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This was the turning point for the Hundred Year War; the sky over the Wulong Forest was different shades of orange, red and maroon. As the comet cut through the sky over the Earth, the power of Firebenders had increased exponentially and just in time for Fire Lord Ozai to begin his quest to burn down the Earth Kingdom, but he would encounter resistance as expected, but if he was able to slay the Avatar then he would begin his new reign as Phoenix King. His opponent a twelve year old boy, was able to match Ozai for the moment by utilizing all four elements at his disposal, but he was mostly on the defensive. Soon Ozai turned his hands in a circular motion and he pointed with two fingers and out of that circular motion was a hot flash of lightning which the boy avoided, but another flash of lightning was speeding towards him and he stretched out two fingers, caught the energy generated from the lightning and he would have been able to finish the battle, but his traditions prevented him from initiating the final blow and he redirected the flow of energy into the sky. Ozai being spared went on the offensive and with the use of his super charged fire he was able to force the boy off the last rock pillar and send him falling to a shallow lake. The boy managed to save himself by frantically waving his arms to have the water break his fall. Ozai now seeing his chance ignited fire from his feet and they acted as boosters and he flew to end the battle. The boy was now scared, fear was now seen in his eyes as he could lose his life in this battle. He instinctively encased himself in a sphere made of rocks and he had to hold it together and he could see that he could not beat him in his current state. This cowardess only made the Fire Lord laugh as he stood over him. He began to taunt him before his hands had fire jets on them

"You're weak, just like the rest of your people! They did not deserve to exist in this world – in my world!" Ozai lifted his arms preparing to shatter the bock barrier. "Prepare to die!"

He slammed his arms on the spherical earth object and as he did the shield shattered and the boy blew a blast of air to distance himself from the Fire Lord but he quickly saw a flash of light blue light energy and he encased his arms in rocks and he crossed his arms but the flash burst through it and he was in tremendous pain and he flew back and he now had a burn mark on his right arm that matched the one on his back and he was forced to his back by the burst of energy and he looked up into the red sky and he saw an aurora in the sky and his tattoos flickered and cycled between their pulsing white and their normal sky blue colours same was said for the space for his eyes but they faded to show his grey eyes and the aurora began shining brightly and he was encased in the same bright glow and he began turning to particles and he soon faded into the sky. Ozai saw the Avatar perish and he began laughing as he flew to assist his airship fleet, the world was now going through reformation and it now belonged to Phoenix King Ozai.

Approaching the town of Magnolia, were six mages who are retuning from destroying the demon form of the flute Lullaby. The second shortest of the six was an old man who was dressed in a casual manner he wore a white shirt with a black fairy symbol on it, he wore an orange hoody, he had orange shorts ,matching orange shoes and he had a jester hat that was blue and orange striped. He had white hair that was off his scalp and had a white moustache.

Walking ahead of the group was a person who was had short spiky pink hair with a slightly tanned skin tone, he had black eyes. He wore a black and gold trimmed waist coat which was open, revealing his toned chest, he had knee high length trousers that were white, he had a thick black wristband on his left wrist, he also wore black open toed shoes, and he also has a white, scaled woven scarf-patterned scarf that he had around his neck. Flying above him was a blue cat with white like angelic wings; he had a green pack on his back.

Behind him was a girl who was the age of seventeen, she had blonde hair with brown eyes, she had medium length hair that was tied to the side with a red ribbon, she wore an orange sleeveless shirt with dark blue shorts, she had a whip with a heart shaped end, she had a brown belt and also hanging from it was a set of keys that consisted of gold and silver ones. Finally she wore black boots

Walking near the back was a male who had dark blue hair, with dark blue eyes, he wore a long white jacket with dark olive green jeans with black shoes. He had a necklace with a cross on it.

At the back of the group pulling a cart with huge supplies and other stuff that no one knows was a woman with scarlet red hair, and brown eyes. She wore a plate of armor on her torso, along with gauntlets on her arms, she wore a dark blue skirt and had a black boots and she was pulling the huge weight behind her with little difficulty.

Suddenly in the blue sky, an aurora begins to light up in the sky.

This caught the attention of the winged cat. "Look Natsu." The cat sounded and he pointed a paw into the sky.

The pink haired teen looked into the sky. "Oh, what is that Happy?" he asked.

"It's an auo-ring!" the cat exclaimed.

"You mean aurora." The blond girl muttered.

Later an explosion was heard in the sky and coming out of the aurora was a huge flash of light and a figure was seen falling out of it and the one called Natsu saw that he had a light blue line on his back. "Someone's falling to the lake!" he looked to the blue cat. "Lets go, Happy!"

