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The Hard Choices

A/N: I'm not against any of the Actors/actresses based on their race, Sex, Ethnicity. It is just my imagination of a story I loved to tell.

Disclaimer- I own nothing over the characters, these belong to DC and my story is only my owning.

"What? Oliver you're alive? Why am I in this house? "Barry asked after seeing himself in the place where his mom was murdered.

"You're in the speedforce Barry!" Oliver said with a little smile on his face.

"Speedforce? How's that possible, I lost my powers! Ramsey shot me with the meta-human cure" Barry said not understanding what Oliver meant.

"No Barry, You didn't loose your speed" Oliver said nodding shaking his head

"You aren't Oliver? Aren't you?" Barry questioned.

"No, I'm not" Oliver replied

"You are the speedforce! You usually come as my mom, but this time." Barry said.

"The world outside is different now, you need to know. Figured this face will be easy for you to understand" Speedforce said making Barry understand why it came as Oliver.

"Yeah, I saw how things are different" Barry said thinking about how Iris has changed.

"No...You've seen only the things which I have shown" Speedforce said.

"What do you mean by what you have shown? Was not that real?" Barry asked looking into Oliver's eyes.

"It's not real" Speedforce said as Barry face lit up with a smile.

"But it will be… Soon!" Speedforce continued as the smile on Barry's face faded.

"I…I don't understand" Barry trembled.

"I showed you the future Barry, what happens when you wake up. I brought you here right after the Spectre created the new Universe. " Speedforce replied

"I don't understand why Oliver made these changes." Barry said not understanding Oliver's creation.

"He didn't Barry… It was you" Speedforce said looking into Barry's eyes.

"Me? I didn't do anything. I don't even remember the new timeline" Barry said .

"Oliver made your wish true Barry! " Speedforce said

"My wish? I don't understand" Barry said confused

" Who was the first person you wanted to tell when you got to know about your powers?" Speedforce asked.

" Iris!" Barry said

" In this timeline Iris was the part of your team since beginning and eventually taking up the leadership" Speedforce said

" But, why did iris become like this?" Barry mumbled

" People change Barry, One small choice you made resulted this timeline" Speedforce said

"But how did Oliver know about my wish? I never said it to anyone." Barry asked

"After Oliver became The Spectre, You took all the paragons to the dawn of time using the speedforce but you all got scattered through various time of your life's. Oliver learned everything about all of you during this." Speedforce answered.

"No Something's wrong, Oliver would never have fulfilled my wish If things were going to turn out like this." Barry said

" Oliver fulfilled your wish Barry, you have to live on to your choices" Speedforce replied.

"But, Why me? Why didn't he save himself when he had the power?" Barry asked thinking about Oliver sacrificing

"Everything comes at a price Barry! Do you remember the thing Oliver said before he sacrificed?" Speedforce said and kept his hand on Barry's head as memories of Oliver telling Sara and Barry came up

The dawn of time

Oliver: You both take care of my family.

Barry: Stay with us Oliver! Stay with us ...

Oliver: You remember what I told you?

Barry: Dying is the easy part.

Oliver: I'm at peace!... The real heroes...

Barry: They are the ones that have to keep going.

Oliver: So keep... Going...and don't ever stop!... This world, this new world it needs both of you

Tears fell from Oliver's eye as he closed his eyes

Sara looking up : Barry...

Barry also looking up: An end.

Sara: And a begining.

Sara and Barry both look down to Oliver as tears rolled from both of their eyes

Barry: thank you Oliver!

As both Sara and Barry cried looking over Oliver... The light glittered...

" You understand now?" Speedforce said as he moved back taking off his head from Barry's head.

Barry just sat there with tears still thinking about Oliver

" But why me, of all the people he choose me?" Barry asked

"He made things for all of you, Everything needs a right time to come up " Speedforce said

" Then I am willing to die for him, Complete my life to where it has been planned" Barry said and he stood from the bed.

"No Barry you cannot! Why do you think I showed you the future? To stop it from happening" Speedforce said.

" I can't make Oliver's sacrifice unworthy. He died for us!" Barry said angrily

Barry tried to speedout but he was stopped by speedforce

" Oliver asked you to live upon Barry! He asked you to be there for this new world" speedforce said trying to comfort Barry.

"I cannot" Barry said crying

"You have to be there in this new world Barry!" speedforce said trying to comfort Barry

" How?" Barry asked as he sat down with his face buried in knees

" I brought you here to give that power, I'm giving you a chance to alter the things" speedforce said and made Barry stand up.

