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We've Got a Bone to Pick with You

Pokémon: Adventures of Sun and Moon
Chapter 14 – We've Got a Bone to Pick with You.

The Alolan sun was hanging low over the horizon. In the parking lot of what seemed like a local supermarket, two battlers had just concluded their battle.

Plumeria had stood with her arms folded with a black and pink accented lizard Pokemon standing by her. Gladion had returned a Pokemon to his Pokeball, hinting at the fact that he had lost.

"Don't take it too hard, kid. But you weren't good enough to beat my Salazzle."

Gladion proceeded to glare at the Team Skull admin. "You only beat me because you had that Poison Z Crystal!" Gladion stated.

"Your point?" Plumeria asked. "Remember which team you're a part of, boy." She returned Salazzle to her Ultra Ball. "As it stands, you're leagues above everyone else barring me and the boss, so yeah. You'd be useful." Suddenly Plumeria's smartphone started ringing, she pulled it from her pocket and put it to her ear. "Yeah?" she let out a tired sigh. "Really? Ugh fine, we'll do something about it just stop crying already!" Plumeria hung up and placed her phone back in her pocket. "That was one of the crybaby grunts."

"Did you just say 'We'?" Gladion questioned.

"Remember about those kids we've been hearing about, well they are here. And if they've got strong Pokemon, they will be useful to us."

Gladion folded his arms. "And what is your plan? I remember they have four and that doesn't exactly put the numbers in our favor."

Plumeria gave an almost disappointed look to Gladion. "Normally I'd call the boss, but he's still smoothing things over with our Benefactor. But we've got good support on Akala Island too." Plumeria returned her attention to her touchscreen phone and started to type as if she was texting someone. "I'll get us some allies, you just... Keep yourself busy, because tomorrow, we're going to squash those brats."

At the Royal Avenue Pokemon center, Eclipse was watching the egg she had in her possession very intently. Hau giggled a little after seeing this. "I don't think watching it will make it hatch faster."

"You do not know that! I am just very excited to learn what fascinating creature will hatch from this egg." she didn't take her eyes off it and started to gently tap it. "Aren't you cramped in there?" she asked the egg. "Don't you want to be free? Break free and be my friend… please?" when the egg didn't give any response, Eclipse puffed her cheeks.

Sun walked down from the upper floor and met with Hau and Eclipse, and saw Eclipse staring right through the egg. "Uh, I don't know if I should ask."

"Probably not," Hau chuckled. "So how is Moon?"

Sun gave yawned and stretched his arms. "She cleaned up and she's finally asleep, but it wasn't at all easy. She really is a handful."

Rotom had exited out of Sun's bag. "But only youuu can handle her, Sun." Sun was annoyed by Rotom's comment, but he didn't say anything and only closed his eyes in defeat. "Don't say anything Sun... You'll only encourage him." He walked down the stairs, refusing to acknowledge Rotom. "Don't ignore me! I'm talking to you, young man!" Rotom exclaimed.

The automatic sliding doors of the Pokemon center opened and behind them were Kukui and Lillie. "Alola, everyone!" the professor greeted.

"Professor!" Hau exclaimed. Sun acknowledged he was there with a silent wave, but Eclipse remained focused on her egg.

"Alola, Sun, Hau and..." After Lillie greeted them, she turned to Eclipse and was confused by her egg watching.

"Apologies Lillie, but I don't want to miss the moment when I become a mommy," she said.

Lillie and even the Professor's eyes turned to black dots. Kukui tried to chuckle it off. "Hehe, well that's fine, yeah. By the way, where is Moon?" he asked, noticing her absence from the group.

Sun wasn't sure what to say, Moon definitely didn't want the others worrying too much about her, and she didn't want to get Lillie and the Professor involved. "Uh she just had a rough day, so she turned in early." He said.

"Oh, I see, I hope she's alright," Lillie said.

"That girl is strong, Lillie. I'm sure she'll be fine, yeah. So how's the island challenge been treating you, cousins?" Kukui asked.

Hau had taken out Eclipse's Waterium Z. "Eclipse and Moon completed Lana's trial," he said. "Which means Sun and I will be doing the next one!"

"Awesome, yeah!" Kukui chuckled. "But before you do that, may I suggest you try the Battle Royal first. I'm sure the Masked Royal would be glad to meet you?"

"The Masked Royal?" Sun and Hau asked in unison.

Lillie had a bead of sweat drop down from her head. "He wouldn't stop talking about the great The Masked Royal is, on the way here."

"We'll take you up on that, Professor," Hau said with a smile.

"So, Lillie, where have you been so far?" Sun asked, turning his attention to her.

"M-me... I haven't been up to anything special; I've just been staying with the Professor and his wife right now."

The three were surprised by Lillie's revelation. Even Eclipse was pulled away from her egg. "THE PROFESSOR IS MARRIED?!" they yelled.

"Looks like the cat's out of the bag, yeah!" Kukui said shrugging his shoulders.

"You're married, and you go around without a shirt?" Eclipse noted. "She must be a keeper." she dully said.

Kukui chuckled. "Haha, you're right about that Eclipse. I remember when we first met..." Kukui started remissing about his first moments with his wife. "It all started when I visited Unova-"

Sun, however, had thrown his hands forward and shook his head. "Nope, we don't need to hear that. I can only imagine the crazy backstory you have."

Kukui chuckled. "Not much of a romantic, huh cousin?"

Rotom had hovered to Kukui. "Hehe, you couldn't be more wrong, this boy is a proper Casanova!" he said in an excited tone. "He carried Moon all the way over here, it was sooo cute! Like she was his princess." he gushed.

"Oh." Lillie slightly gasped. "I didn't know you harbored any feelings, Sun." she did look down, she seemed slightly disappointed…?

Sun groaned. "I don't! There was a good reason why I carried her here."

Rotom had a pink beating heart on his display. "Yeah there is, you're in looove." suddenly a closed Pokeball had hit Rotom and he fell down. "Owwww!"

They all saw Moon standing at the top of the stairs; she had a slumped stance and was wearing a nightgown. "Hey, that's for starting rumors!" she noticed the two extras standing in the foyer. "Oh, what's up, Professor? Sup, Lils."

"There you are Moon, yeah," Kukui said waving to her.

Lillie worriedly looked at her. "Moon, are you alright?"

Moon let out a sigh. "Yes, I'm fine. Jeez, what's with everyone worrying about me." she noticed Eclipse staring at her egg. "Uh, what's up with her?"

"I'm going to be a mommy soon." Eclipse said. She frustratingly turned to her egg. "Why won't you hatch, my child?"

Moon put her hands on her hips. "Right." a few moments later, she was holding Eclipse over her shoulder and was taking her away from the egg. "Let's go."

"No! My baby!" Eclipse cried with a raised voice as she reached out for her egg.

Sun, Hau, and Lillie had beads of sweat next to faces. "Hau, watch over the egg for

her," Moon said as she was halfway through the stairs.

Hau performed a mock salute. "You got it!"

Moon smirked. "Heh, what would you guys do without me?" she walked back to Eclipse's room and the door closed behind them.

Sun turned to Lillie with an exasperated look. "So yeah... nothing's changed much."

Lillie smiled, albeit awkwardly. "Oh no, I feel the dynamic just... works between you guys."

"Hehe, you guys will be friends for life, yeah!" Kukui said.

It was at that moment that Lillie's bag shook and Nebby had peeked her head out.


"Nebby, don't move around so much." Nebby rushed over to Sun and she was flailing her gaseous arms.

"Hey, Nebby." Sun greeted. "It has been a while hasn't it?" he chuckled while Nebby was circling him happily, resulting in laughter from the group.

Outside the Pokemon center, Gladion was about to enter but after hearing the laughter he swiftly turned around and walked back into the small town. "Having fun, yeah right… not when I have to get stronger. Enjoying myself would be a waste of time."

