Promised Princess @champblaze
Chapter 6

A/N-1: Welcome to the next chapter of Promised Princess. Sorry for the Long wait but I've been dealing with some personal issues. This chapter covers the "Invasion of Konoha" and the fall out. Now I am going to warn you but this story will have a slow updates.

I know most Naruto/Naruko in the west do this and Never Finish. However I will finish this. I know where I want to go in this story but it's a chore to write all this down. Rest assured I will finish this story. Now let us begin the the "Invasion of Konoha".

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-Chunin Exam Arena-

Naruko and sakura stand with their fellow genin as various civilians, shinobi, nobles and daimyo look over them. Naruko notices that dosu was missing and glances to sakura, "Just great" she whispers and sakura sighs, shrugging her shoulders. Sasuke was glowering the sisters, "You will fall to me" he thought. In the Kage booth hiruzen and rasa sit, while mitsuomi is sitting behind them in his king uniform. The blue eye dragon glances to the three guards for rasa, "Hmm.. Orochimaru and his minions" he thought and his gaze drifts to rasa. He is a stern looking man with auburn hair and dark eyes, dressed in a simple black jacket and pants with mesh armour underneath. Also a white and blue robe with a kage hat with black gloves.

"Lord Rasa.. I heard that Lord Mions has been giving Suna trouble" mitsuomi comments and rasa glances back but remain silent. Hiruzen rises to feet and gives a boring speech as mitsuomi tunes him out.

"The First match will be Rock Lee vs Gaara Sabaku" genma declares. Everyone starts to file out the stadium, leaving lee and gaara with the latter standing with his arms folded and his eyes closed.

"If both are ready.. Begin" genma shouts. Lee shoots forward with a leap to connect with a konoha senpu but gaara counters with a burst of sand. The sand spreads and lee quickly somersaults back with narrowed eyes, "He didn't even move and the sand reacted" he thought. Throughout the stadium many were speculating on gaara's abilities from jonin to genin.

"It seems your son inherited your Kekkai Genkai" mitsuomi comments, watching lee trying to pass gaara's defense.

"He has.. Gaara can be the second coming of our Sandaime if he wishes" rasa comments. Mitsuomi chuckles as he slips a black cigarette into his mouth, "High standards.. But then again what father wouldn't want to see their children at their best" he muses.

"ALRIGHT LEE TAKE THEM OFF" gai shouts, causing mitsuomi to rub his ears. Lee leaps a top a tree and slips off his leg weights, creating a large crash. Lee rockets forward to blitz gaara, shocking the youngest sand sibling and many in the audience.

"So fast" several thought.

"Was Lee this fast all along?!" neji thought, gritting his teeth. Lee continues to blitz around gaara, connecting with a graze to gaara's left cheek and followed by an axe kick to his head. The red head staggers a bit but lee makes him pay with several body and face blows, sending him crashing to the ground. Lee skids with a back leap as gaara gets to his feet with blood running down his cheek.

"What?!.. Gaara is hurt" temari thought. Gaara grits his teeth as his sand gourd breaks down but some of the sand turns black, "Impressive.. You managed to push me this far.. Only Onee-sama has pushed me before.. So I'll honor you by fighting with my real strength" he says and lee's eyes narrow. The bowl-cut rushes forward as gaara raises a ram-sign, "Take this" lee shouts, swinging forward.

"Tekkai" gaara says, simply. Lee gasps as a black wall of sand blocks his punch but winces feeling his arm nearly buckle, "What?!" he thought, leaping back but he's forced to dodge several black spears.

"How do you like Gaara's Iron Sand" temari says, smirking. Naruko and sakura glance to the blonde, "It seems Gaara possess abilities similar to the Sandaime Kazekage" naruko thought. Lee continues to dodge gaara's attacks with no luck on attacking him, "I'll need to use the Gates again.. I hope my body can take it" lee thought. Lee comes to halt with some distance between him and gaara, "Hachimon Kaiho" lee shouts, going straight to the third gate.

[Music: Naruto OST - Rock Lee Lotus Theme]

"He's using the Eight gates again" tenten shouts. Gai clenches his fists but shows his good guy smile, "Show him the power of your youth Lee" he shouts. The ground cracks under lee as he pushes towards the fourth gate, "Now" he thought, rocketing forward and shattering the ground. Gaara's eyes bulge as lee connects with a body-blow into a uppercut, lifting him off his feet. Dust and debris waft off the ground as lee slams his hands and kicks gaara upward.

