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Jessie walked into cortex to find Joe, Caitlin and Barry.

"How can you be so irresponsible Barry?" Caitlin shouted.

"I'm sorry! I thought I had the situation under control" The speedster replied.

"Seriously Barry? If not for Joe, you would have gotten shot" Caitlin shouted as Barry looked to Joe.

"What? I'm not stopping her, you need to answer" Joe grinned.

"Hold on guys, what happened?" Jessie asked looking Caitlin.

"Barry! Tell her" Caitlin ordered as Barry nodded his head slowly.

"There was a bank robbery. I went out and I was about to get shot when Joe saved me" Barry said.

"You missed to mention the main part" Joe growled at Barry.

"I went alone without any backup in my ears" Barry hissed.

"Really Bar? Why would you do that?" Jessie shouted.

"No one was present at the labs when I walked and I thought I could handle it" Barry replied as all three glared at the Speedster.

"Fine, I'm sorry. I'll never do it again" Barry said loudly as Caitlin shook her head and walked past the monitors.

"Ok then I have some work to do. I'll meet you guys later" Joe said and walked off. Jessie was still glaring at Barry.

"What?" Barry asked.

"Nothing" Jessie said and walked off to her office.

Barry's phone rang.

"Hey Kara, How's your day going on" Barry greeted.

"Pretty good, How's yours going on?" The Kryptonian asked.

"Pretty good" Barry said as Caitlin glared shaking her head.

"Barry, I can't lie to Alex anymore. We need to tell her before she finds on our own and kicks my ass and probably yours as well" Kara said as Barry walked out of the cortex to continue the talk.

"Do you think Alex will not be happy about us?" Barry asked. He knew how important Alex was to Kara.

"No, Alex likes you Barry. But we need to tell her. I don't want to make feel her bad. You understand right" Kara said.

"Yeah, I do. We will say. I will come by and we both can tell her off" Barry said.

"Thanks. I got to go. Talk to you later. Love you" Kara said smiling.

"Bye Kara" Barry said and cut the call and he walked back to Cortex.

"Cait, I'm sorry I will never go without backup again" Barry said as he saw Caitlin was still annoyed.

"Barry, I'm not angry about that. I'm angry because you didn't case your environments. You just rushed in into the bank" Caitlin said.

"Yeah I know, I was just thinking about something else and it happened suddenly" The speedster replied.

"What were you thinking about? Kara?" Caitlin asked smiling.

"What? Why will I even think about Kara?" Barry babbled.

"God, there are two of them" Caitlin said.

"What?" Barry asked

"You and Kara are terrible liars" Caitlin said as Barry just froze not knowing what to answer.

"Oh C'mon Barry I know you both are dating" Caitlin replied seeing Barry get froze.

"Is it that obvious?" Barry said breaking his silence.

"Yeah for a while, we are not dumb Barry" Caitlin said as Barry chuckled.

"So Felicity as well?" Barry asked.

"Yeah" Caitlin said.

"I'm happy for you Barry. Kara is a great woman" She said. But deep down she was sad about not having Barry.

"Yeah she is" Barry smiled remembering Kara's face.

"Barry there is something else. I need to talk to you about" Caitlin said.

"Yeah sure, What is it about?" Barry asked.

"I think Felicity is having problems with money for William and Mia. I've heard some calls where Felicity was talking to some people about selling some properties." Caitlin said.

"I think the company shifting might have spiked the board members. We need to do something to help with that" Barry said.

"What if we help them using the money from our Labs. I know I'm not entitled to make any decisions over them cause its purely yours and Jessie's thing to do" Caitlin said.

"Hey, You and Cisco have been here longer than us. This is more of yours than us. We might own it for name, but it is because of you, we are still able to work in. You both have all the rights to take decisions" Barry replied as Caitlin smiled.

"So what do you think we can do?" Caitlin asked.

"Honestly, I know nothing about these business things. I'll go talk to Jessie about them" Barry said and walked off to Jessie's office.


"Wow, I never thought I'll see you here" Jessie said as Barry walked into her office.

"What do you by mean that?" Barry asked sitting across Jessie.

"I mean you always say you get claustrophobic seeing all the files and stuff in my office" Jessie said imitating Barry.

"Oh" Barry said looking around.

"Oh sorry, Crisis effects" Jessie said after realising that Barry doesn't has memories of the new timeline.

"So Barry, what made you come by?" Jessie asked.

"Ah.. Caitlin thinks that there is some money issue with Felicity for Mia and William." Barry said.

"Let me guess, Board members and Investors?" Jessie asked.

"No idea, I thought you could look into that" Barry said.

"Yeah sure, I'll look into them and get back to you" Jessie said as Barry smiled and walked back to Cortex.


"I asked Jessie to look into that. We will wait" Barry said.

"Barry, I was thinking what if we, in the sense 'you' setup an anonymous fund account to help with their education" Caitlin said.

"You really did have that in your mind for a while right?" Barry asked.

"I know how bad situations will be without them. I didn't wanted my mom's money for my education, so I was working for numerous part times to meet my requirements." Caitlin said as Barry's face fell.

"What happened?" Caitlin asked.

"I…I made a promise to Oliver that I will look after his family and I clearly stopped thinking about it and started dealing with my life selfishly" Barry said as tears fell down.

"Oh Barry, you did nothing selfish" Caitlin said as she also got sad looking the love of her life crying.

"No….no, I was so involved with Kara that I never really cared to know about Felicity's problems" Barry cried as Caitlin stood up and took Barry into a hug.

"Barry You did nothing wrong. There's nothing selfish in getting things done with your life. You have too many things in your mind Barry. You have a job at CCPD, you protect the city as the Flash, You take care of the people..all of us. It was just a matter of time you would have started taking time for them" Caitlin tried to console him by rubbing her hand over his back as Barry was still crying.

"It's okay Barry. Its about who you are and how you take care of people. Oliver believed in you Barry" Caitlin said as Barry tried stopping his tears.

Caitlin took his face in her arms and she looked at it as all emotions passed through her body. Her heart was saying not to let Barry go off. But she knew it was not going to happen. Finally, she kissed his forehead and made him sit.




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