Romeo, Mira and the guild.

Ping and the firebender got up while Kobu was still on the ground. "Get up you damn swine!" Ping yelled and Kobu got up quickly.

"Yes ma'am!"

"They will attempt to split us… she pulled out her Katana blade. We just have to hope that Hen, can beat that buff idiot." She looked the Firebender. "And Chun, don't let them beat you, if you are in a situation where you have to kill them do it, the less allies the Avatar has, the better." She told the firebender. They saw the Fairy Tail members coming towards them. "You want us, come and get us." The three split up and they were now in different sections of town.

Meanwhile Hen was staring down Elfman. "I am going to enjoy this."

"You think you can just sneak up on us, what kind of man are you?" the Take Over wizard angrily asked.

"The kind that will kick your ass!" he made a line of earth colunms speed towards Elfman but he jumped from them and his right arm transformed and it now took the shape of a huge black muscular arm. "What the… am I supposed to be impressed. You changed your arm?"

"That is my Take Over magic! With it I will teach you how to be a real man!"

"Will you knock it off with the 'man' crap?! It got really old really fast!" he launched another rock from the ground and it was speeding towards Elfman but he simply punched it to pieces. "What the hell…? You will regret that, there is more to Earth bending than simply throwing rocks!" he made many pillars eject from the ground underneath Elfman and this sent him flying into the air. He then made three sharp boulders speed towards the Take Over mage but he stabilized in the air and he blocked the shards from hitting him by blocking it with his arm and he punched Hen as soon as he got to the ground and the Earthbender flew into a wall.

"Never underestimate me!"

Hen got off from the wall. "Maybe I should rip a page from your book." The Earthbender dug both his fists into the ground and when he pulled them out they were now encased in huge rock like gauntlets that took the size of Elfman's Beast Arm: Black Bull. "Now what was that you were saying… oh right you would teach me to be a real man? Well lets go then!" he launched off the ground and both his rock fist and Elfman's Black Bull fist made contact but Hen punched Elfman back with his unused right arm and this sent him staggering back suddenly Elfman sunk to the ground and only his torso was above the ground and Hen ran to him and he threw a powerful uppercut that sent the Take Over mage up into the air and he landed on another street. "Hehe. Man my ass. Time to finish this." She made a rock column shoot out of the ground below him and he shot up toward the street Elfman landed in.

Katara was running through the streets of Magnolia and she caught up with Kobu and he was folding his arms.

"Katara, the master waterbender from our sister tribe."

"You don't mean to say that you are from the Northern Water Tribe? If that is true then why are you helping the Ozai capture the Avatar. You should be helping us."

"Yea right, my family's life is on the line and unless the Avatar is killed then it's over for me. Since I could be stuck here I might as well take you down along with him!" he made water come out from his water skins and he shot a bullet of water towards Katara but she rolled from the attack and the bullet of water hit a store window.

"Enough! You want to go after Aang, but why come after a wizard's guild!?" Katara asked as she bended water from her water skin and she wrapped the water around her arms.

"Simple! The Avatar joined up with them, since that is the case we won't be able to get to him unless they go down first, but since we split you guys up we can take you and those magic users down for good."

"You forget, a team went with Aang and Toph and the second they come back and find their guild destroyed, I can easily assume that they will hunt you down."

"Oh shut up! What do you know about them anyway?!" he swiped the air and his fingers were now covered by ice claws and he flung them towards Katara but she jumped over it and she slapped Kobu with the water around her left arm and she flung a water bullet towards him but he blocked it and he then froze water from his water skin and flung them to the Southern Waterbender as frozen disks but she was slicing them with her water around her arms.

Katara then made the water in her arms into a whip and she grabbed Kobu's leg and she slammed him into an empty wooden cart. After it exploded, whips of water sped from the smoke and they each had ice shards on the end of them and Katara made an ice shield with her water which then shattered as soon as it was hit and she slid back on the floor.

"I am the superior waterbender, admit it!"

