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Miss You

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CHAPTER 27- Miss You

"Felicity?" Felicity turned out. "Where's Cait?" Barry questioned.

"Barr.." She said with a sadness.

"Felicity! Where is Caitlin???" Barry asked holding Felicity.

"She's gone.." Felicity replied.

"What?.. What do you mean by she's gone?" Barry questioned Felicity harder. Felicity stayed silent "Felicity, tell me!" Barry demanded.

"Barry! Calm down" A new voice came in, they both turned back to see Jessie entering.

"Jessie! Cait's gone and you're asking me to calm down?" Barry asked.

"Relax, Barry! Caitlin needed this" Jessie said walking to him.

"You knew about this?" He asked in shock. Jessie nodded to his question. "How did you send her then?"

Jessie tried to talk but Barry stopped her "Where did she go? I'm going to bring her back.. right now!" He said and waited for a answer but the two women remained silent. "Fine, I'll search myself" He said and mocked towards the computer but Jessie stopped in between "Jessie, please move.."

"Read this first and then do what you want to" Jessie said holding a envelope which had only word written on top "Barry". He recognised the writing the moment he saw it.

"Cait" He said in a low tone. Jessie nodded and handed it over to him. He took it in his hands and started walking. He reached the med bay and sat on the bed and opened it.

Hi Barry,

I know by now, you would have asked Felicity to find me or decided to find on our your own.

That brought a small smile to him, how she knew exactly how he was going to react. He continued reading it.

But, I need this Barry... To forget .. to move on from some things.

He immediately winced, what did Caitlin want to forget? What is she moving on from? Is she moving out of central city? That thought frightened him. Why is even she moving out? He shook his head trying to get out of those thoughts, he continued reading the letter.

After what happened yesterday, I know we need to find who's behind this, figure out their plan, stop them and me taking a break right now isn't a good time... But I need this for the same reason Barry! I'm tired of the things.. I need a change... To find myself. To see where I fit in..

"Where I fit in?" Barry mumbled asking himself what does she mean by finding herself? Does Caitlin think she doesn't fit in here anymore? He decided to finish reading the letter.

I hope you understand!...

I'm going to miss you Barry... Tell the guys I'm going to miss them as well

- Caitlin

Barry folded the letter and kept it to his chest. He started staring at the floor. He didn't know what to think.

"Barry" A voice came up, he looked up to see Felicity standing over there.

"Felicity...Did you read this?" He asked showing the letter. She shook her head.

"It was for you" She said coming near to him. He covered his face in to his hands. She rubbed his back. After a while, Felicity left but Barry stayed there thinking about Caitlin.

"So, You're still going to bring her back?" A new voice came up, Barry opened his hands to see Jessie coming to him.

"I...I don't know what do" He trembled. She came and sat beside him. "Read it" He said handing it over to her. She shook her head.

"I know what will be inside of it" She said.

"Not less than 24 hours earlier, we were attacked... How can I keep her safe now... when I don't even know where she is...she didn't even mention where she's going" Barry asked.

Jessie looked to him and said "Relax Barry, We took care of all the protection" Barry nodded slowly at that. But many thoughts of Caitlin being not safe didn't help him relax.

"What does she want to forget? And move on? From what?" Barry asked Jessie and she gave a "isn't that obvious" stare to him. He puzzled and asked "I don't understand" Jessie groaned at that. She took a long breath and said.

"Look Barry... You went inside of Caitlin's paradise... You should realise by now from what she's trying to forget.. trying to move on" She patted his back and started walking out.

The bulb in Barry's brain finally glowed, he remembered what happened there... What he saw.. what Caitlin wants.

"Cait... She loves me" Barry said. Jessie turned around.

"You got your answer Barry" she said and started to walk out.

"Where is she?? You didn't tell me that" He asked.

"I don't know Barry..." She said. Barry was about to ask when Jessie stopped him. "She said you know where to find her" With that she walked off. He understood where she was... The place he suggested. He wanted to run over there to Caitlin. But he stopped himself from doing that. He dug himself more into knees.

Jessie entered Cortex to see Felicity and Joe looking over Barry through the cameras. "What do you think?" Felicity asked.

"Honestly... I don't know" Jessie sighed. "But one thing I know is what happened yesterday isn't a random meta's work.. I feel these all are part of someone's grand plan"

"I think you're right Jessie" Alex said walking in with Kara by her side.

"All?.. I don't understand" Joe asked.

"Let's call in Barry" Jessie said thinking to explain her thoughts at once. Felicity had closed the view on Barry as soon as Kara entered, she thought it was better for Barry to deal it alone.

"Barry! Come to the cortex.. Kara and Alex are here" Felicity announced through the speakers. Barry who hadn't moved in a while, looked up at the announcement. He was about to run when he realised he had letter in his hand. He decided it was better Kara not to know it. He ran over to Cisco's lab to hide it and then arrived at the cortex. Kara walked to him and gave him a kiss, but he didn't return it. He just put his arms around her and turned to others.

"Jessie? Care to explain?" Joe asked running out of patience. Jessie was about to talk when Kara interrupted.

"Where's Caitlin?" Kara asked. Jessie and Felicity glanced to Barry.

"I'll explain that later" He said, Kara didn't understand what he meant, but decided not to ask it about as there were more important things to be discussed.

"Right.." Jessie said hoping no one stops now. "First a break in DEO and we still don't know what all was stolen off... Then a bomb blast which included Kryptonite and now Black Mercy.. I think all these are connected and is being done by someone or some gang"

"We.. at the DEO think the same" Alex spoke up "Winn, when he tried to get data from the street cams around Barry's loft, there was a firewall blocking him, which according to him wasn't any thing he ever saw and this had the same digital signature to the data we tried to open up from DEO desert facility"

"Yeah, I tried to crack the firewall as well. what ever this tech is... It is something I've never seen" Felicity said.

