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A Blossoming Partnership

Pokemon: Adventures of Sun and Moon
Chapter 17 - A Blossoming Partnership

The chirps of Pikipek were heard all over Royal Avenue as the sun had risen. Eclipse was seen closely hugging the incubator that held her egg. She sat outside, taking in the morning breeze. Her eyes were closed as she was writing in what looked like a journal. She even looked deep in thought as her pencil ran across the page.

"Heeeey Eclipse!" she was startled when she saw Hau walking to her with a smile on his face.

"Alola Hau." Eclipse greeted, "Sorry we were asleep when you came back. Moon and I had a busy night."

Hau smiled. "Don't worry!" he flashed his Firium Z. "Sun and I got it done in the end, but it sure wasn't easy." Eclipse was looking at what she was writing, Hau took notice so he got curious. "What is that you got there?"

Eclipse moved the journal out from his view. "Um… it's private, Hau."

"Oh…" Hau shifted away on the bench. "I see… but that's ok. How's the egg doing?"

She turned to the egg. "Doing fine… I still await the day it hatches." Eclipse looked like she was deep in thought. "Hau… I want to thank you the most for putting up with me."

Hau gave her a smile. "Aw, you're not bad at all Eclipse. I really like hanging out with you." he suddenly got an idea. "Want to get a Malasada?"

Eclipse gently closed her dream journal with both her hands. "I'd like that." she outstretched her hand to Hau. "So… shall we?"

Hau's cheeks became red, he then grabbed her hand and led the two of them to the city's Malasada shop.

"I told you! I'm fine!" a doctor looked to be examining Moon as she lay down, he shone a small torch in her eye and on her tongue. Sun and Lillie were worriedly watching Moon as she was being checked upon.

"Ok… I just want to be sure." the doctor in the blue outfit replied. "You were hit by a Sludge Bomb from a Salazzle. I just want to be sure there are no after-effects." the doctor started to pack his stuff. "I urge you to take it easy from now on." after he left. Moon got up and stretched.

"Welp, two trials down. One to go! Let's hit it!"

Lillie tried to offer an alternative. "Maybe it won't hurt to take a break." she then faced Sun. "Both of you have been battling so much. Maybe you should both take it easy."

Moon thought for a second. "Yeah, you're right Lils. There is a small beach I've been thinking of taking us to."

"Should we find Hau and Eclipse?" Sun asked.

Rotom suddenly climbed out of Sun's backpack. "Great idea, you should find them, Lillie!"

"O-oh… me?"

"Why not?" Rotom asked, he turned around and winked at Moon, and the girl only shrugged her shoulders in response.

"Maybe I should go, instead." Sun offered.

"No, I'll be fine," Lillie assured. "But thanks for offering. They both couldn't have gone too far." They both watched Lillie leave on her own.

"Well look at her, doin' things on her own," Moon said before nudging Sun's shoulder. "Who knows, maybe you won't have to hold her hand all the time."

Sun rolled his eyes slightly. "C'mon Moon, she's just very nervous. Plus you know how scared she is of losing Nebby."

"Yeah, I get it. But hey, I heard you got Charizard as a Ride Pokemon. Heh, pretty awesome right?"

Sun chuckled. "Well, I'm pretty much a fan of Charizard. That Pokemon is a pretty big deal back in Kanto."

Moon then made a proposition. "So, since you got a Ride Pokemon, and I gotta Ride Pokemon… You reading me, Sun?"

"Actually, not really? What are you trying to say?"

"My Tauros against your Charizard, we race from here to Brooklet Hill!" she excitedly said. "What do you say?"

Sun cringed slightly and backed away slightly. "Moon, the last time we were in a race - I almost drowned."

The color slightly drained from Moon's face and froze after remembering what happening during their Mantine Surfing. "Um… l-look that was a one-time thing, but I'm sure it'll be all right this time."

"That was the first time I've surfed a Mantine, and I haven't even flown on Charizard yet. So I don't think I'm ready for a race yet."

Moon shamefully looked away. "Um… right." She awkwardly rubbed her arm, and Sun noticed the awkward tension between them.

"Hey, I'm going to find Kiawe, hopefully, he can give me some pointers on how to ride Charizard. Want to tag along?"

She then folded her arms and smirked while turning away. "Heh, you just can't do anything without me can you?"

"You just can't be nice for once, can you?"

"Not unless you pay me by the hour."

A defeated sigh escaped his lips. "I had a feeling you'd say that. Well, we should head out then."

"Hah, after you." After Sun took the lead Moon saw Rotom folding his arms as he floated behind her. "What?"

"You know 'what'! You're only hurting your own chances with him by being all 'bad girl' around him all the time. If you want him to like you, maybe try being nice."

Moon rolled her eyes. "Rotom... what is it going to take to prove that I'm not into him?"

"C'mon, admit it. You two would be so good for each other! You challenge Sun, and he makes you be a little nicer in the end."

"Are you saying we 'balance' each other out or something?"

"Not exactly. But still, I think you have a real chance here, and you're blowing it! Maybe just ease up on being mean."

Moon then glared at Rotom. "Look, why don't you mind your own business!" Moon left the Pokemon Center with a stomp and Rotom had sighed himself.

"Ugh… kids…"

Just outside the Malasada shop, a Cubone was mysteriously waiting hiding near one of the dark corners of the shop. It quickly ran to the back as it saw Lillie walking to the store.

Once she got inside, she saw Hau and Eclipse sitting at a table near the front of the shop. "Alola Lillie!" Hau waved.

She smiled to herself and she walked over to their table. "Glad you have found us." Eclipse said while she was watching her Misdreavus eating her Malasada and she looked to cringe as if the pastry was sour.

"So… where would we be going next?" Lillie asked as she sat down next to Eclipse.

"Right, there is one more trial on Akala, and that is Mallow's Trial." Hau said, "Moon said we need to head to the Lush Jungle."

"Apparently it is a Grass-Type trial." Eclipse said. "Still don't know who in our group is going to take it."

Hau smirked. "I'm definitely going for it. I'm feeling so great after beating Kiawe's trial." he then eyed Rowlet who was sleeping. "I've got to get myself a Grass Z-Crystal for my little buddy." Hau then looked at Lillie. "Wait…" he then eyed Eclipse. "You think it's too late for Lillie to take the Island Challenge with us?"

Lillie nearly jumped in her seat. "W-what!?"

Eclipse thought about it for a second. "I mean I don't see why not. Lillie is a trainer now."

"N-no way!" Lillie exclaimed, a little loudly before she covered her mouth. "Sorry, I meant that I think I'll stick to being a trainer. I'm not sure I'll ever be strong enough to fight a Totem Pokemon."

Eclipse patted Lillie's shoulder. "You shouldn't doubt yourself, Lillie. I wasn't sure I could keep up with Sun, Hau, or Moon… but I realized that wasn't the point. I can battle my way and still beat the trials, and have fun while doing it. Plus I get to travel with my friends while doing it."

Lillie let out a relieved sigh. "Thank you for the encouragement, Eclipse. But I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet."

"All in your own time, Lillie."

The doors of the shop opened and a pair of new customers entered. These people were a male and female duo. They were dressed in all-white outfits with long white gloves covering their hands. They both had, four large packs on their person, and both wore white matching hats with gold buttons on them. They also wore large running shoes. The duo appeared to be young, and fair-skinned. The male had short, sharp brown hair and had gold eyes while the female had short, dark hair and she had silver eyes.

As soon as they entered, Lillie's eyes had shrunk to the size of plant seeds and she shuffled uncomfortably in her seat.

"Something wrong, Lillie?" Eclipse asked.

"U-um… I…" she was even nervously sweating and made sure her bag was fully zipped, and even kept her hand on the zipper so Nebby wouldn't escape.

The young male of the duo looked to their table. "Wait a minute…" he muttered. He tapped the girl beside him on the shoulder and she nodded. They both walked to their table and Lillie nervously gulped to herself.

"Hey." the girl said as they approached their table.

"Alola…" Eclipse greeted.

"How's it going?" Hau cheerily asked.

"H-hi…" Lillie nervously said.

The boy eyed both Lillie and Eclipse, but Lillie felt like he was staring right through her as his eyes focused on both of them. "I know you!"

"P-please! I-I can explain!" Lillie exclaimed.

"Yeah… you're the girl who helped that other boy take down Team Skull the other day!" the girl said, as their attention was directed to Eclipse.

"W-what!?" Lillie exclaimed.

"Yeah, that's right." the male said. "Oh right… our names, I'm Buck and this is Laura."

"Hello." Laura greeted.

"Nice to meetcha'!" Hau said. "I'm Hau, that awesome girl over there is Eclipse! And that's Lillie… she's pretty awesome too."

Eclipse gave both of them a nonchalant wave. "Anyway, we just came here to get something to eat before we head to work," Buck said.

"Work?" Hau asked. "What do you do?"

"Oh… well we're from the Aether Foundation," Laura said. "Um… we're still newbies, but we enjoy what we do."

"What do you do?" Eclipse asked.

"Well, our job is to rescue Pokemon that have been hurt, or that are lost. Any Pokemon in trouble we find, we make sure to shelter them from threats like Team Skull."

Hau gasped in amazement and Eclipse's eyebrow rose, Lillie on the other hand remained frozen as she watched the conversation take place. "Wow, that's amazing!" Hau complimented.

Eclipse nodded. "We had a… troubling experience with Team Skull last night. They tried to take my dear child away from me!" Both Buck and Laura tilted their heads in confusion. "Oh right, my Pokemon Egg."

Laura nodded in realization. "Team Skull is nothing but trouble, right now our operations are only in Ula'Ula and Akala Island at the moment. But any, one Pokemon we can save is positive."

"That's inspiring." Hau complimented.

Buck chuckled. "If you think that's great. You should see who runs the operation. Our Boss, Lusamine."

Eclipse could swear she could feel Lillie twitch at that moment. "So this Lusamine is your boss?" Hau asked.

Laura explained further. "More accurately, Lusamine is the President of the Aether Foundation. She's really nice and Pokemon are dear to her heart, that's why she started the Aether Foundation." she then jabbed her thumb at Buck. "Plus, Casanova here can't stop talking about her."

"Can you blame me?" Buck said. "Lusamine is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen." he then took his touch screen phone out from his pocket. "She's in the picture when all the new employees came in a few months ago." He showed them a picture with a couple of people dressed in the same uniform. He pointed out a woman who was in the middle of the picture and she had a warm, but confident smile on her face.

She was a beautiful woman who wore a white sleeveless dress with a transparent yellow hem that was over the dress itself, there was a long black crystal on the chest of her dress. She had tight leggings that were white and black stripes going down either side and wore black heels with blue undersides. She had pale skin and a right greenish eye could be seen as her hair had covered the other eye. Her hair was blonde with silver highlights in it.

