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Kara groaned and opened her eyes to see a place she did not recognize. It looked like a realm with space covered all over.

"I've been waiting for you" A voice said as Kara turned around to see.

Kara shocked after seeing who it was and walked up to him.

"Oliver?" Kara asked as he just nodded.

"Come, let's play a game of chess" Oliver said and took her to a board of chess.

"Wait… where are we... What is this place?" Kara asked.

"You'll get your answers Kara" Oliver said sitting on a chair with chess game on the table. Kara took the chair and sat across him.

After killing the queen with her bishop, Kara exclaimed, "Aha..I got your queen and check now! You are about to lose the game, Oliver!"

Oliver smirked and moved his rook in front of Kara's king and said, "Checkmate Kara!"

"What!! No!! How can that even be possible?" exclaimed Kara with a confusing look on her face.

Kara glanced over the chess board and realized that she has been surrounded by Oliver's pawn, bishop and rook.

"You always need to keep an eye on the surroundings, Kara. Observe what is going on around you. If you had done that, Barry wouldn't have been where he was. You must be ready to expect the unexpected...Always be prepared!"

STAR Labs, Central City:

Caitlin got out of the car and ran towards the med bay.

"No...No...No!" Caitlin screamed in horror after seeing Barry. He was barely breathing.

Caitlin stood there in shock seeing the love of her life lying almost dead. Felicity grabbed her by her shoulders and shook her off.

"Caitlin!" She cried which brought back Caitlin to her senses. She ran towards Barry.

Felicity, we need fluids, a lot of fluids. Blood and saline. Quickly, please get them!!" Caitlin said as Felicity ran and came back with them.

Alex Danvers came running in to the cortex.

"Kara?" She shouted and ran to her as she was lying on a bed and was being monitored.

"Felicity checked as soon as we brought her. She is just unconscious." Joe came and assured her as Alex looked at her sister and relaxed a bit.

"What about Barry?" She asked and looked up to Joe who looked terrified.

"He… He's in Med bay, Caitlin's looking over" Joe said as Alex nodded and ran to her.

"I need Two IV's. He…He is burnt… I need to remove this suit" Caitlin said as Felicity was passing her when Alex entered.

"I can Help!" Alex said and picked up the IV's from Felicity.

Alex and Caitlin removed the suit off of Barry and Caitlin gasped seeing the bruises on his body.

Barry was bleeding a lot. Caitlin injected blood and saline intravenously on one hand while Alex was doing the same to the other hand.

"Okay, we need to remove the shrapnel, but first we have to check if any arteries were cut. He could bleed out if we remove one that is lodged. We need to prevent him from bleeding out….We need an X-ray machine. Felicity, get the X ray machine!" Caitlin said.

Felicity returned with a mini X-ray machine and they started looking over Barry.

The shrapnel in his chest came dangerously close to his heart, but missed just by an inch. The shrapnel in his abdomen pierced his stomach and another kicked his kidney. The ones in his legs were lodged into the muscles.

Caitlin opened up Barry. First, his chest to remove the dangerous shrapnel next to his heart as Alex continued X-raying his body. His skull was cracked in the back and four vertebra were smashed.

"Good thing… His cells are already repairing the damage around his heart." Caitlin said as it felt a bit relief to her.

"Alex, I need to remove the shrapnel in his stomach now, Can you remove the one from his legs?" Caitlin asked as Alex nodded.

"We need to spend a lot of time here. There are lot of smaller pieces inside him. Felicity grab the machine and continue X-raying him" Caitlin ordered.

Four hours later, Barry's stomach and chest had begun to heal. Jesse arrived frantic of course but Joe held her back explaining her that Caitlin and Alex needed space to treat Barry.

Caitlin was beginning to see the crack in Barry's skull.

"Caitlin, Barry's vertebrae….It's not aligning correctly" Alex said.

"We have to deal with that when the bleeding completely stops.. This happened last time…he broke his back" Caitlin said remembering when Zoom broke his back.

"I…I know how to align it. He will be sore for few days and then be better" She finished.

Alex was sitting beside Kara holding her hand when Caitlin came and started looking over her vitals.