"Aye!" He replied and Natsu ran to the location while Happy flew after him.

"Natsu!" the blonde girl yelled and she ran after the two.

"Natsu, Lucy, Wait!" the scarlet haired girl yelled out

"Grey, Erza!" the short old man said. "Let them go, they can take care of themselves. We shouldn't chase after them all the time." He said.

"Yes, Master." The scarlet haired girl said.

Natsu was in the middle of several trees and he was sniffing the air with his nose and he looked around. "I smell someone close." He said and he continued running and he got to the lake and he saw a human lying on the side of the lake and the other two joined him.

"What did you find?" the blonde haired girl asked and she and Happy saw a boy who looked like he was unconscious he was bald and looked young; around twelve, and was wearing nothing but dark maroon pants that had charred bits on it. He also had like blue arrow marks ending on the crown of his head, both the top his hands, and his feet, he had bruises and some scratches on his body, he also had a burn mark on his right arm. "Who is he?"

"I don't know." Natsu said as he went to his knees and he lifed the boy up by his shoulder. "HEY WAKE UP YOU!" he yelled and he was shaking him violently.

"Hey! Don't shake him so violently!" Lucy yelled while her eyes popped out of her head.

The boy slowly opened his eyes, revealing a grey colour. "W-where am I?" he asked as both Natsu and Lucy were looking down on him.

"Close to Magnolia." Lucy said and he sat up and he was confused

"Never heard of a place like that, is it part of the Earth Kingdom?" he asked.

"Earth Kingdom?" Happy questioned.

The boy suddenly saw a vision of Fire Lord Ozai and his smirk, his eyes widened and he looked at the three and he jumped high into the air releasing a small vortex of air underneath him and he landed a fair distance from the others but he fell to his one knee because he still felt his injuries from his previous battle with Ozai. "Get away from me!" he yelled as his eyes showed fear and he ran deeper into the forest.

"That kid is like Erigor." Natsu said.

"The kid uses wind magic!" he exclaimed.

"But why did he run?"

"He was scared away by Lucy's face." Happy simply said.

"THAT WASN'T IT YOU STUPID CAT!" she yelled. She saw Natsu walking from them. "Where are you going?" she asked looking at Natsu.

"I'm going to find him. I want to know why he fell from the sky." He said and he ran after him. Happy and Lucy then followed.

The boy was running through a forest and he began hearing voices behind him. "Where am I? This certainly isn't the Fire Nation for sure." He thought.

"Hey, kid! Where are you?" he heard.

"Leave me! I don't want to hurt you!" he yelled.

He still hears his footsteps and he jumped out into the open and he sees the pink haired mage speeding towards him. "I found ya!"

The boy got in a stubborn and stiff stance and suddenly a huge curved wall made of earth came out of the ground and this blocked the path Natsu had to the boy and he didn't see it coming, yet strangely enough he didn't stop running and he slammed into the wall and he fell on his back. The boy was sitting on the ground panting and he looked at his bruises and he saw the burn mark on his right arm and he looked around. "How did I end up in a place like this? I thought Ozai killed me."

"Hey! How did you do that?!" Natsu yelled from the other side of the wall.

"Where am I? How did I get to the Earth Kingdom!?"

"You fell from the sky! I don't know how you got here." He began pounding on the rock comically. "Let this wall down!" he yelled.

"Not until I know what's going on? What happened during Sozin's Comet? Where are my friends?"

"You're talking funny, and how can you use Wind and Earth magic? You tell me that!"

"Magic? What are you talking about. It's called Bending, not magic!"

Suddenly the rock was being punched and Natsu punched though the rock and his fist was on fire as he walked through the it. "What is bending?" he asked and he saw that his fist was on fire.

The boy's eyes grew wide in fear. "Y-you're a firebender?" he asked and he flashed back to when his battle with Ozai and when he was defending against his super charged firebending. He glared at Natsu and a piece of the ground rose into the air and he threw it at Natsu and it hit and he flew into a tree with the rock. The boy runs further into the forest. Happy and Lucy see Natsu behind a rock.

"Natsu!" both Lucy and happy yell and they manage to get the rock off him and they see that he is dazed but he shakes himself back to normal.

Happy then points his paw upwards. "He also knows to use Earth Magic."

Natsu looked mad. "That hurt!" he muttered to himself and he engulfed his fists in flames. "WHERE IS HE!?" he yelled

Meanwhile outside the forest, Grey, Erza and the one Erza called Master. Heard Natsu screaming in rage. "What has Natsu gotten himself into?" the short old man asked.