As soon as Hau saw her, his cheeks went red. "W-whoa… this is her?"

"I know right?"

"She's so beautiful," Hau muttered in a slight daze.

Eclipse then motioned for Hau to hand the phone over to her. She then looked and pouted to herself. "Hmph, she's not that great." she handed the phone back to Laura.

Laura then looked at Eclipse. "Hey, you don't mind if Buck and I could take a look at that egg of yours, just to see if it is healthy. You don't have to of course."

Eclipse thought about it, and she felt Lillie tapping her shoulder. "Eclipse… maybe you shouldn't… I mean we still have to get you to the next trial… right?"

"Yes." Eclipse replied to Laura, "It wouldn't hurt right? Besides, these people help Pokemon on a daily basis. They probably know more about the egg than even would."

Buck stretched. "I'm not hearing a no! Awesome, our outpost is not too far from here. It's on Route 8."

"We'll head there after you're all done eating," Laura said.

"Cool!" Hau said giving them a thumbs up.

Lillie only pushed herself further in the corner. "Yeah… cool…"

Both Sun and Moon arrived outside the Battle Royal Dome and they saw Kiawe exiting. "Oh Kiawe!" Sun called out.

"Sun, Moon. Nice to see you two again?" He said greeting them. "How is it going?"

"Well, I was hoping you'd teach me how to ride Charizard. I haven't ridden on a Pokemon before." Sun said.

Kiawe had his arms folded as he thought. "Oh, you're not from Alola, I almost forgot that. But sure, I can give you a few helpful tips."

"SWEEEET!" they all heard. Their attention was attracted by a Bounsweet that was trying to run from what looked like a Trumbeak and two Pikipek that were following it.

"Wait! Is that a Bounsweet?" Rotom asked.

"Oh boy, looks like those birds want a piece of it too," Moon said.

Sun quickly pulled out a Pokeball. "Not if I can stop it!" he tossed out a Pokeball and Rockruff appeared on the street and he stood in front of the Bounsweet. He growled at the toucan-like Pokemon in front of him. "Rockruff, keep them back with Rock Throw!" Rockruff's stones on his neck shone and they flung white glowing rocks to the Pikipek at the side of the Trumbeak. The bigger bird growled at Rockruff and it started to fire seeds from his beak.

"Watch out, Sun that's Bullet Seed!" Moon warned.

A smirk appeared on Sun's lips. "In that case… Rockruff can you take the attack." the puppy nodded and the seeds were bouncing off his rock body and he was taking a lot of damage from them. But he still stood tall.

"Sun what are you-?"

"Now use Counter!" Rockruff then charged forward with a fiery red aura around him. He leaped and he headbutted the Trumbeak, sending him up higher into the air.

"Whoa…" Moon breathed. "Rockruff's got some new moves, huh?"

Sun walked to Rockruff. "Sorry for making you take that, but I thought it could have been the fastest way to end it." Rockruff then sat down and didn't show any emotion.

"Sweeet." Sun saw the Bounsweet looking up at him. "Sweeeet?"

"Oh, um hi?"

"Sweeeet!" she leaped up and happily bonked Sun in the face.

This forced him to fall onto his butt and the Bounsweet was happily laughing while jumping on Sun's lap.

"Need a hand?" Sun looked up to see Mallow extend a hand to him. He took it and he got up to his feet. "That was a close one huh? With Bouncee I mean." Mallow said.

"Bouncee... Oh right, this is the Bounsweet from before." Sun said as Bouncee was nuzzling Sun's cheek.

"Hehe she likes you!" she waved to Moon and Kiawe. "Alola Moon, Kiawe!"

Moon waved back. "What's up Mal?" both Kiawe and Moon joined up with Mallow and Sun. Rockruff had laid down in front of Sun, seeing as his work was done for the moment.

"Well, I was out looking for that little rascal." she gestured to Bouncee. "Anyway, word on the street is I'm next?" she said.

"Yep, you're the last person standing between us and Olivia," Moon said.

Mallow giggled. "Don't think I'll make it easy for you guys."

"Anyway, should we get started on your Charizard flying lessons?" Kiawe asked.

Sun nodded. "Yeah, I'm ready."

"Boun!" Bounsweet had leaped on Sun's shoulder.

"Um, Mallow?"

She waved her hand at him. "You know what, take her with. She hates being cooped up, so maybe that will be good for her."

Sun chuckled. "Heh, all right."

Kiawe had put his hand on Sun's shoulder. "C'mon, we'll practice at Wela Volcano Park."

"Right, you coming Moon?" Sun asked.

Mallow stood in front of her before she could answer. "Um… actually we'll stay back for a bit. Moon and I need to catch up."

"Sure, we'll meet you guys later!" Sun said waving both of them as he left with Kiawe.

Mallow stretched. "So, how have you been Moon?"

Moon smirked in response. "Heh, me? Awesome as always!" she even puffed out her chest.

"Moon, you're like a sister to me. So your cool-girl act won't work with me." the green-haired girl said putting her hands on her hips.

"Right… well… I've grown close with Eclipse lately, you remember her right?"

"Oh yeah, she's the one who wears all black right? What's with that anyway, she knows how hot Alola gets, right?"

Moon chuckled. "Heh, go easy on her. She's very kind at heart. And a surprisingly great listener."

"Well, I'm glad you're getting along with them." Moon then let out a sigh. "I know that look. What's eating you?"

"Last night… I had a run-in with Plumeria," she revealed.

"Oh… so what will you do now?"

Moon sighed. "Nothing! Plumeria ran off to join Team Skull and I didn't… But last night, she said she wants me to join."

"I… hope you're not thinking of-"

"Not gonna happen, Mallow. Team Skull are just thugs, and I wouldn't join them, but… I just wish I knew why Plumeria thought joining them was a good idea."

Mallow reassuringly placed her palm on Moon's shoulder. "Hey, you've got us, remember? And you know Olivia will always hear you out. You're practically her daughter."

Moon chuckled. "Yeah…" she was silent for a moment. "I wonder what they were like?" she turned to Mallow. "My birth parents, I mean. Like why did they just… abandon me?"

The green-haired girl quickly pulled Moon into a hug. "Hey… you promised we wouldn't go there! You have a family, you have friends and we all love you." Mallow felt Moon's arms wrap around her, returning the hug. Moon often never thought about how many people in her life she could turn to if she needed them. She was very glad she at least had that.

"Thanks, Mallow…" Moon released the hug and she was rubbing her eyes as tears threatened to leak from her eyes. "You know I hate talking about feelings, Mal!" she said with a slight laugh.

Mallow giggled. "Sorry, Moon. But that's what you get from me! So… how has travelling with Sun been?"

"Sun? Well, he's alright…" she then smiled to herself. "I think I'm starting to like him. Still a big softie, and still can't perform a Z-Move dance to save his life. But he's strong when it counts." Mallow let out a suggestive hum. "What…? Oh no, you're not thinking-"

"Thinking what? I didn't say anything."

"Whatever! Anyway, I want to blow off some steam, and I've got an idea for that!"

Laura and Buck of the Aether Foundation were leading Hau, Lillie, and Eclipse through the scenic Route 8. They could see the sparkling waters of the ocean out in the distance. Hau was staying close to Laura and Buck, hitting them with questions about the Aether Foundation.

Eclipse had trailed him but noticed Lillie was veering back slightly, she had a very nervous walk and held tightly on the straps of her bag. "Lillie?" the girl responded to Eclipse calling out to her. "Are you all right?"

Lillie flinched and waved her hands in a dismissive fashion. "Oh, I am alright. P-please don't worry about me."

Eclipse hummed to herself. "Are you sure, you haven't looked okay since we left Royal Avenue?"

"I… I am just… worried about Nebby." Lillie revealed.

"She looks fine to me." Eclipse said as Nebby was playfully hovering beside Eclipse.

"Pew!" she happily chirped.

"Nebby!" Lillie yelled while her emerald eyes shrunk.

Laura, Buck, and Hau turned back after they heard Lillie scream. "Lillie?!" Hau panicked. "Is everything ok?"

They all saw Lillie hiding something under her hat as she wore it, she had a nervous smile on her face. "Y-yes!"

Laura suspiciously eyed Lillie and she playfully nodded. "Alright then! You won't have to wait too long so see what we do because we're here!"

They were all looking at a white building that looked similar to a lab. Buck had walked over to the front door, it looked like he took out a keycard and he swiped it through the card reader. A click was heard and he opened the door. Once they entered, they heard a soft squeak from the back of the lab. They saw a pink and brown Pokemon that looked to resemble a bear cub stuffed toy. It had ears that resembled butterfly wings, there was also a white flap that looked like a tag under its circular tail.


"Stufful!" Buck gleefully said as the little cub was running over to him. He hugged him as it leaped into his arms.

"Aww!' Hau cooed.

"Yeah, we found a few Team Skull hooligans messing with him, but Laura sent them packing. And he's stuck with me ever since."

Hau extended his arms. "Can I hold him?"

"Stufffff!" Stuffel's eyes shone red and he glared at Hau.

"No can do, kid. Stufful doesn't like being held by anyone that isn't his friend."

Laura chuckled. "He won't even let me anywhere near him." She turned to Eclipse. "You don't mind if we take a look at your egg. I'd like to see how long before it hatches."

Eclipse opened her bag and pulled out the incubator that held her egg. "Please… be careful." she handed the egg to Laura. The woman had taken the incubator and put it on the examination table.

Lillie looked even more nervous than Eclipse. "Hehe, don't worry, girl. Laura knows what she's doing." Buck said.

"'Girl'? So… you don't know about me?" Lillie questioned.

"Should we?" Buck asked.

Lillie looked away. "W-well no…"

Hau smiled. "Oh right, Lillie here is the Professor's assistance."

"Oh really, that's good t' hear. I haven't met Professor Kukui myself. What's he like?"

Lillie had a bead of sweat going down her face. "Well, he doesn't own any shirts."

"Pew…?" Lillie's pupils shrunk. The entire group saw Nebby floating near the ceiling.

"Oh, hello Nebby." Eclipse greeted.

"NEBBY?!" Lillie screamed.

"Whoa…" Buck and Laura gasped.

"Laura... have you ever seen a Pokemon like that before?"


Eclipse then looked to the both of them. "Nebby is a very special Pokemon, but we need to keep her a secret. There are people like Team Skull who would want to take her away."

Both Buck and Laura looked to Lillie who gave them a sad nod. "Well, your secrets safe with us, Lillie," Buck said.

Laura then smiled at her. "If you need help with anything, regarding Nebby, just let us know. Our main goal is to save Pokemon after all."

"Y-yes… thank you!" Lillie happily thanked.

Buck picked up a backpack. "C'mon you guys. I'll show you some of the work I do out in the field."

