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Z-Move to the Beat

Pokémon: Adventures of Sun and Moon
Chapter 6: Z-Move to the Beat

The day after Sun and Moon had completed their trial, they were both resting by the Motel on Route 2. Moon was up early to practice her Z-Moves.

"Popplio, let's do it again." Moon exclaimed. Both she and Popplio started moving in-sync with each other; they were both practicing their stretches. After their quick warm-up, Moon got down to Popplio's level. "Okay, what do you say, you think you're ready to try that Z-Move?"

"Arf!" Popplio barked with an excited expression.

"Here we go!" Moon crossed her wrists and the white Normalium-Z on her Z-Ring started to shine brightly. She quickly uncrossed them and swung them around her in a circle before stretching them forward, re-crossing them. Soon a flaring white aura surrounded her and Popplio. She then stretched both her arms to her right foot before swinging her left arm in the opposite direction. Both her arms formed fists and her right hand went to her forehead and the left went to the crown of her head.

The white auras around both her and Popplio intensified and the Z-sigil appeared in front of Popplio. And she placed her front flippers firmly on the ground. "Now, Breakneck Blitz!" Moon chanted while punching her fist forward. The blazing white aura intensified and Popplio shot forward, leaving a huge shock wave in her wake that nearly threw Moon off her feet.

Popplio's target was the rock that Moon hauled over earlier. Popplio crashed into the rock head first, shattering it to nothing but tiny pebbles. Hearing the explosion, Sun shot the door of his room open with Litten standing by his side. "W-what's going on!?"

When the dust cleared, Popplio stood by what was left to the huge rock and she was happily clapping her flippers while barking.

"Aw yeah, Popplio! That was AWESOME!" she exclaimed while hugging the blue sea lion. Popplio continued to bark happily as Moon embraced her.

Sun and Litten had shared faces of confusion. "Uh… Moon…?"

"Oh, mornin' outsider! Ya sleep well?" Moon asked.

"W-what's going on?"

"Popplio and I were practicing our Z-Move. And it's safe to say that Popplio and I have got it down, ain't that right?"

"Arr." she cheered

"You should probably get changed, we'll be leaving soon."

Sun noticed he was still wearing his white shirt and boxer shorts and he blushed before chuckling to himself, "Hey, by the way, where is Rotom?"

"Right here, bzzt!" he was sitting by one of the palm trees. "I came out here to watch Moon perform her zzzZ-Moves and it was Awesome!" Popplio then puffed her cheeks showing she was annoyed that Rotom forgot about her. "You looked amazzzing too Popplio!"

"Alright, well I'm going to get ready." Sun said.

"Just don't take too long."

About an hour later, Hau and Eclipse were standing in front of the Verdant Cavern. Hau looked as determined as ever to get started with his trial. Ilima was standing in front of the cave. "Morning you two, I see you two want to take the Trail of Ilima, huh?"

"Of course!" Hau answered.

"Sure… I guess…" Eclipse dully replied.

"Alright then, there are three groups of Rattata and Yungoos you must defeat, after that you must head to the back of the cave and pick up the two Z-Crystals waiting for you."

"You got all that Eclipse?" Hau asked.

She replied simply by giving a thumbs up. "I wish the two of you, good luck." Ilima said.

"Thanks!" Hau exclaimed. He took Eclipse's arm. "Let's do this Eclipse, oh yeah!"

"Don't pull so hard…"

They were both walking through the cave, keeping an eye out for any Yungoos or Rattata. "So do you know where Lillie is? I didn't see her this morning."

"Lillie told me, that she wanted to go for a walk around Melemele, she said wanted to let Cosmog out for a little bit in secret."

"How do you think Sun and Moon did on this trial?"

"Probably well, I can see those two working well together, with their chemistry and personality, they even out each other's weaknesses."

"That sounds great! What about the two of us?"

Suddenly three white dots appeared over Eclipse, indicating that she was thinking hard about Hau's question. "I would say that maybe we are... Complete opposites, but that isn't really a bad thing." Eclipse's left ear suddenly twitched. "Ambush!" she quickly threw out Misdreavus and the ghost type giggled as she twirled after leaving her Pokéball. "Over there, a Pokémon is about to dig out of the ground. Use Astonish!" Eclipse pointed to the spot and as the Yungoos shot out, Misdreavus collided with it, sending it back. A Rattata ran onto the scene but had a white question mark over his head when he didn't see Yungoos.

"It's our turn, come out Rowlet!" Hau threw out Rowlet and he tiredly landed on the ground. "Rowlet, attack that Rattata with Peck!" Rowlet looked shocked as he became fully awake. He shot forward while his beak was engulfed in a bluish white glow. He pecked Rattata with his beak and he slid back. Hau then looked to Eclipse. "That was amazing! How did you know that Yungoos was going to jump out of the ground like that?"

"I think it has something to do with my enhanced senses… I could hear the Yungoos digging through the ground, even though most probably could not."

"Whoa! So you could hear things from far away… like could you hear the boats of the Marina from here?"

"My senses are not that heightened, but they are useful… like when I am trying to seek out delicious food… by sniffing the air."

"You really like food don't you?" Hau asked rhetorically while he had a sweatdrop on the back of his head.

"We really need to keep going, they are coming back."

"OK! Rowlet use Leafage!" Rowlet shot four sharp green glowing leaves towards Rattata.

Misdreavus hovered back to Eclipse. "Weaken their attack with Growl." Misdreavus let out a scream which lowered the attack of Yungoos and Rattata. "Your turn Hau."

"You got it Eclipse!" Hau confidently said.

Hau and Eclipse proceeded to work together as they started their first trial.

Meanwhile, Sun and Moon were about to head to into Route 3 with their partner Pokémon at their sides. "Aw man! I can't wait to get to attempt the Grand Trial! Hala better watch out, haha!" Moon excitedly exclaimed.

