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Chapter 6

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*Circle of Lust*

Kiba awoke with a start and a loud gasp as feminine giggling echoes around him, "Where am I.. Was that Genjutsu.. Mom and Sis" he thought. Kiba sits up and finds himself in what he thought was heaven. All around kiba were beautiful women in various states of undress, sitting on pillows, dancing, making out and drinking wine. A trickle of blood runs down from kiba's nose as the women giggle, "Look at the pretty man" several coo, in echoing tandem. Kiba gets to his feet as several women sashay up to him and guide him to a large pillow, "Is this a dream" he thought, taking a chalice of wine. Kiba drinks the wine as the women fondle him and give him chaste kisses, "Maybe I did die and this Heaven" he thought, kissing one. Lilith approaches with a lewd sway of her hips, "Hello.. Having fun" she says. Kiba looks up and his eyes widen, "Wow who are you" he asks.

"The names Lilith.. I'm the boss" lilith says, hands behind her back. Kiba guzzles down some wine as lilith joins him on the pillows, "You look strong" she purrs, running her fingers along his mesh shirt.

"Yeah I'm an alpha" kiba boasts and lilith giggles, "Really then you can help me with a problem" she says, kissing him softly.

"Heh.. Whats that" kiba asks and lilith grabs his crotch, "I want you to Kill someone" she says, rubbing. Kiba slowly gets hard with a grin, "Yeah I'll kill whoever" he says. The other women giggle around him as semiramis approaches, "You are truly pathetic" she says.

"Ohh who are you" kiba says but semiramis only glares, "Someone who does not give her name to filth" she says.

"What the Hell Bitch" kiba says, getting to his feet. Semiramis and the others giggle softly, "Interesting words" she muses.

"I agree" a voice comments. Kiba turns and his eyes widen as lucifer was strolling up, dressed in faded jeans and boots with a grey wife-beater.

"What the Fuck is this?!.. You're Naruko's guy Mitsuomi" kiba shouts. Lucifer pockets one of his hands with a smirk, "Up there maybe but down here I'm the Lord of Lies.. Prince of Darkness.. The True King of Despair" he starts, pointing up and then down.

"Otherwise known as Lucifer" semiramis finishes, kissing her king. Lilith glares from her pillow as kiba stood frozen, "You're Lying!" he shouts but lucifer grabs his by the throat.

"No I'm not.. I told you that my wife would make you pay" lucifer sneers, his voidlike eyes piercing kiba's eyes.

"Lilith why do insist on trying to Kill me" lucifer says, holding kiba up as he struggles. Lilith hisses at lucifer, "I was your Wife and you tossed me aside for all these lesser whores" she shouts, marching up but lucifer back hands her into wall with a thud.

"Shut up.. I'll deal with you in a moment.. This Dog needs his punishment" lucifer says, kiba was struggling to fight him. Semiramis raises her hand and the floor opens as loud moaning echoes, peering in kiba sees women with grey skin and dark red fur on their nude bodies, with wolf like ears and tails.

"Hellhounds like your mom and sister but more aggressive and will Fuck you Dry" lucifer sneers, holding kiba at the edge. The hellhound were lewdly moaning and scratching at the wall to get to kiba, "Please no.. Stop.. I'm sorry" he cries.

"Didn't my wife ask all of you to stop and Beg you to let her be but did you acquiese.. No.. You and that trash violated her" lucifer says and pushes kiba into the pit, "Now you can know how she felt" he shouts, as the hellhounds go for kiba. Semiramis claps her hands as the floor closes and kiba's screams echoes.

"Now you" lucifer says, grabbing lilith by hair and dragging her the throne. Lucifer deposits her on the floor as he sits on the throne, "I'm growing tired of your shit.. I would have killed you long ago but Vigne would be sad.. Despite the way you treat her" he says.

"Mammon should have destroyed you" lilith screeches. Semiramis and the other succubi cringe as lucifer flares his demonic power, "Hooh He should have huh?!" he says, his face catching fire. Lilith's eyes widen in horror as every step lucifer takes was burning the floor, "Raphi and Belial turned my Sons.. Yours included against me and you have the GALL SAY THAT" he roars, raising his hand as a small sun forms. Suddenly vigne runs into his arms, "Father Stop" she shouts, clutching him tightly. Lucifer glares at lilith as she was cowering on the floor but it softens as he wraps his free arm around vigne.

