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Big Sister Payback

Pokemon: Adventures of Sun and Moon
Chapter 18 - Big Sister Payback

That night inside the Pokemon Center; Hau, Eclipse, and Lillie were sitting around a table while Buck and Laura from the Aether Foundation were chatting on the other side. Placed on the table was Eclipse's egg and her Cover Fossil.

Lillie closely examined the fossil on the table. "So this is a Cover Fossil?" she asked. "I've read about Fossil Restoration. In other regions, they have ways of restoring fossils from their fossilized form and back into their Pokemon forms." she briefly explained.

"Whoa, that's cool!" Hau said. "You're so lucky, Eclipse."

Eclipse looked deep in thought. "You mentioned that in other regions, they have a way to restore them. What about in Alola? Don't they have a place to restore fossils?"

Lillie thought for a moment. "I… actually don't know… I am not sure if Alola has a center to restore fossils. You see other regions normally have unique fossil Pokemon that are found underground there. But fossil Pokemon haven't been discovered in Alola from what I know."

Hau pouted. "Aw that's a shame… so what do we do now?"

Eclipse remembered the backpacker that Team Skull was harassing. "Hold on… that guy from before said he knew someone who could revive a fossil for us." Eclipse got out of her seat. "We should find him!"

Lillie giggled to herself. "Someone is very determined… but how are we going to find him?"

"There's a motel around here we can go to, maybe he's staying there," Hau suggested.

"Then I guess we know where to go." Eclipse said.

Lillie stood up. "Sorry everyone, I think I am going to turn in for the night. I'm just not as energetic as you guys…"

Hau smiled. "Aw, don't worry about it, Lillie. Eclipse and I will be fine on our own. You better sleep well."

Eclipse handed the cover fossil to Hau. "Here, you hold onto the fossil for now. I don't have much space in my bag, plus I need to hold onto my child," she said darting her eyes to her egg.

"You got it Eclipse! I'll take care of it like it was my own!"

"You two sure are something," she said. "Though… I am worried about Sun and Moon, we haven't seen them all day and I have to admit, I am getting worried."

Hau did seem slightly worried. "Yeah… you're right, they should still be on Akala Island."

Eclipse on the other hand didn't share their worry. "I am sure Sun and Moon can take care of themselves, plus Moon lives on this island, I'm sure they can keep themselves safe and if not, their Pokemon will."

Hau had a smirk on his face. "Or they wanted to get some alone time!"

Eclipse tilted her head. "I don't get it…"

Lillie blushed and held her hands up. "Um… don't worry about it. I'm sure they are fine. And I'm sure they are just good friends… right?"

Hau shrugged. "Hmm, can't say."

"Rotom does like shipping them." Eclipse noted which forced a gasp from Lillie. "What does 'shipping' even mean."

Hau chuckled. "Well Eclipse 'shipping' is when we put two people who would make a good couple together."

Eclipse's eyes widened a little. "Oh… now it all suddenly makes sense," she said scratching her head with her index finger. "Should we really be having this conversation about our friends? If they want to be a couple then it is their business."

"I-I agree… We s-shouldn't be talking about them like this."Lillie stuttered.

Hau felt bad. "Oh man, sorry guys."

Lillie held her hands up. "Oh no, you shouldn't feel bad Hau. But just be safe out there." she watched as Hau took Eclipse's hand.

"We'll be safe, and we have our Pokemon with us! See you in the morning!" He dragged Eclipse outside with him while the girl simply waved back.

"Speaking of couples…" Lillie thought as she thought about the moments and friendship between Hau and Eclipse.

A crescent moon had reflected off the water's surface. Just flying above the surface was a Charizard that had both Sun and Moon on his back. Sun sat at the front seat while Moon was behind him, looking down at the ocean. She could see Wishiwashi in their single forms, diving in and out of the water. And close by they could see Wingulls in the sky.

"Looks like we're close," Moon said.

"So what's this place like?" Sun asked.

"It's not that big, really it's four islands where Pokemon can just be Pokemon. It's watched over by one person, a really nice guy. He even lets trainers leave their Pokemon there for some relaxation should they need it."

Sun smiled to himself. "Wow, sounds like a great place." they could see Wingulls flying beside them and Sun could see a landmass approaching them. "Something is coming up!"

"Lemme see!" Moon pushed herself in front and they could see Poke Pelago approaching. "Yep, we're here! Poke Pelago!"

Charizard landed hard on a beach and let Sun and Moon step off his back while Bouncee landed on the sand while cheering. Sun took out his silver Ride Pokeball and Charizard was returned to it, and he turned his attention to Moon. She was looking at an island that looked within swimming distance.

"Ah… haven't been here in a while," she remarked.

"Really?" Sun asked.

"Yeah, I used to come here with… Kekoa." the smile disappeared from her face. "He would play with the other Pokemon here." she shook herself out of her sad tone. "Ugh… but yeah I did visit if I just needed some time by myself. C'mon, follow me we're going to find the guy who watches over the place."

They made their way through the very short forest and they could hear hooting above them. Bird Pokemon with red eyes were looking down at them. "Right… it's night, so Hoothoots are going to be common around here." Bouncee who was held in Sun's arms was fearful of any flying-type Pokemon that would have wanted to peck at her. "Don't worry Bouncee, I'm not going to let them hurt you." she immediately calmed down.

It wasn't long before they came across a plot of land that had the appearance of a farm. There were plots of land that had many bushes that had berries, there looked to be Cutiefly that was hovering over them. Also, other Pokemon were sleeping around the farm.

"Whoa!" Rotom exclaimed, coming out of Sun's bag. "Look at all those Pokemon!"

"Some of those Pokemon belong to trainers, and they even help plant berries here. So don't think about catching them, got it!" Moon said pointing at Sun which made him sweat slightly.

"Hehe, I got you." Though they could see a pink, clown-like Pokemon approaching them. "Hey is that a Mr. Mime?" Sun asked.

Rotom immediately snapped a picture of the Pokemon. "Now let's see."

[Mr. Mime - The Barrier Pokemon, It creates invisible walls with its pantomiming. If you don't act impressed, it will attack you with a double slap!]

"We have Mr. Mime in Kanto too," Sun noted as they both saw the Pokemon miming in front of them.

"Yeah, but this one has a companion." Moon bent down to the Pokemon's height. "Hey, is Mohn around?"

Mr. Mime nodded and gestured for the two of them to follow. "Hey, Moon, why do you think that Colress guy wanted to know about this place?"

"No idea… but he's a scientist so maybe he's interested… but he's misinformed. The islands aren't exactly uninhabited. See only Mohn is allowed to live here, don't ask me why. But it's great cause not many outsiders know about the place."

They approached a wooden cabin that was built on the farm, the lights on the inside were lit. Mr. Mime stood by them while Moon knocked on the door. "Hello… anyone home?" she called out.

Behind the door, they heard footsteps, and when it opened. They saw a man with a slight plump build with slightly tanned skin, he had green eyes and messy blonde hair. A straw hat was on his head, he had a green scarf around his upper chest with a sleeveless white shirt. He had green rolled-up jeans with brown sandals. He smiled as soon as he eyed the two youngsters.

"Moon? Welcome. I wasn't expecting visitors, especially this late at night." he said in a friendly voice. "And who is your friend?"

"Oh, I'm Sun." he introduced himself, to which Mohn extended a hand.

"Nice to meet you."

They shook hands and Sun responded with: "Likewise…"

They were sitting inside his home, it was small, featuring a cozy lounge and kitchen in the same room with a bathroom, and two bedrooms. One for Mohn and a guest room. Mohn was right by a wooden stove and over one of the burners, he was mixing a pot of soup. "You're both doing the island challenge? I rarely get trainers that come to visit, they normally just drop off their Pokemon and leave, but I know how busy trainers get so I don't blame them."

"Don't you get lonely? Like, don't you have a family?" Sun asked.

Mohn shook his head. "I just woke up on this place a couple of years ago with no memories, after talking with the kind people of Melemele, I was allowed to live here and watch over the Pokemon. Introducing guests and tourists to the island, I've allowed the Pokemon to make this home their own." he started to stoke the flames of his cooker to put out the flames. He eyed Moon. "I'm impressed you're doing the island challenge."

She proudly folded her arms. "Heh, you'd be surprised with what we've had to go up against, Totem Pokemon, Team Skull. It's pretty great, plus I'm pretty much the strongest in our group."


She playfully poked Sun. "You haven't beaten me yet, plus I'm pretty awesome."

Sun shrugged. "If you say so." he then turned to Mohn who was at one of the counters with three steaming hot bowls of soup.

"How do you feel about soup, Sun? I know we're on Alola, so it's humid, but still."

Sun held his hands up. "O-oh no you didn't need to make us dinner."

"Speak for yourself." Moon jabbed, "Anakala Mohn makes the best soup."

Sun rose his eyebrow. "'Anakala'?"

Moon's cheeks shone red and she awkwardly rubbed her arm. "R-right… it's basically Alolan for 'uncle'."