Lillie had turned her head to the entrance and she swore she could feel a familiar presence. Following her gut feeling, she opened the door and walked out but saw nothing but the dark indigo of the night, and the street lamps lighting the pathway to the Pokemon Center. She held herself and let out a sigh.

Suddenly a gust of wind blew, she held her dress down, but her hat blew off. She turned around quickly and watched it. Before it could be blown away, a hand caught it.

"Phew, lucky I got it in time," Sun said holding her hat in front of her. "Here you go, Lillie."

"T-thank you Sun." she shakily took is back held it close to her.

Sensing her tentative stance, Sun offered her consolation. "Uh, Lillie, something wrong?"

"W-well... Sun, I want to ask, do you have any siblings? Well back in Kanto since you're just here with your mother."

"Well no actually. Why do you ask?"

Lillie gulped before she turned away and placed her hat back on her head. "Well, you see I have a brother, he ran away from home. Mother wasn't very pleased about that..."

"Oh, I'm sorry Lillie."

"Don't be, he's out there somewhere, I don't know what he's doing, but I worry for his safety. He's known for being rash and very stubborn."

"So just like Moon." Sun jokingly stated.

This forced a giggle from Lillie. "Pretty much, but I just hope he's safe."

"Is he a trainer?" Sun asked.

"Oh yes, he is!"

"I don't think I've met him, but I'll likely run into him, no doubt."

Lillie confidently smiled. "You're right, I shouldn't worry so much."

They both stood by the walls of the Pokémon center, they could hear the Alolan Rattata scurrying in the distance. "So, Lillie, how has living with the Professor and his wife been?"

"Very well actually, especially Professor Burnet. She helped Nebby and me through this whole ordeal. So, I just thought I should drop by. Before, I've been living with them for a couple of months."

"I see, so what about home?" Sun asked.

Lillie had looked away, the expression in her eyes was hidden by her hat. "I-I'd prefer we don't talk about that subject."

"Um... alright, that's fine." they let a beat of silence pass between them; Sun awkwardly looked around while Lillie's eyes were locked onto her feet. "We should probably head inside, right?"

"U-um yes." Lillie had walked past Sun and entered the building.

Both Sun and Lillie re-entered the Pokemon center, but watching from behind some bushes was Plumeria. She had a serious expression as she watched them enter the building. "So you are part of the children that have been messing with my idiot brothers huh?" Plumeria held an Ultra Ball in her hand. "You'll wake up to something else tomorrow, boy."

The sun was still rising, but the morning had firmly arrived. The gang was still in the Pokemon Center. Sun and Hau looked to be getting ready, while Moon was playfully popping bubbles that Brionne made, much to the Pokemon's amusement. Eclipse was staring at the television while holding the incubated Egg close to her.

"So, Moon, how did you sleep?" Sun asked.

"Better I guess, but you better not baby me again! I'd like to hold onto what's left of my dignity." She said pointing at him.

Sun smiled awkwardly. "Y-yeah, we wouldn't want that happening."

"Alola everyone!" Professor Kukui and Lillie had entered the room. "I trust everyone got some good sleep."

"Like a baby!" Hau happily exclaimed. "How about you Eclipse?"

She turned to Hau and gave a singular blink. "I had the recommended amount of sleep. I wonder how much longer my child will sleep." Eclipse said looking to the egg.

"U-uh, everyone..." Lillie timidly said. "You might want to see this." she directed their attention to the television in the Pokemon center and it was a live broadcast of what was happening outside of the Battle Royale Dome.

The female reporter who wore a leaf-green, buttoned shirt and black skirt was standing by a crowd of trainers who were yelling outside of the battle dome in protest. "Yes, as we are just reporting. The dastardly, petty criminals known as Team Skull have locked up the Battle Dome, causing a ruckus here this morning. We aren't sure of their demands, but-" Suddenly a Zubat screeched in front of her. "AAH, what is-?"

"MOVE IT, WE'RE JACKING YO SIGNAL!" a teenage female voice yelled. The camera suddenly floated and it turned quickly to a female Team Skull grunt with pink hair that had a cowlick and had a black highlight. She stood by the reporter with her Zubat. "Keep the camera steady, Drowzee. So ahem, let's cut to the chase, shall we?" She pointed to the camera. "We want two trainers to come down and take us on in the battle dome. Alone. They go by the names, Sun and Eclipse!" she yelled. The entire group gasped, as they watched the grunt woman continued her demands. "So come down here, or this little town will become Po Town Part 2. This is Starlaand I'm signing off!" the camera was dropped onto the ground, on its side, producing a flash of static in the process. "We'll be back shortly for the weather! Hahaha!" the grunt yelled while she ran back to the battle dome with Zubat and Drowzee beside her.

The reporter had stepped in front of the camera. "Are you ok?" she asked the Camera-man. The camera was lifted and it showed her face once again. "There you have it, Team Skull has made their demands very clear. At the moment, the local authorities have been reported, but it would appear the town is being closed off by Team Skull. "No one gets in or out! We will update you on this developing story!" The reporter said with a serious tone. "Make no mistake, Team Skull means business today."

"This isn't good," Kukui said with a serious tone.

Moon stood up. "Well, we know what has to happen." She pointed to Sun. "You and I are going to kick their butts."

"But Moon, didn't they request for Sun and Eclipse to go there instead?" Hau said.

"Plus, we can't risk what Team Skull is willing to do. We can't have another Po Town incident." Kukui said.

"What is Po Town?" Sun and Lillie asked.

Kukui had sweated and he looked away from them. "Uh, maybe you'll find out about it during your Island Challenge. For now, don't worry about it."

Sun suspected that Kukui wasn't telling him everything, he turned to Moon instead. "Moon?"

She shrugged her shoulders. "Beats me. All I know is that it's on Ula'Ula Island. But that's it. Haven't really traveled past Akala and Melemele."

Lillie worriedly turned to Kukui. "What should we do, Professor?"

"Right now, we need to ensure the people are safe."

"Of course!" Hau said. "Moon and I can handle that."

"They are numb skulls, how hard can beating them be?" Moon said.

There was a roar that was heard on the television. "Oh my gosh!" the Reporter screamed. "There is a wild Beware blocking the entrance to The Royal Avenue!"

Moon's lips formed a smirk, she patted Sun on the shoulder. "Well, I know where I'm going! Good luck Sun!" she took off towards the door.

"Moon where are you going?!" Lillie asked.

"Me, I'm gonna catch me a Beware. Yo, Rotom. You're gonna want to see this!"

Rotom cheered. "Yesssss, a chance to discover a new Pokémon!" Moon ran out of the doors of the Pokémon center in order to try and catch the Bewear.

Sun let out an exasperated huff. "I can never get a read on that girl." He looked to the Professor. "So since Moon decided to bail on us, what do we do Professor?"

"Sun, Eclipse. You'll need to hold them off for as long as you can in the Battle Royal Dome."

"And what will you do?" Eclipse asked.

Kukui smiled. "Me? I am going to call a special friend to deal with this. Hau, you try to keep all the people outside calm. Now does everyone know what to do?"

"Wait!" they noticed Lillie looking at them. "W-what will I do?"

Kukui thought for a second. "Well Nebby won't be safe at all, and we can't leave you all by yourself."

"Ok!" Hau said. "Lillie can be with me, we'll try to keep the city safe and Lillie can stay with me!"

"Thank you, Hau." Lillie thanked.

"Alright, our plan is a go!" Kukui said.

"Let's bash some skulls." Eclipse said. She earned looks from the group. "What? I thought it was appropriate, given the situation."

"C'mon guys, we can't take too long with this," Sun said. "Eclipse, let's move."

Eclipse gave a serious nod and placed the egg in her backpack. "I am with you."

Inside the main foyer of the Battle Royal Dome, Gladion and Plumeria stood on the top floor that overlooked the floors below. "What will taking over this town prove? It's not even a proper town." Gladion said.

"Oh, I didn't tell you this, but last night the boss called. He said that our Benefactor is watching us as we speak. The cameras in this place are being broadcast back to our base, and I've got a tiny camera on my shoulder right here."