"For you Vigne" lucifer says, pulling back his power and kissing the top of her head. Vigne turns to her mother with heated look on her face, "Why?!.. Why do you do this all the time.. Its bad enough Brother did what he did but you always search for way to harm father" she shouts.

"She is a jealous and vindictive woman" lucifer says holding his daughter. Lilith stares at her youngest child but she vanishes in a swirl of flames, leaving father and child.

*Konoha council room*

Tsunade sits with a serious look on her face as the civilan side of the council whined about the loss of sasuke. The entire group returned only a few hours ago with one of orochimaru's followers, sending her to anko for interrogation or rather taking the girl to Dis to train in her new powers. Tsume reported the death of her son and the mission failure, including the injuries of choji, naruko and kakashi. They all had been stablized but kakashi was still touch and go due the severity of his injuries.

"That Demon should be punished for failing to bring back Sasuke-sama" one member shouts. Tsunade glares at the woman and she promptly shuts up, "Sasuke chose to leave on his own and thanks to his actions.. One of our Best Jonin is clinging to life as we speak and a promising Genin and clan heir is dead" tsunade states.

"That little Bastard is the reason my son is Dead" tsume shouts, playing the grieving mother.

"It was the curse-mark that caused Sasuke-sama to commit these actions" koharu says but tsunade scoffs, "Yet Anko Mitarashi.. Who also has the curse-mark is a valued member of our T&I department" she counters.

"How will we get Sasuke-sama back.. Has Orochimaru's follower spoken yet" homura asks but tsunade shakes her head, "She is a tough little bitch" she comments.

"What punishment should the Uzumaki receive for failing the mission" danzo says and several of the civilans clamor for everything up to death.

"Naruko will receive no punishment for this mission failure.. However as for Sasuke.. He will be labled a B-rank Missing-nin" tsunade declares and the civilans cry out but tsunade flares her KI, "That boy is not Kami.. He is a shinobi of Konoha.. Who betrayed this village.. I don't care if he has the Sharingan.. He is a traitor and will treated as such" she adds. Danzo grips his cane with a hidden glare, "How could my Sharingan fail.. I will have Shizune step up the doses" he thought, as the meeting was called to an end. The councils slowly trickle out as tsuande and tsume were the sole people in the room, "Is he suffering" tsunade asks. Tsume gives an evil grin with a nod, "Those Hellhounds are relentless.. I'm glad that Mitsuomi didn't make us like that" she says.

"Fufufufu.. The little prick deserves his eternal torment" tsunade says, rising from her seat and tsume following her.

"Where is Naruko-sama" tsume asks, hushed. Tsunade glances her way, "Resting at home.. She planning on coverting Hinata's sister and Yakumo Kurama" she replies. Tsume slowly nods with a scratch of her cheek, "I'll should go see her and bring her Akamaru" she says, vanishing. Tsunade enters her office and plops in her chair, "I need to return to the hospital soon" she thought, making two shadow clones to do her paperwork.

*Namikaze Estate*

Naruko crosses her legs as she stares at her newest and soon to be converts to her cause. The first was diminutive younger sister of her envy and the other was the former charge of her pride. Hanabi has long, dark-brown, that reaches down to the middle of her back, with long parted bangs with a single lock of hair falling into her face. She wears a sleeveless, blue v-neck shirt with mesh armour underneath; blue shorts and sandals. Yakumo has long brown hair and light brown eyes. Her hair is straight on one side, but on the other side it is in a braid. In addition, she sports a clip with two circular designs. For an outfit she wears a pink kimono held closed by a pink sash with two pockets on the front. She also wears violet baggy pants and red mesh armour underneath her kimono and legs along with sandals that were orange in colour.

"I trust Kurenai told you about everything" naruko says, uncrossing and recrossing her legs. Yakumo slowly nods with a glance to her former sensei, "Yes.. You will make a Demon.. Giving me a strong body and ridding me of the Ido" she says, her voice soft. Naruko smiles warmly and nods with a look to her second charge, "She's so quiet Hina-chan" she says.