"Oh… y-yeah sure…" Sun said with a nervous laugh.

"What's up?"

"U-uh… it's nothing. I'm just a bit tired from yesterday." He lied.

"Weak…" Moon jabbed. "Oh, man after performing that Z-Move! I am so pumped to find the rest of the Z-Crystals!"

They both saw Kukui and Ilima standing in front of the Verdant Cavern. "Oh look it's the professor."

Both trainers met up with them. "Hey there, you two, I thought I recognized those voices. I heard about yesterday's trial from Ilima, great work, yeah!"

"Oh please, those Totem Pokémon didn't stand a chance against us… haha." Moon confidently said.

"Well, I suppose I should teach you two about how to use Z-Power with those crystals you got in the trial."

Moon quickly smirked. "You don't have to Professor… I already got it!"

"Very impressive, you actually learned to use the Normalium-Z already."

"Of course… I can show you guys…"

Rotom cheered beside her. "Yeeeah! I s-saw it with my own eyezzz!" Rotom excitedly said. "It wazz amazzzing!"

"Really? Well, let's see it, Moon." Kukui said.

"It will be interesting to see," Ilima said.

"Do it! Do it! Do it!" Rotom cheered.

"Alright, you ready to give it another go Popplio?" Popplio barked gleefully as she looked up at Moon. "Let's go…" she saw a boulder that was a small distance away. "There, that's your target!"

"Arf!" Popplio excitedly barked.

"Here we go!" Moon crossed her arms and she performed the moves for the Normal type Z move perfectly. "I've been practicing the moves since last night. I've got them down perfectly!" she said as she finished performing the moves. "Go Popplio, Breakneck Blitz!" Both Popplio and Moon were engulfed in a bright white aura. Popplio raced forward, leaving behind a small crater where she once stood. She crashed her head into the rock which shattered to dust. Once it cleared, Popplio stood on her rear flippers and she gave a bow.

Both Ilima and Kukui clapped. "Wow, that was great!" he complimented. "Seeing a move of that Magnitude makes me want to see an Encore, yeah!"

"You are a very fast learner Moon, I'm proud…" Ilima said.

"Oh… man…! That wazzz AWESOME!" Rotom said hovering close to Moon. "It'z kzzt like you and Popplio were made for this!"

Kukui then looked at Sun. "Well how about it Sun, you ready to give it a try?" Sun slightly blushed and he shook his head.

"I-I haven't exactly got the moves down yet…" he then let out an awkward laugh.

"You don't worry about a thing, I'm sure you'll pick it up. So you two should know that Z-Moves heap all of a trainer's feeling onto a Pokémon, yeah, which totally wears you out! Z-Power once per battle is all a team can handle, yeah."

"Awesome, I can't wait to use it in a real battle! That will be so sweet!" Moon excitedly said.

"Oh no!" Kukui exclaimed. "It's like I was hit with Amnesia! I forgot that earlier this morning, I lost Lillie somewhere on Route 3!"

"Lillie?! Is she okay?" Sun worriedly asked.

"She should be fine, but I worry about her. So I wanted to ask you two if you could spare some time to help me look for her."

"Well, of course, we'll help, right Moon," Sun said.

"Yeah, we'll keep our eyes peeled for the princess. " Moon replied.

"Your friends Hau and Eclipse are in the Verdant Cavern doing their trial. If they find her, I'm sure they will bring her back."

"Thanks, cousins. Let's split up and find her, yeah!"

Sun and Moon then took to the rocky path of Route 3 while Kukui tracked back to Route 2. Ilima stayed by the Verdant Cavern, waiting for both Hau and Eclipse to finish their trial.

Meanwhile, inside the Verdant Cavern, Hau and Eclipse had just beaten the last trio of Ratatta and Yungoose. "Alright, last hurdle Eclipse!" Eclipse silently nodded, he gave her an Oran Berry. "Feed it to Misdreavus, she'll have tons of energy after eating it."

She took the berry and Eclipse then outstretched her right hand and offered it to Misdreavus. The ghost type took a nibble out of the berry before she took two more bites, eating it whole. She back flipped in the air and giggled at Eclipse.

"See she likes it!" Hau said. "Now are we ready to finish this trial!"

"Hau…" Eclipse quickly grabbed onto his arm. "I-I…I've wanted to ask you something since yesterday."

"Oh, sure what's up?"

"It's what we talked about yesterday… you said you would find a way to make me smile… and you didn't..."

Hau felt nervous and scratched the back of his head. "Yeah, well you're a tougher nut to crack than I first thought."

"Perhaps you were going at it the wrong way. I've been thinking about this very much… I have to ask, Hau. What is it that makes you smile?"

Hau chuckled. "Well it's not like one thing is enough to make me smile you know. Like eating Malasadas makes me smile 'cause they are delicious… I'm not sure how to answer this…"

"Do not worry, it was just something that was concerning me is all."

"Hey, Eclipse… I know that I said I would make you smile yesterday, but I guess I should have figured out that it should come naturally. So I'm sorry I tried to force it out of you yesterday."

"Don't be sorry. You tried to make me happy and I appreciate it. You even came with me on my first trial. …I wonder, is this what friendship is like?"

"Yeah, you bet! Friends do anything they can to help each other out."

"Are you saying that you are my friend?"

"Of course, I'd do anything for you Eclipse."

Eclipse's face became flushed and she felt compelled to look away from Hau. "Don't say such things so casually…"

"But it's true." Hau put his hand on his chest to emphasize his point. "I mean you're new to many things, so I want help you through them as much as I can."

Eclipse was blushing and she quickly dug into her Pikachu themed backpack. "I wanted to give you a gift for being so nice to me, but for some reason, I want to give it to you now." She had a Pokéball in her hand. "This is for you."

"For me, you gave me a Pokéball?"

"It is what is inside the Pokéball."

