Pokémon: Adventures of Sun and Moon @switch0n97
Kiawe's Trial: Dance of Determination

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Pokemon: Adventures of Sun and Moon
Chapter 16 - Kiawe's Trial: Dance of Determination

Day turned the night, the group was inside the Pokemon Center in the Royal Avenue, Moon and Rotom joined the others after their brief encounter with Gladion. Zossie had left with Dulse much earlier after the double battle, they wanted to report back to their Captain Phyco.

Much of the attention was on Lillie since she just became a trainer.

"Congrats Lils!" Moon said, bumping her fist with hers rather roughly, the action made Lillie let out a wince of pain.


"I can't believe I missed it!" Rotom yelled, getting in Lillie's face. "Why am I missing all the good stuff!"

"U-um…sorry…" Lillie said.

Rotom then looked to Nebby. "Well I better see what you evolve into, I bet you're going to look amazing!"

"So, tell me, what are you going to catch next?" Hau asked and then Lillie suddenly found herself being hit with a barrage of questions. "How did you like your first battle? Was it hard? What made you decide to become a trainer? Who are you going to catch next? Will you join in the island challenge with us?" Hau suddenly gasped. "Will you help us fight a Totem Pokemon one day!?"

Lillie only blinked as she had no idea how to answer those questions, she had only become a trainer recently. This prompted Sun to step in between Lillie, Hau, and Moon. "Alright you guys, we should give her some space."

They all calmed down. "Sorry, Lillie." Hau apologized.

"I-it's ok… But I'll show you guys, come out Igglybuff." She opened the Pokeball that housed her first caught Pokemon.

"buff…" she Igglybuff hovered in the air.

Rotom immediately got in her face, spooking the balloon Pokemon. "Ah, haven't seen you before little guy, now just hold still…" he took her picture and after a few seconds, she appeared on his display with her Pokedex entry.

Igglybuff, the Balloon Pokemon - It likes to sing but is not yet good at it. With praise and encouragement, it will get better little by little.

"Great, for your first catch." Moon said winking at Lillie, "So what's your plan next Lils?"

"U-um… I'm not sure… Maybe we'll see what happens. I'm still not very good, though." she replied giving everyone an awkward smile.

"Stop being hard on yourself!" Moon said pointing at her. "You're doing great – even though I haven't seen you battle… but you're still doing great! Now we just need to see what Nebby could do."

"Pew pew?" Nebby nervously stayed close to Lillie after Moon mentioned her.

Lillie giggled as Nebby hovered beside her. "Nebby isn't much of a fighter."

"That's alright," Moon said. "We can see what we come across, Alola has a lot of Pokemon."

"Thank you, everyone."

"Our pleasure, Lillie." Eclipse said. "Helping out friends is what we do."

Moon put her hands on her hips. "Right, so what's the plan for the night? We turning in or-?"

Sun and Hau walked towards the doors of the Pokemon Center, pretty much giving Moon an answer already. "We're planning on taking on Kiawe's trial," Sun announced.

"That's right!" Hau said with a smile. "I'm looking forward to my second trial!" he flashed the group a smile while holding a 'thumbs up'

They all watched Lillie slowly trying to say something to the group. But her nerves were preventing her.

"If you have something to say, Lillie, you're more than welcome to say it," Sun assured.

"I want to come with you two… I've never seen a trial for myself, so I would like that experience." She turned her attention to the tiled floor of the P.C "But if I get in the way, I can always stay behind…"

Sun was quick to quell her assumptions. "No, no Lillie. You're more than welcome to come with us."


"Say yes, you can be his good luck charm," Moon whispered in Lillie's ear, a thought which turned Lillie's cheeks bright red.

"Moon!" the girl had a guilty smile on her face. Sun and Hau curiously looked at her after Lillie's yelp reaction to Moon's words. "I mean… thank you, I'll be glad to come with."

"Then it's settled…" Sun turned to Hau. "You don't mind, Hau?"

He laughed in response. "Of course, just sit back and watch us ace this trial, Lillie!"

Lillie returned her Igglybuff and joined Sun and Hau at the exit. She put Nebby in her bag.

Hau turned to both Moon and Eclipse "What about you two?"

"We'll manage by ourselves" Moon replied. "This is your thing, so go right ahead, you guys." Though a noticeable frown appeared on Eclipse's face. "What's wrong, Eclipse?"

"I wanted to see Kiawe again…" Eclipse muttered.

"What?" Hau exclaimed.

Moon immediately stepped in front of Eclipse while nervously laughing. "Um… she said nothing… good luck you two!" a nervous laugh escaped from her.

Hau clenched his fists and looked up with much more motivation. "I'm going to beat this trial! No matter what!"

"Yesss Hau, use that anger and jealousy!" Rotom cheered.

Hau immediately objected to Rotom's suggestion. "Hey, I'm not-"

The doors of the Pokemon Center closed behind them. Moon and Eclipse were by themselves. "Stop thinking about Kiawe!" Moon said to Eclipse. "I get it, he's hot but… actually never mind. I have a feeling you and Hau will play out naturally." Eclipse only had a question mark pop up above her head. She didn't have a response… "So how about we battle? I'm still sore about losing that Battle Royale"

"I would like to, but…" Eclipse had taken out her egg incubator. "I should keep my egg warm, it is about that time already. I hug this little guy for about ten minutes every night."

"Aww." Moon cooed. "That's sweet… if not a bit weird. Heh, you'd be a good mom Eclipse."

"But I already am a mom. This egg is my child, Moon." she flatly said.

"I-I mean…" she bent down her back in defeat. "Ugh, never mind…"

"But we can battle to pass the time, I can always cuddle him or her later."

"What are we waiting for, girl?"

While Eclipse was holding the egg, her eyes widened, and looked at Moon. "Moon! The egg just kicked! I could hear it from inside the incubator."

"You think it will hatch soon?" Moon asked.

"Yes, and that's why I will keep a close eye on this little treasure."

Moon then considered a different idea. "Maybe we can just take a nightly stroll since you're… expecting…" she said gesturing to the egg. "I'd like to further see what's it like in that head of yours."

"Sure, I'd like to know more about you too, Moon. You're a very interesting person."

Moon rubbed her shoulder. "Hehe, yeah thanks Eclipse. I'll tell you what I can…"

Both girls left the PC but and as they walked; they were being watched by a dark Pokemon that looked at the girls with glowing eyes.

Drumbeats were heard as Sun, Hau, and Lillie got closer to Wela Volcano Park. As they entered, they saw a pair of tiki torches that marked the entrance to the park. Steam was rising from holes in the ground. There was a large smoke cloud in the background, the ground, there was hard as black stone and ash covering it with patches of dry grass littered around.

As they got there, Lillie was already sweating, and she took off her hat. "It's way too hot… are you feeling it?"

Both boys turned back. "Yeah, sort of," Sun said as he cooled himself off with his hat. "It's probably very humid around here, we're close to a volcano after all."

"Not me!" Hau said. "Alola is always hot, and I'm feeling fired up right now."

They walked into the park; they could even feel the heat through their shoes. So much so that Lillie resorted to walking on the small patches of grass that were available.

As they walked, there were two figures dressed in red clothing that leaped from the top of a large boulder. They both landed, in front of the trio.

One of them was light-skinned, wearing brown pants and a sash with two gold stripes on it. He had short brown hair, dark green eyes, and held a Great Ball.

The other was a dark-skinned girl, with a red crop-top, and matching red pants with cuts in the thighs. She had medium-long dark hair, and brown eyes, she also held a Great Ball.

Both dancers, in perfect mirrored sync, had twirled in front of Sun, Hau, and Lillie. "Eep!" Lillie squealed, stepping back after her fright.

"Welcome to Wela Volcano Park!" they both welcomed.

"I'm Arine!" the dancer girl said.

"And I'm Ukai!" her male partner replied.

Sun stepped forward. "That's an interesting way of welcoming someone, well I'm Sun."

"You guys are amazing! And so are the outfits!" Hau exclaimed. "The name's Hau."

"I'm Lillie…" the blonde girl shakily greeted.

"So who are you guys?" Sun asked.

"We're Kiawe's dancing disciples!" Arine replied.

"He sent us here to welcome you." Ukai finished. "And to test you…"

Both Sun and Hau's ears ruffled. "So is this part of the trial?" Sun questioned.

"Well, yes and no," Arine said. "The trial proper doesn't start till you get farther in. So if you want to catch any Pokemon here, now would be the time. Our job is to make sure you can handle our fiery hot moves before letting you battle the Totems."

"Sounds like a challenge," Hau said, he looked forward to getting the trial started. He thought back to seeing the evolved forms of both Litten and Popplio. "Litten and Popplio both evolved… so I'm falling behind. I need to step my game up."

Lillie's bag was moving, then Nebby shot out of the bag and hovered in the air. She looked curious about something. "Pewwwww!" she twirled in the air, looked around before she flew North.

"Nebby!" Lillie yelled while chasing the gaseous Pokemon.

"Looks like the trial will have to wait a bit," Sun said while turning to chase Lillie.

"No worries, brother. The trial only starts by the stairs up to the view of the volcano." Ukai said. "That is where we will wait for you."

"Right, thanks!" Both Sun and Hau chased after Lillie and Nebby.

"So… what's happening in your mind?" Moon asked as she and Eclipse were sitting in the small park in the Royal Avenue, the street lamps were lighting up the area. They sat on the same bench.

"My mind?"

"Yeah! Like what's happening with you? What's on your mind these days… apart from the egg of course."

"Um… I'm not sure what I should say…" Eclipse said with genuine confusion. "Um… what do you want to hear?"

Moon looked to think about it. "Um… what about… well how long have you been on Alola. You don't look… well… um… How do I say this without being mean?"

"You're referring to my looks, aren't you…? "She gestured to the black outfit she wore. "I have become aware of how… different I am to everyone…"

"And that's ok!" Moon assured. "You're great, Eclipse. You're quirky, funny. And you've got a big heart." Eclipse looked down while blushes appeared on her cheeks. "Oh no… I didn't make fun of you, again did I? I'm so sorry!" Moon started to panic.

"No, please do not worry. What you said about me is very flattering. And I really appreciate it."

"So? Where's the smile?" Moon asked while making a childish smile herself.

"Um… well I… I don't know how to smile… or rather I can't remember how to…" When Moon gave her a look of shock, Eclipse was quick to reply. "I know… weird huh. I can be happy, but I can't smile for whatever reason. I can feel emotions but it's hard for me to show them, do you know what I mean?"

Moon's look of confusion never left and tried her best to understand. "Aah, Eclipse. I'm trying to get you, but I'm having trouble understanding. A smile is just not something you force, it just comes by itself, like how you scream when you get mad or cry when you get sad."

"I get that… but it doesn't show… I wish I knew why, but I don't."

Moon then moved to sit on the same bench as Eclipse. "Hey, hey. Don't worry about it, that doesn't make you less likable. Is the rest of your family like this?"

"I… wouldn't know. I don't remember my family. I… I think I lost my memories, but I can't be sure. I did wake up on Alola a couple of months ago… and I had no idea who I was or how I got here, but I was wearing this dress, have the memory of a Cosmog – the same Pokemon that Nebby is."

Moon sighed; she wasn't sure how to react to what Eclipse told her. "Wow, that's heavy…"

"Sometimes I wonder, if one day, I'll just wake up and you all of you will be gone, deciding to move on without me."