"I had to hit several Tenketsu and Kurenai slapped a decent Genjutsu on her" hinata says, slapping hanabi's cheek softly. Naruko uncrosses her legs and rises from her seat, "Kneel Yakumo" she says and she obilges. Naruko places on hands on yakumo's head, slightly digging her nails in and channels her demonic power. Yakumo holds back a scream and groans as black veins spread through her body, slowly two brown fox tails emerge from her rear. While two fox ears emerge from her hair as naruko releases her touch, "Fufufu a fellow Kitsune" naruko says.

"Thank you Naruko-sama" yakumo says, getting to her feet. Naruko moves to hanabi and activates her Mangekyo Sharingan, before channeling her dark power as she clutches hanabi's face. Hanabi whimpers as her eyes were wide, slowly a wolf like tail rips from her pants, followed a pair of wolf ears on her head and sharp teeth. Hinata releases the closed tenketsu and hanabi falls to all fours, "How do you feel Sister" hinata asks. Hanabi slowly gets to her feet and turns with tear filled eyes, "Nee-sama" she cries, rushing into her sister's arms. Hinata clutches her baby sister and rubs her head, causing hanabi's tail to wag happily.

"Seems Hiashi used memory blocks on her" naruko says, retaking her seat with a sigh. Hinata holds hanabi closer with a murderous look on her face, "I can wait to Kill him" she hisses.

"I'll help Nee-sama" hanabi whispers. Naruko glances to yakumo, "Kurenai will take you back to your compound.. Keep your powers a secret for now" she says and yakumo bows, "Of course Naruko-sama" she says, as both vanish in flower petals.

"Do I have to go home Onee-sama" hanabi asks and naurko smiles, "No need Hanabi-chan.. I will send a demonic clone in your place for now" she says and hanabi smiles.

*Heaven-White City*

Heaven is a realm of clouds and light that seems to enjoy a perpetual dawn, stretching into infinity and despite the clouds, it never rains. Angels fly through the various domains of the archangels michael, gabriel, raphael and uriel. However one domain remains a barren wasteland, for it was the domain of the Morningstar. In the inner sanctum of Kami the four siblings stood waiting for two of their charges.

"Lucifer has gone too far" raphael remarks but his siblings stay quiet. Uriel glances to her older brother as he stood arms folded in deep thought, "I agree but what can we do.. Kami decreed it.. The Child of Prophecy can choose to save or condemn the world" she states.

"True but Lucifer has influenced her choice" gabriel comments. Michael opens his eyes to reveal his purple orbs as the doors of the great hall open. The first to enter was azrael and two figures with long cloaks that obscure their faces, "I have brought them" she comments.

"I have an important task for the two of you.. You are to head to the Mortal realm and face the Child of Prophecy and steer her away from Lucifer's grasp" michael declares. The two figures bow deeply as azrael escorts them out, "Do you believe this is wise Brother" gabriel states.

"I agree.. Though both were trained in our arts.. They were once humans" uriel states and raphael folds his arms.

"Our brother Michael has yet to steer us wrong but I believe these two will fail in their task.. Lucifer has shown his power can be brought forth in earnest.. Samael paid with his life in underestimating our fallen brother" raphael states.

"Though I agree with you Raphael but those two have a connection to the Child of Phophecy and that will allow them to succeed" gabriel states.

*City of Dis*

Lucifer walks through the lower levels of the castle with meliodas in tow, "How long has been since you have seen your brothers" lucifer asks. Meliodas folded his arms in thought, "HumuHumu.. Five hundred years give or take" he says. The pair stop at pair of door decorated with skulls and chains, placing his hands lucifer channels his power and causing the door to glow red as it creaks opens. The room was littered with chains as lucifer waves his hands and lights the torches, revealing two chained up men. The first was very tall and muscular man with silver hair, dressed in a sleeveless, blue overcoat and black pants.

"Look brother.. Our dear daddy and brother have come to visit" the second occupant sneers. He is tall and muscular with short, spiky, black hair that is kept slicked back with a subtle widow's peak. He has purple eyes with thin, cat-like pupils, and razor-sharp teeth. He was dressed in black leather pants and a sleeveless shirt.

"Mammon.. Estarossa" lucifer states, pocketing his hands. Meliodas stood behind his father serious look on his face, "Brothers" he utters.

"Chibi" mammon sneers. Estarossa lifts his head to glare at his father but lucifer raises a finger, "Oh don't harbor any Hatred for me otherwise your Commandment will kick in" he says and the glare vanishes from estarossa's face.

