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Showdown at Paniola

Pokémon: Adventures of Sun and Moon
Chapter 10: Showdown at Paniola

That night at the Pokémon Center, Moon was preparing to leave the Pokémon Center. She was about to look for the others before running into Lillie at the exit. "O-oh, Moon… You're awake."

"Yeah, we're about to head out, traveling through Alola in the night is something that I've wanted to try. So what's up?"

"R-right, I was shopping earlier… but I didn't really find anything that suited me. Plus this little fellow wouldn't sit still." Nebby had jumped out of the bag and she was looking around.

"Peeew." She was curiously looking around while floating around the Pokémon center.

"Moon… your Z-Ring. Did you get it from the Akala Island guardian?"

Moon had thought back to when she saw Tapu Lele help her dispatch of the Pokémon thief a while ago. She looked down at it. "Yep, I did. The one and only Tapu Lele. Why do you ask?"

"Well you see, I think Nebby is interested in visiting the Ruins of Life. That is where Tapu Lele is apparently."

"You'd be right," Moon said. "But the Tapus are mysterious. They only appear in front of those who are worthy. You'd be surprised how many people have tried to see the Tapus, but never have."

Lillie became disheartened. "Right… I understand…"

"Hey Lil, I've got a question… what is with Nebby anyway? Like I mean what kind of Pokémon is she? I haven't seen a Pokémon like her before, and I've been on Alola my whole life."

"Oh um… well, I can't say I know myself… She looks like she's made of clouds of gas. Like a nebula, in fact, that's why I named her Nebby."

"Peww!" Nebby was happily floating around the room.

"Okay, get back here you little troublemaker." Nebby floated back towards Lillie. "Listen I plan to visit the Ruins, could you maybe tell Sun that I'd like him to come with me?" Lillie blushed slightly when she realized how Moon would take this request. "I-I mean l-little Nebby here seems to like Sun a lot so…"

"Yeah… that's the reason." She sarcastically said while flashing a knowing grin. Moon bent down to Nebby and smiled at the gaseous Pokémon. "You like Sun so much? What's wrong with me huh?" Nebby looked at Moon with a confused expression and she lightly bopped Moon's nose with one of her gaseous arms, Nebby laughed like a baby would. "She's cute, I can't deny that."

Sun and Hau arrived from the second floor of the Pokémon center. "So are we ready to go?" Hau asked.

"Oh Lillie, there you are," Sun asked. "You ready?"

"Um, actually I can't come with. I have a meeting at the Tide Song Hotel. I am meeting someone there… Someone very important to me…"

"Someone very important…" Sun muttered. "W-well I hope it goes well… Do you need my help getting there?"

Lillie chuckled. "Oh no, I know where it is. Even I shouldn't be able to lose my way. I think." She looked to Nebby. "And you! I'll have you stay in your bag, miss."

Nebby had sadly jumped into the bag. Moon gave her a serious look. "Hey Lils, you might want to be careful. Remember that group called Team Skull? Well, they are a lot more active here, than on Melemele. So you better watch yourself. If they see Nebby, they won't hesitate to take her away from you." She warned.

"R-right… I'll be careful."

"You better be," Moon said. "Now come on, are we heading out or what?"

"Just waiting on Eclipse," Sun said. "She wanted to take a nap."

Eclipse had walked down the stairs and her hair was ruffled and she had bags under her eyes. "I'm tired… why do you want us to travel at night? Are you people insane…?" she dully asked.

Hau quickly ran to the Pokémon Centre café and the sound of pouring was heard, he returned with a mug of steaming hot coffee. "Here, it's Tapu Cocoa. It'll wake you right up!" Eclipse snatched it from Hau and she started to gulp down the coffee and when she did, there were puffs of smoke rising from her head and steaming from out of her mouth

"U-um Eclipse? Isn't that very hot?" Lillie asked

Eclipse's face was turning red and she handed the empty cup to Hau. "…very…" she squeaked while she was panting to cool her tongue by flapping her hands. Hau was quick to hand her some Pinap Juice and she quickly downed it.

"Feeling better?"

"No, my throat is still burning…" she panted.

"C'mon guys let's get going… are we leaving or not?" Moon asked.

After getting all of their things ready, and giving Eclipse's mouth a chance to cool down, they had left the Pokemon Centre. They could see the bright half-moon reflecting off the ocean's surface, they arrived at the sign that split off the paths to Route 4, the Tide Song Hotel and Heahea City. "So are we ready to head out?" Moon asked.

"Yeah, since you're in such a rush we should get to Brooklet Hill huh?" Sun said.

"Stop right there!" they all turned around to see two tourists approaching them. Sun and Moon both instinctively reach for their Pokéballs. Approaching them were the tourists that were watching them a couple of hours ago.

The male tourist chuckled. "Ah ha ha! Apologies, we didn't mean to surprise you. You must be doing your island challenge. Allow us to introduce ourselves. I'm Dexio." He said while doing a slight pose.

"And my name's Sina! A beautiful name for a beautiful lady!" she said posing in front of Dexio.

The five of them were trying to process what was going on, the black dots were hovering over each of their heads. Even Eclipse didn't have a response.

"Tourists… am I right? So what do you want with us?" Moon asked.

"We're here seeing the sights in Alola. Its unique tradition of the island challenge… it's pretty fascinating I've got to say."

"Ugh, great more outsiders…"

Sina then playfully looked at them. "Oh, I've got an idea! Why don't you test your skills against us?"

"Oh yeah, that sounds like a good idea." Dexio agreed. "So what do you say, should we get this show on the road?"

