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"You will help me?" Barry said with tears.

"Of course I will!" Kara said with an assurance smile.

Meanwhile in the back, Caitlin got off the cab and started walking towards them.

"Thank you!" Barry said trying to hold up his emotions. Kara held his head up, slowly came up looking into his eyes and said "You never have to!" and kissed him on the lips. Barry didn't move a bit as they stayed there for a bit.

Caitlin who saw it couldn't control her emotions and ran off in the same direction she came.

"So that happened!" J'onn said walking towards them as Barry and Kara drew apart.

Kara was blushing and Barry just stayed dumb struck.

"It's okay Kara, I won't say it to anyone...not even to Alex if you don't want to" J'onn said with a smirk.

"Barry, are you ok? I shouldn't have done it. Oh my Rao! I'm sorry… I'm sorry! I didn't mean to force you like that. It just happened in a blink" Kara said panicking.

"No! It's okay… It's just that I'm not in any mood right now….I'm sorry!" Barry tried to hold Kara and J'onn stood silently watching.

"You're not angry on me?" Kara responded calmingly after Barry held her.

"No, of-course not. I need to keep Oliver's family safe. That's the only thing that matters to me right now" Barry said.

"I'll keep them safe. I can have my eyes on them" J'onn said with a short smile.

"Thank you J'onn! But this is something I need to do.. I'm planning to use Oliver's lair" Barry replied.

"So, you're leaving central?" Kara asked.

"No, I'm going to run for both. Can you give me some-time for all this?" Barry said holding Kara's hands.

"Sure!" Kara said with tears in eyes as they both stood.

"I'll be a call away Barry!" J'onn hugged him and patted on his back as Barry nodded.

"Bye Barry!" J'onn said and Kara gave a smile.

They both Flew away.

Barry took out his cell to find missed calls from Caitlin and called her back.

"Hey, where are you?" Barry asked.

"I'm at Queen's Barry" Caitlin replied holding back her tears.

"I'll be there" Barry said and cut the call.

Caitlin rubbed her tears as Barry just rushed in.

"Cait, what happened?" Barry asked sitting beside her and took her hands.

"Nothing Barry, I just feel bad for Felicity and Mia" she lied.

"I know!" Barry took Caitlin in his arms "I made a promise to Oliver that I'll look out for his family, will you help me in that?"

"I'm always there for you Barry" Cait said feeling happy in his arms.

After a while Barry and Caitlin left to Central after telling Felicity that he'll be back tomorrow.




The Next Morning :

Caitlin was the first to arrive at the lab. She directly went into her lab trying to distract herself from what happened last night. Barry came in next.

"Good Morning!" Barry said giving her a latté.

"Hey, what made you come so early?" Caitlin asked.

"I wanted to check on you. You've been different since yesterday evening. You slept in my arms when we were coming back."

"I'm fine Barry! " Caitlin lied. She was little amused of how Barry did notice that she was weird.

"Good!" Barry felt relaxed after Caitlin assured him. "I'll be training in speed-lab. Let me know when Cisco comes in. We need to upgrade our security systems."

"May be I can vouch for him!" saidFelicity coming into the lab.

"Felicity?" Both of them shocked and immediately hugged her.

"Is it a wrong time?" Felicity asked after looking the faces of Caitlin and Barry.

"No, of-course not! Actually.. I was planning to make Oliver's lair second base of work and Caitlin agreed to help me in that" Barry replied.

Felicity just gave a smile. Barry's phone rang.

"Joe!" Barry answered…. "I'll be right there"

"Joe needs me. I'll be back in sometime" Barry hugged felicity and ran away.

"So, where's Mia?" Caitlin asked.

"She's with Oliver's mom. In this timeline, she is 4 years old already"

"Another crisis change, at-least it's good I hope?"

"Definitely a good one! Oliver knew I was bad with small children" Felicity tried faking a laugh. However, she still felt sad thinking about Oliver.

"Judging by the time you left your house, I don't think you had your breakfast" Caitlin asked "So, Jitters?"

Felicity gave a small nod and they both left the lab and drove to Jitter's in Caitlin's car.

They sat down on a table after ordering their regulars.

"How are you holding up? I know the pain of loosing someone you love" Caitlin asked.