"Mother told me my Commandment could render you powerless" estarossa states. Lucifer laughs in his throat with a smirk on his face, "Why would I feel Hate for those below me" he sneers.

"There it is Daddy's Pride.. No wonder Mom hates you with every fiber of her being" mammon states. Lucifer runs his fingers through his hair, "Oh she does.. Hehehehe.. It is funny to watch her futile attempts to stop me" he says but his face becomes serious, "I would destroy her but Vigne would be sad" he says. Mammon clenches his fist at the mention of his sister, "So what brings you here dad" he says.

"Not much.. I got married again and to the Child of Prophecy" lucifer says, shocking his two bound sons.

"So will this get Kami to notice you once again" estarossa says, his electric-blue eyes staring into lucifer's steel-blue. Lucifer slicks back his hair and scratches his head, "Did your rebellion get your mommy to notice you" he shot.

"Burn.. Sheehehehe" meloidas comments. Mammon shifts with his chains, "So dad when will you free us" he says and the room turned deathly cold. Their breath became visible as lucifer was literally drawing all the heat into himself, "Freedom?!.. You Dare ask me for freedom after Betraying me" he says, his voice cold and heavy.

"The day I free you is the Day Hell freezes over" lucifer says, turning on his heels with meliodas in tow. Lucifer exhales as the doors slams shut, "I'm going to the Ninth.. Go see your sister upstairs.. Santania probaly lost her melon bread" he says and vanishing in a swirl of flames, as meliodas heads upstairs.

*Circle of Treachery*

Lucifer appears on the frozen lake of Cocytus as the wails of the damned fill his ears but his destination was his former prison. Lucifer saw the frozen forms of Kurama and Bryagh, both glaring daggers at the prince of darkness. Lucifer ignored the fools and kept heading towards the lake's center. In front of the monolith prison was a frozen throne and upon this was esdeath. She was holding a chain and at the end of the chain was sarutobi but by the look of him, his mind was broken as he was licking her boot. However lucifer's gaze focuses on the person chained to the monolith, her heterochromic eyes of yellow and red holding a pride near his own. She has silvery-bluish shoulder-length hair that covers her right ear and exposes her left ear. She has two horns curling upwards on the sides of her head, but they are unequal in ratio, as her right horn is very large and her left horn is very small.

"Hello Father" esdeath greets. Lucifer kisses his daughter on the lips and smiles down at sarutobi, "New pet" he asks. Esdeath yanks on the chain and sarutobi pants but she kicks him away, "For now" she muses.

"Bastard" the bound woman shouts. Lucifer looks up at his former wife, "Still think you can rival me Belial" he sneers.

"Free me and find out Lucifer" belial shouts. Lucifer waves his hand dismissively, "Belial you are not on my level" he says but a wide grin forms, "Hell you're not even on the level below me" he adds. Esdeath comes up behind and wraps her arms around his waist, "Ignore her Father.. Sit" she coos, licking his neck.

"In a moment.. Belial why did you think I could be beaten by you" lucifer sneers. Belial glares at lucifer, "You showed weakness.. You allowed the Nine to abandon their posts" she says.

"Hahahahahahaha.. Thats it no wonder my brother is so weak" esdeath shouts and lucifer chuckles, "So using a single moment of weakness.. Your Feckless pride caused you to sway your Feckless son.. Raphi and Mammon to rebel against me.. The most powerful being here in Hell.. Hmmhmmhmm" he says, as esdeath squats down. Esdeath unbuckles his pants and pulls his limp member free, "Allow me to enlighten your mood Father" she purrs, slipping the limp stick in her mouth. Lucifer slowly sits as esdeath starts to suck, "Thank you Princess" he coos. Esdeath bobs her head slowly as he gets hard, before picking up her speed as her tongue swirls around his ochinchin. Lucifer glances back to belial with a smug look on his face as esdeath deepthroats him.

"Don't you miss this Belial" lucifer sneers. Esdeath pulls back with a wet pop and rises to unbutton her dress, revealing a white and black trim underbust corset. Matching white g-string with garter belt and white stockings. Edeath kneels once again to engulf lucifer's ochinchin between her pale breast, "Mmm better" she coos, moving up and down as she licks the head. Esdeath naturally cold body made her paizuri feel so good against his natural hot body, bringing him closer and close to climax.

