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Chapter 77

SS 77

Hi all. I'll be doing some time jumping here and there to get things moving. I honestly just want to make it to christmas. Sue me.

" ow" Maya moaned ash she rolled over on her bad arm.

It had been hard nights sleep for Maya. It was well after four in the morning by the time that Josh and Maya made it back to his apartment. Maya had groggily changed into one of Josh's t shirts and a pair of his sweatpants, leaving her costume crumpled up in the corner of the bedroom. She'd crawled into Josh's bed without saying much of anything and pulled the covers up over her shoulders. She'd just wanted to go to sleep. She couldn't believe how her night had turned out.

Josh got into bed beside her and turned off the lamp on his bedside table casting the room into darkness.

Maya had fallen asleep quickly but woken herself every time that she shifted her weight into bad hand. She had the unfortunate habit of sleeping on her hands and the pain was flaring and pulsing as she tossed and turned trying to make herself comfortable.

When Maya woke up in the morning for the last time she hardly felt rested. She could tell that it was still fairly early in the morning and Maya wondered if she'd even managed three hours of sleep.

"Stop putting weight on it" Josh grumbled from the other side of the mattress.

"I'm not doing it on purpose." Maya muttered, twisting so she was laying on her side, cradling her hand to her chest.

"Come here" Josh muttered, reaching out and hooking an arm around Maya's waist and pulling her against his chest. Maya sighed as she shut her eyes again and tried to settle back into bed.

It occurred to her that this was the first morning that her and Josh had spent like this. It wasn't the first time they had woken up together. There had a been a few times in the past but they hadn't been like this. The two times before they had gotten together that Maya had woken up with Josh's arms around her she'd had to brush it off as nothing. They'd gotten up and went on with their days like nothing had happened at all. When they had woken up in her dorm room a few weeks earlier Sasha had been there and Josh had hurried out.

This was different. Now Maya could lay comfortably in Josh's arms and she knew she could stay there for as long as she wanted. She didn't have to pretend to be asleep or hope he didn't wake up. She could reach out and run her fingers across his cheek, she could press herself closer into him. This was what she had been missing.

"What do you want for breakfast?" Josh asked, letting out a yawn. All Maya could think about was the pulsing pain in her hand.

" A morphine drip." she grumbled, still holding her hand tight to her body. Maya had never been a baby about pain before but the aggravation from the night before was getting to her.

" So you want to get that pain killer prescription filled sooner rather than later." Josh joked, pulling away from her in bed, getting to his feet and beginning to search the ground for a shirt.

" You could say that." Maya answered, rolling over in bed to lay flat on her back. She looked up at the ceiling and focused on the revolving ceiling fan to distract herself.

"Are you finally going to tell me what happened last night?" Josh enquired, watching her carefully as he pulled his shirt over his head. Maya had been vague with the details the night before not wanting to get into the details of what had happened.

"I've really already told you everything there is to tell." Maya stated trying to brush the whole thing off.

" Saying you punched a guy is not the whole story." Josh retorted. Maya sat up in bed and shot him a glare.

"This guy from my dorm was there and he just. He got a little handsey so so did I" she finished.

"Don't give me that look." Maya demanded as she caught a glimpse of Josh's face.

"What look?" he defended.

"That look. You look like a puppy that just got kicked." Josh shook his head at her. Maya sat up on her knees and looked pointed at Josh.

" Don't do this. Don't get all weird about it. You don't need to feel bad. I get that you're my boyfriend and you feel like you need to protect me, but it's over. It's done. I handled it. We're fine. Okay?"

Josh watched her for a long moment and Maya could see the cogs spinning in his head.


Maya's hand was in a cast for the next four weeks. It was extremely inconvenient and really got in the way of doing her classwork. She'd had to get a note taker for her classes as she couldn't write or type with her right hand.

Maya hated feeling helpless and needing to depend on other people. She didn't like the way other people took notes. So many of her classes were so subjective that she was never sure if people were taking down what she thought was important. She'd go to every class and hope that by just listening she could take in enough that her notes wouldn't really matter. It was wishful thinking really.

While November dragged by in some ways due to Maya's cast, it rushed forward in others. Maya wasn't sure if she had ever been this busy. She had mostly coasted by through high school, doing the bare minimum and getting okay grades based on her raw abilities, but university felt so different. For once in her life Maya didn't want to just skate by but she wanted to succeed and excel. She was the first one in her family to go to college and she didn't want to fail.

So she studied and did her readings and tried to make it to all her classes ( although she had slept through one or two). She had papers to write and exams to study for. Finales period started december 1st and the stress was getting to Maya already.

Josh was up to his ears in school work himself, his grades needed to be nearly perfect to retain a top standing in his program and anything below a 70 was considered a fail. Josh himself had always been a bit of a perfectionist and took great pride in his education, which meant that he had to dedicate most of his time to his school work.

Maya saw Josh a total of five times between Halloween and the thanksgiving break. They still texted and talked on the phone when they had the time but finding the right moment to see each other face to face was difficult. Maya savoured the nights they spent hold up in Josh's apartment just watching tv or sitting quietly and doing their perspective readings.

Maya did find herself less tense and nervous when she was in Josh's presence but it also made it harder for her to focus.

By thanksgiving it had been almost two weeks since Josh and Maya had seen each other, so when Maya woke up that thursday she sprang out of bed and hurried to get dressed. Sasha had flown home to Indiana the night before so Maya was alone in the room as she shoved her things into a weekender bag, ran a brush threw her hair and headed out the door.

