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The Million Dollar Question

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(Some parts of this chapter is inspired from "Call me Kara")


Kara and Felicity walked in to Med bay to see Caitlin holding Barry's hand to her forehead with eyes closed.

"Caitlin" Felicity said from behind. Caitlin opened her eyes and slowly kept Barry's hand on the bed and turned around to see who it was.

"Felicity, what are you doing here... This early?" Caitlin asked noticing the time which was very early. Meanwhile Kara stood outside of Med bay door with her head down.

"Thought you could use some of this!" Felicity said showing her the food and coffee.

"Thanks Fel, But..." Caitlin got cut.

"No Buts.." Felicity said and handed over the coffee as Caitlin took it reluctantly.

"Did you sleep?" Felicity asked. Caitlin nodded her head but she knew that Caitlin did not sleep for even a bit.

"So how's he?" Felicity asked.

"I...I honestly don't know... The healing should have brought him to conscious... We...we just have to wait and see" Caitlin said looking at Barry.

"He will be alright" Felicity said to assure her. Caitlin gave a weak smile and immediately it went off as she noticed Kara outside of Med bay. Felicity noticed and understood.

Felicity stood and brought Kara inside.

"You both clearly have somethings to clear out. It wouldn't be good if Barry wakes and sees his best friend and his love in a fight" Felicity said and walked out of the room. Kara thought who exactly was the friend and the love here?

"Kara... I'm" Caitlin was cut by Kara.

"Caitlin! It's me who should say that. I went in without thinking...and now Barry is..." Kara said with tears and to her surprise Caitlin reached and hugged her.

"No Kara..I'm sorry... It was not at all your mistake... I acted a bit harsh towards you... I am very sorry!" Caitlin said still hugging her as they both stayed there for a while. But they both didn't notice that the sleeping speedster was seeing them.

"Wow! You must have thought I was going to die, if you two had a fight. Especially you Cait. Never thought you could yell on someone other than me and Cisco" Barry laughed as the two ladies jumped suddenly looking over Barry.

Barry tried to sit up, but fell immediately due to pain from his back.

"I thought you were going to Barry! You can't do that Bar.. you can't leave like that" Caitlin said and hoped Kara or Barry won't focus on the 'me' part.

"I'm alive cool" He said slowly and noticed how red were Caitlin's eyes. He also saw at Kara looking over him with tears.

Caitlin glared at his comment and rubbed off her tears.

"I'm gonna give you two room" Caitlin stood up and patted on Kara's back and started walking out of the room. She entered the speed lab and sat on the floor crying.

"Kara..." Barry said as Kara was still trying to catch her emotions and immediately she reached and hugged him.

"It's okay.. I'm okay" He said rubbing her back and Kara stayed there for a while crying.

"I...I'm sorry" Kara cried.

"What? Why are you sorry?" Barry asked.

"It was fault Barry, I should have seen that he had second plans" Kara cried.

"Hey... It was no one's mistake... You went in to save the guy... You didn't have that much time to think over...Don't feel bad for yourself" Kara snuggled more deeper into his arms and kissed him.

"I Love you!" Kara whispered and Barry kissed her temple.

"You know...This is the time where Oliver calls or comes to me giving me a lesson about casing environments and all" Barry laughed but Kara's mind went to her conversation with Oliver in that realm.

"Looks like someone is back to his usual fun" A voice said as Barry and Kara looked up to see Jessie. Kara woke from him and walked past the room smiling at Jessie.

Jessie came near him smiling and immediately the smile disappeared. Barry thought that was not good. Just like Barry expected, Jessie slapped Barry.

"Ah! It hurts Jessie" Barry said.

"Yeah...It does! That's how we felt since yesterday" Jessie said with tears in her eyes.

"Jessie..come on now.." Barry tried.

"No Barry! I already lost my parents... I cannot lose you too.." Jessie cried as Barry took her hand.

"Hey..Hey.. see I'm all okay" Barry said as Jessie slowly made herself comfortable.

"How's Joe?" Barry asked. Jessie just gave a look.

"Yeah understood... May be I should be ready for another slap or something" Barry laughed as Jessie smiled.

"Did you speak to Caitlin?" Jessie asked.

"Just for a minute and then she left to give some room for me and Kara" Barry said.

"She's been here all night Barr! I'm gonna send her... She's very much terrified" Jessie squeezed his hand and walked over to search for Caitlin.

Caitlin reached slowly med bay.

"How..How are you feeling now?" Caitlin asked.

