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Great Possibilities

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"I miss her…. I miss Cait!"Barry said sadly thinking about Caitlin.

"It's okay Barr... She's going to come back!" Jessie said.

"God! I was so blind. All these years... She was right in front of me, but I never realized it" Barry groaned and Jessie laughed at it.

"You know Barry... It reminds me of the thing you told to me when we met for the first time" Jessie said. Barry looked at Jessie blankly. "Sorry... You don't have memories right!"

"What is it?... What did I say. What happened when we met?" Barry asked curiously.


About 5 years ago- Keystone City:

The confession of Doc.Harrison Wells (Basically Eobard Thawne, whose only aim was to destroy Barry's life), not only proved Henry Allen's innocence but also revealed a truth to Barry and Caitlin. They got to know about Jessie Wells or formerly knows as Jessie Quick.

Barry and Caitlin got to know about Jessie through the orphanage where she was put in by Thawne. They were also given the current address of Jessie. They have decided to go and tell her the truth about Harrison Wells

Jessie's Loft,

Barry and Caitlin knocked the door of Jessie's loft.

"Yes..." Jessie said opening it.

"Miss Quick" Barry asked and Jessie nodded.

"Who are you?" She asked.

"Hi, I'm Barry... Allen and this is Caitlin" Barry said introducing themselves.

"Oh..Okay.. nice to meet you Mr & Mrs. Allen" Jessie said which made Caitlin blush and Barry laugh.

"We both are not a couple" Barry responded and Jessie just gave a ' oh' expression "We are from Star Labs"

"Okay.. but that doesn't explain why you guys are here" Jessie said.

"This is about your parents" Caitlin said. Jessie suddenly jumped.

"My parents?" She asked shockingly and Caitlin nodded at it. "Please come in... Have a seat" Caitlin and Barry entered and sat down on the couch. Jessie stood in front of them.

"You know my parents? Who are they?" Jessie asked quickly. Both Barry and Caitlin could see the desperation in her eyes.

"You might want to sit down" Caitlin said. Jessie sat down across them.

"Please tell me who they are" She asked impatiently.

"Harrison wells was your father" Barry replied. Jessie fell back with shock.

"Harrison Wells?" She asked and Barry nodded slowly. She was shocked because that man was responsible for loss of many people due to his failed experiment, which lead to birth of meta humans.

"Why should I believe you guys?" Jessie asked. Barry looked at Caitlin. She nodded and Barry took a flash drive from his pocket and passed it over to Jessie. "Watch that"

Jessie took out her laptop and plugged in the drive and played the only video file present in it. That was the video of Harrison Wells aka Eobard Thawne giving them details about the birth of Jessie Wells and about him putting her in an orphanage. He had written over all his properties under Barry Allen and Jessie Wells's name.

"Why now?... After all these years? He didn't want me then..." Jessie asked. Tears started in her eyes. "All these years... I have been searching for them... And he... he just left me!" Jessie shouted angrily.

"What do you guys want now?... Money? Property? You can have whatever you want... I don't want any part of that corrupted money..." Jessie continued shouting and they both could understand the pain.

"We are not here for your money" Barry said.

"Then?" Jessie asked.

"We are here to tell you the truth!" Barry said. Jessie looked up puzzled.

"The truth?" She asked. Caitlin looked at Barry and tried to stop him.

"She needs to know" Barry said and Caitlin nodded slowly.

"The truth is... Harrison Wells died 15 years ago..." Barry went on explaining her all about Eobard Thawne and how he managed to kill both Harrison Wells and Tess Morgan.

"You want me to believe it? Time travel? Seriously?" Jessie asked.

"We live in a world where men like Superman fly and women like Wonderwoman fight against Gods and you think time travel is impossible?" Barry asked.

"Why? Why my parents? What did he gain from killing my parents?" Jessie asked.

"I'm the reason" Barry said slowly which made Jessie puzzled. Caitlin tried to stop Barry from saying further.