"He's even faster than before" kakashi thought, showing his Sharingan. Naruko and sakura were as shocked as the others but hid it better than them.

"Lee is amazing" sakura says and naruko smiles.

"Then you better snatch him up" naruko says and sakura shakes her head with her cheeks slightly pink. Gaara's sand rises to protect him but lee proves too fast, using the iron sand as a springboard to attack gaara from all sides.

"Impossible.. He's starting to chip away my sand armor" gaara thought. Neji activates his Byakugan with a glare, "How can this failure be this strong?!" he hisses.

"Calm yourself Neji.. This fool is tearing himself apart to win.. He will fail" hinata comments. Lee's bandages unfurl from his left arm and latches onto gaara, "Now to End this" lee shouts.

"Hidden Lotus" lee shouts, connecting with a kick and punch. The ground shatters as both collide with the ground and throws up dust and debris, blocking everyone from seeing the result. The dust cloud slow dissipates and reveals gaara and lee on their backs but gaara was laying a pile of sand.

"Damn it.. He's used his sand to cushion his fall" gai thought. Lee struggles to move as gaara reaches one knee with his left hand out, "I can barely move" lee thought but his eyes widen and gets his arms to block.

"Iron Hammer" gaara hisses, bring a mass of black sand down on lee and driving him into the ground. Gaara raises his arm for another blow but genma gets his path, "Enough I am calling the match" he thought.[song ends]

-Promised Princess-

Gaara lowers his hand and the sand falls along the ground but his eyes widen, "Impossible" he utters. Genma whips around and gasps as do many others in attendance as lee was standing with his head down and prepared to fight.

"Rock Lee are you able to continue" genma asks but lee says nothing. Genma approaches lee but waves his hands, "The match is over.. Winner is Gaara Sabaku" he declares, shocking many. Gai appears on the field as gaara calls back his sand and the older man sees lee standing despite being passed out.

"Lee.. You stood up despite being unconscious" gai thought and reaches out to catch lee as he falls backwards. However mitsuomi appears behind lee and catches him, "You've trained him well Gai.. Dai would be proud of his grandson" he says.

"Heika.. Lee isn't my" gai starts but mitsuomi raises his hand.

"Blood doesn't just make you father and son" mitsuomi says. Med-nin come with a stretcher as gai wipes some tears away, "Tsunade will look after him" mitsuomi says and gai quickly bows to mitsuomi, following the med-nin. Mitsuomi then turns his attention to gaara as the red head walks off, "Interesting" he thought. Genma clears his throat and mitsuomi looks his way, "Looks like you will need an intermission" he says.

"Seems so Heika" genma says but mitsuomi shakes his head, pulling some gloves from his pocket.

"No need" mitsuomi says, slipping them on and clapping his hands. Mitsuomi slams his hands on the ground and everyone gasps as the stadium field returns to normal, "There that should be enough" he says.

"Uh.. Y-yeah.. Right.. The next match with be Ino Yamanaka vs Kankuro Sabaku" genma shouts, as mitsuomi leaves the field. The next match was called but kankuro forfeited fairly quickly, "Aww I was looking forward to seeing Ino compete" mitsuomi states.

"Well she'll face Gaara in the Second round" rasa comments and mitsuomi nods, rolling his neck. The next match is called and temari floats down on her fan as shikamaru reluctantly makes his way down, "What a drag" he thought.

"Begin" genma shouts. Temari immediately charges with her fan raised and swings down with a large dustup but shikamaru leaps out, flinging two kunai. One grazes temari's cheek but blood doesn't appear, simply sand as shikamaru lands.

"Sand" shikamaru says. Temari turns as her face cracks and more sand appears, "You managed on knick my sand armor" she says, opening her fan and swinging heavily. Shikamaru narrow dodges and vanishes into one of the trees, "Sand armor like her brother.. Then she can control sand as well" he thought. Temari looks around with a smirk, "Crush him now.. I'm hungry for blood" shukaku howls but temari ignores him.

"Come out.. I know your plan.. I saw your fight in the prelims" temari shouts. Shikamaru steps out from under the tree with a sigh, "Then I can't beat you.. Oh well.. I forfeit then" he declares and many people angrily shout.