"Seriously?" Moon asked. "Fine, but don't come crying to me when I cream the pair of you."

"Hold on, Moon. Let me assist you." Eclipse said walking beside her.

Moon chuckled. "This will be a riot… okay; you wanna help me, fine. Let's do it!"

"I'm glad, cause our partners aren't going to go easy on you. Now let's go, Espeon!" Dexio sent out Espeon and he was a pink four-legged Pokémon with a split tail, fox-like ears, and thick feelers on his cheeks. He had dark purple eyes with a white iris. There was a round gem on his forehead.

"Don't forget out me, come out Glaceon!" Sina threw out a Pokémon that looked similar to Espeon, only her fur war icy blue with darker blue patterns on her back, the same dark blue covered her paws. She had feelers that stretched out like bangs in front of her face. He tail and feelers ended in dark blue diamond tips. Her eyes were dark blue with white pupils.

"Woaaah!" Rotom had shot out of Sun's bag. "I haven't seen them before." He took pictures of them, the two four-legged Pokémon looked confused.

"It looks like they are…" an image of Glaceon appeared on his display.

'Glaceon the Fresh Snow Pokémon - It protects itself by freezing its fur into sharp needles. It can drop its body temperature below –75 degrees Fahrenheit.'

Then Espeon appeared on his display.

'Espeon the Sun Pokémon - It can instantaneously sense its opponent's movements by feeling air currents with its fine fur.'

Eclipse threw her Pokéball and her Oricorio had come out, the yellow cheerleading bird was dancing as soon as she left her Pokéball. "You're up next Moon."

Moon sighed, she held a Pokéball in her hand but out of her bag, her Luxury Ball opened and Lillipup had appeared in front of Moon. Lillipup looked up to her and happily barked. "O-oh you want to battle?"

"Arf, Arf!" Lillipup happily barked, while panting.

"Um… okay…" Moon nervously said.

Dexio and Sina smiled. Dexio was the first to start. "Espeon, use Quick Attack!"

Sina quickly followed with an attack. "Glaceon, you use Quick Attack!"

Both Espeon and Glaceon had sprinted towards Lillipup and Oricorio. Both Pokémon had crashed right into their targets, Espeon into Lillipup and Glaceon into Oricorio. Lillipup slid back while Oricorio rolled back to her feet. Eclipse looked right at Oricorio.

"Oricorio, use Air Cutter!" Oricorio had flown up and she up and flapped her wings, making blue blades of wind shoot to Espeon.

Dexio smirked. "Dodge it with Quick Attack!" Espeon expertly leaped to the side, avoiding the blade-like air currents.

Sina was next to make a move. "Glaceon, use Icy Wind!" Glaceon had blown a freezing wind from her mouth and icicles grew on both Lillipup and Oricorio when the wind passed through them. Oricorio was more affected by this as she fell to her stomach.

"Oricorio?" Eclipse fearfully wondered.

"Thizz iz bad!" Rotom said. "Eclipse's Oricorio is an Electric-Flying type, and flying types are weak to ice type moves."

Moon was still hesitant to battle with Lillipup, Lillipup tried barking at her to get her attention. "Oricorio can't take Ice Moves?" Eclipse muttered to herself. "Oricorio, use Revelation Dance!" Oricorio had surrounded herself in sparks of electricity. She shot electric arcs from her pom-pom wings.

"Glaceon, use Quick Attack and dodge!" Glaceon jumped away from the electric blast and she crashed head first into Oricorio. "Quick, finish her with Icy Wind!"

Lillipup then crashed head first into Glaceon, he used Tackle all by himself. Glaceon wasn't able to use Icy Wind. "Lillipup!?" Moon gasped.

Lillipup happily barked at Moon. Dexio saw an opening. "Espeon, use Psybeam!" Espeon's ruby gem had shone and she shot a pink beam towards Lillipup. Lillipup was hit and he fell to his stomach. He got back to his paws and growled. He stepped his one paw on the ground and a bright red aura generated around him.

"Lillipup… is he battling hard… for me?" she questioned from within her thoughts. Lillipup looked back at Moon and barked. "I have to do this... for Lillipup!" she noticed that he used Work Up all by himself so his attack was already raised. "Lillipup use Tackle, get close to Espeon!" Lillipup sprinted to Espeon. The pink Pokémon had expertly avoided the attack.

"Espeon, use Psybeam!" Espeon blasted his Psybeam towards Lillipup. An electric arc had crashed into the Psybeam, preventing the beam from hitting Lillipup.

"You're welcome…" Eclipse dully said.

Sina smiled. "You're finally working together, but that won't help! Glaceon, use Icy Wind!" Glaceon then blew freezing wind from her mouth.

Moon looked at Eclipse. "Hey, get Oricorio to get behind Lillipup."

"Right, Oricorio get behind Lillipup." Oricorio had landed behind the canine Pokémon. She felt less of the Icy Wind while Lillipup was taking the majority of the damage. When the wind stopped, Dexio and Sina both went on the attack.

"Now use Quick Attack!" Dexio and Sina exclaimed.

Both Espeon and Glaceon sprinted to their opponents. Eclipse had come up with an idea. "Oricorio use Growl!" Oricorio jumped up and hovered into the air before she let out a loud chirp that slightly slowed both Espeon and Glaceon, while also reducing their attack.

Moon smirked. "Lillipup, take them head on! Use Tackle!" Lillipup then clashed into both Espeon and Glaceon, sending them back. "Now use Work Up!" While Lillipup was close, a raging red aura surrounded him temporarily.