This was the first day in a long time that neither Josh nor Maya had anything going on until family dinner that night and Maya wasn't looking to waste any time.

The crisp fall air stung her skin as she made her way across town towards Josh's neighbourhood. The season was getting ready to transition into winter and it was odd for Maya to think that only a few streets away there were giant christmas balloons floating through the sky. Topanga was recording the parade at home so that Riley and Maya could watch it together the way they usually did. Riley was driving up to the city with her grandparents and would be arriving that afternoon.

Maya buzzed herself into Josh's apartment, having long ago learned the electronic code to the heavy metal private entrance that lead directly to the staircase. She took the stairs two at a time and was on the edge of being out of breath by the time that she came to Josh's door.

She knocked twice with her good hand, waiting for Josh to answer the door. It took only a moment for Josh to slide open the lock and swing open the door.

Maya didn't waste any time, moving forward the second the door was open. She laced her hands around the back of Josh's neck, going up on her tiptoes to reach his mouth with her own. Josh returned her kiss immediately, although a touch surprised at Maya's forwardness.

Maya's bag slide from her shoulder and she let it fall to the floor with a thunk. Maya pushed it asie with her foot, not breaking her kiss with Josh.

"Missed me?" Josh joked, not breaking their kiss to speak.

"Oh shut up." Maya retorted, pushing Josh backwards towards the sofa.

When they reached the couch they sat down and before Maya could stop herself she clambered into Josh's slab, straddling him and lacing her fingers into his soft brown curls. She'd been telling him to get a haircut for weeks but in that moment she didn't mind.

She didn't know what had come over her. Maybe it was all the pent up stress from the past month, maybe it was that she hadn't seen Josh it so long, but in that moment all she wanted to do was touch him, and to have him touch her. She wanted to feel his hands on her skin and his lips on her own.

Her fingers grazed down the side of his neck and down under the hem of his collar to trace the line of his shoulders and collarbone.

Josh's hands had inched up the fabric of her shirt and were grazing the skin of her lower back, causing her to shutter.

Maya slide her good had under the bottom of Josh's shirt and let her fingers explore the muscles of his stomach, while her casted hand rested on his shoulder.

Josh leaned and raised his arms allowing Maya to yank his shirt over his head. Without thinking about it Maya shimmied off her own jacket as Josh continued to kiss her. She edged up her own shirt and then pulled back as she pulled her own shirt. The smooth movement came to an end when the fabric from her t shirt caught on the edge of her cast and became lodged around the plaster.

Maya started to laugh against Josh's lips. She let her head fall to his shoulder as she laughed breathily.

"It's stuck." she uttered out between breathes as she lifted her hand into the air and waved her t shirt lodged around her wrist like a flag of surrender.

They both laughed together for a moment and Maya couldn't believe how comfortable she felt. Despite their connect this was really the farthest josh and Maya had ever gone. They'd never moved past making out. Maya wondered if she was killing Josh with the snail speed they had been taking their relationship.

She'd been worried that she'd feel uncomfortable, that it would feel awkward and it would cause a space to form between them, but she should have known better. It was Josh after all. Even with her shirt caught on her arm and her inability to control her laughter she felt completely at ease. She felt safe.

A loud banging started on the door which caused both Josh and Maya to jump slightly.

"Joshua!" came a voice from the other side of the door.

'Is that your mother?" Maya whispered, her heart beating out of her chest.

'Josh!" Came another voice as the knocking on the door started up again.

"And that's my dad." Josh finished an edge of panic to his voice. They both scrambled to get up, neither of them really knowing what to do.

It's not that they were doing anything wrong. They were both adults. But still it wasn't exactly a situation either of them wanted to be caught in.

"Alan where is your key?" they heard Amy ask from the other side of the door.

"Hide." Josh whispered to her. Maya needed no further instruction. She dashed into Josh's room and wedged herself into the tiny closet. Her shirt was so wedged into her cast that she couldn't pull it back onto her body. She held her arms up against her chest to fit into the miniscule space where Josh held his clothes.

Maya could hear him rustling around the living room, no doubtedly looking for his shirt and calling to his parents that he'd be right there.

Maya had had to bite down on her lip to keep herself from laughing. The walls of the apartment were so thin that Maya could hear every word.

'Hey guys!" Josh greeted his parents as he made it to the door.

"Just getting up son?" Alan asked and Maya could almost see Alan brushing her fingers through his hair to pat it down into place.

"We were just on our way to your brothers and thought you might like a ride?" Amy offered.

"I'm sure Topanga would appreciate the extra help in the kitchen".

Josh paused for a beat before agreeing.

"Let's get going then. Rileys downstairs holding the cab." Amy explained, ushering the group out the door.

"I'll meet you down there." said another voice that Maya didn't immediately recognize. Was that Eric?

"Gosta pee." Maya rolled her eyes. Sometimes she couldn't believe that that man was a Senator.

Maya heard the other Matthews making their way out of the apartment but was surprised to hear what must be Erics footsteps headed in her direction.

She couldn't help but let out a little gasp when the closet door was flung open.

Eric was standing there with her weekend bag in hand, giving her a knowing look.

She was only slightly mortified to be found hiding in a closet in her bra by her boyfriends brother who just so happened to be a member of the Senate.

"Ahhh you're becoming more and more like dear Shawny boy every day." Eric smirked.

" and my little brother is much more like me than I originally thought." he dropped her bag on the bedroom floor.

" see you at dinner." he finished, closing the closet door on her again.

"Squirrels out."

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