"Nrgh" lucifer grunts, spraying his load into esdeath's waiting mouth. Her cheeks bugle out as does her throat as she swallows her father's first load.

"Uwaah.. So thick" esdeath coos, licking her lips. The princess of hell rose to her feet and pulls the string of her g-string and reveals her shaved omanko, before staddling the throne and descending onto lucifer's hardness. Lucifer grips her supple hips as she starts slow, "Nhhnnhh.. You feel so Good inside me Papa" she moans. Lucifer looks back at belial as esdeath rides him, her breath heavy and throaty but his keen eyes see the glistening liquid running down beilial's legs and freezing upon exposure. Esdeath rocks her hips as she cums in earnest, not stopping as she yanks the chain and forcing sarutobi closer. The former Kage laps up the sweet liquid as a proper dog should as his master bucks and grinds, "Fwaah.. Its like a Volcano inside.. Nrgghh.. Papa.. Papa.. Hnyaah" she cries. Lucfier suckles her neck as his hands grip her plump rear, "And you a Frozen tundra my child" he says, nipping her ear lobe. A second thunderous orgasm broke through esdeath as her love juice trickle down the throne to her eager pet. Lucifer grips esdeath's hip tighter as his breath is heavy, before releasing his load inside her womb. Esdeath cries out as another orgams erupts and her belly expands to seven months, "Ha.. Ha.. Ha.. Mmm Papa" she coos, resting her head on his chest. Lucifer strokes her blue locks, "This could've been us Belial but you had to get uppity" he sneers but only got a heated glare from belial. Esdeath titters as she lifts off her father but cup her omanko as she stands over sarutobi, before letting lucifer's thick white seed drain over the former Hokage.

"I'm returning to the Circle of Lust.. I need to check on a Dog before I return above" lucifer says, buckling his pants. Esdeath leans in to kiss lucifer, "Until later Father" she says, before he vanishes in a swirl of flames.

*Circle of Lust*

Lucifer reappears in a swirl of flames as semiramis was sitting on lilith's throne, "Welcome back my King" she says. The other succubi giggle and blow kisses as lucifer snaps his fingers, causing the floor to open. Lewd and loud noises echo within as lucifer peers in, "Having fun Kiba" he sneers. One of the hellhounds was riding kiba like jackhammer as his eyes were staring at nothing, while others were using his hands and feet as a makeshift dildo.

"It didn't take long to break him" semiramis comments. Lucifer snaps his fingers once again as the floor closes, "Where's Lilith" he asks.

"Hiding from you.. Your power scared her rightly" semiramis, approaching him. Lucifer snakes an arm around her waist, "I'll leave you charge Semiramis.. If Lilith acts up.. Throw her in the pit with the hounds" he says.

"Of course my King" semiramis says and kisses him deeply. Lucifer pulls back and retuns to the surface with a swirl of flames, "Lilith you will pay for your slight against our King" she thought, returning to the throne.


Ino Yamanaka was considered a gossip by most, so much that she knew things that not many were privy to. However one thing seem to peek her interest and that was naruko's husband. Ever since coming to Konoha mitsuomi had a made a splash in the village, from buying Ichiraku Ramen, Golden leaf hotel and the resturant nearby. Ino was making her way to Sweet gluttony to feed her curiosity on mitsuomi, reaching the place she saw him opening up the doors.

"Excuse me but are you Mitsuomi Kiriyu" ino says, nearing him. Mitsuomi turns with a disarming smile on his face, "I am and you're Ino Yamanaka.. One of the Rookie 12" he says.

"Yeah but now 10 with Kiba's death and Sasuke-kun leaving" ino says. Mitsuomi internally smirk, "I heard.. I was so worried for Naru.. She got injured.. I am shocked Sasuke would do such thing to comardes" he said, holding the door open.

"Sasuke-kun isn't like what Naru-baka said" ino shouts, entering the resturant. Mitsuomi shakes his head with a soft sigh, "So how may I help you Ino-san" he asks.

"I wanted to meet you.. You're new to the village and quite secretive" ino says, taking a seat at a table. Mitsuomi chuckles as he retrieves a menu from the counter, "I'm not that secretive" he says, handing her the menu and taking a seat across from her.

"You kinda are as you are foreigner and purchased three businesses here in Konoha.. Even made Jonin as well" ino comments.

