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The threat of Dravanian invasion becoming increasingly urgent, Haurchefant rarely has an evening free of late. ‘Tis only proper, he reasons, that I spend this time entertaining my honored guests.

Perhaps overeager, Haurchefant nearly collides with one of the servants in his haste. He manages to steady her before she loses her tea tray, apologizing profusely.

“It’s quite alright,” She says kindly. “I was just on my way to take this to Mi- the Antecedent.”

The servant, Bernadette, was an older woman well-known throughout the manor for her mischievous streak. Haurchefant didn’t much understand why, for the extent of her recklessness was sneaking treats for children. Truth be told, he was quite fond of her. She pauses before offering him the tray, having come to some conclusion.

“Why don’t you take them to her? I think she could use the company.”

Haurchefant nods, previous urgency forgotten. “Of course!” He takes the tray, bearing tea and cookies - and two cups, he notes fondly.

“She’ll be in the library,” She says, bowing before she leaves, possibly to stir up some trouble. Haurchefant hopes he will be half as spry in his old age.

The Antecedent appears lost in thought when Haurchefant finds her. There are books and papers spread out before her, but she seems unfocused, mumbling to herself.

She is surely studying something of the utmost importance. Haurchefant feels almost guilty for interrupting her, but if he had learned anything from his own studies it is that sometimes a break is just what one needs to keep the mind fresh.

Careful not to make too much noise, he places the tray on the table and begins setting out the cups. The Antecedent starts immediately. She looks around, bewildered.

She relaxes when she sees him. “Ah, Lord Haurchefant,” she says, smiling. The Antecedent has a wonderful smile, and Haurchefant is as ever pleased to see it.

He responds with a smile of his own. “Good evening, Antecedent.”

“Please, call me Minfilia.”

“Then, just ‘Haurchefant’ is fine!” He says. He places a cup of tea in front of her. She looks at it with confusion.

“I... thank you.” She glances around, looking a bit lost. Her gaze falls on the documents on the table, and she sets to straightening them with a small laugh. “I apologize. I was going over some historical records and I suppose I lost track of time.”

Haurchefant shakes his head. “With everything that has happened, you must have a great deal on your mind.” He motions to the chair across from her. “May I?”

“Of course!”

Haurchefant takes a seat and sets about preparing something for himself. No cream, he notes with some disappointment. Though, he supposes, tea enjoyed with someone as charming as Minfilia will be just as delightful.

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