"Aliens?" Joe asked.

"Mostly" Alex said "But DEO did have many experiences dealing with Alien tech.. but this is something one hell of a kind"

"Felicity!" Jessie exclaimed suddenly. Felicity jumped "What about the person who helped us? Someone helped us giving us information about the kryptonite and the second bomb right?" Felicity nodded at it. "What about its digital signature?"

"You're right!" Felicity clapped her hands. "What if we compare the digital signature... We might find something" Everyone was impressed with Jessie's idea.

"That might work!" Alex said. "I'll ask Winn to join you, Felicity" Alex took her phone out to contact Winn.

"We need to find who ever is behind this!" Barry said determinately.

"We will" Kara said. Everyone nodded to it.



Caitlin arrived at the trail that she was supposed to hike. It would take her around three to four hours to complete the whole hike. She got down the car and started walking with music in her ears. After few miles, she decided to take a break and drink some water. After going through her bag, she realized she forgot her water bottle in her car. A young man who was passing by looked at Caitlin and came forward to see if she needed anything.

"Deprived of oxygen or your cells need some water?" asked a stranger.

"Yeah, do you have another bottle of water?" asked Caitlin being surprised at hearing the science words. She did not expect this during a hike.

"Yes, I do" said the man grabbing a water bottle from his backpack.

"Thanks Doc" said Caitlin smiling, which made the man curious.

"Hi, I am Mike Davis. Yes, I am a cardiologist by profession. A hiker and photographer by hobby" said Mike forwarding his hand for a shake

"Hi, I am Caitlin Snow, I am a doctor too. I mean both a doctor and a bio-engineer. I work at Star Labs in Central City" said Caitlin.

"That's great. And how did you figure out that I am a doctor?" asked Mike with curiosity.

"Oh, those science terms you were using...I always do that too" Caitlin said smiling

"I came alone. My friends hate to go on a hiking trip with me" said Mike. Caitlin looked puzzled. "Oh, it's just that I wake them up early in the mornings to catch the sunrise and they hate it" said Mike.

"So, I see you've come here alone" Mike said "Not usual to see someone come here without friends or family" Caitlin remained silent. Her thoughts went to Barry.

"Yeah, I'm here alone" Caitlin said after a brief pause.

"What if I come with you?" Mike asked. Caitlin went blank at that. She suddenly remembered the time Barry asked her the same thing in their first year, when she was afraid to go check the pipeline. How he stood with her. Caitlin stared at him, but her thoughts went to Barry again. How much hard she tried to forget him, everything comes back.

"If it's only okay with you.." Mike continued seeing Caitlin frozen.

"No..No, it's okay… I can use some company" Caitlin said with a weak smile. She thought it would be better to talk to someone rather than going alone. It would also get her mind off of Barry and Central city as well.

Mike and Caitlin hiked for about three hours. As it was getting dark, they started returning to the starting point.

Caitlin enjoyed hiking with Mike. She has someone on this trip who shares same sort of nerdy nature as her. Mike was not totally nerdy but a cool guy. He was an enthusiastic person with great sense of humor. She felt relaxed and fun being with this person although she still was feeling empty.

After returning their original spot, Mike said, "I hope I am not going too far. But I guessed that you do not have a boyfriend. So, if you don't mind, would you like to come on a date with me? Only if you are okay with it."

Caitlin was bit surprised. She was not ready for this.

"Mike, don't get me wrong" Caitlin took a breath and continued "I'm not sure where I am right now in my life…"

"It's okay… I've been there a couple of years earlier… I kind of had my suspicion seeing you alone here and the way you went blank once in a while" He said weakly. Caitlin just looked at him apologetically.

"What about a lunch or something?... As a friend?" Mike asked and waited for a response. Caitlin gave a smile, which was enough for the acceptance.


Central City

Barry felt very empty after Caitlin left. He wanted to see her. He knew where she was. All he had to do was just run up there and check on her. He knew that Caitlin didn't wanted that. He wondered what would happen if she saw him. But a thought also swept across his mind. He would go there, check on her and would just come back. With that, he flashed.



Caitlin and Mike were sitting in a restaurant and were across each other having a good conversation.

Barry stopped at the restaurant window. He saw Caitlin talking to someone. He moved a bit to check on that person. Sitting in front of Caitlin was a good-looking young man, having a talk with Caitlin. Caitlin was smiling and laughing to his words. Jolt of jealousy hit Barry. He did not expect this kind of situation.

He wanted to go in, punch that guy and throw him off from the nearest cliff. He didn't understand why was he feeling like that. He wanted to know who this guy was. He thought of stealing off his credit card or driver's license to get any information, but Caitlin would understand as soon as he tries to do something like that. So he decided to use the nearest surveillance cameras and find out about this guy.He didn't want Caitlin to know about him checking her.

"I'm going to miss you too Cait!" Barry mumbled and with a last look at her, he ran off.


Unknown Location

Fairchild was watching over Team Flash's conversation

"Well, I clearly understated your intelligence Jessie" Fairchild mumbled to herself. "But, you gotta wait some more time, before finding out about all this"

Fairchild looked around to see if anyone was watching. She peeped from her place to her boss's room to see him deeply thinking sitting on his throne.

She took this opportunity and deleted Star Labs's footage of today and replaced it with a old looped footage.

"You guys will thank me later for this!" She mumbled.




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