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"God! I wish world was simpler" Nora said "If Oliver created this world, why did he make this happen?"

"Universe requires balance in everything... There's no light without darkness" Ray said. Kara nodded.

"What about the others? We can't win this with you two guys... We need to tell them" Nora said.

"Not now... We'll let them know when the time comes" Kara said and the Palmer couple nodded "Meanwhile, we have to start working" Kara said looking at Ray.

"I will start working" Ray said.

"Get whatever you want" Kara said "I'll talk to Jessie about us getting the equipment"

"No need Kara... Jessie has given me the authority to run this...You know, by myself" Ray said and Kara nodded "I'll start planning"

"I will do mine as well" Kara said and was about to leave when Ray stopped her again.

"Kara... You haven't finished telling us the whole plan" Ray said. Kara took a deep breath. She herself didn't know the whole plan but she had to act strong to lead them.

"We'll deal one at a time" She said and Ray nodded.


Central City:

Caitlin got back to her apartment along with Felicity. Felicity tried hard and made her a soup.

"Nope... cooking is not happening to you... Not in this life" Caitlin said after tasting a spoon.

"Oliver told me the same" Felicity groaned.

"You mean like ' Felicity Smoak... You have failed this Soup!'? " Caitlin growled trying her best to mimic Oliver and started laughing.

"Yeah something like that..." Felicity said and started to laugh back. She was happy seeing Caitlin laugh.

"You should smile more" Felicity said. Caitlin stopped laughing and looked at her. "Suits you... I know, These last couple of months haven't been smooth to you... But that's how life is.. we have to accept it"

"It has been more tough to you than me... But how are you managing? I was so caught up in my things that I stopped asking you or care about you" Caitlin said weakly.

"I'm good and I'm happy... Because I made peace with Oliver's decision" Felicity said. "Oliver would have want me to live my life doing what I like" Felicity continued. Caitlin nodded weakly. "I'm not telling that I don't miss him... But it's like...he's looking over us... All of us"

"Something Oliver would definitely do" Caitlin said moving ahead and hugged Felicity. Felicity hugged her back started rubbing Caitlin's back.

"So how many days are you going to stay here?" Felicity asked.

"I...I don't know" Caitlin said "But I need your help" Felicity raised an eyebrow at that. "I want you to make sure Barry doesn't know that I'm back in central city"

"Don't worry about that, leave that part to me" Felicity said assuring Caitlin, which was enough for her, because Barry cannot bypass something Felicity had forged off. "So what place do you want him to know that you are?" Felicity asked laughing.


Jessie entered Barry's Crime lab to find him brooding over.

"Barr...Barr" Jessie called to get him out of the trance. She finally shook him up.

"Jess... What are you doing here?" Barry asked.

"You left home pretty early and haven't gotten to Star labs from morning either"

"I've been busy" Barry lied.

"Yeah... I can see" Jessie said mocking him.

"So... Did you eat something?" She asked and Barry nodded slowly.

"Don't Lie Barry... Your face says it all" Jessie left and brought few pizza boxes from outside and passed it over to him "I know you didn't eat... So eat now!!" Jessie said stressing about the last part. Barry reluctantly nodded and took out the food. Joe walked in at the same time.

"What's going on guys?" He asked sitting beside Jessie and across Barry.

"Nothing... Trying to make this son of yours eat something" Jessie said and Barry glared at her.

"So what did you bring for this old man? I'm starving as well" Joe said and Jessie took out a pizza from the box and passed it on to him. Joe started laughing as he started eating.

"What's so funny" Jessie asked smiling.

"You know...This reminds me of that day when Barry and Caitlin set you up for a blind date and I was patrolling" Joe said laughing and Jessie went red.

"Oh god... No" Jessie shied.

"Wait? Blind date?" Barry suddenly got out of his thoughts and asked "What happened that day?"

Joe was about to talk when Jessie stopped him "No... No Joe..." Jessie tried stopping him.

"Hey... wait" Barry started laughing trying to stop Jessie "Joe... Tell me what happened"

"Joe... Please no... Barry not remembering that is one of god's gift to me... Please don't"

"Hey... I need to know what happened" Barry tried to argue playfully.

Joe started laughing more seeing the bond between the siblings, the bond which is not bind by blood but by love and pain, fight each other. After a while Jessie finally made Joe to agree to not tell.

"Look at you laughing and smiling..." Joe said to Barry "... It's been a while I've seen you like this"

"Yeah... You should smile more often" Jessie said and Barry smiled at that.


National City:

Lena knocked the door of Kara's apartment. She was worried about Kara due to the recent instances. Kara opened the door.

"Le..Lena" Kara trembled. Kara looked tired. "H..Hi" She allowed Lena to come inside. Lena gave a small smile.

"How are you now?" Lena asked.

"I...I'm fine" Kara said with weak smile.

"I don't think you are..." Lena said "You are dwelled up... and tired, even for a Kryptonian.. you need some rest"

"No.. I'm good... I have a lot of work to be done" Kara said. Lena glanced the paper clips and other stuff on the table Kara was working on.

"You're working on a story?" Lena asked.

"I'm already late.. a lot actually" Kara said continuing her work.

"Drop it!" Lena said. Kara turned back to look at her "You need to stop Kara!... you need to rest"

"I...I can't Lena... This story is very important" Kara said.

"But...I can!" Lena said. Kara looked at Lena. "I own the company... and no story is important to me other than my best friend" Lena said and Kara looked sadly at her "You can't run forever Kara!... You need to get over it"

Kara dropped down at this and started crying. Lena got to her and took her into a hug. Lena felt very bad for Kara that she needs to go through a lot of pain to overcome her breakup. But what Lena didn't knew is the fact that Kara was not only crying about her breakup but for her daughter. The thought of a daughter...her daughter with Barry made Kara happy but Oliver's deceptive words and her daughter's warning from future that to save 'her dad' save Barry, was tearing her up. And the looming war was just the melting point.

"It's okay Kara..." Lena was trying to calm Kara.

"Everyone I care about... My dad... Mon-El...and now Barry... No one stays with me...No loves me" Kara cried.

"What? No Kara..." Lena rubbed Kara's back and lifted her face. "Alex cares about you... J'onn cares about you... I care about you... And we are not leaving you"

Kara came back to normal after a while and looked at Lena "Thank You Lena...for this... For all of this... you've been with me even though I hid the truth about me for many years"

"I know the reason why you hid it with me... My last name answers it all... I wouldn't been surprised if you never told me at all" Kara looked at Lena's face at that.

"No... I never wanted to keep that a secret forever .. It always tore me from the inside that I was keeping a secret from you.. that I was betraying you.." Kara said weakly.

"It's okay Kara... you're my best friend... What else are friends are for" Lena said smiling and Kara smiled weakly.

"So Miss Danvers... What do you want ... I got Tacos, Chicken Wings and Girl of steel's favourite...Potstickers" Lena asked taking out a bag.

"All of them" Kara said laughing and took a box and started eating.

"Well this is the Kara Danvers I've known for the past 5 years... one who radiates happiness" Lena said smiling. Kara smiled at her. "Keep that smile alive... That's what makes you a Supergirl"




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