"Before J'onn gave me memories, I had hope that Oliver will come back one day to me… to our daughter.. to William. But now I can't believe that he's never coming back" Felicity said with crackling voice.

"I'm there for you… Barry,Cisco, and Joe...we all are here for you" Caitlin said trying to help Felicity.

"I know.. I know" Felicity said with a short smile.

"Barry is getting nerved thinking and planning about saving you and all of Oliver's family. He blames himself for Oliver's sacrifice!" Caitlin said.

"Barry needs to understand that it was Oliver's decision and I don't blame anyone for that"

Caitlin just gave a weak smile.

"You love him.. Don't you?" Felicity asked.

"Of course I love Barry, I love you, I love all of you guys" Caitlin tried to change the intention of Felicity.

"Don't try to cover it Caitlin! I know how you behave with Barry or even the way your face lights up when you hear Barry's name. I was same when Oliver was still hung up on Laurel."

"Yeah... I do love him!" Caitlin agreed understanding that it's out now.

"I knew it. You always loved him didn't you?" Felicity asked with a smile.

"When Ronnie died, I never thought I could live my life again. Then Barry came into my life. He was the reason I came out of that phase. I wanted to tell him about my feelings and then Ronnie came back.. things became complicated.. When Ronnie asked me to marry him, I couldn't say yes. He understood that I moved on and he was happy for me! After that Eddie and Ronnie died! During the particle accelerator blast, I had not seen Ronnie die but this time I saw him die in front of my eyes!! That shook me up to the core. So was Barry..he got consumed with that guilt...that fear...of not being able to protect!! When things started coming back normal.. Barry admitted his love towards Iris. And then…. the things Iris did and Henry's death…. it was a tipping point for Barry. After defeating zoom, he couldn't live up to that. He left Central City's safety to Cisco. That's how the things went off and I decided to hold my feelings back to myself." Caitlin said with tears.

"What happened yesterday?" Felicity asked which shocked Caitlin.

Caitlin just shook her head.

"I know you Caitlin... just spill it out! "

"I finally decided to open up myself but…"

"Did he say no? Barry would not have said no to you. What happened?"

"He didn't…When I entered the park to talk to Barry… I saw Kara kissing him!" Caitlin cried.

"Oh lord!" Felicity moved across and took Caitlin in her arms.

"I finally thought that the things are getting better.. and I could tell him how I feel.." Caitlin said with crackling voice as she cried.

"I'm not blaming Kara...I mean who would not love Barry?" Caitlin continued as Felicity wiped her tears.

"That's the thing we love about you! You always see the good in every person under any circumstances" Felicity tried convincing her.

After few minutes, Caitlin got okay.

"I'm sorry, I made things worse for you by bringing up my issues" Caitlin said.

"You're my friend Caitlin!" Felicity assured her.

After they had their breakfast, they came back to STAR Labs to find Barry and Cisco talking about some things.

"Hi Felicity! I'm sorry I couldn't come yesterday. How are you feeling now?" asked Cisco hugging her.

"It's okay Cisco. I'm pretty good now" Felicity assured his fello tech nerd.

"Cisco and I were discussing about things we need to co-ordinate between Oliver's lair and here" said Barry feeling sad.

"Barry, stop blaming yourself! It was not your fault. Oliver made the right choice Barry. He believed in you… and so do I!" Felicity held Barry as he was about to cry.

"I'm sorry Felicity!! I was supposed to die… He was supposed to live. He sacrificed his entire life for me…I couldn't save him…I don't think I can save you guys either.. You people should be angry about that." Barry cried out falling down.

"I'm not angry about it Barry! Why do you think he left us and his family with you? You do know how Oliver's trustworthy issues are? You really think Oliver will make a wrong choice? He would have never done this if he didn't believe in you. Now get up and be strong. Your team is there for you!! I'll be there for you!" Felicity and Caitlin lifted him up.

"Thank you!" Barry said wiping his tears and kissed Felicity's forehead.

"Tell me when you are ready...We will start shifting some stuff from here to Star city" Barry continued.

"Barry?" Felicity asked.

He just nodded.

"Can I stay… here?" Felicity asked.

Barry didn't say anything just paused up.