"Dexio, let's work together to beat Lillipup!" Sina said.

"Great plan, Espeon use-"

"Oricorio!" Oricorio was swooping down towards the three Pokémon. "Use Double Slap on Glaceon!" Oricorio then landed in front of Glaceon and started to senselessly slap Glaceon with her pom-pom wings. Oricorio was yelling 'cori' with each slap.


"This is it!" Moon exclaimed. "Lillipup, use Bite!" Lillipup then bit down on Espeon's back, doing huge damage to the Psychic type.

"Hey, Eclipse… what do you say to a little Z-Move action?"

"Uh… are you asking if you want to use our Z-Moves?" Eclipse asked.

"Z-Move?" Dexio and Sina questioned.

Both Moon and Eclipse's Normalium Z Crystals started glowing. The crossed their arms and the normal-type symbol appeared. The symbols disappeared and both Moon and Eclipse performed the dance moves to perform the normal type Z-Move.



"Breakneck Blitz!" they both exclaimed. The power of their partners had transferred into both Lillipup and Oricorio and both of them had shot forward with bright white auras surrounding them. Oricorio though had white electric arcs that were around her.

Lillipup crashed into Espeon and Oricorio crashed into Glaceon. Both Glaceon and Espeon had swirls in their eyes after the Z-Moves hit them.

Moon smirked. "We did it!" she said. Lillipup jumped up into Moon's arms and started to lick her face. "Haha, okay stop! You did it okay!"

Oricorio had landed on Eclipse's arm. "Thank you for your assistance."

"Woah… we've only heard of Z-Moves, but to see them in action was something spectacular!" Dexio said.

"But, what can we expect from trainers who are on their Island Challenge," Sina added.

They both returned Espeon and Glaceon. "Those Z-Moves only proved the bond that you share with your Pokémon."

"Our bond…" Moon looked at the panting Lillipup in her arms and a warm smile crept onto her face. "Yeah… I guess you're right… I thought it would be hard for me to bond with this little guy, but he's proved me wrong." Lillipup had licked Moon again.

Sun was slightly puzzled by what Moon said. He figured that she'd have little trouble bonding with any Pokémon, so why would it be hard to bond with Lillipup? Sun only looked at her but proceeded to give her a slightly concerned look.

"You guys have a much different charm to those kids in Kalos," Dexio said.

"Kalos?" Eclipse asked.

"Oh, right. We knew kids in Kalos, just your age. The two leading them were named Calem and Serena." Sina said. She then looked at both Sun and Moon. "In fact, you two remind me of them." She then looked at Lillie, Hau, and Eclipse. "In fact, there was five of them, just like there are five of you."

Moon playfully gagged. "Blegh, Kalos… not really a fan."

"Well regardless," Dexio said. "We feel we can entrust this important item to you." Dexio dug into his duffel back and he pulled out a black and green accented hexagonal cube.

"What is that?" Lillie asked.

"This item is the Zygarde Cube. It's used for collecting the cores and cells of a Pokémon – Zygarde. I'll tell you the details another time, so please keep it safe for now." Sina said handing the Zygarde Cube to Eclipse.

"So thizzz Zygarde is a Pokémon?" Rotom asked Dexio.

"Whoa, who is this little guy?" Dexio asked.

"Me! I am Rotom Dex!" Rotom bragged. "I don't mean to brag but I am kind of a big deal around here."

"A talking Pokédex? Wow, Professor Sycamore will want to hear about this." Sina said.

Rotom meanwhile was trying to search his Pokémon database to look for a Pokémon named 'Zygarde' His display had shown a spinning loading wheel, before the words 'No data' showed on his display. "Ummm… I can't find any record of Z-Zygarde in my database…" Rotom said and his display showed a question mark.

"We'll tell you the details another time, so you should keep it safe for now," Sina said.

"For now, keep training your Pokémon for the Island Challenge, we'll meet again soon," Dexio said.

"So until then, we'll be taking our leave now! Bon voyage!" both Sina and Dexio proceeded to make their way to the Tide Song Hotel considering they were currently staying there for their vacation.

Eclipse was examining the Zygarde Cube. "Hmm… they never explained how to use this…"

Moon looked at it. "I'm sure we'll figure it out."

"Ooh, it looks so cool and futuristic!" Hau said, his eyes were glistening,

"Anyway, I should probably get going," Lillie said. "I don't want to miss the person I'm meeting." She looked to her bag. "And you stay in your bag miss." She then looked up to everyone, particularly Sun. "Anyway, I think I'll be there for a while so all of you good luck in your trials."

"Wish you would come with, we only just got together after we separated back on Melemele," Sun said.

"I know, but I have to meet this person, maybe I'll tell you about it some other time."

"Fair enough, hehe."

"You still will come to the ruins with me?" she shyly asked

"Of course I will…" Sun answered while scratching the back of his head. Both of them had light blushes on their cheeks.

Moon stood in between the two. "Alright you awkward kids, we've got to go, you keep yourself safe Lils."

"S-sure I will."

The gang minus Lillie were going through Route 4. Thanks to Sun's last awkward encounter with Lillie, he was on the receiving end of Moon's teasing. "It's not like that Moon!" Sun exclaimed.

"Haha, please I can see right through you outsider. You were incredibly nervous," Moon said.

"Please knock it off Moon."

"I will, once you admit it."

"There is nothing to admit, Lillie and I are just friends. I just met her not too long ago!" Sun exclaimed.

"Friends who look like they share custody of a floating gas Pokémon. Haha."