"Aw that's sweet, you do have a heart…" he mockingly pat her shoulder while a satisfied smile appeared on his lips.

In response, Moon was clenching a fist while a rage tick appeared on the side of her head. "Don't make me, punch you!"

Mohn put the hot bowls of soup in front of them, and afterward, he placed a plate of bread next to the soup bowl. "Please, help yourselves young ones." Sun still looked nervous about eating the meal. "I insist." he watched Moon beside her dipping her bread and messily drink her soup.

"Thank you, sir."

"Oh just call me Mohn." he chuckled and started to eat his own portion of the meal. "So Sun, what island are you from?"

"Oh, I live on Melemele. I moved in from Kanto actually."

Moon jabbed her thumb at him. "He's an outsider, but he's one of the good ones." Bouncee looked sad as her stomach was grumbling.

"Oh… I guess you've still got to eat." he started to dig through his bag to search for something.

Mohn smiled. "I can help with that if you like." he sat and opened one of the wooden cabinets and there were glass jars filled with various multi-colored, heart-shaped beans. He picked one of them out of the jar and they were about the size of his palm. He walked over to the sad Bounsweet. "Would you like a Poke Bean?" the berry-shaped Pokemon sniffed it and she leaped up excitedly. Bouncee was chomping down on it messily, pieces of the bean fell on the table. She let out a burp and turned away with an embarrassed expression.

"Hey, those aren't like any berries I've ever seen," Sun remarked.

"That's because they aren't. There are Poke Beans, a special kind of bean fruit that is only grown in Alola." he gently patted Bounsweet on her head. "It only grows on Poke Pelago, in fact, I can take you to the island where the Poke Beans come from."

"Then it looks like we're staying the night," Moon said and she glanced at Sun. "That cool with you?"

Sun nodded. "Yeah, sure. I'm just thinking Lillie and the others will start to worry." he saw Moon pulling out a Pokeball and once she opened it, Trumbeak landed on the ground and tweeted at his partner.

"I have a plan for that."

After dinner, the three were standing outside, Moon was tying a note to the left leg of the bird Pokemon. "Alright, head out little guy, and no matter what, stay with Eclipse." he tweeted, took off, and was flying back to Akala Island.

"Why make him stay with Eclipse and not come back?" Sun questioned.

"Cause Eclipse is my best friend, and she always seems to have her misadventures. So if Trumbeak is going to go there, why not let him stay and help her?"

Sun smirked while folding his arms. "Well, aren't you sweet?"

Mohn smiled. "Moon has always been a sweetheart."

"Stop embarrassing me!" she cried with reddening cheeks. She turned away from Sun with an annoyed huffed and spoke with a muffed angry tone. "Don't call me 'sweet'. I'll mess you up…"

Both trainers were in the guest room of Mohn's home. Moon was taking the bed, while Sun took a mattress with covers on the ground. "The mattress is a bit lumpy," Sun remarked.

"We had a coin flip, and you lost," Moon said with a smirk. "Deal with it!" she eyed Rotom who had a large smile on his face. "And if you say anything about us sharing, I will rip you apart!"

"WHAAA! I didn't say anything… By the way, how do like the title: 'Rising Tides'?"

Sun was unfolding the covers. "I'm almost scared to ask…"

"Haha, it's nothing bad. How do you both feel about fanfiction?"

"Fanfiction?" Sun questioned.

"Now, I'm scared to ask! Let me read it…" Roton had text on his display and Moon was skimming through it. She was sweating while she had blushes on her cheeks. "EEW!" she cringed. "You wrote that!?"

"Is it bad?" Sun asked.

"It's worse… he's trying to 'ship' us again…"

"Come on Rotom!"

Rotom hovered in the middle of the room. "No, you 'come on'! You two were made for each other!"

Moon shook her head. "I'm made for a few things. And being with Sun, ain't one of them. He couldn't handle me."

Sun folded his arms. "Good, I wouldn't want to."

Moon got into his face. "What are you trying to say? You saying I'm unattractive or something?" she watched him raise his hands defensively.

"Far from it… actually, you're not, not pretty," he said with a blush. "I just think you're a little… intense."

"Straight up!" Moon agreed. "That why I said- wait did you say I'm pretty?"

"I didn't… I just said you're not, not pretty. Don't read too much into it."

Moon blushed and stepped back. "I-I'm am not! Get over yourself!"

He let out a sigh. "Could we just forget about this?"

"Done!" Moon quickly agreed. She then lifted Rotom and eyed his nervous, laughing face. "And you… we're not a couple! Yes, we're great together in battles, and we're friends, but it's nothing more than that!"

Rotom shook his head. "Oh it is… you'll see!"

"That's it. Sun where is his off button?"

"Gah! I'll shut up!" he muted himself as Moon held him. "Heh, that's what I thought."

Sun got himself under the covers while Moon was about to get into bed. "Hey, Sun?"


"Thanks for today, you know. In my battle, and you know… hearing me out about Kekoa. And well dealing with my sleep shenanigans the other day."

A chuckle was heard from Sun. "Don't worry about it… but I got a question? Why do you need to act tough all the time?"

"It's not an act! I am tough!" she exclaimed. There was a brief silence between them. "Ugh… ok it's just something I picked up from someone I used to be friends with."

"Used to be?"

"We… had some differences. She failed her island challenge and completely lost her way. Now… we don't talk anymore." Sun immediately pitied her. She made sure to put his worries at ease. "Before you ask, I'm fine. She's kind of become a jerk honestly." She lay her head down on the pillow after covering herself with the blankets. "But I'm not giving up on the island challenge, not after coming this far. Plus those totem battles are intense."

"Yeah… hey you said you wanted to do the next trial together?" Sun started. "We're kind of on a roll so… let's do it!"

Moon chuckled. "Haha, that's what I'm talking about! We're going to crush it! But we'll take a break for tomorrow and explore this place." she took a look at Bouncee who was sleeping by one of the corners of the room. "So you going to catch her?"

"You mean Bouncee? I don't know… I figured she belongs to Mallow and she just left her with me."

Moon shook her head. "If you say so… g'night, Sun."


That same night, Eclipse and Hau were in the lobby of the Roadside Motel that wasn't very far from the Pokemon Center.

Hau was at the front desk trying to get them a room from the woman at the front desk. "There is one more room?" Hau asked.

"Yes… we only have three rooms available, we have one tenant who continues to stay here, and we just gave out another room today."

"Hey, you think that we can talk to one of the guys who live here, we need to find the person who can restore a fossil for us."

The woman shook her head. "I know of the person, but I haven't seen him today. Would you like the last room though?"

Hau nodded. "Sounds great, we'll look for him tomorrow. That fine with you, Eclipse?" She nodded as she held her egg incubator.

They moved up to the second floor, Hau had the room key and was twirling it on his pointed finger. "I hope we can find that person."

As they moved past one of the upstairs rooms, Eclipse saw it was slightly open. She let her curiosity get the better of her and she peeked inside. Within the room, it was fairly empty but a pair of grey, fierce eyes spooked her.

"Gah!" she fell back, and Hau ran over to her.

"Eclipse, are you all right?" in front of them they could see Type: Null standing in front of them. Behind him, a playful Zorua climbed on top of the bigger Pokemon. "Whoa… you're that Null Pokemon." They both saw Gladion standing by the door and glaring at them.


"Whoa… you're that guy again!" Hau said pointing at him.

Eclipse was giving a glare at him. "Why is someone from Team Skull-"

Gladion folded his arms. "I shouldn't have to explain myself to you people. Now if you don't have any business with me, get out of my sight!" He slammed the door in their faces.

"Rude…" Eclipse muttered. "I even ran into him yesterday, he and a couple of Team Skull grunts were trying to look for fossils too. We even had to battle, he defeated both me and Laura in battle. But when he had the chance to take the fossils, he didn't."

"That's weird…" Hau said. "But even so, don't Team Skull grunts stay together?"

They heard knocking on the other side of Gladion's door. "Don't you people have anything better to do than talking about people behind their backs!"

Both Hau and Eclipse comically retreated from the room, while Gladion from inside let out a sigh.

The next morning, Hau and Eclipse left the Seaside Resort. Hau stretched his arms upwards. "Aah! You sleep all right, Eclipse?"

She replied with a nod. "I slept all right, thank you." she quickly packed her dream journal into her backpack. She'd try to talk to Moon about it later. Above them, they heard tweeting. A Trumbeak was falling to them. He was trying to get their attention and hovered over them. "Alola, are you lost?" Eclipse asked.

"Wait a second…" Hau noticed a piece of rolled-up paper attached to one of its legs. "Wait… don't you think that looks like Moon's Trumbeak." he slowly hovered to them, Eclipse extended her arm, allowing the bird to land on it.

Hau undid the string and pulled the rolled-up note. " 'Alola, Hau, Eclipse and or Lillie. Sun and I are on Poke Pelago so don't worry about us. We'll be back tonight. P.S Trumbeak will stay with ya'll to watch your backs since I know you guys are probably doing something without us. Have fun!'" he pocketed the note. "Good thing Sun and Moon are doing all right, guess that means we don't need to worry."

