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Wonder Woman and Superman were tiring. This Doomsday creature was able to take on both heroes and keep going. It seemed unstoppable. The street they were on was practically razed from the ground.

"Please tell me you've developed some plan to stop this thing." Diana pleaded.

"It's relentless. Doomsday's able to keep up with the both of us, and we're running out of steam. The only thing I can think of to turn the tides now is the perfect weapon, but I have no idea what that could be, or even if it could exist."

"You said that thing is Kryptonian, correct?" Diana asked.

"In a manner of speaking," Clark nodded his head. The thing was an extinct species of his people. Either it died out, and a different species of Kryptonian took its place, or it had evolved into his current form.

"Then your weaknesses might work on it as well. What are they?" Diana asked. The ground was shaking once again, and both heroes braced themselves for another charge that they were too tired to avoid. The beast smashed into Clark, and Clark dug his feet into the ground to stop his momentum. Diana whipped out her lasso and ensnared it around its neck.

"Everyone knows Kryptonite weakens me. Yellow solar rays charge my cells, and I'm vulnerable to magic." Clark listed.

"We can't turn off the sun, I have no idea about any magicians. The closest is my lasso that was gifted to me that has been enchanted. I suppose that's why it's able to hold that thing off for longer than our other tactics, but it's not exactly enough to stop him. Do you have any idea about Kryptonite, where a potential cache might be?"

"There was some at a secure holding facility, but that had been raided months ago." Clark shook his head. He sent another punch at Doomsday's midsection, but it was like punching an impenetrable wall. Even for him.

"Think, there must be some other reserve so that we can use against this thing, otherwise this is going to be a fight we're going to lose." Diana said.

Doomsday jumped into the air, and Diana was forced to release her grip on her rope, lest she be forcefully sent into the air. The both of them took off after that thing.

"I can only think of only one person now…." Clark said remembering the only person who can have Kryptonite.

"Who's that?"

"I had a friend… I'm pretty sure he had Kryptonite, as a safe reserve…. To take me down…. if needed"

"What do you mean by ' had?' … Where is he now?

"I wish I knew…" Clark said. "He had a fallout mentally and physically some years ago... He left Gotham and hasn't been seen since…. But I'm sure Alfred is still around…. You can find him in Wayne Manor. You need to get it. Obviously I can't get it if it weakens me."

"Can you handle Doomsday while I'm away?" Diana raised an eyebrow.

"I was doing pretty well before you showed up. I can take him for a few more minutes." Clark nodded his head.

Diana nodded in confirmation and flew off. Clark had caught up with Doomsday. The rope was still around its neck, so Clark grabbed it like a leash and pulled, bringing Doomsday towards him. The fight continued.


There was a shift in the air. The heroes in Central could feel it. They looked to the sky, as well as the parademons, to see smoke coming out of the mothership. It was going down. Kara and Ray must have been able to disable the ship.

They'd done it. They defended their world long enough for Kara and Ray to destroy the ship and the armada to retreat. The world was saved!

"Ughh, guys. What's going to happen when that giant ship crashes to the ground?" Jessie tentatively asked.

That certainly brought the good mood down as they all realized the impact that thing would have from that height if it ever reached Earth.

"We can't let that happen," Barry said.

"But how are we supposed to prevent that? We needed to bring it down, so that thing has no power. How are we supposed to stop that thing from coming down?" Jessie questioned.

"Could we destroy it before it reaches the Earth?" Felicity suggested.

"How would we do that? Not to mention Kara and Ray are still in there." Caitlin pointed out.

"They might be hurt and unable to escape. We could fly up in the Waverider and retrieve them." Sara said.

"We still need a way to destroy that ship before it touches ground." Barry said.

"We don't destroy it!" Winn said. "We are going to send it somewhere else"

"You have a teleporter?" Caitlin asked

"The Kryptonians used an empty dimension they called the Phantom Zone to house their most dangerous criminals. The criminal institute, Fort Rozz, was equipped with a Phantom Zone projector so they could transport criminals directly into the prison, and retrieve them once their sentence had been served, without needing to enter the dimension themselves. Kara was in the Phantom Zone herself, and when she escaped, she brought Fort Rozz with her. The projector was damaged when it landed, but we made one using the blue print to recalibrate the weapon we made."