Eclipse took a seat in the building. "If it is alright with you, I'd like to stay with my egg."

"Suit yourself." he looked at Hau and Lillie. "You two, you're coming with me."

"Aye aye!" Hau said. And Lillie only meekly nodded.

Moon and Mallow arrived at the Wela Volcano Park, they saw both saw Charizard in the air and Sun was holding the handlebars and the Bounsweet from before was laughing as she flew with him.

"Looks like Sun is having fun," Moon said.

Charizard landed hard on the ground and Sun got off. "How was that Kiawe?" Sun asked and Kiawe sat up from a large rock.

"Not bad. You'll eventually get hang of it." Kiawe replied.

"Hey, Sun!" Moon exclaimed. "How about a one on one?" she asked. "Think about it, we haven't even battled since we first met."

"B-but didn't we have a Battle Royal not too long ago?" Sun asked.

Moon thought about it. "Good point, all right! Then let's tag team, against Kiawe and Mallow!"

"Huh, I figured you would want you and Mallow to take on me and Kiawe," Sun replied.

Moon chuckled and put her hands on her hips. "Heh, you're lucky I'm letting you team up with me." Sun folded his arms. "Oh come on, it'll be just like when we teamed on Melemele Island."

"We fought during that trial..."

Moon blushed and scratched the back of her head. "O-oh… but we won didn't we?

"Hmm, ok. Sure…" he looked to Kiawe. "What do you think?"

Kiawe thought it over. "Grass and Fire don't make a good combination -"

"Hey!" Mallow exclaimed.

"But I'm eager to see how you two team-up. Both you and Hau beat my trial after all." Kiawe said. "Well, I accept it. And you Mallow?"

Mallow smirked and looked at Moon. "Well, I say we do it!"

"Sweeeeet!" Bouncee had bounced in front of Sun.

"Sounds like Bouncee agrees," Mallow said.

Sun then nodded in agreement. "Ok, let's give it a shot!"

They moved to another part of the park, there were steam geysers going off around them. Sun and Moon were standing next to each other and faced Mallow and Kiawe. There was a click accompanied by a camera flash.

"ROTOM!" both Sun and Moon exclaimed, knowing exactly why he took that picture.

"What? I was just taking a picture…" he then turned around. "Now what do I tag this? AlolaShipping? DeliveryShipping?"

"Rotom don't you dare…" Sun exclaimed.

Moon let out a sigh. She then got close to Sun and put her arm around his shoulder and brought them closer together. "M-moon!?" Sun exclaimed with an embarrassed blush on his cheeks.

"Say cheese!" Moon let out a toothy smile while Sun just looked uncomfortable.

"Oh my gosh! This is soooo good!" Rotom exclaimed as he was quick to take the picture.

Moon let go and exhaled deeply. "W-what was that all about!?" Sun asked, still having blushes on his cheeks.

"He isn't going to stop any soon. I figure that will shut him up for a while." Moon chuckled. "Sorry about that…" she said in a low tone.

"No, no! I just… maybe warn me next time."

Moon gave him a thumbs up and winked at him. "Done!"

"Hey!" Mallow yelled. "You two ready yet?" Mallow pulled out an Ultra Ball. "Cause here we go!" Mallow tossed out one of her Pokemon. It was a black, ghost-like Pokemon with red eyes. It had a tree stump covering her head.

Kiawe held his Ultra Ball. "Let's do our best!" he tossed out his Pokemon and it was an orange puppy Pokemon with cream-colored fur on his neck and head. His fluffy tail was the same color. He also had black stripes on his legs and back.

"Whoa! New Pokemon!" Rotom exclaimed. He took a picture of them and both of their pictures appeared on his display.

[Growlithe, the Puppy Pokemon - It's both clever and loyal, but if a stranger tries to invade its territory, it barks threateningly.]

He then changed to Mallow's Pokemon.

[Phantump, the Stump Pokemon - According to legend, medicine to cure any illness can be made by plucking the green leaves on its head, brewing them, and boiling down the liquid.]

"I've seen Growlithe before in Kanto," Sun said. "They are pretty strong-willed and loyal. Do you know anything about Phantump?"

"Phantump is a Ghost and Grass-type, I don't know much… other than they are linked to dead children." Moon nonchalantly replied.


"Allegedly…" Moon added. "Now, ready to go?"

"Yep, I'm ready."

Moon tossed out Trumbeak who hovered above the ground. Sun threw a Pokeball out and Rockruff came out. "I'll follow your lead," Sun said.

A smirk was seen on Moon's face. "Heh, that's right!"

Mallow pointed at both Sun and Moon, "At least I don't have to hold back! And now let's begin! Phantump, use Leech Seed!" Phantump had shot a glare to Rockruff and spit out seeds that landed in front of the rock puppy.

"Our turn!" Kiawe said. "Growlithe, use Bite, go for Trumbeak!" the fire canine sprinted to the flying Trumbeak."

Moon smirked. "Is that so, then come and get it! Trumbeak, keep him back with Echoed Voice!" Growlithe leaped up to bite Trumbeak, but he was blown back by the loud scream that Trumbeak let out that forced Growlithe back. But Phantump looked to be right in front of Trumbeak as the shockwaves went through her. "Oh boy!"

"Now Confuse Ray!" Phantump had let out blinding multicolored lights shine from his body. This caused an explosion of light that had made Trumbeak hover back to try and get his bearings.

"Hurry, Rockruff use Rock Throw!" He had leaped up and the stones on his collar shone and he fired white glowing stones towards Phantump.

Mallow giggled to herself. "Don't think I'm not ready for that! Phantump, use Feint Attack!" Phantump had floated towards the rocks and disappeared. Rockruff looked out for him but saw Growlithe charging to him.

"Use Bite again!" Kiawe yelled.

Sun threw his hand forward. "Rockruff hit him with Rock Throw!" Rockruff fired the stones to the charging Growlithe but was surprised when he saw Phantump take the hit for Growlithe and headbutted Rockruff with his Feint Attack. But that wasn't the end as the fire puppy bit down on Rockruff causing more damage.

Mallow giggled while Kiawe stood firm. "And they said, Grass and Fire would be a terrible combination."

Trumbeak was blinking over and over, still trying to see straight and get over his confusion. "C'mon Trumbeak, snap out of it!"

Sun then pointed forward. "Fine, I'll just get rid of Growlithe quickly. Rockruff, use Accelerock!" but before he could charge forward, vines had shot out from the ground and they coiled themselves around Rockruff, and they were draining his energy. "Rockruff!"

"You forgot about Leech Seed, didn't you?" Mallow said.

"I got this, Sun!" Moon said. "Trumbeak, take out that little thing with Pluck!" Trumbeak had flown towards Phantump and his beak was shining bright blue.

"Phantump, get out of there with Feint Attack!" Phantump disappeared from Trumbeak's view and in behind her was an awaiting Growlithe.

"Growlithe, use Fire Fang!" Growlithe shot forward and bit down on Trumbeak while his mouth was on fire.

"Ugh… they got us!" Moon cried.

Rockruff was struggling to fight out from the vines that had captured him. Rotom hovered in front of Moon. "Well you have to do something fast!" he exclaimed.

"You're going to have to be faster!" Kiawe yelled. "Growlithe, use Take Down!" Whitish-yellow energy surrounded Growlithe as he sprinted to Trumbeak.

"Trumbeak, you've gotta stay away from him! Fly up high!" Even in his confused state, he could understand what Moon was telling him and he flapped his wings and hovered up where Growlithe wouldn't get him.

"Then change targets! Go for Rockruff!" Both Sun and Moon gasped as Growlithe, still powered by that energy was speeding to the trapped Rockruff.

"Rockruff, wait till he gets close!" Sun exclaimed. Rockruff waited while still ensnared by the vines and when Growlithe was inches away, Sun pulled the trigger. "Now, use Counter!" Rockruff's green eyes shone red and Growlithe headbutted him which made a white cloud of dust. But soon after Growlithe was seen flying out of the dust cloud and he bounced on his back and slid on his paws while angrily looking forward. Rockruff was glaring right at Growlithe while a fiery red aura covered him. The energy disappeared as it looked like was free from the Leech Seed.

"He's weakened, get him Phantump, use Astonish!" Phantump's outline was glowing red and she shot forward to Rockruff.

But before he could get close, Trumbeak suddenly appeared in front of Rockruff while hovering in the air. "Gotcha! Use Pluck!" Mallow gasped as Phantump was close enough to Trumbeak that the confusion didn't matter, his beak shone blue and he pecked at the ghost/grass type several times causing supereffective damage.

"Oh no, Growlithe, help Trumbeak, use Fire Fang!" Growlithe ran over to the pair but he was confused when he saw Rockruff leaping off the back of Trumbeak.

"And now it's your turn!" Sun said. "Rockruff, use Accelerock!" Rockruff had a gray aura cover him as he shot down towards Growlithe while leaving after-images of himself. He headbutted Growlithe and was sent flying back. Trumbeak had finished pecking and he then sent Phantump back towards Growlithe.

"Woo!" Moon said. "Now let's finish this Sun!"

Sun nodded as they both threw their fists together.

"Rock Throw!"

"Bullet Seed!"

Rockruff shot his rocks and Trumbeak had fired seeds from his beak. Both attacks seemed to mix together and both Growlithe and Phantump were pelted by stones and seeds.

After they had taken the combination attack, they both had swirls in their eyes.

"Yes!" Moon cheered. "And that's how it's done!"

Rotom had danced around them while he hovered. "Yay! I knew you two were unbeatable together!" Bouncee who was still on Sun's shoulder had danced with him.

Moon chuckled. "As much as I would like to take all the credit… believe me… I had a great sidekick." she winked to Sun.

"Sidekick!?" Sun exclaimed, but he closed his eyes. "Let it go, Sun. This is a battle you can't win…" "Heh, sure whatever you say."

"Woah, the professor was right to hype up you guys!" Mallow said. "You guys are the real deal."

Kiawe shook his head. "I'm afraid we haven't seen the true strength of them yet," he said. "I saw Sun and Hau during their trial, and their fortitude was enough to take down both Totem Salazzle and Marowak."

"Whoa… I guess this is great for preparing my Totem Pokemon." Mallow said. "But before then-" both she and Kiawe had returned their Pokemon. "We've got to bounce back!"

Kiawe nodded and he tossed out another Ultra Ball and coming out was a bird Pokemon that was red and sky blue, it had a black tail feather with two arrows on them. He had black wings with yellow undersides and thin talons

"So looks like you're changing to a Flying Type too Kiawe," Moon said. "In that case." She returned Trumbeak and had another Pokeball in her hand. "Just to show I'm not playing around!" she threw out her Pokeball and coming out was her cheerful Brionne who sang as soon as she was out of her Pokeball.

Rotom took a picture of the bird Pokemon. "Let's see what we're dealing with!"