Katara who was lying on the ground saw some blue flowers next to her. "Really? It seems you can't see the water all around you!" she then bended the water out of the flowers and they died and she flung the water to Kobu's face and it then froze and he now couldn't see.

"What the! Why you little!" Katara hit him with a strong bullet of water generated from all the water on the ground and as soon as this hit he flew back and rolled on the ground. Kobu got up and he wiped his face and he glared at Katara. "You have made a fool out of me for the last time!" he exclaimed and he yelled and he bended some more water from his water skin and he made the water spread out into droplets and he transformed the droplets into ice spikes and he sent them towards Katara but she made a thick water whip that was hitting the spikes away and slicing some of them. When Kobu ran out of ice spikes he glared at Katara.

"I won't let you beat me, I still have a home to return to!" Katara yelled and her adversary sent a bullet of water towards her but she got in a stable stance and she froze the puddle she was standing in this made her stable and as the bullet his her she stood tall. When the water hit her she jumped towards Kobu and her arms were engulfed in water and when she ran past him she made water wrap around his torso and he threw him towards a pile of wooden crates and he crashed into them as they exploded.

"Impossible, I was the most powerful bender in the N-northern Tribe."

"Please, there is no way that Master Pakku would have lost to someone like you. Instead of trying to impress the Ozai and Azula you can try finding a way to save your family from this world!"

Kobu's eyes slowly closed and he slowly became unconscious. Suddenly citizens were looking at her. "Oh don't worry everyone, this is all just a show for… you guys. To show you just how fun and powerful magic can be!" she exclaimed and the people then began cheering.

"You are the strongest water mage I have ever seen!" a person yelled and he had stars in his eyes and some drool coming from his mouth.

"Uh yeah… look, just clear away from this area because… there are fights going on across town as well… yeah." She quickly said to get the towns people to clear away from Kobu's unconscious body. This tactic worked and they ran to tell the others and find the other fights across the city. "Wow I don't know what more amazing, that they believed my lie, or the fact that think I can use Water magic." She looked at Kobu's unconscious body. "As for him, I have to take him to a secret location so he can't wake up and help the others. Maybe that river in the forest I was at." She lifted his body and placed his arm over her shoulder and she began to make a beeline for the forest.

The Firebender named Chun was running through the city and she approached an alley and it was a dead end. "No!" she growled and she looked behind her and saw the three wizards that were chasing her.

"End of the line." Cana said smirking at the girl

"You are mistaken, since you put me into a corner I have to fight back. Since you are helping the Avatar, you are enemies of the Fire Nation, and all of our enemies must fall to our power!" she made two light purple flames in her hands and threw them towards the three but all three of them dodged it.

"Don't think beating us will be so easy!" Macao yelled and he outstretched his hand. "Purple Rain!" he yelled and he threw a flurry of purple fireballs at Chun but she shot her lighter purple flames to the ground and propelled herself into the air and Wakaba met her in the air and he had a pipe in his mouth.

"Back away old man!" she yelled and she kicked and sent a light purple curved arc toward Wakaba but at it hit he collapsed into pink smoke. "What, I couldn't have killed him that easily, unless…" she landed on the ground outside the alley and she was suddenly hit by a pink fist made of smoke and she flew back and rolled on the ground.

"Just give up little girl, you are out of your league." Wakaba said.

Chun got up and glared at the two. "No! After coming to this world chasing after the Avatar is all we have to do! For the sake of the Fire Nation! I must defeat you!" she shot light purple fire disks at the two men but they managed to dodge them. "Since Fire isn't going to defeat the both of you!" she pointed her two fingers on both hands and began to move her arms in a more fluid motion and she shot blue lighting at the two and this caused an explosion that sent two backwards.

"I don't want to hurt a little girl, but you have forced my hand! Purple Net!" he chanted and a purple magic seal appeared and purple flames came out of it and they grabbed Chun like rope and she was held in the air.