"And who might this Benefactor be?" Gladion asked. "My suspicions grow every time you mention this person."

"Sorry, only the Boss knows. I'm not privy to that information yet, so I suggest you battle like you mean it. Those kids we're facing are doing the stupid Island Challenge, so they shouldn't be that hard to beat!"

Gladion turned away from her. "Yes I understand, as long as Null and I can get stronger, then nothing else matters." He said, darkly looking away.

Moon and Rotom meanwhile had gotten to the entrance that was blocked by what looked like a giant stuffed bear that had a black body, pink head and white ears, with black beady eyes. Its tail was pink and slowly wagged. It was preventing people from leaving by waving his thick, furry arms at anyone who got close.

"Hehe." Moon chuckled. "Rotom, do your thing!" Rotom had taken a picture and after he comically avoided being pummeled by the Pokémon. He returned to Moon with a picture of it on his display. "So what have you got for me?"

['Bewear the Strong Arm Pokémon. This immensely dangerous Pokémon possesses overwhelming physical strength. Its habitat is generally off-limits']

"O-off limits…" Rotom repeated while shaking.

"Man, how did Team Skull convince you to help them?" the Bewear looked to her with angry eyes. "Ok, more the 'talking with your fists' type. I gotcha." She then pulled out a Pokeball. "Allow me to show you how tough I really am!" she threw out her Trumbeak, as he hovered above the ground. Moon pointed to the Bewear. "I'm gonna catch you Bewear, and I'll treat you a heck of a lot better than those Skull Grunts." The Bewear's arm was surrounded in an orange aura and he swung it towards Trumbeak. "Trumbeak, watch out!" Trumbeak had flown away from the arm which nearly hit him from the air.

"Moon, be careful, that was Hammer Arm!" Rotom warned.

"Heh, this only just makes this more interesting! I won't lose to you Bewear!" Moon said with a smirk.

"Beweaaaaar." The Pokémon defiantly replied.

Bewear and Moon both had red auras around them, as they were about to begin their battle. "Oh no… maybe I should have told Hau to come as backup!" Rotom said.

"Please, I can do this myself. Just watch! Trumbeak use Echoed Voice!" Trumbeak opened his beak and was letting out a high pitched screech that echoed. The Bewear covered her ears. "Awesome, quick use Peck!" Trumbeak flew in while his beak was glowing white.

The Bewear's arm had shone orange but Trumbeak avoided it and had given Bewear a single peck and it didn't look like it did very much. "This could take a little while." The Bewear was running towards Trumbeak, but avian flew up higher to avoid the attack.

"That was Take Down!" Rotom said.

"Noted… I'm sure Sun and Eclipse are having fun dealing with those numbskulls!"

Sun and Eclipse were standing in front of the entrance to the Battle Dome. They both entered and found the room was dark and empty. "Be ready for anything, Eclipse," Sun said. Eclipse noted this with a nod.

They silently walked and stood on the symbol for the battle dome, which was four boxing fists of red, blue, yellow and green punching each other. Once they stood on it. A spotlight was shining down on them. They shielded their eyes and looked up to see a male skull grunt shining the spotlight down on them.

"Welcome!" they both looked up to the top floor to see both Plumeria and Gladion.

"You again?" Sun said, looking at Gladion.

"Hmm, you two know each other?" Plumeria asked.

Gladion huffed. "Yes, we battled before. But now since you're standing in my way, Sun. I will show no mercy."

"Hmpf, I'm more than ready to face you again!"

Plumeria looked at Eclipse. "What about you, dark and mysterious. You have nothing to say?"

"Nothing to you… though I must say I like your hair." Eclipse replied.

"Heh, looks like we have a weirdo here, so kiddies since you like to get in our business, we'll show you what happens when you get in our way."

"Uh… but you people steal Pokémon and cause general mischief!" Sun countered.

"There is a reason we do what we do boy. Unlike you kids, we aren't handed everything so you can do your island challenge. Then you go and pick on my cute little brothers and sisters. That is something I cannot stand!"

"You tell 'em big sis!" a female grunt yelled.

"Shut up." Plumeria said, not even giving her attention. "But you see, we only do what we do just to get by. And we're about to get a huge investment, so we're not going to mess it up now."

"Yeah!" a male grunt yelled. "I've been wearing the same shirt for a week, I don't even have enough money for a new one."

Plumeria pinched the bridge of her nose in sheer annoyance. "See, these guys are adorable but dumb. So I have to take care of them. So kiddies here's what's going to happen, we're going to have ourselves a 'two on two' battle, one Pokémon each."

"Why just one?" Eclipse asked. "I mean wouldn't it be fair if we used all of our Pokémon?"

Plumeria begrudgingly compromised."Tch! Fine, two each then! Happy?" Plumeria said holding up two fingers.

"Hmm… I'm not unhappy."

"Anyway, if you win, we leave. If you lose, we take your Pokémon and this town as well!" Plumeria said.

Suddenly two grunts locked the doors behind Sun and Eclipse. "And you've got no choice kiddies. Every entrance and exit are locked."

Sun glared at her. "Then we'll just have to beat you then!"

"That is right!" Eclipse said.

"Then if you will, follow us." Plumeria and Gladion had disappeared into the back of the battle dome, leaving Sun and Eclipse in the foyer.

"Eclipse… I really don't like this…" Sun said, shivering slightly. "I mean what if we lose? Then Team Skull will do whatever they want to this place."

"Stop worrying Sun!" Eclipse said in a much more animated tone than usual. "If you worry about this, then I will start to worry. We don't need that."

"Um, yeah I guess you're right. Sorry, Eclipse."

"The others will be fine. We just have to do our part. If Moon and I can beat two Totem Pokémon that nearly killed us, then we can handle these people."

Sun looked down. "I'm not like Moon." He muttered to himself.

"Did you say something?"

Sun shook his head. "Oh no, I said nothing. But I'm sure those guys will get annoyed if we keep them waiting."

"Are you ready, Sun?"

"Well, as ready as I'll ever be."

Sun and Eclipse walked into the tunnel that led to the Battle Royal battlefield, but they were stopped by a male and female grunt. Both had black and brown hair respectively. "Whoa, hold up. We don't wanna battle you!" the male said.

"We're only rookies, we don't even have the hair dye ya see!" the female grunt said.

"So why are you blocking our path?" Eclipse asked.

"You each gotta go through the tunnels inside! See, Sun ya go through the green one, and Eclipse ya go through the blue one."

Sun pulled out one of his poke balls. "And how are we sure this isn't a trap?"

Eclipse though had a calmer thought process. "I'm sure if it was, they'd be waving their arms and trying to speak in their 'street' language. Plus they would tell us..." Eclipse then put on her best Team Skull impression. " 'Yo, you ain't got no chance at beating our boss, so ya might as well hand over your Pokemon, fam!' Or you know, something like that."

Sun and the two rookie grunts were looking at her with surprised looks. "Wow, Eclipse... uh...?"

"Yes, I was just as confused when Moon told me about Team Skull's 'street talk'. It is foolish if you ask me." she said folding her arms.

"Well, let's just get out there already." Suddenly the Zygarde Cube in Eclipse's bag had sucked an invisible Zygarde Cell that was inside the tunnel. The cube shone green and the cell disappeared with a bright green flash. "Uh Eclipse, was that the Zygarde Core."

"Yes, it's been doing that a lot lately."

The two rookie grunts had looked to themselves, then to Sun and Eclipse who went down different tunnels. Sun taking the Green tunnel, and Eclipse taking the Blue one.

In the middle of an arena, there was a squared ring, with a white canvas with the Battle Royal symbol printed in the middle. There were stairs on each of the four corners and they were blue, red, yellow and green and they led to the open mouths of Pokemon statues. Blue for Gyarados, red for Charizard, yellow for Haxorus, and green for Tyranitar.