The boy has gotten himself some distance from his pursuers he sat down on a rock and he began to think. "This is not right, if Ozai did kill me? Is this another realm of the Spirit world." He heard footsteps. "I have to keep moving." He said to himself. He began running but he suddenly ran into a figure and he fell back to the ground. He rubbed his head and he saw that he ran into Lucy and he jumped and got into a fighting stance and he glared at her. "I'm not running this time! I know I'm not in the Fire Nation, and I know that I didn't beat Ozai so where am I!?" he exclaimed and Lucy's face was filled with confusion. The boy then realizes something. "Hold on a minute, you don't look Fire Nation do you? Your hair isn't right."

Suddenly endless tears fell from her eyes. "What's wrong with my hair?" she said and the boy sweatdropped.

"N-nothing. I didn't mean it like that!" the boy began waving his arms in front of him. "It's just that I thought you were part of the Fire Nation, but… I really have no idea what's going on." He said holding his head.

"Hey you!" Natsu yelled and he looked back and he saw Natsu running to him. "That rock hurt!" he then punched his fists together and his eyes looked reptilian and he jumped up and rings of fire surrounded him as he jumped and a figure of a dark maroon dragon flew alongside him and his right hand was on fire. "Fire Dragon's Iron Fist!" and he was flying towards the boy but he jumped back and he avoided the attack and he made a pillar shoot out underneath Natsu and he flew into the air and the boy jumped up high and he was above the pink haired mage and he blew a huge blast of air from his feet and this forced him down to the ground and he got back up and he rubbed his head.

Happy flew from the bushes. "Natsu is fighting?" he asked.

"Will you listen to me?! I don't want to fight you!" the boy yelled.

"How can you use Earth and Wind magic?" Lucy asked

"What are you people talking about, I don't use magic, nor do I know what kind of magic you people are talking about."

"How can a mage not know about magic?" Happy questioned and the boy looked to the blue cat.

"Hey, you talk. Are you a spirit?"

Happy shakes his head. "No…"

"This kid must have hit his head harder than we thought." Natsu said.

"Well he did fall from the sky." Happy said

"How much do you know about spirits?" Lucy asked sounding interested.

"Well I can communicate with spirits, but you should know this, I am the Avatar."

"Happy, this kid is really crazy." Natsu commented.

"Aye." Happy said.

"Okay, pretend we don't know what an avatar is." Lucy said.

"The Avatar is a powerful person who has the ability to master all four elements. The Avatar's role is to maintain balance in the world, and I have the ability to meditate into the spirit world."

Lucy simply looked confused while Natsu was sleeping and Happy was trying to wake him up. "But I'm a Celestial Wizard, so how come I've never heard of someone who can enter the Celestial Sprit World."

"Hey kid, what's your name?" Natsu asked.

"My name is Aang, and…" he then sat down. "I may have crossed over into another world."

All three of them gasped. "WHAT!" they yelled in unison.

"What's going on here?" a female stern voice asked and Natsu, Happy and Lucy had chills going down their spine. Reaching them was Erza, Grey and the short old man. "Who are you?" she asked looking at Aang.

"I'm the Avatar, that's all you need to know." Aang said looking at her but with less fear than the other three.

"I've never heard on an Avatar before." Erza said.

"He uses Earth and Wind magic." Natsu said.

"We've already talked about this. I don't use magic!" Aang exclaimed starting to get slightly annoyed by their assumptions, but he thought he would ask Natsu a question that would convince him of his situation. "So I'm guessing that you are a Firebender." Aang said pointing to Natsu.


"I thought so."

"Look here pal. I'm not a fire whatever. I'm a Dragon Slayer."

"A dragon slayer?" Aang quickly shook his head. "It doesn't matter I have to leave." He turned around but he saw the short old man from before.

"Hey." He said in a casual voice.

"Look I can't stay here! I'm in another world right now and I have to get back to mine before it's too late!" he said as he began panicking.

"Calm down. You may call me Master Makarov, I may be able to help you if you come with me." Makarov said.

"Come with you? To where?"

"To Fairy Tail."

"What place it that."

"You haven't heard of a Wizards Guild before?" Grey asked.

"One; no I haven't. Two, weren't you wearing a jacket just now?" Aang asked as now all that was showing of Grey's attire was his dark olive green jeans.

"WHAT!" he yelled out.

Aang thought about what Makarov told him, for all he knew if he was going to leave this world, this old man would probably be his best bet. "Fine. I'll come with you if you think its best." Aang quickly realized something. "My Friends. I-I need to get back to them or they might…"

Suddenly Natsu put his hand on his shoulder. "Don't worry. We'll figure this out." He assured.