Eclipse who was fiddling with the Zygarde Cube was listening to their conversation. "Sharing custody would only work if they were parents of Nebby…" she blankly stated. "Are you really Nebby's father, Sun?"

"W-what NO! Where do these ideas of yours come from Eclipse!?" Sun asked.

"I… don't know… but I've heard the direct approach works well… you should use that to your advantage Sun."

"Augh, not you too…" he moaned.

Eclipse remained confused. "What? I am just giving you a helpful suggestion. Since you seek a romantic relationship with Lil-"

"STOOOOOOP!" Sun helplessly groaned.

"I apologize… I was only trying to help…"

"Hehe, it's okay Eclipse," Hau said while smiling. "You definitely mean well…" Hau then nervously pressed his fingers together. "So uh, the direct approach… what if it was used on you?"

"Hmm…" Eclipse thought for a bit, she thought nothing of Hau's blushing cheeks. "Well, I don't really know what it is… I only came across this information from the television. Plus, I do not think that I can maintain that kind of relationship."

"W-what do you mean?"

"Hau, it is no secret that I am much different from all of you. And my actions confuse all of you at times. I just see myself having a hard time making friends."

"T-that's not true. You're sweet and funny and a good person. You're totally likable!" Hau exclaimed.

"Thank you, Hau, it is worth pointing out that you are likable too. I feel… happy when I'm around you…" Though she said this with her usual neutral expression,


"Yes… I am happy right now." Hau was willing to take what he could get since Eclipse always had a hard time showing her emotions.

Moon was laughing by herself, she found the romantic tension quite humorous. "Oh man, this is great! Lana would get a kick out of this!"

"So you know the trial captain?" Hau asked.

"Heh, know her? The two of us hung out a lot! We were both troublemakers, we used to prank the entire island at times. We even wrote a fake love letter to Olivia…" Moon quickly shuddered. "Though that didn't go so well… Olivia had us cleaning the ferry boats for weeks because of that."

"So this Lana. What is she like?" Eclipse asked.

"You guys will find out when you meet her."

The Zygarde cube that Eclipse was holding started glowing. Soon it sent out a green beam that revealed a green gelatinous body with a round head and a thin hooked tail. It had two eyes but only one of them had a black pupil. There was a red hexagon inside the stomach region. The gelatinous being was standing in a space in between the trees that allowed it to absorb the rays of the moon.

"Is that a Pokémon?" Sun asked.

"Nothing like I've ever seen," Moon replied.

"I think it has something to do with that cube thingy," Hau observed. The green laser beam was firing at the green figure, allowing it to be seen.

"What is it?"

"I'll find out bzzt!" Rotom shot out of Sun's bag and he took a picture of the creature, this startled the green creature and it hopped away in a panic "Waaaait! Come back!" Rotom cried.

The cube stopped firing the laser beam as soon as the creature got out of its range. "Great, ya scared it off you creep," Moon said.

The cube started ringing all of a sudden with an attention-grabbing tone. It automatically picked up and a voice started to talk to them.

"Did you kids find something?" the voice asked.

"Wait, aren't you Dexio?" Sun asked.

"That's right. The Zygarde cube contacts either Sina or I if you kids have made progress. So what did you find?"

Rotom hovered around them. "Don't worry I took a picture, so I should have a dezzcription right…" however he searched his known Pokémon database and he still didn't have any data regarding the green creature they saw. "No data…" he groaned.

"Alright, we saw a green thing, with a red gem inside and a hook for a tail. What do you suppose that is?" Moon asked.

"Oh wow, you kids already found a Zygarde Core?"

"A what?"

"You see, I'll explain the bigger details later… but basically, there was an incident not too long ago in the Kalos region. It caused multiple creatures like the one you saw to land all over Alola. But they can only be seen when they are in the range of the Zygarde Cube."

"So they are invisible until we get close enough?" Moon asked.

"Well in a matter of speaking… yes… You see there are two things that you need to find, Zygarde Cores and Zygarde Cells. There are 95 cells and 5 cores you need to find."

"100 Zygarde things in total. You're only using us for your scavenger hunt; can't you gather them yourself?"

"As tourists, Sina and I can only travel so far. As residents of Alola, you get to go to places we can't like trial sites for example. Since you are on your island challenge, you'll be traveling all over anyway."

Moon let out a sigh. "Fine, we'll do it." Eclipse said.

"Thank you, now you need to go and find that Zygarde Core, it couldn't have gone too far. They tend to gravitate to places with lots of sun and or moonlight."

"Thanks for the heads up." Hau thanked with a smile.

"Okay, good luck out there." Dexio hung up and Eclipse looked down at the cube.

"I think the core went there…" Eclipse pointed.

"Oh right… I know that place, some guy in a trailer lives there, but I haven't been there in months."

Eclipse held Moon's arm. "Can you come with me? I would hate to do this task alone."

Moon slyly smiled. "Aw, I can't say no to you. Fine, I'll go with you." She looked to Sun and Hau. "You two head to Paniola Town without us. We'll stay behind and look for that elusive core."

Hau smiled and he waved off both Moon and Eclipse. "Kay, good luck you two." He and Sun watched the girls leave. "So race you to Paniola Town! Starting now!" he sprinted through Route 4.

"Hau, w-wait up!" Sun sprinted right after him.

"Heeeey!" Rotom exclaimed as it seemed that everyone had forgotten about him. "What about meeee!"

Lillie meanwhile was waiting outside of the Tide Song Hotel; she nervously looked around waiting for the person she was going to meet up with. "Where are you?" Lillie thought. "I've been hoping to see you again."

"Peew." Nebby was floating out of the bag and was moving over to some bushes.

