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Gone, Gone, Gone

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CHAPTER 26- Gone, Gone, Gone

Felicity moved towards Jessie and took her to a hug. "So, are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"Yeah...Maybe all he was needed was just a push" Jessie whispered.

Caitlin who was in Barry's arms slowly became unconscious. Barry slowly placed her back on the bed. He slowly moved the strand of hair from her face and tucked it to back of her ears. He turned around to see the people watching him.

Jessie immediately rushed to him and slapped him first. Barry didn't even have the time, when Jessie hugged him. Barry could feel her tears.

"Jessie, I'm Sorry.." Barry was saying but he was cut off. She came out of hug.

"I...I understand it.. not in the first place, but later I did" She said looking at Caitlin. Barry gave a weak smile.

Joe moved to him and hugged him. "Stop scaring this old man!" He said and he slowly laughed to lighten the mood.

Felicity came to him "Told you, you would bring her back" He hugged her.

"Yeah, how come you had so much faith?" He asked and Felicity groaned.

"Isn't it obvious?" She said and Barry puzzled. She turned to Jessie.

"I suppose the push wasn't enough" Felicity said and Jessie nodded her head.

"What? I don't understand" Barry asked. Felicity just walked past him patting his back.

"Something you should figure on your own" She said. Barry stared her. "Chill... Nothing important" She lied. Barry just shrugged. Felicity walked to Caitlin to check her. She relaxed after making sure that she was in good health and just needed a little sleep. She turned back to see Barry looking at Caitlin. "Relax, she looks fine."

He nodded at Felicity. But Barry wanted approval of Alex.

Then Alex came in and rushed to Caitlin to check on her.

"Caitlin's good now... No traces of any alien residues... just a little tired, let her get some sleep, she will be alright" She said and Barry finally relaxed. Then the thought of Kara came to his mind.

"She's gone" Alex said as she saw Barry looking around the room for someone. "I tried to stop her, but she flew away." Barry's face fell for that.

"Go..Go to her... It's been tough days for her...seeing you fighting for life.. and she being helpless, not able to do anything" Joe said and he looked at him. "She needs you now... We all will be here with Caitlin"

He slowly nodded at Joe and walked to Caitlin to kiss on her forehead. He then sped away.

"I'm gonna go get something to eat for all of you" He said and walked out.

"Alex.. Thanks" Felicity said which made Alex puzzle. "I know how hard it was for you to stand up against Kara, stopping her from pulling out Barry"

"It's okay Felicity.. I know Caitlin is very important for Barry.. you guys would have done the same if Kara and me were in thatposition" Alex said comforting Felicity.


National City:

Barry reached Kara's loft. He knocked the door, hoping she will answer it. But there was no response. He waited for a bit, finally he phased to enter the loft to see Kara lying on her bed curled up like a ball.

"Kara...!" He reached her and got down to see her face tired and dwelled with stains of tears. She was asleep. He started moving back trying not to disturb her sleep. But she opened her eyes and slowly turned to him. He made her sit across. She remained silent.

"Barry.." she said staring at him. He took her to hug. She was about to talk but Barry stopped her.

"Shhh.. it's okay" He said and started rubbing her back. She snuggled more into his chest. "Let it out... Let everything out" He whispered. She started crying out and Barry held her closely feeling how bad Kara must have felt. After a while, she stopped crying. She slowly backed up and looked up to his face. He looked down. She reached him and kissed him and he repeated it. All the pain in Kara's mind slowly started going out. They continued kissing and finally made love for the very first time.


Unknown Location:

"How did the mercy get attached to Dr. Snow instead of Barry Allen?" The boss was shouting in his dark room.

"Dr. Snow saw it while it was about to plunge on Mr Allen" The agent replied and the other female agent remained silent.

"I ordered you to tranquillize her before it attacked Barry" He shouted. Agent Fairchild was standing at the back of the other two agents.

"We..We didn't have a clear shot of her.. so we were waiting for the right time" The two agents replied with fear. "We didn't know what to do, so we tranquilized "

"Which was of no use... He was back awake with in no time" The boss shouted and agents backed a bit in fear.

