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Unknown Location:

Fairchild walked into the room where her Boss was sitting on the throne with closed eyes. It looked like he was deep into thinking about something.

"Sir, should we proceed with our pre-planned missions?" She asked.

"No...No" The boss opened his eyes. Fairchild observed an inch of fear in his eyes. "I will make a new plan.. This time I will make sure there's no mistake!" He said with a smirk and went back to his throne and closed his eyes.

Fairchild took the leave. He walked back and started thinking about what her boss was planning. His smirk was making her sense that there is some upcoming danger.

At this time, her computer started beeping and she looked over it. It was someone who was trying to enter into her network.

"Not so fast Overwatch!" Fairchild mumbled and easily removed the intruder.


Felicity who was working to find out the person who helped them groaned, as her attempts were just kept failing. She threw away her tab in frustration.

"Hey...Hey, Calm Down Felicity" Felicity turned around to see Jessie walking in.

"What happened?" Jessie continued.

"I cannot find who it was... Whatever I try, it doesn't work" Felicity yelled banging her hands.

"Look, if someone can crack it, it's going to be you... Take a break" Jessie said.

"No... No breaks. I've got to find this person as soon as possible" Felicity replied. She picked her tab back and started to work again but Jessie grabbed the tab from her.

"I said take a break.. Now you're going to? Or you want me to act as your boss and make you take one?" Jessie asked and Felicity gave up.

"Yeah, okay" Felicity reluctantly said.

"Good! By the way, have you seen Barry? He hasn't come home since yesterday" Jessie asked dropping the tab on the table.

"He's gone to stay with Kara" Felicity said picking her thingsz

"Oh!" Jessie said "So Caitlin knows about it?"

"Yeah, she was the one who suggested it" Felicity said waving her hands and started walking out.

"Weird" Jessie mumbled. Felicity who was about to walk out, turned around after listening Jessie.

"What do you mean by weird?" Felicity asked.

"I mean, Caitlin asking Barry to go and be with Kara" Jessie said.

"Why do you feel so?" Felicity asked. She wanted to know if both her and Jessie were thinking about same reason for stating it as weird.

"Oh C'mon Felicity, don't act as if you don't know" Jessie said with a smirk and Felicity acted as if she didn't understand.

"We both know that Caitlin loves Barry!" Jessie said and Felicity just stared.

"Whaaaaat? That is brand new information!" Felicity said.

"Ah ah! Drop it off" Jessie said Shaking her head.

"Fine" Felicity said dropping her hands in air.

"How did you find out exactly? Are you spying on us?"

"What? No... I've known that for years... Everyone can see it in her eyes... How she stares at him, takes care of him"

"Not everyone!" Felicity said and Jessie raised her eyes. "I don't think, Barry ever noticed."

"I don't understand how dumb sometimes Barry is... He clearly cannot pickup the signs" Jessie said and Felicity laughed.

"If you know it, why did you stay silent?" Felicity asked.

"The same way, you're right now... He needs to realise it on his own" Jessie said.

"But, sometimes all we need is a little push" Felicity said and Jessie shrugged.

Jessie was about to speak when they heard footsteps approaching and decided to put this conversation on hold. Caitlin walked into the cortex by speaking with someone on phone.

"He's alright... You don't need to cut your trip...okay, take care... Love you" Caitlin finished the call to see Jessie and Felicity.

"Cisco?" Jessie asked and Caitlin nodded.

"He was in some forest for the past couple of days... As soon as he was out, he got to know about the blast. Kamilla and he were planning to cut short the trip and comeback... I finally made them realise that Barry's in a good position" She said.

"Oh that explains, why he didn't pick our calls" Felicity said and Caitlin shrugged.

"Anyway, what were you guys talking about? I kind of heard the end parts of it... What was the "push" about?" Caitlin said air quoting.

"Oh nothing, just some stuff related to company and business stuff" Felicity lied knowing that Caitlin will definitely not ask any further questions because of her lack of interest in business stuff.

"Oh" Caitlin breathed and Felicity smirked at Jessie.

"So, has Barry come back? He hasn't texted me about how he is doing all day" Caitlin said with concern.

"No, But I did track him" Felicity was saying when Caitlin glared at her. "He and Kara have gone to watch some movie" She finished with a laugh which irritated Caitlin.

"Relax Caitlin, he would have comeback if there was some problem" Jessie placed a hand on Caitlin's shoulder.

