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Hala's Grand Trial Part 2

Pokémon: Adventures of Sun and Moon
Chapter 8: Hala's Grand Trial Part 2: Litten's Fire

A battle-hardened Rockruff was glaring at Sun while Moon stood by his side. "Uh Moon, why is that Rockruff stalking me?" Sun asked while shaking slightly.

Moon thought about it before giving her answer. "Hard to say, I've heard stories about a powerful Rockruff that exists on Melemele Island. In fact, stories say that he challenged Tapu Koko, he lost, and the stories say that with that loss, came a spirit that was unmatched by any Pokémon. This Rockruff is always looked for, but no one can ever find him. But he has to come to you, I wonder what that means?"

"I don't get it what does he want?" the Rockruff jerked his head, gesturing Sun to follow.

"He wants you to follow him, but I'm coming with. This may be your thing, but I want to see this for myself."

As they followed Rockruff, he turned around with an angry look on his face but turned back as if nothing was there. He allowed both Sun and Moon to follow him.

After they left a pair of figures were watching them leave, they were dressed in peculiar white and navy blue bodysuits covering their bodies. One of them was male and the other was female, the male looked to have a blue mustache and beard, while the woman had medium long navy blue hair that fell to her left side. They wore peculiar helmets and had simple masks with slit cutouts so they could see through them.

The woman was the first to speak. "Captain, that mysterious aura we have been tracking, could it be coming from those trainers."

The Captain remained silent for a while. "Difficult to say, While watching the so-called Island Kahuna in action, there is no questioning his strength, but those children have displayed their own strength, especially since they hold those Z-Rings… Perhaps it is because there is so much light in this world, I am actually a bit envious."

"What shall our next move be Captain?"

"Considering we are new to this world, it would be best if we continued to watch those kids."

"Affirmative." They both left to follow Sun, Moon and Rockruff but their presence wasn't as secretive as Eclipse saw then and she scratched her head.

"New to this world?" she repeated to herself. She looked back and saw that Hau was about to fight against Hala. She turned back and walked to watch him.

Sun, Moon, and Rockruff arrived at the secret training spot and they could see large boulders that were in pieces. Those very same boulders looked like they could only be destroyed by a Tarous "Whoa, looks like someone's been busy." Moon commented.

"So why have you brought me here?" Rockruff looked at Litten, he gestured for Sun to put him down. "Oh, uh okay." Once he was put down Rockruff walked to a berry tree and grabbed a bright orange berry with his maw and placed it in front of the battered Litten. The fire cat sniffed it and he smothered it with his paws and started to eat the berry. He immediately felt better and rose to his four paws.

"Oh wow, that was a Sitrus Berry."

"I don't get it, what is happening?" Sun questioned. Rockruff glared at Sun, the rocks on his neck were glowing and he fired three white glowing rocks at a boulder and the boulder had large cracks in it. "Oh wow, that's strong!" commented Sun. Rockruff tilted his head to the boulder and looked at Litten. "I see, Litten use Ember!" Litten powered up an Ember and it hit the boulder but it did very little to affect the boulder.

Rockruff looked down and shook his head almost as if he was disappointed by Litten's display of power. "Looks like he thinks Litten's Ember sucks," Moon jabbed with a satisfied smirk.

Sun narrowed his glare to her. "I'd like to see you do better!"

Moon gave a single laugh. "Ha, gladly, Go Popplio, use Water Gun!" Popplio shot out of her Pokéball and while in the air, she twirled and blasted water to the same boulder but just like Litten's Ember, it didn't do much to it. "Hmm, I thought for sure that would do something." Rockruff looked right at Litten and his emerald eyes were gazing right into him. He suddenly fired a Rock Throw to Litten and the fire cat was hit and he slid back.

Litten growled at the Rockruff. "Hey, what was that for!?" Sun exclaimed. Rockruff glared right at Litten and was barking at him. "I don't get it, what's his problem? Does he want to help me or not?"

Moon shrugged her shoulders. "Don't look at me. I don't travel to Melemele often; I've only heard stories about this particular Rockruff."

Rockruff glared at Sun, his neck pebbles shone white and he fired projections of rocks to Sun and he narrowly ducked under them. After seeing his attack miss, Rockruff leaped up and his fangs were glowing bright yellow and were engulfed in electric sparks.

Litten saw what was happening and he shot a powerful Ember at Rockruff, which forced him away from Sun. Rockruff hit a rock wall and fell to the ground.

Popplio wanted to help Litten but Moon put her arm out in front of her. "No Popplio, something tells me this is Sun's deal to figure out." Rockruff was getting to his feet after Litten attack him and he smirked. Rockruff then howled and an orange rising aura surrounded him. "Hey watch out, that was Howl."

Sun took that into consideration. "So you want us to battle you?" The green-eyed Rockruff didn't respond as his charged towards Litten. "He's using Tackle, in that case. Litten counter with Scratch!" Litten's claws extended and he charged right to Rockruff.

Meanwhile, Hau had just finished his grand trial and defeated a white monkey Pokémon with his Rowlet.

"AW Yeah, that was amazing Rowlet!" Hau exclaimed. Rowlet flew back to Hau and perched himself on his arm.