Moon grabbed Eclipse's hand. "Eclipse don't think like that! Sun is waaaay too nice to even consider that, Hau won't leave you for obvious reasons-"

"Obvious reasons…?" Eclipse questioned.

Moon however continued, despite Eclipse's interruption. "Lillie – like Sun. Would be too nice to consider that. And me, you've become such a good friend to me. I know I don't seem like it and I have a hard time showing it, but I really care about you."

"You really mean that?"

"Will all my heart, baby!" Moon grinned from ear to ear and winked at her. Eclipse's eyes became watery before she sniffled. Moon could see a smile wanting to form, and she was tackled by Eclipse who engulfed her in a hug. "Hehe, easy there girl," She patted Eclipse on her back.

Eclipse then got up from her. "Sorry Moon, I don't know what came over me." she nervously pressed her fingers together.

Moon gave Eclipse a cool wink. "Ah don't worry Clipsie! It's one of those emotional reactions I talked about."

"Thank you, Moon. Also - 'Clipsie…?'" she questioned.

"I'm trying to find a nickname for ya. No good?" Eclipse quickly shook her head, as she wasn't too thrilled about being called 'Clipsie'. "Darn it!" Moon looked behind Eclipse and her mind started to fill with dread. "Um Eclipse, you did take your egg out of your incubator, right?"

"No…" she turned back to see the egg incubator that sat next to her was wide open and the egg was missing. She took her eyes off it when she hugged Moon. "My baby…" tears suddenly fell from her eyes. "I can't believe it… I lost the egg… my child." She suddenly held her chest, unable to figure out the myriad of emotions building up inside her.

Moon stood up, held her arms out forward to try and calm the girl. "Okay, Eclipse… Let's just calm down, okay."

"My chest… I-it hurts so much." Her facial expression turned to one of pure sadness, one that Moon hadn't seen before, and it broke her heart as Eclipse was breaking down. "I'm sorry!" she woefully apologized. "I'm so, so, so sorry!" Her hands were covering her face.

Moon firmly held Eclipse's wrists and looked right into her eyes. "No, I won't let this fly!" Moon defiantly said, she paused and waited till she had Eclipse's full attention. "Eclipse, I promise you! I'll help find your kid. So don't feel hopeless, ok." Eclipse sniffed before she wiped her tears. She replied with a slow nod. If Eclipse couldn't keep herself together, she needed to make sure that Eclipse knew she could rely on her.

"Baf! Baf! Baf!"

"GAH!" After being spooked slightly by the barking, Moon slowly moved in closer to Lillipup who had come out of the Luxury Ball all on his own.

"L-Look Lillipup, this is serious. A Pokemon took Eclipse's egg and I need you to help us find it." Lillipup's playful demeanor then turned serious. She watched Lillipup walk to the egg incubator and sniffed it. He then stuck his nose to the ground and was following the scent left by the Pokemon that took the egg. Moon leaped off the bench and got on her feet.

She quickly turned back to Eclipse. "Don't worry Eclipse, we'll find that egg." She extended her hand to the taller girl. "But we won't find anything by just sitting around, so what do you say?"

"I say… let's go rescue my child!" She defiantly said taking Moon's hand firmly, letting the smaller girl help her to her feet.

"Spoken like a true mother…" Moon smiled while she face-palmed herself. "I'm letting the craziness get to me, but who cares!" She muttered.

Nebby was cheerily flying through the dry bushes of the volcano park. "Pewwww!"

"Nebbyyyyy!" Lillie yelled while chasing after Nebby, she stopped to take a breath. "I-I… I can't keep up with her…"

Sun and Hau quickly caught up with her. "Lillie are you alright?" the former asked.

She continued to pant from exhaustion. "Y-yes… I'm sorry… I can't keep up with her."

"Luckily we can," Hau said. "I'll go find her! Sun, mind staying with Lillie?"

"Yeah, but Rotom should go with you."

Rotom shot out of Sun's bag. "Yes! Let's go see what Nebby's up to!" Rotom excitedly said. They proceeded to run down the path that Nebby took.

Nebby was looking through a bush and tried to remain hidden. Her sight was focused on what was behind a pair of boulders she observed from. What she could see was a large kangaroo-like Pokemon that had prehistoric traits – like sharp protrusions that went down along her spine.

It looked like she was watching a smaller version of her form that stood preparing to battle. The smaller Pokemon was facing another Pokémon that was bipedal, brown in color, with a white belly. There was a skull over his head that had small cracks in it. It nervously picked up a bone and looked like it stood in a battle-ready – albeit shaky, stance.

Rotom had caught up to Nebby. "Hey, Nebby… is this what you're looking at?" Rotom eyed the new Pokemon and he got excited. "Ooh what do we have here?!" he took a picture of them and managed to add each of them to his database.

Just when Rotom took the pictures, Hau arrived by the boulders that Rotom and Nebby were hiding behind. "Hey, what's going on?"

"You're just in time, look over there."

"Peew!" Nebby brought Hau's attention to the Pokémon that stood on the darkened ground. "Whoa, what am I looking at?"

"That is where I come in, look." He directed Hau's attention to his display. The two kangaroo-dinosaur Pokémon were being shown.

Kangaskhan, the Parent Pokémon - Kangaskhan protects its child by keeping it in its pouch. It has zero forgiveness for those who harm its child and will beat them down.

"Whoa…" Hau breathed "What about the other little guy there?" Hau asked.

"Give me a second." His display changed to show the smaller Pokémon.

Cubone, the Lonely Pokémon - The skull it wears on its head is that of its dead mother. According to some, it will evolve when it comes to terms with the pain of her death.

"That's so sad… and it looks like it's in trouble!" Hau said as the smaller baby Kangaskhan was running forward to Cubone who was shivering. "I've got to do something!"

Rotom though was quick to advise against this. "Um, Hau… I wouldn't…"

"Let's go, Pikachu!" he tossed out his Pokeball which Pikachu popped out from. Baby Kangaskhan was going to land a punch on Cubone but Pikachu had used her large tail to block the punch, this forced a surprise out of all the Pokémon there. "Pikachu, get ready…"

"Um, Hau…" Rotom said hovering over to him with a shiver. "Remember when I said 'Zero forgiveness for those that harm its child'? The Mother-Kangaskhan was charging towards Pikachu and Hau. Her right fist had bright red energy surrounding it. "Yipe!" they ran from Kangaskhan who punched the ground.

Pikachu was hanging in the air after the attack. "Quick, Pikachu. Use Electro Ball!" Pikachu had created a ball of blue and yellow electrical energy and flung it right in the face of Kangaskhan, making her take heavy steps back.

Sun and Lillie caught up and they saw Hau and Pikachu standing in front of Cubone, while Kangaskhan glared at them. When Sun saw what was happening, he gulped to himself. "Oh boy…"

"What is going on?" Lillie asked.

"Well… Hau is getting himself into a battle that might not end well." Sun said. "I've got to stop him." He un-clipped a Pokeball and prepared to help Hau.

Pikachu meanwhile was punched back and rolled back hard on the ground. Hau looked with concern as Kangaskhan was slowly coming towards her. "Oh no!" suddenly Cubone got in front of Pikachu and looked to be letting out panicked cries, he outstretched his hands to quell the anger of the larger Pokémon. "Huh?" Hau was confused and Sun joined him.

"Hau, are you? Huh?" they both saw Cubone being lifted and he was being put into the pouch along with the Baby Kangaskhan. A slight growl was let out from the Kangaskhan before it walked away.

As the large Pokémon left, a dark figure holding a bone was watching them from one of the mountains of the park. It's dark eyes mirrored the greenish-blue flames in front of it.

"Hau!" Lillie yelled running to meet both him and Sun. "Are you ok?" she asked.

In response, he tried to play it off as if he had it under control. "What, of course. Nothing to it."

"Hau, that was a Kangaskhan. They get mad when you-"

Rotom hovered in front of Sun with his shoulders shrugged. "Don't bother, I already tried explaining it to him. But he wouldn't listen."

"Why did that Cubone decide to go with that Kangaskhan anyway?" Hau asked.

"We have those Pokémon in Kanto too," Sun explained. "The skull mask is of its dead mother, so many people think that Cubone latches onto Kangaskhan because they might have looked like their mother. Some even say that the skull could be from an actual Kangaskhan. But no one can really say for sure.

"Oh no, I fought that poor Cubone's foster mother?" Hau asked.

"Pretty much…" Rotom said.

"I feel horrible now… I've got to find them and apologize," Hau said.

"But don't you have a trial to get back to?" Lillie asked.

Hau felt conflicted as he wanted to make up for his wrong, "But still…"

"They probably live, not too far from here. Maybe we can apologize after our trial." Sun suggested.

"Y-yeah… you're probably right." Though Hau looked up. "I wish I could have caught that Cubone, he was so cute."

Moon and Eclipse were led to the Thrifty Megamart by Lillipup. He started to bark at the closed doors. "Huh, why did you bring us here?" Moon asked. Lillipup panted and tilted his head to the doors and started to scratch his paws on it. "Whoever took the egg is inside?"

Eclipse went straight for the door, but she wasn't able to open it. "It is locked."

"Makes sense, no store owner is leaving their doors open this late, but how would our mystery Pokémon have gotten in?" When Moon asked the question, Lillipup approached what looked like a ventilation shaft that was only a short climb. "Oh, over there, thanks, little guy." She turned to Eclipse. "Looks like that's our way in."

"Out of the way." Eclipse said. "I am coming my child!" she tried to climb the wall into the ventilation duct but she couldn't as she was struggling to make the leap up to the vent.

"Hey Eclipse, why don't you let me handle this?" Moon offered.

"I cannot let you go alone; the egg is my responsibility. So, I shouldn't make you go alone."

Moon had leaped up the wall almost expertly and opened the ventilation duct, which was easy since the nails keeping it closed were either missing or rusted to the point of being unusable. She quickly climbed into the ventilation and looked down at Eclipse.

"You're not making me do anything. I am offering to do this for you, besides. I'm kinda smaller than you so I'll crawl through here better than you could." Both Lillipup and Magby climbed into the shaft with her. "So, leave it to me!"

"Moon, I am incredibly indebted to you." Eclipse said, showing her grateful said to Moon for what she was doing.

"All you owe me is that after we save your egg, I get to be their 'aunt'. Deal?" Moon asked with a wide grin.

"Of course!" Eclipse said.

Moon chuckled. "I'll get your egg back, just leave it to me."

Eclipse looked scared but did her best not to let Moon know that. "I will be rooting for you out here!"

She pointed finger guns back at Eclipse and closed the vent. "Just watch the store, the thief could escape anytime, and that would be your cue to fight them off."

"Understood!" she said with a serious nod.

Moon was inside the ventilation shaft; she could see that it wasn't very dusty and there was a trail that Lillipup was sniffing. "Heh, looks like we're on the right track." She crawled through the small space, as she crawled through, she could only wonder what Pokémon would have stolen Eclipse's egg.

She managed to get to the end, and she saw the vent was open. After looking into the store she could see a bunch of Salandit scurrying around the aisles of the megamart, collecting some food products off the shelves. "Well this is suspicious, and how come store management doesn't know about this?" though she didn't have much time to ponder on that as she saw a Salandit with a six-pack of Nest Balls going through the aisles. "Right, let's figure this out!"

She leaped to the ground, with Lillipup in tow. She picked up the puppy and jogged to the back of the store while trying not to attract attention to herself.