[Flechinder - The Ember Pokemon, It's speed right after takeoff already puts it in the top speed class of all bird Pokemon.]

Sun looked at Rockruff. "Time to take a break, you did well." Rockruff looked away and was returned to his Pokeball. "Since Rockruff is taking a break, I'll let you finish the battle!" he chucked his Pokeball, and Torracat had popped out of the Pokeball and let out a high pitched roar. "Torracat didn't get to show all that he had in that trial, so this should make up for that!"

Mallow had an Ultra Ball spinning on her index finger. "Yeah, you're strong alright, but this isn't over yet!" she tossed it out, and coming out was bipedal Pokemon that resembled a fruit. She had purple leaves that jutted out the sides like pigtails, had a pink dress-like midsection, and she had olive-colored skin with pink eyes and purple stump legs, there was a purple stem sticking out from the top of her head.


Bouncee had curiously eyed the Pokemon "Sweeeet?"

"Everyone, meet Steenee!" Mallow announced.

Rotom was quick to scan the Pokemon. "Let's take a look."

[Steenee - The Fruit Pokemon, and the evolved form of Bounsweet. It bounces around, swinging the sepals on its head with abandon. They're quite painful when they smack you!]

"My Shiny Steenee, cool huh?"

"Woah… that's a real shiny Pokemon?" Sun asked.

"Yep," Moon answered. "There's quite a story being Mallow and Steenee."

"But we're not here to tell stories," Mallow said. "We're here to fight, so how about it?"

"Don't worry, that's exactly what we're going to give you!" Sun declared as the second round of their battle was about to begin.

Buck, Hau, and Lillie were on the beach of Route 8, The saw black rocks on the sand, and the rocks had pink-colored spikes on them. "All right we're here!" he said. "See these rock-looking things on the ground?"

"Uh-huh," Hau said with a nod.

"These are Pokemon named Pyukumuku. They tend to wind up on beaches, tossed in by the waves."

"How sad…" Lillie said.

"Well, not really. They tend to stay in one place for so long. They barely move, but as long as they have food, they will be fine. It's when there's no food that there is a problem. They will stay in that spot till they starve to death. That's where we come in." he lifted the Pyukumuku from behind and he chucked it into the sea.

Lillie gasped in shock. "Why did you throw that poor Pokemon!?"

Buck turned to her in his relaxed tone. "Oh no, Pyukumuku are pretty sturdy. Because they don't move very much, it's up to us to throw them back into the water so they don't dry up. And that way they can find more food."

"Oh… I didn't know."

Buck then chuckled. "Regular people are turned off by Pyukumuku's appearance, so they don't even come close to them."

Hau picked up a Pyukumuku and he tossed it into the sea. "I heard of this before. Pyukumuku chucking is a custom on Akala Island." Hau handed a washed-up Pyukumuku to Lillie. "Give it a try!"

Lillie had touched the Pyukumuku and felt the slimy skin which made her cringe. "Um…"

"Haha, It's not for everyone," Buck said. Hau bent down to pick up another Pyukumuku and but the cucumber-like Pokemon hissed, opened its mouth and it spits out its white organs which took the shape of a fist. Hau panicked and fell to his backside onto the sand. "Whoa… be careful there, they hate being touched by their spikes and mouth. So they defend themselves the only way they know how."

Hau panted and put on a smile. "Ha, that's nice to know."

Buck looked out at the sea. "Oh, this brings me back."

"What are you talking about?" Lillie asked.

"Oh me? Well, I was a Pokemon Ranger back in the day when I was your age. So after a while, I heard about the Aether Foundation and I thought it would be a good fit for me." he explained while his Stufful was tapping the water of the sea with his paw.

"That's nice. I'm happy for you."

"Ah, it's about helping Pokemon. Anyway, what about you? Are you on the Island Challenge?"

"No, my friends are though. Hau is one of them." she looked out to the sea. "I'm not really cut out for the Island Challenge. I've seen how strong the Totem Pokemon are with my own eyes, I wouldn't be able to handle it."

"You won't know if you don't try. But I'm sure you'll go for it when you're ready." Lillie then gave a sad nod. "But since you're the professor's assistant, I'm sure you've got a lot of duties."

A drop of sweat fell down her face. "Um… you could say that. If ironing lab coats counts as duties."

Hau approached the two of them. "So where do we go next from here?"

Buck looked over the small beach. "Well after we've helped all the Pyukumuku here, there's somewhere else we need to go."

"Got it." Hau then noticed Lillie looking uneasy. "Lillie, something is bothering you," he started. "What's going on?"

She held the hem of her skirt and she was shivering to herself. "I'm… I'm just afraid of-"

"Aw… it's this little guy again." they saw Buck looking at Nebby who was hovering next to him.

Lillie froze up and Buck eyed Nebby with a confused look. "This Pokemon is so strange... so is she really yours?" he asked Lillie.

"S-sort of… Please don't take her away," she said in a pleading tone.

"Why would I do that?" Buck questioned. "We try to keep Pokemon safe, remember. Is someone after her?"

"I… cant say." Buck walked to her and he patted her head.

"You don't have to tell, but you can count on me and Laura to help you out."

"You can trust him, Lillie!" Hau said. "He seems like a good guy. I'm a good judge of character!"

Nebby hovered back to Lillie. "Get back in the bag, please?" she then moved into the bag and Lillie zipped it up. "I… have to keep her a secret."

Buck nodded. "I won't pry, but if I can give you some advice, maybe if you're so scared of Nebby getting discovered, maybe try to protect her yourself if you can."

"And if she can't the rest of us can!" Hau said. "Me, Eclipse, and our other friends, Sun and Moon."

"Sounds like you're in good hands."

"Yep!" Hau agreed.

"They really don't know about me or Nebby?" Lillie thought smiled to herself. "Maybe I can trust them."

Eclipse was lying on her back on the long bench-like seats in the lab. She was waiting while Laura was examining her egg. She looked upside down and swung her legs. "I'm bored."

Laura was holding a notepad while standing in front of the machine that was examining the egg. "Sorry." she giggled. "Not all lab work is fun, after all. That's why Buck handles all the fieldwork." she then read the notification on her computer. "Well, Eclipse... oh wow! Your egg looks close to hatching!"

The girl's ears perked up and she sat up. "Really!?"

"That's right."

"Any idea of what Pokemon it is?"

"Sorry. I have no way of knowing, but it looks like you've been taking good care of it."

"Of course. It is my future child."

"You're really taking this mother thing seriously, huh?"

"Yes I take everything entrusted to me seriously." suddenly green energy had flown into Eclipse's bag. "Oh, that happened again?" Laura saw it and she was confused.

"'Again'? What was that?"

Eclipse took out the Zygarde cube. "This? It's apparently called a Zygarde cube. It's been doing this since I got it a while ago. I was entrusted with this. They said to keep it safe and they will explain everything to me at a different time."

"I see." Laura eyed the device. "Hmm… that looks pretty complicated, but it's cool looking." she paused for a moment. "Wait… I think I've heard of Zygarde before?" Laura said. "I think it has something to do with something from the Kalos Region. Do you happen to be from there?"

"Nope… I'm from Alola. I think?"

"You sure don't look like you're from Alola."

Eclipse looked away slightly. "I get that a lot…"

Laura noted Eclipse's downcast look. "I'm sorry hun, I didn't mean to-"

"No… do not worry. I don't even know if I'm from here." Eclipse eyed her hands. "I have very little memories of anything." Laura sat next to her and tried to comfort her. "But it is ok. I am going to make new memories with my new friends," she said. "And… that egg is going to be a very important memory when it hatches."

"Wow… what a story. You don't mind at all if I see your Pokemon, right? I'd like to take a look at them."

Eclipse nodded and took out three Pokeballs and one Dive Ball. "Yes."

There was an examination table and each of Eclipse's Pokemon was on the table. Pa'u Style Oricorio was swaying on the table as she slowly danced. "She was much more cheery before. Now she's all calm and dances slowly all the time." Eclipse said. "Maybe the nectar even changed her personality?"

Laura wrote on her notepad. "Huh? I wonder if there are other nectars out there?"

"If there are, I hope to find them all!" Eclipse said with a slightly determined tone.

Next Abra was on the table and he looked around with a confused tone and she second he saw Laura, he got spooked and he teleported out of the lab. Eclipse let out a sigh. "Poor Abra… he's scared or everyone but me."

"Hmm, how did you catch him?"

"I don't know. Abra was with me when I woke up on Alola. So I think Abra might be the one link to my lost memories."

"If only Abra could speak to you."

Misdreavus was floating on the table and she was attempting to make scary faces at Laura. "Hmm, this one is mischievous, isn't she?"

Eclipse nodded. "Misdreavus has been very, very helpful in my journey so far." she then got close to Misdreavus. "I never said this before, but you mean so much to me, and I love you."

Misdreavus had hovered and she had a surprised-looking face. She giggled then she blew a playful raspberry at Eclipse.

"You don't happen to have a purplish-black stone with you, do you?" Eclipse shook her head. "Well if you do find one, you should give it to Misdreavus here, I have a feeling she'll appreciate it very much."

"I'll be sure to remember that."

Finally, Feebas was being examined and Laura gave the fish a long look. "Woah, I suggest you hang onto to her."

"That is the plan. Feebas and I are alike and I want to keep her."

"I see." Laura watched Eclipse returning Feebas to her Dive Ball. "You should look for something called a Prism Scale."


"Let's just say… it will make your Feebas more beautiful than she already is."

"Feebas is already beautiful!" Eclipse protested. "But… I'll keep an eye out. Thank you, Laura."

"Helping everyone, it's what I do. That and beating up numb skulls." Laura said. They both heard buzzing outside and Laura ran to the door. She opened it and there was a dragonfly-like Pokemon with green wings and eyes. "Vibrava, what is it?" the dragonfly had grunted and hissed lightly and flew out while following the road through Route 8.

"What is going on?"

"Vibrava flies all over the island and tells both me and Buck if there is trouble. Looks like something going on." she looked to Eclipse. "So Eclipse, how would you like to help me out?"

Eclipse gave a serious nod. "Of course, I want to help people and Pokemon in need. I'm ready!"

Sun and Moon continued their battle against Kiawe and Mallow. Mallow's Shiny Steenee was running towards the pair of them. "Go Steenee, use Double Slap!"

"Steeeneeeee!" Steenee had headbutted Torracat, staggering him and she swung her head, making her sepals slap Torracat hard, over and over again.

Sun threw a punch forward. "Torracat beat her back with Ember!" After Steenee had gotten the fifth slap off, she leaped back and saw Torracat firing an Ember at her.

"Flechinder! Use Flame Charge, absorb that Ember!" Kiawe yelled. Following his instruction, a ring of fire surrounded Flechinder as flames covered his body. He shot forward to the attack, taking it for Steenee, and was flying towards Torracat.

