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Tough Call

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Kara walked towards elevator of Catco and found Nia talking to another employee.

"Nia, Good Morning" She greeted and handed her a cup of coffee she brought in.

"Kara, Morning.. Thanks for this" Nia said referring to the coffee. Both entered the elevator.

Kara was humming a song. Nia observed that and spoke up.

"What has gotten in to you today? You brought me a coffee, you are humming a song, look very happy" Nia said.

"Nothing like that Nia" Kara said.

"Well looks like you had a good time with Barry yesterday" Nia said. Kara blushed badly.

As they exited the elevators, they bumped into William Dey.

"Kara!" William said greeting her and nodded at Nia.

"Good Morning William" Kara said accepting his greeting. Nia waved her bye and walked to her cubicle.

"Kara, are you free tonight?" William asked.

"Why? Is there any assignment?" Kara asked continuing humming the song.

"No..No actually, there's a new restaurant opened nearby and I've heard that food's good. So I thought we could go there" He said hoping Kara would agree for his date.

"Food... I would love to come" Kara said and William's happiness went over moon. "We can also take Lena, Nia and my sister and some others as well.. we can have fun" and with that William's happiness dropped down. "Very good idea William.. Just confirm the time and let me know" Kara said patting his back. They entered her office. She sat on her chair and William stood across her.

"Kara, actually I..I wanted to take you out for a date" He said. Kara got shocked.

"A Date?.. as in a romantic way?" Kara asked hoping it was not his intention. William nodded his head slowly.

"William, I'm sorry..I cannot come out on a date with you" Kara said.

"Is there any company's policy to not date co-workers? Because I do know that kind of rules exist in some companies" William asked.

"No, there's no such company policy here" Kara said closing her eyes.

"Is today a wrong day? If you want, we could go some other day as well" William said.

"No, William. It isn't that… I cannot go out on a date with you" Kara said hoping William understands and stop asking.

"Then what is the problem Kara?" William asked. William had never gotten rejected for a date, so he wanted to know why Kara was turning him down. Kara lost her cool.

"The thing is, I'm not interested in you!" Kara said firmly. William got shocked after hearing her response.

"But Kara..." William tried but he was cut off. "Now please will you leave, I have work to do" Kara said and dropped her head towards the work. William slowly walked off.

After a while, Kara was trying to distract herself when someone knocked at the door.

"William! For the last time I'm telling you, I'm not interested to go on a date with you... Please don't ruin my good mood today.. I hardly get any these days" Kara shouted not looking at who was at the door.

"Oh, I'm not William and certainly not here to ruin your day" The voice said and Kara immediately recognised the voice and looked up.

"Lena! I...I'm sorry" Kara said standing up. Lena entered and hugged her. They both sat down at the couch.

"So, William ha?" Lena asked as Kara groaned.

"I told him nicely, but he kept on asking me, so I just lashed at him that I'm not interested in dating him"

"I don't understand Kara" Lena said.

"What?" Kara asked.

"Did you have a fight with Barry? you said he's fine now after the bomb attack" Lena said.

"No, we didn't have any fight... It's the opposite, I spent all my day yesterday with him and I was very happy" Kara said smiling and also remembering the day she spent with Barry.

"Then what is the problem Kara?" Lena asked which puzzled Kara.

"What problem Lena?" Kara asked.

"If everything is fine between you two, why didn't you say William that you have a boyfriend?" Lena asked and Kara remained silent.

"Kara? Is something else going on?" Lena waited for the response but Kara remained silent. "You could share with me, if you want to... I won't judge you for anything" Lena saw Kara ease up a bit.

"The Thing is... I'm not sure, where I am now with Barry" Kara said slowly.

"What happened Kara?" Lena asked.

And then Kara took a breath and said "The thing I'm gonna say.. I haven't told this to anyone" Kara said looking towards Lena and Lena shook her head and squeezed her hand.

"Its okay Kara, you can count on me" Lena said giving a weak smile. And after that Kara said everything she wanted to.

"So, you think Caitlin loves Barry?" Lena asked.

"I don't think...I know it!" Kara said sadly.

"And why does it affect you? Barry doesn't love her" Lena said looking at Kara and Kara remained silent "Does he?"

"I..I don't know" Kara said.

"If he does, why would he be with you Kara? I know that I don't know Barry like you do, but one thing I'm sure that he doesn't have any intention to break your heart" Lena said.

"I know, Barry is a good person, but the problem is what If..what if" Kara stopped with tears.

"What if he loves Caitlin, but he doesn't realise it ?" Lena asked and Kara slowly nodded and Broke down.

"Oh Kara" Lena cried and took Kara into a hug to console her.

"I..I don't know where his heart lies" Kara cried.

"Kara, why do you so feel so?" Lena asked.

"He...He never opens up to me like he does to Caitlin. They both have the kind of relationship I don't think I will ever have with him." Kara cried.

"Kara, there's no rule that if Caitlin loves Barry, Barry will love her as well.. He's with you.. he loves you"

"I don't know... He never tells me back that he loves me" Kara said still Shaking up with tears.

"Kara, That does not mean he doesn't love you" Lena said.

"What if.. he is not sure where his heart is?...Barry lost someone recently who he loved all his life, what if.. he hasn't moved on?" Kara cried thinking about Iris. Lena remained silent not knowing what to tell.

After a while Kara got back to normal.

"I..I'm sorry Lena, you might have come here for some work and I just wasted your time" Kara said apologising.