They saw that Salandit from before entering a back room, scurrying through the gap the slightly open door offered. Moon took a breath before taking a hold of the handle, swinging the door open and yelling "SURPRISE!" There were a couple of Salandit that was holding a couple of food items and a couple that was on the back shelves that were suddenly awoken. Near the back of the room, there was the Pokémon that had Eclipse's egg. It was a Salazzle and she held it next to her. When she saw Moon and Lillipup she hissed at her Salandit to attack them.

"Shoot!" Moon yelled; she swung her arm forward. "Lillipup use Tackle!" Lillipup shot forward and collided with two Salandits that were coming their way. She could see the Salazzle try to scurry away with Eclipse's egg. "Hey, Lillipup, would ya mind holding off the small fry. I've got an egg to get back!" Lillipup nodded and he bit down on a Salandit that was charging towards him.

Salazzle was getting close to another vent that only she and her Salandit could fit through, but suddenly, a Brionne had landed in front of her. And blew out water bubbles that popped on the Salandit.

"Yeah, how do you like that!" Moon yelled. "Now be a good girl and give the egg back!" Salazzle though wasn't having any of it, and she shot a ball of poison sludge, right into Moon's face, blinding her. "Aaah!" Lillipup heard her screams and quickly took care of the remaining Salandit to help her partner.

Moon's eyes were closed and had purple hazes under them. She was holding onto a shelf to keep herself up. When she slowly opened her eyes, she could see Brionne hopping to her. But she was hit by a shot of liquid purple ooze. "Brionne!" Moon yelled; however, she was surprised when she saw Lillipup standing up to Salazzle. He growled at her, and through her poisoned vision, she could see Salazzle looking prepared to fire her Sludge Bomb at the puppy Pokémon. Her cracked eyes grew wide at the sight. "NO! Not again! NOT AGAIN!" As she ran in front of Lillipup and because of her self-sacrifice, she took a second helping of the poison sludge. Once Moon's upper body was covered in sludge, she fell back down. As she sat up, she could see Salazzle escape with the egg. "I-I saved ya this time…" she said as Lillipup worryingly ran to her. "Don't worry, mama's gonna take a nap for a bit." After this Moon, collapsed to her back, and slowly closed her eyes, all she could hear were Lillipup's worried barking. The barking became softer as she was drifting into a poison induced sleep.

Continuing the Trial; Sun and Hau, with Lillie in tow, made their way to the bottom of the climb that started the trial. They met the dancers Arine and Ukai waiting for them.

"Welcome back… what took you so long?" Ukai asked.

"We got pretty sidetracked but were here now and ready to head into the trial," Sun said.

"Great!" Arine said, "But first we've got to see if you two have the heart of dancers."

"So that's why we're going to test you first!" Ukai said.

Before long, they heard a very loud roar. The sound came from above, and they saw an orange dragon-like Pokémon land close to them. There were handlebars and a seat on the back of the Pokémon. It had blue wing membranes and there was a flame at the end of the tail.

"Whoa…" Sun breathed as he knew exactly who the Pokémon was. "Unreal…"

"So cool…" Hau said. Lillie could only watch in silent awe.

Jumping off the Pokémon was Kiawe and a light-skinned, physically built person dressed as a hiker.

"Hey, looks like you made it," Kiawe said. "And since you're here for my trial, introductions are in order. I am Kiawe." He then gestured to the Pokémon he rode in on. "Oh and this is my Ride Pokémon, Charizard." Charizard spit out flames from his mouth. "My friends, our Marowak, and I are students of the ancient dances that have been passed down in Alola for generations."

"Wow, that's awesome!" Hau said.

"Not much of a dancer, two webbed feet…" Sun said as he awkwardly chuckled. "So how does this trial work?"

"My trial will test your powers of observation! Each of my friends will be showing you two dances from our Marowak, your job is to find the difference between the two of them. Now, knowing this. Will you two attempt the trial?"

Hau confidently looked at Kiawe. "Oh yeah, definitely!"

"Um, yeah. As long as we don't have to dance, right?" Sun replied.

Unknown to the two trial goers, The Cubone that Hau tried to 'save' was watching the two of them. Kiawe climbed onto his Charizard, and so did the hiker and Ukai.

"We will meet at the top," Kiawe said. "Good luck!" Charizard flew to a higher part of the mountain.

Arine stood at the foot of the hill. "Looks like you two will start with me, follow me!" Arine jogged into the trial site.

"Looks like its time," Sun said.

"Hehe, yeah. Let's do this, haha!" Hau said.

"Me and Rotom will be right behind you," Lillie said.

"Yeah, so you both better kick some butt!" Rotom excitedly said.

They climbed the stairs to the first part of the trial. Sun and Hau saw Arine standing in the middle of a painted circle and there were two dark Pokémon by her sides. They were prehistoric-looking, bipedal with a tail, and a single spine at the end. Their bellies were gray, and their heads were covered by a skull with black marking on their foreheads of the skulls. They each had gray colored eyes and their most defining feature was the large bone that each of them carried.

"Oh helloooo there." Rotom had taken a snapshot of one of the dark Pokémon. It flinched as the flash had blinded it for a second. "Now let's see what we got here."

Marowak, the Bone Keeper Pokémon – and the evolved form of Cubone – The bones it possesses were once its mother's. Its mother's regrets have become like a vengeful spirit protecting this Pokémon.

"We have Marowak in Kanto too…" Sun said though he looked confused after seeing it. "But they look very different…" He noted. "Just like the Rattata and Ratticate here."

"Well I'm not sure what your Marowak look like, but yeah, Marowak have it pretty rough in Alola. That's why they like to express themselves through dance." Arine said. "At least that's what I believe. Now, you've got a dance to watch. A game of spot the difference, you gotta tell me which Marowak danced differently and what was different about their moves. Ready?"

"As ready as we're going to be," Sun said.

Cubone was watching behind a rock as they were attempting the trial.

"Alright, Marowak. Let's hit it!" Arine announced. The ends of the bones that Marowak held suddenly lit up with greenish-blue fire, both Sun and Hau were shocked, but pleasantly so. Both Marowak quickly spun their bones, the one on the left spun his anti-clockwise while the one on the right spun her's clockwise. After they spun their bones they twirled, back-flipped, and perfectly landed on their feet, and almost as sudden as their bones lit up, the flames fizzled out, marking the end of their dance.

"You like that?" Arine asked.

Her response was answered as Sun and Hau both clapped for the Marowak's performance. "That was great," Sun answered.

"You little guys are good," Hau said.

"Well, it's time to spot the difference then. Let's go again Marowak!" Arine said.

Suddenly the Marowak spun their bones as the ends lit up. Both Sun and Hau watched as carefully as they could, and as the dance was coming to an end. Hau hummed to himself.

"Well, you saw it, now what was different?"

Sun still looked to be thinking about it. "Um, could I see it again?"

"Blink and you'll miss it; you only get one chance. So, any of you got an answer?"

Hau pointed to the Marowak on the left. "That one!" he confidently said.

"Hmm, and what makes you think that?"

"It was right at the start of their dance. The first time they spun their bones towards each other, but this time the one on the left spun it in the opposite direction, meaning they spun their bones in the same direction this time."

"Congrats, you got it! You're pretty perceptive!"

Hau blushed and rubbed the bridge of his nose. "Aw shucks."

"Great job, Hau." Lillie congratulated.

"Well, you two get to move on."

As they walked started to move higher up the mountain, Sun inquired about Hau about what just happened. "So how were you able to know on the first try?" Sun asked.

"Hehe, well I guess I'm just able to see these things," Hau said, unable to properly explain how he could see the difference so quickly. "Or maybe I just got lucky."

"I doubt it was pure luck," Lillie said. "But you're both through the first part."

"Yeah, so let's keep going!" Hau then took the lead as the three, headed for the next part of the trial.

Elsewhere, there were bright lights that shone down. They appeared blurry at first but they became clearer. They were revealed to be the ceiling lights of the Pokémon center. "Ugh…" a groan was heard. Moon was revealed to be on one of the long couches of the Pokémon center. A whine was heard and she saw Lillipup looking up at her with a saddened expression. "Lillipup? Is that really…?" she shook her head to try and regain her bearings. "What happened?"

"Moon!" she saw Eclipse and Brionne rushing to her. "You should rest." Eclipse said.

"Huh, why would I do that? Your egg is still out there."

"You were hit with poison; don't you remember that?"

She quickly remembered she had protected Lillipup from Salazzle's Sludge Bomb by taking it herself. "Right… that happened, but I'm fine, see?" She tried getting up quickly, and as a result of her still recovering, she woozily stepped back and nearly fell on the couch. Luckily she caught herself by placing her hand on the wall.

"Moon stop!" Eclipse said. "If you'll let me just borrow Lillipup, then I can find my egg myself. This was my problem to solve anyway. I shouldn't have gotten you involved."

"No Eclipse… I chose to help you… I just… ugh… these things just happen. But that Salazzle got away because of me." She noticed that there was a chunk of Eclipse's skirt missing as the tear was on the left side. There were also tears in her stocking too. "What happened to your clothes?"

"Lillipup found his way out of the store and tried to tell me what happened. I crawled in to get you. It was a tight fit, but I got through."

Moon stood up. "Look, I'm sorry. I'm making you worry more than you should. But we really need to find that egg." Moon could strangely feel a certain taste in her mouth. "I was fed Pecha Berries, wasn't I?" She shook her head. "No, we have to stay on track."

"But Moon, are you ok though?"

Moon fully stood up and wasn't woozy this time. "I know I won't be if you lose that egg. I see how much it means to you, and I won't let myself stop now. I've never seen you that sad and in despair before and it scared me, so I want to avoid seeing you like that again if I can prevent it. So, like it or not, I'm helping you get that egg back!" she looked down at Lillipup. "Lillipup, can you pick up the scent again?" Lillipup barked and proudly pointed his nose up. Moon smiled and took Brionne's Pokeball. "Thanks for your help Brionne." She returned her and gave a confident look to Eclipse.

"Now let's find us an egg." They walked back outside of the Pokémon center and Moon looked around. "Well Lillipup," Lillipup tried to find the scent and once he caught a whiff of the Salazzle's poison-sweet scent he followed it.

"It looks like he picked it up, but we can't waste time." Eclipse said.

Both girls then quickly followed Lillipup as they restarted their search for Salazzle and Eclipse's egg.

Sun and Hau got to the higher part of the mountain. Lillie was getting tired, Nebby was floating by her side. "Hey Lillie, are you alright?" Sun asked looking back to her. She tried putting on a smile.

"Please don't worry about me. I am just not used to all this climbing, and it is so hot here."

Rotom hovered close to her as well. "You're telling me, it is way too hot! I hope my systems won't melt into nothing."

Both Sun and Hau approached Ukai who was waiting near another painted circle. "You two made it, I'm glad, cause now it's time to do my part." Suddenly two Marowak appeared in front of Ukai. "You two must know the drill by now."

Once again, the bones of the Marowak had lit up and they twirled them. They danced around each other and to conclude the dance one of the Marowak had backflipped and landed on the other Marowak.

"That was awesome!" Hau said.

"Hey, can I ask, do you guys teach these Marowak or do they pick it up the dances by themselves?" Sun asked.

"Hehe, both," Ukai replied. "And their flames make for beautiful visuals."

"I was already taking pictures!" Rotom said as he hovered around Sun.

"Well, you ready for the second dance?"

The Marowak started to dance again and as they came to the conclusion to the dance, the Marowak which performed the backflip had leaped backward but flipped forwards instead, though it happened so quickly that it was barely noticeable, Hau hummed to himself.