The tiger cub was hit by the attack and he slid back on his paws and glared at Flechinder. "Relax, Sun. I'll take care of the firebird! Brionne, use Bubble Beam!" Brionne danced before she fired a powerful stream of bubbles at the flying Flechinder.

Kiawe chuckled. "Show them your speed, Flechinder, use Quick Attack!" Flechinder had dodged the bubbles and he pecked Brionne sending her reeling back after taking little damage.

"Jeez, how is he so fast?"

Mallow had her hands on her hips as she smirked. "Instead of asking questions, why don't you focus on the battle, Moon! Steenee use Magical Leaf!" Steenee had conjured leaves that were glowing many different colors and they were about to pelt Brionne, but Torracat stepped in front of her and managed to tank the attack. "Whoa, that Torracat is pretty tough."

"Don't worry, leave him to me. Flechinder, use Acrobatics!" Flechinder had disappeared from their sight and he was speeding over to Torracat while appearing and disappearing.

Moon had an idea. "Brionne, keep an eye on that bird, I've got a plan!"


Flechinder appeared in the sky and he shot down towards Torracat. "There it is!" Moon exclaimed. "Brionne, use Aqua Jet, knock him out of the sky!" Brionne, covered herself in a water bullet and shot up towards Flechinder. But as soon as she got close, Flechinder disappeared from her sight, kicked off of Brionne's back, and spring-boarded down to Torracat who was too slow to dodge it.

He took the hit hard and slid back on his side. "Torracat!"

"We're not done yet!" Mallow exclaimed. "Steenee, use Bounce!" Steenee had leaped up high in the air and met Brionne who was still staggered.

"Bri!?" she exclaimed when she saw Steenee in the air with her.

"Now send her down!" Mallow had pointed her finger up and Steenee had flipped forward several times before performing a double stomp that sent Brionne down to the ground hard. Steenee landed on the ground and twirled before performing a pose. "Brionne isn't the only one who's a natural performer, Moon!"

"I don't get it, we have the clear type advantage, so how are we behind?"

Sun thought of something. "Moon, can you distract Flechinder, I want to test something."

"This better be worth it!" Moon replied. "Brionne, go for Flechinder, use Bubble Beam!" Brionne had fired powerful bubbles to Flechinder.

"Flechinder, evade with Quick Attack!" Flechinder had a white aura surrounding him and he flew all over and avoided the attack. This allowed Torracat to speed to Steenee unimpeded.

"Go for it, use Fire Fang!" Torracat had flames fill his mouth as he moved to bite Steenee.

Mallow giggled and looked down at her shiny Steenee. "Wait for it…" Torracat was getting closer and closer and Mallow looked like she timed something. "Now Steenee, use Bounce!" Steenee had used her legs to leap up high over Torracat who missed his Fire Fang, Sun gasped and Mallow smirked. "It's not going to be that easy! Now finish off the attack!"

Moon knew what was coming and she pointed to Steenee. "Brionne, stop Steenee! Knock her with Aqua Jet!" A bullet of water covered her as she sped to Steenee who was still falling down to the ground.

Kiawe though had her scouted her. "Flechinder, keep her busy with Acrobatics!" Flechinder had somehow sped past Brionne's Aqua Jet and was pecked her all over and scratched her with his talons which kept Brionne from stopping Steenee.

"W-what just," Moon said, still confused as to what had just happened.

"Torracat, look out!" Sun exclaimed as Steenee had stomped on his back with her legs causing damage. A powerful shockwave spread out from the impact and Torracat was on his stomach. Flechinder had pecked Brionne down next to the beaten Torracat.

"I don't get it!" Moon angrily exclaimed. "I thought Aqua Jet was always supposed to hit first, no matter what."

Kiawe folded his arms. "That is usually the case, but you see, Flechinder has a special ability called Gale Wings."

"Gale Wings?" Sun and Moon asked.

"As long as Flechinder hasn't taken any damage, his Flying Type moves will always hit first, and since Flechinder is naturally faster than Brionne, he will always out-speed your Aqua Jet!"

"Oh come on!" Moon exclaimed.

Mallow stood by Kiawe's side. "Your Pokemon might be stronger, but that means, nothing if they can't hit us!"

"And one more thing," Kiawe added. "Flame Charge is a move that increases Flechinder's speed the more it is used, so good luck trying to beat it."

Moon let out a defeated huff. "I'm out of ideas, they've got us backed against a wall."

"Grrrr!" Torracat growled and he focused on Flechinder.

"You want to go after Flechinder?" Sun asked. Torracat nodded.

"But that will leave me with Steenee, and that's the worst matchup I could ask for!" Moon exclaimed.

Sun watched Torracat's fire bell swing slowly. "Call it a gut feeling, but I think Torracat is planning something to beat Flechinder."

"Bri! Brioooonne!" Brionne exclaimed and gave a determined look to Moon.

Moon nodded. "I hear you Brionne, we're still well in this fight!"

"Arf! Brioonne!" she barked in reply.

"Right," Sun said. "How do you want to do this, we've got to hit them in a way that would surprise them."

Moon looked at the Waterium-Z in her Z-Ring. "Oh, I've got an idea."

"Wait… it's too soon to use our Z-Moves." Sun said. "We've got to save them until it is the right time, or unless we absolutely need to."

The girl huffed in response. "You better be right about this!"

Sun then looked at Torracat and remembered how he and Misdreavus fought together against Team Skull. And how his Rockruff worked with Hau's Rowlet. "If there is one thing I've learned, is that somehow when we and our Pokemon work together… no one can beat us, not Team Skull, and not Totem Pokemon, why should Mallow and Kiawe be any different?"

"That's right!" Rotom exclaimed.

Moon nodded. "Heh, when did you become confident all of a sudden?"

Sun chuckled. "I wish I could answer you, but we just have to stick to our guns."

He was surprised when Moon had grabbed his hand. "Brionne and I will keep Steenee and Mallow busy. You work your magic!"

"Got it!"

Moon pointed forward. "Sorry to keep you waiting, but I'm back! Brionne, get close to Steenee! Use Aqua Jet!" Brionne had cloaked herself in water and shot forward to Steenee.

Mallow swung her arm. "Steenee, quick stop her with Magical Leaf!" Steenee brought up the black, multicolored leaves and fired them towards Brionne.

"Torracat, burn them up with Ember!" Torracat had shot a burst of fire from his mouth which ignited the leaves before they could hit Brionne, giving the Pop-Star Pokemon an opening.

"Fine then, we'll do it this way! Steenee use Double Slap!" Steenee's sepals had twirled with her as she got close to Brionne.

"We'll fight fire with fire, Brionne, counter her with Pound!"

When both Pokemon got close to each other, Steenee swung her sepal, but it came into contact with Brionne's paw as she pounded it, and every time Steenee was trying to slap Brionne with her sepals, Brionne would block with her paws.

This distraction allowed Torracat to come close without Steenee knowing. "Torracat, get her, use Fire Fang!" Torracat roared and fire filled his mouth as he leaped over Brionne and down towards Steenee.

"WOAH!" Mallow exclaimed. "Steenee, escape with Bounce!" Steenee had used her legs to leap up and away from the flaming jaws of Torracat. "Kiawe! Aren't you helping me!?"

"Give me a second, Flechinder, use Acrobatics!" Flechinder was rushing towards Torracat and Brionne.

Moon grumbled. "Aqua Jet won't work, not if he's faster and doesn't have a hit on him."

Sun quickly figured out something. "Then let's make it harder for him to fly! Brionne use Bubble Beam and shoot it in the sky, and make them big!" Brionne twirled as she shot large bubbles that were floating in the air. As soon as Flechinder came close to one he stopped in his tracks. Torracat and Sun both noticed this. "As I thought!"

"Hey, since when does Brionne listen to you huh?" Moon pointed a finger at Sun's chest.

"You can grill me later, but watch, Flechinder. He stopped attacking."

Moon snapped her fingers after she realized why. "Because of the water bubbles!"

"Yeah, I remember you did something like this during our first trial so Litten and Popplio could gain the higher ground. But this time, we take the high ground away from Flechinder."

"Whoa… was… was Sun always this smart? Heh, no wonder Lillie likes him so much, he's such a nerd… still I like his plan."


"Huh!" she noticed Sun calling her name. "Sorry, dude. I spaced out for a second."

"You, okay though?"

"The only ones who won't be ok will be Mallow and Kiawe after we are done with them!" Sun nodded as both of them moved forward with their new plan.

Kiawe looked at them. "You think bubbles can stop me, don't you? Flechinder, go for Torracat, use Flame Charge!" Flechinder had flames covering his body and shot down to Torracat, the flames also acted as a defensive mechanism against the bubbles. Some of them popped as he got close to the ground.

"Join him, Steenee!" Steenee was falling to the ground, looking to hit Bounce on either Torracat or Brionne.

Moon had a thought. "Hey, Torracat, Double Kick off of Brionne, and Brionne use Aqua Jet straight after!"

Sun was confused for a moment but he watched Torracat speeding to Brionne and he looked to Double Kick Brionne but as his paws came into contact with her skin, he bent his legs, softening the impact on her. He soon kicked away from her, boosting him far away from her. Brionne used Aqua Jet a split second later and separated far from Torracat.

Steenee landed on the ground hard, not hitting a target while Flechinder hovered above the ground. "Not a bad move, Moon." Sun complimented.

"Haha, should you be surprised?" she looked at Brionne. "Brionne, we need more bubbles, use Bubble Beam!" Brionne knew what Moon wanted and soon made bubbles that were filling the sky even more.

Torracat was already sprinting towards both Flechinder and Steenee. All the while Sun eyed him carefully. "And just now… Kiawe should use…"

"Flechinder, stop him with Flame Charge!"

"I knew it!" he thought. "Torracat isn't afraid of fire, so use Fire Fang!" Torracat's jaw filled with flames and ran towards the flying Flechinder. "Fire Fang should keep Mallow and Steenee from interfering!" Mallow bit her lip as she didn't know what to do about Torracat and Flechinder. Torracat dove at Flechinder but missed at the last second due to his foe's speed.

"What's up, Marshmallow? Don't know what to do?" Moon teased.

She growled. "Just you wait! Steenee use Magical Leaf!" Steenee had flung black, multicolored leaves to Brionne.

"Hey Brionne, thinking what I'm thinking?" Brionne happily barked and she leaped up, over the magical leaves and onto one of her bubbles "Now who's got the high ground?" Brionne barked after Moon's words.

Mallow smirked. "True… but I don't think you'll be able to escape this!" Mallow had put on what looked like a bracelet that had grassy vines around it and was a strap that was tree bark brown in color, but there was a familiar diamond-shaped gem in it only this time it had a tree in the middle and it was green. Moon gasped in realization. "You've forced my hand, Moon!"