"Yeah, he would for sure... After all it was Dr.Snow's orders to not hide anything" Felicity said laughing. Caitlin just shook her head. She started dragging Felicity out as the hacker continued her laughter.

"Good night guys" Jessie shouted and they both replied same.


National City:

Kara and Barry returned back to Kara's loft after watching movie and eating food for like 6 times.

"Were you Happy?" Barry asked making her sit beside on the couch. He gently took her face in his hands.

"Thank you Barry for spending time with me.. I really enjoyed every minute of it" Kara replied smiling and swept forward and kissed him.

"We could do this more often" Kara said after they came apart and Barry nodded.

"Time to go" Barry said and Kara slowly dropped her head.

"Good night Barry" She said remaining in the same position. Barry came forward and kissed her forehead.

"Good Night Kara" He said and ran off.

"I love you Scarlett Speedster" Kara mumbled after he left.

Barry walked in to his house and Jessie was on the couch watching TV.

"So, how was your day?" Jessie asked.

"Pretty good" Barry said.

"How is she?"

"I..I don't know to be honest. She looks like she's fine now. But I don't know how she's feeling from the inside" Barry said running his hands over his face.

"It's okay Barr, we can figure it out" Jessie said trying to assure Barry. He just gave a weak nod.

"I'm gonna go to sleep now" Barry started walking to his room "Good Night Jessie"

"Good Night Barry" She said and continued watching TV.

The next Morning, Barry walked in to the cortex with two coffees in his hand.

"Good Morning Cait" He said. Caitlin who was working on computer turned around to see him. It instantly brought a smile to her face.

"Morning Barry" She replied and she took the coffee from him. "Thanks for the coffee, I really needed one.. my coffee machine broke and Jitters had really a long queue"

"Yeah, felt like you needed it" Barry said sipping his coffee.

"What do you mean by felt like it?" Caitlin asked.

"I..I don't know, I was around Jitters and I felt like bringing one to you" Barry said and Caitlin smiled. But inside she was trying to hold her emotions. She was surprised and was very happy to see Barry caring for her.

"Cait" Barry said and Caitlin looked up to him. He immediately took her to a hug. "Thank you for everything. Kara really felt happy."

Caitlin had all mixed emotions. She was feeling happy for Barry. Contrary to that, she was breaking herself from inside seeing Barry getting away from her. And the sudden hug were not helping her trials of bottling up her feelings. She wanted to stay there in his arms, forever. And then Barry drew apart from her.

"I really meant it, Thank you!" He said.

"I'm happy for you Barry!" Caitlin said giving a weak smile and tears started to form up in her eyes. She understood that she needed to leave the cortex immediately or else her feelings would get out of her control.

"Barry, I need to go out now. Felicity is going for shopping, so I said I'll pick her up from our apartment" Caitlin said.

"Oh, Okay... I've to go to CCPD as well" Barry said "Bye Cait" He said and Caitlin waved and walked off quickly.

Barry was about to leave when he heard a sound.

"Hey Barry, Good Morning" He turned around to see it was Felicity.

"Felicity?" Barry was kind of surprised to see Felicity "I thought you and Cait were going shopping... She just left"

Felicity was confused first about shopping and all. But she realized that it was probably some Caitlin's idea to run from Barry.

"Oh...yeah shopping..I was feeling hungry, so I came out to have breakfast and thought we both can leave from here" Felicity babbled.

"Oh, okay" Barry said and Felicity waved her bye and ran out.

"Strange" Barry mumbled and then his phone went on with Joe's call.

"Yeah Joe..on my way" He said and cut the call. Barry thought to think over this after his work and ran off.

Felicity started to walk into all the rooms. She knew Caitlin was somewhere inside of the labs. After a while, Felicity entered Time Vault to see Caitlin sitting inside with her head near the knees

"Caitlin?" Felicity called and sat beside her. "What happened?"

Caitlin told her the things happened and why she lied and ran to here.

"It's okay" Felicity said patting her back. Caitlin remained silent for a while.

"Why don't you take a break?" Felicity asked which made Caitlin look at her. "Yeah, Leave Central City for a while, go out for a trip... Things might get better for you"

"I..I don't think if this is the right time Fel... What happened with Charles... I feel something bad is looming up" Caitlin said.

"Think about it" Felicity said taking her to a hug.




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