"Well, did you see?" Ukai asked.

Sun was scratching his head. "Um, not really. They looked the same."

"I couldn't see anything either," Lillie said. "What about you, Hau?"

He was thinking and he suddenly pointed his finger up. "That Marowak…" Hau looked at the two Marowak. "Did that Marowak do a front flip while jumping backward?"

Ukai smiled and punched his palm. "Yep, and that's the right answer. Someone's got a sharp eye."

He blushed in embarrassment. "Um… hehe, thanks. So, we get to move on?"

"Weeell, not exactly," Ukai said. "Hey, freeloader!" he looked to Sun. "Prepare yourself, cause these Marowak aren't just dancers. Prepare to battle!"

Sun lifted a Pokeball. "Ok, let's go." He threw out his Rockruff. The rock puppy came out and glared right at Marowak who was prepared to battle too. "Rockruff, use Rock Throw!" Rockruff howled, the neck stones shone brightly and he shot glowing white stones to Marowak. Marowak had twirled the stones away using his bone.

Ukai smiled. "Marowak, use Bonemerang!" Marowak tossed his bone and it twirled in the air.

"Shoot! That's going to hurt!" Sun threw his hand out. "Rockruff, quick dodge with Accelerock!" Rockruff's body was covered in a white aura and left after images as he got closer to Marowak. Rockruff clashed into Marowak pretty hard, sending the Pokémon sliding back.

"Alright, Marowak use Hex!" Marowak spun his bone and he made three dark purple orbs of fire shot to Rockruff.

Sun threw his arm forward. "Quickly, Rockruff, Rock Throw!" Rockruff discharged his stones right at the purple orbs which exploded on impact. Through the dark smoke, Rockruff shot forward while using Accelerock again and he clashed head-first into Marowak, sending him back to Ukai with swirls in his eyes. "Great moves Rockruff." Though Sun noticed that Rockruff's eyes were glowing red before they faded to their normal emerald color. "Whoa… what was that?"

Ukai let out an impressed whistle as he returned his Marowak. "That's one awesome Rockruff you have."

"Yeah… he likes to do his own thing most of the time," Sun admitted. "He did follow me to this island and allowed me to catch him."

"I see… well now what you've beaten me. You can progress to the next stage of your trial. Good luck you two."

Sun, Hau, and Lillie were walking to the next part of the mountain. "Thanks!" Hau exclaimed. "We're one step closer!"

Moon and Eclipse meanwhile were still on the trial for Eclipse's egg. They found themselves somewhere on Route 6, they followed Lillipup who tracked the scent of Salazzle. Moon though found herself thinking back to when Eclipse had her breakdown when she first lost her egg.

"So, are you holding up alright?" Eclipse turned to Moon and tilted her head in confusion. "Um… are you doing better?"

"I think I will be alright; I was just shocked, you know. I am trying to be calm, but… I know you told me not to worry, but I just can't stop."

"Yeah, I get it."

Eclipse though looked like there was something else on her mind, something other than their current situation. "Moon… can I tell you something?"

"Anything, girl."

"But this is something that you cannot repeat to anyone, not even to our friends."

"Whoa, alright. No pressure, so what's bugging you?"

Eclipse stopped walking for a moment, prompting both Lillipup and Moon to stop as well. "You see, I have been having very strange dreams lately. Dreams that are about someone that isn't me. Like I am that person and I have all these other memories… but they aren't mine, or at least I don't think they are."

"Can you recall any of them? Those other memories I mean."

"No, I can't. At least not now. I forgot what those memories were. All I remember is that I had memories."

"Maybe they're your old memories coming to the surface," Moon said.

"Maybe… but what is even stranger, is my Abra is there. But… the second I wake up, I instantly forget them."

Moon scratched the back of her head, unsure of what to say. "Yep, you're in quite a pickle. Have you told anyone else this?"

Eclipse shook her head. "Apart from my Pokémon. You're the first person I've told. I wasn't sure how others would react if I told them."

Moon blinked and wasn't sure what to say to Eclipse. A part of her wanted to think she was kidding, but she also knew Eclipse wouldn't joke about this. "Memories coming through dreams… Want some advice? Write a dream journal."

"Dream journal?"

"Yes, as soon as you wake up. No matter what you dreamed about, you write it down. Then we can try and figure it out together."

"Did you write a dream journal before?"

"Um… yeah I did… I used to have nightmares too when-"

"When…?" Eclipse inquired, wanting to hear the rest of Moon's story.

"T-that's not important!" Moon said running forward to Lillipup. "What's important is that we find that egg of yours!"

"B-but Moon."

"Time's a-wastin'! Time to go Lillipup!" Lillipup continued sniffing out the Salazzle and Eclipse stood there wondering what happened.

"I was willing to tell Moon about my problems… so why does she have to hide hers? I wish she could understand that I want to help her too." Eclipse's thoughts went back to her main task, which was locating her egg.

After climbing another section of the mountain, they could start to see more steam cover and there were holes in the ground that were firing steam jets. The three climbed up and Sun was helping Lillie up the climb as she was completely tired.

"I-I don't think I can take another step…" she walked to a large boulder and took a seat on the ground. "Can I just rest here for a moment?"

Sun smiled at her. "No problem Lillie,"

They got to the next part of the trial and they ran into the adult who was dressed as a hiker. "Welcome!" he said. "I'm David. I've been dancing with Kiawe for as long as I can remember, and when dancing isn't my thing, I'm climbing mountains. You've gotta check out Mount Lanakila some time."

"So, when do we see the dance?" Hau asked.

"Hehe, well this is going to work a little differently. You've gotta battle me before you see the dance, to prove you're worthy of progressing."

Hau walked forward. "I've got what it takes!" he threw out his Crabrawler which was throwing empty jabs.

David took out a Great Ball and tossed it. "Glad to hear it." Out of the Great Ball was a red and yellow bipedal Pokémon with a flaming tail. There were red spikes going down the spine of his back, black bands around his neck, and had a flame pattern on his stomach. "Now show them your best Magmar."

"Mar!" Magmar spit fire from his mouth.

"Whoa!" Rotom quickly took a picture of the new Pokémon. "He looks awesome."

Magmar the Spitfire Pokémon - When it's tired, it leaps into the mouth of a volcano and soaks its body in magma to ease its weariness. Its body burns at 2,192 degrees F.

"A volcanic bath?!" Hau said. "Well, I can take the heat! So, let's go!"

While Hau was getting ready to battle. Lillie saw the same Cubone from before, and he looked like he was watching Hau. Cubone had hidden behind another boulder so no one wouldn't be able to see him. "Hmm…"

"Magmar, use Feint Attack!" Magmar shot forward and charged shoulder first into Crabrawler, sending him back rolling. Crabrawler got back up quickly.

"How about we cool you off, use Bubble!" Crabrawler had shot bubbles to Magmar, but suddenly the bubbles grew bigger and were more potent.

Magmar was hit by them and he quickly backed away from the small Crab. "No!" David yelled.

"Hau, that was Bubble Beam!" Rotom revealed.

"Really? Well, that's great, then I guess it's time to put it to good use!"

"Not if I can help it! Magmar use Smokescreen!" Magmar blew smoke from out of his mouth which covered the area around him.

"Quickly, use Bubble Beam!" Hau said. Crabrawler blasted large bubbles towards the smoke cloud but it missed. Magmar was gone from his sight.

"Now strike him with Fire Spin!" Magmar blew a vortex of fire to Crabrawler. He was caught in the fire vortex and he was taking damage from it.

Hau was on the back foot and he thought of something. "Crabrawler, use Leer!" the boxing crab then slid and glared right at Magmar, lowering his defense. Though he was still taking pain from the Fire Spin. "Now use Rock Smash!" his right claw was shining bright orange but Magmar caught the boxing claw.

"Ha caught ya," David said.

Hau chuckled to himself. "Nope, I've got you!" he raised his wrist and the Fightinium-Z crystal was shining brightly. He threw punch after punch and once he did, Crabrawler then punched Magmar away from him. "All-Out Pummeling!" Hau yelled. Crabrawler was covered in bright orange energy, he threw punches and claws made of orange energy as they peppered Magmar. Crabrawler shot forward and threw a powerful punch to Magmar and the Spitfire Pokémon was thrown to a boulder where it shattered through it. Magmar was motionless after the attack.

Crabrawler looked at the downed Pokémon and smoke was rising from his crab fist. "That was amazing!" Hau yelled.

The Cubone meanwhile was watching Hau intently, especially after he used his Z-Move to finish off Magmar. Lillie saw how interested the Cubone was and took a mental note of this.

David returned his Magmar. "Hehe, that was scorching. You're definitely going to go far."

"Well thank you!" Hau replied.

"That was very impressive." They saw Kiawe's Charizard landing close to them. He dismounted and the fire-type Captain approached the two of them. "I've been watching you two, and I must say I'm glad you're on my trial. I even saw the two of you in the Battle Royal earlier today." He pointed down to a rocky clearing in the mountain. "Down there, three Marowak are waiting for you."

Both trainers nodded, Sun looked back to where Lillie was sitting. "Hey Lillie, will you be alright?"

"Oh, don't worry about me. I will be fine. You and Hau go down there without me. Good luck to both of you." Sun waved while Hau flashed Lillie a smile. Lillie returned the gesture with a smile of her own.

As they slid down to the clearing, they could hear drums beating in the background. They looked up at several fire dancers playing said drums to create the atmosphere that Sun and Hau were about to jump into.

In front of them were three Marowak, their bones already had their glowing flames on the ends. "Well this is it," Sun said.

Without warning, they started dancing. All three of them were swinging their bones around like fire torches, they were perfectly in sync until the two on sides had leaped up, and tossed their bones to each other, and caught them effortlessly. The Marowak in the middle had flipped backward while the ones on the sides blasted bright greenish-blue flames from their mouths. The dance abruptly ended, the middle Marowak was on their knees and the two on the sides were standing in battle stances.

After they concluded their dance, they quickly repeated the same dance, causing Sun and Hau to pay close attention and as they watched the dance. Hau in particular tried to focus hard because from as far as he knew, he couldn't spot any differences as they danced. He tried to look through every difference, the arcs of their tails, their arms, even if one of them winked. But he could find nothing. Then the part where they spit out their flames had come and gone. And they were in their final stance.

However, as they lay still in their stances. The drums were still beating, only this time there was more speed in the beating. But despite the music still going, the Marowak didn't move.

"Hau, did you see anything?" Sun asked.

He shook his head. "N-No I couldn't. But listen…" Then Sun noticed that the drums were still going on. "The drums are still playing…"

"But what could that mean?" Sun asked.

Rotom shrugged his shoulders. "Beats me…?"

The drums continued to play and they could feel something else coming. "I can only think of one thing," Hau said. "The dance isn't over yet!" Walking onto the clearing was a large fire-lizard Pokémon with an aura surrounding her, she was dancing, waving her body similar to a person. "And that looks like our dance partner."

"The Totem Pokémon. It's a Salazzle?!" Sun said.

Rotom took a picture of the Pokémon. "I've got it!" after taking a snapshot, the picture of the regular-sized Pokémon appeared on his display.

Salazzle the Toxic Lizard Pokémon – Salazzle lives deep in caves and forces the Salandit it has attracted with its pheromones to serve it.

