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2 days later:

Kara was flying towards Central City...

"Hey Kara, I'm sorry. I'm busy right now. Why won't you be in Star Labs. I'll come by as soon as possible" Barry's voice came through her coms.

"It's okay Barry, meet me soon" Kara said.

Kara entered the cortex to find Caitlin.

"Hi Caitlin" Kara said.

"Hey Kara" Caitlin said signing her to sit beside her.

"So where are Felicity and Jessie?" Kara asked sitting.

"Jessie's been busy with some work and Felicity is in Cisco's lab working on something" The bio-engineer said and Kara nodded.

"So how did it go with Lena?" Caitlin asked.

"Oh!...Way better than I expected!! Actually it was something that I never thought would happen. I mean she said she understood why I hid it from her" Kara said remembering her conversation with Lena.

"So she knows about Barry? I mean about The Flash" Caitlin asked.

"No, She doesn't. It's not my secret to tell her right" Kara said as Caitlin nodded and the two started talking about things for a while.

"Sorry, It took me so long" Barry said walking in with two big belly burger packs in his hand and he tossed them to both the females.

"Yeah, food saved you this time" Kara said laughing and she started eating.

"Barry!" Jessie's voice came through the speakers "Come over to office"

"I'll be right back" Barry said to both of them and sped away.

"Yeah Jessie, What's up?" Barry said taking the seat across his sister.

"So, I tried to get info on the company issues" Jessie said and passed a file to him as Barry groaned .

"Just tell me what it is, I don't understand anything of this" Barry said after he speed read all the papers in the file.

"For starters, someone needs to buy the shares of the company. Oliver not being alive and Felicity not being in there really shook up the stockholders" Jessie said.

"So what can we do to help that?" Barry asked.

"I was thinking we could buy those shares" Jessie replied.

"Can we? I mean are we in that position to buy that huge amount of them?" Barry asked.

"You really don't check how much we earn?" Jessie asked.

"No I don't" Barry said laughing.

"We can buy them" Jessie said as Barry nodded "and you should start looking into money matters" she continued.

"Please, don't involve me in these. And you're good at this. So, please continue managing them" Barry said.

"Fine" Jessie groaned.

"Can we like buy these shares anonymously?" Barry asked.

"In what way?" Jessie asked.

"I mean is there a way to buy them but Felicity shouldn't know that it was us?" Barry asked.

"Yeah, we can use dummy shareholder. But why do you don't want her to know about this?" Jessie asked

"I don't know, I thought this might be a better thing to do" Barry said.

"Fine, I'll look into that and start buying them using dummy share holders" Jessie said as Barry nodded and stood up "But Barry, there might be some point where we do need to come out open to the board of that company"

"We'll figure it out then" Barry said and walked back to Cortex.

"So you both done with the food?" He asked as the two women nodded.

Kara was about to speak something when Barry's phone rang.

"Joe!" Barry said answering.

"Bar! Homicide downtown, come on" Joe said.

"Another one? What's wrong with people" Barry said.

"Don't think too much, meet me in the precinct" Joe said.

"Okay, I'll be right away" Barry said and cut the call.

"Sorry Kara, I need to go" Barry said.

"It's okay Barr" She said pecking him on his lips and Barry sped away.

Barry and Joe entered an apartment after he picked up his equipment from his lab.

"So who is it?" Joe asked.

"Susan Bones" A officer said approaching them "Age 45..used to work in a private law firm"

"I'll just go look at the body" Barry said and moved towards the body lying in the hallway.

After checking up the body ...

"What do you think?" Joe asked approaching Barry.

"Multiple stabbings in the stomach, found any valuables missing? Might be a burglar case" Barry replied.

"Nothing seems to be stolen for now" Joe said

"Okay, I took fingerprints and other samples. I'll test them in the lab and give you the report" Barry said standing up and packing his kit "Anything else you got?"

"Husband died 6 months ago, no kids" Joe replied.

"Any CCTV footage of who entered and exited?" Barry asked.

"Nah..The cameras have been dead for a while now and neighbours didn't see anything suspicious" Joe said.

"Ok then, I'll see what I can find" Barry said and left to his CCPD Lab.


Barry jumped on to his bed. It was almost 11 in the night. He opened his phone and messaged Kara.

"Hey, You still Up?"

"Been trying to sleep for a while" Kara replied.

"Is something bothering you?" Barry asked.

"No, Nothing I'm fine Bar, What about you? Why haven't you still slept?."

"First of all I'm so sorry for today. I couldn't take time for you" Barry texted.

"Bar, It's okay. I know how busy our days can be" The Reporter replied.

"Yeah, but I'll make up to you" Barry sent with a winking emoji.

"Oh, I will be waiting for it" Kara sent as she smiled seeing Barry's text.

"Good night Kara" Barry sent.

"Good night Barry! I love you" Kara sent.

Barry drifted off to sleep after his text with Kara.

"No!" Barry shouted waking suddenly in the midnight.

Jessie who was sleeping in the next room woke and came running into Barry's room.

"Barry! What happened?" Jessie asked and went near to Barry to see him covered completely in sweat.

"Nothing.. I'm good!" Barry panted.

"Did you get any nightmare?" Jessie asked calming down Barry.

"I think so, I don't remember anything of it" Barry said calming down his breath.

"Drink some water" Jessie said handing over a glass of water.

"Thanks" Barry said after drinking it.

"Relax Barry, everything is alright" Jessie said and made him sleep again.

"Yeah" Barry said slowly and he took Jesse's hand in his and drifted slowly into his sleep as Jessie stayed there.

After a while Jessie slowly untangled her hand and she stood up kissing on his forehead.

"Good night Barry, everything is alright" Jessie said and left back to her room.




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