"My, my, you really are getting stronger, aren't you Hau." Hala commented.

"I-I have Sun and Moon to thank really, they have been pushing me to get stronger. Haha." Hau said with a nervous scratch on his head."

Rotom was cheering with Lillie and Kukui not standing too far. "That wazz awesome!"

"It's like Hau had used Astonish on me, oh yeah!" Kukui said.

"Guys stop, you're gonna make me blush," Hau said.

Hala laughed. "Alright, so where is my next challenger." He looked to see that Eclipse was quietly observing the battle.

Hau had walked off of the stage and directly to her. "So what did you think? Eclipse…" he asked her

"I didn't know I was supposed to have an opinion... but I did see how well you and Rowlet worked together." She then opened a Pokéball and Oricorio came out. "Now I shall do my battle."

"Alright good luck Eclipse!"

"I shall try my hardest."

"Arf Grrr!" Rockruff was still standing tall despite Sun and Litten's best efforts.

"Geez, what does it take to bring down this Rockruff!?" Sun asked.

Rockruff then angrily growled and urged Sun and Litten to go for him again. "Okay, Litten go for him again, use Fire Fang!" Litten shot forward and he tried biting down on Rockruff, but he missed. Rockruff fangs became electrified and he bit down on Litten. Litten let out a loud meow since he was in pain. "That's it!" Sun exclaimed. He crossed his uncrossed them and as he moved his arms, Litten was dragging his paws in the dirt. Sun was covered in a white aura while he performed the dance the 'Z-symbol' flashed in front of Litten. An orange aura covered Litten. "Use Breakneck Blitz!" A sharp and white aura surrounded Litten and he shot forward like a bullet towards Rockruff.

Rockruff looked shocked and Litten headbutted him and he flew back into a hard rock, making spiderweb-like cracks in the wall behind.

"That was awesome Litten!" Sun cheered. Litten was panting tiredly.

"Litten looks tired," Moon said. "You shouldn't push him too far. Otherwise, he won't be ready for the battle with Hala tomorrow."

"Yeah I know, but I don't understand… how is battling against this Rockruff going to give me a better chance against Hala?" Rockruff growled. "N-no offense…"

Moon smiled. "Just trust me, I'm sure Rockruff knows what he is doing."

Suddenly Rotom had hovered to them. "Oh, there you are! I've been looking all over, what have you been up to bzzt?"

"I've been training with Litten and this Rockruff." Rockruff growled at Rotom. "He isn't very friendly." Rockruff snapped at Sun's hand but he quickly took it away from the path of Rockruff's fangs. "Whoa, see why I say you're not friendly."

Moon chuckled. "Haha, I think I like this Rockruff."

"Of course you would. You laugh at my misery."

Moon continued to laugh. Rockruff was walking away while Sun and Moon were pre-occupied. Rockruff looked to Litten before leaving the area.

Sun and Moon with their starters out of their Pokeballs were sitting in front of Sun's house and they saw Hau running to them with Eclipse in tow, rather he was dragging Eclipse with him.

"There you two are!" Hau exclaimed. "Check it out. Tada!" He showed the both of them his Fightnium Z crystal. He then whispered to Eclipse who stood next to him. "You too Eclipse,"

"Oh… tada?" she showed her new Z-Crystal as well.

"Whoa, you managed to beat Hala too?" Moon said with a slight shock.

"Yes, granted I was using Oricorio, and I won mostly with type advantage… it was no big deal."

"No big deal!? C'mon Eclipse, you managed to beat Tutu! That's a totally big deal!"

"I guess, but this Fighting Z-Crystal is useless to me, I don't have a Pokémon with a fighting move. Is there a way I can exchange it for another one?"

Moon chuckled. "It doesn't really work like that, but you should hang on to it. It could become useful somewhere down the line in your Island Challenge."


Sun got up and he woke up Litten who was taking a cat nap next to him. "Hey Litten, want to continue training? We have a big day tomorrow…" Litten yawned and stretched while his back hairs stretched.

Moon heard a rustling in the bush and she saw a pair of green eyes stalking them. She knew what was watching them and Popplio barked to get her attention. "Oh, I just thought I saw something…" she kneeled down to Popplio's height. "Hey, how do you feel about a stakeout?" she whispered.

"Arf, arf, arf!" Popplio happily barked while she clapped her flippers.

That night, Sun and Litten were asleep after their training session. Outside Sun's house, there was a small dark figure sneaking around. It then saw the sliding door and managed to slide it open slightly. Walking into the living room, it sniffed the air and headed to Sun's room and the door was slightly open, allowing it to walk into Sun's room unopposed.

After walking in, the light of the moon revealed that the figure was Rockruff. It walked to where Litten was sleeping in his bed. The green-eyed Rockruff pushed his paw on Litten and tried to wake him up. Litten meowed slightly when he woke up. When seeing Rockruff, he was about to let out a shocked meow but Rockruff muffled the sound by placing his paw on his muzzle. Rockruff gestured Litten to be quiet.

Litten complied and he stood up. Rockruff gestured for Litten to follow. Litten tilted his head to his sleeping partner and let out a soft meow. Rockruff then assured that he would come back. Rockruff and Litten exited the room and eventually the house.