Eclipse nodded. "Yes, but we still didn't find out on the person who can restore fossils, perhaps we can head to the area where we fought Team Skull."

With a nod, Hau fell behind her. "Lead the way!"

At the same time, on Poke Pelago, Sun was getting up from the mattress. He could see the sunlight beaming into the room. He noticed Moon's bed was empty. A few moments later, he noticed Bouncee tiredly walking up to him with a cute yawn.

"Hey Bouncee… do you know where Moon is?" she shook her head and she crawled onto the mattress. "No, I have to get up…"

He fully dressed, threw his backpack over his back and Bouncee leaped up, and was spinning her sepals like a propeller to keep her floating. She landed on his shoulder. Bouncee gleefully cheered.

He walked out into the sitting room and kitchen of the small farmhouse, he could see Mohn with pastry batter. "Morning Sun? Did you sleep well?"

He adjusted his back and bent it a bit. "The mattress was a bit lumpy, the sleep could have been better."

Mohn chuckled. "My apologies, I'll swap the mattresses so you can take mine." he could see Sun shake his head.

"No, please don't worry about it. I can handle it."

The old man smiled. "You are too kind. No wonder Moon likes you."

A smirk was seen forming on Sun's face. "That might not last, she's getting the bad mattress, then she'll know how it feels. While we're on that, where is Moon?"

"Both her and her Pokemon are doing some farm work, you won't have to walk too far to find her."

"Alright, thanks Mohn." he existed the home, and once he saw the farm fields, he could see a bunch of Pokemon and they were working together to plant and harvest the berries into small boxes.

He could see one process where a Staryu leaped up and was spitting drops of water all over the plots it could. While it was raining on the fields a Trevenant ingrained its four trunk legs into the nearby soil and green energy was spreading from itself and towards the nearby berry plants.

There were three Pokemon, that looked to be in charge of harvesting, an Emolga, Hawlucha, and a Drifblim. The Hawlucha was holding five berries in his arms. The Drifblim had four on its four arms as it gently hovered in the air. The Emolga was trying to hold three berries but he, unfortunately, dropped it, soon after a Litleo picked it up for him.

The Litleo led the other Pokemon where there was a small pile of berries that were being set up in front of a Metang. The steel/psychic type closed its eyes before making a bright blue outline surrounding the berry pile. Each berry was hovering in the air, and they were slowly floating toward a Mr. Mime who was using his psychic power to make some small boxes rise. The boxes were collecting four berries of the same type, and was closing the boxes, and was stacking them very neatly.

Bouncee gasped in awe. "I know, that's pretty impressive. All these Pokemon working together. I never expected to see something like this." Sun remarked.

He saw Moon elsewhere on one of the plots of land with Rotom floating beside her. Next to her, Lillipup was digging holes, Moon was planting berries and Brionne was speeding across the plots of land while using Aqua Jet, quickly wetting the soil. She had mud on her legs, and all over her hands. She wiped the sweat off her brows before seeing Sun. "Ah, Alola Sun." she waved at him.

"You like doing farm work?" he asked as he watched Bouncee waddling over to one of the growing berry plants and sniffing them.

"Yep, I like getting my hands dirty, and Lillipup and Brionne have been a big help." she rubbed Brionne on the back of her head. She stood up, dusted herself off, but was only spreading mud on her clothes. "Hey, want to explore the islands already, cause I know where we are going to start."

Sun looked back at the farmhouse. "Well, Mohn said he would show me where Poke Beans come from. Then I suppose we can go on from there."

"Sounds good!"

Rotom appeared in front of Sun. "Why weren't you up early, huh Mr. Lazy Bones?"

Sun awkwardly chuckled. "I'm not much of an early riser… but I'm well awake right now!"

"So then!" they saw Mohn arriving with them with a large backpack and a walking stick. "Are you two youngsters ready?"

On Akala Island, Hau and Eclipse entered the same path where Eclipse had her battle with Gladion and Team Skull the day before. But before they got to the path, they saw two Skull grunts blocking the path.

"Whoa, whoa kiddies! Where do you think you're going?" the male grunt asked, while smugly folding his arms.

The female grunt was jerking her arms and shifting her feet while dancing while standing still. "Yo… aren't you those kids that keep getting in our business?" she pulled out a Nest Ball. "We've got some business here, Big sis told us to keep anyone from getting through! And so we'll get great props for keeping you brats out!"

"Yo!" the male grunt exclaimed. "If we beat them, we could get some of that extra funding from our that investment the Big Boss keeps talking about!"

The pink-haired grunt gasped. "If that happens! I can finally start my rap career! Let's do it!" she tossed her Nest Ball and an Alolan Rattata shot out. At the same time, the male grunt tossed out a green spider Pokemon. The Spinarak hissed at Hau and Eclipse.

Eclipse was getting ready to battle. "Wait Eclipse… if team Skull is here. Then the person in charge of turning Fossils into Pokemon must be in trouble."

"So we must fight Plumeria yet again…" Eclipse took out a Dive Ball and Feebas popped out and landed on its side.

Both Team Skull grunts were laughing while Eclipse only glared, knowing that they were laughing at Feebas. "You really plan on fighting us with that scrap Pokemon?" the male grunt exclaimed.

"That's pretty whack! But if you want to go down like this, then let's go!"

Before long, Hau tossed out his Rowlet who landed beside Feebas. "Don't worry Eclipse, I have your back."


"Rattata let's get this over with, use Bite!" Rattata shot forward and his fangs shone with white energy and he was speeding to Feebas.

Eclipse had a serious glare. "Feebas, get ready. Leap upwards!" Feebas shot up off her tail-fin and avoided the biting Rattata. The female grunt was shocked and while she was in the air, Eclipse gave her next command. "Bounce off Rattata then use Tackle on Spinarak." Feebas landed Rattata, bounced off then shot forward, head first to Spinarak.

The spider was staggered after taking the hit, and this gave Hau an opening. "Rowlet, he's open. Use Peck!" Rowlet's beak shone and he drove a single peck through Spinarak sending it back.

"No way we're going to lose to brats! Spinarak, use Fury Swipes!" two of the six legs were shining bright white and leaped to Feebas.

Hau saw another chance. "Rowlet, take him on with Shadow Sneak!" Rowlet shot down to the ground, turned into a shadow, and was absorbed into it. A shadow in the shape of a bird was shooting across the ground and it was under the leaping Spinarak. Rowlet was seen shooting out of the ground, headbutting the Spinarak sending it slightly skyward.

"Now I got you! Rattata use Hyper Fang!" the front fangs were shining bright white, he was going to bite down on the vulnerable Rowlet.

"Use Tackle!" Feebas crashed into the back of Rattata interrupting the attack. Rattata slid on the ground and he and his partner saw Rowlet flying into the air.

"Rowlet, go for 'em both with Razor Leaf!" Rowlet's wing edges shone green, flapped them and he shot sharp, curved blades of leaves to both Rattata and Spinarak. This was enough to take out Rattata and he lay down on his stomach in defeat.

"AAH! I barely got to do anything!" the female grunt exclaimed. "Now who's going to buy my mixtape?!"

The male grunt was still in the battle, and he aimed for Rowlet after surviving the Razor Leaf. I ain't goin' down! Use Pin Missile!" Spinarak's horn was glowing green and it shot out three energy needles that were green as well and they were speeding to Rowlet.

"Rowlet, fly through it and get closer!"

"Kooo!" Rowlet used his aerial prowess to dodge the Pin missiles and was speeding down to Spinarak with his beak glowing, instinctively using Peck.

"Feebas, join him and use Tackle!" Feebas shot forward while Rowlet was falling at a diagonal angle. They both collided with the Spinarak, sending it flying to a bush.

"YEAH!" Hau cheered, he reached an open palm to Eclipse, hoping for a hi-five.

"What are you- oh!" she realized what Hau was trying to do and returned his friendly gesture.

Hau grabbed Eclipse's hand. "If Team Skull is messing around here, then we need to hurry!" they both followed the road so they could stop Team Skull.

The waves crashed onto the sands. A Charizard landed hard on the sand, he allowed, Sun, Bouncee, Moon, and Mohn to step off of him. On the small island, they could see a fence surrounding a small plot of green land with numerous green vines growing out of the ground. They were roughly the size of small trees. Hanging from the vines were beans of various colors.

"So these are where Poke Beans come from?" Sun asked.

Mohn nodded while walking in front of them. "This is Isle Abeens, the Pokemon here, watched over and collect beans that fall from the Poke Beanstalk," he explained.

"How do those beans taste?" Rotom asked

Mohn chuckled. "Well they taste great to Pokemon, but they don't have much taste to us." they all watched at Rotom phased out of his Pokedex body and was in his Electric/Ghost body. He started eating a blue patterned bean. After this, he looked very satisfied. Rotom then phased back into his Pokedex body before re-activating himself.

"So, how was it?" Moon questioned.