"And we could send that thing into the Phantom Zone before it reaches Earth?" Jesse questioned, everyone's eyes looking hopefully at Winn.

"But…I'd need a large power source to power it so it could transport something so large…" Winn confirmed.


Kara's vision had mostly returned, but she still felt battered and bruised after her fight with Steppenwolf. Ray had to drag her out and try to find some way to escape from the falling ship. Luckily her strength returned shortly after. Perhaps they'd be lucky and find the ship they'd arrived in to get out of here.

They made it to the bay where they'd parked their ship, but it was empty. Devoid of any sign of life. The parademons must have already fled the ship. All that remained was them and Steppenwolf.

"Maybe we could fly out. If we could just open those doors." Ray said.

Kara's hearing was returning as well, but she still strained to hear what Ray said. "I don't think ripping open the floor is going to help much!" Kara shouted.

"You don't need to shout. You're the deaf one, not me." Ray said.

"Nobody is dead! We're going to get out of here Ray!" Kara said.

"That's not what I- can you just open the doors?"

"There are no can openers. This is no time to be thinking about food!" Kara shouted and paused to think about what she said. "I can't believe I just said that."

"MORTALS!" an angry shout came from where they just emerged. The yell was so loud, even Kara could hear it properly.

Amid the broken pieces of the ship was Steppenwolf with a furious look on his face. "How dare you? I am an immortal being. I have been travelling the cosmos since before your ancestors were in development. Now my precious ship is going down in a dump like this!. If I am to be trapped here, I am going to have the pleasure of ending your miserable lives!"

Even though Kara didn't get everything he was saying, the message was clear. Another fight was coming. She just didn't realize who would be in it.

"Surrender yourself, and I won't hurt you… much." Steppenwolf threatened. His fists clenched as he strolled towards the heroes

"Never!..." Kara denied.

"You won't be able to escape… won't get far." Steppenwolf growled and was finally upon him and reared a fist back. Kara managed to catch it, but it required both of her hands to stop it. Steppenwolf used his other and sent a left hook, right into her face.

The fight wasn't long. Steppenwolf easily subdued Kara and was about to render her unconscious. Ray used his shooters and blasted off Steppenwolf

"I will make sure your planet is destroyed when this ship crashes into the planet." Steppenwolf shouted as Ray slowly helped Kara

"What?" Kara and Ray exclaimed together.

Steppenwolf made his way to a panel that he ripped off to reveal a computer. "I'll simply input the command to self-destruct so that any life on the planet that survives after the crash won't since the ship's destruction will have the power to rip this planet apart."


Diana flew as fast as possible straight to the Wayne Manor, Now since she'd been gone from man's world for so long, she had no idea who the Wayne's were, but judging on the size of the house, they must have been important figures in the world.

Diana burst through the roof and started her search. She had no time to lose.

An elderly man walked into her line of sight. That was strange. She'd been under the impression that the mansion would be abandoned. "I'm assuming You are Alfred"

"Miss. Prince" The old man nodded "How may I help you?" Alfred didn't seem the tiniest bit perturbed at the fact a woman had flown in through the roof.

"How did you know about me?..." Diana asked

"May be some other time.." Alfred replied stating the state of emergency

"Yeah …I am in need of something. A weapon that can take on a Kryptonian." Diana said, her guard still up. This may seem like a weak man that she could easily take on, but appearances could be deceiving.

"I believe I know what it is you are seeking. Follow me." Alfred said and walked back down the hall.

Diana trailed him, but she couldn't believe it would be this easy. A weapon that could kill a Kryptonian and this man was just handing it out. When she voiced her concerns Alfred easily answered her.

"We have no need for such things. And I believe, if Master Bruce was here today, he would have join you in this fight."

A grandfather clock moved to reveal a hidden staircase. Down the stairs was a lair with a symbol of a bat. Gadgets littered the cave and several stands with costumes. Different sizes, different colours, but all of the same design.

Alfred led her to a vault. "What you seek lies behind this door." Alfred inputted a code. The light turned green and the vault unlocked, opening itself.

