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The New Reality

A/N: I'm not against any of the Actors/actresses based on their race, Sex, Ethnicity. It is just my imagination of a story I loved to tell.

Disclaimer- I own nothing over the characters, these belong to DC and my story is only my owning.

Chapter 3 – The new reality

"No! Please tell me" Barry exclaimed

"Barry... Tomorrow is Iris's Birthday" Caitlin said

"What date is it?" Barry looked confusedly towards Caitlin

"June 23rd!" Caitlin said

"What! Wait, that's not possible. I thought came back to January" Barry said astonished.

"I found you unconscious on the floor when I walked into the lab, so tell us what did you do?" Caitlin asked

"Crisis happened; all of the multiverse got destroyed and Oliver… Sacrificed himself" Barry said with a low tone.

"Crisis?" Both Caitlin and Cisco asked together with a puzzled face.

"Guys, I am telling about the crisis where I was supposed to vanish. You both don't remember it?" Barry said

"May be I can help with that" A new voice came into the lab.

"J'onn" Barry said and hugged him

"In this timeline, the crisis never happened and top to that, we all live on the same earth" J'onn said after the hug

Caitlin and Cisco looked over both Barry and J'onn confusedly.

"What do you mean by same earth?" Cisco cut in

"Let me do the honours" J'onn said and held their heads and restored the previous timeline memories.

"Oh my god!" Caitlin gasped and was about to fall when J'onn caught her

"What the Frack!" Cisco held his head

"Barry!" Caitlin moved towards Barry, "I…Iris" Tears started in her eyes.

"Cait what happened to Iris?" Barry asked holding her

"She's dead!" Cisco said looking Barry as tears came up to him as well.

Barry just stood there shocked as tears started to flow up

"I'm sorry Barry, I'm Sorry" Caitlin cried out

"Barry, I think this isn't a good time, I'll drop by tomorrow" J'onn spoke up and patted on his shoulder and walked out thinking Barry needs to have some time.

Barry just fell to the bed and started crying; Caitlin & Cisco came up and started rubbing his shoulder

"How did it happen?" Barry finally spoke up after few minutes

Both of them remained silent.

"Barry!" Sara came in to the lab "Oliver is gone" Sara said with a low voice

Barry just bowed his head with tears

Sara moved up and looked to cisco

"Iris" Cisco said shaking his head

Sara went in and hugged Barry and patted his back

"It's ok…I'm ok" Barry said standing up. "I just need some air" Barry said and sped out and enters West house

"Joe!" Barry entered and hugged Joe who was in the kitchen

"Barry! Thank god you're up. We all were afraid, Caitlin said the scans were normal but you were not responding to anything" Joe said happily and they drew apart

"Iris… I'm sorry" Barry said holding Joe's hands.

"Bar, It's not your fault, She made a wrong thing, What you did was right" Joe said said as he fell sad.

"I don't remember what happened" Barry sighed as Joe looked to him, "It's a long story, I'll ask J'onn to come by and explain to you"

Joe just nodded his head

"It's ok Barry, You need some rest, We can talk tomorrow" Joe took Barry into his room and made him Sleep


The Next Morning

Barry woke up to find Breakfast and a note to it

"Eat up!" was written on it

After getting freshened up, Barry completed his meal and saw that there was something else written on the back of note as well, so he flipped it

"I hope you remember what today is, If you want to visit here it is" and the address was written

Barry looked at it for a minute and Sped out to that address

Joe bent over and kept the flowers he brought on the grave when Barry came up

"Joe" Barry said and hugged him as he looked over the grave

"Iris Ann West June 24 1989 – January 2 2016"

"I still don't know why she did that" Joe said almost crying

Barry just held him tightly and rubbed his back as tears started to come up for him as well

"Barry...Joe" Caitlin walked in with cisco as the both drew apart

"Hi, I never thought you would drop by here after all that happened" Joe said looking over to Caitlin

Caitlin just gave a weak smile

"I'm sorry, you had to deal with this alone for all these years" Barry said looking over Joe

Joe just nodded his head and Barry turned over the Grave

"Iris, where I come from you are my wife, you are a good person. I started loving you at the age of 11 and always will do!" Barry sighed. "I don't know what happened or what wrong you did, But it's not fair to hold this anymore. So I forgive you for Joe, Happy birthday Iris! I wished things turned out differently"

Barry just moved back as Joe turned towards him

"Thank you" Joe gave a small smile and hugged him

They spent some time at the grave and Went back to Star Labs to find J'onn, Kara and Cecile, Kamilla waiting for them

"Barry" Kara said and hugged him. "I'm sorry about Iris"

"It's ok" Barry said and gave a small smile

"Hi Joe" Kara said and hugged everyone

"J'onn can you just restore the memories for Joe?" Barry asked

"Sure" J'onn replied and did his thing.

Joe just lost his balance and J'onn caught him as Barry came over to help him

"It's okay, He'll be fine in some hours" J'onn carried Joe to caitlin's lab and made him sleep there.

"Thank You" Barry said and they came back to cortex

"You are the only one left Barry, I restored for Kamilla and Cecile before you came" J'onn said moving towards Barry

"Actually" Barry gave a pause, "I cannot do this now"

J'onn just gave a small nod understanding

"It's your wish Barry, Just let me know when you are ready" J'onn said

"Don't you want to know what happened?" Kamilla spoke in

"Of-course I want to know, I just need some time" Barry sighed.

"It's ok Barry, we all are with you" Caitlin hugged him.

"Barry, We need to visit Felicity, She needs to know what happened." Kara spoke in

Barry drew from Caitlin and gave a nod to Kara.

"Let's go meet her, I need to speak to her about something as well" Barry said





Hope you liked this chapter

To be continued….

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