"It was soooo tasty!" he commented. "I wish you guys could try it."

Sun noticed that Bouncee was eating a berry from one of the crates. When she finished it, she leaped up excitedly in the air. Before long she ran through into plains with numerous beanstalks, she looked like she was searching for something. "Hey, come back!" Sun exclaimed. He ran after her, leaving both Moon and Mohn by themselves.

"Looks like it's my job to find him." Mohn smiled in response to Moon's words. "I'll keep him safe and have him back by dinner!"

"You have fun." he gently waved at her.

Sun and Rotom were chasing after her. They both looked up and he saw Bouncee, leaping from beanstalk to beanstalk. She was happily cheering. "I had no idea, she was so fast!"

"I think she's trying to find a specific Poke Bean, and maybe she caught a whiff of it!" Rotom suggested.

"I had no idea she would move that quickly." suddenly a black blur had caught Bouncee right from the sky, both Sun and Rotom were shocked. "BOUNCEE!"

The fruit Pokemon bounced hard on the ground and slid to a tree. When she regained her sight, her eyes met an angry Pinsir standing a distance away from her. Its horns were glowing a moss green and it started charging at her.

Bouncee was paralyzed with fear, she closed her eyes and braced for the eventual hit.


The little fruit Pokemon was still bracing herself, she opened one of her eyes to see a black and red tiger cat in front of her, and it looked like it clashed its head against the Pinsir's horns. Bouncee let out a squeal as the tiger cat pushed back the large bug.

"MRRRROW!" the tiger cat hissed, and his fire bell chimed before orange flames covered his body. He headbutted the Pinsir, sending it sliding back. It rolled back before settling on its feet. The Pincer glared, its arms shone bright blue with blue crackling electricity surrounding them. As he ran forward, he was engulfed in an Ember which only infuriated him further.

Torracat was shoulder tackled, instantly grabbed, and was tossed to a tree, and out of his view. Pinsir turned his attention back to the scared Bouncee. She didn't know what to do so she spun her sepals on the top of her head and was flinging multicolored leaves at the large bug, but as they rained all over him he only walked forward. A drop of sweat fell from her and Pinsir was about to strike.

"MROW!" Torracat leaped out at Pinsir while covered in flames and after he crashed into the bug, it staggered back. The feline's claws then sharpened, and he swiped Pinsir three times before kicking off of it with his rear legs. The Pinsir staggered back and turned away giving time to allow Torracat to cover himself in flames again. His bell chime was heard and he shot forward and head-butted the back of the Pinsir, making it collapse onto his stomach.

Torracat was panting, behind him, he could hear cheering and saw Bouncee leaping up and down beside him. She rubbed her body against his cheek much to the chagrin of the tiger cat who was trying to look away. They both heard footsteps, Sun and Rotom arrived soon after and saw what was left of the Pinsir that was slowly retreating.

"Torracat!" Sun exclaimed. "You found her." he bent down and rubbed Torracat's head, the tiger cat turned away. Bouncee leaped onto his back excitedly. Moon caught up and slid to them.

"Yo, what's happening?"

"I think Torracat fought off a Pinsir, he did it off to protect Bouncee." Torracat lay down on his stomach and was licking his paws.

Rotom closed in on the two Pokemon. "And it looks like they are getting along well."

"C'mon, we've still got some more islands to explore." Moon led them back to the beach so they could head over to the next island.

They both arrived at another island, this was the smallest island on the archipelago. It was mostly rock and sand. On the island, there was equipment that was used as an obstacle course. They could see many Pokemon, playing on them.

After Charizard landed, his passengers got off. Bouncee looked in awe at the Pokemon playing on the equipment. "This is Isle Evelup," Mohn said. "This is an island that trainers can bring their Pokemon to, so they can be stronger while they are away."

Moon shook her head and folded her arms. "Tch, those lazy trainers. They leave their Pokemon here and forget about them. They can't train their Pokemon by themselves. Huh-?" she noticed a pink Pokemon with a mane of wool covering her head and upper body it looked to be overseeing the Pokemon that were playing.

"What's that Pokemon?" Rotom questioned as he slowly approached it, the Pokemon didn't seem fazed and allowed Rotom to get close. Once he snapped a picture, its picture appeared on his display.

[Flaaffy - The Wool Pokemon, and the evolved form of Mareep. In the places on its body where fleece doesn't grow, its skin is rubbery and doesn't conduct electricity. Those spots are safe to touch.]

"Moon, what are you planning?" Sun asked.

"Heh, me why don't you battle with Bouncee, take her for a 'spin' as it were. I'm sure that Flaaffy over there would like to battle."

Bouncee gasped and Sun felt unsure. "I dunno Moon." he watched her fold her arms.

"Um, you have no problem calling out moves for my Pokemon," she stated, watching Sun nervously sweat.

Mohn eyed him. "I am confused, is that Bounsweet not traveling with you?"

"No… she actually belongs to Mallow, she's Moon's friend back on Akala Island. She doesn't like being cooped up."

The man thought for a moment. "If she is cooped up, then maybe you should show her what it's like to battle. Though it is her choice in the end."

Sun bent down to her. "Well, what do you think? If you want to battle, then it's up to you." she thought back to when Torracat had fought for her and how awesome she though he looked. Bouncee thought back to the Pikipek and Trumbeak that were trying to pick at her, but Sun's Rockruff saved her. She also though back to when she watched Sun and Moon battle against Mallow and Kiawe. Bouncee wanted to become that strong. She bounced on her feet and was positively chirping.

He smiled and Rotom hovered by him. "Hey, Sun I can tell you what moves she knows. After that, it's all up to you!"

Moon stepped up to the Flaaffy. "Hey there." the standing sheep turned around. "My friend wants to battle you. So would that be cool?" her blue tail end shone a bit and gave a nod. "All right, thanks, girl."

Sun and Bouncee stood on the sand and the Flaaffy looked prepared to battle. The Flaaffy started, the end of her tail was shining bright yellow with electricity crackling around here.

"Rotom? What move is that?"

"It looks like Charge, so her special defense has gone up. Also, watch out for any electric moves it uses." Sun nodded.

"You got that Bouncee?" she nodded. "It used Charge… so use Razor Leaf!"

"Sweeeet!" she spun her sepals and was flinging curved blades of leaves at Flaaffy. The Wool Pokemon watched as they approached her. She then stood tall with her arms outstretched to her sides, then puffs of fluffy wool were floating by her sides and she shot them forward allowing her to counter the Razor Leaf, leaving her undamaged. "Sweeet?" she gasped.

"That was Cotton Spore!" Rotom exclaimed. "It's a grass-type move that slows down opponent Pokemon. But the good news is… It doesn't affect other Grass Type Pokemon."

"But she has a defense against Razor Leaf. So it won't be easy getting past her defenses." they could both see Flaaffy covering herself in a white-orange flaring energy.

"That looks like Take Down!" Rotom exclaimed while panicking.

Sun looked forward. "Bouncee, jump!" she gave a serious glance, spun her sepals, and shot up into the air allowing her to dodge the Flaaffy. The pink Pokemon was confused as she saw Bouncee descending behind her. "Now use Razor Leaf!" as her leaves continued to spin she shot more sharp foliage at Flaaffy.

She wasn't prepared to defend so she was cut by them. After the Razor Leaf pelted her, Sun kept up the pressure. "Bouncee, use Rapid Spin!" she spun her sepals and they spun fast enough to look like a rotor. She ran forward to head-butt her.

Flaaffy's blue tail end was glowing with bright blue electricity and it formed a blue electric sphere. She leaped forward, spun her body to allow her tail to discharge the energy to the charging Bouncee. It was so close that she didn't have enough time to dodge. This caused a small explosion that sent Bouncee rolling back.


"Grass Types would take an Electro Ball fine normally, but after using Charge… she isn't going to take it well." Rotom worriedly said.

Bouncee was trying to get up, but behind her, the dust cleared and Flaaffy was powered by Take Down again, she launched forward and Bouncee took it head-on, creating a shockwave on impact. The fruit Pokemon was thrown back to Sun and Rotom where she rolled hard on the sand.

"Bouncee?" he could see her slowly trying to get up. "Are you ok?"

"Swee…" as she slowly stood up she could see Flaaffy using Charge for the second time.

Moon eyed the battle with a concerned look. "A Take Down and one more Electro Ball will take finish her… Does he even have a chance?"

Bouncee tried to get up, she didn't want to let Sun down, not after how well he's treated her. When she stood, she shook the sand from her eyes and despite the small bruises, she tried to stand tall.

"Bouncee…" Sun muttered. He glanced seriously at the Flaaffy. "Right, we're not giving up! Use Razor Leaf!" She spun her sepals as hard as she could and flung leaves at Flaaffy who decided to counter again with Cotton Spore. Once the leaves were countered, she saw Bouncee speeding forward to her, with her leaves spinning meaning she was going to use Rapid Spin. She powered herself up and shot forward with Take Down. "C'mon Bouncee, one more jump!" she leaped upward, but as Flaaffy saw this happen, she stopped immediately and quickly generated a ball of electrical energy with her tail. She flung her tail upwards, shooting it up toward Bouncee as she leaped.