Within the vault was a glass case holding a spear. The tip of the spear was glowing green. A Kryptonite head. This had to be it. Diana quickly grabbed it from its resting place. "Thank for this. You don't know how much this means."

"He said someone will come for this one day…. Now let's hope you're not too late" Alfred said and Diana nodded

She just rushed out of there. She needed to return to Metropolis before Superman could be defeated. A beast needed to be slayed.


"Okay, that should do it." Winn said. He was putting the final changes on the teleporter. The original worked as a teleporter pad. Whatever was on the pad would be transported to the intended destination. Now it worked that it would open a portal, sucking in the nearest object. In this case, the mothership.

"Let's hope it works. Get it loaded on the Waverider." Sara said.

"Wait, it still needs a power source. Nothing we have here is going to be able to power it. Not for longer than a few seconds anyway."

"What about me? Could we use the energy I produce when I run?" Barry asked. "We've done it before to power the Magnetar device. It siphoned off the power of both Zoom and I."

"That could work. We've still got the ring Zoom made you run on. Just hook it up to the Phantom Projector and you'll be able to use that thing as much as you want." Cisco said.

The ring was too big, so they had to take it apart and rebuild it on its side. Barry would run on it like a race track, siphoning off his energy and give power to the Phantom Projector. The name courtesy of CIsco Ramon.

They'd have to do it while in the air though as time was running out.


"We won't let you do that." Ray said.

"It's too late. The ship is already set to destroy. You don't know enough about this ship to stop it. Simply accept your fate." Steppenwolf said.

"Turn it off." Kara demanded.

"You don't have the power to stop me." Steppenwolf punched the ground, and the resulting shockwave sent both Kara and Ray flying back a few feet.

"We've gotta get out of this ship. Maybe I can fly this thing away from Earth before it explodes." Kara said.

"If you do that, you won't have the time to escape from the resulting explosion." Ray countered.

"We don't have any other option…" Kara said in a determined tone. She flew to the metal doors that would lead to the outside and tried to pry them open.

"Oh no. I can't let you do that." Steppenwolf came up behind her and grabbed onto her cape. He flung her away before she could make much progress.

Kara groaned in pain. "Never before have I hated my cape so much."

"I'll distract him. You just get those doors open." Ray said. His suit expanded to giant proportions and charged towards Steppenwolf

Kara made a break for the doors and flew straight into them. No time to get them open the conventional way. They needed to get out of here now.

The doors bent upon impact, but she wasn't able to tear through, which was a giant surprise. She tried again, but Steppenwolf appeared before her once again and wrapped his arms around her.

"Struggle all you like. You can't break my hold." Steppenwolf said.

"She doesn't have to." Ray said. He plucked them from the air and slammed them into the ground. If it weren't for their invulnerability, that would have done some serious damage. "Sorry Kara."

Kara simply waved him off. She then flew straight to the dent she made previously and slammed against it once again. This time she managed to bust through. She was outside, and by the looks of it, they were falling fast. In the distance she saw another ship. This one was familiar. The Waverider.

Kara looked back to see that Ray was hardly holding Steppenwolf barely and so she quickly flew to the Waverider to see what they could do. Hopefully Ray could hold him off for a few seconds.


"Look, something's coming." Cisco called out, seeing the speeding figure of blue and red.

"It's Kara! She's okay!" Winn cheered.

Kara soon landed in the ship and they could all see her disheveled state. "I can't stay here long. Did you figure out the energy to run the projector so that we can get that thing out of the sky?"

"We've got this." Cisco led her to the machine. "It'll open a portal into the Phantom Zone that'll suck in the ship. No impact with Earth, no destruction. We're harnessing the energy from Barry when he runs. Hopefully it'll be enough."

"Where's Ray? Shouldn't he be with you?" Sara asked.

"Ray had to stay behind. Steppenwolf set the ship to self-destruct and wipe out Earth. We were trying to force him to cancel it or something, but with this, we don't have to anymore." Kara said. "Get this up and running as soon as possible. I'm going back for Ray."

Kara jumped back out the Waverider and sped towards the ship to get Ray.

"Okay, that should do it." Cisco said, finalizing the connection between the ring and the Phantom Projector . "Run Barry! Run!"

