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The Cube

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"I would like to propose a toast.." Barry said holding up his glass.

"In this journey of life, from chasing the impossible to becoming The Impossible… I've met across many people...some are here with us , some did terrible things, some left and some sacrificed their lives. To all those Kadima! which means Forward!"

"For Oliver!" Barry said and Felicity had a tear in eye.

"For Oliver!" All repeated it.

"Forward!" Barry said lifting his glass.

"Forward!" everyone repeated.

"To new Beginnings" Cisco said and Barry nodded his head.

"To new Beginnings" Everyone repeated.

The Next Morning:

Felicity woke up early. She peeped into Caitlin's room and found her asleep. She got ready and left to STAR labs. She began working on some security upgrades when her phone rang.

"Hello, Who's this?" She asked as it was an unknown number.

"Good Morning Mrs.Queen, I'm Akhil Shetty" the caller replied.

"Sorry, but I don't remember you.." She replied bluntly.

"I am an advocate. I have been ordered by Mr.Queen to deliver you a package on this specific date before his unfortunate demise. So I am waiting outside of STAR labs..Could you please come and collect it?" He replied and cut the call.

Felicity dropped the tablet and paced out of labs to find him.

"Mrs.Queen! This is the package I was ordered to deliver" he said and handed her over a wrapped box package.

"How did you know I will be here?" Felicity asked.

"I was specifically ordered to come here on this day and then contact you" The advocate replied. "I hope you get your answers" as he pointed at the package and walked off.

Felicity walked into Cisco's workshop and opened the package to find a letter and a cube, which she has never seen before. She kept it aside and opened the letter to find...

"Place the hologram cube on the ground!"

She took the cube, placed it on the ground as instructed and then it activated to reveal Oliver sitting on a chair.

"Hi Felicity!"

"Oliver?" Felicity asked with a tear.

"Yes, it's me!" The Hologram Oliver nodding.

"How….How is this possible? Are you alive?" Felicity asked with tears starting to roll down.

"I am not. I made this when I rebooted the universe" he replied.

"You knew I would move to Central?" She mumbled.

"I know everything Felicity..I know what will be your reaction..and what you will ask me." he smiled.

"I….I don't know what to ask. Are you angry that I left Mia with your mom?" Felicity said with tears.

"I know you did it for her safety. I am happy for you.. for all of you" he said with a large smile.

Felicity just tried giving a smile.

"You need to be here. Along with Barry and others….You need to prepare them" He spoke when felicity cut him off.

"Prepare for what?" Felicity asked.

"A war is about to come Felicity...They need to be ready."

"War? What kind of war?" Felicity babbled.

"I cannot reveal everything. But it will be the most dangerous ever faced." Oliver replied in a typical Oliver style and Felicity understood the seriousness.

"Another Crisis?" Felicity asked terrified.

"Something far more dangerous"

"You created this universe. Why did you make it then?" She asked.

"Everything needs to have a balance, I cannot make a paradise reality." He glared.

"When is it coming?" Felicity asked with a stern voice.

"They are on their way" Oliver looked to Felicity "We do have some time left."

"How do we defeat them?" Felicity asked as Oliver just nodded his head.

"Why don't you tell me how to defeat them?" Felicity shouted.

"You need to figure it out. Time is something that is never to be messed with and don't try to contact Sara to get to know what it is about. Their ship is not going to detect the apocalypse coming" Oliver glared.

"What are you hiding from me Oliver? What is going to happen in that war?" Felicity asked.

Oliver stood up and looked at her "All I can tell you is they need to be ready."

Felicity crossed her hands and stared at the hologram.

"It Won't work" Oliver smiled as Felicity's plan to make him reveal it failed.

"No one needs to know about this" Oliver continued as Felicity glared "For now!"

"Why don't you want others to know? Everyone needs to be ready right?" Felicity asked.

"Yes! They need to be! But telling them now will only create panic. I will let you know when the time is ready" Oliver replied.

"Before this ends, I need to know something. What will happen in the future? To Mia and William? Are they going to be safe?" Felicity questioned with concern.

Oliver just smiled and said "Bye Felicity!"

And the hologram stopped.

Felicity tried starting it again but the cube was dead.

"Great!" Felicity mumbled when she started hearing footsteps approaching. she quickly hid the cube and the letter in the drawer.

"Who were you talking to?" Caitlin came in to Cisco's workshop.

"Ah! No One!" Felicity lied.

"Did I do something wrong yesterday night? Did you not like my apartment? " Caitlin asked.

"What no? Of-course I liked it. I woke up pretty early and I checked on you.. You were sleeping. I wanted to check some security protocols here, so I came up" Felicity replied with a smile.

Caitlin hugged her and walked to cortex when a sudden wush of air passed them.

"Kara?" Both of them said.

Kara smiled and hugged them.

"I just got to know that you moved to central. I am happy for you." Kara said.

Felicity gave a smile as all of them entered the cortex

"So, Where's Barry? He said he'll be here in 5 mins when I started. How can this guy be late even with super-speed?" Kara asked comically.

"Oh! That was Oliver's exact phrase during their first training" Felicity chuckled as something very fast entered and the three ladies had donuts in their hand.

"Still thinking why I'm late?" Barry grinned as three of them started eating them while Cisco walked in.

"Don't tell me there's some attack on the city…Oh wait...You guys are I think everything is just fine" Cisco babbled and all laughed.

"Cisco, here's the list that I need you to bring me from your world tour" Kara said as she passed him the list.

"You literally can fly around the world to get whatever you want and you expect me to bring?" Cisco glared.

"Yeah, I do!" The Kryptonian smiled.

"Whatever!" Cisco waved off and left to his workshop.

"Can I talk to you?" Barry asked Kara. Felicity observed Caitlin looking at the Superheroes walking off the cortex.

"You want to hear what they talk? I have a bug installed on Barry's phone" Felicity asked Caitlin.

"What? No…No. Why did you even install it?" Caitlin shouted.

"Just in case" Felicity mumbled as Caitlin glared.

"You know I will leave if you want to hear it alone" She continued.

"I want him to be happy" Caitlin replied.

"You think he'll be happy?"

"Kara is a great woman! Who other than her can deserve Barry?" Caitlin said with crackling voice.

"You…! Why do you even think you don't deserve him? I know Kara is a good girl. But that doesn't mean that Barry is going to be happy with her" Felicity said as Caitlin looked over her and Felicity hugged her.



Barry and Kara sped over to his CSI Lab...

"I'm Sorry!" Barry said holding his head.

"Barry, I said it's ok. I understand what you are going through. Take your own time" The Blonde smiled.

"After last night, I decided it's time to move on" Barry said and looked to her.

"I'm not sure what life has in for me. But I'm ready to give a chance" He continued as Kara's face light up.

"Are you sure you want to do this Barry? I just want you to be happy" Kara said still in excited state.

"As sure as what I am going to do now" Barry moved forward and their lips met.




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