"Nebby! Get back here!" Lillie had run over to Nebby. "If you wander off like that people will notice you."

"Yo, girlie!" Lillie shivered and she turned to see a blue-haired, male team Skull grunt. Next to him was a female Team Skull grunt, she had pink hair and eyes. She wore white torn shorts and the same Team Skull tank top. "Whatcha got there?" the male grunt asked.

"Aww, is that your Pokémon. It's such a cutie." The female grunt swooned. "So I'll take it! For myself!" she threw out a Nest Ball and coming out of it was a small plant-like Pokémon with a bulb on top of its head. Its head and torso were pink, there was a darker pink line going down her stomach and she had pink eyes with small dark pupils. She had sickle leaf blades for arms, they were green and had white tips. "Meet Formanits, she's cute ain't she? Now, are we going to do this the easy way, or the hard way yo?"

"That's right, you tell her!" the male grunt said.

Suddenly a dark figure had crashed into Formanits and after bumping her, the figure slid on the ground and looked back to the grunts and Lillie. Nebby was also shocked by its appearance. "Yo, what is that?"

The small figure revealed itself to be a Rockruff, it had bright emerald eyes with a scar over his left eye, and two on his right front paw. The Rockruff growled at Formantis. "Hey you look powerful!" the male grunt said. He took out a second empty Nest Ball. "When I catch you, big sis will be so proud!" he threw the ball towards Rockruff but the canine had fired two rock projectile from the stones on his neck and they hit the Pokéball at a very fast speed, disintegrating it instantly. "Woah… hey, that was my last ball! I had to spend the last of my allowance to get that!"

The canine lowered his body to the ground and his tail remained stiff while it was raised in the air.

"You're not cute, so I'll send you back to the pound!" the female skull grunt chuckled. "Haha, ya see what I did there? Formanits use Fury Cutter!" Formantis slashed past Rockruff with a pale green glowing sickle arm. But her arm was caught by Rockruff jaws and his fangs glowed yellow while electricity passed through them. He bit down on Formantis and he lifted her up and he slammed her down to the ground. He then loudly howled and he was surrounded by an orange rising aura. He shot towards Formantis headbutted her instantly knocking her out with one shot. Rockruff was growling right at the two grunts and they slowly backed away.

"Y-yo man… we weren't going to hurt her… we swear!"

"BARK!" Rockruff rudely and angrily barked at them, trying to get them to leave.

"F-Fine we'll leave…" the female grunt said. After retrieving her Formanits, they hastily retreated to another location in Heahea City.

After they left, Nebby nervously hovered to the Puppy Pokémon. Rockruff closed his eyes and allowed Nebby to touch him. Nebby smiled before she laughed.

"U-um… thank you for saving me and Nebby. It means a lot…" Rockruff started to sniff Lillie and he turned and looked to Route 4. "But you look different from other Rockruff I've seen." She said, noticing his green eyes and sharper neck stones. While Rockruff didn't look like he was paying attention to her, he looked back to her. "I-is there something you want from me?" he then sat by Lillie and he looked as if he was standing guard. "Are you here to protect me?" Rockruff gave Lillie a slight nod, though he maintained his serious expression. "Thank you… I'm sorry; I must be a huge bother huh?" Nebby was circling Rockruff, the rock type looked slightly annoyed. Lillie let out a giggle. "Nebby likes you, please don't be mad at her." She then looked back at the hotel. "We should head back into the hotel, just so more Team Skull doesn't attack us." Rockruff nodded.

Eclipse and Moon had followed the Zygarde Red Core to a valley and when the two girls had entered it, they were both shocked by the sight they saw.

"Pikachus!? Lots of them!" Moon exclaimed.

Eclipse's eyes were glistening; she couldn't even begin to describe the amount of cuteness that her eyes were greeted by.



"Pika, pika, pika."

There were endless amounts of Pikachu playing with each other, others were simply walking around and there were others that were lazily napping. "Hello there," they both saw a female trial guide watching over the area. "Welcome to Pikachu Valley, an Electric Paradise…"

"I want one… I want them all…" Eclipse hypnotically muttered to herself. Moon snatched the Zygarde Cube from her since Eclipse was clearly pre-occupied by the Pikachu that we're living in the area.

"Hey there, what's with this place? I've never seen so many Pikachu in one place." Moon asked.

"Isn't it great? Pikachu have been gathering here since two months ago. They just seem to love it here and I really love Pikachu, so I've decided to stay and watch over them."

Eclipse was seen following a Pikachu and when it looked back, it ran off, startled by Eclipse. "No, come back friend."

Moon sighed. "Well, we're looking for an amoeba looking Pokémon, so if you'll excuse us…"

"Moon!" Eclipse loudly said. "This trailer had endless Pikachu coming from it." She was pointing at the Pikachu theme painted trailer.

Moon rolled her eyes. "Watch over her, I have something to look for."

The trial guide giggled. "Will do."

Both Sun and Hau arrived at Paniola Town. They saw it was a small town that had a wild western look to it. All of the houses were wooden, there were wooden water towers and there were several Miltank freely walking around. The ground was sand and dirt. In front of the pair, a Snubbull was walking past them just minding its own business.

Hau took a deep breath. "Smell that?"

Sun took a deep breath but he didn't look as excited as Hau. "It kinda smells like dirt and… I hope that that's manure."

"No silly!" Hau happily said. "It smells natural… see all of these houses and structures weren't built with machines. No, this town was made with nothing but the hands of the hardworking people and Pokémon that lived here."

"Woah really?"