In the middle of the ring was Starla, she had a microphone that was hanging from the ceiling. The audience was filled with nothing but Team Skull grunts. She looked at the camera that was filming the whole thing. "Yo, what's up! This is Starla for Skull TV and we've got a treat for ya today! After taking over the Battle Dome, we're going to have our own battle! So, let's get to it!" the pointed to the Charizard head.

"Coming out of the Red corner is Plumeria!" Plumeria had walked out to massive cheers from her Team Skull brethren, she threw out an Ultra Ball and coming out was a blue, bat Pokemon with a large mouth.

"And from the Yellow corner, Gladion." he walked out with a mixture of cheers and boos, as he wasn't very popular with Team Skull. He only had an angered look, and he threw out his Type: Null from a Pokeball.

Starla turned to the other side of the ring. "Now their opponents, from the blue tunnel, Eclipse!" she was met with boos after she threw out her Pom-pom styled Oricorio.

"That is quite rude." Eclipse said, responding to the boos.

"And finally, from the green corner, Sun!" Sun walked out of the tunnel, he held his Pokeball, threw it and out came Rockruff who had a determined, angered look on his face.

"So, you're using a Golbat?" Sun said, recognizing the very Pokemon from his days in Kanto.

"What can I say, Poison types are my thing?"

Starla turned to the two teams. "Alright you four, are you ready? Then let's get ready to rumble!" a bell was rung and she quickly threw herself off the ring to allow the battle to start.

Gladion swung his arm. "Null, use Feint Attack!" Null suddenly disappeared from Eclipse and Sun's view.

"Huh, where did he go?" Sun asked as they both looked around.

Null suddenly appeared above Rockruff, with his right claws ready and poised to strike. Rockruff didn't foresee the attack and was knocked back by the attack. Rockruff jumped back after he was hit to create some separation from Null. He angrily barked, giving Sun the message to give him a command.

"Rockruff, hit back with Rock Throw!" the rocks on his fluffy neck shone white and they each shot white glowing stone projectile towards Null.

"Null, dodge with Agility!" Null suddenly disappeared from their sight and Rockruff's attack missed.

Plumeria looked to Eclipse. "Guess you're my target. Golbat, use Poison Fang!" Golbat screeched, his fangs were glowing purple, he flew to Oricorio.

"Oricorio, keep it back with Air Cutter!" Oricorio had flapped her wings, making curves of air, speed to Golbat.

"Golbat, use Air Cutter!" While he kept his Poison Fang armed, he flapped his wings sending curves of air slice past Oricorio's air cutter. Once the attacks canceled each other out, this gave Golbat a clean path to Oricorio, where he bit down on the arm of the bird.

Oricorio flew back, in order to keep herself away from Plumeria's Golbat. "Heh, this is too easy."

"Grrr, Arf, Arf, Arf!" Rockruff glared at Sun and darted his head to Golbat.

Sun looked to Eclipse. "We need to change targets; otherwise they will just fight circles around us!"

Eclipse nodded, she looked to her Oricorio. "Oricorio, we'll attack Null. Use Revelation Dance!" Oricorio started dancing like a cheerleader, she then pointed her pom-pom feathers to Null. She fired an electric bolt of electricity.

"Null, disappear and use Feint Attack!" Null ran to Oricorio and he disappeared, and the bolt of electricity passed through it. He appeared above Oricorio and his claw was going to crash down on her.

"Oricorio, swipe him with Double Slap!" Oricorio leaped up to meet with Null. The Pokémon looked surprised and Oricorio had slapped Null in the face four times, stopping him from using Feint Attack. "Now we are getting somewhere."

After Null was hit, he landed on the ground, and he was covered in a bright purple glow. Null looked to be shrinking in size, his legs became stubby, and grew a mane around his neck, foxlike ears, and a tuft on top of his head. 'Null' opened its blue eyes. "Zorrrua!" the glow faded and Gladion's Null turned into a black, fox Pokémon.

"T-that's not Null!" Sun noted.

"Clearly not, that Pokémon is Zorua. His ability is Illusion, and he can copy the shape of any Pokémon." Zorua had transformed into Sun's Rockruff before he shifted into Plumeria's Golbat. He then shrunk back to his original form and let out a snarky giggle.

Eclipse suddenly was in front of Zorua and bent down to his size. "You are so cute, little guy!" she gushed in her monotone voice. Zorua felt flattered and he transformed and Eclipse was surprised when she saw… herself standing in Zorua's place. Both Eclipses placed their hands together. "Sun, I am mystified by this Pokémon…" Zorua-Eclipse giggled.

Gladion rolled his eyes while Plumeria wasn't amused by what she was seeing. "Enough messing around! Golbat, use Air Cutter!" Golbat had hovered over the two Eclipses and flapped his wings, curves of wind to the two. Zorua-Eclipse backflipped and transformed into his real form,

The attack was closing in towards Eclipse, she looked at it with a scared expression, but Rockruff had rammed into Eclipse pushing her to the ground, making the attacks miss. Rockruff glared straight at Plumeria.

"ARF, ARF, GRRR!" Rockruff was angrily charging up his Rock Throw, his neck rocks were glowing.

"Rockruff, stop!" Sun yelled.

Rockruff shot white glowing, rock arrows to Plumeria. She stood stunned, but Golbat got in the way and took the attack for her.

Eclipse, while on the ground, saw her opening. "Oricorio, Revelation Dance on Golbat!" Oricorio danced and shot electric bolts to Golbat, who reacted too late and she was hit. The combination of Rock Throw and the electric Revelation Dance was enough to beat her. She fell on her back.

"Tch!" Plumeria returned her Golbat.

Sun ran to Eclipse who was getting up. "Eclipse are you ok?"

"I-I am fine, I really was scared for a moment there." She looked down at Rockruff. "Thank you Rockruff."

Sun helped her up. "She just crossed a line." He angrily said. "They are both going down."

Plumeria chuckled. "I'd like to see you try, Island Challenge brat." She tossed out another Ultra Ball, coming out was her black and pink standing lizard from earlier. "Meet my ace, Salazzle!" Salazzle hissed and red flames grew on her black tail. Plumeria turned to Gladion "Now do something useful!"

"We're ready for you, Rockruff use Howl!" Rockruff looked up and let out an angered howl, a red aura surrounded him.

Gladion looked to Sun. "Fine, Zorua use Foul Play!" A purple and red outlined aura surrounded Zorua. The Tricky Fox sprinted to Rockruff.

"Rockruff stop him with Rock Throw!" Sun exclaimed.

"You too, Oricorio. Revelation Dance!"

Rockruff shot shards of white glowing rock shards while Oricorio fired a stream of electricity to the charging Zorua.

"Zorua, Agility now!" a bright white, shiny outline surrounded him and he boosted his speed while avoiding both attacks. The purple and red aura grew because as he hit Rockruff, there was a small explosion of the same energy and it sent Rockruff flying.

He bounced twice, and he was so dazed, he struggled to get up. "Rockruff!" he looked to Gladion. "What was that?"

"Foul Play, it is an attack that increases in power, the higher attack power of the enemy." Both Sun and Gladion thought back to when Rockruff had used Howl. "That move, Howl increased Rockruff's power. So Foul Play increased in power!"

"And with that, I'll finish the mutt off." Plumeria said."Salazzle, use Sludge Bomb!" Salazzle had looked to Rockruff and she opened her mouth and let out an orb of purple sludge and poison that was fired to Rockruff.

"Rockruff, watch out!" Rockruff tried to get up, and the second he did, he didn't have enough time to avoid it and he was hit and was caught in the poison sludge. He was on his stomach with swirls in his eyes.

Sun returned Rockruff to his Pokeball. "Sorry, Rockruff…" Sun apologized before placing the Pokéball in his bag. He pulled out his second Pokéball and tightened his grip on it. "Right, it's up to you Litten!" he threw out Litten who let out a meow.


Plumeria smirked. "So your last Pokémon is a tiny fire cat? Alright. Thanks for making it easy for me!"

Both Sun and Litten glared at the Team Skull Admin. Even though Eclipse still had two Pokémon, he still felt like he had his back against the wall.

