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We're Even

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The DEO - National city:

Felicity walked in.

"Felicity!!" Alex came in to greet her.

"Hi!" Felicity said.

"I need your help in knowing what happened at the desert facility." Alex said.

"Yeah, I will try my best to see what I can find. So what news did you get from the strike team?" Felicity asked.

"Not a good one" Alex shook her head. "All of the facility was destroyed. Everything stored in there was looted off. 6 agents were killed and 2 are in coma."

"Oh lord!" Felicity said.

"You do know Winn right? He's our IT expert and also our friend" Alex said.

"Yeah, I heard about him from Kara but never actually met him" Felicity replied as they walked in a room where Winn was working.

Alex introduced Felicity to Winn.

"Hey, I am Winn. I am the IT expert here at the DEO" Winn introduced himself. "And you are Felicity!!" Winn didn't give Felicity a chance to introduce herself.

"Oh god, I have been wanting to meet you for a very long time!! I admire your work so much!! If you got time, you may want to tell me your secrets in hacking.." continued Winn excitedly when Felicity broke him off.

"Haha.. I am not smarter than any of you guys. But I will take that compliment. Thank you for those kind words. So let's see what went wrong.." said Felicity, getting Winn back to the current situation.

STAR Labs- Central City:

Jessie walked into Cisco's lab.

"Lena! Hi… what are you doing here? How did you even get in here?" Jessie asked, getting shocked after seeing Lena working.

"Jessie, Hi. So you don't know what happened?" Lena asked.

"What happened?" She asked.

"There was a break-in at one of the DEO's facilities and Alex thinks a large amount of Kryptonite might also have been stolen. So I'm trying to design Anti-Kryptonite suits to help Kara and her cousin" Lena said.

"Kara? How does that relate to Kara?" Jessie asked, trying to play smart.

"Oh you can stop pretending. I know Kara is a Supergirl. She told me a couple of days back" Lena laughed.

"Oh!" Jessie let a sigh out.

"I think I finished making the suits. Where is Kara?" Lena asked.

"Follow me.." Jessie said as they both walked off.

"Where is she exactly?" Lena asked as they walked past the cortex.

"She's in the Speed Lab," Jessie replied.

"What is a speed lab?" Lena asked, amused by its name.

"It's the place where Barry usually trains and we monitor him" Jessie said as they walked in the speed lab.

"Wait, Barry is the Flash?" Lena asked, shocked after seeing Barry run in.

Kara, Barry and Caitlin turned around to see Lena and Jessie standing.

"Jessie!" Kara hissed.

"You didn't tell her? I thought you went all clean with her" Jessie said trying to throw the blame.

"I went clean with all my secrets" Kara said.

"I'm an idiot. I should have guessed. Barry gets struck by lightning and develops his powers" Lena cut in as Barry face palmed.

"I'm Sorry" Jessie said.

"Okay! We're even now. No more trying to act cold with me as I was hiding about Kara" Barry said to Jessie as she nodded her head.

"Lena! I'm sorry you got to know like this" Kara said.

"Kara! I'm not angry at you. I understand. It's just that I was so dumb to not figure it out" Lena said which made all of them smile.

"Don't worry Barry, your secret is safe with me" She continued as Barry nodded.

"Kara! The suits are ready. But I'm not hundred percent sure of them" Lena said with a low voice.

"I believe in you!" Kara said which made her smile.

Kara and Lena left for Cisco's lab to test the suits out as Jessie walked back to her office as she got a call.

Caitlin saw Barry sitting and brooding over something.

"Barry, what are you thinking about?" Caitlin walked across and sat beside the speedster.

"Umm….nothing" Barry lied.

"It's about Nora. Isn't it?" Caitlin asked looking over Barry's face as he nodded.

"I can't stop thinking about her.." Barry said.

"Due to the crisis, she's never going to be born now. I will never see her again" Barry continued as tears started to roll out. Caitlin laid her head on his shoulder and rubbed his back.

"There's not even a picture of her anymore. I miss my daughter" he cried out.

"We may never see the Nora we met, but we might see another version of your daughter..someday" Caitlin said.

"Maybe" Barry said.

"We will Barry. Who knows she might be a Superhero/reporter like her mom" Caitlin said referencing Kara.

"Maybe she might be a bio-engineer going after her favourite aunt" Barry said which made Caitlin laugh.

"I still don't know what Iris did.." Barry said as Caitlin shook.

"Do you want to know?" Caitlin asked.

"Maybe no.." Barry said, seeing Caitlin's discomfort over that.

"Tell me one thing, was it that bad?" He asked.

Caitlin remained silent.

"I'll take that as a yes" He said.

"I'm sorry Barry!" Caitlin said.

"It's okay Cait. It must be something really bad for you to not think of it" Barry said.

"I know you loved Iris. This must be really hard for you knowing that.." Caitlin stopped finishing the sentence.

"Knowing that she did something bad?" Barry finished it for her as Caitlin just remained silent.

"Yeah it's hard. After all this I still love her. What does it make me?" Barry asked.

"It makes you human" Caitlin said, hugging him and they both stayed there for a while.

Felicity who just returned stood outside of the Speed Lab looking over them hugging. She took out her phone, clicked a picture of them, and walked back to the cortex.

After a while Barry and Caitlin walked to the cortex where Lena Kara and Felicity were waiting.

"So Kara? Did it work?" Barry asked.

"Yeah they did. We tested them out against Kryptonite" The Kryptonian replied.

"How did you test them? I mean we don't have any Kryptonite stored here" Caitlin asked.

"We asked Felicity to bring a small amount of it from the DEO" Kara replied waving over to Felicity as Caitlin and Barry nodded.

"Did you find anything Felicity? About the break-in?" Barry asked.

"Nothing" Felicity said as everyone except Lena got shocked and looked over at her.

"Why are you all looking at me?" Felicity asked.

"You are the best expert we know and you telling us that you got nothing is definitely a shock to us" Caitlin said.

"This was an inside job. Someone planted a virus in the system. Which is why we were unable to retrieve anything" Felicity said.

"So how do we know who did that? What can we do?" Barry asked.

"Let the DEO handle it. We don't need to be involved in a government agency's issue" Jessie said coming in.

"Jessie! It's about Kara and Clark's safety" Barry said as he was shocked by Jessie's statement.

"I'm ordering you to stop looking over it as Barry Allen. Not as the Flash. STAR Labs is not going to be involved with any of this matter officially" Jessie replied as Caitlin nodded her head understanding Jessie's intention.

"I don't understand" Barry asked.

"We have been having fights against the government" Caitlin said to Barry.

"They declined every idea of mine that would help clean our image as well as help the people" Jessie stated.

"But people do believe us right?" Barry asked.

"They do because of the Flash'' Jessie sighed. "I know Kara and Clark are family. That is why we will do whatever we can to protect them and find out the truth but not on an official basis. I have already spoken to Alex about this. She will cover up the work we do'' Jessie said as everyone nodded.

The same night- National City:

A Man was in his kitchen drinking water when someone grabbed his neck from behind. The man struggled trying to free himself. He kicked the intruder defending himself to get off of the intruder. The man quickly grabbed the knife lying on the table.

"Who are you?" The man asked, defending himself.

"Your death!" The intruder replied and started coming towards the man.

"Don't come near me. What do you want?" The man was swinging the knife in the air trying to scare off the intruder.

The intruder bent down and kicked the man's leg that made him fall. The intruder grabbed the knife from the man's hand and stabbed him in the stomach. The man breathed his last.

The intruder got up and picked up his cell phone and dialed a call.

"The job is done, Sir!" The intruder said.

"Very well!" The reply came.




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