"It's ok Kara" Lena said comforting Kara. "I just came by to see you... I was busy the past couple of days. So I couldn't drop by your loft or Star Labs to check on you both"

"Thanks for listening to all my problems and also caring for me" Kara said smiling and Lena repeated it.

"Kara, are you hungry?" Lena asked and Kara stared at her "Because I am starving"

"I thought you were my friend.. you should know about me" Kara said and Lena was about to apologize "I'm always hungry" Kara said laughing and Lena relaxed.

"Shall we?" Lena asked standing up.

"Yeah, what do you want to eat?" Kara asked standing up.

"Hmmm... What about potstickers?" Lena asked and Kara giggled.

"Took the words right out of my mind"

Kara and Lena entered a cafe, ordered their food and sat down.

"You look better now" Lena said.

"Maybe...sometimes, all we need is a shoulder to cry on!" Kara said and Lena squeezed Kara's hand.

STAR Labs-Central City :

The same evening, Caitlin was sitting on the balcony of Star Labs, staring out at the city. She was deep in her thoughts that she didn't hear Felicity approaching from behind.

"You okay Caitlin?"

"Yeah, I'm good Fel" Caitlin said after a moment.

"You don't look like that" Felicity said. Caitlin remained silent. Felicity got down and sat beside her.

"What are you thinking about?" Felicity asked.

"About what you said yesterday" Caitlin said.

"A break?" Felicity asked and Caitlin nodded slowly.

"I'm not sure if this is the right time or not" Caitlin said.

"Do it now. Sometimes later becomes never!" Felicity said. Caitlin remained silent thinking over.

"Think about it. I'm gonna give you space to think" Felicity said hugging Caitlin. She stood up and walked off. Caitlin remained there thinking.

The same night, Caitlin knocked the door of Barry's house.

"Cait... What are you doing here at this time? Caitlin looked at her watch and saw it was 11.30PM. "Is everything all right?" Barry asked her signaling her to enter the apartment. She remained silent. So he made her sit down at the couch.

"Where's Jessie?" She asked.

"Jessie has gone to Metropolis for some work" Barry said and Caitlin felt a bit relaxed as now she could talk with him alone.

"What happened Cait? You can tell me"

"Barry.. I'm gonna go out of central city for a while" She said.

"What? Where?" Barry asked surprised.

"I honestly don't know" Caitlin responded.

"What's going on Cait?" Barry asked taking her hands.

"I just need a while to think over some things" She said "I need a break from all the things we do here"

Barry slowly nodded his head understanding Caitlin's Intention. Barry started feeling a sense of losing someone.

"You're going to come back, right?.. because I cannot lose anyone anymore whom I love" Barry asked. Caitlin's heart crackled at Barry's question.

"Of course" it was the only thing she could respond taking the fight she was battling with her inner self.

"When are you leaving?" He asked.

"Tomorrow morning" She replied sadly.

"I'm gonna miss you" Barry said and reached for a hug.

"I'm gonna miss you too... This was a tough call for me" She said and swept into his arms. They both stayed like there for a while. Barry started having tears in his eyes. Caitlin felt very secured in his arms. All her tensions and concerns just swept away from her mind. As the time came, they both came out. Caitlin started looking around not wanting to face him.

"Coffee?" Barry asked.

"Yeah" Caitlin said. Barry turned around to walk to kitchen. Caitlin followed him to the kitchen.

" So, where are you thinking to go?" Barry asked pouring the water into the kettle.

"I honestly do not know. Do you have any suggestions. You know what, Cisco always tells me that I do not have any life other than Star Labs or my home. Tell me some places that I could go and have loads of fun. I should get a chance to prove Cisco wrong" Caitlin said. She didn't want to go away from Barry, but she knew this was something she had to do.

Barry felt a hint of jealousy inside of him when Caitlin said the word 'fun'. He wondered if Caitlin would find a guy and come back with him. He was not sure why he was feeling that way. He definitely knew he was overthinking. He came back to reality when Caitlin called him.

" where do you want to go ? You want to go have some city fun or want to go and enjoy the nature?" Barry questioned.

" City life huh? Well I could go and have some fun. I could roam around the city in the morning and go to a pub at night" Caitlin joked.

" Well, then Chicago would be a good place" Barry said.

"Umm...May be I don't want to go there. How about some peaceful places to hike?" Caitlin said. She definitely knew Cisco was right.

"Well go the national park in Nevada. It is the best place to hike. The mountains, lakes and trees...they provide so much peace to the mind. I am sure you will definitely love it" Barry said.

"May be I'll pick it up….for you" Caitlin said smiling and not trying to stress on the last part. She didn't want to stop this time they are having now to end. But all times come to an end.


Caitlin woke up and looked around to see it wasn't any room she recognised. She didn't even realize when she had fallen asleep.

She turned to the table beside the bed to find a tray set with a cup of coffee, Croissants, a blue rose and most importantly a Card. It was a icy blue coloured card with snowflakes drawn over the sides.

"Bad luck for groom to see Bride on the wedding day" was written on it with a heart drawn at the bottom

Caitlin couldn't understand where she was and whose wedding it was. She started to think about the previous night but it went vain. She could only get Barry's face in her thoughts.

"Caitlin, come on... We're Getting late" A voice said and Caitlin looked up to see Felicity standing at the door.

"Felicity?... What is going on?" Caitlin asked not understanding.

"What do you mean by what's going on?... It's your wedding today" Felicity said coming near her. Caitlin eyes went wide hearing what she said.

"What? My wedding?...With whom?" Caitlin asked.

"With Barry!" Felicity yelled and Caitlin immediately jumped.




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