From a close bush outside, Moon could see the two Pokémon walking away and they were heading for the mountain close by. She looked behind her to see Popplio sleeping on her back while she was snorting a water balloon from her nose. "Hey, Popplio!" The bubble popped and Popplio woke up and looked at her partner. "Rockruff and Litten are on the move, and I think I know where they are going! Right, let's wake up Sun."

Both Moon and Popplio were in Sun's room and a stream of water was blasted to Sun's face which instantly woke him up. He coughed out water and saw Popplio cutely smiling at him. She clapped her flippers as soon as Sun woke up.

"W-what the!?" he saw Moon beside him.

"Hellooo sleepy head." She said with a cheery tone.

"Are you trying to get me to hate you? Cause it's starting to work."

Moon chuckled. "Rather than getting mad at me, you should notice the empty spot next to your bed."

He looked to his side and saw that Litten was gone. "Oh no! Where's Litten?!" He yelled with a panicked tone.

"Relax, I know where he is. Just follow me…"

Sun got out of bed in his blue shirt and black shorts. After leaving the house Moon led the way. "So where are we going?"

"Ten Carat Hill, I can be sure that's where Litten is. C'mon."

"Wait how could you possibly know?"

"Just trust me." After this exchange, they made their way to the cave that would travel through Ten Carat Hill.

Rockruff and Litten ran through the cave of Ten Carat Hill and they got to the exit of the caves and arrived at the Farthest Hollow. There were a bunch of wild Pokémon like Roggenrola, Boldore, Carbink, Mawile, Machop, Machamp and Spinda.

Litten looked around and was awestruck by the atmosphere as many of the wild Pokémon were looking at him.

He then heard the sounds of a fight close by and he saw a Boldore sliding back on its three legs. It shot rock blasts to its opponent and the opponent looked like a much bigger Rockruff, with the same coloring of fur, a long fluffy tail, sharp ears and four jagged rocks were stretching from his neck which was covered by white fur. Its eyes were a piercing blue color.

The wolf Pokémon howled and six jagged rocks surrounded his body and they blocked the rocks shot from the Boldore. It then howled and a red aura surrounded him, indicating that his attack increased. The wolf surrounded itself in a white aura and it headbutted Boldore and the other rock type slid back and fell stayed down in defeat.

The wolf Pokémon howled after his victory and the other Pokémon became rowdy in response. Litten gave off an impressed meow.

Rockruff then told Litten to follow and when they got close to the wolf Pokémon. He looked down at the pair.

Sun and Moon got to the Farthest Hollow but Moon stopped Sun from going any further. "That's as far as we go."

"Wait why?"

"Do you see Litten?"

Sun looked around and noticed the black and red kitten standing next to Rockruff and the wolf Pokémon. "Yeah I see him, but who is that Pokémon he and Rockruff are with?"

Suddenly Rotom flew over to the pair of them. "You called?"

"How did you know we were here?" Sun comically asked.

"Wouldn't bzzt you like to know! But let me tell you about that larger Pokémon." He took a picture and scanned through the unfilled paged of the Alola Dex and he found a match. "There we go!"

'Lycanroc – Midday Form, the Wolf Pokémon and an evolved form of Rockruff. Its quick movements confuse its enemies. Well equipped with claws and fangs, it also uses the sharp rocks in its mane as weapons.'

"Whoa, so that's Lycanroc's evolved form?" Sun asked.

"That's right, Lycanroc evolves into different forms depending on the time of the day." Moon answered

Sun started to walk forward. "I'm going to go see Litten."

"Hold it!" Moon grabbed his arm.

"What's the big deal?"

"You can't go there! You see at night, Ten Carat Hill becomes a special training ground for Pokémon. And it is said that only Pokémon are invited to train with them."

"You mean like a Pokémon Fight Club?"

"Exactly, and what's the one rule of Pokémon Fight Club?" Sun shrugged his shoulders as he couldn't even guess. He didn't think that there were rules out here. "You don't talk about Pokémon Fight Club! Humans shouldn't interfere. So all we can do is sit back and watch."

Sun really wanted to help Litten, but he would never think of interrupting a Pokémon only issue, even if the issue involved his Pokémon. "Okay, I'll sit back… That means you too Rotom!"

"Aw man, but all the new Pokémon…!" he cried. "That's half the Pokémon on Melemele Island!"

Litten stood on the field and a Spinda wobbled in front of him. The Fire cat was confused as the Pokémon in front of him looked to be stumbling on his feet. The Lycanroc barked, telling Litten that he was going to fight Spinda. A fiery aura surrounded Litten as he was about to fire an Ember to the white and red Pokémon. However the Spinda quickly punched Litten right between his eyes before he could get the attack off.

"That was Sucker Punch!" Rotom observed. "When a Pokémon uses that move, it always strikes first before the opponent can make a move."

Litten meowed in slight frustration after he slid back. He saw the Spinda wobbly walking to him. Litten growled and shot forward attempting to scratch Spinda. But Litten's scratch narrowly missed and Spinda tackled Litten, making the Fire Cat slide back. Spinda continued to wobbly walk to him. Litten got mad and tried a Fire Fang but as he got close, Spinda lowered his back like he was doing the limbo and Litten flew over him. Spinda's right paw was glowing white and he was landing almost accidental looking punches to Litten's face.