"Beweaaaaaar!" The large, fluffy Pokémon swung its arm to the flying Trumbeak.

"Trumbeak, use Peck!" Trumbeak's beak, sharpened and it was glowing sky blue. He shot forward and was pecking the Bewear mercilessly, forcing the Bewear to back off and cover his face. "Whoa, that's brutal!"

Rotom hovered in front of Moon. "Congratulations Moon, Trumbeak learned Pluck!"

Moon pulled out a Pokéball. "And now, let's catch a Bewear!" she chucked her red and white Pokéball, but suddenly before the Pokéball could hit its target, a pink orb had shattered the Pokéball to pieces. "Aw man!"

"WHAAAT!?" Rotom yelled.

They saw a pink fairy-like Pokémon leaping from the ceiling of a tree, "Piiii pi!" It slowly hit the ground and stood next to Bewear.

"What the heck is going on here!?" Moon exclaimed.

"I've got this!" Rotom had snapped a picture of the pink Pokémon. An image of the Pokémon came up on the display. "Got it~!" he sang. He hovered to Moon.

['Clefable the Fairy Pokémon. They appear to be very protective of their own world. It is a kind of fairy, rarely seen by people. ']

"If it's so rare, why is it out here?"

The Clefable was charging another pink ball of energy. "That's Moonblast!" Rotom fearfully exclaimed.

As Clefable let the attack go, it was about to hit Trumbeak, but a bone had intercepted the orb, causing it to deflect into a palm tree.

"What was-"

"Moon!" the bone had spun back to its source. A black and pale gray two-legged Pokémon that had a bone helmet covering his head. Standing to the side of the dark Pokémon was a dark-skinned teen, wearing nothing but red and maroon pants with black and red sandals. He had ash gray tattoos on his shoulders. His hair was short, dark with red highlights. He wore a black necklace that had a Trial Captain pendant on it. His chest and abs were slightly more defined than what was expected for someone his age, and he had above-average muscle mass.

"Oh wow! He's hot!" Rotom yelled.

"Careful, he is, both figuratively and literally," Moon said. "Yo, Kiawe!" she yelled.

The boy ran over to Moon and Trumbeak. "Moon, what did you do this time?"

"M-me?! Did you not clearly see the Numbskulls roaming around, Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a Bewear to catch!"

Rotom meanwhile took a snapshot of Kiawe's Pokémon. "And snap!" An image of a Pokémon had appeared on his display.

['Marowak, the Bone Keeper Pokemon. The bones it possesses were once its mother's. Its mother's regrets have become like a vengeful spirit protecting this Pokémon.']

"Aww, that's so sad," Rotom said. The Clefable was wiggling her finger and Rotom knew what this meant. "Uh-oh…"

Moon groaned. "What is it this time?"

"It's using Metronome!"

"Metronome?" Kiawe and Moon questioned.

Suddenly the sky brightened, and they saw meteors speeding to the ground. "THAT'S DRACO METEOR!" Rotom screamed.

Moon and Kiawe looked at the crowd of people surrounding them. "EVERYONE RUN!" the crowd scattered away from the battle. The meteors crashed into the ground, causing damage to both Marowak and Trumbeak while covering Moon and Kiawe in dust.

Trumbeak was on the ground with swirls in his eyes while Marowak was dazed. Moon growled at the giggling Clefable. "You want to play dirty huh?" she pointed her Pokéball to Trumbeak. "Sorry, Trumbeak but this pink Pokémon just made me mad." He was returned to his Pokéball in a flash of blue light. "Now go Brionne!"

Brionne came out of her Pokéball in a blue flash; she stood on her flippers, winked and fell on her front flippers. "Brionne, we're going all out, I'm gonna catch that Bewear!"

"Careful Moon," Kiawe warned.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." She droned, tuning out his warning. "Ready Brionne!"

"Let's help them out Marowak!" Kiawe yelled.

Marowak had ignited the ends of his bone in green fire after he tapped it on the ground. Bewear and Clefable looked at them, ready to attack.

Gladion threw his hand forward while yelling at his Pokémon. "Zorua, use Feint Attack!" Zorua disappeared into thin air.

"Not that again!" Sun said. He looked to his Litten, though this was with a slightly panicked expression. "Litten watch out for Zorua."


"Let's see if you can keep watch while dealing with this! Salazzle, use Dragon Rage!" Salazzle had opened her mouth and fired blue flames in the shape of a dragon to Litten.

"Oh no you don't, Oricorio, cut through the dragon breath with Air Cutter!" Oricorio flapped her wings and curved blades of air cut through Dragon Rage, leaving the breath to scatter in the air. "Sun… stop worrying!" she said turning to him.

"Huh, what are you talking about?"

"In my Trial with Moon, I learned that you shouldn't be down on yourself. Doing that won't help anyone!"


"Your Pokémon can't fight on their own. Not against trainers with other Pokémon!" Zorua appeared over Litten. But Litten had dodged by himself and hissed at the smirking fox. "The only way you and Litten can work out is if you trust each other, and trust yourself."

Sun tried to keep up the appearance that Eclipse didn't just read him as easily as a 'stop' sign. "What do you mean Eclipse?"

Eclipse then gave a serious look to him. "I know you doubt your own skill as a trainer. I know this because I do as well. But whether you are good or not, isn't relevant. All that matters is you can do the best for your Pokémon, for your partner."

"Blegh!" Plumeria fake gagged. "Get me a barf bag already." She looked to Eclipse. "You know what? You're annoying me, so have a taste of this, Salazzle, use Flame Burst!" The lizard had charged a sparking flame in her mouth, she spits it towards Oricorio. It crashed into her hard, sending her back rolling to Eclipse. The sparks rained on Litten and he looked shocked to see that Oricorio was defeated.

"No, Oricorio!" Eclipse cried.

Sun glared at both Plumeria and Gladion. His fist clenched, but he loosened it and calmed down. "I won't get anywhere if I get angry. Maybe Eclipse is right." He turned to Eclipse. "Eclipse, this is not good. I don't know if we can beat them, but we need to try."

Eclipse threw out her Misdreavus and the ghost chuckled while floating above the ground. "I am with you 100% percent. And we will beat them."

Sun thought about their next move, and he had a plan, sure it was a huge risk, but he had to be confident it would work. "Eclipse, can you get Zorua to focus on Misdreavus? I promise she won't get hit by it."

"Sure, but what about Salazzle?"

"We wing it!"

"Wing it?" Eclipse was thinking about chicken wings, and she instantly got hungry. Her tongue slightly stuck out.

Sun figured something else entered her mind and remembered she didn't deal well with some expressions. "Uh… I mean improvise!"

Eclipse's thought bubble popped and she then knew what Sun was suggesting. "Ah-ha, I shall follow you! If a distraction is what you need..." She eyed her ghost Pokemon. "Misdreavus…" she pointed to Zorua. "Annoy him!" Misdreavus smiled mischievously. She had floated in front of Zorua and she blew her tongue at him, mockingly.

Zorua growled angrily at the ghost. He normally does the teasing, never the other way around. "Zorua, focus!"

Sun saw his opening. "Litten, use Fire Fang!" Litten sprinted to the distracted Zorua while a fire burned in his mouth. He bit down on Zorua, making the fox let out a pained scream.

"Hey, don't ignore me!" Plumeria exclaimed. "Salazzle, use Sludge Bomb!" Salazzle turned to the three Pokémon. She shot a dark poison orb from her mouth.

Eclipse then had an improvised idea. "Misdreavus, fly and push Litten out of the way!" Misdreavus had pushed Litten as she had flown them away from the poison orb, leaving Zorua right in the firing line.

"ZORUA, MOVE!" Gladion yelled. The orb had hit the ground close to Zorua and he was caught up in the attack. He hit the ground and slid back to Gladion with swirls replacing his eyes, while a poison haze was on his nose. Gladion glared at Plumeria. "You did this!?"

"Not my fault your Pokémon was in the way! Now stop crying and keep battling!" she retorted.

