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No One's The Same

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"My fellow Americans, a few days ago, our way of life, our world almost came to an end. An Entity known as Steppenwolf attacked the earth intent on its destruction... Thankfully we were saved by earth's greatest heroes. Their unity and strength should be an example for us all. We were told that this assembly was led by National City's Supergirl... We give thanks to these brave women and men who with great tenacity, tireless work and at the utmost courage, put their lives for our country and our planet."

"While in a hard fought battle, loss is expected. It never gets easier... So it is with great sadness that I must inform you that Supergirl sacrificed her life for our world's survival... While this is a devastating loss, we can find solace in knowing that she lived as she died with honour. I ask all of you to join me in a moment of silence to honour her now..."

"A grateful nation thanks you, Supergirl. May you finally find rest in hereafter. Good bless you and God bless the United States of America." The president finished speaking. Felicity stopped the streaming and turned around to see everyone of Team Flash or whoever was left of it, mourning. Just then, Joe's phone rang.

"I...I gotta go, it's Work.. there's some break in!" Joe said, shaking things off. He was about to leave when he saw Caitlin staring at Barry's suit. "Caitlin... Would you join me? I could use some help". That brought Caitlin back to senses again.

"Yeah" Caitlin said and started collecting her things. Felicity and Joe looked at each other and nodded. As soon as Caitlin and Joe left, Felicity walked to Cisco.

"We need to bring Barry back!"

"Yeah, I agree!" Cisco said and started typing on the monitor to find Barry when suddenly a message popped. The two hackers looked at each other and then opened it. A voice recording of Barry started playing out

"Hi Cisco and Felicity... I installed this before I left. I know you want me to come back... but I can't... Not after what happened.. Truth to be told, I don't deserve to be The Flash... Take care of Central city... Tell Joe and Jessie that I'm sorry.. I'll miss you all guys.. Please take care of each other, especially, please take care of Caitlin. I..I am a drag on her life..." They both could sense the pain in his voice. "She deserves someone...someone who can take care of her. Someone who can give her the love she deserves, I wish I could be that guy but I'm not... bye guys.." With that the audio stopped.

"What do we do?" Cisco asked as Felicity stared at the mannequin which had the Flash's suit.

"I guess.. we respect his decision!" Felicity said.

"Do you think we can do it? Taking care of the city?.. And of Caitlin?" Cisco asked.

"I..I don't know Cisco.." Felicity


"Hey, are you alright?" Joe asked, driving the car as Caitlin stared out of the window. "You've been silent during the investigation at the bank as well."

"I'm fine, Joe" Caitlin faked a smile and continued to stare outside.

"I know what you're going through" He said "You can talk to me about whatever you want.." Joe continued.

"I know..." She said slowly.


"It's been two months since the Demise of Supergirl... and is the Flash?? The Scarlet Speedster has been a no show!" The news reader shouted! Caitlin stopped the streaming and started to walk out of the cortex .

"Caitlin.." Felicity said. Caitlin stopped but didn't turn back. "He will come back..." Felicity assured her. Caitlin didn't respond. She walked out, entered her car and started driving towards National City. She stopped when she reached the one place she's been going every week other than her home and Star Labs. She stepped out of the car and brought a bouquet and walked towards the tomb.

"I'm Sorry Kara..." She whispered as she placed the flowers on it. She bent down and sat there staring at it. What she didn't know is someone was observing her from a distance, which was not the first time..

"She looks tired...of waiting for someone.. Tired of being the one to suffer" Diana said.

"She's been visiting every week since that day, sometimes every day..." J'onn replied still eyes on Caitlin and the tomb.

"So are you... You've been spending a lot of time here for the past 2 months" Diana said.

"And how exactly do you know that?... Unless you're doing the same" J'onn replied as Diana shrugged.

"I guess one needs constant reminder of their failures to make sure not to repeat it again..."

"Stop blaming yourself for what happened. Kara's death had nothing to do with you" J'onn stressed.

"Tell that to the prophecy Oliver gave..." Diana replied harshly looking at J'onn.