"SWEEE!" the electric ball caught her, covering her in black smoke. She was falling to the sand, Flaaffy used Take Down again.

"Bouncee! WATCH OUT!" Flaaffy head-butted her before she bounced and rolled in the sand. "Bouncee!" Sun got down to her and cradled her in his arms. "Don't worry, I'll make sure you're going to be all right." Right after seeing this, Flaaffy felt bad, her ears drooped. She felt a hand rubbing her head.

"Hey… don't be hard on yourself, Sun and Bouncee wouldn't have wanted you to hold back. And you fought smart, I admire that." Flaaffy smiled.

Meanwhile, at the waters, Mohn had fed Bouncee a piece of a Sitrus Berry. "It always helps to have berries on hand. That friend of yours should have at least lent you her Pokeball."

"Yeah… I still feel bad." he eyed her sleeping form. "I don't think she's battled that often if at all… but she still tried her best."

Mohn though didn't share Sun's worry. "You and Bouncee can always pick yourselves up and dust yourselves off. Both you and her can learn from the experience and do better next time."

Sun scratched his head. "Yeah, that's assuming we do battle again." he muttered, "But until she heads back to Mallow, she'll be well taken care of."

Mohn smiled at Sun while Moon returned to them. "Hey, are we heading to the next island now?" both Sun and Mohn nodded in agreement. "Is Charizard ready?" they all saw the orange dragon huff at them.

"I don't think he can carry more weight…" Sun remarked as Mohn was seen taking out two Pokeballs.

"Not to worry young ones." he tossed them out and two Laprases were floating on the water. "How else do you think I get around these islands. Now shall we get a move on?"

Within a trailer somewhere in Route 8, Plumeria was casually taking a seat on a blue couch. She was looking at a nervous hiker who was plugging in what looked like an incubator that was hooked up to what looked like an old computer. There was also a large generator in the corner of the room.

He then started typing on the computer and he looked nervous. There was a fossil that was inside an incubator. "Ugh…" Plumeria groaned. "How long is this going to take? We've been here all morning!"

"Fossil restoration isn't a quick process." Plumeria got up. "B-besides, we're almost done." she eyed the incubator and the Skull Fossil. It was slowly transforming into a dinosaur-like Pokemon that was olive-grey in color. Its mouth was in the shape of a hooked beak, it had red eyes with its stand-out feature being its hard, red, dome-shaped head with four spikes on its back. It had stubby, three-clawed arms. There was a spiky red pattern on its back and it had a short tail. It had large feet with three claws in front and one claw on the back. "Now we're talking," she said as she approached the incubator. The hiker was shivering. "Relax, you did as you asked, so I ain't going to hurt-"

"BIG SIS!" a Skull grunt cried as he ran into the trailer.

"What is it?!" she asked with an annoyed tone. "It's those kids again! They found us!"

Plumeria clenched her fist. "Again!" she eyed the Pokemon in the incubator. "Hey, fossil guy, where is that Pokemon's Poke Ball." He opened one of his desk drawers and he pulled out a small capsule the size of a marble, he pressed the button on it and it grew to fit in his palm. "Here." She took it from him and she took out an Ultra Ball with her other hand.

"All right you brats… It's time for some payback."

Hau, Eclipse, and Trumbeak were getting close to the trailer, but they both stopped in their tracks when they saw Plumeria slowly getting out of the trailer with a Poke Ball and Ultra Ball in each of her hands.

"Whoa… who is that!?" Hau asked since it was the first time he saw her.

"That's Plumeria…" Eclipse answered. "A powerful trainer from Team Skull."

"The weird girl again? Where's Moonpie?"

"Not here." Eclipse answered with a dull tone. "But that doesn't matter. We're here to stop you from harassing the-"

Plumeria held up a Poke Ball. "Oh no we're done here, I have what I came for. But you brats continue to annoy me, so I'm going to put you kids down to make sure you never get in our way again." she tossed out her Ultra Ball and Salazzle came out." The poison lizard hissed at Hau and Eclipse. "And now, Cranidos!" she tossed out her Poke Ball and when it opened, the same dinosaur popped out. Hau and Eclipse gasped to themselves. "Yep, apparently this guy is a fossil from the Sinnoh region. And since the hiker guy here hunts for them, it was easy to just take one of them off his hands."

"That's awful!" Hau said.

"Oh yeah, what are you going to do about it?"

Eclipse tossed out a Poke Ball. "We're going to do this, come out Misdreavus!" her ghost-type Pokemon came out and giggled as she hovered.

Hau took out another Pokeball. "And now, you're up Pikachu!" Hau tossed his Poke Ball upward and coming out of it was the yellow, electric rodent. She landed on her feet and confidently looked forward. "Hey Eclipse… do you have any idea what type, Cranidos is?"

"I don't unfortunately, and I have no way of guessing…"

Hau smirked. "It doesn't matter, go Pikachu! Use Quick Attack!" she had a white outline surrounding her. She shot forward while leaving after images of herself, she ran forward and clashed with Cranidos who simply heaved his head forward. Pikachu was thrown back, she flipped back onto her feet and angrily glared at the revived Pokemon. "What happened? That didn't look like it did anything!"

"Huh, you two must be the B-squad then? Salazzle, distract them. Use Dragon Rage!" Salazzle leaped up, and a bright blue orb was generated in her mouth. She fired blue flames in the shape of a dragon down to Misdreavus. The flames engulfed her and Misdreavus glared forward as the fires faded. "Cranidos, Focus Energy!"

"GRRRAAA!" the dinosaur screamed as an orange aura was surrounding his body. "Now use Ancient Power!" Cranidos made large six large rocks with purple outlines surrounding them appear beside him. He flung them to Misdreavus who was still recovering from the Dragon Rage.

Eclipse thought fast. "Misdreavus, use Hex!" Misdreavus made three orbs of fire in front of her and shot them to three of the six rocks, however, the other three were still going to hit her. Thinking quickly, Pikachu pushed her out of the way and took the damage herself. Eclipse eyed Moon's Trumbeak who was still flying beside them. "Trumbeak, try and see if you can find us help!" he nodded and flew out into the sky to find someone on Route 8 who could help them.

"They won't get here in time. I would have beaten the two of you, by the time your help gets here!" Plumeria said.

"Then we'll have to beat you right here, Pikachu! Use Electro Ball!" A bright yellow orb of electricity was generated at the end of her tail with a blue outline surrounding it. She flung it right at Cranidos.

"Let's give Cranidos an opening, Salazzle, stop that with Flame Burst!" Salazzle coughed out a fiery burst of fire that when it made contact with the electro ball, exploded and made electrified sparks rain down on Misdreavus and Pikachu, damaging them a little. "Cranidos, use Take Down!" Cranidos' red head was glowing before his entire body was covered in white/orange energy. He shot towards Pikachu who wasn't prepared for the attack.

"Misdreavus, use Confuse Ray!" Misdreavus made flashing orbs of red, blue, and green surround her. She flung them to the charging Cranidos who looked to change direction and crash into a rock which he managed to break through.

"Oh not this again!" she exclaimed. "Salazzle we're going to take out that giggling ghost! Use Flame Burst!" she was preparing to spit out a burst of fire.

"Pikachu, use Electro Ball!" Pikachu prepared her Electro ball attack, she flung it right as Salazzle spat her Flame Burst.

Both attacks met in the middle again, shooting sparks all over the field, and leaving black smoke that faded quickly. "Cranidos, snap out of it!" Cranidos was still stumbling around dizzily. "That little thing has no battle experience… Wish I went with Grimer!" She eyed the stumbling dinosaur and an idea came to her. "Salazzle use Double Slap on Cranidos!" Both Eclipse and Hau looked puzzled by the command. Salazzle shrugged and proceeded to slap Cranidos four times with a combination of her hand and tail. The Cranidos was left dazed from the slaps, shook his head and his red eyes retained their focus. "Great, now since you're back, run alongside Salazzle. Salazzle use Double Slap on that Pikachu!"

Salazzle was speeding to Pikachu while Cranidos ran beside her. "What are they doing?" Hau questioned.

"It doesn't matter, I'll stop it!" Eclipse said. "Use Confuse Ray!" Misdreavus laughed as she had red, green, and blue orbs orbit around her.

Plumeria smirked. "Saw that coming a mile away, Salazzle, blind 'em with Dragon Rage!" Salazzle sprung into the air; generated a blue sphere in her maw before letting loose a fiery dragon blast that engulfed Misdreavus, making her scream in fear. She lost her focus, ending the Confuse Ray.

"Now use Take Down-!" Cranidos appeared out from the flames and charged right at the scared Misdreavus, but she saw him go through her, confusing the both of them. "- On Pikachu!" Cranidos quickly corrected himself and charged right into Pikachu who was close by. There was a boom as Pikachu was sent shooting across the ground, rolling roughly close to Hau and Eclipse.