His anger only intensified as he returned Zorua to his Pokeball.

Litten landed on the ground and he winked at Misdreavus. The ghost type giggled in response.

"See, we're doing well, Sun." Eclipse said.

He chuckled in response. "Heh, thanks. But we need to focus…" He looked to Misdreavus and Litten. "That goes for you two as well."

Misdreavus giggled, while Litten had huffed in seriousness.

Gladion slowly pulled a Pokéball from his jacket pocket before glancing at his battling partner. "You will pay for that, Plumeria."

"Settle your petty grievances later, we have a job to do." Plumeria said.

"Let's crush them Null!" he angrily threw out his Null who only growled right after leaving his capsule

Litten was glaring at the masked Pokémon while letting out a hiss. His back hairs were standing up.

Eclipse looked to Misdreavus. "Let's weaken them, Misdreavus, use Growl." Misdreavus had giggled, but instead of letting out a screech. Her eyes were glowing purple and there were green, blue and red circles of light surrounding her. She flung the circles of light to Salazzle who wasn't sure what the attack was. But suddenly, her eyes turned to spirals and she was stumbling on her feet while there were small Pikipek flying around her head.

Plumeria growled in anger. "Oh, you dirty little-"

"What was that?" Eclipse asked, while her Misdreavus laughed at the stumbling Salazzle.

Gladion had his eyes closed. "That was Confuse Ray, you're lucky that Misdreavus, just learned it."

Sun gasped. "That's right, now we have a chance!"

"Hmph, I never needed her anyway!" Gladion said, focusing his gaze on Eclipse and Sun.

"Hey, brat I'm right here! Salazzle, get over it and use Flame Burst!" Salazzle opened her eyes and her vision had fixed onto Misdreavus after her vision was very blurred. She hocked up a Flame Burst, but in reality, she was shooting Null.

Gladion angrily huffed. "Null!" he easily dodged the fireball.

"Go, Litten, use Fire Fang!" Litten's mouth was filled with fire as he ran to Null while it was distracted.

"No, you don't. Null fight back with Crush Claw!" its right claw was cloaked in red, fiery energy. It swiped Litten as he leaped up to bite Null.

Litten rolled back to Sun before standing up. Eclipse then looked to Misdreavus. "Quickly, Misdreavus use Confuse Ray on Null!"

"Null close your eyes, and use Pursuit!" Null closed its eyes and remembered the position of Misdreavus. He ran at Misdreavus and headbutted her with the helmet. A black shockwave spread out from the impact.

Misdreavus had taken huge damage and she fell down to the ground. "Misdreavus!"

Salazzle hissed, she was still confused, but could clearly see Misdreavus who was down. "Get her, use Flame Burst!" Salazzle shot a sharp, explosive burst of sparking fire to Misdreavus.

"Please get up, Misdreavus!" Eclipse pleaded. Misdreavus was still very dazed from the Pursuit.

"Nyaaa!" Litten stood in front of Midreavus to take the sparking fireball.

"LItten!?" The bursting fire had hit Litten and he growled as the sparks of fire had been spread across his fur. Suddenly, the sparks formed a bright yellow orb of fire on his neck. A bright flash surrounded him, both Eclipse and Sun shielded their eyes. Litten within the flash somehow grew in size, his legs became more muscular. A cowlick grew in between his ears. His whiskers and tail grew thicker.

The lights faded, he appeared to resemble a tiger cub. The underside of his body was mostly red and the top side was black. His tail had two red rings on it, while his legs had two black rings on them. His front paws had three sharp black claws. His eyes remained the same but there were black rings surrounding them. The red arrow mark on his back was the same as the one on his forehead which stretched into the red cowlick in between his ears. The orb of fire around his neck settled and it resembled a spherical and it chimed like a bell when it moved.

"MRRRRROOWWWWW!" the bigger Litten roared.

"Litten?" Sun asked.

Litten looked back to his partner with a serious look. "Torracat." He said in a deeper growl

Eclipse gasped. "I've seen this!" she said clapping her hands together. "Popplio had changed into Brionne during mine and Moon's trial. The same is happening to Litten, and now he's Torracat!"

"Torracat?" Sun asked. Torracat nodded with a smirk, exposing a single fang from his mouth.

"An evolution?" Gladion said with a slight gasp. "Perhaps this Sun isn't as hopeless as I thought."

Torracat was kicking his back legs as if he was testing out his new body. He shot a glare at Null. "You're right, let's go Torracat!"

Gladion pointed to Torracat. "Null, use Crush Claw!" His claws were surrounded in the red aura again, he sprinted to Sun's Torracat.

"Lit- uh I mean…" he smirked before he threw his hand forward. "Torracat, fightback with Fury Swipes!"

Torracat's sharp claws shone white, he ran at Null and both of their claws were clashing like swords. Striking, countering and blocking each other. They both stepped back and they slid back to their trainers.

"If that won't work, use Aerial Ace!" streaks of wind surrounded Null, he attempted to headbutt Torracat.

"Torracat, use-"

"MRROWW!" Torracat ran to Null without Sun's order.

"Torracat, what are you-"

Torracat had taken the Aerial Ace by colliding head first with Null. He backed off, turned around and he gave a hard kick to Null's face with his left rear paw, then he followed it up with another kick from his right rear paw that sent Null sliding back.

A growl was heard from underneath the helmet. "That was Double Kick!" Gladion gasped in surprise.

"Enough of this, Salazzle, use Sludge Bomb!" she shot a powered purple orb of energy from her mouth and it sped to Torracat. But Misdreavus flew in front of Torracat and took the Sludge Bomb. She wasn't affected too much since she resisted Poison-type attacks.


Misdreavus looked back and winked at the fire cat.

"Sun, look!" Eclipse directed their attention to their opponent's Pokémon. Salazzle and Null were standing far apart, not even directing their attention to each other. "Now think back to our Pokémon. Pokémon."

He remembered when Misdreavus distracted Zorua so that Litten could land a Fire Fang on him, how she then pushed Litten out of the way from a Sludge Bomb. Litten returned the favor by standing in front of Salazzle's Flame Burst and that last moment when Misdreavus took the Sludge Bomb for Litten.

"I think I know what you're saying. They are both working together, even without us telling them to."

"Exactly!" Eclipse said. "So we should use that to our advantage!"

"I get it. Hey, I got a plan." He then whispered in Eclipse's ear so that neither Gladion nor Plumeria would hear them.

Eclipse nodded. "Yes, I believe this will work!"

Sun looked to Torracat. "Hey Torracat, for this to work, you gotta listen to both of us. Both me and Eclipse, is that ok with you?" Torracat then looked to him before turning to Eclipse and he smirked. "Great!"

"That means you too Misdreavus. You've got to listen to Sun as well as me!"

Misdreavus nodded in the air.

Salazzle looked to have gotten over her confusion and glared right at the Misdreavus. "Now Salazzle, use Dragon Rage!" The blue dragon flames were speeding to Misdreavus.

Eclipse gave a nod. "Let's see if this works. Torracat, defend Misdreavus!"

"Mrrow!" he leaped in front of Misdreavus and the flames covered him. He roared once the flames stopped. The fire bell on his neck was spreading out flames as he roared.

"Huh, he's listening to her now?" Plumeria asked in a confused tone.

Sun pointed to Salazzle. "Misdreavus, use Hex!" Misdreavus giggled and had three purple orbs of fire hovered around the ghost and she threw them to Salazzle and they exploded on her.

"Null, don't hold back, use Crush Claw on Torracat!" Null growled and ran towards Torracat.

A new idea sprung to Sun's mind. "Misdreavus, use Astonish!" Misdreavus' eyes shone red and she charged to Null. Null swung his Crush Claw to fight back but it went through Misdreavus, harmlessly while Misdreavus sped through him and charged into the unaware Salazzle.

Since his Crush Claw was wasted, Torracat had an opening, and Eclipse was going to take full advantage of it. "Quick, Double Kick him, Torracat!" Torracat ran and he kicked Null with his rear legs. The force of this attack sent Null onto his side. "Yes, you did it!"

