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little secrets posted may 7 2017

There’s an unspoken rule that nobody talks about what Takaharu and Kinji are up to.

Well, Nagi thinks it’s unspoken. He hasn’t said anything since figuring it out, but he can’t be the only one. They’re both so bad at hiding. It’s kind of sweet.

Unfortunately, he soon learns, Fuuka is more similar to her brother than she thinks.

“This whole time?!” Fuuka shouts, nearly knocking over her tea. Nagi catches it, and moves it back a ways. No use making this even messier than it already is.

“We wanted to tell you, it just… never felt like a good time.” Takaharu says, rubbing his neck with the hand not holding Kinji’s. Kinji, for his part, is looking increasingly uncomfortable in the middle of this family drama.

Fuuka frowns, and turns to the rest of her family. “And you. None of you seem very surprised by this.”

Nagi and Yakumo shift uncomfortably. Kasumi at least appears unphased.

“I figured it out a while ago.” Nagi admits sheepishly.

“My room was next to Taka’s.” Yakumo mumbles.

Kasumi smiles into her tea.

“I can’t believe this.” Fuuka huffs, turning away from her traitorous relatives.

“I think what we mean,” Nagi says, mostly in response to Kinji’s frantic expression, “Is that we’re happy for you?”

“Fuuka’s just upset because she can’t give Kinji the scary little sister act now.” Kasumi says.

Kasumi -” Fuuka begins, and is immediately cut off.

“Miss Fuuka!” Kinji all but yells, making Takaharu jump beside him. “If that’s what’s bothering you, then by all means!”

Fuuka gives Kasumi a look. You did this.

Nagi knows how important something like this must be for Kinji, but he’s not sure how to communicate that in a look, exactly.

“Come on, Kin.” Takaharu says, confused. “You don’t have to do that. Fuuka knows you’re a great guy.”

Fuuka nods. “Too good for my brother, honestly.”

“Fuuka!” Takaharu whines.

Kinji stutters, clearly conflicted. Fuuka sighs. No point fighting it, she supposes.

She stands, and walks over to where Kinji’s sitting. Kneeling down next to him, she says, “We all like you a lot, Kinji. And we trust you.” Then, leaning in close, “But I’m watching you.”

Kinji nods fervently, clearly intimidated. Honestly, that wasn’t even her best.

“There.” Fuuka says, and pats Kinji’s shoulder before going back to her spot. Kinji looks significantly less tense, at least.

“So,” Takaharu says, “That’s settled.”

“No more secrets, though.” Fuuka says. “I don’t want to find out you got married and didn’t even invite me.”

“Married?” Kinji says.

Takaharu scoffs. “Of course! Jeez, I’m not that irresponsible. Right?”

Silence. Kinji looks away.

“You too?” Takaharu says to Kinji, which starts off a fairly one-sided argument between the two of them, which is at least par for the course.

Fuuka sighs. Seeing her brother was always so exhausting.

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