"Pikachu!" Hau cried.

"Salazzle, finish her off, use Sludge Bomb!" Salazzle spat out a large purple glob of liquid that was heading for Pikachu.

"Misdreavus!" Eclipse cried, knowing what she wanted, she hovered in front of Pikachu and took the Sludge Bomb for her. Unfortunately for her, she was struggling to keep floating as a purple haze appeared above where her nose would be.

"Oh no… she's poisoned," Hau noted.

"Now what do we do?" Eclipse asked as she was feeling hopeless about their situation too. A glint appeared in the sky and seeds were raining down, pelting both Salazzle and Cranidos. Once both Pokemon staggered, a Trumbeak flew down and its beak was glowing orange and it picked Cranidos' head and the single attack sent him flying back to Plumeria.

"What the-" she saw the Trumbeak float in front of Hau and Eclipse.

Eclipse looked at the bird. "Trumbeak, you came back to help us?" the bird nodded. "Thank you, this means a lot." she looked down at Misdreavus. "You've done great, but I want to keep you safe." she then returned Misdreavus to her Poke Ball. "Mind if you battle with me for now?" he nodded. "In that case, use Echoed Voice!" Trumbeak screeched and the soundwaves battered Salazzle and when she was distracted she and Plumeria saw Pikachu leaping up off of Trumbeak.

"Now use Discharge!"

"PiiiiikaCHUUUUU!" she outstretched her arms and released a tremendous electrical discharge that engulfed both Salazzle and Cranidos.

Both Pokemon looked hurt from the attack. "There is our opening. Use Rock Smash on Cranidos!" Plumeria angrily shifted her arm.

"It can never be one on one with you brats! Cranidos, challenge her with Take Down!" Cranidos shot forward with a white/orange aura and crashed her head into the beak of Trumbeak. Both Pokemon flew back after taking tremendous damage. Plumeria had enough, her Poisonium Z crystal shone as she flashed it to the two. "I'm done playing around!" the rock shone as she danced. "Acid Downpour!" She ended it with the same pose she displayed in the Battle Royal Dome. She and Salazzle were surrounded in a purple, flaming aura. Salazzle then hissed, and the aura spread out into a murky mist that turned the ground around Pikachu and Trumbeak into a poison swamp. The clouds turned purple and covered the sky as purple rain was falling.

Though Pikachu was having a tougher time since she was grounded. "Pikachu!" Hau exclaimed.

Trumbeak grabbed onto her arms and tried to pull her out. Plumeria saw her chance. "That's going to cost you! Cranidos, use Ancient Power!" Cranidos made purple glowing rocks rise from the ground and flung all of them to Trumbeak.

"Trumbeak-" Eclipse didn't know what Trumbeak should do, if Trumbeak let go, then Pikachu would be finished, but if he didn't, then there was a chance the Rock-type attack would do huge damage to her. Her hesitation was the deciding factor as the six rocks crashed hard into Trumbeak forcing him to let go and slide back to Eclipse with swirls in his eyes. This left Pikachu to sink into the murky ground.

"PIKACHU!" the clouds cleared, ending the poison rain. When the poison murk cleared, Pikachu was on her back with swirls in her eyes. During the battle, the Skull Grunts had gathered to watch and they instantly started cheering.


"That's why we love you!"

"Please teach me to do that!"

Plumeria cleared her throat. "We're leaving! Remember our rule of staying in one place for too long?" her small group of grunts saluted and they took off.

Her grunts started to leave, Hau looked crushed while Eclipse was emotionless, but this wasn't an easy loss for her to take. "Let that be a lesson. Pick on my dumb brothers and sisters again, and I'll make you regret it." she eyed Eclipse. "Consider this a receipt for yesterday. Don't get in our way again. Oh, one more thing… If- no when the Island Challenge owns you two, come find me. We could always use strong trainers like you?"

"Forget it!" Hau defiantly exclaimed. "We'll never join Team Skull, and we'll beat the Island Challenge for sure!"

The older girl shook her head. "Please, you can't even beat me. And I didn't finish the stupid thing! Moon, the other guy, and miss darkness here could get pretty far… but you? I'll be surprised if you can get past the next trial!"

Hau clenched his fists. "Oh yeah! I beat Kiawe's trial and got my third Z Crystal yesterday!"

Plumeria gave a sarcastic slow clap. "And I suppose I should be proud of you? I won those things too…" she flashed the Poisonium Z that was in her custom Z-Ring. "I got a bunch of Z-Crystals… but this is the only one that means anything to me!" she walked past them but left them with this: "The offer is still open. So when you get tired of being weak, come find me!"

She disappeared out of the area, Hau was slightly shivering to himself. "Hau…" Eclipse started but a voice got their attention.

"Hello?" they saw the hiker who was in his trailer. "Are they gone?" He saw Eclipse nod. "Oh great, please come inside, I've got medical supplies for your Pokemon." Eclipse scooped up the defeated Trumbeak in her arms.

"Come Hau."

"Y-yeah… right behind you…" He responded his mind, clearly elsewhere. Once he saw Eclipse going into the trailer, he turned around once more to see that Plumeria was indeed gone.

The next island the group arrived on was an Island that didn't appear to even have a beach. It was rocky and there was a large cave entrance. There were two torches in front of the entrance.

"A cave?" Sun questioned.

Moon chuckled. "Yep, this is Isle Aphun. Pokemon search these caves to find valuable treasures. I used to explore these caverns when I was younger. I used to find shards and rare stones. And there are quite a few pearls in there if you know where to look. But I heard that there might be some Z-Crystals in there if you look hard enough."


Moon nodded. "And of course, finders keepers." she took out her Luxury Ball. After tossing it up, Lillipup came out and landed on his paws. "Hey Lillipup, there's something for us to find, mind if you can help me?"

"Ruff!" the puppy barked. Moon pulled out her Waterium Z and held it close to his nose. Lillipup sniffed it and Moon pocketed it.

"Got the scent? Alright, now find the crystal little guy!" Lillipup ran into the cave and Moon followed behind her. "Smell ya later!"

"H-hey wait up!" Sun exclaimed before he groaned in defeat. "I should have known it would turn out like this," he smirked as he pulled out one of his Poke Balls. "But two can play that game, come out Rockruff!"

The rock type was sleeping as he came out of his Poke Ball, but he opened one eye. "So Rockruff, could you do me a favor. I need to find a Z Crystal in that cave, and Moon already has a head start so if you could-" he saw that Rockruff turned away to fall back to sleep. "I don't know why I didn't see that coming." he returned Rockruff to the Poke Ball. Bouncee leaped back onto his shoulder. "You want to help Bouncee?" she nodded and Sun pulled out another Poke Ball. "Well if we're going to explore a dark cave, we're going to need some light." he tossed out his Charjabug and he held him in his hands. "Mind if you could light the way little buddy?" his horns started to light up the path in front of him. "Will you be ok out here Mohn?"

He chuckled in response. "I've got other duties to take care of, you have fun in there."

Sun was inside the dark caves with Charjabug lighting the way. Bouncee was looking in awe at the shining crystals within the cave. Sun could even see Pokemon that were shaped like floating rocks with blue crystals sticking out from them.

"Oh look!" Rotom exclaimed. "Those are Carbink! We should follow them. They would probably know those caves inside and out."

Sun thought for a moment. "Moon's got a huge headstart on me already." he took another step and for a moment he could see yellow electric streams going through the cave, and it looked to go through a particular path. Though it was only for a split second. "Whoa… did you see that?"

"See what?" Rotom asked. He eyed Bouncee who shook her head and Charjabug made a low grumble with electric sounds reverberating off his body.

"So I was the only one who saw that huh?" he somehow could see yellow electric sparks flashing off the cave walls. As he continued to traverse the path, he could see the cave splitting two ways. The electric streaks were dancing to the right pathway. "Ok… so that's where we're going then…" after this he walked down the right path, stroking his hands against the walls and he could feel the static of the cave walls tickling his palm. "Rotom… are you sure you can't see anything. Not even a spark?"

Rotom shook his head. "Nope… I can't sense any electromagnetic interferences in the cave. And I'd know. I'm an electric type after all!"

"Ok… I'll just follow it for now." Sun slowly followed the pulse, almost he could somehow feel them talking to him somehow. "This is so weird…"

At the same time, Moon was climbing one of the walls of the caves, her knuckles had slight bruises and cuts in them. Lillipup was holding onto Moon's back and was happily panting to himself. "She could see what looked like a pedestal ahead. And on top of it, there was a sky blue crystal that shone brightly. "Shoot… if only Trumbeak was here. I'd want to test this baby out." she slowly approached the pedestal but as she got closer, she heard some squawking.

"KWAAAAA!" appearing from the high ceiling of the cave was what looked like a metal bird that landed on the ground.