"Thanks… Natsu was it?"

"Yep." He said with a smile and he pulled a thumbs up while performing a slight chuckle.

The group finally reaches the town of Magnolia, Aang looks around as he is surprised at what he sees. "I've come to a world where no one is divided?"

"What do you mean by divided?" Grey asked

"Well, how do I put this…? In the world I came from there are four nations, as there are four bending elements. Each of those four nations have their own cultures and traditions, but some places are weary of outsiders, and some nations just want the world to themselves. Me being the Avatar, I was supposed to stop them but, well I'll explain that later."

"That seems like a lot of responsibility for one kid." Erza pointed out.

"I thought the same thing too, but I guess I learned to accept it. No matter how much I didn't want it to be true."

They soon approached what looked like a three story building and it had white walls along with maroon tiles being used for the roof close to the top floor there seemed to be three flags and the orange one in the middle was the biggest and was the guild's emblem. Natsu quickly remembered something.

"Hey, you still have to fight me Erza!" he yelled and he charged at her with one of his flaming fists but he was punched in the face and the pink haired mage flew back into the wall and she glared at him.

"Now is not the time, Natsu!" she exclaimed and he slowly got up.

"What's with him?" Aang asked.

"The idiot likes picking fights." Grey said and suddenly Natsu sped up to him.

"What did you say!?" he asked getting in Grey's face.

"I called you an idiot! You got a problem?!"

Both of their foreheads were colliding and in the back ground red and blue sparks could be seen.

"Yes, I do you bastard!"

"Well do something, flame brain!"

Aang simply sweatdropped. "Shouldn't we do something?"

"This is normal for Natsu and Grey." Happy said.

The group entered the guild hall and Aang saw once again that the members didn't seem attributed to one Nation apart from that their appearances weren't obvious normally he would be able to tell the difference between people from other nations just by looking at their appearance, but here, it was completely different. "Maybe this world will be more peaceful than mine." He commented.

"Welcome back, Master." A woman who was dressed in a dark maroon dress with long white hair said to Makarov.

"She almost looks like, Yue. I guess that is the only similarity I've found in this backwards world so far."

"Hey who is the kid?" a man with purple hair asked as he was sitting next to another person who had brown hair that protruded forwards and he had a cigarette in his mouth.

Erza looked at the two. "He is our guest and you will treat him with respect!" she exclaimed and the two began cowering.

"Will you keep it down? I cannot drink with all this noise!" Aang turned to see a young woman with long brown hair drinking alcohol from a huge barrel.

"Uh… are you sure you should be…"

"Should be what, kid?!" she replied glaring back at him.

"Uh never mind." "Yep not as peaceful as I first thought." He thought. "Not even close."

"Aang!" Makarov said. "Come with me." Makarov led Aang to a back room and it only had one window and, he stood in the centre of the room. "So, tell me what's going on?"

"To make an incredibly long story short, I was supposedly killed by someone in my world by the person I had spent close to a year training to defeat, then suddenly I end up here. I don't know what brought me here. I'm also not a mage, nor do I use any sort of magic. I can control the elements, which is what we call bending in my world."

"So you can't tell me how you got here?"

Aang shook his head. "Just tell me how I can get back, I can't stay here! If I can't get back then a huge part of my world will be burned to a crisp."

Makarov lowered his head slightly. "I'm sorry, but I don't have any knowledge yet on any spell that can take you back to your world." He said. Aang then leaned on the wall and tears were coming from his eyes. "Mirajane and I will work hard to find something that will return you back."

"Thanks…" Aang said and he was about to walk out of the door.

"Wait!" he yelled and he looked back thinking what he was about to say would be important. "You should probably get some clothes." He said and Aang remembered that he was still wearing nothing but the worn down pants he left his world with. The Avatar quickly blushed.

"Yeah you're probably right." He said

Aang who was now wearing a dark jacket with a high collar he wore the same pants from before he was later on the bar counter and he was still sad and he saw Mira looking at him. "What is wrong Aang?" she asked.

He sighed. "Unless I get back soon, my friends are going to be captured or worse..." He suddenly stood up. "I have to be alone for a while." He jumped forwards with his airbending and he quickly sped out of the doors.

Natsu and Lucy see him retreating from the guild hall.

"Happy, we're going to find Aang!" Natsu said and he was running out of the door.

"Aye sir!" Happy yelled as he flew with Natsu.

Next Time: Dragon Slayer

While Aang figures out what to do next, he is later captured by some mages from a Dark Guild. Natsu and Happy find out and rush in to try and save him.

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