"I'm not your average little girl!" she said and she engulfed her own hands in light purple flames but as she did this she screamed out in pain and used this to rip through the Purple Net and she fell back to her feet. She began panting and her hands had red burn marks on them."This pain is necessary. I will accomplish my goal when I am through with you wizards." She looked to Wakaba and she thought of something. She threw a fire jab at Wakaba and he dodged it. She jumped up and she made flames above her head and she landed on the ground and made a huge fire lash that separated Wakaba and Macao. She ran in between them and made huge fire streams at both of them and Macao was hit and he fell back and he had some orange flames on the sleeves of he purple coat and he quickly batted them away and the figure of Wakaba disappeared into smoke and suddenly there were many figures of Wakaba around her.

Cana walked into her sight. And she had two cards in her fingers.

"I'm not going to lose to your little card tricks! Speaking of tricks. I have figured out your smoke magic!"

"You wont have time to do anything about it!" Cana yelled. "Card Magic: Wind Edge!" she yelled and she swung her left arm and this sent a huge wave of wind towards Chun and she was caught in it and she screamed out as she was forced into the air.

She screamed and she ignited the back of her feet and palm and shot her arms behind her and this caused her to propel herself through the air and she was speeding back down to the ground towards Cana. While the Card Magic user was preparing to use another card attack, Chun shot a ball of light purple fire from her mouth and these landed on the three cards she was about to use and they ignited and burned them to a crisp. She landed on the ground and swiped the older woman's legs and she fell to the ground. "I told you! I'm not going to lose to your card tricks!" she had a flame in her right hand but suddenly a flurry of purple fireballs hit her. And she looked towards Macao. "You are really annoying me!" suddenly a fist made of purple smoke nearly hit her and she saw where it came from. "I found you." She prepared another lightning attack and she flung it at the direction of Wakaba and he was hit in his leg and it was the right leg that was sparking electricity and he fell to the ground all the smoke duplicates disappeared.

"Wakaba!" Macao yelled.

"Forget me, make sure you don't lose to her!"

"That is not going to happen!" Chun said and she made a swiping motion and it was heading for Macao but he jumped over it. The fire mage then surrounded his hands in purple flames and he raised them over his head and brought them together and blasted a huge beam of purple fire at Chun. The Firebender duplicated the action and she sent a beam of light purple flames towards Macao. The flames impacted each other and this made a huge explosion and through the black smoke five cards that were engulfed in red-orange flames were speeding towards Chun and she brought her palms to the ground and the made a wall of her flames and the cards impacted the wall of fire and an explosion was made and she flew back and slid on her feet with her fingers scraping the surface of the ground.

Suddenly people were beginning to gather around as they looked excited for the fight. "Macao. I have to get close. Cover me!" Cana yelled and Macao shot a flurry of purple fireballs and Chun was hit by them and she turned her glare to Macao.

"Your flames aren't even hot enough to burn! I will end you right now!" she moved her hands in a circular motion and she prepared to blast lighting at him but Cana grabbed her as she got close and forced it to aim to the sky and the lightning shot upwards. "You made your last mistake…" she said as she surprisingly yawned and Cana was holding a sleep card and it was surrounded by a light green aura. Chun passed out and fell to the ground.

Cana began panting and the crowd of people began cheering. Suddenly an water slide that turned to ice got to them and Katara was seen sliding on it with her feet. "I saw the lightning! Is everyone okay?"

"Don't worry about us. We put her to sleep for now, but Wakaba was hit by her lighting."

"Is that so." she ran over to him and he was on his back.

"It's you, so did you beat that other guy?" Wakaba asked

"He wasn't even a challenge. Where did the lightning hit you?" she asked. And he pointed to his leg and Katara saw the hole in his pants. "Just be lucky it didn't strike you near the heart, or you could have been in serious trouble." She bended water from her satchel and she made the water encase the burn and it began to glow light blue.

"T-that feels so refreshing…" he said.

"So you can heal as well?" Macao asked.

"Yeah, it may be a burn mark but it won't be that hard to heal." She said and she was moving the water around and the burn mark was gone and she lifted the water from his leg and bended it back into her satchel. "Your leg should be fine now." She looked to Cana. "You said you put her to sleep, how long will that last?"