Barry nodded and wasted no time. Lightning poured from his body and he ran on the metal ring. The device absorbing the energy provided and transferring it into the Phantom Projector.

"Yes! It's working!" Winn shouted. "Hopefully it'll be fully charged before Kara and Ray come back."

"Don't stop Barry. We're only going to have time for one shot at this!" Caitlin encouraged his seconds


Clark was getting battered. He wouldn't be able to keep this up for much longer. Doomsday sent another punch to his face, and the pain it brought was becoming more prominent. A sign that his powers were depleting if his invulnerability was starting to leave him.

Clark could feel something on his cheek. Something wet. At first he assumed more venom from Doomsday, but when he went to wipe it off, there was a crimson liquid flowing from his face. Blood. He was nearing his limit.

His other senses were dulling in an attempt to keep his main powers. Still, he had enough that he could make out another figure in the sky. And she was carrying something green. Clark wasn't pleased about the Kryptonite, but he was relieved that this would soon be over, one way or another.

Clark had to keep Doomsday's attention on him. Drawing on his eyes, Clark let loose another twin beams of energy. Doomsday casually raised an arm to shield itself. It burned through the skin, but it didn't matter since its healing factor kicked in. Barely a scar.

While it was distracted, Clark jumped in a horizontal direction and launched himself at Doomsday once more. They locked hands and were each trying to push the other back. Clark suddenly reared his head back and butted it against its face. Doomsday let out another roar, but did not loosen its grip or its stance.

Its eyes seemed to glow with rage. It jutted its head out and bit Clark's ear. Clark let out a yell in pain but did not let the pain stop him. Where was Wonder Woman? Shouldn't she already be here?

The sound of ripping flesh answered his question as a green spearhead protruded from Doomsday's chest, nearly touching his own. The pain of the radiation was soon making itself known to Clark as well as he fell to his knees.

The body of Doomsday crumpled forward. A staff stuck on its back with Diana standing with blood on her beautiful features.

Silent grunts captured their attention to the genetic experiment on the ground. "It's still alive? The creature is truly strong."

"What should we do with it?" Clark winced in pain. The Kryptonite flooded his systems, but he would gladly take that then continue facing Doomsday.

"In my opinion, this is nothing but a beast without a leash. One that deserves and must be put down as soon as possible. I honestly didn't expect it to survive, and I don't expect it to last much longer. If we kill it now, it'll be a merciful kill."

Clark hated having to end a life, but this thing wasn't much of a life. It never should have come to be, and Diana was right. The blow Wonder Woman struck would prove fatal. It was a miracle the thing was still breathing.

"Make it quick." Clark closed his eyes. He didn't want to see this.

Diana pulled the spear out of the creature's back and with steady precision plunged it into the thing's head, ending its short, miserable life.

"I'm sorry about that, but it had to be done." Diana said.

"I understand. Now if you'll excuse me-"

"I'm needed in Central City." they said at the same time.

They both stared at each other in shock. But eventually they laughed it off . "No time to waste. We got to get over there fast in case they haven't managed to finish."


Kara returned to the falling ship to see Steppenwolf throwing Ray across the room. Kara launched into action and intercepted Ray before he could crash into the walls.

"Come on, we gotta get out of here. The rest of the team has come up with a way to charge the phantom projector which will prevent the ship from destroying Earth." Kara said, picking Ray up so he could stand.

"If that's the case, why are we still here?" Ray activated his jetpack and flew overhead to the hole to make his escape.

Ray was out, but before Kara could, Steppenwolf managed to grip her ankle and pull her down.

"Kara!" Ray paused, seeing that Kara was not following him anymore.

"Go!" Kara shouted. "I'll be fine. I'm right behind you."

Ray went back and got hold of the ship. He tried hard to climb up and go inside. He could see Kara fighting off Steppenwolf. When they met, Kara wrapped her arms around his waist like a wrestler and tried to grapple him. Her legs pushing against the floor to move Steppenwolf back. Steppenwolf was using her cape like a whip to slam Kara into the floor over and over again. Kara was forced to release her cape so she could get free.

