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Moving Ahead

A/N: I'm not against any of the Actors/actresses based on their race, Sex, Ethnicity. It is just my imagination of a story I loved to tell.

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Chapter 4 – Moving Ahead

"Let's go meet her. I need to speak to her about something as well" Barry said.

"Can I come along?" Cait asked.

Barry just nodded and picked her up.

"Let's go" Kara spoke.




The group entered the Arrow layer to find Diggle, Lyla, Sara, and Curtis.

"Dig!" Barry said, dropping Caitlin and hugging the man.

"I'm Sorry!"

Diggle hugged and did not speak anything.

"Where's Felicity?" Kara asked hugging Diggle.

"She'll be here tomorrow. J'onn came by yesterday to give us the memories, but she needs to know!" Diggle replied with a blank face and J'onn just gave a half smile.

"The world thinks Oliver has been missing for 6 months. We thought the same until J'onn came by" Diggle continued, "We are putting up a funeral tomorrow, do you guys want to come?"

"Of course!" Barry and Kara said at the same time.

"You both are welcome as well!" Diggle said looking at J'onn and Caitlin.

J'onn gave a approval nod and Caitlin just smiled.

"I'm sorry for Iris, Barry" Diggle said hugging Barry and patting his back.

As they drew apart, Barry just nodded trying to avoid his emotions.

The Next day:

Everyone started arriving.

"Hi!" Mia Queen said walking over to Felicity who was zoned out in her thoughts looking the tomb

"I know, This morning you were teething and now you're, Oh wow!" Felicity shocked after seeing her adult daughter for first time.

"Dad had a very similar reaction when he first saw me" Mia said.

"You met your father?" Felicity asked.

"Yeah, He trained me.. He taught me to be a hero just like him" Mia said with tears.

"I can tell you're a lot like him"

"I can only hope" Mia said as Felicity hugged her daughter.

"Felicity!" Barry hugged her, "I'm so sorry, He was a good man."

"Thank you!" Felicity said

"I was there at the end and…..I'm tortured with the thought that I could have done more..I should have done more! "

"No, You did everything that you could Barry"

"How could you say that?"

"Well, Because you know, I know you" Felicity said assuring Barry.

Barry nodded and hugged Mia and said "I'm sorry"

Kara and Caitlin hugged Felicity and Mia.

Kara was about to say when Felicity cut her.

"It's ok Kara, I know you could have done if it was in your hands" Felicity said.

Kara just gave a nod with tears.

"Hey!" Diggle came up to Felicity hugged her and kissed on her forehead.

"There is no body down there right?" J'onn came up asking.

"No, We buried a casket full of mementos" Diggle replied.

"Does anybody want to say a few words?" Sara asked as all of them stood in front of the tomb.

"I'm barely keeping it together as it is" Felicity spoke with tears.

"I don't know what to say.." Barry said.

"Yeah, words seem... meaningless" Kara said shaking her head.

"Hey" Felicity said looking over to Diggle "It should be you."

Diggle nodded at Felicity and took her and Lyla's hands in his.

"The Oliver I met 8 years ago is not the one that we say good-bye to today.." Diggle said with great grief and continued.

"Oliver always told me that in order to save his city, he had to become someone else...he had to become something else.. I always thought that meant becoming the Green Arrow but… Today I realized that meant becoming a better man…. The best man he knew how to be…. and he took all of us with him on that journey. He changed everything…..! Oliver brought heroes into the world...he inspired heroes..he inspired all of us here. I was his brother and Oliver Queen was mine. Of course, life will go on. It always does, But how? What twists and turns will it take? I can't say. I don't know what the future holds… Except to say expect the unexpected. Oliver may be gone, but his mission endures…that mission that lives in the people he inspired… Some will take that mission to rest of the world…Maybe even beyond that… because if the past 8 years had shown us anything… It's that this universe is far bigger than any of us could have dared to imagine… even if it is less brighter without him in it."

After a while everyone started leaving,




The Same Evening:

Sara was sitting over.

"Hey" Barry said approaching her.

"How did you find me?" Sara asked.

"I did a quick search in the whole city for you… When you left suddenly, I got a little worried"

"You see that tree over there? My sister and I used to race to the top when we were little. I'd win every single time" Sara said with a laugh and Barry laughed back too.

"I used to think it was because I was a better climber, but now I think laurel let me win, cause she knew I was a sore lose" Sara said with a chuckle. " A lot has changed since then, I was an assassin, I was dead. Now I'm the captain of a friggin' time ship.. One thing remains the same. I'm still a sore loser."