"Weakling" temari sneers, vanishing with wind-shunshin.

"Maybe but I know when I am outclassed" shikamaru thought.

"The next match is Naruko Uzumaki vs Sasuke Uchiha" genma declares and many in the crowd were looking forward to this fight. Sasuke and naruko make their way to the field as many cheer for the former and boo the latter. Naruko keeps her eyes closed as sasuke sneers at her, "Now I will make you pay" he thought.

"Both fighters ready.. Begin" genma shouts. Sasuke sprints forward with a barrage of fists and kicks but naruko counters with her forearms, shins and knees. Naruko back leaps with a fling of several shuriken but sasuke blocks with a kunai, "He is skilled but against me" she thought.

-Unknown Location-

Danzo stands before his kneeling forces, "Soon the operation will begin.. You all have your targets" he states and they remain silent.

"Bidibidi" echoes out. Danzo narrows his visible eye at the sound, "Bidibidi" echoes again. Footsteps start to echo in the shadows as the sound ground grows louder, "Bidibidi" sound again, as yellow lightning appears in the shadows.

"Quite the force you assembled" a voice says. Danzo grips his cane tightly as mitsuomi steps out of the shadows, "You" danzo says.

"Of course me.. You think I wouldn't know about your plot" mitsuomi says. Danzo removes his supposed missing right arm from his robe, "You won't stop this" he says, revealing three golden locks on the arm.

"Oh but we will.. My wives are preparing as we speak.. Orochimaru made a very critical error" mitsuomi says, as more footsteps echo. Lenore steps out on mitsuomi's left with her mouth slightly open to show her fangs. Isane steps out on his right as kaguya slowly emerges but it is the one behind mitsuomi that gives danzo pause as the emperor moves.

"Impossible?!" danzo utters. Kushina levels a deadly glare towards danzo, "Surprised to see me.. You should be for today you answer for All your crimes" she hisses.

"Ozai will be the one to pronounce your sentence.. Do try to fight back" mitsuomi declares and pops with a puff of smoke.

"Danzo is mine" kushina says.

"Of course Sister.. I will deal with his guards.. I will take Shizune as my pet" lenore says, creating a whip of blood. Kaguya's Byakugan comes to bare as isane creates a staff of diamond, "I will deal with those that remain" isane/kaguya say, as the three women move into action.

"Cut them down" danzo shouts and his forces spring into action.

-Sasuke vs Naruko-

"Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu" sasuke shouts, blasting a large flame. Naruko dodges to her left and flashes her own signs, "Suiton: Mizurappa" she thought, putting out the flames with ease. A wall of steam forms as several shuriken emerge from it but naruko sees the hidden ninja wire attached and creates a clone for it to ensnare.

"Katon: Ryuka no Jutsu" sasuke roars, engulfing the clone in flames. However danger senses went off in his head and he barely dodges a round house kick aimed for his head, "Fast" sasuke thought.

"You pretty strong for a woman.. You will bare me strong children" sasuke says. Naruko stares at him blankly but shakes her head with a sigh, "I have yet to draw my sword or use any serious skills.. Yet you have wasted several Jutsu with no success" she starts.

"As for baring your children.. My Father would skin you alive" naruko says and blurs forward. Sasuke's eyes bulge as naruko buries her fist into his gut, sending him careening end over end towards the stadium wall. Many in the crowd were completely flabbergasted by the sight, "STOP HURTING SASUKE-KUN BITCH" sakiri screeches, as do many of the fan girls.

"Geez.. They're fighting" kiba comments. Many of his fellow rookies agree except hinata and neji as both were angered by the affronts of their loses, more-so hinata.

"Damn that Bitch" hinata thought, clutching her left leg. Sakura cheers for his sister but keep her senses on signs of movement, "Who knows when they will strike" she thought. Sasuke staggers to his feet with his Sharingan now active and the tomoes spinning rapidly, "Damn her" he thought flashing more signs.

"Katon: Hosenka no Jutsu" sasuke shouts, firing several small fireballs. Naruko dodges them with a leap and lands as sasuke closes the gap with a haymaker right but she blocks and connects with a counter.

"You are wasting energy and very linear in your attacks.. Is this the limit of the Sharingan" naruko says and sasuke sees red.