Sun was about to take out one of his pokeballs but Hau looked up. "I don't think that's it!" there was a large bone that was spinning through the clearing. It spun around Sun and Hau. The bone was caught and the figure that caught it was a much larger variation of Marowak. There were black scorch lines going through the eye portions of his skull mask.

As soon as the bone was caught, the music stopped and an aura suddenly surrounded Marowak and the drums were then playing single beats with long wait times in order to raise the tension in the air. Both Totem Marowak and Salazzle were staring down at their challengers.

"So, those are the Totems," Sun said. Hau only responded with a nod.

Before the battle was about to start, the Cubone from before had slid down into the clearing and was hiding. He looked pretty scared after seeing the Totem Pokémon, but they didn't seem to notice his presence.

"If we're dealing with Fire types..." Sun decided which Pokémon to start with. "Come out, Torracat!" his starter, Torracat had come out.

"Mrow!" he landed on his paws and grinned after seeing the two Totems in front of him.

Hau smirked. "Well if we're going to go all out from the beginning… Let's go Pikachu!" he tossed in Pikachu and she flipped after popping out from her Pokeball. "Right… time to give it my best shot!"

Both of their Pokémon and the Totems were looking at each other preparing to jump into battle as their Totem Battle officially began.

Moon and Eclipse saw Lillipup was chasing after Lillipup who managed to pick up the scent and it was much closer. "We're close Eclipse!" Moon said. "Lillipup can feel it!"

"Yes, that Salazzle will pay for trying to take my baby!" Eclipse angrily said.

Lillipup had leaped through a bush and when Eclipse and Moon followed, they were shocked by the sight in front of them.

"Oh no…" Moon whispered to herself.

The culprit Salazzle was standing by her trainer who held the egg. Team Skull's admin Plumeria. "Well this is awkward…" she said. "Wait… Moon? And the girl in black?"

Moon stood in stunned silence while Eclipse slightly leered at the older girl. "Give back my child, please?" Eclipse asked.

"Your child? Kid this is just a Pokemon Egg, they aren't as rare as you think."

"That may be the case, but I was allowed to keep it by a very good friend of mine. I promised to treasure it. So I'll ask again, can you please give me back the egg?"

Plumeria lowered her eyelids. "Ugh, you're going to make me gag! Why should I? Finders keepers. Besides, I could just keep the egg for myself." she then held an Ultra Ball. "See, my Salazzle orders the Salandit around here, they think she is their queen and they steal anything for her. Food, supplies, Pokeballs, healing items, all that good stuff. My brothers and sisters often can't afford stuff, so Salazzle here takes what she can in the middle of the night and we distribute the loot the next day."

"That's awful!" Eclipse said.

"So Moon, it's been a while." Plumeria said shifting her attention away from Eclipse. "I never imagined you'd be hanging out with these brats."

Eclipse did a double-take between Plumeria and Moon. "You two know each other?" Moon shamefully looked away.

"Well that's cold, you didn't even tell them about us?" Plumeria said. "Well 'dark and mysterious'. Moon and I go back. I found her alone and crying one day, then I took her under my wing. You could say we're sisters!"

"Shut up!" Moon spat, she quickly turned to the confused Eclipse. "That's not true, don't believe her, Eclipse. She's lying!"

Plumeria smirked. "Ha, really? Even though you adopted your very personality from me?" Eclipse tilted her head. "What? You really thought Moon got this 'cool' side of her by herself? Nope, I taught her everything she knows! We used to get up to some cool stuff back then, but when I officially became a part of Team Skull, she ditched me. Hung out with the new Trial Captains and tried to forget about me!"

Moon pulled out her Pokeball. "Shut up! We're not here to listen to you! We're here for the egg!"

"The two of us in Team Skull could have been great, Moon. In fact, I might put in a word with the big boss and get you a spot. I always did think you'd be prettier with pink hair, sis."

"Don't call me that!" Moon exclaimed. "Give us back the egg, or else!"

Plumeria chuckled. "'Or else'? You're going to threaten your big sister? Tell you what, how about we battle like in the old days. You win, you get back the egg. But if I win, you join Team Skull. Then it will be like how things were. Plum and Moonpie scratching and clawing, doing whatever they want, whenever they want, just like the good ol' days."

Eclipse stepped forward. "Moon will not be making a wager on my behalf. I wanted to come to a peaceful solution, but since you have chosen to harass my friend, I will fight you myself!"

"So she's your new best friend now?" Plumeria asked. "Guess you really were short on friends if you had to befriend this freak."

"She's not a freak! She's unique!" Moon exclaimed. "You know what!? Eclipse and I will take you on!"

"Two on one? That's not fair." Plumeria said with a frown but it soon turned to a smile. "But as I've always said. Life's never fair, you'd know that Moonpie." she threw out her Crobat that hovered alongside her Salazzle.

Moon growled but noticed that Lillipup had nuzzled her leg and tilted his head towards Salazzle and Crobat. "Lillipup… I don't know… She's up there in Team Skull and I don't want you getting hurt."

Plumeria put her hands on her hips. "You've never been able to beat me, Moonpie. I taught you everything about battling too."

Eclipse threw out a Pokeball and her Pa'u Style Oricorio had popped out and calmly waved her wings and looked to the Pokemon in front of her. "I am with you, Moon. Don't let her get to you." Eclipse said.

Moon gave a serious nod. "Yeah, thanks!" She looked down at Lillipup. "If you're sure about this, then I'm behind you, little guy."

Both Totem Salazzle and Marowak looked down at the two trainers and the Pokemon they threw out. Totem Salazzle hissed, but after this, they both saw Totem Marowak speeding to Torracat and Pikachu. They noticed that his aura had doubled his speed so he was moving very quickly towards them. "That's fast!" Sun said. "But I'll slow him down! Torracat, use Double Kick!" Torracat hissed and ran towards Marowak. Torracat had thrown his legs at Marowak but was shocked to find out that they went right through him. "W-what!?" Sun gasped. Totem Marowak had powered his free left hand and chopped his arm through Torracat which made the fire cat roll back in pain.

"Oh no!" Hau exclaimed. "Rotom what happened?"

Rotom had pulled up Marowak's picture on his display. "Marowak is a Fire-Ghost type, meaning Fighting and Normal moves won't affect him!"

"Now you tell us!" Sun and Hau groaned.

Torracat was slowly getting back up on all fours. "That Brick Break looked like it really hurt," Rotom commented.

Hau looked forward. "Sun I got a plan. I need to get Pikachu close to both of them."

"Right!" Sun said with a nod. "Torracat, get to Salazzle and use Fury Swipes!" Torracat let out a low meow and sprinted towards Totem Salazzle. The lizard Pokemon hissed and blasted a large blob of purple sludge that was surrounded by purple electricity.

Torracat avoided it and leaped up and swiped through Salazzle four times and he kicked his back legs off Salazzle, backflipped in the air, and landed on his paws.

Totem Marowak had twirled once and surrounded himself in green fire. He flipped forward and was rolling towards the vulnerable Torracat. Hau swung his arm forward. "Pikachu, use Electro Ball!"

"Torracat, use Ember!" they both fired their attacks at the rolling Marowak and their combined attacks stopped Marowak and his Flame Wheel in his tracks.

Hau looked to Sun. "Sun, get Torracat out of there!"

Sun looked to his Pokemon. "You heard him Torracat!" Torracat had leaped from the scene. "It's all you Hau."

He smirked to himself. "Pikachu, use Discharge!" Pikachu leaped up and was in between both the Totem Pokemon.

"Pika-pika… Picha-PI!" Pikachu had released a greenish-yellow explosion of electrical energy that engulfed both Marowak and Salazzle and they both screamed in pain from the damage.

After the Discharge, the Totems were smoking after the attack. Hau pumped his fist in a celebratory fashion. "Yes!"

Salazzle had got down on all fours and hissed at Pikachu, and the electric mouse had glared at the lizard and was even holding up her fist at the opponent. "Pikachu, use Discharge again!"

Pikachu's electric sacs had let out electricity but she failed to let out the huge electric energy inside her. "Pika?" She suddenly saw Marowak speeding to her while engulfed in flames. He rolled into her, sending her flying back to Hau.

"Pikachu!" Hau exclaimed.

"Salazzle used Torment!" Rotom said. "When it is used, it prevents the opposing Pokemon from using the same move twice in a row!"

"Ugh! Fine, we'll get do it the old fashioned way!" Hau exclaimed. "Pikachu, use Electro Ball!" Pikachu leaped up before she flung a yellow and blue electrical orb at Marowak, but the eyes of the Bone Keeper Pokemon had shone green and he suddenly evaded the attack easily. "Whoa!" Hau breathed.

"That was Detect!" Rotom warned. "You need to go in with a plan! Totem Pokemon surprisingly work well together. They are learning to adapt to you!"

Hau thought for a moment. "Ok, so let's get rid of them one at a time then." He aimed his Pokeball at Pikachu. "Come back Pikachu!" a blue light had brought Pikachu back to her Pokeball. He then tossed in her substitute. Crabrawler had popped out and landed on the ground looking prepared to punch something. "Ok Crabrawler, take out Marowak with Bubble Beam!"

The fighting crab opened his claws and it fired a powerful stream of bubbles at Marowak, but they were all surprised when Salazzle had leaped in front of Marowak, taking the attack from him. The bubbles had evaporated off Salazzle's hot skin as she looked like she was in pain from the attack

"Huh? Why would Salazzle do that?" Sun asked.

Rotom looked like he thought about what happened, when he figured it out, he hovered in front of Sun and Hau. "I got it! It's her Totem Aura! Just like how Marowak's Aura increases his speed, Salazzle's aura increases her defenses to non-physical attacks!"

Sun glared at Salazzle. "So we'll go with a physical attack! Torracat! Use Fury Swipes!" Torracat had shot forward with his claws extended. But as he got close. Salazzle had opened her mouth and she blew a toxic gas out to Torracat. This was able to stop his attack and he weakly landed on his paws as there were purple hazes under his eyes.

"Oh no, he was hit with Poison Gas!" Rotom yelled.

"Watch out! She's attacking again!" Hau exclaimed. They watched Salazzle charging up an electrified sludge of poison in her mouth. She spat it to Torracat, he was hit and he flew back while taking huge damage which sent him crashing into a rock.

He struggled to make it to his paws and Crawbrawler was standing in front of the fire cat. "What was that?" Sun asked.

"That was Venoshock!" Rotom exclaimed. "It is a powerful move that does more damage to a poisoned Pokemon."

They both saw Marowak rushing towards them and his whole body was covered in a bright green fire as he rolled towards Torracat and Crabrawler. Torracat quickly pushed Crabrawler out of the way and glared at the rolling Marowak and took the full brunt of the attack.

He was sent through rock and slid on the black ground with swirls in his eyes. "Torracat!" Sun exclaimed.

"He saved Crabrawler?" Hau asked. He quickly noticed that Marowak was wide open. "That's it, use Bubble Beam!" His claws opened and fired a stream of bubbles to Marowak. But Marowak's eyes shone green and he quickly avoided the attack. Out of Crabrawler's corner, Salazzle was charging and spat out a large bullet of fire from her mouth. The fire-bullet exploded off Crabrawler, staggering him.

"That was Flame Burst!" Rotom exclaimed.

Sun quickly pulled out another Pokeball. "Ok, hold on Hau! Come out Charjabug!" after throwing in the Pokeball, the battery-looking bug had slithered on the field. "Hau, how long can you keep Salazzle distracted?"

"Why? You have a plan?"

"I've got something that might take Salazzle out in one hit!"