"Don't worry Alex! Everything seems good with Kara. She just needs some rest" Caitlin assured.

"I know..I know…..But still things like these terrify me…. Just like how you get terrified every time something like this happens to Barry" Alex said to Caitlin. She could see how Caitlin was trying not to show her fears.

As Alex and Caitlin were speaking, Kara slowly opened her eyes and tried to stand up from the bed.

"Thank God Kara!" Alex approached Kara and made her sit.

"I…I'm okay" Kara said trying to make her sister relax.

"How's Barry?" She asked looking over to Caitlin.

"He's still unconscious" Alex said noticing Caitlin remaining silent.

Kara got down from her bed and started walking towards Barry as Alex and Caitlin followed her. Tears roll down from Kara as she saw Barry in that condition.

"We don't know when he'll wake up… We did all we can… We've given him sedatives… He is healing" Alex put hand on Kara's shoulders. Kara went into Alex's arms and started crying.

Joe, Felicity and Jessie came in to med bay to check on Kara.

Everyone hugged her to make her feel relaxed.

"What happened over there?" Caitlin asked not knowing what exactly happened.

Joe explained about Laughing, Napier and how Kara went in to talk him out.

"What happened inside Kara?" Caitlin asked after Felicity mentioned about communication systems going down.

"I…I talked out Napier and took the detonator from him and Barry was about to take Laughlin outside but….but" Kara was struggling.

"There was a second bomb" Felicity said.

"I…I got distracted.….Napier took out a gun and Barry sped in front of me and then…" Kara trembled as everyone understood what happened after that.

"How could you be so distracted Kara!!!" Caitlin yelled.

"Caitlin!" Felicity came in to stop but..

"How could you not see the bomb Kara? You went in blind!" Caitlin was furious.

"I…I'm sorry, I didn't think he had a second bomb" Kara said as she was distracted by her daughter's warning before going inside of the site.

"You put Barry's life in jeopardy Kara. He came in blind believing that you would have seen if something like this happened…. Explosives might not hurt you Kara but Barry…He's a human… He can die!!!"Caitlin was in tears.

"I…I'm sorry" Kara said crying as Caitlin walked out to Barry being furious on Kara.

"Kara.." Alex came in to comfort Kara.

"I need some..some air" Kara said and stood to leave as others just remained silent.

"Alex! Please be here and tell me when he wakes up" Kara said as Alex nodded and Kara left.

4 hours later:

Caitlin and Alex had aligned Barry's vertebrae back into the place.

"Why isn't he waking up?" Felicity asked.

"We've been giving him sedatives continuously through his IV to keep him asleep. He needs to rest now." Caitlin said but still fear was on her face.

Caitlin and Alex put a Star Labs hoodie on Barry and Alex walked away from the table; she gave weak thumbs up to Joe and Jesse.

Caitlin stayed side of Barry holding his hand and crying.

Joe and Jessie stood who were outside watching this came to Caitlin .

"You did all you can Caitlin… You always brought him back. You will bring him back this time too" Joe said hugging to make her feel better as Caitlin just gave a weak smile. Jesse repeated the hug.

"Caitlin! You need rest..go home and have some sleep.. I will be here" Jessie said.

"No, I'm good… You go home… You had a long travel from Star City" Caitlin said.

"Caitlin" Jessie tried but Caitlin dismissed her.

"Joe, you too… go home and take rest… I'll stay here" Caitlin said as Joe tried to argue but Caitlin was in no mood to listen. They both had their last looks over on Barry and left the lab.

Alex and Felicity came to Caitlin with food.

"Alex… I'm sorry about earlier… I was rude to Kara… Please make sure she's good" Caitlin said as Alex could see concern in her eyes.

"I will… take care" Alex said and walked off.

After a while Caitlin sent a reluctant Felicity home.

"Come back to me Barry... I can't loose you… I love you...please don't leave me!!" Caitlin whispered to him and kissed on his forehead. She just sat beside his bed weeping.

Kara was standing outside of the room when she overheard what Caitlin said to Barry. She stood still glancing over sad Caitlin and unconscious Barry. Oliver's words kept ringing in her head.



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