"How dare you" sasuke roars and flashes even more signs, then clutches his left arm. Ration chakra surges in his left hand with the distinct sound of birds, causing many to gasp.

"What is that?!" choji shouts.

"It's a signature Jutsu of Kakashi.. One he did not copy called Chidori.. An A-rank Jutsu" gai says and glances to kakashi, "And you taught it to him" he adds.

"Sasuke is a lot like me and he needs everything to compete with the others he's facing" kakashi explains. Sasuke lowers his stance and shoots forward with a wild look on his face, on the flip side naruko was a mask of calmness.

"Take this.. Chidori" sasuke roars, thrusting his hand forward. However suddenly naruko dodges with lightning speed, appearing behind sasuke and chopping his neck. Sasuke's eyes turn white and he collapses in a heap of dust, shocking everyone in attendance except her family. Genma quickly approaches and checks sasuke's pulse, "Sasuke is unable to continue.. Winner Naruko Uzumaki" he declares. Naruko starts make her way off the field as the crowd was silent but suddenly feathers started to rain down around the stadium. The blonde quickly whips around as temari lands with a gust of wind, "Let's do this Kyubi container" she says and naruko narrows her eyes, as the kage booth explodes with a plume of smoke.

-Promised Princess-

Oto and suna forces prepare themselves with oto ninja preparing several summoning circles but several gasp in shock, "What are those?!" one shouts. Many look up to see to a horde of dragons, "What the hell" a oto jonin says.

"They are a flight of dragons" irene says, smirking. Irene slams her staff into the ground and thorns burst forth to kill several oto ninja, "Rias destroy those Summon circles" she shouts. Several look up to see rias flying above them with her hands wide as red energy explodes from her hands and turns everything in their path to ashes.

"Kill Them" one suna jonin shouts but suddenly lightning surges through several of them.

"Something is here.. It's too fast.. Look out" several shout. A oto kunoichi whips her head around to see what was attacking them but sees a blur of lighting erupting from her chest.

"You lack training" a voice playfully says. Yoruichi comes to a halt with lighting coating her arms and legs but also creating cat ears and tails, "Ninja have become too lazy.. Orochimaru does not train his forces well" she muses, vanishing with a crackle of thunder. Meanwhile underground lenore stares at the broken form shizune, "I'm told your uncle had very special ability.. I wonder if you possess it" she says. Shizune glares with rage at the vampiress empress, "Come closer and find out" she hisses and lenore giggles.

"Oh how sweet.. I love my pets to be feisty but I'll have break that defiance out of you" lenore muses, looks back to see kushina with the chained formed of danzo, missing his right arm and eye.

"H-how are you alive" danzo hisses. Kushina whips the blood off of her sword, "You can thank Minato for using my soul to create my Naru's seal" she replies. Lenore pulls shizune along with a leash, "Mitsuomi should be starting his part by now" she says.

"The others are nearly finished with the forces outside as well" isane says. Danzo grits his teeth in rage, "You will not get away with this" he hisses.

"No.. You and your cronies won't get away with your actions.. Ryu" kushina declares. Ryu appears from the shadows into a kneeling position, "Yes Empress" he says.

"Make sure to gather all the evidence.. Ozai and Mitsuomi will need everything to condemn him" kushina says and ryu nods, as danzo's breath hitches.

-Kage Booth - Same Time as Other Battles-

Hiruzen narrows his eyes as rasa tosses off his robes, along with his guards to reveal his traitorous student orochimaru and four others.

"Put up the barrier" orochimaru orders and the four spread to the four corners of the roof.

"Right Orochimaru-sama.. Kidomaru of the Sound Four does as he's told" the first says. He has dark-skin with black, shaggy hair tied into a ponytail and black eyes along with six arms. His attire is a black, sleeveless shirt under a sleeveless grey tunic, black skin-tight shorts, arm-warmers, traditional black shinobi sandals with calf-length leg warmers covered by bandages, and a purple, rope-like belt tied in an inverted bow around his waist.

"Fucking Pet" the lone female of the group shouts. She has fair-skin with brown eyes and long, untamed, dark pink hair. Her attire is a black shirt under a tan tunic with elbow-length sleeves, black arm-warmers, traditional black shinobi sandals with calf-length leg warmers covered by bandages, and a purple, rope-like belt tied in an inverted bow around her waist.