"Whoa… that's a Skarmory I think…" she looked at Lillipup who looked prepared to battle. "Sorry little guy, that's a Steel type. You wouldn't fare too well." Lillipup's ears dropped and he whined. Moon immediately felt very bad and she smirked. "Aww, don't make that face. If you want to fight, then you've got it, little guy!" Lillipup's small tail wagged and he looked excited. The Skarmory's talons shone with a shining gray sheen. The bird flew down to Lillipup. "Watch out little guy!" Lillipup rolled away from the sharp claws and he glared at Skarmory who was looking down at them. "Ok… let's beef you up, use Work Up!" Lillipup had a bright red aura surrounding him. "Now use Bite!" he leaped up to Skarmory but he missed and Skarmory hung in the air and its wings had the bright shine around his wings and he swiped Lillipup down back to the ground. "Lillipup!" the little puppy was hurt but tried to get back up. The Skarmory wing was glowing again but with a white glow this time. Lillipup braced for the eventual impact but a pair of blue arms swiped him away from danger.

Lillipup opened his eyes to see Brionne protectively holding him. "Sorry Lillipup, but I had to get Brionne in on this!" Brionne winked at Lillipup, drawing out a smile from the puppy. Skarmory landed hard on the ground and squawked at the pair. "Let's go Brionne, Bubble Beam!" Brionne's mouth was glowing blue and she fired a stream of bubbles at Skarmory who shot up to avoid them. Skarmory hung onto the rocky ceiling with his talons and he shot back down to the pair. Lillipup leaped onto Brionne, launched off her, and headbutt the Skarmory, dazing the both of them. "Whoa… not a bad move there. Brionne use Aqua Jet!" Brionne was covered in a spinning bullet of water that crashed into Flying-type, sending it reeling back.

Lillipup shook off the last attack. "Use Work Up!" Lillipup was covered in a red aura and shot again to the dazed flying type. "Use Bite!" Lillipup's fangs were glowing and he bit past Skarmory's left-wing.

"KRRRRRA!" it then had a glowing outline surrounding its body and it flew forward, but at a much faster speed. Its wings were glowing a pale sky blue and he hit both Brionne and Lillipup.

"What just happened? It's way too fast now…" Its wings hardened and had a bright silver sheen surrounding them. He sped to Lillipup. "Lillipup, Work Up then Bite!" Lillipup had a red aura surrounding him again and he bit into the Steel Wing, taking the sting off Skarmory's attack. "Get 'im Brionne use Bubble Beam!" Brionne was behind the pair and fired a Bubble Beam that was heading for both Lillipup and Skarmory.

The bubbles impacted them, but Lillipup quickly leaped off right before the bubbles hit. He slid back on his paws, started to growl, and started sprinting to Skarmory. "Quick, use Bite!" Lillipup opened his maw, his teeth shone white, but there were white energy fangs that were opened on the sides of Lillipup and he bit down hard on Skarmory with both his teeth and the energy fangs. The Armor bird was heavily dazed after the attack and there was a blue sheen that covered him for a moment. "Whoa… that's new! Brionne finish it with Aqua Jet!"

"Aroooo!" Brionne cried as she covered herself in a water bullet and crashed into the weakened Skarmory and the impact sent it sliding into a wall, kicking up a lot of dust. The Armor bird had swirls replacing its eyes.

Moon let out a sigh. "Woo, that was great." she then picked up Lillipup and looked into the puppy's eyes. "And you were awesome, that was a new move wasn't it?" she asked. "It looked like Crunch to me!" she hugged the puppy. "You're getting stronger, aren't you little guy?"

"Arf!" he barked.

Moon gently placed him onto the ground. "Heh, I'm real proud of you." she walked over to the pedestal and the Z-Crystal started floating over it. It was pulsing with sky blue energy. The moment her palm gripped it, there were bright blue shining symbols on the walls. And they traced themselves to be outlines of human figures, and these figures looked to be performing some kind of dance. "Oh… I get it now!" she smirked to herself as the human symbols shone brighter, she crossed her wrists together as she prepared to dance.

At the same time, Sun was still going through his portion of the cave. He could still see the electric streaks that were trying to lead him.

"Uh… Sun are you ok?" Rotom worriedly asked.

"Yeah, I am… why?" Sun replied.

"It's just that you've been going deeper into the cave. And I've got no maps for this part of the place so… I'm getting scared." he started to shiver and hovered closer to Sun.

"I don't know… this is just a weird feeling I've got. I have no idea why." he followed the sparks that only he could see. They could see a dead-end, but there was a large rock that had icy blue patches on it in the middle of the cave end. Sun could see that he was being led to it. He touched it and it was freezing to the touch. He heard a loud screech with electric static mixed in with it. He quickly turned around to see Tapu Koko, but only for a split second. "Whoa did you guys see-?"

Rotom, Bouncee, and Charjabug turned around to see nothing. "Sun… you're acting weird… what's going on with you?"

Sun shook his head. "Never mind." he grabbed the rock that was about the size of a Pokemon Egg and he placed it into his backpack and zipped it closed. When he slung it on his back he felt the weight of the stone weighing him down. "I think we can head back now." he let out a sigh. "I'm ready for Moon to rub it in our faces…" he groaned.

Back on Akala Island, within the trailer close to Route 8, the hiker had already set up the Fossil restoration machine. The cover fossil was already inside. The machine was slowly restoring it, Hau sat on the couch while Eclipse stared at the incubator while holding her egg.

"So how long will it take?" Eclipse asked.

"It normally takes a couple of hours, so chances are the fossil will be fully restored by tomorrow." While Hau sat he looked up at the hiker who looked like he was preparing tea, he still let Plumeria's words take hold of him. "What's the problem? You look down."

"It was that fight with that woman," he remembered how much damage she did to both Eclipse and his Pokemon. "…Plumeria…"

"Please don't worry about losin' to her. You weren't hurt, and we recovered your Pokemon. I'm just glad someone was willing to stand up to Team Skull. I thought they were just nuisances… but recently, they've been getting worse, stealing fossils, the takeover of the Royal Battle Dome."

Eclipse sat down next to Hau with a cup of tea that the hiker made for her. "I can't say they are planning something. Their lower members probably have no idea what Team Skull is doing as well. Their real strength comes from Plumeria and Gladion." she thought back to when she and Laura fought Gladion. "What I fear is how low down the totem pole we are."

"What do you mean?" Hau asked.

"If Plumeria and Gladion are that strong, one can only imagine how strong their leaders could be?"

The hiker cringed. "Well, if you want to know how strong they are, ask the people who used to live in Po Town. That place has become their own personal playground."

Eclipse turned to Hau. "I understand that you are upset at your loss, I am too, and I always wonder to myself if I'll become a good trainer. And I have too many things slowing me down too… like my past that I don't know about. That's why I'm focusing on what I can do…" she took her Waterium Z crystal from her backpack. "And what I can do… is become stronger, and raise my Pokemon the best that I can." she eyed her egg that was next to the fossil restoration machine. "Maybe instead of measuring up to everyone else. Take it one day at a time?" Eclipse tiredly sat back on the couch. "I apologize, I wish I could be better at giving 'heartfelt speeches' as it were."

Hau smiled. "I appreciate what you're trying to do, Eclipse…" his expression then showed frustration. "It seems like every time I get better, I just get knocked back down. Gladion put me down before, but Sun and I managed to win that trial, but I wasn't alone. I'd say Sun did all the heavy lifting." he turned and stepped outside the trailer. He put on a smile, one that he'd usually show. It was a facade and Eclipse could see that.


"Sorry Eclipse… I'd like to be alone for now…" he left the trailer. Soon after, Eclipse hugged her legs and pouted.

"Is your friend going to be ok?"

"I do not know… But he's my friend, I need to cheer him up." she stood up. "Mind if you watch over my stuff for me?" she walked over to the table and lifted her egg from the table and slung on her Pikachu backpack. "I have to do something."

On the final island, there was a small beach. Behind that was a small raised ground that had hot springs with Pokemon relaxing in them. In one of the hot springs, Sun emerged from the water, wearing his swim shorts. He was seen shaking water out from his hair. Bouncee was cheering as she floated up to him.

"You're right, Bouncee. This is really relaxing," he replied.

"HEY SUN!" he looked up to see Moon and Brionne on a higher platform where the hot water was falling into the spring. She was in her regular swimsuit. "Look out below!" he could see the both of them leaping off. Brionne dove off while Moon tucked her legs and curled up as she and Brionne fell.

They both splashed water all over. Bouncee was cheering while Sun had a defeated look on his face. Brionne and Moon bowed as they resurfaced. "This is shallow water, you aren't afraid of hurting your legs?"

"Heh, you worry too much." she pointed confidently at him. "You've got to go out and have fun in life!"

Sun eyed the hot spring and noticed something odd. "Aren't hot springs separated by gender?"

"Where are we, Hoenn?" she closed in on him and whispered to him. "By the way, Rotom isn't here right?"

Sun chuckled. "No, we're close to water, hot water no less. He's afraid of steam, so he wouldn't dare get close."

Mohn was tending to a very small garden with his Mr. Mime while Rotom was pouting. "Hmm… those two are probably smooching and I'm out here doing nothing!" Mr. Mime patted the Pokedex on the back.