Hau smirked. "All right, but what about Marowak?"

"I'll deal with Marowak for now, but I need you to create an opening for me. Once I see it, Charjabug will strike!"

After Salazzle heard their plan, she looked up into the sky and let out a cry that could be heard from all over the park. Soon there were two Salandit that showed up to assist her. "Oh right, forgot they could do that," Sun said with an annoyed expression.

Hau confidently looked forward. "You can call 100 Pokemon to help you! It still won't stop us!" Hau exclaimed as he pointed at the totem Pokemon. The pair of Salandit shot forward and were charging Venoshock pulses in their mouths and were looking to fire them at Crabrawler and Charjabug respectively. "Crabrawler! Use Bubble Beam!" his claw opened and fired a stream of bubbles to one of the Salandit, sending it flying.

Sun on the other hand decided for the direct approach. "Charjabug, use Spark!" the bug was surrounded by yellow sparks and butted heads with the Salandit as it was fired its Venoshock. Both Salandit took heavy damage, but as Charjabug was recovering, as rapid-fire Flame Burst bullets were speeding to Charjabug. "OH NO!" A stream of bubbles however managed to douse the attack and Hau smirked and winked at Sun. "Don't lose already, I can't do this alone, remember?"

"Yeah… right," Sun said as both he and Hau continued their trial.

Lillie was intently watching their battle. "I had no idea Totem Pokemon were this strong… I-Is this what they all had to go through? My friends… they truly are amazing."

Plumeria had her Golbat and Salazzle in front of her and saw Eclipse had her Oricorio in front of her and Moon was going to fight with her Lillipup.

"Ok, since you're Moonpie's new BFF. I'll let you have the first move!"

"I do not know what 'BFF' means. But since you insisted. Oricorio use Air Cutter!" Oricorio had flapped her wings and blades of air had sliced through both Salazzle and Golbat. "Now Moon!"

"Right on cue! Lillipup use Tackle!" Moon threw her hand out forward and Lillipup had sprinted to Plumeria's Salazzle.

"Watch out Salazzle!" since Salazzle was still dazed from the Air Cutter, nothing stopped Lillipup from colliding into Salazzle headfirst into her stomach.

"You know, I can do that too! Golbat! Air Cutter!" Golbat had flapped his wings and sent blades of air to slice both Oricorio and Lillipup. Once Salazzle recovered, Plumeria pointed forward. "Get them, use Sludge Bomb!" Salazzle had hurled a ball of purple sludge that exploded onto Oricorio and she took a lot of damage from that attack.

"Oricorio!" Eclipse worriedly yelled.

"Huh, you definitely were stronger when we battled the other day, weird girl. What happened? Moon holding you back?"

"Hey!" Moon angrily yelled. "Just so you know, Eclipse and I kicked up at a trial, so don't you worry about us!"

Plumeria rolled her eyes. "Oh right, the Island Challenge. You're doing that now? Don't waste your time."

"You mean to say you've done the Island Challenge before?" Eclipse asked.

"Yep, not that Moon would tell you. But yes, I failed after the Kahuna on Ula'ula beat me! After that, I didn't know what to do with myself. But then the boss found me and offered me a place in Team Skull. I was already a misfit, but in Team Skull I belonged. I tried to get Moon to come with me, but she refused and that was that!"

Eclipse turned to Moon. "Is this true, Moon?"

Moon simply ignored Eclipse's question and pointed her finger at Plumeria. "Oh shut up, will you! Lillipup use Work Up!" an orange aura surrounded Lillipup as he growled.

"Fine, you want to forget I exist? Alright, you're no different from the others that look down on us! Its a shame, I really thought of you as my little sister. But now I've become the big sister of Team Skull. And those adorable idiots look up to me, so I won't let them down again!" she pointed at Lillipup. "Salazzle, use Dragon Rage!" Salazzle opened her mouth and blue fire rushed out from her mouth.

"Lillipup roll to the side!" Moon exclaimed. The puppy had rolled from the flames and this gave Eclipse an opening.

"Oricorio use Revelation Dance!" Oricorio calmly danced and she flung her feathers forward as pink waves of psychic energy had been thrown to Golbat who hissed after the waves had hit him.

"You're really annoying, you know that! Salazzle use-" but she saw Salazzle take another Tackle to the stomach "Oh you little?" she took a look at Lillipup. "Hold on, didn't you own a Lillipup before, and you gave it a dumb name?"

Moon awkwardly looked away. "I… I don't know what you're talking about."

Plumeria snapped her fingers. "That's right, his name was Kekoa! Is this him?"

"Kekoa…" Moon muttered to herself, she then looked at her Lillipup and he turned back to her with a pant, she could see a circled patch around his left eye. She yelped and stepped back. "Oh… not again!"

Moon looked to be in a brief trance and this distracted Eclipse enough for Salazzle to get a clean hit on her Oricorio with her Sludge Bomb. "Oricorio!" Eclipse yelled.

"And we're not finished! Golbat, use Poison Fang!" the bat's fangs were glowing brightly as he flew towards Oricorio, but before he could bite his weakened foe. Lillipup had headbutted Golbat and sent the bat flying to a tree.

"Arf! Arf!"

Moon shook her head as the barking had gotten her attention. "Moon, are you ok?" Eclipse asked.

"I… remembered something I would have really wanted to forget."

"Heh, and after all, I did for you?" Plumeria said, giving Moon a dirty look.

The girl growled. "Not everything has to be about YOU!" she exclaimed as she took out her Normalium Z-Crystal. "I'm ending this!"

Plumeria had taken out her Poisonium Z-Crystal. "Yeah, I had the same idea, sis."

"Not if I stop you! Teeter Dance!" Oricorio started to dance by herself and oddly enough both Salazzle and Golbat were copying her dance moves. "Lillipup, don't look! You'll get drawn in too!" the puppy immediately looked away. "Moon, they are all yours!"

Moon placed her Normalium Z into her Z-Ring. "Thanks, Eclipse." Moon had performed the Normal-type dance and a white aura surrounded her before it moved to Lillipup. She threw her hand forward and Lillipup was ready and waiting for the words. "Lillipup, Breakneck Blitz!" Lillipup was surrounded in a tremendous white aura and the puppy had crashed, head-first into Golbat. Sending the bat flying back towards Plumeria with swirls in her eyes.

"What the-" Plumeria had physically shaken Salazzle out of her dancing trance. "SNAP OUT OF IT!" Plumeria put her Poisonium Z crystal in her black and white bracelet shaped Z-Ring. "You're not the only one with Z-Moves, Moonpie!" he performed the dance for summoning the power of the ultimate Poison-type move and a purple aura surrounded both her and Salazzle. "How about a little Acid Downpour!" Waves of poison had spread from Salazzle which managed to engulf both Lillipup and Oricorio. Then purple acid rain was falling from the sky and this further damaged both of them.

"Oh no! Not this move again!" Eclipse yelled.

Both their Pokemon were barely standing Unfortunately, Oricorio had collapsed in front of Eclipse and had swirls replacing her eyes.

"Oh no!" Eclipse exclaimed.

Moon worriedly looked at Lillipup. She saw him giving a concerned look at his fallen ally. He was poisoned and struggled to stay on his paws, but he glared right at Salazzle and his eyes were glowing orange.

"Lillipup, what are you?" He sprinted at Salazzle and the lizard was surprised at what Lillipup was doing. He crashed headfirst into Salazzle, dazing her. But after the first attack, he slid on his paws and leaped back and headbutted the back of Salazzle's skull. He got back to Moon's side and shakily remained on his paws. Still affected by Acid Downpour. "Wait! Was that a new move?"

"Whoa, that pup's got some fight," Plumeria said. "But it's only going to take one move to end this! So why don't you give up?"

"No way! I promised to get Eclipse her egg back! And I won't stop until I do!" Moon defiantly exclaimed.

"Raf! Baf!" Lillipup barked in agreement.

Plumeria slightly rose her eyebrow. "I don't know why you care so much? You know there are people who would need this egg more than you, right? You know, some people that don't even have Pokemon. Not everyone has it easy like you brats."

"So that makes it right to steal my child from me?" Eclipse said. "Just because someone 'needs' them more!" she pointed to Plumeria. "I've bonded with the Pokemon yet to be born from that egg, and that bond isn't something that can be replaced! Nor should it be!"

The Team Skull admin's eyes slightly grew wider. "Huh, you're serious about this?"

"Of course!"

"Tch!" In an unexpected move, Plumeria unzipped her bag and took out Eclipse's egg. She walked over to the girl and put the egg in front of her. "Here!"

"You are just going to give it back? I do not understand."

"As a big sister, I have to be the example," she said not facing the two girls. "How would it make me look if I just took an egg, knowing that those other members wouldn't know how to take care of it?"

"I don't know what to say…"

Plumeria turned around to face them. "Don't you dare think this is over between us! Team Skull is going through a huge transitional period. So don't get in our business again!" she was about to walk away but she stopped. "Moon, when you finally figure out that the island challenge is a waste of time. My door's always open, and I'll put in a good word with the boss. But the next time you get in my way…" she returned her Salazzle. "I won't hold back, sis!"

They both watched Plumeria walk into the dead of night, Moon let out a sad sigh and turned her back to Eclipse. The girl in black had put her egg back into the incubator and returned her downed Oricorio. "Moon, you really did use to be friends with her, didn't you?" she asked.

Moon was silent before she turned her head to face her friend. "I don't wanna lie to you. Yeah, Plumeria and I were friends, once… but I prefer to leave that part of my life behind."

"I see."

"Y-you're not going to blab to the others are you?"

"Well, if you don't want me to say anything, then I won't. After all, you still are going to keep my secret, so it makes sense I should keep yours."

Moon then looked more concerned as she turned to Eclipse. "But, aren't you going to ask why I was friends with someone from Team Skull?"

"I must admit, I would like an answer to that question." Eclipse then shook her head. "But I don't think it would change how I see you. I'd rather not judge people on what they did in the past (I can't even remember mine) but rather what they do in the present. You are a good person, Moon. You went above and beyond to get my child back, all for my well-being."

Moon looked like she was going to cry as her eyes went watery, but she quickly rubbed her eyes and shook her head before any tears could be seen. "Aw jeez!" she said while sheepishly smiling. "Don't get all feely with me!" she grabbed Eclipse's hand. "Keep this up and you might become my best friend!"

"Arf Arf!" Moon flinched for a second before looking down at a bruised but elated Lillipup. He was panting at her while wagging his small tail.

"Right, we should get out Pokemon back to the Pokemon Center." she looked at Eclipse. "Is your egg ok?"

"Oh yes, I listened out for the heartbeat from inside. It's still there." she hugged the incubator close to her. "I will never let you out of my sight again. Never again!" she said with very determined eyes. Moon and Lillipup were slightly creeped out by Eclipse's expression.

"Okay, Mom to be. Let's get out of here before something else happens." Moon said with Lillipup nodded in agreement. Eclipse put away her egg and tailed behind her good friend.

A Salandit was speeding towards Sun's Charjabug. "Quick Charjabug, use Mud-Slap!" the battery shaped bug had shot mud from his mouth which was able to hit the lizard, the ground type attack was too much for it to handle and it fell onto the ground and fainted. "That takes care of one of them!" Sun let out a gasp as Marowak was seen rolling towards him while covered in raging green fire.

"Crabrawler, use Bubble Beam!" a stream of bubbles had managed to stop the Bone Keeper and steam covered him after the flames were doused.