"And that's Dizz-zzy Punch!" Rotom exclaimed.

"I don't get it, why can't Litten land a single hit?" Sun said.

Rotom decided to scan Spinda to find out. "I'm on it!" after scanning Spinda, a picture of a Spinda that was spotted differently appeared on Rotom's display.

'Spinda the Spot Panda Pokémon. Each Spinda's spot pattern is different. With its stumbling movements, it evades opponents' attacks brilliantly!'

"So that's why Litten can't hit it," Sun said. "I've got to help him."

"Nu-uh, can't allow that," Moon said, sternly.

"But I can't just sit here and do nothing… I have to help him!"

"Litten has to figure out what to do himself, Rockruff took him here so that he can perform better in battle. If you ran in and helped now, then that would only dent Litten's confidence in himself. Trust me Sun, it's for the best!"

Sun had a concerned looked but he decided to take Moon's words to heart.

Litten meanwhile was still struggling to land a hit on Spinda who continued wobbling around with a drunk-like smile on his face. Litten was getting increasingly frustrated and so he went for another scratch. Unfortunately, he missed again and Spinda quickly turned around and landed another Tackle.

Litten was sent into the dry dirt and he got up and his back hairs were flaring. He charged up an Ember but like last time Spinda shot forward and punched Litten again, preventing him from getting the attack off.

"NYAAAA!" Litten frustratingly meowed but he then looked towards Rockruff and noticed him telling Litten to calm down. So Litten thought: 'What would Sun do?' He realized that Sun would try and figure out the opponent's moves if nothing else was working. So that's what he did, instead of attacking, he watched Spinda's moments carefully. To any normal person, they looked sloppy, clumsy and random, but this was Spinda's best defense. His clumsy moments made it impossible for a Pokémon that wasn't Psychic to predict his movements. When Litten realized this, he decided to close his eyes and instead would rely on his ears to tell him where Spinda was. After tuning out the cheers from the other Pokémon, he started to charge up an Ember. As soon as he did that, he heard rapid footsteps speeding towards him. Litten quickly used his cat reflexes to front-flip over Spinda's Sucker Punch and Spinda, as well as the other Pokémon, were shocked.

Litten took the opportunity to fill his mouth with fire and he jumped to the confused Spinda and bit down on his head. Spinda rolled away and he rose to his feet and continued to do his confusing movements, but Litten already had him figured out. The next time Litten would open his eyes he would shoot a piercing glare at Spinda that intimidated him and his defense was lowered. Litten ran as fast as he could and his claws outstretched from his paws and he raked Spinda in the face and a second time across his stomach.

Spinda fell on his back and wasn't moving. After Litten turned to him, he got back up and the Spinda shrugged his shoulders, indicating that he gave up and the rowdy Pokémon started cheering.

"YES! He did it!" Sun cheered. "But how did he do it?"

"Litten must have figured out Spinda's unusual movements, and when he got them down. He was able to take him down." Moon analyzed.

"Awesome… he figured that out on his own!"

"Yeah, but it doesn't look like he's done yet."

As Litten was panting, a Machop stepped to face him and it started to flex his muscles. The Machop wasted no time and ran to Litten and he swiped his feet across Litten's front paws, tripping him and he fell to his face. After the Low Kick, Machop raised a hand to Karate Chop Litten but the fire cat jumped back and he charged an Ember in his maw and fired it to Machop.

When the embers exploded on the Superpower Pokémon, the Machop was surrounded by a pale red aura and it looked like he was in pain. This indicated that he was burned, Machop got mad and he landed a Karate Chop on Litten's head. But Litten actually shook it off, he expected it to hurt a lot more but it didn't. Litten didn't know it, but it was because of Machop's burn that he couldn't do much damage as he would have liked.

Never the less, Litten scratched Machop and his mouth filled with fire and he chomped down on Machop's arm and he tossed the Pokémon up into the air. Litten shot up as well and his claws stretched out and he slashed Machop twice, and Machop hit the ground.

When Litten landed on his feet, he let out a growl, almost asking if the Machop had had enough. The Machop quickly conceded and he walked back into the crowd. Litten was starting to feel tired, but he saw an Oran berry rolled to him. Litten quickly ate it and he saw a Mawile rolled it to him. Litten felt refreshed and ready to fight again.

"How long can Litten keep up the fighting?" Sun asked.

"As long as he can," Moon said. "We've got a long night ahead of us."

As the night went on, Litten went on to defeat more and more Pokémon; he managed to best a Roggenrola, a Zubat, a Carbink and even a Psyduck. The sun started to slowly peak over the horizon and Litten was waiting for his next opponent.

The Lycanroc looked down at Litten and he started to stomp the ground, when he did this, Rockruff did the same. Other Pokémon started to catch on and they were stomping their feet and once they were all stomping, the ground started to shake underneath them.

"W-what's going on!?" Sun asked.