Torracat looked back to see what was going on as Steenee looked to be standing still.

Mallow crossed her wrists and quickly un-crossed them as the tree symbol flashed in front of her. She stretched them forward and crossed her wrists again. A green aura surrounded her as Steenee copied the dance Mallow was performing. Suddenly the field was in bloom as many different colored flowers surrounded the field. "May the power of Nature, flow through you!" She bent her knees and curled up before she quickly stood up and extended her hands above her, similar to the branches of a tree. The green aura then transferred to Steenee who had the same pose as her. "Watch our power BLOSSOM!" she exclaimed "BLOOM DOOM!" a bright green energy flower had appeared on the field and as it blossomed, it let out en expansion of grass energy which threatened to engulf everything in its path, mainly Brionne.

"BRIONNE!" Moon fearfully exclaimed.

The bright grass energy also popped all of the bubbles all over the field. There was a white flash and after this Mallow smiled. "Sorry to do that to you Moon, but you were close to win-" her green pupils shrunk slightly as she saw Torracat panting in exhaustion as he stood in front of Brionne with smoke rising off his body. "No way!"

"Torracat!?" Moon exclaimed in shock.

Sun smiled. "Looks like Torracat was just in time," he said.

Torracat looked back at Brionne with a slight grin. "I don't believe it!" Kiawe said. "Even though the move clearly hit both of them, Torracat took most of it? Without him, Brionne would be finished."

Brionne looked to be hanging on by a thread, but she could still battle. "Looks like I owe you one Sun!"

Kiawe saw that both Pokemon were standing together. "I have a plan to end this!" Kiawe took out a bracelet that looked like it was made from the stone of Wela Volcano park itself, and there were red accents in it. He flashed his Firium Z inside it. "The flames of Wela Volcano burn inside me!" he exclaimed as he performed the first part of his Z-Move. After he re-crossed his wrists, red, fiery energy covered him. "Let the flames consume you!" he yelled and Flechinder hovered in front of him, he then raised his hands several times as if he was stoking fire around him before he grabbed his right arm and pointed it right at Flechinder. "INFERNO OVERDRIVE!" A tremendous ball of fire was growing in front of Flechinder.

Moon quickly thought of something. "Brionne, cover Torracat in the strongest bubble you can!" Brionne then made a bubble that quickly covered Torracat as the large fireball was growing.

"Uh, Moon that won't be enough to stop it!" Sun noted.

"Oh yeah? Then how about this!" she flashed him, her Waterium-Z and she put it in her Z-Ring. "Bring it on Kiawe!" Moon performed the first part of her Z-Move and blue energy was surrounding both her and Brionne. "A gift from Lana!" she and Brionne calmly waved their arms from one side to another. "HYDRO VORTEX!" Brionne had extended her arms and the entire field was underwater. Sun and Bouncee were about to panic when they noticed they were underwater. Moon held his arm in an attempt to calm him down. She pointed to Brionne, and they saw that the Inferno Overdrive was completely neutralized as the fireball was turning into bubbles as the water covered it. It wasn't long before the Fireball had disappeared completely.

Brionne was hitting both Flechinder and Steenee engulfing them in an underwater vortex that damaged the pair of them. Sun noticed that Torracat wasn't being affected by the water as the bubble from earlier had kept him in a pocket of air.

The water had cleared and all four of the trainers were taking deep breaths after the attack. "WOOO HOOOO!" Moon cheered, "Oh man that got me so pumped!"

Kiawe saw in horror that his Flechinder had landed hard on the ground. He was soaked and completely knocked out.

Steenee on the other hand landed on her feet before stumbling.

"Ugh, seriously Moon!?" Rotom complained. "You're lucky I'm waterproof!"

Sun was coughing as he took in a bit of water. "Oh no, Sun are you ok?" Moon worriedly stood by him.

He looked at her and attempted a smile. "Warn me next time you do that…"

Kiawe sighed. "I remember how Lana is also reckless with that move…" he returned Flechinder to his Ultra Ball.

"Looks like it's up to me," Mallow said.

Sun got up. "Torracat let's end this! Use Fire Fang!" Torracat shot to Steenee with his maw of fire.

Mallow remained silent until he was close. "Steenee handspring off him!" Steenee had flipped, and managed to handspring off of Torracat, ending up behind him, safe from his attack. "Now Magical Leaf!" without having to name a target, Steenee had conjured up magical leaves and flung them to Brionne who wasn't prepared to defend against it.

"Brionne, watch out!" she made a few bubbles in defense but the leaves this time pierced through them and they impaled Brionne and she fell back in defeat as swirls replaced her eyes.. "Oh no!"

"Brionne no!" Sun exclaimed.

"So it's just you and me, Sun," Mallow exclaimed. "Get ready!"

"I am, Torracat use Ember!" Torracat fired an ember which Steenee managed to jump over. "Torracat! Use Fire Fang!" Torracat had flames dancing around his paws as he ran forward, but those flames faded, and instead fire built up in his mouth "What was that?"

"Steenee use Bounce!" Steenee had leaped up and out of Torracat's way as she flew up before coming back down and stomping on his back hard.

"RAHHHH!" Torracat screamed.

"Oh no!"

"C'mon, Sun… do something!"

Once again, Torracat had flames surrounding his paws, and this time his bell was glowing. By himself, he ran again to Steenee and it turned to Fire Fang.

"Steenee use Double Slap!" when Torracat got close, he was slapped with her sepals about five times and he slid back.

Sun had no idea what else to do so he swung his arm. "C'mon, one more time, use Fire Fang!" Torracat had flames covering his paws again and his bell was igniting as he glared at Steenee, Torracat thought about the several times that he saw Flechinder using Flame Charge. Suddenly the bell made exploded and suddenly orange flames surrounded his body and he sprinted to Steenee and he found his speed increasing. "W-was that!?"

"There's no mistaking it!" Kiawe said. "I think after watching Flechinder enough times, Torracat mimicked him and now he can use Flame Charge for himself."

"WHAAAAA!" Mallow said. She watched as Steenee was struggling to dodge Torracat because every time he missed he would turn the flames off and turn them back on, further increasing his speed.

"So that's Flame Charge, huh?" Sun pushed his Pokemon forward. "Keep it up, Torracat, use Flame Charge."

Mallow saw him getting closer to Steenee with the flames covering him. "Quick, Bounce again!" Steenee had leaped off the ground, narrowly avoiding Torracat and she fell back down towards him.

Sun knew his next move. "Torracat, dodge with Flame Charge!" with his boosted speed he was able to avoid getting stomped by Steenee as she hit the ground. Torracat turned on his heel after he dodged and was speeding closer and the flames still covered him. "Go for it!"

"Steenee!" Mallow cried.

Torracat ran into Steenee taking her out with one hit and she roughly rolled back to Mallow and she had swirls in her eyes. Mallow fell to her knees and stretched her hand to her shiny Steenee.

"Oh man…" she said.

Sun let out a sigh of relief and he felt a light punch on his shoulder. "Heh, you did it!"

He shook his head. "We did... together."

"Instead of taking credit, you jump straight to a cliche, that's so classic you," she said playfully putting an arm around him.

Mallow held her breath as her cheeks puffed, she then marched up to Sun and Moon after returning her Steenee. "Oh, that's the last time you beat me! When you go for my trial… you'll see how tough I really am!"

Moon glanced on at Sun. "Hehe, forgot to mention. Mallow is a sore loser."

"Huh?!" she exclaimed before Kiawe gave her a single pat on the head.

"So it's not just you and Hau that are amazing at working together, but both you and Moon displayed amazing feats of teamwork."

"Yep!" Mallow agreed. "Even I was surprised."

Moon took a seat on a nearby rock. "Well, I'm feeling a bit beat, and our Pokemon must be worse. Hey Sun, want to just hang out for a bit?"

"Of course, I don't see why not."

After Sun and Moon had won their battle, they were lying down on a grassy hill and looked up at the late afternoon sky. "That battle was awesome!" Moon said.

"You're right. I have to admit, I missed battling alongside you." Sun admitted while looking up at the sky. "For a moment back there, I thought you wanted to challenge me."

Moon chuckled. "Heh, that day will come eventually, and I'll kick your butt like last time!" she then looked around for a second. "Sooo, since we made such an awesome team back there. Wanna… oh I dunno, do the last trial together?"

Sun looked to think about his answer. "Well, I haven't teamed up with Eclipse yet…"

"Ugh seriously!? You fought with her against Team Skull from what I heard!" Moon sat up in anger.

Sun sat up with her. "Sorry, I was just kidding. You really want to team up that badly, huh?" he said with a smirk.

She folded her arms and turned away from him. "Don't get such a big head, Sun!" she was silent for a short moment. "I just think we bring the best out of each other… when we're not fighting."

"Why did we fight before anyway?"

Moon blushed and she darted her eyes to her side. "Uh… I'd rather not talk about it." they were both silent for a second. "So uh… be honest with me." Moon started, trying to change the subject. "Are you crushing on Lillie?" Sun blushed and he quickly looked away from her. "It's ok! I swear I won't tell anyone," she said putting her hands in front of her in a defensive manner

"Uh… I'd rather not talk about it." Sun replied repeating Moon's words from earlier.

"R-right…" they both shuffled in awkward silence for a moment. "Hey, remember when I was acting crazy and loopy not too long ago. Did I say weird things?"

Sun chuckled. "A few things, nothing too out there. But I want to know something."


"What's with you and Lillipups? You seem scared of them?" Moon was still sat up and was silent, Sun noticed that she wordlessly hugged her legs. "Moon?"

"Yeah… sorry, I heard you the first time." she uncomfortably shuffled in the grass, Sun sat up and he gave her a pitied look. "So um… I had a Lillipup a few years ago. He just followed me home one day from Heahea City. Olivia tried looking for his owner, but he was wild. So Olivia named him Kekoa. And I took care of him." Moon giggled to herself. "He always wanted to play and he had this cute dark patch around his left eye."

Sun noticed she was shivering to herself. "Moon?"

