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Future Awaits

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"Oliver?" Kara asked and he nodded "What am I doing here?"

"Because you need to be ready for something that is coming Kara" Oliver said.

"What is coming?" Kara questioned being confused.

"You know it already" He replied. Kara looked at Oliver puzzled.

"I..I know it?" She asked.

"I'm too soon..." Oliver said. Kara was quick enough to realize what it was.

"That day..." Kara said remembering the incident of someone claiming to be her daughter warning her about something "I..I was not sure if it was true or if it was a dream"

"It was true Kara... It was a warning" Oliver said.

"Listen to me mom...Save Dad... Save the Flash..." Kara said "Oliver... He's the key"

"Lexie warned you well..." Oliver said proudly. Kara looked at him.

"Lexie?" Kara asked.

"Alexandra Nora Allen" Oliver said.

"She's my.. mine and Barry's daughter from the future?" Kara asked tears rolling down her cheeks. She could not believe it was her and Barry's daughter.

"From an Apokoliptian Future" Oliver said.

"But...I don't understand... Barry loves Caitlin" Kara said trembling with tears in her eyes. Oliver just gave a weak smile.

"The things..." Oliver smirked "...Things with time" He said which made no sense to Kara.

"Come..." He made her sit on a chair and across was a board of chess "Let's see if you're improved or not" He sat across and moved the first pawn.


Caitlin was sitting on a swing looking up to the sky when Mike came in front of her.

"Here's your ice cream" He said, giving her a cone. He sat on the next swing.

" What are you looking at?" He asked.

"Nothing... Just trying to clear some things out" She said, having her ice-cream.

"I know what you're thinking" He said. Caitlin turned to him.

"You are thinking about him... the guy who didn't put you as his priority...the guy who never noticed you... " He said. Caitlin smiled weakly.

" The guy who's late in realising...But don't worry..." He moved front and cupped her cheek "I'm not him... You are my priority!" Their faces were very inches apart and he leaned in for a kiss.

"No!!!!!!!!!!!" Barry jumped up from his sleep. Jessie, who was sleeping on the chair beside him, also woke up hearing the scream.

"Barry...Barry!" Jessie moved to calm Barry down. He was covered with sweat.

"No, Caitlin... I'm late... I'm late" Barry cried "Caitlin... She's with that Mike..."

"Barry...Calm down... It was just a dream" Jessie hugged him. He looked very frightened.

"No...I saw them" Barry said but Jessie stopped him.

"That was a dream Barry... No one's taking Caitlin from you... She's coming back... She's coming back to you" She replied rubbing his back. After calming him down, Barry slowly drifted off to sleep again.


Caitlin drove back to Central City and stopped at the graveyard. She got down from the car and walked to her father's tomb. She took out a flower and kept it on the top of the tomb. She sat there looking over and her thoughts directly went to Barry. Within no time, she got zoned out.

"Hey..." Caitlin jumped at that. She came back to senses and turned around to see Felicity.

"Felicity!!" Caitlin said, registering her presence. " did you know I was here?"

"You really think I wouldn't know where you are?... With whom you are?" Felicity asked. Caitlin dropped her head.

"I thought you were going to take some more days before coming back!?" Felicity said.

"I couldn't..." Caitlin said weakly.

"How are you feeling now?" Felicity asked.

"Honestly... I don't know" Caitlin said looking at her. "I don't know if this trip gave me any clarity on..on anything basically.."

" did... It certainly did" Felicity said looking into Caitlin's eyes.

"How did Barry react?" Caitlin asked.

"I would be lying if I say he took it good" Felicity replied. Caitlin nodded slowly.

"Kara...Does she know?" Caitlin asked.

"I think yes" Felicity replied. Caitlin looked puzzled. "I have been busy these couple of days trying to find answers for our questions" Felicity continued.

"Found anything?" Caitlin asked. Felicity just shook her head in disapproval.

"So you're coming back to labs?" Felicity asked.

"I... I'm not ready to face him" Caitlin cried. Felicity looked on sadly.


Kara moved her knight to block the queen. She laid a perfect trap for the king. She looked at Oliver with a winning smile and said, "The turn is yours Oliver.."

"Not Bad Kara... You've clearly Improved" Oliver said.