"Don't look at me!" Moon exclaimed. Suddenly a pair of eyes was glaring out of the cave behind them, the Pokémon behind the two let out a terrifying roar. The Pokémon shot out and it was revealed to be made out of rocks that were clumped together and it slithered towards the large group of Pokémon and it glared right at Litten. The large rock Pokémon, hugely towered over litten

"W-WHAT THE HECK IS THAT!?" Moon comically screamed while she hugged herself in fear

"O-ONIX!?" Sun exclaimed.

"That thing is native to Alola!?" Moon asked.

Rotom had question marks on its display. "Not uzzually, sightings of Onix are extremely rare… in fact, I think this is the only one in Alola. It probably lives deep within the underground tunnelzzz of Ten Carat Hill! Kzzt! Only my scanners would be able to locate it, and even then I'd have to have my scanners upgraded."

"Well from what I know about Onix in Kanto, they are very bad news…" Sun said. "I'm really worried about Litten…"

Litten looked up at his opponent and he was sweating profusely but he quickly shook it off and remembered that Sun wouldn't run from a challenge, so why should he? He growled at Onix and sent a burst of fire to Onix's face but it did very little to hurt the Rock Snake Pokémon.

Litten gulped as Onix attempted to slam his tail right down onto Litten but he ran from the impact and he saw the tail left a hole in the ground. Litten panted as he jumped as high as he could but could only get as high as the mid-section of Onix and he raked that section with Scratch, but it wasn't doing any damage at all.

Onix them generated large rocks and he threw them to Litten and when the fire cat landed on his feet he managed to avoid most of them, but one of them hit and he was thrown back and he looked very hurt.

"I've got to get out there!" Sun exclaimed.

"No, Sun you can't! I would like to help too, but I can't just go out there myself. Right Popplio?" Moon looked to her side and saw that Popplio was gone and they both saw Popplio hopping towards the commotion in order to help Litten. "Popplio! GET BACK HERE!" Popplio blasted a stream of water that hit Onix in the face and it looked to do… acceptable damage because Onix was glaring at her.

He let out a loud roar and he roared and bright blue flames were shooting towards Popplio. The Dragon Breath engulfed her and she was covered in burns. Litten got up to see this and he was shocked to see that Popplio was trying to fight against Onix and he ran to her as soon as Onix flicked his tail to her.

As the tail was about to slam into Popplio, Litten slid in front of her, turned around and he shot off of his front paws and blocked the tail from slamming into her with his rear paws. Once the tail was out of the way, Litten drove his right rear paw onto the midsection of Onix and a small crack was made and Onix roared in anger.

Litten protectively stood in front of Popplio and he let Onix know that his fight was with him. Rockruff looked down with an impressed expression and looked to Lycanroc. The wolf Pokémon nodded and he barked to Onix and nodded to the rock snake after getting his attention

Onix then nodded back and he got on his stomach and quickly slithered back to the caves of Ten Carat Hill.

As the sun was coming up Lycanroc started to howl, then Rockruff joined in the howl and soon all the other Pokémon were forming their respective cries into howls. Then Litten joined in, and so did Popplio.

Both Sun and Moon let out sighs of relief. "Glad that's over…" Sun said.

"We should probably get out of here before, Lycanroc sees us." Moon suggested

"But what about Litten and Popplio?"

"They'll find their way back, now c'mon."

"Alright…" Sun, Moon and Rotom snuck away while the howling was going on.

They got back on Route 1 and both trainers were still trying to take in what they saw. "Woah, seeing Litten battle like that, it made me see him in a new light."

"That's because you've never seen Litten battle on his own before. So it was a new experience." Moon said.

Running onto Route 1, Litten, Popplio, and Rockruff met up with Sun. "There you guys are, about time you finally got here." Sun picked up Litten and he noticed the battle scars that he had gotten from his battles. "Well, what happened to you?" Sun fake asked, not wanting Litten and specifically Rockruff to know that they were watching them.

Litten meowed and he licked Sun's face.

"Now how about we get some rest, we have an important battle coming up for us." Litten gave a single nod of agreement.

"Wait, where did Rockruff run off to?" Moon asked. And true to her questioning, the rock type had run off somewhere.

Both trainers shrugged and Sun went into his house to rest while Moon walked off somewhere else with Popplio.

That afternoon, Hala, Kukui, Lillie, Hau, and Eclipse were waiting for Sun to arrive. "Where is he? I am starting to get worried." Lillie said.

"Perhaps he is taking another day to prepare for the challenge?" Eclipse said.

"Don't worry you two, like a perfectly timed Counter, Sun will find a way to beat Hala." Kukui said.

"Well, I can hope so, because he won't find it so easy to beat me, even with training," Hala said.

"Wait, here they come now!" Hau excitedly exclaimed.

Both Sun and Moon were making their way to the center of Iki Town, Litten was by Sun's side as they got close.

"Hmm, excellent, you have arrived. So Sun are you ready to take on my Grand Trial this time?"

Sun smirked and he looked down at Litten who also had a confident look. "You bet we are!"

Hala then walked onto the stage. "I'll be waiting then."

Sun then knelt down and whispered in Litten's ear. "Hey, before we start, you should know I saw you battling last night." Litten was shocked and his fur frizzed for a second. "Calm down, I saw how you fought and I think it is going to serve us well against Hala. So let's give it our best shot!" Litten nodded and he jumped onto the stage and Sun joined him.

