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Felicity was working in the cortex when Kara came in flying in civilian clothes.

"Hi Felicity, Good Morning!"

"Hey Kara, what brought you here? That too so early in the morning" Felicity asked looking up from the computer. "Let me guess...Barry? You too have been lurking around each other for days"

Kara face turned red.

"What? No! I came here to meet you guys" Kara babbled.

"Oh god! Didn't Barry ever told you that you are a terrible liar?"

Kara just tried holding the truth to herself.

"C'mon open up" Felicity laughed.

"Fine I loose. But not here! Barry might come anytime, let's go somewhere else" Kara replied.

"Jitters? Are you hungry?" Felicity asked standing up as Kara nodded and they both left the cortex.

CC Jitters:

Kara and Felicity took their coffees and sat down on a table.

"So?" Felicity asked.

"We Kissed" Kara started blushing.

"What?" Felicity tried acting surprised thinking about the conversation she had with Caitlin about what happened. "When did this happen?"

"The night of Oliver's funeral" Kara replied.

"You both have been seeing each other and never bothered to tell any of us about it?"

"It's not that simple. We decided to take things slow so we didn't mention to anyone." Kara replied. "But there are 3 people who do know about it"

"Let me guess Alex is one of them?" Felicity said.

"No, first it was J'onn. He found us when I kissed Barry for the first time. Then, couple of days back Joe walked over in Barry's lab when we were kissing and you won't believe who was the third one" Kara chuckled.

"Who was it?" Felicity asked.

"Jessie! Fun fact..she didn't walk on us when we were kissing" Kara laughed.

"Then How? Barry told her?"

"She recognised my fragrance from Barry and came by my apartment and busted me. I really don't understand how good Jessie is?"

"She is damn smart.. daughter of two brilliant scientists" Felicity said as Kara nodded her head.

"I'm happy that Barry is trying to move on from Iris. You both are good people" Felicity continued as Kara smiled.

"Where is Barry? I've called him a couple of times before coming over to lab" Kara asked.

"Barry has gone to Iron heights along with Joe for some CCPD work"

"And Caitlin?" Kara asked.

"Right here" Caitlin walked up with a coffee.

"Hi" Both the Blondes said as Caitlin grabbed a chair and joined them.

"So Kara, how is National city?" Caitlin asked.

"Pretty good, no major troubles"

"Notable Crisis changes?" Felicity asked.

"Yeah some are" Kara replied "Lex is alive but hasn't been seen by anyone in 2 years. Winn isn't in the future which is a good thing but I do miss Brainy.. and Lena doesn't know about my secret identity"

"Which is a good thing right? I remember you telling that she is nothing like her brother and adoptive mother are." Caitlin cut in.

"Yeah, Lena is really a good person. But before crisis, Lex revealed about me to her which drove our friendship apart."

"This might be your chance to redeem it" Felicity said.

"Yeah Oliver did give me a chance. Lena was always a great friend to me. I always have this bad feeling about cheating her. I know I am doing it to protect her, but after seeing what happened...if she finds out from someone else, I really want to do it myself" Kara said.

"Take your time and do it" Caitlin said with a smile as Kara's phone ringed.

"Hi Barry, done with the work? I'm at Jitters with Felicity and Caitlin" Kara answered.

"Yeah, sorry it was a sudden plan. I couldn't message you." Barry said.

"So are you still up for our lunch plan?"

"Of course! Meet me in my lab in 5 minutes" Barry said and cut the call.

"Date it is!" Felicity chuckled as Kara blushed.

"Oh c'mon stop it...We were just meeting for lunch. Anyway I got to you guys later" Kara said and left.

"You alright? I mean about Kara and Barry" Felicity asked looking over to Caitlin.

"I'm okay now. Kara is a great woman. If she makes him's okay for me" Caitlin said with a weak smile.

CSI Lab- CCPD Precinct:

Barry was analysing something when Kara walked in.

"I thought you were going to fly in" Barry said.

"I didn't want to risk my chances of someone seeing me in this clothes flying into a Police station" Kara kissed Barry and hugged him.

"So where do you want to go?"

"Before that, I might have told someone about us" Kara sighed.

"Again? Jessie is still kind of acting cold to me because of you. Who is it this time?" Barry asked.

"It was Felicity, I couldn't stop myself"

"It's okay, Felicity has this weird power to make everyone confess. It even use to work on Oliver sometimes" Barry laughed.

"I'm sorry" Kara said and buried her head in his chest.

"'s okay. But don't get busted by Alex. I prefer telling her directly" Barry said.

"Yeah. We need to tell her. She might have gotten suspicious by now on me visiting Central frequently."

"I always feel Alex is somehow related to Oliver.. like a sister or something. Both get me terrified in same ways" Barry said as Kara laughed.

"You haven't told me about lunch yet, I'm starving" Barry continued.

"It's a café in National, want to race?" Kara smirked.

"Yeah let's go" Barry said and they both left off.

National City:

Kara and Barry arrived to a Italian open café and ordered their meals. They were talking when Lena saw them.

"Hi Kara" Lena smiled as she walked over to the couple.

"Lena, what are you doing here?" Kara smiled and hugged her.

"What do you mean by what I'm doing here? I need to eat, I'm a Human" Lena laughed and noticed Barry sitting across Kara.

"Oh, I see now why you took a day off. So who's this Mr.Handsome?" Lena asked as Barry blushed on the comment.

"Lena meet Barry, Barry you do know about Lena right?" Kara introduced them.

"Of course I's nice meeting you. I've heard a lot about you from Kara" Barry said shaking his hands as Lena smiled and was about to talk.

"Please sit and have lunch with us" Kara cut in.

"Kara! I'm not here to ruin your date plans.You both carry on" Lena said.

"No, This isn't a date. We were just having lunch..please do join us" Barry spoke as Lena smiled and took a seat.

"So Barry, I haven't seen you here. Where are you from?" Lena asked.

"I live in central city"

"So how did you both meet each other?" Lena asked looking both of them as Barry looked to Kara.

"Barry was here some years back on some case and we happened to meet" Kara covered up.

"Case? Are you a detective?" Lena asked.

"No, I'm a CSI at Central City Police department" Barry said.

"Wait, What is your full name?"

"Barry Allen, Why?" Barry asked.

"You were the guy that was hit by lightning right? I remember seeing the news about it" Lena said as Barry nodded his head.

"So what happened after that? Everything is normal now?" Lena asked.

"I was in a coma for 9 months and yeah everything has been great lately" Barry smiled looking over to Kara as she blushed.

"Sorry, I heard about your dad getting convicted wrongly of your mother's case. I still can't believe Harrison wells was such a cruel man" Lena said as Barry remained still and Kara held his hand with a weak smile.

"Enough of this. I will take my leave. You both enjoy. Kara, I do expect you to come by my office and tell everything about you and this pretty boy's story" Lena said as both of the heroes smiled and Lena left.

"Lena is really sweet" Barry said.

"Yeah she always cared for me. But I always hid myself from her" Kara dulled her face.

"You did it because you wanted to protect her"

"But, I cannot stay anymore. I don't want to loose her. She's been betrayed by a lot in her life. I don't want to do that to her" Kara said holding her tears.

"It's okay.. It's okay, I'll be there side by you when you do it" Barry moved to Kara and held her in his arms.

"Thank you" Kara said as tears rolled down.

Barry wiped her tears, looked into her eyes and kissed her.




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