"Are you serious right now?" Plumeria asked. "How are we losing?"

"I thought the answer would be pretty obvious." Eclipse said, almost sounding smug. "Look at you two? You'd sooner attack each other rather than focus on us. But you see, Sun and I have a friendship revolving around trust, and our Pokémon know that! Which is why they listen to both of us!"

Plumeria had held up her Z-Ring. "Oh, shut up! Next, you're going to tell me that your 'friendship is magical' or something. Well let's see how your friendship lasts against this!" her purple z-crystal had shone a bright purple color.

"A Z-Crystal!?" Sun gasped.

"That's right kid, now you're about to see the true strength of Salazzle." Plumeria crossed her arms and purple energy was surrounding her. She began her Poison dance. She circled her arms and she bent her legs, suddenly bringing her body closer to the ground. Her arms spread far apart while her hands hung downwards. The purple energy generated had transferred to Salazzle. The red flames on her tail appeared and turned purple, her red accents turned purple as well and she let out waves of poison that spread all over the battlefield and covered Torracat and Misdrevus. Suddenly, torrential purple acid rain rained from the ceiling which brought the deluge on both Torracat and Misdreavus.

Torracat looked much worse than Misdreavus as he wasn't able to resist the attack. He even had purple, poison bubbles floating over him.

"Oh no, he's been poisoned!" Sun exclaimed.

"Which means, he cannot take another hit." Eclipse stated.

"How is Misdreavus?"

Misdreavus was panting, and although she resisted the attack, she was still feeling the effects of the earlier damage she took from the previous attacks.

"Two hits from Salazzle, but only one from Null. But I have something for that Salazzle."

Sun had taken out his Fightinium-Z that he got from Hala's trial. "And I have something for Null! So how are we going to do this?"

"As you said, we improvise. We need to damage them to the point where one last move can beat them, but we can't take damage ourselves."

After the acid rain stopped, Plumeria smirked. "Heh, then I'll put you out of your misery. Salazzle, use Dragon Rage!" she blasted blue, dragon flames yet again.

"Misdreavus, block with Hex!"

"Torracat, keep it back with Ember!"

Misdreavus made purple balls of fire surround her while Torracat charged fire in his mouth. He fired a small ball of fire while Misdreavus threw her ghastly orbs to the Dragon Rage. Once the three attacks connected, sparks and small fireworks lit up the battlefield.

Gladion used this distraction to his advantage. "Null, charge in and use Pursuit!"

"Here he comes." Eclipse said. "What now?"

"How about this?" Sun yelled. "Misdreavus, use Confuse Ray!"

Misdreavus had powered up the confusion light beside her and threw it to Null. The red, blue and green orbs blurred its vision and it fell over and rolled onto the side, hurting itself in the process.

"Nice idea Sun!" Eclipse complimented.

"Fine, we'll get up and personal. Salazzle, use Double Slap!" Salazzle sped to Torracat who was wide open. Since Eclipse knew that move from her Oricorio, she had a counter immediately.

"Torracat, she's going to slap you with her hands!" she yelled. "So counter back with Fury Swipes!"

"Mrrrr!" Torracat rushed to the oncoming Salazzle. His black claws turned while and stretched further out. He managed to use his extended reach to strike first, slashing past Salazzle. Then he saw a slap from Salazzle's right hand. He ducked under it and swiped through Salazzle in an X formation with his three claws, doing substantial damage to the standing lizard.

"You're going to pay for that!" Plumeria said.

"Oh yeah? Misdreavus!" Misdreavus chuckled behind Plumeria.

"GAH! WHAT?!" A clearly spooked Plumeria screamed.

"Use Psywave!" Misdreavus' eyes shone sky blue and she let out two purplish-blue waves of psychic energy that engulfed Salazzle. The supereffective attack was enough to make Salazzle hiss in pain before she fell to her stomach in defeat.

"S-Salazzle?!" Plumeria exclaimed.

Null was slowly getting up and he faced Torracat who stood a distance away from him. Gladion had a frustrated look on his face. "Null, use Crush Claw!" Null ran towards Torracat.

Sun placed the Fightinium-Z onto his Z-Ring. "Let's hope this works!" he crossed his arms and an orange aura was surrounding him. He watched Null moving to Torracat in slow-motion. He thought back to when Hau used the Z-Move with his Crabrawler. Sun then threw punches in front of him and could feel the energy building with each punch. He threw one more punch forward, and once he did. The orange energy transferred to Torracat, while the Z-Sigil flashed in front of the Pokémon. "Our last shot! Torracat, ALL-OUT PUMMELLING!" Torracat turned around and he threw kicks with his back legs that were discharging orange energy jabs in the shape of paw prints that crashed into the charging Null, dazing it.

Torracat turned around and he rushed to Null while surrounded by whitish orange energy. He charged forward with a 'boom' and he leaped up and drop-kicked Null, and he was kicking Null constantly in the helmet and it was absorbed by the energy Torracat generated. They both sped past the very shocked Gladion and they both crashed into the wall with a loud 'BANG!'. There were spider-web cracks all over the wall, as well as microfractures in Null's helmet while he lay limp on the ground. Torracat was panting in exhaustion but stood tall.

Starla had walked to the middle of the ring with a stunned expression. "W-well… this is embarrassing. But the brats win…" the grunt begrudgingly said.

There was a mixture of boos and cheers from the Team Skull crowd, hating the prospect of Plumeria losing, but appreciating the battling prowess shown from both Eclipse and Sun.

Sun and Eclipse had hi-fived, Eclipse still kept her dull face. "You did very well Misdreavus." She giggled and nuzzled Eclipse's face.

"Mrrr!" she looked down at Torracat who looked up at her.

"Oh, you were great too Torracat."

The fire cat smirked and looked up smugly.

"H-hey, I'm still here you know," Sun said. Torracat playfully ignored Sun. After this Sun, sighed and Torracat turned back to him and smirked while wagging his tail.

Plumeria returned Salazzle to her Pokéball. "Phooey." She watched Gladion return his Null to its Pokéball too. "You two are pretty strong. I'll give you that." She smirked. "But if you think a couple of kids are going to run us out of town. You're dead wrong."

"Oh really now?" they all heard a voice say. A buff, tanned man who wore nothing but a red, blue and green Lucha mask walked to the ring. He had black pants, grey boots, dark wrist bands and an elbow pad on his right arm. "Because I believe these kids beat you, now are you going to leave, or do you want to deal with the Masked Royal!"

Sun had a sweatdrop on the side of his head as this person looked very. "Uh, Professor?" he questioned.

"No the Masked Royal." He looked to the Team Skull members. "I won't let you two ruin this town. So leave!"

"Or what?" Plumeria asked with a smirk. "You're just a regular guy in spandex."

The Masked Royal had taken out an Ultra Ball and he tossed it up and a very large blue Pokémon came out. He had a round, white belly and a white face. He had a white face with two pointy ears. He sat on the ground while sleeping. His blue arm was scratching his belly once and his three-clawed feet were shuffling slightly. "Unless you want to face a Pulverizing Pancake, I'd suggest you take your people and leave."

"Tch!" Plumeria put her hands down. "Fine... Everyone, we're leaving!"

A stream of bubbles popped on Bewear's face and he stepped back. Clefable shot a Moonblast to Marowak. Kiawe already had a plan in mind. "Marowak block it!" he spun his bone in front of him and the orb was blocked.

"Moon!" Rotom yelled. "You've got to weaken her!"

Moon placed her Waterium-Z on her Z-Ring. "I know, and this will cut 'er down to size." She crossed her wrists, and the symbol for water flashed in front of her face. The stone was glowing blue, she waved her arms calmly, left to right and Brionne mirrored her movements. A blue, sparkly aura formed around Moon, and it quickly transferred to Brionne. A large, wide cyclone of water surrounded Moon, Brionne, and Bewear, engulfing them in water. "Brionne! HYDRO VORTEX!" The three were underwater, and Brionne swam through the water at a rapid pace. She then clashed with the struggling Bewear.