"So you two looked fired up, haha. So let's see if this result will be any different." He had an Ultra Ball in his hand and he threw it towards the stage. Coming out in a blue flash was a Pokémon that was a lot larger than Makuhita. It looked akin to a sumo wrestler, it had very large, and three-fingered hands, a yellow skirt that was torn in some places and what looked like blue pants that covered his legs. He had two-toed feet. The rest of his body was colored white with a dark blue crest stretching from between his eyes to the back of his ears.

"Oh no…" Moon muttered.

"Who is that Pokémon?" Lillie asked.

"Leave it to bzzt meee!" Rotom took a picture of the Pokémon and it showed on his display.

'Hariyama, the Arm Thrust Pokémon, and the evolved form of Makuhita. They love to compare their freakish strength—strength enough to send a truck flying with a single slap.'

"T-that… sounds scary…"

"That's definitely Tutu's doing," Hau said. "He likes to train himself and his Pokémon. So Makuhita must have evolved last night,"

"No rest for a Kahuna," Hala said. "I am always training up my friends. So, knowing the huge task ahead of you, are you still going to take me on?"

Sun was initially shocked but he quickly got over it. "It doesn't really matter about the Pokémon I have to beat does it? My goal stays the same, I have to beat you to pass the Grand Trial right?"

Hala nodded while he smiled. "So let the Grand Trial begin!" both Hala and Hariyama stomped their feet in a sumo wrestling fashion and they both glared at Sun and Litten.

"Litten let's start with Scratch!" Litten shot forward and his claws stretched out of his paws.

Hala had a serious expression and looked at his target. "Hariyama, use Fake Out!" Hariyama shot forward and he clapped his large hands in front of Litten's face and the fire cat flew back and slid back on his feet.

"Hey Litten are you okay?"

Litten nodded to Sun and looked at Hariyama. "Okay, let's really get going. Litten use Scratch!" Litten meowed and he ran forward to Hariyama.

"Stop him, use Force Palm!" Hariyama ran towards Litten and threw his large palm forward but Litten quickly sidestepped the attack and he leaped right up at the side of Hariyama's face and raked his face with his claws.

Litten pushed off of Hariyama and landed on his feet on Sun's side of the stage. "That was awesome Litten."

"So it would appear that Litten is a lot faster now," Hala commented.

"You bet, so it makes it easier to do this! Litten use Fire Fang!" Flames leaked out of Litten's mouth and he shot forward to Hariyama. While he hung in the air, Hariyama could see where Litten was aiming for.

"Force Palm now!" Hariyama shot his palm into Litten's body and the Fire Cat went shooting back towards Sun. He rolled in front of him and Sun got worried.

"Litten, are you okay?" Litten slowly rose to his feet and shook off the damage he took from Hariyama.

"You and Litten have improved, but so have I."

Sun formed an idea in his head. "Litten run around Hariyama and keep using Ember over and over." Litten complied and he was running towards Hariyama and he was shooting Embers out of his mouth over and over and they were hitting Hariyama, though they weren't doing much damage to him.

"What are you planning, Sun?" Hala threw his arm up. "Hariyama, use Force Palm."

Sun was quick to give Litten another command. "Listen to his movements and dodge!" Litten flashed back to when he closed his eyes and listened to the movements of the Spinda. He did the same and shut his eyes, and when he did he listened out for the movements of his feet which suggested where he would attack. Litten jumped over the large palm and ran up Hariyama's arm and shot an Ember in his face.

"Yes!" Sun cheered.

"Amazing…" Lillie commented. "How was Litten able to do that?" she asked.

Moon playfully shrugged her shoulders. "Eh, I wouldn't know… Maybe Sun just got a lot better. And I totally had nothing to do with that." she playfully said.

Litten continued firing Embers at Hariyama and Litten was starting to get tired. "Keep going Litten. I know you can do it!"

Litten narrowly avoided another Force Palm and he jumped to Hariyama's face and kicked off of him with his hind paws. Litten blasted another Ember and this time when it hit. Hariyama was surrounded by a pale red aura and he was in pain all over his body.

Kukui was impressed as he figured out what Sun was doing. "Oh yeah, Sun has definitely improved!"

"How so professor?" Eclipse asked in her usual dull tone.

"The reason Litten let off so many Embers was because Sun wanted to burn Hariyama." He explained.

"How is that beneficial?"

"Because when a Pokémon is burned, they will constantly lose energy, but there is an added benefit, yeah."

Hala chuckled. "Very good, you did all that just so you could burn Hariyama, so his offensive power would be reduced."

Litten flashed back to when he burned the Machop and when he took the Karate Chop that didn't do much to him. "Exactly." Sun said. "But we are far from done."

"Haha, so am I, Hariyama use Belly Drum!" Hariyama banged on his stomach like a drum, doing damage to himself but he used this technique to maximise his attack.

"He's weakened, Litten finish him with Fire Fang!" Litten sprinted forward and his fangs filled with flames.

Hala had a plan for this. "Hariyama block it with your arm!" he placed his arm in the path of Litten's fiery fangs and Hariyama still took damage from the attack. "Now use Reversal!" Sun gasped, so did Hau and Moon as they watched Hariyama grab Litten's tail and throw him to the ground.