"Ladies shouldn't speak like that Tayuya" the third and largest says. He has fair-skin and narrowed, slanted orange eyes and three tufts of orange hair on his head. His attire was a beige-coloured, sleeveless tunic and a pair of black, 3/4th length pants that stopped just below his knees. Black, arm-warmers and a necklace that comprised of red circular pieces separating long, metallic pieces, traditional black shinobi sandals with mid-calf leg warmers covered by bandages, and a purple, rope-like belt tied in an inverted bow around his waist.

"Fuck off Jirobo" tayuya shouts.

"Enough.. All of you or Ukon will wake" the fourth says. They have fair-skin and straight, dark blue hair, their attire a black shirt under brown tunics with long sleeves and black skin-tight shorts, black arm-warmers, traditional black shinobi sandals with calf-length leg warmers covered by bandages, and a purple, rope-like belt tied in an inverted bow around their waists.

"Ninpo: Shishi Enjin" all four shout, creating a large purple barrier and a second around themselves.

"Kukuku.. What a banner day this is Sensei.. You are all alone against the world" orochimaru sneers. Hiruzen tosses off his robe to reveal a black ninja suit, "Your Highness.. I know we have not be on the same page but I ask you.. No implore you to assist in protecting my village" he says but mitsuomi remains silent, causing orochimaru to laugh loudly.

"What a naïve fool you've become Sensei.. He has no obligation to help you.. He even agreed to assist us" orochimaru declares and hiruzen's breath hitches. Mitsuomi reaches for his cape and unclips it, before slowly drawing his claymore from its sheath.

"Your Highness.. You knew about this invasion" hiruzen questions. Mitsuomi casts his gaze between both sides with a nod, "Of course I knew.. Do you believe I would send my wife and daughters anywhere without knowing everything" he says and steps forward.

"However.. My words were I would give you a chance.. I Never said the chance was in your favor" mitsuomi adds and drives his sword into tiles of the roof, before taking a deep breath.

"MY LOVING FAMILY.. SHOW THESE INVADERS THE TRUE POWER OF YGGDRASIL" mitsuomi declares. Orochimaru grits his teeth in a rage but notices something and mitsuomi smirks, tapping his temple.

"You invasion was doomed from the start.. It will die with you Snake.. I told you.. You would not get a Third time with me" mitsuomi states.

"What now Orochimaru" rasa says but orochimaru bites his thumbs.

"We will at least kill them" orochimaru shouts and raises his hands but everything turns gray, except mitsuomi.

"It's good thing Ainz taught me this" mitsuomi says and walks towards orochimaru.

"You die this day Orochimaru.. Your quest for eternal life.. Remains Forever out of your reach" mitsuomi says and places his hand on orochimaru's chest.

"Time Delay Magic: True Death" mitsuomi utters. He returns to his position and time resumes as orochimaru collapses without a sound, shocking rasa, hiruzen and his compatriots. However across elemental nations and on the roof people clutch their necks with a scream and their curse-marks vanish.

"What happened?!" hiruzen says.

"He's dead.. I did what you could not.. I ended his excuse of a life" mitsuomi says and pulls his sword from tiles.

"Now Rasa.. I suspect you only sided with Orochimaru to keep your village thriving.. So I will give you One chance.. Surrender or Continue this endeavor and see your death at my hand" mitsuomi adds. Rasa stood stock still with his eyes shifting between orochimaru's body and mitsuomi, "I had no choice but to align with Orochimaru.. Suna is dying and the Daimyo looks to your nation for everything.. I made my choice and must accept it" he says. Rasa readies himself but suddenly a bone like sword erupts out of rasa's chest.

"You failed Orochimaru-sama" kimimaro utters. Mitsuomi shoots forward with his sword raised and brings it down to shatter a wall of pink crystal. The barrier come down as the sound four rush to kimimaro and a woman with blue hair.

"You will pay for killing Orochimaru-sama" the woman hisses, as they throw smoke bombs and vanish but tayuya remains.

"Fuck.. I surrender and pledge my loyalty to you" tayuya declares, raising her hands.

