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Kara looked to the group in front of her, knowing that this might be the last time she'll ever see some of these faces, or perhaps, the last time they'll ever see hers. She was so out of her element here. Kara was used to following orders and going along with the plan. It wasn't often that she was the one to take charge.

Kara took a breath. Oliver came to her. Her daughter came to her to give Kara the chance to save everyone she cares about.

"We're going to have to split up. All of you are going to be staying here to defend the civilians. I'll be going by myself up to the mothership to take out the source of this attack." Kara commanded.

"I'm going with you." Ray volunteered. "If you're going to disable a spaceship, you're going to need someone with some tech smarts, and I'll be able to defend myself so you don't need to worry about me."

"I'm going as well." Clark spoke up. "You can't stop me. I am going to be there for you because I owe it to you. Family sticks together, right?"

"Wait a second, can you turn that up?" Lena's attention was drawn to a single newsfeed on one of the monitors. This one was the Daily Planet in Metropolis City.

The volume was being increased so they could hear what the reporter was saying. "I'm here at the scene where some kind of monster has burst through the ground in front of Lex-Corp! People are unsure of where this creature came from, but it's destroying everything in sight! Officials are already at the scene, but nothing seems to be able to stop this behemoth."

"It can't be..." Lena muttered to herself.

"What? Do you know what that is? Because we don't have the time to be dealing with two attacks at once here" Kara shouted.

"I saw it once, but development had been stopped by the time I took over." Lena said.

"What is it?" Clark asked in a panic.

"Doomsday. One of my brother's last creations. He'd built it based on DNA he'd… collected from Superman." Lena explained.

"Are you saying that thing is some clone of me?" Clark asked in shock.

"Not exactly. The DNA is kryptonian, but not the one you're familiar with. Lex delved deep into your genes. He somehow managed to discover a prehistoric kryptonian species buried deep in your DNA. A distant cousin." Lena said.

"So how is it here?" Barry asked.

"I'm not sure," Lena shrugged. "When I found it, it wasn't anywhere close to completion. It was still working on the theory of even being able to use the DNA from Superman to make a clone. I sent it with the other 'pet projects' Lex had that I promised would never see the light of day. Someone must still be in cahoots with my brother in the company, continuing the project without me knowing."

"We have to stop it." Clark said in determination.

"I realize that, but how? Kryptonian DNA, even Doomsday, is hard to understand and not easy to replicate. There are gaps in the DNA that we have no idea about. If I'm right, that creature is just a mass of primal instincts stacked with all the destructive powers of an ancient species of Kryptonian. Can it even be stopped?"

"Who knows. But we won't know if we don't try. Kara, I'm sorry, but-" Clark tried to say.

"You have to go. No, I understand. That's your city being attacked by some creature born of your DNA. You need to take care of it." Kara said. Honestly, she was expecting something like this to happen when Oliver had warned her that Kal would be unable to join her fight and instead would be given his own.

"Wait, let me come and help you.." Barry said and Nate came forward as well.

"No!" Lena cut in... "I know only a little about this creation.. but I definitely know that you guys are not going to withstand it..."

"Lena's right... This is my fight...I'm so sorry about this Kara... take care..."Clark apologized before he was forced to fly out of there and save his city.

"We just lost Superman," Cisco commented.

"Hey, the plan still stands. Ray and I will fly up to the ship and destroy it from the inside. The rest of you will stay here and defend the Earth long enough for us to succeed." Kara said.

"Maybe it should be more than the two of you." Barry said in concern. "I can come along."

"No, Barry," Kara shook her head. "I can't let you do that. Ray and I can handle ourselves. I'd rather not bring more people than I need. Besides, I'm leaving you in charge of the ground assault. Someone's gotta do it."

Barry looked down in disappointment and sighed. "I won't let you down."

An alarm went off somewhere, alerting the team of heroes that a spacecraft was entering Earth's orbit.

"What now? We've got Steppenwolf and Doomsday in Metropolis. Can't the universe give us a break?" Felicity asked sarcastically.

"Don't say that!" Cisco shouted. "It's like saying 'Things can't get any worse'. The universe loves proving us wrong."

"The universe doesn't care if we say something like that. Don't be ridiculous Cisco," Caitlin rolled her eyes.

"You just wait. Things can, and always will, get worse."

Nearing the space ship, Kara couldn't help but note the familiar design of the ship. But as soon as she got closer, she knew exactly who this ship belonged to.

"J'onn!" Kara shouted.

The ship transformed back into a car with J'onn at the helm. "Kara, it's good to see you."

"Do you have any idea how long we've been waiting for you to return? There has been so much going on since you've been gone."

"Shall we start with the alien armada in the sky?" J'onn suggested.

Kara shrugged as if it were no big deal. "Might as well. Seems as good a place as any to start."

