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One Down

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First of all I need to mention that, some parts of this chapter have been inspired from a chapter of "Call me Kara"


"Mom! Save Dad!... He can't die... Save the Flash...Oliver... He's the key.." the glimpses of her daughter came to Kara as she woke up in her bed. She started experiencing a bad headache.

"The hell!" Kara groaned and looked over her phone to check if she had missed any calls or messages from Barry.

"Still busy..hmm..." Kara murmured and tried to drift off again. But the thoughts of some woman who called her mom asking her to save Barry was alarming Kara. At first when she got this dream a couple of days ago, Kara thought it was a bad dream... But may be now she started to reconsider her opinion on that.


STAR Labs, Central City:

Felicity had come back to Star Labs after her talk with Oliver as she couldn't sleep. So she started working on the DEO's issue to divert herself from all the things that Oliver was puzzling up her with.

Caitlin walked into the cortex couple of hours later.

"There you are!!" Caitlin said "I've been trying to call and message you when I didn't find you"

"Sorry, I couldn't sleep .. so I just came here to find something about this" Felicity said pointing to the monitor.

"Anything new?" Caitlin asked.

"No, not yet. But I think we're near something close" The hacker said as Caitlin nodded her head.

"So how are you feeling now?" Felicity asked.

"I don't know" Caitlin groaned.

"It's ok Caitlin... We all have our moments" Felicity said as Caitlin gave a weak smile.


Unknown Location:

"Sir, there might be a problem" The Agent said.

"What is that?" The boss asked.

"Mrs. Queen is in the verge of cracking the puzzle" The man said.

"Very impressive stuff by Mrs. Queen" He laughed.

"No worries... prepare Napier" He finished.

"But sir, he wasn't supposed to be brought this early" The agent said.

"We need to speed things up!" The boss said as the agent walked out.

Fairchild saw the agent coming out and approached him.

"What's the plan?" She asked.

"Napier" He replied and walked off.

Fairchild walked back to her computer and started typing something when she observed her boss was looking at her from the other room. She just smiled at him and deleted all the things she typed.


National City:

Kara was in her cabin trying to work but the words of her daughter yelling to save Barry were repeating in her mind. And then suddenly her phone started ringing.

"Felicity, Hi!" She said.

"Kara... Emergency.. Come to Star Labs fast" Felicity shouted.

"On my way!" Kara said and looked around if anyone will notice and flew off from her window.

Kara came into the cortex to see Felicity waiting for her.

"What's the emergency?" Kara asked.

"There's a bomb at Big Belly Burger, Downtown...I've tried to hack the cameras but all of their cameras have been destroyed... Joe and others are at the site" She said as Kara nodded and flew off.

"Where's Barry?" Kara asked through the coms.

"He's gone to Star City. Jessie called him for some work... I've informed him... He's on his way" Felicity replied.

Kara landed near the building and Joe walked to her.

"What do we know?" She asked.

"Mr. Laughlin was having his lunch when a guy we think is, Charles Napier, walked up to him and informed that there's a bomb under his chair and he's going to detonate it" Joe said as Kara gasped.

"What do we know about this guy?" Kara asked.

"Not much about him. But his dad was arrested with two murder charges and Laughlin was the public attorney for that case" Joe said as Kara nodded.

"Any demands?" Kara asked.

"Nothing yet. He gave Laughlin the opportunity to inform us about the bomb and then knocked him off and let everyone else walk off. We cleared off all of the block" Joe said.

"Okay... I think he's just some mad man.. I'm gonna go in and try to talk him out of this" Kara said but her mind was still revolving around on the warning given by her daughter.

Kara walked past the barricades and as soon as she entered the restaurant, her coms went offline. But Kara didn't notice them.

"What the hell!!" Felicity said and started trying to get back the signal.

Meanwhile Barry was running towards Central City.

"Charles... we can talk. You don't want to detonate the bomb, do you?" Kara said walking slowly towards Napier.

Napier was sitting with his head low and was trembling.

"Barry! Where are you?" Felicity yelled.

"Almost there" Barry said.

"Kara entered the restaurant and the coms went offline and I'm trying to see if we can get any more info" Felicity informed.

Barry stopped near Joe.

"Joe, something is wrong!" Barry said.

"What?" Joe asked.