"This is bad; Reversal is a move that does more damage the less energy the user has. Litten must have taken a lot of damage." Kukui said

"C'mon Litten." Sun thought and before Litten could even move a muscle, a fiery red aura was surrounded Litten's body and he slowly rose from the ground and his eyes shot open. Flames could be seen in his pupils for a second before he instinctively used Fire Fang and he bit down on Hariyama's neck, causing lots of damage. "Whoa… you're awesome Litten!" Litten kicked off of Hariyama and stood in front of Sun.

"Haha, well Pokémon and their bonds never cease to amaze me. That was Litten's ability." Hala said.

"What are you talking about?"

"All Pokémon have abilities, which can help them in battle or other ways. Litten's ability is Blaze. When Litten is in trouble and about to run out of energy, his Fire type moves become much stronger."

"Oh really? That's awesome Litten!"

"Nya!" Litten exclaimed.

"While I am enjoying this battle, you've done a lot of damage to Hariyama and I can't lose like this!" he crossed his arms and the Fightnium Z let off a glint before Hala decided to use his Z-Move. He was punching constantly while covered in orange-red aura. "Tapu Koko, lend me your strength!" he let out one final punch and the Z-symbol appeared in front of Hariyama! "All Out Pummelling!" the aura transferred to Hariyama and he repeatedly thrust his hands forward sending projectiles of orange palms and feet towards Litten.

Sun in response crossed his arms as well. "We're not going down without a fight!" Sun performed the moves and Litten was trying to copy Sun's movements. The white aura surrounded Sun as soon as fists hit his stomach and chest. "You're up Litten!"

"NYAAA!" the white aura transferred to Litten and he was ready.

"Our final move Litten, use Breakneck Blitz!" Litten shot off towards Hariyama, leaving a dust trail as he ran. He was avoiding the palm and feet projectiles that Hariyama had sent to him, he then had a clean path to Hariyama.

Hariyama on the other hand wasn't done as he charged forward to Litten, aiming to strike him with his large palm.

"I can't watch!" Lillie covered her eyes and both Pokémon struck each other and they slid past each other and they both collapsed.

Both Sun and Hala were worried for their Pokémon. There was a long silence, before long one of the Pokémon started getting up and everyone was gasping that even one of them could get up to their feet.

The Pokémon that got up was Litten and he proudly stood on his feet as he looked at Sun. Hala scratched the back of his head while he chuckled. "Whoa! Well played." He complimented.

Litten ran back to Sun and into his arms. "That's right we did it!" the Fire cat started licking him.

Hala pointed his Ultra Ball at Hariyama. "The results come as no surprise to me. You Sun are a fine trainer, and Litten is a fine Pokémon too." He returned Hariyama to the Ultra Ball

"Thanks, Hala."

"I can see why Tapu Koko, chose to gift you with the sparkling stone. With this victory, I shall give you this, as proof that you passed the Melemele Grand trial. Fightnium Z." he gave Sun the Z- Crystal. He then looked to Moon, Hau and Eclipse. All of you gather around. The others walked towards the stage. "With the passing of my Grand Trial, you have passed all the trials of Melemele Island. So to continue with your Island Challenge, you should move on to Akala Island."

"Don't you live there Moon?" Sun asked.

"That's right, so I can show you guys around." Suddenly they all they saw a Tauros charging towards them.

"MOOOOAAARRRRRR!" the Tarous mooed.

"I got this!" Moon stood in front of everyone and outstretched her arms and stood in Tarous' path.

"Moon, what are you doing?!" Sun exclaimed.

"Poor girl, she was too young..." Eclipse said.

"See, I don't know if you're joking or if you are serious."

The Tarous got close and it tried to stop as soon as he knew Moon wasn't going to move. After skidding to a stop, Moon walked closer to him. "So what's got you all worked up?" Moon started to stroke Tauros.

"Seems like Tauros wants to run around too, like he wants to take his own Island Challenge, yeah!" Kukui said.

Hala then thought of something. "I have an idea, Moon how about I set you up so that you can ride my Tauros whenever you'd like?"

"Whoa!" she gasped. "No kidding!?"

"No reason why he shouldn't get to enjoy the island challenge, too!"

"Oh wow, thanks Hala!"

"I'll get you all set up! This way Tarous." Hala walked into his home to retrieve the ride gear with Tarous following him.

"Wait, you want to ride Tarous?" Lillie asked.

"Don't get your braids in a twist Lil; people in Alola have been riding Pokémon for as long as I can remember." Moon explained.

"But even then, can you handle it… I mean Tauros has nearly killed us before."

"Okay one, it wasn't like that and two, Tauros here just wants to stretch his legs. With him as a ride Pokémon, he can do that and no one gets hurt, plus Tarous can get to locations a lot faster, so it's a win-win in my book!"

Hala came back out and when Tarous was following him, he had ride gear on him. "Alright, he's ready Moon, give him a try."

"Sweet." Moon leaped onto the Tauros and she tightly gripped the handle bars, Tauros was uncomfortable at first, he tried to shake the gear off. "Hey, hey. It's okay, I'm here." She said in a soothing voice. Tarous calmed down and he stood still. "Okay, now Tauros how are you feeling?" Tauros mooed in response to Moon's question, but the fact that he wasn't trying to shake her off was good enough for her.