"I'm fine…" she continued her story. "Things were going great, I even wanted Kekoa to be my first Pokemon when I became a trainer. But… one day." Moon could feel her chest tighten and sink but never-the-less she continued. "I was walking him in Heahea City, I saw a bunch of kids having a Pokemon battle. So I crossed the road without looking. I didn't see the car that was coming, but… Kekoa did…" Moon was sniffling and she noticed Sun had lightly grasped her shoulder. "The car tried to stop, but it was too late. I didn't move because I was so scared, so Kekoa ran into me and pushed me out of the way. And then I saw…" tears filled her eyes. "…I saw… the car hit him. And after that he was-"

"Moon!" Sun exclaimed, interrupting her. "You don't have to go on…"

Despite what Sun said, Moon still went on. "It didn't end there. Nights after, I started having dreams about him, about how he was still around. Even one dream when we battled together. There was even one about the accident, he pushed me out of the way and somehow when I was on the other side, he was in my arms. When I woke up, I expected to see him in his bed, but it was empty and everything came back to me at once." she sniffed and let out a sob. "Then I kept seeing him even when he wasn't there. He was like a ghost that was haunting me… I figured I deserved it since he's gone because of me." Moon stood up and faced the wind blowing on her. "Olivia said I needed to let him go, saying that I was keeping his spirit tethered here, or something like that. She spent the whole week trying to help me. I sang for him, cried a lot for him, and in the end, we made a gravestone for him. I must have stood there for hours talking to him. And then… I did it. I was able to say my final goodbye." she stopped and noticed Sun standing up with her. "So that's why I tried to stay away from other Lillipups, that's why my Lillipup gives me frights, because, for a split second, I see him."

Sun gently placed his hand on her shoulder. "Moon, you should know he doesn't blame you. Kekoa as far as I'm concerned, saved your life."

"Maybe I never really let him go in the first place. Maybe he's still watching me, cheering me on from the after-life, wondering why I can't touch him."

Sun had no idea how to take in everything Moon had told him. "Wow… Moon, that's a lot…"

Moon forced herself to chuckle. "Well… you did ask…" and all at once, Moon broke down into a sob. Sun quickly pulled her into a hug and she cried onto her shoulder. Sun didn't say anything and just patted her back.

"I'm so sorry Moon."

Moon loosened her grip and Sun let go of her a couple of second after, her crying stopped but was still sniffling and wiped the tears from her face. "Thanks for listening, Sun. I… I don't know if he's still out there, but Kekoa would appreciate it."

"Will you be ok?"

Moon tried to put on a smile. "I've gotten this far right?" she then took out her Luxury Ball that held Lillipup and stared at it.

"Do you want me to take care of Lillipup for now?"

She shook her head in response. "N-no! Raising this Lilipup… It's something I have to do."

"Do you need anything? Like, anything at all?"

Moon chuckled. "As much as I appreciate it, I don't want you to baby me. I guess I just need to sleep it off. But I'll get through this."

"And the others?" Moon didn't face Sun but rather watched the sun slowly dip over the horizon.

"Heh well, I don't think I have the stomach to repeat this story twice in one week. Mind telling them for me?"

Sun was taken aback by what Moon said. "Really?"

Moon nodded. "Yeah… I trust you now,"

"Wow… sure Moon. I'll tell them."

Moon finally turned back to him. "So want to go find the others?"

"Uh-huh," Sun answered with a nod he watched her lead in front of him. "I can't believe that's what was bothering her. Moon… I'm so sorry you went through all of that… but still, to come out as strong as you are?" he stared as he followed her, and when Moon noticed she playfully pulled down the skin below her eye and blew her tongue at him.

There was a path in the long, curved road of Route 8 that turned into some trees that a person could move into. Inside the space, there were two female skull grunts that looked like they were harassing a backpacker.

"Give it up, we heard you got fossils with you!"

The other grunt had the same pink hair but with a cowlick and a single black highlight. This was Starla, who was part of the failed takeover of the Battle Royal Dome. "Yeah, and you better not think about calling for help. There is no one here to assist you!" the female grunt turned to her side. "Yo, Gladion. You wanna help us or what!?" Gladion appeared from the darkness.

"You know I'm not interested in your petty affairs. You promised me a battle didn't you?" he hotly asked while his arms were folded.

"Geez? Learn to chill will ya. You'll get your battle if this man gives us trouble. Now give us the fossils or else." a purplish-blue flame had sped past all of them and a Vibrava landed hard on the ground.

"A Vibrava?" Gladion asked.

"That's enough!" Appearing in the clearing were both Eclipse and Laura, with Laura pointing her finger at them. "You leave that man alone, right now!"

"What she said!" Eclipse said. She did a slight double-take when she saw Gladion. "Gladion, you're here?"

"You again? And what are you doing with someone from Aether huh?"

Eclipse lowered her eye-lids. "Judging from your response, I can gather you don't like the Aether Foundation very much."

"Tch! You don't know half of it! And I have a disdain for the mad-woman running the show!"

"Hey! What do you know about Lusamine?" Laura asked. "She must be the nicest person I've met, and she is very kind to Pokemon and her employees."

Gladion growled under his breath. "You know nothing about that woman." he then took out his Pokeball. "Enough stalling!" he tossed out his Type:Null and it growled under its mask. Gladion got into his battle stance. "Both Null and I will grow stronger, no matter what!"

"Way to be dramatic," Starla muttered. She turned to the other female grunt. "You, there make sure the fossil guy doesn't sneak away." the girl nodded. "Hehe, so you're that girl in darkness that helped take out Big Sister. Plumeria will be so proud when I take you down!"

Laura turned to Eclipse. "Ready to help me out?"

Eclipse tossed out her Pokeball and her Misdreavus came out. "Yes!"

Gladion looked at Eclipse's Misdreavus and at Laura's Vibrava. "Starla, go after the Misdreavus. The Vibrava is mine."

Starla let out a sigh. "Fine, but I get credit for beating her."

"Fine, whatever, just do as I say!"

Starla took out a Nest Ball and tossed it. Out of the blue flash was a standing lizard-like Pokemon that was cream in color with a red underbelly and a yellow head. There was sagging, yellow skin around its legs that resembled a pair of very loose trousers. The loose skin trailed off to form a tail. "Meet my pride and joy, Scraggy!"

"Scrag!" Scraggy yelled. "And I'll start us off. Scraggy, get that ghost with Feint Attack!" Scraggy suddenly disappeared and the others had no idea where he was.

"Oh no, where is he?" Eclipse asked with a panicked tone.

Laura outstretched her hand. "Don't worry, I think I've got just the thing to drag it out. Vibrava! Use Bulldoze!" Vibrava had hovered up with his wings before he let himself fall hard onto the ground and sent harmful shockwaves that spread all over the small field. Scraggy was hurt by the shaking ground and he revealed himself before he could strike.

Gladion growled to himself. "Null, use Aerial Ace!" streaks of bright blue wind surrounded Null and he leaped up and off the ground and latched himself onto a tree which put him out of the range of Laura's Bulldoze. Both Eclipse and Laura were surprised at the tactic. "Shake the ground all you want, but Null won't feel it as long as he off the ground."

"But can you avoid this? Misdreavus, use Psywave!" Misdreavus had fired a pink wave of psychic energy to where Null watch latched onto.

"I don't have to!" Gladion declared. "Null, crush that with Tri Attack!" Null had generated three orbs in front of them, one of yellow electric energy, another of orange fire energy, and a third of blue icy energy. The orbs exploded into powerful beams of energy and they had blasted right through Misdreavus' Psywave and, but it went through her however as the attack was still a Normal Type move.

"When did you learn that?" Eclipse asked.

"While you and your friends were playing around. Null and I were getting stronger!"

"Whoa, this guy doesn't play around," Laura said. "Vibrava, use Dragon Breath!" the dragonfly shot his blue dragon breath up to Null.

Gladion looked to have a plan for that too. "Null, use Aerial Ace, go into the flames!" Null shot down from the trees and he looked to be engulfed by the flames, but it looked as if the winds surrounding him were protecting him from the fire. He slashed through Vibrava after as the winds covered his body.

"Hey, I'm still here you know!" Starla exclaimed. "Scraggy use Leer on the Vibrava!" Scraggy glared right at the Vibrava and a blue aura flashed over the dragonfly for a second before disappearing. "Now get him with Low Kick!" Scraggy was running towards Vibrava.

"Hold on!" Eclipse yelled. "Misdreavus use Confuse Ray!" there were flashing orbs of light that surrounded Misdreavus and she flung them to the Scraggy that transitioned into a sliding tackle, but the orbs had made him miss and he instead low-kicked the tree next to Vibrava.

"Now Vibrava, use Rock Slide!" Vibrava flew up and white eight large rocks appeared around him and he made them rain down towards both Null and Scraggy.

Gladion looked up. "Null, use Tri Attack again!" Null fired his Tri Attack into the air and they managed to destroy the rocks that were about to fall down onto him. Gladion gave a hateful glare to Laura. "If you're doing that woman's bidding, then you are in the way!"

"Wait, you mean Lusamine?" Laura asked. "What's your problem with her!?"

"Tch! Null use Crush Claw!" Null's front claws were surrounded by dark red energy and he was speeding to cut right through Vibrava.

"That's right, come close!" Laura muttered to herself. "Now Vibrava!" she yelled as Null was right in front of the dragonfly and was about to drop his claw through her. "Sonic Boom!" Vibrava's wings vibrated and they fired off white sonic bursts that stunned Null as he got close. "Attack with me Eclipse!"

"I see, Misdreavus use Psywave!"

"Vibrava use Dragon Breath!"

Psywave had coiled around the Dragon Breath as the combined attack steamrolled to Null. Gladion angrily clenched his fist. "Null use Tri Attack!" he threw his fist forward and Null powered up his Tri Attack and the combined elemental attack had clashed with the Dragon Breath/Psywave combination. Both attacks were at a stalemate

"Give it all you have Misdreavus!" Eclipse yelled.

"You too Vibrava!" Laura said pushing her Pokemon to keep up the attack.

Gladion glared at the two of them. "You two will never understand! Null was made to take on threats that you two couldn't possibly imagine! And I won't keep losing, not if I can get Null to push through and access his true power!"

Somehow, Null's Tri Attack was beating Misdreavus and Vibrava's combined attack. "I-is this supposed to happen?" Eclipse asked.

"No! I can't believe both our Pokemon are being overpowered! Vibrava, don't let him beat you!"

"Go Misdreavus, I believe in you!" Eclipse yelled and the fight for dominance continued as Null was slightly getting beaten.

"Enough!" Gladion exclaimed. He thought back to when he had lost his battle with Plumeria and even to both Sun and Eclipse. "No more, I won't allow myself to be weak. Especially when Null's power can reach greater heights! Null will shatter his ceiling!" there was a crack and suddenly a loud roar escaped from Null and his Tri Attack grew in strength and was quickly beating out the combination attack from Misdreavus and Vibrava. Both attacks had engulfed the two Pokemon and there was a tremendous flash of energy.

Vibrava could barely stay up and Misdreavus had hovered in front of the dragonfly in a defensive manner.

Null looked to be breathing deeply after his last attack and his eyes from within the helmet were glowing red for a second but they soon faded back to their normal color.

"I don't understand you." Eclipse said. Gladion looked at her. "This quest for power, what purpose does it serve? To me it seems incredibly selfish, making your Pokemon stronger, for your selfish reasons. My Pokemon are my friends and we fight together in spite of the odds." Eclipse thought back to her Totem Battle with the Totems Wishiwashi and Araquanid. "No matter the strength of the opponent, we always win because we believe in ourselves."