"Why" hiruzen questions. Tayuya looks to mitsuomi but back to hiruzen, "He freed me from that bastard's slavery.. So for that I am fucking grateful" she says. Mitsuomi drives his sword into orochimaru's back and sets the body aflame but turns his attention to rasa.

"I can heal you" mitsuomi says, kneeling down and lifting the man up. Rasa spits up some blood with a shake of his head, "No.. I chose to break our bonds of friendship.. All I ask is that my children be spared" he utters.

"I will see to it that they are.. You have my word" mitsuomi says.

"Temari.. Kankuro.. Gaara.. I'm sorry" rasa thought, as he passes on. Mitsuomi lays rasa on the tiles and rises to his feet as the battle between naruko and temari concludes.

-Moments Earlier-

"Let's do this Kyubi container" temari says. Naruko narrows her eyes with a glance to genma, "Genma-san we are under attack.. I urge you to take Sasuke to somewhere safe" she says. Genma chews his senbon and picks up sasuke, "Better not go down kid" he says and leaf-shunshin away.

"You must know your invasion will fail.. My father is up there and my mothers are dealing with the forces outside.. Konoha should be able to handle the forces with in this stadium.. I urge you to surrender" naruko says. Temari opens her fan fully, "I could care less about this.. This is between you and me.. Ichibi Jinchuriki vs Kyubi Jinchuriki" she says, as the gourd at her sides turn to sand and form a single tail on her rear with blue markings on it. Naruko brings out her evening star whip as temari smirks and swings her fan, "Dai Kamaitachi" she shouts, creating a large gust of wind. Naruko leaps back and swings her whip, creating a crackle of lightning as it strikes the ground as temari dodges this time.

"Hurry up and Kill her" shukaku screeches. Temari grits her teeth as the sand spreads from her tail to her mid section, "Shut up.. I got this" she shouts, swinging her fan once again. Naruko dodges once and closes the gap, swinging her whip but temari parries the whip with her fan.

"Sand Shuriken" temari shouts. The sand tail bulges and fires several shuriken but naruko blocks with her whip, closing the gap and striking temari with several explosive bursts from the whip. Temari careens back with a look of rage on her face as the sand on her body spreads and engulfs her left arm, enlarging it into a miniature shukaku arm.

"Bitch" temari hisses, dropping her fan and sand creeping up her right arm.

"Sand Tsunami" temari shouts, slamming her enlarged arms on the ground. The sand merges with the ground and forms a wave, forcing naruko to dispel her whip and call forth her kitsune blood and it forms a chakra cloak of two ears and tails.

"Katon: Kitsune Bi" naruko thought, inhaling and expelling a jet of blue flames. Flame and sand clash with the flames winning out and speeding towards temari, acting quickly she brings her enlarged arms up to block the flames.

"Let me out.. I can crush her" shukaku bellows and temari grits her teeth.

"Fine" temari shouts and she explodes with red chakra and smoke billows. Naruko quickly creates four clones and all them take the four points of the stadium and erect a barrier. The smoke slowly dissipates to reveal shukaku in all his glory, resembling a raccoon dog with blue marking all over his body and his eyes were yellow in the shape of a four-point shuriken with black sclera.

"Whoo.. I'm free and I'm gonna grind you into paste" shukaku shouts. Naruko smirks and calls upon her dragon blood as the white scales form up her arms and to her face, "I'll burn you into glass" she shouts, slamming her hands on the ground. A large orange array forms under and from it rises a steel-gray and ash-black, dragon with a crimson underbelly, forked tongue and a small hoary beard.

"Why have you summon me Princess" the dragon hisses, acid running from its mouth.

"Bryagh.. We need to take down that Biju" naruko says. Bryagh hisses with a laugh, "Petulant Child of Hagoromo.. Prepare yourself" he shouts.

"You prepare Lizard" shukaku shouts and starts to expand his belly.

"No you don't.. Bryagh Fire" naruko shouts and takes a deep breath. Bryagh bellows a large stream of acid green flames, "Roar of the Wind Dragon" naruko shouts, expelling a hurricane gust of wind.

"Futon: Rekudan" shukaku counters but it was not enough, as the combined flame-wind attack from naruko and bryagh engulf him.

"Noooo.. I just came out" shukaku howls, being superheated and shattering like glass. Temari falls towards the stadium below but naruko catches her as the barrier comes down.