"It will last a while." Cana said.

"That's fine, but we need to get her to a location in the forest somewhere away from the people and away from her team mates."

"Wakaba and I will take care of that." Macao said as Wakaba got up from the ground.

"Okay, we will help the others." Cana said and she and Katara began running down the street when they heard more fighting.

Hen was walking in the middle of an empty street looking for Elfman but he couldn't see him. "You'd think if I killed him, I would have found the body by now." Suddenly he was punched as Elfman ambushed him from a nearby alley. Hen rubbed his cheek. "So there you are, sneaking around like a common rat!"

"You will pay for what you done! I will not lose to an inferior man like you! Beast Arm: Iron Bull!" his right arm transformed into a large arm that looked composed of metal and is similar to a gauntlet and he made his arm drop to the ground and it made a loud metal clang.

"Oh a metal arm, I'm so scared!" Elfman charged to him and Hen made a rock wall to slow his charge but he was surprise when he saw Elfman shoulder charge right through the rock wall he then dug his arms into the ground again and he made huge earth gauntlets. "You can only use one arm, but I can encase both!" he blocked the punch from Elfman but as soon as the momentum of the punch was stopped the rocks shattered and he slid back. "Damnit!" he made the section of rock he was standing on rise high into the air and he kicked it back down close to Elfman with both his feet and this made an explosion on the ground and the Take Over mage covered his eyes to shield from the dust. Hen saw his chance and when he landed on the ground he made spider web looking cracks from where he stood and the cracks spread to Elfman and then made rock pillars that forced him up but Elfman used his downward momentum to his advantage and he arched his right arm back as he fell towards Hen and the Earthbender made sure he got out of the way and the ground was punched and suddenly a boulder was sent to Elfman but he punched it to pieces. "Damn!" he yelled and he punched the ground and a rock wave sped to the Take Over mage but before the wave could do anything Elfman punched through it.

"Your time has come!"

"You can't beat an earthbender in brute force alone!" he yelled and he began to chuck more rocks at him but there were being destroyed by Elfman's arm. "If he punches me with that arm. I am finished." He encased himself in rock armor and he made his right arm's armor massive as it was the same size as Elfman's Beast Arm.

"You may be powerful, but your nothing compared to Toph! I went on a job with her yesterday and her Earthbending is far stronger than yours." he exclaimed.

"Toph Beifong!" he slid the ground under him to slide to speed towards the Take Over mage. "I can beat that blind Earthbender easily! Just as I will take you down! You shape shifting freak!" both were speeding to each other and they both threw punched with their right arms and both of their fists impacted their faces and Elfman's punch was far more powerful and the rock armor shattered on his face and he made Hen fly from him and he slammed into a wall and he glared at Hen who was knocked unconscious.

"Your Earthbending is nothin' compared to Toph's! She is a real man!" he exclaimed. He turned his right arm back to normal and he walked away from the Hen and left him passed out by the building.

Ping was running on the rooftops and she jumped and she arrived in South Gate Park and she looked around in case she was going to get snuck up on. She took out her first Katana blade and looked around. "I know you are hiding, why don't you come on out!" she said and Jet came out from a tree. "Just one of you?" she sheathed her Katana back. "You are making this way too easy!" she said as she had her stilettos in between her fingers. She threw them towards Jet but he easily avoided them by running fast from them by using his High Speed magic. "So you're a speedster?" she said but she was punched in the face three times and on the fourth time she pulled out a retractable sai and she sliced his mid section Jet was about to punch her and he fell to his knees. "I may not be a bender, but I don't lead the team for nothing." She now had small knives in between her fingers. Suddenly she saw seeds that were thrown to her and they landed on the ground. "What the…" suddenly vines grew out of them and she jumped away from them and she dropped her knives in the heat of the moment. "That's it!" she took out her blade and glared at Droy who stopped her with his plant magic. "You trying to plant a garden or something?"

"We will not let you beat us! You will be defeated by Team Shadow Gear!" Droy proudly exclaimed.