Hau opened it and shooting out in a bright blue flash was a bright yellow rodent Pokémon with pale yellow fur, sharp ears with black ear tips, a black collar, and a black angular tail. She had pink cheek pouches on her face and a tiny black dot for a nose. "Aww, what a cute little Pichu." Hau cooed as he picked up the little Pokémon.

"Chuuuu!" Pichu squeaked as she nuzzled her cheek with Hau's.

"Wait, are you giving her to me?"

"Yes, you see long before I met any of you. I was roaming around Melemele Island and I found a peculiar egg. So I took it to the Pokémon centre… then it hatched yesterday. Nurse Joy wanted me to have the Pokémon, but then for some reason… I thought Pichu would be better in your hands."


"You treated me so well yesterday, so I thought that Pichu should be raised by you." Eclipse was suddenly smothered by Hau as he hugged her without warning.

"Thank youuuu so much Eclipse! This is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me!" Pichu also joined in the hug as she was still on Hau's shoulder.

"Hau… c-could you please let go of me…" he then backed off and awkwardly scratched his head.

"S-sorry about that, I just got so excited… plus well I wanted to show you how grateful I am."

Eclipse shuffled her left leg slightly. "I understand, but you should know... I am not very comfortable with physical contact… so warn me next time you plan on doing that."

"Oh, s-sorry."

"You did not know, do not feel bad." Eclipse then pointed to the back of the Verdant Cavern. "We should get to the back of the cavern, but I must warn you. We will be ambushed by two very powerful Pokémon."

"Oh yes, the Totem Pokémon. Well, I say bring it on! Rowlet and I are ready, and Pichu can sit back and watch."

"Chuuu!" Pichu cheerfully exclaimed.

"Right let's do it!" Hau was about to grab Eclipse's arm but he remembered what she told him about her and physical contact. "Oh r-right…"

"I am okay with that kind of contact. To be honest, I have gotten quite used to you dragging me around by now." She said as if she was able to read his mind.

"Whoa, it's like you read my mind!"

"Your body language was slightly obvious. Now we should continue with our trial."

"You got it, here I come Totem Pokémon!" Hau sprinted into the back of the Verdant Cavern with Eclipse staying behind.

"He is just full of energy isn't he?" Eclipse thought to herself. She followed Hau to the back of the cave as well.

"So brzzt what was it like uzzsing a Z-Move!?" Sun and Moon were walking on the rocky terrain of Route 3 and there were numerous bird Pokémon flying overhead and they were also perched on the top of high rocky terrain.

Rotom was zipping around Moon, trying to figure out how she was able to perform her Z-Move in a short amount of time.

"I guess I just always had it in me." She replied with a shrug. "But the key is to be flexible, yet precise with your movements." She said. "Plus the move will be more powerful if you have a good relationship with that Pokémon."

"Amazzzing!" Rotom exclaimed. "Hey, Sun, why don't you try bzrrt?"

Sun looked slightly nervous. "Uh… maybe later… I mean we have to keep an eye out for Lillie."

"Lillie couldn't possibly get into huge trouble, so we can kill some time," Moon said. "Alright let's see what you got!" Litten brushed up against Sun's leg and meowed at him, urging him to at least try.

"Okay, I'm going to do it!" Sun crossed his hands in front of him and the Normalium-Z on his Z-ring shone and he uncrossed his arms and he quickly shot them forward, and a white blazing aura covered both him and Litten. Both his hands touched his left foot and he stretched them and he quickly pounded his chest twice with the sides of his fists. "Okay Litten, Breakneck Blitz!" after Sun yelled this, Litten was ready to charge but the white aura quickly flickered out and all the energy that Sun and Litten had built was gone instantly. "Wait… what happened!?" Sun exclaimed. Litten tilted his head and a green question mark rose off his head.

Moon walked up to him. "I see the problem; first off your moves were all wrong. Secondly, you are very stiff with your movements." She said counting the mistakes with her fingers. "If you can't get the moves right, then you and your Pokémon can't communicate your feelings to each other and the Z-Move will fail."

"But I've only seen it once. How can I get it right the first time?"

"Fine, then watch what I do, and then follow my movements." Moon started to perform the movements for the Z-Move and Sun tried to follow as best as he could but he still wasn't as flexible and fluid as Moon. Sun was in the final pose. "Okay, stay like that!" she walked behind him and she made him spread his legs slightly apart. "Hmm… almost, but your left fist has to be on your forehead and your other fist on your stomach." She moved his arms as she said this, and unbeknownst to her, Sun's cheeks were a deep red as Moon was moving his arms. "You got it?"

"U-um… I think so…"

"Good! Remember, Z-Moves can only be used once in a battle." Moon walked in front of him. "…but, you haven't actually used a Z-Move so you and Litten should still be good to go." Moon pulled out her Pokéball before tossing it up, and shooting out in a blue flash was Pikipek. "Okay, I'm going to do it with you." Her gaze turned to Pikipek. "I've got a Z-Crystal, Pikipek. You want to practice with me?"

Pikipek happily chirped in response. A moment later, Sun and Litten were standing beside Moon and Pikipek. "Ready Sun?"

"Yeah, I've got it this time!"

Both Sun and Moon prepared to do their Z-Moves and their movements were similar in that Moon's were more precise and fluid while Sun's were stiff and rigid. Both Litten and Pikipek were surrounded in blazing white auras and when their trainers both finished, only the Z sigil flashed in front of Pikipek.

"Breakneck Blitz!" the both yelled, but it was only Pikipek that rushed forward with the aura powering him. She flew right through a boulder which shattered into lots of pieces.

"Haha, awesome!" Moon cheered, she looked next to her and he had a sweatdrop fall from the side of her face when she noticed that Litten was in the same spot.

"I don't get it! Why can't I get it right!?" Sun cried.