The two returned back to the troops. Kara didn't notice it before, preoccupied with the fact of J'onn's return to Earth, but the ship he was in had a carry-on. As in, there was another ship that looked poorly managed attached to it.

"J'onn!" everybody shouted in elation. They were so glad to have more support in the coming invasion.

"I'm glad to see you all as well, but I believe we have more pressing concerns at the moment." J'onn greeted them.

"Right, we've got an alien overlord, Steppenwolf, trying to conquer Earth, so really it's just another day of the week for us." Barry informed him.

"Do we have any idea as to his alien origin?" J'onn asked.

"Apokolips. Do you have any idea about them?" Kara supplied.

"More than I'd care for. The Apokoliptians are a warmongering race. They came to Mars some hundred years ago. Laid siege, but we were able to drive them off eventually. Now, I've never met Steppenwolf, but I've heard about him. His reputation speaks highly of him. He'll be incredibly dangerous if only half the things said about him are true." J'onn said.

"Can you provide us with any help whatsoever?" Felicity asked. "Something to fight them off?"

"As a matter of fact, Kara saw this, but I brought one of the destroyed Apokolips ships with me. It was disrupting the environment around it and so the people wanted to get rid of it. I thought the people of Earth would benefit from its knowledge so I brought it with me to be studied."

"That… will be incredibly useful. Thank you." Felicity commented.

"Yes! Use the bad guy's technology to take them down. Just got to figure out how to use it," Cisco exclaimed, excited at the prospect of studying alien technology.

"Listen everyone...I don't care how many demons Steppenwolf has fought many hells...he's never fought us...Not us united!!!" Kara commanded and everyone nodded for it. She saw everyone looking towards their loved ones. She saw Caitlin and Barry sharing glances but not going in together still in the hesitant state. "... And I'm gonna make a promise... No one in this room will lose their loved ones!"

Kara and Ray were in Kara's spaceship the DEO was holding. A small ship would stand the most likely chance of getting past the armada undetected.

"So when you get onto the ship, head to the center. Don't stop for anything. It's going to be heavily protected, so be prepared. Most likely, you'll run into Steppenwolf. Do not engage." J'onn warned. "You don't have the time for that, get past him and disable the ship. Nothing else matters. Once the ship goes down, he'll go down with it. He's too proud to abandon it."

"Don't worry so much. You're making me nervous." Kara humored a little.

"Take care of yourself Kara. No matter what, I'm always going to care for you." Barry bid farewell.

"Don't worry. I'll be careful" Kara replied with a smile and hugged him.

The glass came up. The ship was preparing for take off. "Remember, protect the world from evil. We don't know how long it's going to take, or how long it'll take for the techs to reverse engineer the Apokoliptian, but no matter what, you can't back down." Kara yelled out.

"Don't worry about us. We know what to do. You just make sure that ship goes down." J'onn nodded his head.

With a wave, the two heroes flew off into the sky. With any luck, they'd be able to make it to the mothership.

"How are we on weaponizing the Apokolips tech?" Barry asked.

"Slow. The thing is hundreds of years old. Lots of these things don't even work anymore and some of the material is unidentified. We're going to need to find suitable substitutes if we're even going to be making a functioning prototype." Felicity reported.

"Do what you have to. Just get it working." Jesse said. "Money is not an issue."

"We don't know how much longer they're going to be stationary. Sooner or later, they're going to start sending down their armies. We need to get as much done before then."

"You mean, like right now?" Cisco pointed to the ships which seemed to have several flying creatures exiting from them.

"What are they?" Caitlin asked.

"Parademons. Genetically engineered servants to Apokolips. They obviously have flight capabilities with the power to breathe fire. Take them down fast and hard. If they're still standing, they'll resort to their last measure, self-detonation." J'onn said.

"You mean…" Caitlin trailed off in horror.

"Each of those things are a bomb waiting to go off. That's their entire purpose. To live and die for Apokolips. But that's not even the worst part. They're a disease. Able to infect other beings and transform them into parademons themselves...We are humanity's last stand. If we fall, then Earth falls. We cannot let that happen!" J'onn looked to the team.

"Let's get out there." Barry nodded his head and was about to move out when Caitlin stopped him. The rest of the heroes went out to their respective tasks.

"Barry..." Caitlin said slowly. She didn't want herself to force upon Barry. But she couldn't stop herself. "... Please take care of yourself"

Barry saw into her eyes, he could see love in them, he could see fear in them. He moved towards her and took her face into his hands. "I'm going to be fine.." A tear started falling from her left eye.

"I...I don't wanna lose you..." She stammered. He slowly rubbed the tear.

"I'll be fine...I'll come back... come back to you..." Barry said and tears started to dwell up in him as well. She hugged him tightly. "...I gotta go cait..." She came out and looked at him. She wanted to kiss him and never leave him. He kissed on her forehead.