Sun and Moon were leaning against the rocks while Brionne was floating on her back while Bouncee was futilely following her. They both eyed the sun slowly dipping below the horizon, coloring the water in a fantastic orange sheen. "Heh, I'm glad we came here," Moon said. "It feels great to just kick back, I hope Trumbeak is doing ok."

"I'm sure Eclipse and Hau are taking good care of him. Hey, aren't you curious about Mohn?"

"Why do you ask?"

"He reminds me of… well it seems like he's going through exactly what Eclipse is going through. The first time I met her, she was pretty aloof and knew close to nothing. She doesn't remember how she got to Alola and was roaming Melemele for months apparently. And from what Mohn said, the same thing might have happened to him."

"I'll agree it's pretty strange… but at the same time, why make a big deal out of it? Yeah, Mohn might not have any memories, but look around." they eyed the hot springs around them and could see some of the other islands in the distance. "He did so much for the Pokemon here. Why question his past? And Eclipse… she's a riot. And she's slowly coming out of her shell. Them losing their memories is, concerning but it doesn't look like we can help them. Even then Mohn seems happy, and that isn't something we can take away from him. As for Eclipse, well she's making a bunch of new memories."

"Yeah… at least Eclipse has us for company, I'd hate to think if she just remained on Melemele."

Moon smirked. "Speaking of making memories… I gotta say, Bouncee has been sticking reeeeal close to you."

"Yeah, she has. Never left my side since Mallow left her with me." Moon rolled her eyes, she walked out of the spring to her bag where she pulled out a Great Ball. "Hold on, are you suggesting?" he saw Moon toss it to him.

"It's pretty obvious Bouncee likes you a lot, and in that battle, she did her very best to win for you." Bouncee hovered close to Sun. "Mallow takes care of a bunch of Grass Types, but she can't really raise all of them. Why else would she let Bouncee spend so much time with you? She wanted to see if the little fruit wanted to stay with you… and my eyes tell me that she does."

Sun looked down at Bouncee. "Well, what do you think Bouncee? Would you like to travel with us?" Bouncee nodded and butted her head against the front of the great ball. It opened and she was sucked into it by blue light. The Great Ball shut closed and shook three times before it locked closed. "Welcome to the club Bouncee." the ball opened and Bouncee splashed and spun in the water.

"Sweet! Bounsweet! Sweet!"

Moon jumped back into the spring. "I agree Bouncee, this is pretty sweet." They could see Brionne balancing Bouncee on her round nose and the fruit was laughing. "And it looks like Brionne has a performance partner."

"Yeah… it looks like it."

They were silent for a while and they just watched the sun setting. "Well… as relaxing as this is, we've got to get back eventually. We stay here too long, we'll become prunes."

"But before we go, who's doing the next trial?"

Moon thought for a moment. "You've got a Fire and a Bug Type, so you should probably take it. As for me…" she flashed her Flyininum Z. "I think I'm looking pretty good on Z Crystals for now. So it's between you, Hau and Eclipse. Speaking of those two… I wonder how their day went?"

The sun had fallen, Hau was sitting on the roof of the Pokemon Center, staring at the stars that twinkled in the night. "Hau?" he saw Eclipse looking up at him from the ground while holding her egg. "What are you doing up there?"

"Oh… I'm just up here, taking in the view… I guess." he looked down. "I'll join you down there!" Hau climbed down the back of the Pokemon Center and met her by the front. "Everything ok?"

"I should be asking you that?"

He gave a cheery nod. "Haha, I'm doing better!"


"I'm fine, really. Just needed some air," he answered with a chuckle. "I'm fine!."

"..." Eclipse remained silent, her eyebrows flattened, hinting that she wasn't buying it. "If Hau really doesn't want to speak about it… then it is unfair for me to make him." he saw him flashing a peace sign with a cheeky smile. "Why hide your hurt behind smiles, Hau?"


The girl shook her head. "Do not worry. But I wanted to show you something. Walk with me?" Hau dipped his head and walked beside Eclipse as they were following the curved road of Route 8, in front of them.

"Hope Sun and Moon are having a good time."

"I am sure they are fine… but Hau, there is something I wanted to show you." she unzipped her backpack to pull out what looked like a thin notebook with a pen attached to it. "Hau… this is my dream journal."

"A dream journal, that's neat. What kind of dreams are you having? Good ones I'll bet."

Eclipse shook her head. "Strange ones. They are about someone that isn't me. But somehow, Abra is there. I don't understand why, and he also seems less scared."

Hau was flipping through the pages and he could see an intricate drawing near the back of the book. It looked like a very rough sketch of the interior of a room. "Whoa, did you draw this?" he watched Eclipse nod. "This is pretty good y'know…"

"You do not find it odd that I am having dreams of someone else other than myself?"

"Hmm…" Hau asked. "How are you sure that you're another person?"

"Because I look into a mirror and I see that I have Green Eyes… both of them..."

Hau chuckled as he focused on Eclipse's red and green irises. "Oh, right… that's something I've been meaning to ask by the way? You wouldn't happen to know why they are different colors right?" she shook her head. "Right, just checking."

"Not only that, but I have friends in the dream too. It isn't you guys, but they are two other people. And apparently… the mother and father of the person I am are missing for some reason."

Hau also read another line from a page. "W-wait everything everywhere is dark? Like all the time?!" Eclipse nodded. "Do you know why?" she shook her head. "Oh, man… I wish I had an answer for you."

"Do not worry. Unless I plan on not sleeping, I'll keep having these dreams and I'll be able to put the pieces together. Maybe even figure out who this person is?" Hau gave Eclipse back her dream journal. "Maybe figuring this out will be the key to fixing my memories."

Hau gleefully smiled. "That's amazing. And hey, I'll help you out if you like?"

"Also I heard a roar in one of the dreams. It sounded like some kind of monster… maybe a Pokemon. I can't be sure." she eyed Hau. "Unless you can somehow follow me into my dreams, then I'm not sure how you can help. But it is sweet of you to offer."

Hau smiled, and as they walked, a glow could be heard from Eclipse's egg. "The egg, what is happening!?"

"Put it down quickly!" Hau said, and when it was resting on the ground Eclipse looked concerned.

"W-what's happening!?"

"Eclipse, it's hatching…" he whispered.


The egg was shaking and bouncing on the grass, some cracks were seen in it. Eclipse dropped to her knees in front of it while Hau stood behind her. When the cracks spread, a brown paw was cutely pushing out. The head pushed itself out after that, and soon after, the little Pokemon managed to break out of the egg. It stood on its four paws, shook off the dust from the egg. She had a large, cream mane around her neck with long brown ears. She had a thick fox tail with a cream-colored tip that had a heart-shaped pattern. Her eyes opened and they sparkled in the moonlight.

"T-that's an Eevee…" Hau breathed, but Eclipse didn't respond she was mystified by the brown Pokemon who let out a yawn. Her eyes then landed on Eclipse who couldn't stop staring.

"Eevee…" Eclipse whispered, her eyes glinted as they became watery, the Pokemon was slowly walking to Eclipse with some caution. "It's ok…" the girl said and extended her arms. The Pokemon walked up to Eclipse's knee, the girl slowly rubbed the head of the Pokemon very gently.

"Aww…" Hau cooed. "Congratulations, Eclipse."

A genuine smile formed on Eclipse's face, she gently lifted Eevee and cradled her in her arms. "Welcome to the world, Eevee." The little critter yawned and she was falling asleep in Eclipse's arms. "We should head back, I need to find a Pokeball for her."

They were on the way back and as Hau walked next to Eclipse, he noticed that she had a lasting smile, in fact, she was positively glowing. He thought about bringing it up, but he feared he would embarrass her, so he let her enjoy the moment. After all, the egg that Eclipse took care of the point where it would be her own child had just hatched, and she was the happiest she has ever been. Why not let her savor it?

Sorry for making you guys wait, hope you guys like the update. I'll see you guys soon hopefully. And I actually remembered to leave the team statuses this time. So here ya go, see you guys later.

Sun: Torracat (M), Charjabug (M), Rockruff (M), Bouncee{Bounsweet} (F)
Ride Pokemon: Charizard
Z-Crystal: Normal, Fighting, Fire

Moon: Brionne (F), Trumbeak (M), Lillipup (M)
Ride Pokemon: Tauros
Z-Crystal: Normal, Fighting, Water, Flying

Hau: Rowlet (M), Pikachu (F), Crabrawler (M)
Ride Pokemon: None
Z-Crystal: Normal, Fighting, Fire

Eclipse: Abra (M), Misdreavus (F), Oricorio (F)[Pa'u Style], Feebas (F), Eevee (F)
Ride Pokemon: Lapras
Z-Crystal: Normal, Fighting, Water

Gladion: Type Null, Zorua (M)
Ride Pokemon: None
Z-Crystal: None

Lillie: Nebby{Cosmog}, Igglybuff (F)
Ride Pokemon: None
Z-Crystal: None

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