"But Barry..." Caitlin said but Barry squeezed her hand.

"She needs to know... she deserves to know" Barry said.

"To destroy my life... To make sure I'll never be happy" Barry continued.

"You?... What did he have against you?" Jessie asked. She didn't want to believe anything of what happened in the last 10 minutes. But somehow she felt both Barry and Caitlin were telling the truth.

"Because I'm his biggest enemy... Because I'm The Flash!" Barry said shaking his vocal cords to make her believe. Jessie got shocked and fell back in her seat.

"You... You are The Flash ?" She asked and Barry just nodded.

"You didn't have to reveal it to me... You just met me" She continued.

"I told you because... I thought you deserved to know the truth about your dad... I cannot change how the world sees Harrison Wells, but I can change the view of how his own daughter sees him" Barry said.

"We are here to make sure you get to know about your parents... Harrison and Tess started Star Labs... As their daughter, you have right on it" Caitlin said taking a picture frame from her bag. She passed the frame to Jessie. It was a picture of Harrison Wells along with Tess Morgan with baby Jessie in her hands taken on the day she was born. "We found this recently." Tears started rolling down from Jessie's face as she saw the picture.

"Thank you... Thank you for giving this.." Jessie said crying. Caitlin gave a weak smile.

"We want you to come to the Star Labs and take your dad's position as the owner... We know that you are a business major" Barry said.

"You don't get it... I can't live as a daughter to a person who committed a felony... It's very hard... People will hate me" Jessie cried.

"You are talking with the guy who's gone through it for the last fifteen years" Barry said. Jessie looked at him.

"Wait... Barry Allen... that was your mom? Your dad was imprisoned wrongly" Jessie asked realising it finally. Barry nodded weakly.

"Eobard Thawne killed my mom and my dad was framed it for it... I've gone through all those things of being called a murderer's child all these years... I know it isn't easy... But you know the truth... Do it for your dad and mom... I never met them, but someone who met them told me that they were good people" Barry said remembering Dr. McGee's words about Harrison Wells.

"Eobard... He's the reason.. you've been suffering all these years... But why are you still trying to work with the Star Labs which is something ran by him?" Jessie asked.

"Eobard surely took a family from me... But after that I was taken in by someone who's the reason I survived my life" Barry said remembering about Joe. "And after being struck by lightning.. it was Star labs who gave me a new family...Caitlin" Barry turned to Caitlin and she smiled and rubbed his back "Cisco.. who's like a brother to me... And you.. if you come with us" he replied.

"I...I don't know Barry... I'm not sure if this is a great idea..." Jessie said.

"Sometimes.. great possibilities are right in front of us but we don't see them because we choose not to" Barry said standing up. He took out his contact card and passed it to her.

"Sleep on the idea" Caitlin and Barry said at the same time. Jessie laughed at it.

"You both sure you guys aren't a couple?" Jessie asked Barry. He laughed at it shaking his head .

"We will be looking for you at Star Labs" Barry said and they both left.


"So, that's what happened" Jessie said. "Sometimes great possibilities are right in front of us but we don't see them because we choose not to" Jessie said to Barry and he nodded with tears.

"What happened after we left?" He asked.

"I slept on the idea and two days later, I came to Star labs" Jessie said smiling "And dad took me in as her own daughter"

"Dad?" Barry asked weakly

"Yes... Your dad.. he said that they always wanted a daughter.. a sister to you" Jessie said with tears remembering Henry Allen's words. She moved forward and hugged Barry.


National City :

After crying for hours, Kara drifted off to sleep in Lena's arms. Lena slowly tucked her on the couch and sat across on a chair and slowly slept.

Kara woke up and saw it wasn't her home but some weird realm. Slowly she realized where she was.

"I've been waiting for you Kara" A voice came and Kara turned around to see Oliver standing.

"It's about Time" He said.




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