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Quick Note- If any of you watch legends of Tomorrow, you might know that at the end of season 4, Zari was replaced with her brother Behrad with the legends. And Zari's timeline changed which resulted Zari becoming a new person. Which we usually call as zari 2.0... but things are different here (in my story)... Here, Zari 1.0 never got replaced...


Caitlin stood near the entrance of the time vault. It reminded her of the time when Barry visited her while she was working in Mercury labs... When he came to meet her after he disbanded the team because of what happened during the singularity... The only change here was that Caitlin was in Barry's position. She looked at Barry who was working. All her heart was asking her to run into his arms.

"Hey..." Caitlin called weakly. Tears already formed in her eyes.

Barry immediately turned back recognising the voice and looked at the woman... The woman he was deeply in love with... Dr.Caitlin Snow. Tears started to form in his eyes as well.

"Hey..." words came from Barry and Caitlin gave a small smile at that. "It's been a while..." Tears dropped from his eyes.

"Ah... Here..." Caitlin said, taking out a handkerchief from her pockets. Barry gave a small chuckle at that. This felt like a déjà vu to him.

"You carry a handkerchief now?... What are you 80?" Barry asked, taking it and rubbing off his tears.

"Thought...would be useful today..." Caitlin said looking at him. She was losing control upon herself from not kissing him. She started to look around to control herself. Barry looked at Caitlin, he wanted to take her into his arms and never leave her. But he stopped because it was never going to happen... Because he was slow to realise his love for her.. because she was now with someone else... someone Barry is going to hate for all his life because that person got Caitlin.

"How was the trip?" Barry asked slowly.

"Good..." Caitlin replied weakly.

"So?... Anyone you need to introduce to me?" Barry asked. Even though he didn't want to meet him, because in the end all he wanted was Caitlin to be happy. Caitlin puzzled at that question. Did Barry see Mike? Did he know that she was back in the central city a while ago?

Caitlin was about to speak when they were interrupted by Cisco's voice from the speaker. "Hey Barry, Caitlin... We need you in the cortex..."

"Looks like.. we need to wait..." Barry said and Caitlin nodded.

Caitlin and Barry entered the cortex to find everyone waiting for them.

"Did you get any answers Barry?" Sara asked.

"No, I tried everything... Gideon is not giving me answers"

"I thought you had master control over it... considering the fact that you are the creator" Zari cut in.

"I did create Gideon... I mean eventually I will... But looks like my future self has written a command to never give answers even to me in some of these situations" Barry said.

"Maybe it's because some of these things may have a huge impact on the time stream... like Oliver going on that boat.. or like Barry's mom dying" Zari said which made Barry wince. Caitlin noticed it and squeezed his hand to give him strength. Zari noticed it "Sorry Barry... I didn't mean it in that way"

"It's okay," Barry said, turned to Caitlin and smiled at her weakly.

"So how do we do this now?" Sara asked.

"The same way we discussed it before..." Kara said walking in.

"No! Kara... There's gotta be another way... You can't go alone against him" Clark said "I'm coming with you..."

"Clark!... This is Oliver's plan... he's the best of us" Kara said.

"And Oliver is dead!" Clark shouted. "No offense...but I'm coming with you into that ship..." Kara was about to talk when they were interrupted.

"Guys... You need to see this!" Cisco shouted to get everyone's attention. Everyone turned to screens.

"Cisco! What is the estimated time?" Kara asked.

"Working on it... But I don't think we have a long time" Cisco said.

"We need to stop arguing and be on the job" Kara said. "We stick to our plan!"

Clark glared at Kara, still not okay with the plan. "Everyone knows their parts right?.. Nia is on her way..." At that same moment, Nia Nal walked in with Alex Danvers. "Ah... So everyone's here"

"Wait... Where's Kate?" Barry asked, being the only person who hasn't got memories restored and everyone looked at him. "What?"

"Things didn't turn out well for Kate in this timeline... She died along with her mom and sister" Kara slowly said and Barry remained silent.

"What about Jefferson... Jefferson Pierce?" Barry asked, remembering Jefferson whom he had met during the crisis.

"I did try to find him after I got my memories, but I couldn't find him..." Cisco said and Barry nodded slowly.

"Cisco... Winn? What about J'onn? Any luck contacting him?" Alex asked. Both the nerds shook their heads.

"There's no time now... We have to act with what we have..." Kara said and looked at Felicity "Try finding an answer to that clue from Oliver" Kara said pointing to the clue Oliver had given to her.

"Geek team... With me" Felicity said taking Jessie, Winn, Zari to another room. Cisco waited signalling to Felicity that he'll come by.

Alex's phone started ringing. She picked it up.