Above the clearing, Lillie was watching the battle and was in awe as she saw her good friends fighting off the Totem Pokemon, there was sweat falling down her face just from the heat of the volcanic area itself.

"Enjoying the battle?"

"Huh?" she noticed that Kiawe was still by her with his Charizard. "Oh… sorry, I forgot you were still here." she awkwardly chuckled. "But yes, I am enjoying this battle. It is the first time I've gotten to see Totem Pokemon up close like this."

"Peeeew!" Nebby was seen sizing up Charizard and she looked impressed as her ever-present smile grew wider.

"Nebby!?" Lillie exclaimed she quickly picked up the gaseous Pokemon. "Sorry about Nebby, she tends to escape my bag a lot."

Kiawe chuckled slightly. "Don't worry about it." he continued looking down at the battle. "Your friends are good… but they are missing something…"

"Huh, what do you mean?"

"As they are, right now. They won't be able to defeat Marowak and Salazzle."

Lillie gasped to herself after she listened to Kiawe's words.

Back on the battlefield, Charjabug was surrounded by an electrical pulse and crashed headfirst into Marowak who just swiped the bug away with his bone with an angry grunt.

"I'm not liking this!" Sun said, "Marowak is too fast and can take Charjabug's hits, plus, every time we attack Salazzle-" there were two more Salandit charging towards them. "She just calls more Salandit!"

Hau smiled. "Well, I'm not scared! If I'm going to be a Kahuna someday like Tutu, then I can't just stop just because things aren't easy." he looked at Crabrawler. "Crabrawler lets take on Marowak, use Rock Smash!" Crabrawler's claw was covered in orange energy and was running towards Marowak.

"No Hau!" Rotom exclaimed. "Marowak is also a Ghost-type, Fighting Moves won't work on him!"

Marowak didn't do anything as he knew he would pass right through him, and he did, but Hau smirked when Crabrawler was behind him. "Got 'em! Marowak, use Pursuit!" Crabrawler's claw was covered in a black aura and he landed a punch on Marowak's blind spot on the back of his head. "Yes!" Hau cheered. "Sun now's your chance!"

Sun saw two Salandit speeding to Charjabug. "Right, Charjabug, use Dig!" the bug burrowed under the ground and a hole was made. Salazzle's eyes grew wide and she hissed at her Salandit and pointed at the hole. They both quickly scurried into the hole and a red glow could be seen from outside of it. "Oh no, Charjabug! You have to dig faster!"

The bug was moving as fast as he could and cracks could be seen under Marowak, but as he prepared to dodge the ground exploded under Salazzle who wasn't too far away. Charjabug had shot up into the lizard's chin, he did huge damage and he staggered her, but the fire was trailing behind him as he couldn't avoid the attacks from the two Salandit that followed him into the hole.

When the battered Charjabug landed on the ground, he was flanked by the Salandit and they both fired their Flame Bursts at the bug and as they exploded on him, sparks rained all over the field with some of them even hitting Crabrawler.

"Charjabug!" the battery shaped Pokemon was knocked out with swirls replacing his eyes.

The two Salandit turned their attention to Crabrawler and Hau was ready. "Get ready use Bubble Beam!" he shot bubbles at the opposing Salandit. Only one of them was hit, however, and the other one had spit gas at Crabrawler, and the boxing crab was covered in it. "Oh no!" he exclaimed as his Pokemon had become poisoned.

This opened the door for Salazzle to charge up an electrified toxic orb and she hucked it at Crabrawler from her mouth.

"Crabrawler, you gotta move!" but since he was still weakened from Poison Gas, he didn't avoid the attack in time and he took a hard hit. He slid back to Hau with swirls replacing his eyes. "Oh man, these guys are tough."

Sun returned his Charjabug. "What now?" he asked. "I'm only down to one Pokemon. The last totem I fought against wasn't this strong."

"Oh that's right, you fought with Moon during that trial didn't you?" Hau asked. "How did that go?"

Sun thought back to when both he and Moon fought against Gumshoos and Raticate with just their Litten and Popplio. "It was a tough ride, but we somehow got through. Mostly because our Pokemon didn't give up on us."

Hau smiled. "So what's different now?"

He looked at Hau and he immediately noted the obvious difference. Hau wasn't Moon. As soon as that thought entered his mind, he felt bad. For as cocky as Moon was, it was her creativity that got them both the win in their first trial, Sun only followed her lead. "I-I'm not sure." he lied.

"I know I'm not Moon."


"It's all over your face," Hau said with a laugh.

"You're not mad?"

"Well, I can't say I'm not kinda mad… but how I could I compete you know? Rotom tells me a lot about you two." Hau smirked afterward.

Sun's cheeks turned red after he saw the expression on his lips. "Oh, not this again!" Sun groaned.

"Haha! I told you my ship isn't dead!" Rotom jubilantly cried as a heart was seen on his screen.

"But that doesn't change the fact we're doing this trial together!"

"Y-yeah, you're right."

"So use that head of yours!" Hau said. "I'm sure you'll come up with something!"

Sun thought about his last remaining Pokemon. "I think I can take care of Salazzle, but I'll need you to clear all the Salandit."

Hau smiled. "Got it, and I've got a plan for that. Ok, you're up little buddy!" he tossed out a Pokemon which Sun, Rotom, Lillie, Kiawe, and even the totems were surprised by. "Let's do this Rowlet!" The grass owl was asleep as he stood on the hot ground.

"Hau, what are you doing?" Sun asked. "This isn't good in a fire type trial!"

Rotom hovered in front of Hau. "He's right! This is not advisable, this would just make both Totems attack poor Rowlet."

Hau smirked. "Yep, that's what I'm counting on!"

"Huh?" Sun and Rotom exclaimed in unison with a question mark on Rotom's display.

"Sun, you've only got Rockruff left. Well, who better to distract the others while Rockruff does work than Rowlet?"

"I see what you mean… but Rowlet can only take two hits at best. Then it's over for him."

"Heh, I plan to fight with Rowlet, no matter the disadvantage. Rowlet can fly so he can avoid attacks more easily. Then Rockruff can finish them off!"

Sun felt the pressure on him. Hau was risking Rowlet just so Sun could do damage with his last remaining Pokemon. "Ok, here goes nothing!" he tossed in his last Pokemon. Rockruff appeared on his paws and glared forward at his opponents. "Rockruff, I need you to give it your best!" the rock puppy gave a nod while not taking his eyes off the Totems.

"Time to practice that new move from before! Use Shadow Sneak!" Rowlet's eyes shone red and he leaped down into his shadow.

The single Salandit left had no idea where Rowlet went but was terrified when he saw Rockruff speeding towards him."Use Accelerock!" a grayish-white aura surrounded the rock puppy and he charged head-first into Salandit at blinding fast speeds while hitting him with the hard intensity of a speeding rock. Salandit was sent flying across the battlefield.

"Got him!" Sun happily exclaimed. He then saw Salazzle spraying poison gas towards Rockruff. "Look out Rockruff!" the rock puppy quickly rolled away from the Poison Gas. Totem Marowak sped to Rockruff and looked to chop the puppy with Brick Break.

"KOO!" from outside of Totem Marowak's shadow and the owl headbutted him in the head before he could try to hit Rockruff. His attack was stopped as he nearly tripped over his feet.

"Whoa, nice hit, Hau!" Sun complimented and Hau returned it with a wink and a thumbs up. "Now Rockruff, use Rock Throw!" Rockruff angrily howled and the stones on his necks shone brightly and he fired white glowing rocks to the Bone Keeper Pokemon.

Totem Marowak had spun his bone and managed to block the stones from hitting him. He saw Rowlet standing to Rockruff's side and he covered himself in green fire and rolled towards Rowlet.

Rockruff, without Sun's instruction he powered himself up with Accelerock and crashed headfirst into Marowak's Flame Wheel. They both did damage to each other, but Marowak was sent sliding back and Rockruff stood tall.

Salazzle then angrily hissed at Rockruff, prompting the rock puppy to growl back. He tried to use Accelerock but he found the move wasn't working.

"Oh no, that was Torment!" Rotom exclaimed.

"Fine, we'll go with this! Rockruff use Rock Throw!" Rockruff had shot sharp stones of rock from his neck. Salazzle had charged up her Flame Burst and it crashed into the rocks and it created an explosion that neutralized the attack.

Hau looked at Rowlet. "Ok, little buddy! Hit them both with Razor Leaf!" Rowlet remained on the ground and his wing edges shone bright green and he fired, razor-sharp, spinning leaves at both Totems.

Sun quickly came up with a plan. "Rockruff go with the leaves, use Accelerock!" Rockruff ran inside Razor Leaf disappearing and reappearing over and over, confusing the Tapus as to which one Rockruff was going for.

Sensing an unavoidable hit, Salazzle loudly hissed which made two Salandit enter the field and they stood in front of the totems, and while taking the Razor Leaf, the Salandit protecting Salazzle was immediately sent flying at Rockruff headbutted it.

"What? She called more!" the other Salandit sprayed poison gas at Rockruff and he was caught by the purple gas. He dizzily swayed and both Hau and Sun were worried when they saw what Salazzle was preparing. She fired a Venoshock towards Rockruff and the puppy braced himself for the attack. "No Rockruff!"

The attack hit and there was a dark smoke cloud that surrounded the both of them and when it cleared, the Totems were surprised when they saw Rowlet standing in front of Rockruff and the grass own was barely able to stay on his talons. "Koooo…"

"Rowlet?!" Hau exclaimed. "You sacrificed yourself?"

Rowlet turned his head while his body remained still he nodded slowly. Rockruff nodded and he leaped off of Rowlet and was high in the air and the rocks on his neck were glowing and he fired them down, splitting the attack so they could hit both Salazzle and Marowak. Salazzle was unable to avoid being hit as she hissed in pain, but Marowak used his boosted speed to leap upward and his left arm was glowing orange and he chopped the dog in the gut which sent him flying back far across the field and sent him exploding through a tall rock and making a crater in the ground.

"ROCKRUFF!" Sun screamed in fear of losing his last Pokemon.

Rowlet saw he was on his own and he took to the sky as both Salazzle and her last Salandit were firing Flame Bursts at him. He managed to avoid them by flying up, but Hau saw something that was even worse. "Rowlet behind you!" Totem Marowak had leaped up and was using Flame Wheel to try to knock Rowlet out of the sky. "Use Shadow Sneak!" Rowlet was looking for any kind of shadow to duck into, but that was hard since he was in the sky. So he shot straight down and flew right into his own shadow but the chasing Marowak's flames had slightly burned Rowlet's tail feathers before he could escape.

Rowlet then appeared out from Hau's shadow. His tail feathers were on fire and he was comically rolling on the floor to try to put it out. "Ok, this wasn't a good idea." he aimed his Pokeball at Rowlet, but the owl raised his wing.

"Koo!" he gave Hau a glare.

"Wait, you still want to do this!?"

Rockruff had recovered from his nasty hit and he walked up to Rowlet with a limp. "Arf!"

"Sun, what do we do?" Hau asked.

Sun thought about their next move. "Rockruff is still affected by Torment, and took a bad hit from that Marowak." he then turned to Rowlet. "And Rowlet, I think he is only one hit away from losing."

"What do you suggest?"

"We can't mess around Hau," Sun said. "We need to somehow get big hits on those Totems." without taking damage ourselves."

Hau nodded. "I see, that means our Pokemon must keep moving, no matter what!"

"It's going to be hard to keep up with Totem Marowak's speed," Sun said.