"Hah, sure is! It was only mandatory that a Pokémon Centre was put here, so it's the only modern building here."

"Man, I wish my mom could see all this. I hope she gets to see this sometime."

Hau smiled. "Well, you can take your mom on the grand tour when you're done with your island challenge." Hau quickly had an idea. "Hey Sun, I just came up with an awesome idea! Why don't we battle! You've beaten me once and I've beaten you once. So why don't we see who's better once and for all!"

Sun thought back to his last battle with Hau. "Well, I wasn't able to use a Z-Move right the last time." He smiled back to Hau. "Alright Hau, you're on!" Sun excitedly said.

"Awesome! Having a battle in a place like Paniola Town feels like we're in a real old-fashioned Western showdown or something, right? This is so cool!"

It wasn't long before they stood on opposite sides of the long dirt path that greeted travelers as they entered Paniola Town. "Awright, Pichu! Let's show this newbie what Alola's got!" Hau cheerily said with his Pichu standing at his side.

"It won't be as easy as last time Hau." Sun declared, standing by his side was his Grubbin. "Grubbin wants his rematch with Pichu!"

Hau laughed. "I hope you like re-runs 'cause it's going to end the same way."

Rotom was hovering over a crowd of spectators and he was recording the battle.

Both of their Pokémon looked prepared to go. "Alright, let's go!" Sun exclaimed.

"Yeah, lets! Pichu, use Charm!" Pichu's eyes had grown and glistened, making her appear cuter than she already was. This had harshly dropped Grubbin's attack.

"Ugh, yeah well Grubbin doesn't need a physical move to beat you. Grubbin use Mud-Slap!" Grubbin shot a light stream of mud from his mouth and it was speeding towards Pichu.

"Oh no!" Hau exclaimed. "I forgot that Grubbin could do that! Pichu run away from it!" Pichu took off on all fours and somehow avoided the ground type move. "We've got to end this fast, use Thunder Shock!" Pichu's light pink electric cheek sac lit up and she fired a light electric jolt to Grubbin.

"Not this time Hau. Grubbin use Dig!" Grubbin dug into the ground and avoided the electrical attack.

"Just like last time Pichu, listen out for him."

Sun knew Hau would command Pichu to do that. "I knew you were going to do that! Grubbin, jump out now!" Before Pichu could figure out where Grubbin was, the Larva Pokémon had leaped out of the ground behind Pichu, startling the tiny electric mouse. "Quickly use Mud-Shot!" Grubbin had fired a line of mud from his mouth.

Seeing that there was no time to dodge, Hau came up with a counter plan. "Pichu, counter him with Thunder Shock!" Pichu fired the biggest Thunder Shock she could but the bolts of electricity were broken through by the mud. Pichu took the Mud Shot hit and she had flipped onto her stomach after she was hit. "No Pichu!" Hau cried.

"That's it, we've got her now, use Vice Grip!" Grubbin had pinched his mandibles on Pichu's head, jumped and threw her across the ground.

Pichu looked motionless as she was shaking to get up, but she collapsed. "No Pichu!" Hau exclaimed. "I know you've still got some fight left in you!" Grubbin wanted to go and finished her off but he waited for Sun's command. "Please, you're a very special Pokémon to me. You were given to me by Eclipse and I'd hate to disappoint her, so, please… just get up for one last move."

Pichu was all but finished, but after hearing Hau's words, she found the strength to pull herself up to her feet. She only gave a glare to Grubbin.

"Pichu-Pi!" she surrounded herself in brighter electricity, producing much more electricity than she normally does. She became surrounded in a blue blinding light and her body looked like it was changing. Her body grew slightly taller, her ears had slightly grown and had become thinner. Her thunderbolt-shaped tail grew and it ended with a heart shape. The light disappeared and her fur was more yellow, she had two horizontal brown lines going across her back. Finally, her electric sacs were red instead of pink. "Pikachuuuu!" she exclaimed with multiple arcs of electricity dancing around her.

"Did she just…?"

"PICHU EVOLVED!" Hau exclaimed.

Rotom immediately took pictures of her. "Oh wow, my zzz-second time zzeeing an evolution and it was amazzzzing." His display showed the female version of Pikachu.

'Pikachu the Mouse Pokémon, and the evolved form of Pichu, Its nature is to store up electricity. Forests where nests of Pikachu live are dangerous, since the trees are so often struck by lightning.'

"Woah… you look so awesome, Pichu- I mean Pikachu." Pikachu then ran towards Grubbin with a bright white light trailing her. "Nice was that Quick Attack?"

Sun wasn't going to let Pichu's evolution de-rail him. "Quickly Grubbin, while we still have a chance, use Mud-Shot!" Grubbin fired a spray of mud from his mouth that headed straight for Hau's Pikachu.

On instinct, Pikachu was surrounded by bright yellow electricity, the electricity condensed at the end of Pikachu's tail into a bright yellow electrical orb, blue sparks start shooting off the orb and Pikachu starts sprinting towards the Mud-Shot. She swung her tail electrically charged tail through the mud, dissipating it. She continued to advance towards Grubbin and she leaped up into the air and with the yellow/blue electrical orb in front of her tail. She slammed it right on top of Grubbin, causing a small explosion, this kicked lots of dust into the air.

"Grubbin!" Sun yelled. The dust cleared and Sun's Grubbin was down in the dirt, knocked out.

"We did it?" Hau said in slight surprise. "WE DID IT, YEAH!" he exclaimed. Pikachu was dancing along with him.

Sun returned Grubbin to his Pokéball. "I'm sorry buddy; I'll make sure you get her next time."