"If what you say is true, then that little planet is going to survive. If nothing else, I'm going to make sure one of you puny creatures dies by my hand." He growled and leaped into the air and dived towards her.

Kara hopped out of the way and fired her laser vision, but missed. She needed to find a way to get out of here. But how? She saw Ray holding out his hand to pull her down. She went to him and got hold of his hand. Right when she was about to get down, Steppenwolf charged at her and Kara was determined to meet him head on.

She pushed Ray down hoping that he would at least survive. Ray was falling to the ground. He tried to go back up, but the choice was taken from him when his jetpack suddenly lost power. It must have been busted in the fight with Steppenwolf and now Ray was falling. He'd just have to hope Kara could make her way out in time. The Waverider swooped under him and angled itself to catch Ray in time. A crash mat appeared to soften his fall.

"Hey, glad to see you're okay. Where's Kara?" Sara asked.

"She's still on board. She got preoccupied. She'll be out soon… I hope." Ray said.

"Well she better hurry. There's not much time before we need to shoot that thing out of the sky. If she's not out, she'll be sucked in as well." Winn said, the Phantom Projector almost fully charged.

"She'll make it. She has to."

"Time's up." Winn said.

"What? No, Kara's not back yet." Cisco said.

"I know, but if we don't shoot this thing out of the sky now, there's not going to be enough time for it to suck in without some casualties." Winn said. The ship was nearing land. Within the next few seconds, it would collide with the Earth. "Look, it pains me to have to do this, but we have to. The Phantom Projector is charged up. This has to happen now."

"We wait for Kara." Barry said, now that he was off the ring since the Phantom Projector was fully charged.

"You don't seem to grasp what's going to happen if we don't. At the minimum, millions are going to die."

"And that's your friend in there. You're saying you're okay with letting her die? Because that's what's going to happen if you fire that." Barry retorted.

"I'm not going to be okay. Kara is my best friend, and I love her like crazy. But if you're okay with letting millions die because we waited too long, you tell me right now." Winn said.

There was a moment of silence that was quickly broken by Sara. "Fire it."

"Sara no," Barry shook his head.

"Barry, I'm sorry, but we have to put the good of the people ahead of ourselves. All of us knew the dangers this life brings. Kara too. And if she were here, she'd want us to fire it with her in there because she'd never be able to live with herself if even one person died because we decided to wait for her."

"Here goes nothing!" Winn shouted as the Phantom Projector glowed white with energy. It fired a single prolonged beam of energy into the sky directly above where the fallen mothership was plummeting. A small explosion and a giant hole opened. Its own gravitational energy seemed to be able to pull everything into it.

As if they were one conscience, the parademons opened their wings and retreated back to the small ships, as though they were being called back.

The force it was exerting actually managed to pause the descent of the falling mother ship and reverse its course. The ship was being pulled into the hole, with the Waverider a safe distance so as to not be sucked in as well.


"This is where it ends Kryptonian." Steppenwolf growls

"Yes, it is." Kara replied

Suddenly, the ship faltered and the two combatants stumbled. They both looked out of the hole in the wall to see the giant wormhole sucking them in.

She ran up to him and performed an uppercut on his jaw, the force managed to lift him into the air for the briefest of seconds. Using those precious moments, Kara pushed him but what she wasn't expecting was for him to grab onto her as well.

"You loose Kryptonian" Steppenwolf shouted and pulled out a device, and with a click of a button, she could see his armor lighting up. "You thought, you can win just by bringing down by ship? Or sending me to the phantom zone?... You have no idea what's going to happen now"

Oliver's words came to Kara's mind. 'There'll come a time… when you have to make a hard choice and in that moment… you will truly discover what mettle you truly have and what you're prepared to risk… for what matters. She remembered what Lexie said 'Save Dad.. Save The Flash'. Kara understood what had to be done to make sure no one dies.


Everyone watched in silence as the last of the ship and its debris was sucked through the portal. They all looked into the horizon, hopeful to catch the glimpse of the blue and red heroine coming to surprise them with a cheery attitude and bright smile.

Diana and Clark reached Central City to see that everything was over.

When nothing happened, Barry spoke what was on everyone's mind. "Kara?..."




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