" But, That is not possible, I cannot reset everything to its normal" Barry said as he remembered jay from earth-3 had showed him the after math of time travel when Barry tried fixing the flashpoint.

" Yes, there are consequences Barry, but it's the choice you have to make,... Just like Oliver did!" Speedforce said looking into Barry's eyes.

"But why are you giving me this choice?" Barry asked

" There are things which I cannot tell you now Barry, I'm giving you because I don't want his sacrifice to go in vain." Speedforce said

" I will take up any choice to make sure the timeline stays intact" Barry said rubbing up his tears and ready to restore the time.

" Remember one thing Barry, Don't stop!" Speedforce said with a smile

" I will not!" Barry said and hugged Oliver who was in the speedforce form.

" Thank You for giving me another chance!" Barry said still hugging.

" The choices you make now are very hard Barry, use them wisely, but succeeding it will lead to your Destiny... that will honour Oliver's sacrifice" Speedforce said and they drew from the hug.

" I will.. I will" Barry said nodding

" Now, Run Barry run!" Speedforce said.

Lightning passed through Barry's body and he ran off from that house

As Barry ran he started seeing all the things, his mom getting murdered, Barry meeting Oliver, Getting struck by lightning, Waking up to see Caitlin and Cisco, Defeating Reverse flash, Death of Ronnie, Barry meeting Kara...

" Concentrate on the time you want to go Barry!" Barry heard in his mind as Speedforce said

Barry increased his speed

" You don't have too many choices Barry! Think of the greater good." Speedforce said in Barry's mind

Barry started thinking of thing he needed to change. His mom's death, he getting struck by lightning, His wish of coming up to iris about him begin flash, came up to his mind. With great struggle he finally decided on his choice and plunged on

"Barry! Are you ok? " Caitlin asked as Barry wokeup.

"Caitlin!" Barry exclaimed and dragged her to a hug.

Barry looked around to see he was in Star labs, everything looked normal to him and as they came apart

"Where's Cisco? " Barry asked hoping Cisco is alive.

"He went to Jitters with Kamilla and what happened to you? I walked into lab and found you unconscious on the floor!" Caitlin said and kept her hand on Barry's Hand.

" What year is it?" Barry asked

"Did you time travel again? " Caitlin asked

" Tell me Caitlin!" Barry said requesting Caitlin.

" It's 2020" Caitlin said looking into Barry

" You do work here right?" Barry asked

" Barry, What's wrong with you? I've always worked here!" Caitlin said amused by what Barry was asking.

" Thank god!" Barry said as he finally felt relaxed that the future he saw changed.

" Care to explain?" Caitlin asked

Barry was about to speak when he was interrupted as Cisco came in to the lab where Barry was

"Man! What happened to you?" Cisco exclaimed after seeing Barry on the bed with monitors around him.

"Nothing I just fell unconscious" Barry lied thinking not to mention about the timeline where Cisco died.

Caitlin gave Barry a look understanding he was hiding something.

" I'm fine now" Barry said as he noticed Caitlin looking over him

" What do the scans say?" Cisco asked Caitlin.

" Everything's normal in the scans but I feel something is odd" Caitlin said turning towards Cisco.

" Trust me I'm good" Barry said trying to make Caitlin believe everything's normal.

"Barry, Joe has asked me a favour and I couldn't turn it up." Caitlin said looking

"What did he ask?" Barry asked Thinking why Joe didn't ask him directly.

" He wants you to be at the grave tomorrow.. Along with him" Caitlin said a little low.

" Grave? Whose grave?" Barry asked not understanding about who's grave was it.

"Barry, it's been 4 years, Joe needs you there tomorrow... Do it atleast for him!." Caitlin said with a sad face.

Barry just sat there not saying anything thinking about whose grave was it and eventually deciding to visit it

" Fine, I'll go with Iris" Barry said

"Barry? What are you talking?" Cisco asked confused

"What?" Barry looked over to Cisco

"I knew something was odd with you." Caitlin said with still a sad face.

" Guys! Please tell me what happened!" Barry shouted not understanding what Caitlin and Cisco meant.

"You really don't remember Barry?" Cisco asked with a blank face.

"No! Please tell me." Barry exclaimed

"Barry... Tomorrow is Iris's Birthday." Caitlin said





Hope you liked this chapter

To be continued...

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