Hala walked to Moon and he handed her silver Pokéball. "Alright Moon, this is Tarous' Pokéball. Make sure you take good care of him. Whenever you need to get somewhere quickly or need to get obstacles out of your way, Tauros will serve you well."

Moon took the Pokéball. "Don't worry; I'll take good care of him."

Kukui looked at Sun, Moon, Hau and Eclipse. "So are the four of you going to travel together?"

"Hey, why don't we?" Hau asked. "It's better doing the Island challenge with friends." He said and he showed off his signature smile.

"I have no particular issue with it." Eclipse said.

"Why not, it could be fun." Sun added

They then turned their attention to Moon who sat on top of Tauros. She groaned to herself. "Ugh, Fine we can travel together… but just don't get in my way alright!" she warned pointing to all of them.

"Haha, yes! This calls for a celebration!" Hau exclaimed. "Let's all get Malasadas!"

Sun chuckled. "Of course, classic Hau."

Moon smirked. "Race you guys there! Let's go Tauros! Last one there buys for everyone!" Tauros roared and he left the group behind and a dust trail followed him.

"HEY, NOT FAIR!" Hau cried as he chased after Moon and Tauros.

"You're not going to chase after them?" Lillie asked looking to Sun

"I could, but then who would bring you along?" Sun said.

"W-what… oh no I couldn't possibly come, I do not wish to impose…"

"You're not imposing on anyone, you're our friend to Lillie now come along." Sun took Lillie's hand.

"Oh o-okay…" she blushed and was looking away from Sun so he wouldn't notice... but Eclipse did.

"Lillie, are you getting hot? Your face is turning red." She flatly stated.

"D-don't look at meee!" Lillie cried while flailing her free arm. Sun on the other hand was confused.

Kukui and Hala stood to the both sides of Eclipse. "So Eclipse, how are you feeling?" Kukui asked.

"Honestly… I am not too sure if I can put it into words, but I feel if I travel with them. I might find out more about this place and maybe even myself…"

"Yeah, that's the spirit!" Sun said.

Suddenly they sky turned black and everything went dark, almost as if there was a total eclipse. "Whoa!" Sun exclaimed.

"Ah!" Lillie cried in shock.

As quickly as it happened, the light had returned and everything was back to normal. "Hmm." Hala hummed.

"Professor what was that!?" Sun exclaimed in shock.

"Pew!" Nebby was shaking with fear from inside Lillie's bag.

"Is your Nebby scared?" Sun asked.

"Nebby… Don't worry – it's ok. This must be what they call a solar eclipse. It happens when the light from the sun gets covered up." Lillie said.

"Was a solar eclipse forecast for today? Ah, well. It must be some kind of good omen, yeah!" Kukui said

"A good omen? How so?"

"A long, long time ago, Alola was cloaked in darkness, yeah… But people say that's when Alola's people and Pokémon blasted all that darkness away with light! And they also say that was why people started gathering Z-Crystals, and that custom turned into the island challenge."

"Oh, well I'd like to hear more of that story sometime." Sun said.

"I'll be happy to tell you, but right now you must catch up with Hau and Moon." Hala said.


However, Eclipse kept her gaze to the sky and they noticed that both her eyes were green. "Eclipse… beware the Blinding One…" she muttered to herself.

"Eclipse…?" Sun asked with concern in his voice.

"Who is Eclipse?" she asked. "That isn't my name…" she said but in a more timid tone that her usual dull one.

"WHAT!?" Sun and Lillie exclaimed.

Eclipse blinked and her left eye returned to its red colour. She noticed that both Sun and Lillie were staring at her.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" she asked not remembering what she had just said.

"Well… didn't you just…?" Sun started.

"Your eye changed colour… then you started saying some weird stuff." Lillie said.

Eclipse was dumbfounded. "I do not remember those actions taking place."

"Wait, what's your name?" Sun said.

"Eclipse… but you already knew this…" she answered.

Sun and Lillie gave concerned looks to each other. They knew they wouldn't get answers from Eclipse anytime soon so they decided to drop it.

"Never mind, we should catch up with Moon and Hau." Sun said.

"Oh r-right…"

The three left, leaving Kukui and Hala. "What do you think Kukui?" Hala asked, referring to Eclipse's actions.

"It is unusual, yeah… but I wouldn't hold it against her. Hopefully she will be able to find herself through the island challenge."

A distance behind them stood Tapu Koko and an electric aura covered it as it flew up into the air. "KOKOKOOOOO!" it screamed while it was soaring through the sky.

Kukui and Hala turned around. "Was that…?"

"No doubt about it." Hala said. "That was Tapu Koko, it seems as if he has taken interest in those kids, particularly Sun."

"No doubt, yeah!" Kukui said.

"Excuse me?" they saw the two figures dressed in white body suits. The woman spoke while the male kept stroking his moustache. "We'd like you to answer some questions for us."

A/N: Before someone tells me "Onix doesn't exist in Alola." or something like that. You are not wrong but Onix can be found in the caves with the Island Scan. So that is why I included Onix in the chapter.

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