Moon attempted to comfort him. "Hey, hey, look Sun. You'll get it right, you've got the moves down, you just have to stop being so tense. Just calm down and just go with the flow."

"But… how does that make sense?!"

"I don't know how else to explain this, Sun. But just don't worry about it so much. I know you'll get it right. It will come to you."

"What makes you so sure?"

"Duh, cause you're you. You'll get it right, and if you don't then I'll teach you until you do."

Sun forced a small smile; even though he was still bummed he couldn't figure out the Z-Move. He did get to see Moon's nice and caring side. "Thanks, Moon."

"D-don't get the wrong idea, I'm just helping you cause I can see that you need it."

"HEEEY GUYS!" they heard.

Both Sun and Moon turned to see Hau and Eclipse sprinting to them… rather Hau was doing all the sprinting while he held Eclipse's arm in tow.

"Hau… and weird girl." Moon greeted

"Guess what!? We completed the trial! And Eclipse was awesome, it's like she predicted what the Totem Pokémon were going to do before they did it!"

"Hau is over exaggerating. Based on observing Rattata and Yungoos behavior I simply took that into account when thinking about a strategy to defeat the Totem Pokémon."

"See, Eclipse is a genius!" Hau said. "A real Brainiac!"

"Nerd…" Moon playfully mocked but Sun quickly jabbed her arm. "Ow… what?"

Hau gave a determined look at Sun. "And guess what? Tutu stopped by the Verdant Cavern and he gave me and Eclipse these!" he flashed his shiny Z-Ring while Eclipse casually held hers up.

"They are shiny..." Eclipse mouthed.

"Sweet, you got a Z-Ring too?" Moon said.

"You bet, and I can't wait to show you guys Rowlet and mine's Z-Move." He then looked at Sun. "Hey, I just thought of something great. Let's battle Sun, you and me. Then we can show off our Z-Moves!"

Sun's pupils shrank slightly and he quickly thought of a way to decline the battle. "A-actually Hau, Litten and I aren't feeling up to it right now." An exclamation mark appeared over Litten and he jumped up and meowed at Sun.

"Hmm… it looks to me like Litten wants to battle despite your claim." Eclipse said.

Sun gave a sigh. "Okay, Hau lets give it our best shot!"

"Yeah, I'm going to start with my new partner!" Hau exclaimed. "Come out girl!" he threw out a Pokéball and landing on her feet was the Pichu that Eclipse had gifted Hau with.

Rotom got excited. "Whoa! Not only do I get to zzsee Z-Moves but I get to see New Pokémon too." He zoomed closer to Pichu, spooking the little electric type. "Pleeazze can I scan you!" though he already took a picture and started scanning before Pichu could even give her consent

"Pichu the Tiny Mouse Pokémon, It is not yet skilled at controlling electricity. If you take your eyes off it, it may shock itself."

Right after Rotom said this, Pichu cutely sneezed and she fell back after an electric shock sent a jolt through her body.

"Oh no, Pichu are you alright?" Hau worriedly asked. Pichu rapidly nodded her head. "Okay, Sun whenever you're ready!"

Sun opened Grubbin's Pokéball and the bug type appeared. "Okay, Litten hang back for now." Litten lowered his head but he complied and stepped behind him. "Hau, you can start!"

"Hehe got it. Pichu, use Thunder Shock!" Pichu's tail shot up before it was covered in a bright yellow glow. Pichu's cute pink cheeks shot a small jolt of electricity to Grubbin.

"Quick Grubbin, go under with Dig!" Grubbin dug underground and avoided the electric jolt.

Eclipse gasped and her pupils slightly shrunk and she looked at Hau. "Hau, be careful! Dig is a Ground-type move and it will certainly defeat Pichu in one hit!" she warned while slightly raising her voice. Moon was surprised that Eclipse could raise her voice at all.

Hau saw the ground moving around underneath Pichu. "Thanks, Eclipse, alright Pichu…" he watched the ground carefully and he immediately knew where Grubbin would emerge. "There, jump to the left!" Pichu clumsily jumped out of the way from the snapping mandibles of the Grubbin.

"He missed?!" Sun asked.

"Quick Pichu use Charm!" Pichu started staring at Grubbin and Pichu's eyes started to shine as if she was about to cry. Grubbin's attack sharply fell thanks to this.

"Grubbin use Bug Bite!" Grubbin jumped towards Pichu and his fangs were opening as his mandibles spread out. He bit on Pichu's arm and she screamed in panic but noticed that the attack didn't hurt as much as she thought.

"Quick Pichu! Use Thunder Shock!" Pichu shocked Grubbin, the Bug-type was struck and he fell off Pichu's arm.

"Grubbin, use Vicegrip, then back away!" Grubbin bopped the head of Pichu and he then slithered away. "Now use Dig!" Grubbin dug into the ground for the second time.

"Pichu, listen out for him. Just like Eclipse would. Then jump up when he gets close."

"Pi! Pichu-Pi!" she exclaimed. She closed her eyes and heard Grubbin getting closer and her eyes shot open and she leaped up right before Grubbin's attack could strike her.

Sun gasped while Hau's eyes sparkled. "Awesome, use Thunder Shock!" Pichu's cheeks shone and she shot another jolt that struck Grubbin and he fell from the air as smoke surrounded his unconscious body.

"Whoa… fried Grubbin anyone?" Moon jabbed before chuckling to herself.

"I do not get it." Eclipse muttered.

Pichu ran back to Hau while Sun returned Grubbin to his Pokéball. "Oh yeeeah! You were awesome Pichu!" Pichu looked up to Hau and she asked to be picked up. Hau complied and Pichu started nuzzling him and he faced a slight shock. "Ow, hey that tickles!"

Sun looked down at Litten, the fire cat tilted his head because he had a feeling that something was wrong. "It looks like you're up Litten."

"Hey Sun, I think Pichu's had enough, so I'm going to switch. That cool?"