"Wow, this is awesome, you're awesome!" Hau exclaimed while looking at Pikachu.

"Pika, pika…" she blushed and bashfully looked away from Hau.

"Uh huh…" Sun said, more than slightly disappointed for his loss.

"Hey, Sun… you still wanna go?"

Sun had taken out another Pokéball. "Okay, we have to win this time, let's go, Litten!" Sun threw out Litten and he meowed as soon as he left his Pokéball.

While Eclipse was having fun with the Pikachus of Pikachu Valley, Moon was trying to find the Zygarde Core.

"Pika, pika, piiika!" the Pikachus were dancing in a conga line and in the middle of that conga line was Eclipse. There was also a Pikachu that was lazily lying on her head.

"Eclipse, what are you doing?" Moon asked. A large bead of sweat was falling from her head.

"They invited me to dance, they are so cute." She answered.

Moon giggled slightly. The Zygarde cube in her hand suddenly glowed and she could see the Zygarde core on the top of a tree branch, trying to absorb moonlight. The problem was that the tree was on top of the valley. She figured she needed to get close to the Core to see what the Zygarde cube would do. Moon smirked and she started to climb the rocks that lined the walls of the valley. It didn't take her long to get to the tree.

"Ouch!" Eclipse looked down to see Eclipse sitting with Pikachu's surrounding her. There was a small scorch mark on her cheek. "Moon, I would recommend not nuzzling a Pikachu… I got a nasty shock."

Moon chuckled. "Yeah, Pikachu learn the move Nuzzle, and it shocks you among other things, so you should watch out for that." She effortlessly climbed the tree and was close to the core. The face-place of the cube had opened like a pair of side doors and a green energy had quickly sucked in the core. Also, a second creature was being sucked in as well; it looked exactly like the Zygarde Core. Though it looked lifeless as it had no eye pupil and it lay flat. The cube closed once both organisms were sucked in and Moon looked very confused. "Okay well, that happened."

Meanwhile, on the ground, a black, stretchy claw shot out from the bushes and it was surrounded in blackish purple energy. The claw had grabbed a Pikachu by the head. Hissing could be heard from the bushes.

"Let go of that Pikachu!" Eclipse yelled. "Oricorio, use Revelation Dance!" she threw out her Pokéball and when Oricorio shot out. Oricorio had shot an electric arc to the bush. The claw had retreated into the bush after dropping the Pikachu. The shadow escaped and quickly retreated. Eclipse walked to the Pikachu. "Are you okay Pikachu?"

The Pikachu nodded and rubbed his cheek against Eclipse's and she was shocked yet again. Moon jumped down to the ground. "What happened?"

"Something attacked this poor little Pikachu. And it ran off." Eclipse struggled to stand as electric sparks were surrounding her. "I think that last shock may have done something to me…"

The Zygarde cube was ringing again and it automatically answered. "It's Sina here, I'm guessing you caught one of the five cores. And my hardware's telling me that you found one of the cells as well."

"Yeah we got them, now will you tell us what this is supposed to be?"

Sina giggled on the other end of the line. "Sorry, don't want to ruin the surprise. But keep at it. The Zygarde cube will automatically let you know if a Core or cell is nearby. Good luck out there." She hung up and Eclipse was still struggling to stand up.

Moon had held Eclipse up. "2 down and only 98 more to go… Ugh…" she noticed her ailing friend. "You're probably paralyzed. We gotta get you taken care of." Moon was carrying Eclipse on her back. "Hehe, you're pretty light. Anyway, let get going, I bet Sun and Hau are bored out of their minds without us."

Litten and Pikachu were still fighting each other; Sun and Hau were still trying their hardest to beat each other. "Alright Pikachu, use Tail Whip!" Pikachu ran towards Litten and she prepared to swipe her tail across Litten's face.

Sun quickly came up with an idea. "Litten, quickly use Fire Fang on Pikachu's tail!" fire grew inside Litten's mouth and he bit down on Pikachu's tail and lines of fire leaked from his mouth as he threw Pikachu into a barrel. "We got her now, Litten use Ember!" Litten had jumped up and shot a small ball of fire towards Pikachu.

"Pikachu, counter with Thunder Shock!" Pikachu shot a bolt of lightning right at Litten's ember, blowing up the attack. "Now use Quick Attack!" Pikachu shot off the barrel and she head-butted Litten.

Sun glared at Hau and Pikachu. He put the Normalium-Z onto his Z-Ring, and it let out a small shine after he placed it. "Litten it's time we end this!" Sun crossed his wrists and he un-crossed them and he performed the dance for the Normal-type Z Move. A white aura surrounded him and the Z-Symbol appeared in front of Litten. "Here goes! Breakneck Blitz!" the white aura transferred to Litten and the fire cat took off and launched right to Pikachu at tremendous speeds while kicking up huge amounts of dust. He crashed into Pikachu and she had taken the hit hard and she hit the ground hard and slid on her stomach.

Seeing that his partner was too hurt to continue, Hau bent down to take a better look at Pikachu. "Oh no, Pikachu are you okay?" Pikachu weakly looked up and nodded. She looked down as she sat up, obviously saddened by her loss. "Ah don't worry Pikachu. You were awesome, and you evolved! That's totally sweet!" Pikachu smiled as she was returned to her Pokéball. "Haha, so we're even at one Pokémon left."

Sun smirked. "I've got this, all he has left is Rowlet, and he doesn't stand a chance against Litten."

Hau cheerily laughed. "It's not over yet, not when you see who I've got lined up!" he threw in his Crabrawler and he was throwing stray punches. "You didn't forget about little Crabrawler did you?"