As Brionne hit Bewear multiple times, she created a bright blue cyclone of water that engulfed fluffy Pokemon.

The water settled, and it dispersed. Bewear was lying on the ground. Brionne landed on her flippers and bowed as if she finished a dance. Moon was drenched in water; her hair loose hair hugged her skin and she smiled excitedly. "OH WOW! That was awesome!" she took out a Pokéball, "You're a real star, Brionne!" looking at the Bewear she smirked. "Here we go!" she chucked a Pokéball to Bewear and it bounced off her head and the big Pokémon flinched...

But strangely the Pokéball didn't open in an attempt to catch the Pokémon. "HUH!?" Rotom exclaimed. "It didn't work!?"

"Is the Pokéball busted?" Moon said picking it up.

"Wait," Kiawe said. "That would only be true, if…" his eyes grew. "Moon that Pokémon is already owned, so that must mean the trainer mustn't be too far."

"Alright, well the Bewear is down, so it's just the Clefable."

Kiawe's red Z-Crystal was shining. "You leave that to me!" he crossed his wrists and a red fiery aura surrounded him. He raised his arms several times, stoking the flames of the aura surrounding him. He stretched his right arm in front of him with his hand open, while his left hand grabbed the arm. "Take it Marowak!" the fiery aura shot to Marowak and the bluish-green flames on the ends of his bone were growing. A tremendous fireball was forming in front of him. "INFERNO OVERDRIVE!" The bright green fireball shot forward with an explosion while it grew and grew as it closed to Clefable.

The fireball engulfed Clefable, and it formed a bright green explosion making a crater where the Clefable lay, with swirls in her eyes.

Kiawe took a deep breath. "Well, that is done."

"Wooo, that was something alright," Moon said. "More of a water gal myself, but."

They suddenly saw bright blue lights engulfing the defeated Pokémon. "Hey, they are being returned!" they disappeared, presumably back to their Pokéballs. But their trainers are nowhere to be found.

"What does this mean?" Kiawe asked.

"No idea. But there is no way Team Skull was training those Pokémon. It doesn't fit their style, maybe their boss might have, but somehow I doubt it."

"So, what now?"

"Well we should probably head to the Battle Royal Dome; my friends were dealing with those numbskulls. C'mon, I want you to meet them."

"I hope Sun and Eclipse didn't fight new Pokémon without me!" Rotom said. "I'll be mad if they did!" the Pokedex folded his arms.

Kiawe looked confused and looked to Moon for clarification. "Oh yeah, didn't get a chance to explain about him. He's Rotom Dex. A Pokedex with a Rotom inside, he's our little sidekick."

"Is that all I am to you!?" Rotom comically cried. He turned around and folded his arms. "I'm fabulous!"

The sun was falling over the horizon, Moon and Kiawe arrived outside the Battle Dome. Once they entered. They saw Sun, Eclipse, The Masked Royal, Hau and Lillie in the main foyer. But Moon was shocked by the sight of a certain fire cat that had grown in size.

"Oh look, there's Moon!" Hau excitedly exclaimed.

She pointed finger guns back at him. "Hey." She and Kiawe walked to the group. "Everyone, this is Kiawe!" she introduced. "He helped me out, back there."

"Alola, nice to meet you all."

Eclipse couldn't help but stare at him. "U-u-um…" she muttered with rosy cheeks. "A-alola… I'm Kiawe, nice to meet you, Eclipse!" she stretched out a shaky, sweaty hand for a handshake. "Um… I mean I am Eclipse, you are Kiawe… obviously hehe…"

"Yeah, it's ok," Kiawe said, ignoring her awkwardness. "I was just looking forward to meeting you all."

Hau looked at the exchange, and his smile had faded slightly. Rotom had then closed in on Torracat.

"And who are you? You look cool. Why do you look so familiar?" Torracat looked to roll his eyes as Rotom had taken his picture.

['Torracat, the Fire Cat Pokémon – and the evolved form of Litten. At its throat, it bears a bell of fire. The bell rings brightly whenever this Pokémon spits fire']

"L-LItten!? You Evolved! AND I MISSED IT!?" He glared right at Sun. "SUN!?"

The former Kanto trainer shrugged his shoulder. "Uh, sorry?"

"You better be! You owe me for this!"

Moon looked around the room. "So did Team Skull give you two trouble, or did the Masked Royal come in to save your butts."

"Hehe," the Masked Royal laughed. "Those two-handled them fine, yeah!"

"So you weren't hurt? I'm glad." Lillie said.

Kiawe then folded his arms. "Hmm, you must be a strong group of trainers then. I look forward to seeing you attempt my trial."

"You mean you're a trial captain," Hau asked.

"That's right." He answered as he walked to the door. "Find me at Wela Volcano Park. I'll be waiting for you." He left the group to themselves inside the Battle Royal Dome.

After he left, a swoon was heard from Eclipse. "He's so mysterious…" When everyone looked at her, she shook her head and retained her usual dull expression. "Uh, just noting how mysterious he seemed. Don't look too much into it!"

Moon tapped Sun's ribs. "Hehe, oh yeah we won't look too much into it!" she sang while smirking at Sun.

Sun rolled his eyes in response. "Moon, please don't… You and Rotom can take this, I'm not joining."

"So, what now?" Hau asked.

The Masked Royal smiled. "Haha, funny you ask. Now that Team Skull is gone, the Battle Dome is finally open. I can set things up tomorrow so you four can compete in a Battle Royal."

"Awesome, I can't wait!" Moon said. "I'll wipe the floor with all of you!"

Hau had a serious face. "Now Litten has evolved. I've got to get stronger otherwise Sun and Moon will leave me behind." He looked to the group. "Not if I win!" he said with conviction.

"Ohoho." Moon smiled. "Nice to see that determination, I'm looking forward to this!"

Sun let out a tired sigh. "Why do I have a feeling about what's going on?"

"What is going on?" Lillie asked.

"Um… maybe it's not a good idea to say… Though I hope Hau will be ok."

"Hau? What about him? Is he ok?"

Sun then shook his head. "No… it's alright. I'm sure he'll be fine."

Moon then caught all of their attention by clearing her throat. "So I fought a Bewear today…" and she continued to retell her story about her encountered with the furry Pokémon.

At the same time, inside a torn down mansion, somewhere in Alola. A man was sitting at a desk, he had white hair, black shades and he was watching what looked like recorded footage of Sun, Eclipse, Gladion and Plumeria's battle on an old CRT television.

"Hmm, so they lost to those brats." He said. "But I'll still give them a beat down if they get in my way." He said with a smirk.

"Calm yourself…" a sweet feminine voice said. She was sitting on a one-person couch. "Why get worked up about them now?" she asked. The low lighting of the room kept her features hidden. "I will have my people continue to watch them. You just keep doing your… 'Skull activities', and we shall continue to observe them. After all… I still need your help to achieve… my goal."

"So since you're our benefactor, do we have a deal?"

The woman got off the couch and walked to the desk. She extended her hand for a handshake. "Yes, Guzma, we have a deal." And both figures shook hands, finalizing their deal.

Sun: Torracat (M), Charjabug (M), Rockruff (M)
Ride Pokémon: N/A
Z-Crystal: Normal, Fighting

Moon: Brionne (F), Trumbeak (M), Lillipup (M)
Ride Pokémon: Tauros
Z-Crystals: Normal, Fighting, Water

Hau: Rowlet (M), Pikachu (F), Crabrawler (M)
Ride Pokémon: N/A
Z-Crystals: Normal, Fighting

Eclipse: Abra (M), Misdreavus (F), Oricorio [Pom-Pom Style] (F), Feebas (F), Unknown Egg
Ride Pokémon: Lapras
Z-Crystals: Normal, Fighting, Water

Gladion: Type: Null, Zorua
Ride Pokémon: N/A
Z-Crystals: N/A

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