"I need to go... The President wants to know about this..." Alex said moving to Kara. She hugged her and left.

"Do we know why this Steppenwolf is coming?" Caitlin asked.

"Do bad guys need a motive? They just do whatever they want" Nia said.

"No... There is definitely a purpose behind everything..." Caitlin said.

"She has a point... I had a perfect purpose to every crime I did back in the day" Mick said drinking a beer.

"Did Oliver tell anything about the motive?" Barry asked.

"Didn't reveal anything else than that unsolvable puzzle" Kara said, being irritated by Oliver.

"Typical Oliver" Sara murmured. At that point Lena walked in with a briefcase in her hand.

"Kara... I've brought the upgrades" Lena said, keeping the briefcase on the table.

"What is it?" Clark asked, still having no trust in the Luthor family.

"I upgraded the anti-kryptonite suits which I made for you guys months ago" Lena said.

"I asked her to make them... because Krypton's council had banned to speak about the beings of Apokolips...which means our planet had knowledge about these guys" Kara said before Clark could ask anymore questions.

"So does he about us..." Clark finished understanding. "Thanks Lena!" Clark said but Lena could still see no faith in Clark's words. She didn't blame him for that because of what Lex has done over the past.

"It's okay Mr.Kent..." Lena replied in a formal way.

"Kara, can I talk with you for a minute?" Barry asked. Kara nodded and they both walked out of the cortex. Caitlin's eyes were fixed on Barry when Cisco walked over to her.

"You both are quite the pair" Cisco said while Caitlin blushed at that.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Caitlin said.

"Oh... You definitely know what I'm talking about... You think no one sees what you're doing?"

"What am I doing?" Caitlin asked.

"Your sight!... It's been on Barry all the time... The moment Zari started talking about Barry's mom, you moved to comfort if you know how he would feel "

"Ya.. that's what friends are for..." Caitlin said.

"No... Friends help in comforting you after you get hurt... Only loved ones know when someone is going to get hurt... You knew how Barry was going to feel!" Cisco said.

"Cisco, you sure nothing has happened to you right? You didn't get hit by something hard on your head right?" Caitlin asked jokingly.

"Ya..Ya funny... C'mon Caitlin! Drop the show! You're a terrible actor... I can... Everyone can clearly see that you're in love with Barry..." Cisco said and Caitlin had lost it.

"Yeah I do!" Caitlin said.

"I know it!!!!" Cisco exclaimed.

"Felicity told you?" Caitlin asked.

"No... It's written on your face Caitlin... I've known this for years!..." Caitlin looked at him "I just want you both to be happy..."

"I haven't told Barry yet!... A lot has happened with his life... First it was his Iris and Oliver... I don't know..." Caitlin was cut off.

"He'll come around... Because you, Caitlin Snow, are his home!" Cisco said, taking her hands. Caitlin gave a weak smile and hugged him.

Few Minutes Earlier:

Kara and Barry walked out of the cortex. They both stood in the hallway and Kara could see Barry's hesitation.

"Barry... Whatever it is, you can tell me!"

"Kara... I'm...I'm sorry" Barry said.

"Look Barry..." Kara was cut off.

"Please let me ..." Barry said and Kara nodded. "I never wanted anything like this to happen, Kara" Kara could sense sincerity in him. "When you kissed me for the first time that night of Oliver's said that you liked me, I asked you for time to think...We both lost someone we loved for a long time, you lost Mon-El and I lost Iris...I...I thought it was universe or Oliver giving us a second chance..." Barry was trembling. "When I got to know that Iris isn't... in this timeline... I didn't know what to do... I didn't know if I could ever move forward... But I had the faith that , If Caitlin is around, she's going to make sure that I move on... But when black mercy attacked Caitlin... The thought of losing her... I never felt that... I couldn't imagine my life without her... I never realized how much I love her... I don't know if I can live if something happens to her..." Tears started to fall from Barry. Kara started remembering what Lexie told her about what happened after Caitlin died and how Barry broke and left everything. The thought of imaging it tore her. "I never wanted to hurt you Kara, the things how I ended... But, I just wanted to be honest with you..."

"It's okay Barry..." tears rolled from Kara's eyes as well. "I can understand... I just want you to be happy... I will always love you Barry!"

"I lov..." Barry was cut off due to the alarm. They both rushed to the cortex.

"What is it?" Kara asked. Everyone who assembled back to the cortex. Cisco pointed a finger at the screen. There were large ships descending.

"How did they arrive so fast?..." Almost everyone asked.

"It looks like some boom tube sort of..." Winn said working on his tablet. "The point now is... They are here..."

"So let's do it..." Kara said and everyone turned to her.




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