"Go for it."

While Pichu was lying on Hau's head, he threw out Rowlet who was asleep as soon as he exited the Pokéball. "Okay, let's give it everything we got Rowlet, we've already beaten Grubbin!" Rowlet's moving snot bubble popped and he woke up with a shock. He saw the stoic looking fire-cat a fair distance away

"Litten, let's make this quick! Use Fire Fang!" his fur flared up as a red aura surrounded him. Fire filled his maw as he sprinted to Rowlet and the flames were leaking out as he was running towards the grass owl.

"Rowlet use Growl, and then fly up!" Rowlet let out a loud coo that weakened the flames that were inside Litten's mouth. "Now keep him back with Leafage!" Rowlet spread his wings and shot four glowing green leaf arrows that hit Litten in the forehead. It wasn't enough to do any decent damage but it did shut down the Fire Fang that Litten was charging.

"Litten, what's up?" Sun asked, Litten only meowed in slight annoyance. "Okay, then just use Scratch!" Litten's claws stretched out before he charged towards Rowlet.

"Alright, Rowlet! Get in there and use Tackle while dodging scratch!" Rowlet flew forward and extended his wings. As the two Pokémon got close, Rowlet swerved from Litten's scratch and shot up into the air, performed a loop-de-loop and he then clashed into Litten. After this he hovered back in the air.

Sun glared at Rowlet. "Okay Litten, use Ember!" he arched his back upwards and shot a small burst of fire towards Rowlet and it made contact as it was too fast to dodge. Rowlet landed on his talons and he was vulnerable since he was still rubbing soot from his eyes. "Yes! Litten get close, then use Fire Fang!" Litten quickly shot forward and Hau started to panic.

"Oh no, what now!?" He saw Eclipse's neutral face and he shook his head. "Calm down, Hau! You can do this!" He refocused on the battle. "Rowlet fly towards Litten then use Growl!" Rowlet used Growl and Litten's flames weakened again. "Awesome, now use Peck!" his beak was engulfed in a bluish white glow he aimed his beak forward while Litten opened his flame filled maw.

Both of the attacks made contact and Litten and Rowlet flew past each other.

"Rowlet use Peck!" Hau said knowing Rowlet was still fine to battle despite taking the earlier damage.

"Rowlet can still go on after that attack? Okay, Litten springboard off Rowlet!" Litten used his cat reflexes to jump on and off the charging Rowlet, instantly dodging his attack.

"Whoa, I thought I got you there Sun." suddenly Hau came up with an idea. "Rowlet, how about it. Let's show off the Z-Move we learned from finishing our trial earlier!"

Rotom was getting excited and he was hovering in front of both Moon and Eclipse. "Yesss! Finally! Do any of you have some popcorn!?"

The Normalium-Z on Hau's wrist shone and started to perform the dance to perform the Z-Move. Sun panicked and looked at Litten. "U-uh… Us too!" Sun crossed his arms and his Z-crystal shone.

Both Hau and Sun were performing the same dance and both they and their Pokémon were covered in blazing white auras. When Hau was performing the move, he was doing it with his ever present smile and his moves were fluid like water. Sun, on the other hand, had a more serious look and his moves were less fluid and showed hesitation and frustration.

"Breakneck Blitz!" they both yelled. A Z-sigil suddenly exploded in front of Rowlet before the white aura on the grass owl grew. He took off towards Litten before he hovered close above the ground and he was ripping the ground apart as he moved. The blazing aura that surrounded both Litten and Sun had faded and once again Litten was confused.

Rowlet was heading towards Litten at a dangerous speed. Sun didn't have enough time to give a command as Rowlet collided hard with Litten and he had taken tremendous damage as he shot back towards a tree that stopped his momentum.

"Litten!" Sun said in a panic. He sprinted to his Pokémon before gently picking him up. "Are you okay?" Litten's eyes slowly opened and he started to purr when he noticed that he was in Sun's arms. "I'm sorry… it's my fault…"

"YEEESSS!" Hau cheered. "We won! And I showed the best side of my Pokémon. Haha, with this I'll be sure to beat my Gramps!" he cheerfully exclaimed. He looked to Eclipse. "And it's thanks to the advice you gave me!"

"All I did was tell you about Rowlet's strengths and you used them to your advantage. I am happy that you are happy." She said.

"You don't look happy, but I'll take it!" Hau walked to her. "I'd hug you but…"

"How about we allow for more time before we do that?" Eclipse said.

"You got it!" he said, giving a thumbs up to the girl.

"That wazzz awesome!" Rotom squealed with jubilation. "That Breakneck Blitz was sooo powerful!"

"I know right, Rowlet was so awesome." Rowlet flew to Hau and perched himself on his shoulder, he then nuzzled Hau's right cheek.

Sun was looking down and his eyes were covered by his bangs and his cap as he held Litten. His Pokémon waved a paw in front of him to get his attention.

"Huh… oh sorry Litten, I kinda spaced out there." Sun faced Moon, Eclipse, and a celebrating Hau. "Hey guys I'm going to move forward on my own, I have some things to think about." The truth was he was really stressing about the Z-Move situation. He could understand why Moon could pick up on it so quickly, but Hau was just as much as a starting trainer as he was and yet he also looked to have gotten it right on his first try. "Why can't I do it… maybe I'm not as close to Litten as I thought…" he continued to walk across the Route and he held Litten in his arms.

"Man, what a sore loser." Moon lightly mocked.

"He didn't look fine to me; he looked very deep in thought." Eclipse noted.

"I do hope he is okay," Hau said.

Moon sighed. "I think I know why. He couldn't perform the Z-Move so he's probably down about that."

"W-well we should help him!" Hau was about to chase after him but Moon grabbed his arm.

"No, this should be something that he figures out on his own," Moon said donning a serious face.

