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yda 07 aug 2017

‘Twas cold that morning, though thankfully not snowing, and so Yda had decided to take her training to the courtyard. She was feeling “all cooped up”, according to Miss Y’shtola. Miss Yda was clearly a woman of action, and the Scions’ move to Ishgard ill-suited her.

She was sparring with the Warrior when Haurchefant came to check on her.

He stood to the side of their makeshift arena, careful not to interrupt them. This was easier said than done, of course, the two of them being so skilled Haurchefant could barely contain his excitement.

At some point Y’shtola had appeared, leaning against a tree to watch. Papalymo had come as well, though he seemed to be keen on ignoring all of them.

Haurchefant has seen pugilists in action before, and has seen his fair share of drunken bare-knuckle brawls, but neither compared to the way Yda and the Warrior moved, light and free.

After a particularly dextrous kick from Yda, Blysslona falls, and Haurchefant could not stop the gasp that escaped him.

Blysslona turns toward him. Yda cheers, paying him no mind. Blysslona waves with a sheepish smile. She says something to Yda, who had become distracted when she noticed Y’shtola. Yda helps the Warrior to her feet and, to his surprise, the pair make their way toward him.

“Hello,” says Blysslona, still breathless from her practice.

“Good morning!” says Haurchefant. “Tis a delight as always to see you in action, and Miss Yda as well!”

Yda grins. “I was just showing the Warrior of Light what a real monk can do.”

Blysslona looks, if anything, more embarrassed. Haurchefant can’t imagine why. Though it was rare to see the Warrior without her knives, he knew she had trained in the art of the pugilist. To think she could stand her own against Miss Yda!

“It’s not my strong suit,” she says.

“It’s not for everyone,” Yda shrugs. Behind Haurchefant, Papalymo scoffs.

“I certainly couldn’t manage it,” Haurchefant agrees, thinking of the way Yda and Blysslona slid between forms with effortless grace.

“I think you could,” Blysslona says, her declaration surprising even herself. She laughs. “We could teach you the basics.”

Yda frowns, giving him a once-over. “Yeah,” she says, considering. “Why not?”

And so, the Warrior of Light and the Archon Yda set about teaching Lord Haurchefant how to fist-fight.

“Well, first you have to know how to make a fist the right way. Here, like this,” says Yda, holding out her fist for Haurchefant’s inspection.

Haurchefant nods. Yda had opted not to wear her gloves for their training exercise, and he notes the scars on her knuckles with no small amount of admiration. Miss Yda is truly dedicated to her craft!

Yda draws back. She pats the training dummy Blysslona and Haurchefant had dragged over (after Haurchefant’s insistence that it was fine, truly!) and says, brightly, “Okay, big guy. Are you ready for your first lesson from Master Yda?”

Behind her, Y’shtola laughs. Yda’s smile does not waver, but Haurchefant suspects her flush is from more than just the cold.

Haurchefant grins. Truly, there is never a dull moment with the Warrior of Light and her comrades!

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