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CSI Lab, CCPD Precinct:

"Hey Joe, got anything on the case?" Barry asked.

"Nah, still waiting for the autopsy report" Joe said.

Joe looked at Barry who was thinking about something seriously.

"Barr, what's going on?" Joe asked.

"Nothing" Barry lied.

"I know when you lie" Joe said as Barry just shake his head.

"I don't know, I've been getting some strange dreams these days" The speedster said.

"Okay. What did you see in those dreams?" The cop asked.

"I don't remember Joe" Barry said.

" All I can sense is that it's not good" Barry continued.

"Did you talk with Caitlin about this?" Joe asked.

"No, I didn't" he said.

"You need to tell her. She might know what's going on with you" Joe replied and Barry just nodded.

"But she's going to get terrified" Barry said lying his head on the table.

"But she cares for you Barry" The cop said and Barry remained silent.

Joe came forward and started rubbing his back.

"It's okay Barr. Everything is good now... Everyone is safe now" Joe said as Barry was still resting his head on the table.

" Me, Caitlin, Kara, Jessie, Felicity, Cisco...we all are always there for you" Joe lifted Barry.

"We are all family right?" Joe asked as Barry nodded his head.

"Come, let's grab some food first and after that you're going to tell Caitlin about this" Joe said as they both walked out of Barry's lab.


Unknown Location:

"Sir, I gotta ask something" Fairchild asked.

"What is it about?" askedthe man. He was across her watching Barry and Joe through a tablet.

"These dreams Mr.Allen has been getting..will they become a problem for the plan?" Fairchild asked as the man just raised a eyebrow.

"Or is this also a part of your plan?" Fairchild said.

The boss just smirked.

STAR Labs-Central City:

Caitlin and Felicity were in the cortex when Barry sped in.

"What are you guys doing?" Barry asked.

"Trying to find out what happened in the DEO the other day" Felicity said.

"So any new updates?" Barry asked.

Felicity just shook her head.

"Cait, Can I talk to you for a minute?" Barry asked and Caitlin just nodded and followed him in to Cisco's workshop.

They both sat across each other.

"What is it Barry?" Caitlin asked.

"There's something going on with me" Barry was cut.

"What's going on guys?"

Barry and Caitlin turned around to see Kara standing.

"Ummm...Nothing" Barry lied as Caitlin glared at him.

"Okay" Kara walked towards Barry.

"I'll give you guys room" Caitlin said and walked off.

Kara sat on Barry's lap and started kissing him passionately.

"Wo..Woah.. Slow...Kara" Barry said in between the kisses.

"I've missed you... you didn't come to my home last night" Kara said as Barry dropped her from his lap.

"We aren't spending time together... you've been busy" Kara continued.

"I know... But it's not intentional" Barry lied. He was avoiding Kara in the nights because he didn't want her to know about his dreams.

"So what were you talking to Caitlin exactly?" Kara asked.

Barry cupped Kara's cheeks and said.

"Nothing important, just some things related to Star Labs"

"Oh.. okay" Kara said and kissed him.

Meanwhile Caitlin walked backed to the cortex and sat there brooding.

"You know if you want to know what they're talking, I still have that bug on Barry's phone" Felicity said as Caitlin gave her a cold glare.

"If I want, I can directly watch through the cameras" Caitlin said.

"Then why are you so angry?"

"What? I'm not angry!" Caitlin said.

"Yes, you are!" Felicity said as Caitlin just shook her head.

" are!" Felicity continued.

"Felicity, please stop. Kara can hear us" Caitlin concerned.

"So that's why you're not telling me what's going on with you? What if we go out somewhere and then you tell me what's bothering you now" Felicity said and dragged Caitlin to Big Belly Burger.

They both sat across each other on a table in the restaurant.

"So tell me now, what happened so suddenly?" Felicity asked.

"I don't know if I can act being happy for them anymore... It just hurts a look at Barry...with Kara... I feel angry on her" Caitlin's voice crackled as tears started rolling.

"I know Kara's not evil like... Iris. Kara has lost so much in her life.. her parents...her planet...Mon-El and so has Barry! He lost his mom and his dad was pretty much out of his life. And right when everything started falling into the place, Zoom killed his father right in front of his eyes and then this thing with Iris happened...Yet, they both provide hope for the people. I don't know if I can ever be like them if something like that would have happened in my life" Caitlin continued crying and Felicity held Caitlin's hand trying to console her.

"I don't think I deserve Barry" Caitlin cried.

"Do you think I deserved Oliver?... Hell No!. Oliver went through a lot in his life...mostly on the island...which made him the man we knew" Felicity said.

"Not everything we get is what we deserve... sometimes it's what we need" She continued.

"Sometimes we just have to wait...some people are..." continued Felicity.

"Worth the wait" Caitlin finished it as Felicity smiled.

"Thank you!" Caitlin said rubbing off her tears.

"Always!" Felicity said and they both started eating their burgers.

Felicity and Caitlin went back to their loft after their work.

Felicity greeted her good night to Caitlin in the hall way and opened her door and walked inside.

"Great speech today!" a voice said.

Felicity who was looking into her bag jumped to the voice. She lifted her head to see she wasn't in her room and Oliver was standing across her.

"Oliver?" She asked as he just nodded.

"What is this?" Felicity asked looking around.

"Just a way to help me communicate" Oliver commented.

"I thought sending holographic cubes were your way" Felicity glared.

"They have their advantages" Oliver said and smiled.

"Like running off without answering your wife" Felicity yelled.

"What is going on Oliver? Tell me now at least" Felicity asked as Oliver remained silent.

"If you don't want to answer, why did you even bring me here then? I asked for a clue and you reply in the form of a song telling on my way... so tell me where is the clue" Felicity continued yelling.

"You will get to know everything you need... Or may be someone might already know a part of what's going to happen" Oliver said.

"What? Who? What do they know?" Felicity shouted.

Oliver smiled and said "Bye Felicity"

"Oliver.. wait! Answer me" Felicity said as Oliver turned around and walked off. Suddenly there was a green light glow and Felicity closed her eyes to avoid it. When she opened, she was back in her room.

"Damn it Oliver!" Felicity cursed.




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