"What can I say? The best doctor took care of me!" Barry said as Caitlin smiled but it disappeared immediately.

"Cait!" Barry motioned her to sit near him "I'm sorry"

"How many times Barry? You just rush in every time"

"I'm sorry.. Next time, I will look.. okay?" Barry tried reasoning with Caitlin.

"You said the same thing last time when you went in that bank couple of weeks ago."

"I..I know.. But this is the life I chose Cait. I'm gonna take as many risks as possible to help. I'm sorry that I rushed but the coms went down and Kara was about to get shot. I couldn't think about what would happen to me " Barry reasoned.

"Stop talking yourself as some asset... You aren't meant to be anything but you... Next time, I don't want you to go into any danger without running a perimeter or expecting the unexpected." Caitlin said with tears. Barry reached her cheeks and wiped out the tears.

Caitlin stood suddenly as Barry puzzled. She didn't want her feelings to come out and do something she would regret her whole life.

"Felicity...she's waiting" Caitlin walked off.

"So Pudding's awake" Felicity laughed walking in as Barry laughed back.

"I... I still remember you telling me that" Barry remembered the time when he visited Felicity after the flashpoint.

"How are you feeling now?" She asked.

"I think I could be no better than this" Barry said.

"Good... Because we are going to have a chat now" Felicity said.

"Uh Oh! This doesn't sound good" Barry mumbled.

"Yeah it isn't... You're going to lie here and listen about casing environments"

"Typical Oliver style" Barry said.

"May be not... But the point is the same... I hope you will listen to me this time. Because you don't want to see the faces of everyone here yesterday... Especially Caitlin!"

"Jessie said she stayed all night" Barry said.

"Yeah she did... Even though she claimed she slept, I don't think she did" Felicity said and Barry held his head low.

"I..I don't know if I can ever repay her... She's been with me from the start... I don't think there would be any flash without Caitlin...Or Cisco... I honestly don't deserve them" Barry said sadly.

"No Barry, You deserve all of them... You made many sacrifices in your life Barry! You deserve them all" Felicity said squeezing his hand.

"What about Laughlin? That was his name right?" Barry asked.

"He died Barry... He didn't survive" Felicity said.

"Who was he? And what did Charles want with him and how did even he get hold of Kryptonite?" Barry asked.

"We..We don't know yet... We didn't have anytime to check on that... I'm sure Alex would have started digging by now" Felicity said and Barry nodded.

"We need to find out as soon as possible" Barry said.

"I know... I know. I'm gonna do my work... You stay here and rest..okay.." Felicity ordered and stood, Barry reluctantly nodded.

"I'm gonna send Caitlin or Kara" Felicity said and walked off.


Alex walked to Winn.

"Winn, Anything?" She asked.

"Not yet Alex. I've been trying to track Charles's life... But it looks like he's been off grid since the incident of his dad"

"What about his family?" Alex asked.

"Nothing! No wife, no brother or sister... His account has been inactive since that incident... It's like he just vanished off the world" Winn replied.

"Then how the hell did he even get Kryptonite and all the bombs" Alex said.

"Yeah... That's the thing which has been bugging me" Winn replied.

STAR Labs- Central City:

Joe had come in to check on Barry. After his talk, everyone assembled at the cortex along with Barry who has been made to sit on a portable bed.

Felicity explained about what Alex had said to her about Charles's disappearances off the grid.

"What do we do now?" Jessie asked.

"There's something else... someone helped us yesterday" Felicity said and everyone looked at her.

"What do you mean by helped us?" Caitlin was the first to ask.

"When Kara entered the restaurant and the coms went down. I said that to you(Barry).. I was trying to get back the coms online when suddenly all our systems got blacked and a message popped up informing me about the second bomb and Kryptonite... But by the time I said that to you (Barry), you had entered.. so I immediately called Joe to alert you both(Barry and Kara)...But as we can see, it failed" Felicity explained.

"Wait... How's that even possible? You are the best hacker in this world" Kara said to Felicity.

"Trust me, there are a quite a bit of people who are way ahead... I've heard of someone who used to work in Gotham" Felicity said.

"You think he or she helped us?" Joe asked.

"I...I don't think so" Felicity said.

"How are you so sure?" He asked.

"Because what I saw yesterday was something I have never seen... It didn't look anything of our technology"

"Then who was it?" Kara and Barry said at the same time.

"That's the million dollar question!" Felicity said "And we need to find them because we might get our answers from them" Felicity said as everyone nodded.




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