Gladion returned her words with a dry look. "You think I'm selfish?"

"Why else would you be fighting for Team Skull?" Eclipse asked.

"Despite how it looks, Team Skull is the best way I can get stronger. And about me being selfish, you couldn't be more wrong! Everything I do, is so Null and I can become powerful! Because something is coming, and only me and Null can put a stop to it! That is why we constantly train! We only have one purpose… and that is to-"

"Vibrava! Use Bulldoze!" Vibrava shook the ground and Null was taken aback as he was caught in it and his speed decreased.

"Here is our chance! Use Psywave!" Misdreavus had fired a wave of energy that hit Null and he staggered back.

"Idiots!" Gladion exclaimed. "Null, use Crush Claw!" Null sped to the pair of them, shot through Misdreavus, and slashed Vibrava with his red glowing claws and the dragonfly was sent flying to a tree where he lay down, defeated.

"Vibrava! Oh no!"

Eclipse swung her arm forward. "Misdreavus, use Confuse Ray!" Misdreavus then fired lights of flashing colors to Null and when he was hit, he looked at Misdreavus and he saw three of them, all of them were blowing their tongues at him.

Null growled in anger. Starla looked at Scraggy. "Let's help Scraggy, use! Huh?!" Gladion stretched his arm in front of her.

"No, I will do this myself!"

"That's no fun! Why should you hog the spotlight!?" she saw Gladion give her a death glare and she nervously sweated. "On second thought, go ahead partner." she returned Scraggy to her Nest Ball.

Eclipse thought for a second. "Misdreavus can only hurt Null with Psywave, I'll need to use the confusion to get him to hurt himself more."

"Null, use Aerial Ace!" blades of wind surrounded Null and he shot forward, thinking he found Misdreavus. But he crashed into a tree.

"That's it!" Eclipse yelled. "We have to aggravate him, Misdreavus, distract him!" Misdreavus blew her tongue at Null while making fart noises, further annoying the name-less Pokemon.

"Focus, Null!"

"Don't let him! Use Psywave!" Psywave had fired at Null and the waves of Psychic energy had gone into Null's eyes, confusing her further.

"Don't rely on your eyes!" Null closed his eyes and tried to focus on the sounds Misdreavus was making

"Quick, use Psywave again!" Misdreavus fired another Psywave at Null which made him stagger backward. "We almost have him, we just need a few more hits."

"Focus!" Gladion said. "Use your other senses, then act!"

Null started to feel around him, the air that blew on him, the blades of grass beneath his feet. His ears listened out for the laughing of Misdreavus, he focused so much that he couldn't hear the words of either Gladion, or Eclipse, but he focused on the giggling Misdreavus. He could hear a build-up of energy and he felt himself being hit by another Psywave and he staggered back.

The laughing got louder, and Null powered up his Crush Claw and predicatively his attack did no damage as it went right through her. Misdreavus giggled at this and in that split second, Null knew exactly where she was. The horn on his head had black energy surrounding it, and he spun so quickly that he was able to slash the laughing Misdreavus with it and suddenly, the laughing stopped.

Null opened his eyes and he watched Misdreavus slowly hover to the ground in defeat. "Misdreavus!" Eclipse yelled.

Gladion looked to the two Team Skull Grunts. "You two, we're done here."

"Really? What about the Fossil guy?"

"Let me take care of it," he said, still in an angry tone. And they both saw Null give an angry huff to them.

Starla had led both of them out of the area. "Um, ok. You know where to find us!" she said. "Hey, let's get out of here," she whispered. "I don't like how he's lookin' at us!" they both scurried away and Gladion sighed as they left.

He then walked over to Null and patted his back. "You did good." he was about to leave.

"Wait… you're not going to take the fossils? After all that?" Laura asked.

"My goals supersede any of Team Skull's pathetic exploits. Do what you want. I only seek for Null and me to become stronger, and you have served in that." without another word, he left the area.

Eclipse thought about what Gladion had told her, and the events of their battle. Laura had run over the backpacker. "Are you ok, Sir?"

The man nodded. "Yeah, they didn't rough me up, you guys got here just in time." He was helped back to his feet and he began to dig through his backpack. "Hey, you guys are trainers, right?"

"Well, she is." Laura jabbed her thumb to Eclipse who was still lost in thought. She quickly noticed they were talking about her, so she walked over to them.

"I got just the thing for trainers like you? See, I've been collecting rare stones from other regions, but not only that, but I have also collected fossils of Pokemon too."

"That's nice." Eclipse said.

"Heh, don't look so bored about it. You see, not too far from here. There is someone who can restore your fossils back to their original forms. Back before they were fossilized!"

"Whoa, really? How convenient." Laura said.

"That sounds like magic to me," Eclipse added.

"Haha, tell you what! That man usually hangs out around here. I'll introduce you guys to him. But as of right now, take this." he handed Eclipse a dark blue rock that looked like it was the size of a turtle shell. "This is a fossil from the Unova Region."

"I do not know where that is." Eclipse flatly said as the shell was planted in her hands.

"Take care of that Cover Fossil."

"I shall."

The man then walked to the exit of the small grove. "Well, I'm guessing I'll see you around. Later." he left the two and Eclipse looked at the fossil.

"Is it possible… to revive a Pokemon from a stone?" Eclipse asked.

A nod came from Laura. "Yep, other regions do this all the time. You wouldn't believe the kind of science that exists out there."

"Interesting…" Eclipse muttered.

"Come on, let's get to the Pokemon Center, I'm sure the others are waiting for us there."

"Uh-huh." Eclipse nodded as she followed Laura to the Pokemon Center that was on Route 8.

Both Sun and Moon had just gotten onto Route 8 and were trying to catch up with Lillie, Hau, and Eclipse. "I wonder what the others got up to?" Sun asked.

Moon stretched her arms above her. "We'll find out when we see them, there is a Pokemon Center at the end of this road, so we should find them."

As the sun fell over the horizon, and the moon was already somewhere in the sky, both trainers could start to see the twinkling of the stars. Rotom had gotten out of Sun's bag and had tired-looking eyes. "Ugh… what kzzt happened? Was I put in rest mode after you two battled?"

Sun had looked nervous. "Oh sorry about that, I guess we forgot to power you back on. Our bad."

Rotom folded his arms. "Hmpf! That was cruel, you know!"

They both could hear audible beeping in front of them. In front of them was a man in a grayish-white lab coat with them fully covering his hands and there were touchpads on his wrists. He had black pants with black and gray boots. He had blonde hair with a long strand of blue hair that orbited around his head, from the left side of his forehead down to near his right eye. He had blue-rimmed glasses that covered his yellow eyes.

He turned around after hearing them. "Ah, you there!" He stood in front of them as he typed on his touchpads.

"You talking to us?" Moon asked.

"Why indeed I am."

"I haven't seen you around here before, and judging from your appearance, you look like an outsider to me."

"Moon!" Sun said, trying to get her to be civil. "You have to excuse her."

"Why don't think anything of it." the man performed a bow in front of them. "Let me introduce myself! I am a scientist. My name is Colress. I have a research project and I call it: 'Bringing out the potential of Pokemon.'"

"Kinda wordy if you ask me," Moon commented.

"You see a couple of years ago, I was researching the same tasks and after a few incidents involving a couple of trainers - like you two. I was able to determine that a Pokemon's power comes from… the bond they share with their trainers!"

"No duh," Moon sang. "On Alola, we care a lot for our Pokemon, and we request their assistance in return. That's how it goes around here."

"Interesting, I had a feeling that was the case. You see I learned that a technique is used on Alola and that technique can only be used by Trainers that have bonded to their Pokemon. And I discovered it a couple of weeks ago. And it is achieved through the power of the Z-Ring."

"You're thinking of Z-Moves," Sun said. "Yeah, we get Z-Crystals from trials and when we use them with our Z-Rings and a move our Pokemon use, those moves become supercharged… in a way."

"Fascinating!" he said, he then looked embarrassed. "I must learn more about this. Other regions had techniques similar to yours in. Have either of you heard of the Mega Ring?"

"Mega Ring?" Moon asked. "Nope."

"I haven't seen it for myself, but apparently it can trigger an additional evolution of a Pokemon called Mega Evolution."

"Eh… making evolutions happen? Sorry science guy, I'm not sure if I can be on board with that." Moon said.

"Hmm… perhaps you two can assist me," Colress said. "You see, apparently, there are uninhabited islands for Pokemon called Poke Pelago here in Alola, but I am not too sure where they are."

"Poke Pelago?" Moon asked. "Well, I know where it is, small islands not too far from Akala. The Islands are so small that not many people live there, Those islands are mainly reserved for Pokemon. In fact, there is only one person who lives there, and he tends to all the Pokemon there."

"Whoa, no kidding?" Sun asked.

"I would like to visit this place to see it for myself, unfortunately, I have other matters to attend to, I have already discovered so much on my visit to Alola. Perhaps you can visit this place in my stead" Colress said. "Oh, where are my manners? I haven't even asked your names."

"I'm Sun." he introduced.

"And I'm Moon," she eyed Sun when she spoke again. "Well, there's only one way I can think of for getting us there. We gotta fly."

"Moon, are you saying-?"

"You're gonna have to fly us there."

Sun smiled. "Looks like our day isn't over yet," he said as he took out his silver Pokeball that housed his Charizard. He tossed it up and it landed hard on the ground with a thud. Sun leaped onto the seat. "But Moon, you're gonna have to give directions since you know where it is." Sun outstretched his hand to her.

Moon chuckled. "Yeah, you'd be flying for days, and you'd probably fly all the way to Hoenn without me." she gave Sun a cheeky grin and he groaned to himself as Moon joined him on top of Charizard.

"I hope I am not intruding," Colress said with a small smile.

Rotom glared at him. "You kind of are, three is a crowd y' know."

Colress looked at both Sun and Moon and he smiled slightly. "My apologies, I had no idea."

"What are you-?" they both realized what Colress hinted at and they both blushed.

"ROTOM!" both Sun and Moon exclaimed.

Rotom hovered above them. "You think I didn't listen in on what you two were talking about a few hours ago?" he said.

Sun grabbed Rotom and stuffed him in his bag and they could hear Rotom trying to speak but his voice was muffled. "Much better."

Colress continued to type on his wrist display. "Please report to me about what you see there. I'll be staying at the motel close to the Pokemon Center."

"You're lucky we'll be heading to the Pokemon Center anyway," Moon said and she tapped Sun's shoulder. "Let move." He silently nodded and he flew Charizard out into the open waters. As they both looked to discover what they would find on Poke Pelago.

Colress looked on at them as they flew off. "Hmm… who do those two remind me of?" he asked himself, while Charizard disappeared in the distance.

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