"I don't feel going back to that place and working there… only if it is okay with you?"

Felicity understood she needed some change of place. And also after the talk in Jitters, she thought Caitlin can also have someone she can speak with.

"Whatever you want. But what about Mia and William?" Barry asked.

"Moira is planning to shift to Europe with Thea. Even they felt something incomplete living there...and Mia is pretty much attached to her grandma, so I asked her to take her…I'll be visiting them occasionally. Thea and Curtis will take care of the company. And for the others, John is moving to metropolis with Lyla...Rene is running for Mayor and Dinah left with a letter asking not to find her" Felicity replied.

"You're leaving your baby? I know Moira is a good woman but leaving a small baby?" Barryasked.

"You didn't notice Mia yesterday.. did you? She's 4 years Barry. She has spent more time with Moira than me!" Felicity smiled.

Barry just nodded understanding this was one of the crisis change.

"I'll take a few days and I will find a new job here in Central" Felicity said.

"You don't need to find one..You're working with us.. here in STAR LABS… I don't think that's a problem to you Cisco?" Barry said to Felicity and looked at Cisco.

"You're serious man? I love Felicity! I'm happy she will be here! " Cisco said excitedly. Felicity felt it was genuine happiness from him.

"Thank you Cisco!" Felicity said.

"You can stay at my loft. I'll move in with Joe" Barry offered.

"No Barry..I'm Gonna find a place. You did enough for me" Felicity said strongly.

"Or you can move in with me! I have an extra room… If it's okay for you to live with me" Caitlin spoke up.

Felicity initially wanted to reject it but then realised Caitlin might need someone's company.

"That would be great! Thank you Caitlin!" Felicity said with a smile.

"This calls for a group hug!" Cisco dragged everyone in to a hug and then a flash of lightning shuttered and all turned around to see Kamilla holding a camera.

"This definitely needs to be framed!" Kamilla spoke after seeing the picture she just took.

"May be this is the right time to ask you guys something.. especially you Barry" Cisco asked.

"Cisco it's okay. I understand this work is important to you" Kamilla cut him off.

"So are you!" Cisco said and was about to continue when Barry cut him off.

"What's going on guys?"

"Kamilla got a new project from Catco" Cisco said and every one congratulated her.

"So, what's the problem Cisco?" Caitlin asked.

"My new project is to roam around the world and shoot different cultures and lifestyles. I will be allowed to carry a plus-one so I initially asked Cisco if he's interested to come along." Kamila said.

"I've always wanted to travel around the world and if it's with you I would be the happiest. I said no before because I was afraid that something bad will happen to Barry and Caitlin. But when Felicity decided to stay here, I was more than assured that these two are in good hands.. probably safer than before and Felicity, this wasn't any reason I said yes for you. I genuinely want you to stay here even when I comeback." Cisco exhausted.

"I know you's ok" Felicity assured him and he gave a nod.

"Barry.. Caitlin, I'll stay here if you want" Cisco asked his two best friends.

"Are you crazy Cisco? Who would miss a world tour? Along with your girlfriend? Just go.. I'm totally ok with it.. and so is Caitlin" Barry looked at Caitlin.

"Is that even a question? Of-course yes...but on one condition! I'll give you a list of things I need from different countries." Caitlin said with a smirk.

"Everything will be done" Cisco laughed.

"Thank you guys, It would have been a tough time for me without Cisco" Kamilla said with a large smile.

"You're our family!" Barry said and hugged her.

"So when are you guys leaving?" Caitlinasked.

"In two days" Kamilla replied.

"This calls for a celebration!" Cisco came in with a huge champagne and glasses.

And Joe walked at the right time and got briefed about what happened.

"I would like to propose a toast" Barry said holding up his glass.

"In this journey of life, from chasing the impossible to becoming The Impossible, I've met many people. Some are with us in here..some did terrible things...some left...and some sacrificed their lives. To all those Kadima! which means Forward!"

"For Oliver!" Barry said and Felicity had a tear in eye.

"For Oliver!" All repeated it.

"Forward!" Barry said lifting his glass.

"Forward!" everyone repeated.

"To new Beginnings!" Cisco said and Barry nodded his head.

"To new Beginnings!" Everyone repeated.





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