"Team Shadow Gear? I will admit, not a bad name… but let's make this quick shall we!" suddenly she was kicked from behind and she flew back and dropped her blade. She got back up and slowly back away and felt the soft ground below her and she jumped up high and she was now on top of the big tree in South Gate Park a hole was made from where she fell but of course she avoided it before she could fall in. "Nice try! That trick never worked on me once and it won't this time. I've had it with all this hiding and seeking!" she took out her stilettos and she saw a hint of blue in the corner of her left eye. "There you are!" she yelled and she threw three stilettos to the tree and they had fuses on them and both Droy and Jet saw them.

"Levy! Run!" Droy yelled and Jet sprinted towards the tree and he grabbed his blue haired team mate and the tree exploded.

"You are currently harboring the Avatar in your guild and he is wanted by the Fire Nation. You are judged guilty for hiding a fugitive wanted by the Fire Nation. Your punishment, death on you and all the members of Fairy Tail!"

"You are crazy! The Fire Nation were the ones trying to kill him in the first place, all he was trying to do was stop Ozai from creating a dictatorship!" Levy exclaimed.

"Dictatorship? You misunderstand, Levy. The Fire Nation will steer our world into a new age, but as long as the Avatar exists, progress will never come to my world. Therefore, for crimes against the Fire Nation and the glory of Phoenix King Ozai. You will be executed right here, right now!" she threw her explosive stilettos towards them. And all three of them avoided them. Jet launched off the ground and he ran over to her and he was throwing endless punches and kicks and Ping was just barely keeping up with his strikes as she was mostly blocking them as Jet was too fast to attack. She threw a punch but Jet ducked under it and he was now behind her.

"Sorry, no one can keep up with me." He said teasing the swordswoman. "Falcon Heavenward!" he yelled and he sprinted towards Ping and he sent a powerful kick with a light green magical seal at the end of his foot and she was kicked and she flew back and she got up and coughed up dust and she grinned at him.

"I dare you to try that again!" she said as she got up and she gestured Jet to come to her and he sprinted off the ground he began throwing punches and kicks and she was dodging instead of blocking. And she threw a jab to Jet's right leg and he suddenly stopped moving. "What's wrong? Lost all feeling in your right leg?" Jet tried to swing his left leg but she easily blocked it and she jabbed his left leg and she threw numerous jabs all over his body and he fell to his stomach.

"I-I can't move…" Jet said and he lied on the ground.

"One down, two to go!" Ping said and she took out her other blade and she pointed it towards the two left. "You better be prepared for death!" she yelled and she charged towards Levy and Droy, but Droy threw more seeds in her direction and huge vines came out in front of Ping but she sliced right through them. "Plants? Really, you don't plan to stop me with just plants do you? You can see that I am filled with blades! There is no way I can lose to you pathetic wizards!"

Droy had more seeds in his right hand and he glared at the swordswoman. "Knuckle Plant!" he yelled and he threw more seeds and when they hit the ground below yellow seals appeared below all of them and large vines with fists began punching towards Ping and she was avoiding them and suddenly they grabbed her instead of punching her and they wrapped around her and held her in place and she dropped her other sword and she was raised into the air by the fists and she wasn't able to reach into her pockets.

"So what, you plan to keep me up here?" Ping asked. She reached on of her stilettos and she was about to light the small fuse that would ignite it. Ping now looked like she was in the sights of a scope and the target cross-hairs looked like a magical seal.

Bisca was aiming from a high tower in the town with her magical sniper rifle, a green magical seal was in front of the scope and she was aiming at Ping and she was held in place by the vines. "You are finished." She said to herself.

Ping saw a glint from a high tower. "OH CRAP!" Ping yelled and she jabbed her stiletto in the vines and the fuse lit.

"Stinger Shot!" Bisca said and she shot from her sniper and the magical thin beam hit Ping and the beam travelled through her and she screamed in pain and there was blood staining her black and red gi. The stiletto exploded and she flew back and she landed on her back and was panting. She got back up and she saw the tower Bisca shot from.