"But, we should cheer him up, this is the saddest I've ever seen him."

"Sure we can teach him how to use a Z-Move, but he ultimately needs to figure it out on his own. It's like the professor said, it will come to him, it's only a question of when."

Eclipse nodded while her arms were folded and eyes were closed. "Okay, but I hope you're right."

Sun continued to move through Route 3 and he was heading down hill and he saw Lillie looking inside her bag. Litten noticed her and he ran down towards her. "H-hey, wait up Litten!"

Lillie turned around and her long hair and braids swung as she saw Litten and Sun coming towards her. "L-Litten?" he started to rub up against her leg and Sun caught up with him. "Ah… Sun! I'm glad to see you."

"Alola Lillie…" Sun greeted with a slightly nervous voice.

"How did your trial go?"

"Well Moon and I were shaky at first, but we got through."

"I am glad… I knew you could do it!" she gleefully said.


Lillie noticed Sun's downbeat mood. "Sun, I-is something wrong?"

"H-huh… oh no, I'm fine don't worry about it." Sun lied. Lillie had a feeling that Sun wasn't being honest with her, but she didn't know how to get the truth out of him. Sun acting wasn't like the growing inspirational figure that she made him out to be in the short time she had known him.

"Pew!" Nebby was hovering in front of Litten and she had a smile on her face. Litten sniffed her and he smiled.

"Looks like Nebby is happy to see Litten again." Nebby spun and she quickly sped down a splitting Route that led into a meadow and Litten called out but she continued exploring. "Nebby! Nebby, come back!"

"Oh no, she ran off again! And right after it got into so much trouble on the bridge, too… What if a wild Pokémon attacks her? She doesn't have any moves she can use to battle!" Sun instinctively grabbed Lillie's wrist and he sprinted towards the meadow, she was holding onto her hat so it wouldn't be blown away. "S-Sun… what are you doing?!"

"We're going to get her back!" after their brief run, they stopped in a meadow that was filled with many yellow flowers. "Whoa what is this place?"

"This is the Melemele Meadow, it is said that there is a special Pokémon here… but that isn't important right now. We need to find Nebby quickly!"

Sun nodded. "Y-yeah…" he looked to Litten. "Litten, could you sniff her out?"

"Nya?" Litten tilted his head and a question mark hovered over his head.

"I don't think Litten can do that. If we had Lilipup here then he could probably sniff her out."

Before they could figure out what to do, they saw a small bright yellow bird Pokémon with a yellow 'V' across her chest, her feathers formed a skirt just above her legs. She had darker yellow pom-pom like feathers on the ends of her wings. She had pink legs with a white underside and there were yellow puffs on her legs as well.

The Pokémon chirped as she was sucking the nectar out of a bright yellow flower. "That Pokémon is Oricorio, it changes its appearance by feeding on the nectar from different types of flowers. It's not actually evolving but undergoing a so-called 'form change' Isn't that interesting? Well, I thought it was, anyway…"

"It is, but hey… maybe Oricorio might know where Nebby is." Sun said.

"Oh, that's a good idea." Litten started meowing to the Oricorio, the bird flew over to them. Litten started communicating to the bird and he fluffed his fur to try and describe Nebby.

An exclamation mark formed over the yellow bird. She hovered up and flew off and allowed for Sun and Lillie to follow. "Thanks, Litten," Sun said and they quickly followed after her.

The Oricorio led them to a slight barren part of the meadow that had no grass and no flowers but a rocky terrain that was close-by. She pointed ahead. "I-Is Nebby there?" Lillie asked. The Oricorio chirped.

"Pew!" they all Nebby's voice

"Nebby!" she looked to Sun. "P-please Sun, we have to help Nebby…" they both ran ahead.

What they saw close-by was a flock of Spearow surrounding Nebby on the ground and they were pecking her. "Hey!" Sun exclaimed. "Leave Nebby alone, Litten use Ember!" Litten shot a ball of fire to disperse the Spearow but they didn't back down and one of them shot forward but Oricorio stepped in front of Litten and she twirled and sparks surrounded her body and she spun and an arc of electrical energy shocked one of them. "Whoa, thanks, Oricorio!" she started dancing to the same style as a cheerleader. The other two Spearow shot forward again attempting to attack. "Litten use Scratch!" Litten swiped past one of the other Spearow. There was still one that was left and it was speeding towards Lillie and she turned and saw it attacking her. Lillie screamed and she turned away but she didn't feel the attack hitting her.

She looked to see Sun standing in front of her with her arms spread out, and she gasped after seeing this. As the Spearow flew back, an electric arc hit the Spearow and it fell down to the ground. "Hey, you okay Lillie…?"

"Y-yes… thanks..."

Sun saw Nebby closing her eyes and she was shivering. "H-hey… it's okay. We're here…" Sun lifted her and took her back to Lillie. They soon heard a very loud screech and they saw a much larger bird Pokémon flying towards them, it hovered off the ground when they were in its sight. The Pokémon was brown with bright pink talons with four tail feathers and cream wing tips with a red crest on top of its head. It had the slight appearance of a vulture.

"A… a-a Fearow…!" Lillie squealed.

Oricorio was flying towards the Fearow, but his beak shone white and he smacked Oricorio away. "Oricorio!" Sun glared at the Fearow. "It's up to us Litten!" Litten meowed and turned to Fearow. "Litten start with Scratch!" Litten ran towards Fearow but before he could get close. It spun horizontally in the air like a drill with a glowing beak and he clashed with Litten and he slid back to the ground taking a lot of damage. "Litten!" He stood in a defensive stance and there were numerous gray bruises on his body.

"T-that looked like Drill Peck!" The Fearow looked to be preparing to use the same move again.

Sun saw that Oricorio was on the ground and Litten was struggling to stay on his feet. "S-Sun… do something…" Lillie urged.

"Pew…" Nebby cried while she was being held by Lillie.