"Take care..." She said with tears and Barry ran off.

She could feel the chaos in man's world. He had come just as they'd been warned. She needed to help, but first to prepare. Her duty was to help her people first and foremost and she would not leave them in a state of panic.

The young and elderly would be placed in a secure location. The warriors would raid the weaponry. As princess, she needed to oversee all of this before she'd be allowed to depart to take part in the war.

Time was of the essence though, so she'd have to finish her duties as soon as possible.

The attack was mostly focused in Central. Perhaps it was the concentration of metahumans to turn that attracted the parademons to a single location. Whatever the reason, the heroes were glad for it.

The parademons flew through the air in groups. Attacking everything in sight. The people were running in panic as these demonic creatures swooped through the skies.

The heroes were doing everything in their power to help the people and take down the creatures.

J'onn took to the skies to draw some of their fire away from the people. The heat from the flames they exuded weakened him, but the damp clouds and cold temperatures were helping to dull the pain and keep him airborne.

Barry sped through the streets carrying civilians to safety. Sending a lightning bolt here and there in a distracted attempt of getting rid of the parademons in his way.

A little child was cowering in an alley. A single parademon was stalking up behind the child. The kid was completely unaware of the danger drawing closer until a golden bolt of lightning shot past him and struck the parademon in the chest. The thing was in pain, with scorch marks on its body and electricity crackling all over its body, but it had enough mind to end its life on its terms as it began to glow.

Barry hurried and grabbed the child and made it to a couple blocks away before they heard the resulting explosion. He saw her a little frightened.

"Hey.. it's okay... You're okay..." He said to make the little girl relax a bit. " What's your name?"

"My.. my name is Bess..." The child replied stammering.

"Look Bess! It's Dangerous out here right now... Get inside and find your family." Barry said making the girl comfortable.

"I'm sorry Flash. I didn't want to distract you."

"No, you're not a distraction. You are the reason I'm running. So actually, you're the hero. Now go be a hero, and find your family and make sure they're safe. Pinky promise?" Barry held out his little finger.

"Pinky promise," the child hooked their pinky around Barry's and let out a little laugh at the small static shock between them.

Barry patted their back. "Okay, ready? Go!" Barry lightly pushed the child to the crowd of people where they could hopefully help the child and Barry ran back into the action.

In Metropolis, Superman had arrived at the scene of destruction. A hulking mass of muscle was destroying everything in sight.

Clark swooped down with frightening speed and crashed into the experiment with enough force to leave a crater in the street.

The impact didn't leave a scratch on Clark, and as the dust settled, Clark could see it didn't seem to affect Doomsday either.

Clark raised his fists in preparation for a fight. Based on what Lena had told him, Doomsday was nothing but a slavering beast with no intelligent mind. One that needed to be put down.

Doomsday let out an unintelligent roar and charged at him. It moved with such speed that Clark almost didn't have time to get out of the way. When it realized it had missed its target, Doomsday came back around and tried to take a swing.

Clark blocked the attack with one arm and leapt forward, grabbing its collar and flying away. The middle of was not a good place to handle this.

Unfortunately with Doomsday's larger structure, it still had full use of its arms and used them to drag the both of them back to the ground.

The fall created another crater they both landed in. Doomsday came up behind Clark and grabbed him, immobilizing his arms. Clark floated back into the air slightly and crashed them both down, with Doomsday taking the brunt of the impact. This repeated several more times, each time shaking the ground and making the hole deeper until finally Doomsday had enough and released Clark.

Turning around, Clark grabbed a hold of Doomsday and launched him into the air. So far, Doomsday didn't seem to have any capability of flight, and if it did, it didn't seem to be able to control it properly.

Clark flew after the falling figure at top speed. Doomsday had already begun its descent and still it was showing no indication of being able to fly. But that didn't matter right now. The power of gravity pulled Doomsday right to him and they met once again. Clark could feel the thing's flesh around his fist, but it just refused to break.

Doomsday was sent into the air once again with Clark following close behind.

When Doomsday landed, it thankfully didn't create another hole in the city. But there still didn't seem to be a scratch on him. And if anything, it seemed Doomsday had gotten angrier. Its rage fueling its powers.

With another roar, it extended claws from its hands. The thing had claws? Clark huffed as it was apparent he would be in for a long battle. Clark let his eyes glow red and shot twin beams of heat vision right into its face.

Doomsday grunted in discomfort and raised a hand to shield his face, letting his hand take the attack. Clark depowered and assessed the damage. That looked to have done something at least. Burn marks as clear as day.

But right in front of his eyes, they healed in seconds. Clark guessed he shouldn't have been too surprised the thing had a healing factor. Who knew what else Luthor and the rest of his goons had enhanced the thing with?

Clark sighed and prepared for himself for another onslaught.




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