"Can't throw that far. So I'll finish things down here!" "Okay, now you made me mad. I thought I could just simply defeat you, but now I will kill the both of you!" she yelled and Droy threw more seeds towards her but she had her retractable sai in both her hands and she was slicing through the vines and she grabbed her blade and she ran towards Droy and she chi blocked Droy on the section underneath his arms and he was frozen and Ping kicked him to the ground. "One left!" she said and glared at Levy. "You will be the first in this world do die at my blade!" she said as she picked it back up from the cut vines

Levy glared at her and slightly backed away. "Solid Script: Fire!" she chanted and after crossing her outstretched arms, she spun around and the word 'FIRE' appeared above her head in a light blue colour in a puff of smoke and this shot a powerful stream of blue fire towards Ping. But she made sure to slash right through the fire and she was charging towards the Solid Script mage and before she could throw the decisive slash a bolt of light blue lightning struck the ground in between the two and both girls flew from each other.

"Ping Tung! That is far enough!" a voice yelled that sounded like an old man and from the smoke of the lightning finally cleared and Ping saw a familiar face. He was dressed in dark blue and white robes and he had long grey hair and a sharp looking beard also with grey hair and some of his hair on his back was tied in a bun and he stood in a battle stance. The was the second target other than the Avatar.

"Well I'll be damned. The traitor himself! Iroh! Infamous Dragon of the West!" she angrily said.

"You need medical attention, that Guns Magic shot has done damage to you." Iroh said.

"Oh spare me! We were sent here to take down the Avatar and you!" suddenly she saw Katara, Cana and Elfman arriving on the scene. "Right, you are faced with an enemy and you bring an army! Where is your honor!?"

"There is no honor in any of this!" Iroh yelled. "Now leave you are outnumbered and outmatched!"

"You win this time. Fairy Tail!" she growled and she grabbed one of her blades and jumped up onto a roof and headed for the forests outside the town.

"I-Iroh?" Katara exclaimed.

"Hahaha." He laughed. "And I thought it was just me and the Avatar here. It's good to see you as well."

"You know each other?" Cana asked.

"We met before we took on the Fire Nation, so how did you get here."

"The same way you did I would like to thing destiny brought us here, but I cannot stay here. I have places to be." He said.

"Wait, how did you know that they were going to come after us?" Levy asked.

"I saw the Firebending girl boarding the same train that the Avatar and his friend were taking when they were going to Helix Town. I have been in this world for a while and I have things to attend to. I had just found out about the team that are here. But I need to find out more."

"Hold on? Why don't…"

"As I said, I have some things to deal with. But you will see me again youngsters." Iroh said and he walked out of the park.

Katara had a surprised look on her face "Okay, this is officially the weirdest day ever." She looked back at the others and saw both Jet and Droy on the ground.

"What happened to them?" Levy asked.

"Don't worry, they were just Chi blocked. They will be back to normal soon, but it looks like those assassins that were sent here are stuck her with us."

"We handled them just fine!" Elfman exclaimed.

"It could be, but it is defiantly not the last time we will see them. I think… I'll join up with the guild for now. But if you'll have me."

"You helped, us. And since you are in the same situation as Aang and Toph, I am sure the master will let you join up with us." Levy said.

"Well that is great." But she saw Cana glaring at her. "Uh did I do something?"

"You forgot already, Katara… you have no idea how much alcohol you owe me!" she exclaimed with a grin and four pointed stars as her eyes.

"And I thought being stuck here would be the worst thing that would have happened to me today." She said as she sweatdropped.

"I wouldn't worry." Levy assured the waterbender. "Once the alcohol is restocked she will forget that you wasted her last supply."

"Out of curiosity? How much of the stuff do you drink?"

"Let me put it into perspective, she takes up thirty percent of the guild's alcohol budget." Katara's eyes widened.

"If Aang could somehow fit in with the kind of people here… then so should I… I hope…" she muttered

Next Time: This Means War

After returning from the job the day before. Team Natsu return to find the guild destroyed and after three of their guild members are attacked they declare war on the enemy but Aang is not sure he wants to be a part of it.

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