"What makes you think that things would have turned out well if you were the one who battled with him?... What if you died.. just like K..Kara... what would have changed?? In the end, no matter who fights, there would be loss"

"That wouldn't be happening.." Diana said pointing to the heroes park across the lane. The park which was setup as a memorial to The hero who died saving the world. As J'onn saw, there were hundreds of people candle marching at Supergirl's statue. He could see people crying, mourning for their hero's loss. "People wouldn't have lost their heroes, not one but two ..Both Kara and Barry, they both would still be helping people"

"But at what cost? The world would have lost you!.. what about your people? You're as hero as Kara and Barry" J'onn said.

"I'm not a hero J'onn, not been for a long time, not since Steve..." A tear fell from her eye. "I ran away from here like a coward... I shouldn't have done that.. look at Caitlin.. she's a hero.. I got to know about her.. she's lost so many people in her life and yet she's here, helping people in whatever way she can.. That's called being a hero!"

"Diana..." J'onn tried but she cut him off.

"Don't try J'onn... You see something wrong happening in the world, you either do nothing or you do something... Kara, Barry, You, Clark, all of your heroes did something... What did I do??" With that she started walking away. Few minutes later, Caitlin walked off and drove off. J'onn reached the tomb and bent over.

"I miss you Kara... Alex, Lena, Winn, we all miss you... we miss your smile, the smile which makes everyone around you feel happy... I hope you meet your sisters, K'hym and T'ania... You were as daughter to me as they were..." J'onn said shakily and he walked off.


"Look who's back here?" Eddie's crooked voice came as Barry watched Eddie emerging from the dark.

"Let me guess... The man who thinks he's a hero because he got hit by a bolt of lightning.." Oliver came out laughing.

"Barry Allen..." Kara came out clapping her hands. "what should we call you? Scarlet Speedster?... The Flash?..."

"I got a better one... The man who needs to be saved every-time at the cost of a life" Ronnie came out of the dark.

"Maybe Eobard Thawne was right... You are a pathetic person Barry..." Kara shouted coming forward as Barry woke up gasping. This was how Barry's every night was going these days. He wiped the sweat from his head and stared at the pills on the side table. He took it and gulped a couple of the pills and slowly walked towards the door of the cabin where he's been living for the past two months.


A knock on Caitlin's lab door made Caitlin look up, "Felicity?"

"Cisco and I are going to this new Italian restaurant opened in downtown... Do you want to come with us?" The Hacker asked, observing Caitlin's face.

"Sorry, I have work to do.." Caitlin replied with a fake smile.

"Caitlin... When was the last time you had a proper dinner?" Felicity asked, sitting across her. "I barely see you come back home these days"

"I'm fine Felicity... Just busy" Caitlin murmured and continued working. Felicity was about to talk again when Caitlin cut her again. "Have fun...". Felicity understood Caitlin's response. She tapped her shoulder and slowly walked out to Cisco waiting.

"I tried..." Felicity said as Cisco nodded slowly accepting their defeat.

"I haven't seen her like this ever... So detached from things..." Cisco said.

"Never?... What about when Ronnie..?" Felicity asked.

"When Ronnie died the first time, Caitlin went back into her shell, didn't allow anyone except for me... and then came Barry... He did something no one could do.. he made her come out.. he made her smile, he made Caitlin do things which even Ronnie couldn't..." Cisco said slowly. "Now, she's gone back to her shell again. But this time, she's not even letting me in..." Felicity hugged the guy patting his back.

"I know how you're feeling... She's going to come back to us someday...And so is Barry"

Few hours later, Caitlin finished her work and was dropping a box of equipment in the storage room when she stumbled across an old photo frame. She picked it up to see. It was of Barry, Caitlin, Jessie and Cisco. She started remembering the day. It was a day during Barry's second year as a Flash. All of them had gone to a club to celebrate their win against King Shark. She sat down and her eyes bursted out with tears. "I miss this Barry... I miss our family... No one's the same without you..." with that she took the frame to her chest and closed her eyes trying to go back to those happy days.




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