"Kara's coms went off. The restaurant's camera have been destroyed. I don't think this is any normal bomb case" Barry said.

Inside Kara was trying to convince Napier to drop off the detonator.

"Listen Charles, tell me what is going on, okay?...We can help you" Kara tried coming near to take detonator .

"Don't... Don't even try!" Napier trembled with his thumb on the button and Kara held her hand in air.

"Charles, just tell me why are you doing this?" Kara asked.

"Why should he live? He's the reason my dad is dead!" Napier said pointing at Captain Singh.

"Look, your dad was arrested for killing two people. You don't want to repeat it. Do you?Just hand me over the detonator and everything will be fine" Kara said.

Barry outside was speaking to Joe and the bomb squad.

"Felicity, I'm going to go in to help Kara.. you be on getting the communication back online" Barry said and sped off towards the restaurant.

Felicity was working to get the communication back and suddenly her screen went black.

" Two Bombs with thermal triggers and a Kryptonite gun" appeared on the screen. Next minute, her screen went back to normal.

"Barry...Barry!! There are two bombs with thermal triggers and also a Kryptonite gun" Felicity yelled but Barry's coms already went offline.

She immediately picked her phone and called Joe.

Barry slowly entered the restaurant to see Kara taking the detonator from Charles's hand.

Joe after the call from Felicity started running towards the restaurant to inform Barry and Kara about the second bomb.

Barry saw Kara and nodded his head and walked towards Laughlin to pick him up.

"Do you know how you feel when you realise that you had the chance to save your loved ones but you were blind enough to see it?" Charles shouted and Kara suddenly went blank as the dream memories started coming up.

Charles who saw this opportunity took out a Kryptonite gun from his pocket and aimed at Kara.

Barry turned around to see Charles shooting at Kara with a Kryptonite bullet.

"Kara!" Barry yelled and flashed in front of her. The bomb around Charles's body went off due to change in the thermal levels.

The blast disintegrated Charles immediately and threw Barry, Kara and Laughlin across the street.

Barry fell on to the car pushing the door with his body. His vertebrae cracked, his head hit the back of the car and the shrapnel from the bomb got stuck in Barry's body. All metal pieces stuck at various parts of Barry and one very near to his heart. The suit of Barry saved him from burns where as Laughlin fell out of restaurant and his body burnt off.

Kara hit the wall across hard and passed off immediately.

Joe who was running towards the restaurant flew back because of the impact.

All the police started running towards the injured to help. Joe stood up and ran to find Barry lying unconsciously heavily injured.

Joe took off his coat and placed it on Barry's face to cover his face as his mask was almost burned off.

"Somebody help!" Joe shouted as the Medical team reached with a stretcher.

They put the Flash on to it and took him to the ambulance.

Joe ran towards Kara to find her unconscious but with no injuries like Barry.

"Supergirl... Supergirl!" Joe started shaking her off.

Kara groaned and opened her eyes and looked at the cop.

"Joe... Is Barry okay?" Kara asked and passed out.

Joe picked her up and ran towards the same ambulance. He got into the driver seat and drove off to the Star Labs. He picked up his phone and called Felicity and asked her to ready the med bay for Barry and Kara.

Felicity panicked after seeing the blast visuals from the street cameras. And after the call from Joe, she immediately called Caitlin who was visiting her dad's grave..

"Hey Fel" Caitlin said lifting the call.

"Caitlin, Come to Labs right now!" Felicity said as Caitlin could hear pain in Felicity's voice.

"What happened?" Caitlin asked.

"Bar..Barry" Felicity's voice crackled.

"What happened to Barry?" Caitlin ran towards her car and tears came down.

"Come fast" Felicity cried and cut the call.

Caitlin got in the car and drove towards Star Labs as fast as she could.

Joe reached lab and placed Barry on the bed.

After reaching the Star Labs, Caitlin got out of the car and ran towards the med bay.

"No...No...No!!" Caitlin screamed in horror after seeing Barry. He was barely breathing.

Caitlin stood there in shock seeing the love of her life lying almost dead. Felicity grabbed her by shoulders and shook her off.

"Caitlin!" She cried which brought back Caitlin to her senses. She ran towards Barry.

Unknown Location :

"Napier did a very good job!" The boss said to the other agent and the Fairchild.

"Everything went well" He continued looking over the footage of the blasts.




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