Sun didn't know that Hau had caught Crabrawler, only Eclipse was present for his capture. "Oh no, I didn't know!" Sun said in a panicked tone.

"Then I'm sure you didn't know this! Crabrawler, use Bubble!" Crabrawler had fired a flurry of bubbles toward Litten.

"Oh no, dodge them, Litten!" Litten avoided them by running to the sides. "This is bad… I don't even know what type Crabrawler is. It looks like a water type, so Litten's fire type moves wouldn't work against it." Unfortunately, he couldn't be any more wrong. "Litten get close and use Scratch!" Litten ran up to the boxing Pokémon and extended his claws from his paws.

Hau saw this as his opening. "Crabrawler, block it with your claw!" Litten claw had made contact with the claw but he couldn't scratch Crabrawler's body. "Crabrawler use Rock Smash!" Hau made a punching motion with his fist and Crabrawler's claw shone whitish orange and with Litten right in front of him, there was very little that could stop Crabrawler from missing his mark.

The clawed punch connected and Litten flew back and rolled before settling on his stomach. "Oh man, c'mon Litten." Litten slowly rose up to his four paws. "Litten, get close and use Leer. Litten ran towards Crabrawler and he glared at him, instantly lowering his defense, however, the Crabrawler had glared back, instinctively using Leer as well.

"Now Rock Smash again!" Hau quickly commanded after seeing what Crabrawler did. This time his claw had punched Litten hard. "That's weird. Sun isn't making Litten use any Fire-type moves… Unless… he thinks Crabrawler is a water type?" Hau now armed with this knowledge, he decided to use it to his advantage. "Crabrawler we got this. Use Bubble!" Crabrawler had fired bubbles from his claws.

"Litten!" Sun exclaimed trying to get his attention. Litten leaped up avoiding the bubbles, but he noticed Crabrawler in the air with him. On his own, he lit up his fangs and he bit down on Crabrawler's arm, sending him falling to the ground. Litten landed on his feet and hissed at Crabrawler.

"Oh man, that looked like it hurt." Litten was covered by a rising red aura since he was running out of energy, indicating that his Blaze ability activated.

"Uh oh." Hau knew that this battle could go either way, so he knew he needed to provide the knockout blow, and he knew exactly how do it. "Time to put Tutu's gift to good use!" he placed the Fightinium Z-Crystal into his Z-Ring and looked down to Crabrawler. "Time to let loose Crabrawler!" Hau crossed his arm and un-crossed them. An orange aura was surrounding Hau. He was throwing slow punches and Crabrawler mimicked him when he was done the Z-Sigil appeared in front of the boxing Pokémon. "Go Crabrawler! All-Out Pummelling!" Crabrawler threw very quick reddish-orange energy jabs that were in the shape of his claws. The energy jabs had peppered the fire cat. To finish the job Crabrawler shot forward while his body was engulfed in a whitish orange energy, presumably to land one more punch.

"Litten get out of the way." Litten who could barely stand saw Crabrawler speeding to him. Litten hissed loudly and fire leaked out of his mouth. Ignoring Sun's words, he charged forward while using Fire Fang. "Litten no!"

Crabrawler had made full contact with the final punch and Litten was sent flying across the field and he shot through a couple of barrels.

"Litten!" both Sun and Hau ran over the barrels to see whether Litten was alright. He was knocked out but still in one piece.

"Maybe that was a bit too hard Crabrawler," Hau said.

Rotom had hovered over to the commotion. "Oh man, he doesn't look too good!"

Briefly after Hau's victory, he and Sun were inside the Pokémon center. Immediately they had taken Litten to nurse joy to get checked on since it looked like he took a nasty hit. Sun had been pacing ever since. "Sun you should know I didn't mean for it to end that way," Hau said.

"I-I know… I'm just worried about Litten."

Bursting through the doors were Moon and Eclipse. The latter was conked out on the former's back. "We heard what happened? What's the word?"

"We don't know yet." Sun dejectedly answered.

Hau though decided to bring up what he saw. "Why is Eclipse on your back?"

"Oh, a Pikachu incident, she got paralyzed so I had to feed her a Cheri Berry. She's been out like a light ever since. Guess this night traveling isn't for everyone." She noticed moisture beginning to build on her left shoulder. "Eww! She drooling!" Moon cried as could see the saliva slowly dripping from Eclipse's open mouth.

Nurse joy returned from the back, with Litten in her arms. "You shouldn't have to worry any longer." She sweetly said. "Your Litten's back to full health, just slightly take it easy for a bit. Give him the rest of the night to recover."

"Of course, thanks." Sun looked at Litten who stood on the counter. "Are you okay?" Litten hissed at Sun, smacked the Pokéball out of his hands and jumped down next to where the ball had landed. He had his glare fixed on Sun before he turned his attention the Pokéball. He pressed the button with his own paw and he was dragged into it. Sun sadly picked up his Pokéball and looked at it with a very sad expression. "Litten's mad at me…"

A/N: Oh boy, things aren't looking too good for Sun right now, also I couldn't resist writing about Eclipse in Pikachu Valley by the way. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed reading the update and I'll see you guys next time.

Current Teams

Sun: Litten (M), Grubbin (M)

Moon: Popplio (F), Trumbeak (M), Lillipup (M)
Ride Pokémon: Tauros (M)

Hau: Rowlet (M), Pikachu (F), Crabrawler (M)

Eclipse: Abra (M), Misdrevus, Oricorio (F) [Pom-Pom Style]

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