"True.. I was born in Snow country and raised in Iron country as a Samurai but thanks to being born with an unusual body temperature.. I am limited in my endeavours.. Sandaime-sama.. Rest his soul allowed me to be Tokubetsu Jonin" mitusomi explains.

"I see.. I'll take the Chicken Alfredo" ino says and mitsuomi smiles, "Ayame-chan.. One Chicken Alfredo" he shouts.

"Coming up" ayame shouts, back. Mitsuomi retrieves a bottle of sparking water and pours ino a glass, "So anything more you would like to know Ino-san" he asks.

"Why did chose Naruko to marry" ino comments. Mitsuomi smiles softly as the blonde blushes, "Her eyes told me everything I need to know" he says. Ayame comes with ino's plate, "Please enjoy" she says, winking to mitsuomi.

"I'll be at the bar if you have any problems" mitsuomi says, leaving ino to her meal. The prince of darkness watch ino starting to eat slow but she soon picks up the pace.

"Kukuku.. If she knew what she was really eating" mitsuomi thought and pours himself a drink, "I wonder how long before she turns or better when she eats someone" he thought. Mitsuomi looks up as he felt a presense in his office, "Ino-san.. I need to get something from my office.. The meal is on the house" he says but ino was stuffing her face. Mitsuomi reaches his office and found his Lust sitting on a sofa, "Hello Mei-chan" he says.

"Hello Master.. I find you in good health" mei says, as mitsuomi takes a seat next to her. Mitsuomi loosens his tie with a cross of his legs, "So how are things" he asks.

"The War is over with our victory.. However before I could kill Yagura.. A man in a mask and wearing a black cloak with red clouds appeared.. He took Yagura and vanished" mei explains. Mei shifts herself and pulls on mitsuomi collar, "Any distinctove features" he asks.

"I saw a Sharingan" mei whispers, sinking her fangs into mitsuomi's neck. Mitsuomi strokes the back of mei's head as she drinks, "The Akatsuki seem to be on move.. If taking Yagura is an indication" he muses.

"Will this Hinder Naruko-sama's plan" mei asks, pulling away but going back to feeding. Mitsuomi chuckles in his throat, "Not in the least.. Just the Sanbi is one location.. Besides The Kyubi.. Yonbi and Nibi are out of play.. Their plans are futile" he muses and mei purrs.


Naruko was sitting on a tree stump with a cup of ramen as hinata was going through some katas. Naruko pretended to still be injured with bandages on her legs and arms but something caught her senses, before two glowing pillars form opposite them and she activates her Space-time barrier. The light dies down as two cloaked figure appear before them, causing hinata to get in front of naruko.

"Who are you?!" hinata shouts. Naruko finishes her ramen and rises to her feet with a serious look on her face, "About time Heaven came to see me" she sneers. The two rip off their cloaks to reveal golden armor but their faces hidden by hoods, giving no indication of their gender.

"Kami has charged us to stop you Yogen no Ko" one says, revealing a feminine voice. Naruko giggles as hinata smirks, "Then she should have sent my Brother in laws or my Sister in law" she say, summoning her sword and revealing her demon features. Hinata follows suit as she slips on some guantlets, "I will not let you harm my Queen" she shouts, shooting forward. Both angels shoot foward as they pick their opponents, naruko taking the left angel and hinata the right angel. The first angel summons a golden sword to block naruko's heavy swing, "Lucifer has corrupted you.. We will free you from his taint" she shouts. The other angel engages hinata in taijutsu, much to the shock of the younger girl.

"She's skilled" hinata thought, parrying the angel's strikes. Naruko and the first angel slams their swords into each other, before white and black wings erupt from their back. Both launch into the sky as their powers erupt and swords clang with power, "Lucifer has not corrupted me.. Your Kind abandoned me to the Denizens of village.. They beat me.. Raped me.. I begged Kami to save me but She didn't" she shouts. This freezes the angel for a moment and naruko sends the angel plummeting to the ground with a small crater.

"Kushina?!" the second angel shouts. Naruko halts in her tracks with wide eyes, "Mom?!" she thought, landing front of the angel. The second shoots forward to intercept naruko but hinata phases in front, slamming her triple in size fist into the angel's face, causing the hood to rip way and hinata's eyes widen this time.