"I know it's hard not having Oliver here with us.. But look at what his sacrifice made possible.. Our world is..different, but at least it's safe" Barry said.

"How can you be so sure Barry? Iris is dead here." Sara questioned him.

"I know it's not all fairyland. To be very honest, even before crisis, I and Iris weren't in a good place. I think I was into her for some time that I never could see her mistakes or mine as well.We never could have been happy together" Barry said.

Sara just nodded her head and rubbed his back and said, "Oliver was just the last tether to my old life, you know?"

Barry nodded understanding what Sara was saying.

"and he was the only person left who knew me when I was just….me. With him gone, my connection to this world, this place, to that tree…. It's gone" Sara said with tears.

"I know what it's like to lose family, My mom, dad, Iris…each death feels like there is no moving forward, like life will never be the same" Barry said.

Sara nodded at him.

" and I'm right. It will be not be the same, but…. Somehow It's ok. Family isn't just the people that you grew up with.. it's the people you find, the one's you love, the one's that makes you crazy, smile and laugh.." Barry said as Sara smiled.

"When did you get so wise?" Sara asked pushing him over as they both just laughed.

"The legends! They are my family, they have been there for a while. I guess I just… I always thought that there would be at least someone who remembered what I was like before I got on that boat" Sara said as Barry gave a nod.

"But as u said it will be okay one day I guess….you need to be as well. Find someone who makes you happy, who will stay near you at your weakest and greatest times." Sara stood up and hugged Barry. "I'm going in for a bar, want to join?"

"You do know that alcohol has zero effects on me" Barry said.

"Yeah, I remember it now, too bad I guess nothing to use to drown your sorrows." Sara chuckled.

"Bye Sara.." Barry said.

"Can you do me a favour Barry?" Sara asked as Barry nodded

"Oliver asked us both to take care of his family. Carrying Felicity across the time is not a good option right now, she might jump off to some other time to meet Oliver" Sara said.

"You don't have to ask, I was going to look for her anyway" Barry replied.

"Thank you Barry, See you around" Sara said and left off.

Barry sat there thinking over what Sara said about moving on and finding someone when a gust of wind came in suddenly.

"Hey" Kara came up in casual wear sitting beside Barry.

"Hey…I thought you went back to National"

"I was looking for you to say Bye" Kara said with a smile.

"I came here looking for Sara, after she left suddenly…. we had a pretty good chat"

"I know...I listened " Kara said.

"Did you spy on us?" Barry said with a laugh.

"Technically it wasn't spying. I was looking for you. I knew for the fact that you'll not go back leaving Caitlin, so I was just listening for your voice" Kara defended herself.

Barry just gave a smile looking her.

"How are you holding up?" Kara asked.

"Not as good as Sara for certain. She lost all her family and now Oliver…. I feel bad for her.. But as she said, she also made a new family with her team. I'm happy for her…. In my case, it's work in progress." Barry answered.

"I know how you are feeling now. You lost two important people at the same time. I felt the same when my planet got destroyed… It felt like in a matter of minutes, I lost my whole life. I thought I could never overcome that. But Alex, Eliza, J'onn, Kal, Winn..they all made it easy for me. I have a family now." Kara said putting her arms around Barry as he just smiled looking at her.

"I don't know where will I be if something like that ever happened to me or even if Joe didn't take me in after my dad got arrested" Barry said with a tear in his eye.

Barry continued with tears, "Joe always cared for me…like his own son. After the lightning, there was Caitlin and Cisco… always!! They stood by me through thick and thin. I really feel thankful for them. And Oliver.. he always had my back. If not for his training, I would have been dead many years ago. I always thought that I will have him by my side every-time I need some advice. He was like a brother to me. I can't believe that he's not there with us anymore!"

Kara hugged him tightly and started rubbing his back.

"I don't know why he sacrificed himself for me! He left his family for me! I can never overcome it!" Barry said crying in Kara's arms.

"Oliver did it because he believed in you Barry!" Kara said trying to rub off his tears.

"I promised Oliver that I will take care of his family! I will make sure no one ever touches them!" Barry said trying to hold up his emotions.

"You will help me?" Barry asked with tears.

"Of course I will!" Kara said with an assuring smile.

In the back, Caitlin got off the cab and started walking towards them.

"Thank you!" Barry said trying to hold up his emotions. Kara held his head up, slowly came up...looked into his eyes and said "You never have to!" and kissed him on the lips. Barry didn't move a bit as they stayed there for a bit.

Caitlin who saw it couldn't control her emotions and ran off in the same direction she came.





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