"Yeah... you have to when things like that happen" Kara replied. "But you haven't told me the plan" Kara continued. Oliver gave a smirk at that.

"There'll come a time.. when you have to make a hard choice and in that will truly discover what mettle you truly have and what you're prepared to risk... for what matters" with that he moved his bishop in front of the king to block Kara's next move. "Your Move...Kara"


Unknown Location:

Fairchild ran into her boss's room hurriedly.

"What happened Fairchild?" The boss who was on his throne asked, seeing her.

"Sir... Something is wrong" She said.

"What's wrong?" He asked. She passed him the tablet in her hand to show him what it was. He gasped seeing it "They are coming ..." He said. She began to sense fear in her boss's words. "When did you get this projection?" He asked her.

"Just now... I was just doing a normal checks and found this" She said. "But... I don't get who they are"

"They are coming... they are coming" He repeated with fear.


"Now you know all you need to know about them!" Oliver said. "You have to lead them in this war" Kara nodded at that.

"Will we win?" She asked.

"You will have the biggest fight" Oliver said.

"Clark... He's more experienced than me in these things... he might be better.." Kara was cut off

"Clark will have the company to deal with..." Oliver said in a skeptical way. Kara decided not to ask because she knew he was not going to reveal any more.

"I'm not sure... If I'm the right person.. or if I can lead this battle" Kara said. She was just not sure if she's capable of it.

"Be their Hero Kara... Be their angel... Be their monument... Be anything they need you to be... Or be none of it... You don't owe this world a thing... You never did" Oliver said. Kara was in tears.

"But I want to..." Kara said, rubbing her tears off .

"Then do it for Alex... Do it for Barry... Do it for Lexie...Do it for the people.." Oliver said. Kara nodded at it.

"Can I meet her... Can I meet Lexie?" Kara asked with tears. The thought of her and Barry's daughter made her heart feel lighter after what happened. She wanted to talk to her daughter, get to know her and Oliver just gave a smile as a response

"The green have an answer...The god will be late...The Fallen Knight has a weapon" Oliver repeated and suddenly a green light started to emerge. Kara understood this was the end of her time with Oliver

"Oliver! I don't understand what you said... You didn't finish the final plan??" Kara asked hurriedly.

"I already told you" Oliver said. "All the best Kara" The light started to blind Kara's eyes.


After getting back from Oliver's realm, Kara waited for Lena to wake up so that she could thank her for being there all night. After Lena woke up, she prepared coffee for both of them.

"Thank you Lena! For being there all night and taking care of me. I didn't even know when I fell asleep." Kara said.

"That's ok Kara. I knew you must have been devastated after that. I saw Barry walking down the road. He was in a bad state...He told me to take care of you. That's when it hit realize what might have happened" Lena said and Kara remained silent

"I hope you're doing well and picking up yourself.." Lena continued and Kara gave a weak smile "Thanks for the coffee. It tastes amazing!" Lena was trying to comfort Kara. They both continued talking for some time, mostly Lena trying to distract Kara from her sorrows but Kara's mind was on the war that was lurking in.

After a while Lena left, Kara started flying towards STAR West labs. She entered and found Ray Palmer talking with some scientists about some project.

"Ray!" Kara called. Ray turned his back to see her.

"Kar... Supergirl" Ray saw she was in her suit and stopped himself from revealing Kara's identity to a room full of scientists.

"What made Supergirl visit Star labs?" He acted professionally.

"Can we talk?... Alone?" Kara asked back and he nodded. He asked the scientists to stop whatever they were doing and asked them to give them some privacy. Everyone started to leave. Nora Darkh (or newly married Nora Palmer) started to pass by her when Kara stopped her.

"Nora... You can stay" Kara said. Nora stayed back giving Kara a small smile. After everyone left, Ray started to speak.

"So Kara... How's National City and everyone? Especially Barry?" Ray asked, coming back to his usual cheerful mode. Kara just gave a weak smile as a response.

"Is something wrong Kara?" Nora asked sensing some thing in Kara's behaviour

"I need your help" Kara said.

"Help?" Ray asked.

"There's a war coming!" Kara said. Ray and Nora look at each other puzzled.




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