"Mother?!" hinata says, shocked. The second angel had dark-purple long hair with lavender pupil-less eyes, while the first hand long crimson hair and violet eyes. Naruko quickly forms thorns to ensnare both angels, "Anwser me Angels.. How do you have faces of our Mothers?!" she shouts, flaring her demonic power.

"Naruko?!" kushina shouts, her eyes wide and filling with tears. Naruko points her sword at kushina, "ANSWER ME" she roars.

"She is your mother Kushina Uzumaki" hitomi states but hinata clenches her fists, "No this is Heaven's Lies" she hisses.

"Hinata I am your mother.. I gave birth to you and Hanabi.. Hiashi and the Elders poisoned me" hitomi says and hinata's eyes widen, "N-no.. This is a Lie.. Why would Heaven send our Mothers to kill us" she says, her power pulsing.

"Seem Heaven didn't tell them that we their targets" naruko says, keeping her sword on kushina.

"Naru why are you siding with Lucifer" kushina says and naruko's eyes narrow, "Were you deaf.. Konoha has beaten.. Tortured.. Raped me since I was born.. The Sandaime allowed it to make me their Fucking weapon" she shouts.

"Sarutobi-Jiji wouldn't do that" kushina says but naruko points her finger at kushina, "Nightmare Teller" she shouts, sending a string of white light to both women. Kushina and hitomi's eyes widen in horror and slowly narrow in anger, "How could I be so Blind.. Kami-sama abandoned my child.. Michael-sama lied to me" kushina whispers, clutching the ground. Hitomi was no better as tears run down her face but look up at her oldest child, "Hinata" she whispers. Naruko dispels her sword and thorns as kushina was sobbing on the ground but gasps as black energy wafts off kushina, "Is she Falling" naruko thought. Kushina rears up with a banshee like scream as energy erupts from her, her white wings spread out but slowly turn black.

"I RENOUNCE HEAVEN.. I GIVE MY SOUL TO LUCIFER" kushina screams, becoming one of the fallen. Hitomi follows suit as she hugs her daughter, "I give my soul to Lucifer to be with my child" she cries, black tears now running down her cheeks. Hinata clutches her mother as naruko kneels to her own, "Mom" naruko whispers and kushina hugs her, "I am so sorry my Musume" she whispers. A swirl of fire erupts behind them as mitsuomi appears in his white three-piece suit, "My ears are burning and my eyes must decieve me as I see two Angels giving up their place in Paradise to root in the mud with the Fallen" he declares.

"I am Kami abandoned my child" kushina says, her armor breaking and revealing a white dress. Hitomi's armor breaks as well to reveal a white kimono, "Yes.. Our children were made to suffer" she adds.

"My brother made an error sending you two.. I wonder how He will respond" mitsuomi thought.

"So how is my domain in the White city.. Is it still a barren wasteland" mitsuomi says, his arms behind his back and his eyes thinly open. Kushina gets to her feet with a nod, "It is Michael forbids anyone from going there" she says.

"Its a reminder of their shame.. One of their own had betrayed Kami for a Very selfish reason" mitsuomi says but snaps his fingers, "However now we have a problem.. I can explain away Mikoto but them I can't" he says.

"We can make them Anbu.. Tsunade won't mind" naruko states and mitsuomi claps his hands, "Well then lead the way my Naru" he says, before they vanishing into flames.

*Hokage Office*

Tsunade could barely hold back her tears as she hugs kushina tightly, "How?!" tsunade says, clutching the red head.

"We were both in Heaven.. Uriel-sama trained us in their arts.. It was so beautiful but it was false.. I died believing my child was safe but but" kushina states, stifling her anger. Naruko places her hand on kushina's shoulder, "Its ok Mom.. You're here with me now" she says.

"When will Mikoto-kaasan arrive" naruko asks and tsunade rubs her eyes, "Another week.. She will be revealed to the council" she replies.

"What happened to Miko-chan" kushina asks.

"Sarutobi had Itachi kill the Uchiha becuase they were planning a Coup and he joined an organization called Akatsuki" naruko explains.

"Mitsuomi can we do the same with Kushina and Hitomi" tsunade asks. Mitsuomi shakes his head, "The Hyuga witnessed and caused her death.. The monkey was present for Kushina's death.. We'll have enough trouble from Danzo and his cronies for Mikoto" he explains.