Sun looked to his Z-Ring and the Normalium-Z, his reflection was seen on the crystal. "Lillie… Nebby… Litten…" he saw Litten getting to her feet. "I can't let them down!" he then crossed his arms and the Z-crystal shone brightly.

"S-Sun… what are you doing…?" Lillie asked.

He didn't give an answer as he shot his re-crossed arms forward and a blazing white aura surrounded him and Litten. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath and while they were closed he heard a very faint meow that represented Litten's thoughts. Right after he heard that a glint was seen in his mind and he then quickly opened his eyes. Slowly, he performed the moves for the Z-Move and his body looked like it was possessed because his movements were very fluid and sharp. As he performed the move, Litten also felt Sun's determination and his fur slightly flared up.

Sun placed his fisted hands on his forehead and stomach and the bright yellow z-sigil flashed in front of Litten and the aura intensified around him.

"This time for sure! Go, Litten! BREAKNECK BLITZ!" Litten growled and he shot forward while leaving a very powerful gust of wind as he ran to Fearow. His paws were making small explosions as he moved closer and closer. The aura continued getting stronger and stronger and he left the ground and Litten crashed into the stomach of the Fearow with his head. The Beak Pokémon was shot back like a bullet and he crashed into the edge of the meadow and made a shape of itself into the rock before it fell to the ground. The aura dispersed from both Sun and Litten and Nebby was cheering and standing alongside her was Oricorio and she was dancing too.

Sun chuckled to himself. "Well, I'll be darned… I did it." He collapsed to the ground and his cap fell off and Litten collapsed as well.

"Oh no! Sun, Litten!" Lillie said with a panicked tone.

Bird chirps could be heard around and Sun's vision was nothing but darkness. His vision started to lighten up and it was very blurry but he could see a white figure looking down at him and he could see two green jewels on the white figure.

"Sun, you're finally awake!"

Sun's vision focused and he saw Lillie looking down at him with an angelic smile. "Lillie… what happened?"

"You and Litten passed out. But don't worry I healed Litten and he is alright." He sat up and saw Litten playing with Oricorio and Nebby. "You and Litten saved us… what was that by the way, and when did Litten learn such a move?"

"O-oh? That was a Z-Move." He looked at his Normalium-Z. "It is a special move that a Pokémon can use only once in a battle, and it was no joke that's for sure. I got the Z-Crystal from my trial."

"Wow, you're only getting stronger and stronger Sun," Lillie said.

"Well… not really… I couldn't get it right at first. Moon and Hau got it before me but…" he looked at his palm. "I guess when it really mattered… it just came to me."

"You shouldn't worry about that. Tapu Koko did give you that Shining Stone, so I know that you are someone who can be counted on."

"You praise me too much Lillie," Sun said with a chuckle.

"Never-the-less, y-you never fail to impress me…" she said with a blush.

"O-oh… t-thanks Lillie…" he looked away with a blush as well. "I'm just trying my best."

They both got up. "Are you alright? Y-you're not dizzy or anything?" Lillie worriedly asked.

"I'm good, but thanks for patching me and Litten up."

"I-I'm only trying to be useful…" she said while turning away.

"Well we should find the others; they are probably worried about us."

"You're right!" Lillie gasped. "The professor would probably be worried after the way we disappeared on him…"

"Let's go," she walked to Nebby. "Can you get back into the bag, please, Nebby. I know there aren't many people around to see you here, but that's hardly an excuse!"

Nebby got back into the bag and Litten cheerily jumped onto Sun's shoulder. "Well you're looking healthy." Litten meowed and nuzzled him. Sun looked down to Oricorio. "Thanks for your help, Oricorio."

Oricorio happily chirped she watched them leave, and she decided to follow them.

After leaving the meadow, they saw Moon, Hau, Eclipse, and Kukui waiting for them.

"Hey Outsider, are you done moping yet?" Moon asked.

"Alola." Eclipse greeted.

"Hey there, Sun! Knew I could count on you, yeah! Thanks for tracking Lillie down for me! I also heard, Eclipse and Hau finished their trials too. I bet you used some stylin' moves, yeah?"

"Stylin' moves?" Sun and Lillie repeated with tilted heads.

"Hala's probably rubbing his hands together in glee right now, oh yeah!" Kukui excitedly said.

"Hala, what do you mean?" Lillie asked.

"It's part of the trial Lil, once you clear all the trials on an island. You get to face the Kahuna in the grand trial, oh yeah!" Moon explained with an excited tone.

"I think you're starting to become like the Professor," Sun said.

"Taking on the island Kahuna in battle is called the grand trial! For someone like me who's researching Pokémon moves, nothing could be better than the chance to see some more fierce Pokémon battles! Woo!"

"So, back to Iki Town?" Eclipse asked.

"You bet! All of you Catch that Tailwind and blast through Route 3!"

They all heard a chirp and they saw that the Oricorio had followed them. "Whoa, Oricorio followed us?" Sun said before she started dancing.

"I think she wants to be caught by you, Sun," Lillie said.

"Dibs." A Pokéball bounced off Oricorio's head and she was dragged into the Pokéball before it moved shook roughly indicating a critical capture. The Pokéball locked and Eclipse picked up the Pokéball and everyone, even the professor had their jaws falling to the ground while they were white with white circles for eyes. "I did call dibs…" she noticed their perplexed looks. "Why are you all looking at me like that…?"

The day was coming to an end as the sun was hanging on the horizon. Sun, Lillie, and Moon were standing in front of Sun's house. "You better bring your A-game tomorrow Sun. Hala isn't going to go easy on you."

"Yeah, I wouldn't think he would."

"So did you finally get over your Z-Move?"

Sun smiled. "Yeah… it…" he glanced at Lillie. "It just came to me."