"I think Rowlet's Shadow Sneak can deal with Marowak's speed, and Rockruff's attacks are more than enough for Salazzle to take. But she can always call more Salandit when she wants." Hau said.

Sun snapped his fingers. "Then we ignore Salandit, we'll take them out near the end, but we can't hope to win if we let them distract us. Plus Rockruff is poisoned so we don't have much time. We'll need Rowlet and Rockruff to stick together as much as they can."

"Got it!" Hau said. "You get all that Rowlet?" Rowlet saluted with his wing and stood next to Rockruff.

Sun and Hau bumped fists. "Now GO!" they both yelled, Rockruff was sprinting towards the Totems while Rowlet closely flew by his side.

Salazzle had shot a Venoshock blast to the pair of them. Hau outstretched his arm. "Rowlet, Shadow Sneak, get into Rockruff's shadow!" Rowlet's eyes shone red and he turned intangible and leaped into Rockruff's shadow.

"Rockruff, we used Rock Throw before, now use Accelerock!" Rockruff let a grayish-white aura surround and he managed to use his enhanced speed to avoid the Venoshock as it exploded next to him. He shot quickly towards Marowak.

The Bone Keeper however made his eyes glow green and he managed to swiftly dodge Rockruff thanks to his Detect. Hau let out a smirk. "Nice try, Rowlet, use Shadow Sneak!" Rowlet had leaped out from the shadow that Marowak had cast and he shot himself headfirst into Marowak after he dodged Rockruff's attack, doing crucial damage to the Fire/Ghost-type. "Awesome!"

"Keep moving you guys!" Sun exclaimed. Rockruff had leaped up off of the hurt Marowak and he howled to Rowlet and the Grass Owl already knew what he had to do. He grabbed onto Rockruff with his talons and the two of them were airborne. "Whoa!" Sun said with a gasp.

Hau looked up at the sky. "Sun, I got an idea. Rowlet, Rockruff use Razor Leaf and Rock Throw!"

Rowlet flapped his wings making razor-sharp leaves rain down on the Totems and Salandit. Rockruff shot his rocks along with the leaves and both Salazzle and Marowak felt the sharp pricks of the rocks that Rockruff was throwing.

"Quick, get down Rowlet!" Hau exclaimed. Rowlet flew close to the ground and Rockruff was sprinting as soon as his paws hit the ground. The grass owl's talons released and they saw Marowak making three orbs of green fire that turned an eerie purple, Salazzle and Salandit fired Venoshock blasts to the duo.

Sun and Hau confidently nodded to each other.

"Shadow Sneak!"


Rockruff sharply increased his speed and Rowlet disappeared into his shadow. All three attacks missed and this time Rockruff was heading for Salazzle. She prepared another Venoshock, but Rowlet had shot out of the ground in front of her, distracting her. Sensing her opportunity, she changed her attack and tried firing a Flame Burst, but before she could release it. Rockruff had crashed into her stomach and her eyes grew wide.

Hau then placed his Normal Type Z crystal into his Z Ring. "Rowlet now's our chance!" Hau performed the Normal-type dance which made a white aura surround himself and Rowlet. "Take em' both out! Breakneck Blitz!" Rowlet put some distance between himself and Salazzle and flew close to the ground and he was surrounded in a blinding white, raging aura. He had so much power behind him that as he flew, he was tearing up the ground behind him. He crashed into the Salandit but that didn't stop him as he was flying right at Salazzle while taking Salandit with him.

"KOOO!" he crashed right into the same spot that Rockruff had hit and Salazzle's mouth had opened as drops of poison had shot out. The force of the attack sent both Salazzle and her Salandit falling back to the ground. The aura that increased her special defense had faded as she had swirls in her eyes.

"YES!" Hau cheered.

"It's not over yet!" Sun exclaimed. Totem Marowak was rolling towards the panting Rowlet while covered in green flames. The Rowlet was stuck like a deerling in the headlights. Rockruff suddenly appeared in front of Rowlet and he allowed himself to take the attack for him. But suddenly his eyes were glowing red as the full moon appeared in his mind, he heard a menacing howl in the back of his mind. He let out a low pitched howl as he was covered in blue, shimmering light. His body started to grow into one that took a bipedal shape, he grew a mane over his head, his paws became bigger and his claws looked much sharper. Rockruff opened his eyes and they were glowing a bright red color. He grabbed the attack with his arms as while the shimmering light surrounded his body and over that was a red fiery aura was around Rockruff. And suddenly, Totem Marowak was thrown back by Rockruff. Sun and Hau were waiting with anticipation as to what the glowing from Rockruff would result in.

However after Rockruff took the attack, his mysterious transformation regressed and he slowly shrunk back into his normal puppy shape, and the blue shimmering light faded from him but the fiery red aura still surrounded him. "No way, just like last time!?" Sun exclaimed. Rockruff was growling and he was charging to the surprised Marowak.

Rotom gasped in shock. "Impossible…!?"

"What is it?!" Sun and Hau asked in unison.

"Rockruff… he's using Counter!?" Rotom exclaimed, his eyes going wide in shock.

"Whoa really!?" Sun exclaimed.

"But… Rockruff can't learn that move! At least not yet! Something weird must be going on!"

"So what does Counter do?" Hau asked.

"If the Pokemon has taken damage, Counter will attack the opponent with double the damage it took!"

"GRRRR! AROOOO!" Rockruff howled as he shot right into the middle of Marowak's head, doing double what Flame Wheel did to him.

The damage done looked like it was enough as the Bone Keeper Pokemon felt his speed aura leaving him and he then collapsed onto his back. Rockruff tiredly stood tall as he eyed his downed opponent.

There was a stunned silence before Rotom decided to call it.

"You guys did it!" Rotom cheered.

Sun chuckled to himself. "Whoa, I guess we did."

Hau proudly pounded his chest. "I had no doubt we would do it! Ha!"

They suddenly saw Rockruff collapsing to the ground. "Oh no Rockruff!" Sun panicked and he sprinted to his Pokemon.

"Oh, no the poison must be taking effect again."

Sun quickly pulled out an antidote and he scooped up Rockruff. "Hold still, you'll feel better soon." he sprayed the antidote and Rockruff felt it sting but soon after he felt the poison leaving him. Rockruff opened his eyes slowly and whined slightly. "It's ok, the poison is gone now."

"Wow…" Lillie mouthed. "I had no idea a battle with Totem Pokemon would be that… intense."

"That's right," Kiawe said. "These trials are meant to bring the best out of those who do the island challenge. And it also pushes their Pokemon to their limits." he eyed Sun who was holding Rockruff. "Or in some cases, helps others shatter right through those limits."

"I had no idea that this is what the others go through."

Kiawe outstretched her hand to her. "Shall we go and congratulate them?"

Lillie took his hand and they both flew down to the battlefield where Sun and Hau were waiting.

Rotom was taking pictures of the resting Rockruff who slightly growled at the machine. "Sorry…! Boy someone is grouchy!" Rotom said.

"Wow, I still can't believe how awesome that was. I'm so pumped!" Hau exclaimed.

Sun was still trying to wrap his head around what he saw Rockruff do. "That's the second time it happened. I wish I could understand what is going on with Rockruff."

It wasn't long before they saw a Charizard landing on the field in front of them. Kiawe and Lillie had leaped off of it.

"That was spectacular, you two!" Kiawe congratulated. "I saw you two finally found your rhythm near the end."

Hau smiled. "Haha, I had no doubt we would do it!"

Kiawe extended his hand and there were two red-colored Z-Crystals with what looked like a fire insignia on it. "Take these, as proof you have passed my trial. Firium Z."

Both Sun and Hau took their newly earn Z-Crystals and they saw Kiawe throwing out an Ultra Ball. Coming out of it was his own Alolan Marowak and his bone ends were ablaze. "If you want to unleash the ancient fires of Alola, this is how you do it!"

He crossed his wrists before separating them and crossed his fists on top of each other. His arms then spread out to his sides and waved them up and down as it he was stoking a raging fire around him. He raised his arms as high as he could then grabbed his right arm with his left hand and threw his right arm forward with an open palm.

"I have to remember another dance now…" Sun said while a nervous drop of sweat fell down his face.

Hau chuckled. "Don't worry, I'll show it to you! I think I have it down!"

"That's not the only gift for you." he took out a silver Pokeball and he tapped it and they all saw Kiawe's Charizard being returned to it. "Charizard will also lend you his strength." Sun's eyes grew wide.

"No way!"

"He may not lend a hand in battle, but with his help, you can fly anywhere in an instant!"

"Eeeee!" Kiawe, Lillie, and Hau were surprised to hear Sun squeal like a fangirl after Kiawe was handing them his Charizard. "Oh… how embarrassing… please don't tell Moon about this. She'll never live it down."

"Deal!" Hau said. "But I want to be the first to ride with you on Charizard."

Sun shook Hau's hand. "It's a deal."

Kiawe led them back to the entrance of Wela Volcano Park, and they could feel the cool breeze of the night. "I wish you good luck on the rest of your travels."

"What will you do now?" Lillie asked.

"Me? I will return to my friends and return to our dance. The feelings of the Alolan people and our Pokemon, and the true nature of Z-Power… I believe the answers lie in our dance! And so we must dance on!"

With that Kiawe had left the gang to return to the volcano. But just hiding behind the sign, the Cubone was staring at Hau again after he followed the group down the volcano.

"That was amazing you two!" Lillie said. "So what do we do from here?" she asked.

Hau looked forward. "Two trials down, one to go. And I'm definitely doing the next one after going through the last Totem battle."

Lillie looked down at her hands. "I wonder… If I can be as strong as them. I'd never have the courage to face a Totem Pokemon. Even if I had the others by my side."

"Lillie?" Sun questioned as he caught her deep in thought. "Are you ok?"

"Oh no, I'm fine don't worry about me. We should find Moon and Eclipse soon. I hope they didn't get into too much trouble."

"Knowing Moon, trouble finds her," Sun said with a laugh. "But… I could really use a long sleep."

"Haha, I'm with you there."

"Pew?" Nebby moved within the bag.

"What is it Nebby?" Lillie asked,

Nebby's eyes were locked on the Cubone that was following them, but she couldn't interact with him since Lillie had kept her in the bag. Because of this, they remained unaware of the little Pokemon behind them.

"We should head back soon, it's pretty late already," Sun said.

"After you," Hau replied as Sun led them back to the Pokemon Center, but on their way back Sun took a good look at his Firium Z.

"Another Z-Crystal. I might actually do this! I hope Moon and Eclipse are doing ok."

The ending part of the trial was probably my favorite part of the chapter, I hope it came out all right. Hope you enjoyed the update, and I'll see you guys real soon.

Sun: Torracat (M), Charjabug (M), Rockruff (M)
Ride Pokemon: Charizard
Z-Crystal: Normal, Fighting, Fire

Moon: Brionne (F), Trumbeak (M), Lillipup (M)
Ride Pokemon:
Normal, Fighting, Water

Hau: Rowlet (M), Pikachu (F), Crabrawler (M)
Ride Pokemon:
Normal, Fighting, Fire

Eclipse: Abra (M), Misdreavus (F), Oricorio (F) [Pa'u Style], Feebas (F), Egg (?)
Ride Pokemon:
Normal, Fighting, Water

Gladion: Type Null, Zorua (M)
Ride Pokemon:

Lillie: Nebby{Cosmog}, Igglybuff (F)
Ride Pokemon:

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