"So we will have to go with my plan.. Making mother and Hitomi-san your personal Anbu" naruko explains. Mitsuomi crosses his legs and light a cigarette as the women catch up but his mind drifts to his twin.


Lucifer sat upon his throne within his domain as the double doors open, causing zeldris and the others to go on guard. Michael enters with his white cape flowing behind him, "Welcome brother" lucifer declares, dismissing his followers. Michael keeps his eyes on his twin brother, "Why" he simply says and lucifer leans slightly forward, "Why not" he says and michael frowns.

"Is this about the Apple.. I am disheartened that Kami-sama was upset with me" lucifer says.

"You went into the Garden and Tempted Eve.. Why to prove yourself right.. You have corrupted Them and Kami was forced to cast them from the Garden" michael says. Lucifer rises from his throne as shadows cover the upper half of his face, "They don't deserve her Mercy" he says.

"Look how Easy it was to tempt that woman.. Even Lilith wasn't that foolish" lucifer states and michael's purple eyes narrow.

"So Brother how does it feel to be Kami's favorite now" lucifer adds, stepping down the steps of his throne.

"I will do what ever Kami-sama asks of me" michael and lucifer laughs, "The Humble one.. Unlike me and my Pride" he says.

"That is Why your Pride will be your undoing Brother.. Kami made humans to have Choice but your Pride has influenced their choice" michael says. Lucfier clenches his armored fist as the air heats up around them, "They didn't deserve to be created.. Were we not enough?!" he shouts.

"No we were not.. Humans can be more than us" michael says and lucifer flares his power, "THEY WILL NEVER BE BETTER THAN US" lucifer roars.

*End Flashback*

Mitsuomi opens his eyes and finds everyone was staring at him as smoke was erupting from his body. Mitsuomi looks down and the sofa was smoldering, "Sorry a memory" he says.

"Have you finished talking" mitsuomi adds and naruko nods, "What was the memory" she asks.

"Michael" mitsuomi says and lights up but sees kushina's violet orbs flickering, "Michael is my Twin.. The four Great Angels were once Five.. Judging by your shock.. My siblings are keeping that under wraps to the younger angels" he adds.

"Now that I look at you.. The resemblence is uncanny.. Though Michael has white hair and violet eyes" kushina says and hitomi nods, "Uriel-sama often told us about the Moringstar" she adds.

"Uriel was always in the middle.. The glue that kept the five of us together but even with that.. Our bond was broken" mitsuomi says and blows a stream of smoke.

"Naru-dear.. Gather your Seven.. It is time for the Ritual of Fidelity" mitsuomi adds and naruko slowly nods, confusing kushina and hitomi.

[song playing...OxT - Silent Solitude]

Within the Uchiha district naruko sat upon her thorn throne as her Seven stood before her, behind them were kushina, hitomi, tsume, hana, hanabi, yakumo and yugao. Mitsuomi stood behind naruko's throne with his demonic power leaking out to give an ominous effect. Naruko crosses her legs and rests her cheek on her hand, adding her own demonic power as well.

"Now then the Ritual of Fidelity" naruko declares. Hinata drops to one knee, "Hinata the Envious.. Bearer of the Sin of Envy.. Swear fealty to you Naruko-sama" she declares.

"Anko the Lascivious.. Bearer of the Sin of Lust.. Swear Loyalty to my Queen" anko states, bowing to her knee. Kurenai bows to one knee next, "Kurenai the Arrogant.. Bearer of the Sin of Pride.. Swear my loyalty" she declares.

"Tsunade the Avaricious.. Bearer of the Sin of Greed.. Swear fealty to my Queen" tsunade says and shikamaru yawns, "Mendosuke.. Shikamaru the Indolent.. Bearer of the Sin of Sloth.. Swear my loyalty" he says.

"Kabuto the Gluttonous.. Bearer of the Sin of Gluttony.. Swear my loyalty to our Queen" kabuto says, adjusting his glasses. Tayuya is the last to bow, "Tayuya the Wrathful.. Bearer of the Sin of Wrath.. Swear fealty" she declares. The others bow as well with declarations of fealty as naruko rises from her throne, "Well spoken my Seven" she declares. Mitsuomi spreads his arms apart with a wicked grin on his face, "Soon brother.. You and I will do battle.. Then you will Feel the Power of the Sun" he thought.


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