"Yeah, I knew you could do it... eventually." she started to leave the two. "Well you better get ready; I don't want to get too far ahead of you." She said with a smirk.

Sun chuckled as she watched her leave. "Well…" He looked to Lillie who got his attention. "I guess I should head back as well." She was about to turn on her heel.

"W-wait Lillie!" she turned around.

"Hmm? What is it?"

"W-wouldn't you like to stay and have dinner with us?" Sun nervously asked. "My Mom's been learning Alolan dishes and it's really good."

"O-oh… I really shouldn't… the Professor might need me for something… even if it is to iron his lab coats."

"It won't be long, plus I'll walk you back to the lab just like last time."

Lillie was thinking about her options. "I do not see the harm. I guess I can stay for a little while."

Inside, Sun and Lillie were sitting at the dinner table; their hats were hanging on the coat rack in the house.

Sun's mother was cooking and she was humming to herself. "So you're Lillie. Sun talks about you a lot you, you know?"

Sun wasn't able to hide his flushed expression. "Mom!" he cried. "She's just over exaggerating." He said to Lillie.

Lillie could only giggle. "Well, I do think it is nice of you to have me."

"Well, aren't you sweet. This is the first time Sun had brought a friend over, not to mention a girl too." She said smirking.

"O-oh r-really, I-I'm honored…" she stuttered.

"Mrow!" Meowth was curiously standing near Lillie's bag.

"W-wait… don't!"

Meowth opened the bag and Nebby shot out and excitedly zoomed around the house. "Pewww!"

"Nebby! Please calm down!"

Litten got excited after Nebby got out of the bag and he was jumping around in excitement. "Don't worry Lillie, I'll make sure that Nebby doesn't get out. Oh…" Sun looked to his mom. "Mom listen. Lillie wants to keep Nebby a secret, so do you mind not saying anything?"

His mom playfully zipped her mouth. "Mum's the word." She sang. "Now I hope you're hungry, I've made Take Down steak!"

As soon as the aroma reached Sun and Lillie's noses, they comically drooled. "That smells very nice, I am glad I took up your offer."

After she had served the dish, they were eating while Litten and Meowth were eating their Pokémon food. Nebby was curiously observing them.

"So Lillie, tell me about yourself?" Sun's Mom asked.

"U-um… I'm not really sure what there is to say." Lillie said with a sad expression.

"Oh, well what are your parents like?"

Lillie didn't answer but Sun noticed that she was tightly clenching her fork. "Um Mom, maybe you shouldn't ask Lillie about that stuff." He said. Lillie looked at Sun with a tear in each of her eyes.

"I see… I am sorry Lillie, I didn't mean to bring up something that would-"

"N-no it's okay." She assured and tried to force a smile.

"So are you on the Island Challenge too?"

"Oh no… I'm not a trainer; I'm professor Kukui's assistant."

"Really, it must be very important."

A sweatdrop fell to the side of Lillie's head. "Yes if mending clothes, cleaning the house and ironing lab coats counts as being important. But I am glad he has decided to take me in."

"So how did you and Sun meet?"

"U-um… well, he helped me when we first met, and we even met Tapu Koko."

Sun's mom choked on her food for a second and she eventually swallowed her food. "M-mom! Are you okay!?" Sun worriedly exclaimed.

"I am okay Sun, but it's just that Tapu Koko is just a big deal around here! And you two met that Pokémon!? You two are very lucky."

The three talked for a while, Sun mostly talked about his trial with Moon. Once they had finished their dinner, Sun walked onto the balcony and he saw Lillie looking out from the balcony.


She looked back and faintly smiled. "Sun…"

"I'm sorry about my Mom, I'm sure she didn't mean to upset you."

"D-don't feel bad, I think your mom is really sweet." Lillie looked down in sadness again.

"Lillie... whatever's going on... I won't force it out of you, but just know I'm here if you want to talk okay."

"Um… okay… thanks…" Lillie said with a blush.

"Do you want me to take to the Professor's lab?"

"Um… yes, thank you."

Both Sun and Lillie was about to leave but Lillie stopped Sun by saying something. "Sun… I'm really glad we met on that bridge. If it wasn't for you, Nebby might have…"

"Don't mention it, I'd do it again in a heartbeat."

"Sun… I... "

They both looked at each other in silence but Sun quickly noticed something important. "Wait… where is Rotom!?"

"Aw man, kzzrt I wanted to stay with Moon but I lost her." Rotom was floating around Iki Town and he noticed Eclipse walking to a small house. "Yo Eclipzze!" he floated into the open door and he saw an old tanned woman in a blue dress greeting the girl.

"You're back... oh Alola." She said noticing Rotom entering the home.

"What'zzz up, old lady?"

"Alola Rotom." Eclipse said. She looked to the woman. "Do not worry, he is a friend."

"I see, I'll start preparing dinner."

"Sooo, nice pad you got here?" Rotom said and Eclipse tilted her head like a confused animal.

"Should you not be with Sun?"

"I know where he lives, I can find him. So are you ready to take on Hala tomorrow?" she gave a nod.

"I plan to prepare for tomorrow…" she opened Oricorio's Pokéball and she cheerily flew up and around the room.

"Oh well can I zzstay? I want to kzzt… get to know you better." Rotom said.

"I do not see why not."


"Wait a minute, you are a machine. Do you even sleep?" she asked pointing to Rotom.

"Umm…" Rotom suspiciously shifted his pupils.

"Never mind…"

Hala was standing outside his home and looked up into the star littered sky. "Alola Hala." He saw Professor Kukui walking towards him.

"Kukui my old friend,"

"Those kids sure are tough, even Hau has gotten much stronger," Kukui said.

Hala chuckled. "Hahaha, we shall see tomorrow. Even my Pokémon are getting excited." He looked at his Z-Ring that had a maroon Z-crystal with a fist on it. "Yes, tomorrow. The Grand Trial will commence."

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