"Sir, not to interrupt you, but can I know why are we using these techniques to eliminate ?" Fairchild spoke up. The boss waved off the agents to leave. Fairchild walked forward as they left. "I mean, even though is The Flash..he's still human and can be easily killed"

"Killing Barry Allen isn't a big thing Fairchild... But there is something else to be taken in mind of.. when we deal with people like him...Why do you think a madman like Reverse Flash was never able to killBarry Allen? Because Barry Allen is a very important part for the time stream. He needs to be alive.. or there is nothing but apocalypse" He said.

"If we can't kill him... What is your plan?" Fairchild asked as she wanted to know what is going on.

"Very simple.. break him... Destroy his life, but not kill him. He needs to be alive to watch all of his loved ones die, life gets destroyed right in front of his eyes and him not able to do anything" He replied with a spark in his face.

"Can I know why are you so implied in destroying Mr Allen's life?" She asked.

"One man's loss is another man's gain" He said in a sceptical way and asked to leave. Fairchild walked off.


STAR Labs:

After a while, Tired Alex had done her final check and left to her loft to get some rest and Joe had to go to CCPD. Caitlin slowly opened her eyes to see Felicity and Jessie. Felicity was working on her tablet and the latter one was sleeping in the chair.

"Felicity.." Caitlin said, which made Felicity look up to her. She dropped off the tablet immediately to reach Caitlin.

"Caitlin.. How are you feeling now?" Felicity asked after making Caitlin sit.

"Good now" Caitlin responded and looked around to see Jessie who was awake due to the sound to dropped tablet. She was smiling at her.

"You got us frightened" Jessie said. Caitlin winced and bowed down.

"It's okay Caitlin... It was not your fault" Jessie said moving to her. "Thank to Barry, he brought you back safe"

The thoughts of Barry flashed through Caitlin's mind. Her dream, her wedding and her kiss...

"Oh No!" Caitlin winced and held her head.

"What happened?" Felicity came to ask.

"In that dream.." Caitlin couldn't finish. She started to think what would Barry think of her now. He knew what her paradise was.

"What happened in the dream?" Jessie and Felicity asked at same time. Caitlin shook her head knowing that, things were going to get messed up. She lifted her head and started telling them about the dream.

Felicity and Jessie looked to each other after Caitlin finished. Caitlin covered herself deep inside her palms not knowing how she's going to face Barry.

"I need to leave...before Barry comes back. I cannot face him" Caitlin said panicking.

"Caitlin.. please calm down. Nothing's going to happen" Felicity said.

"No, don't understand... how can I face him? Or either Kara?" Caitlin asked with tears.

"But Caitlin listen..." Jessie and Felicity tried to calm.

"I need to get out of here before Barry comes. If you ever considered me as your true friend, please don't stop me. I have to leave now !" With that, Caitlin left Star Labs.


National City:

Kara woke up to see Barry asleep peacefully. She could see the tiredness in his face. She slowly moved out not trying to wake him up. She tried sleeping again but various thoughts hit her mind

"You moving is not helping" Barry said suddenly. Kara jumped to see Barry still closed eyes but was smiling.

"Sorry..." Kara said. Barry dragged her more by to his chest.

"It's okay" He said smiling with still his eyes closed. "I know what is bothering you"

Kara looked up to him. He opened his eyes and saw her. "I can't stop thinking about who did this?" she said.

"Me either... We are going to find them" He said confidently, Kara came up and kissed him in his lips. He smiled and tucked her to his chest again.


STAR Labs:

It was in the evening when Barry walked in to see Felicity working. His eyes immediately went on to the empty bed where Caitlin was sleeping earlier.

"Felicity?" Felicity turned out. "Where's Cait?"Barry questioned.

"Barr.." She said with a sadness.

"Felicity! Where is Caitlin?" Barry asked holding Felicity.

"She's gone.." Felicity replied.

"What?.. What do you mean by she's gone?"Barry questioned Felicity harder.


Caitlin was driving in the middle of the road. She could not stop thinking about what Barry might be wondering about her dream. She had to leave because she had no other option. She tried to calm herself saying,"Relax Cait. Remember you told Barry that you will go on trip...By the time you go back, he would have forgotten about it. So, there is no need to panic!". She turned on her radio and the music started

Baby I'm not moving on…

I love you long after you're gone….

For you….for you

You would never sleep alone…

I love you long after you're gone…

And long after you're gone, gone, gone….




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