"Let her go" gaara shouts, appearing with iron sand like wings. Gaara creates a wide spear of iron sand to attack naruko but sakura appears and knocks it away as kankuro lands next his brother.

"Enough.. Surrender" naruko says, placing temari on the ground. Kankuro prepares his puppets and gaara summons more sand but suddenly mitsuomi appears between them.

"Enough.. Your invasion is over.. Orochimaru and Rasa have fallen" mitsuomi says, shocking the brothers.

"Father is dead" temari says, now awake and slowly sitting up. Mitsuomi slowly nods with a glances to her and her brothers, "Yes.. He was killed after Orochimaru.. He died by the hand of one of the snake's minions.. With his dying breath he asked for you three to be spared" he says. A dozen Anbu appear around the group with hiruzen, causing the sand siblings to surrender.

"Why spare us" temari says.

"You're not bad people.. You were fighting to keep your country alive.. Though we were enemies.. I would like us to become allies.. We are the same after all.. More or less" naruko says and temari furrows her brow, as they are lead away.

"Heika.. We need to speak more on things" hiruzen states but gasps, seeing dragons in the sky. Bryagh flaps his wings with a gust, "Lord I will return with the Flight" he bellows, taking off with a roar.

"Indeed we must but let us deal with any stragglers" mitsuomi states.

-Several Hours Later-

Looks of disbelieve, abject shock and fear were the consensus of konoha's ruling body as kushina stood next to her daughter and husband. She wears a similar outfit to the other wives but having a blood red dress shirt and stockings.

"K-kushina?!" tsume sputters. Kushina gives the dog woman a sickeningly sweet smile but it shifts into a murderous one at the civilian council and hiashi.

"Yes Tsume.. It is me.. Minato sealed a portion of my soul into Naru-chan's seal to help combat Kurama when needed" kushina starts.

"But your body" hiruzen says and kushina glances to mitsuomi.

"My soul was placed in homunculus body by Ainz Ooal Gown.. Shield of the Emperor" kushina replies. Yasha wanted to screech at kushina but decided against it as the red head looks ready to kill her. Hiruzen clears his throat to get their attention, "As all of you know.. Orochimaru and Oto along with Suna attempted to invade but thanks in part to his Highness and his wives.. We were spared and with no loss of life.. But seeing the deaths of Orochimaru and Yondaime Kazekage Rasa" he starts.

"What will be done about Suna.. They broke our alliance" choza asks.

"They chose to side with Orochimaru due to the actions of Lord Mions of Wind.. He has been sending vital missions meant for Suna here and the Snake played on their weakness" mitsuomi states.

"They still betrayed us" yasha shot but kushina scoffs.

"Though true.. Can any of you say you wouldn't do the same if the circumstances were the same" kushina counters and none of them say anything.

"What about his children" homura states.

"Rasa asked me to keep them safe and They are under the protection of Yggdrasil and will be returned to Suna once they agree to your terms of peace" mitsuomi states.

"We should conscript them into our forces as penance for their betrayal" hiashi states.

"You would see an entire village destroyed for the actions a few.. Suna lost a quarter of their forces and Kage due to the actions of a Missing-nin of your village" mitsuomi counters.

"Lord Ozai will deal with them in one week along with a Traitor and other business of our village" hiruzen interjects, seeing the concerned looks on homura and koharu.

"Where is Lord Danzo.. He should be here for his input" one civilian councilor states.

"Everything will be revealed in one week" hiruzen says and dismisses the council, some sparing a glance to kushina.

"How long has Kushina been alive" hiruzen questions.

"Two weeks after Mitsuomi brought Naru-chan to the empire" kushina replies, shocking the older man.

"Meaning I am no longer a Jinchuriki" naruko says, revealing her fox ears and tails, as does kushina. Hiruzen falls back in his chair with a shocked look, "H-how" he says.

"By the time I was pregnant with Naru-chan I was a full Kitsune Youkai.. I believe Mito-sama facilitated this but I need access to her journal" kushina says and hiruzen slowly nods.

"Once Ozai deals with certain issues.. We will discuss my mission parameters" mitsuomi states and hiruzen nods once again. News quickly spread through the village of kushina's resurrection and it met with awe, fear and silent curses. A great many in the village feared the fiery red head would destroy the village for the actions against her daughter. The mood post invasion was still tense as many ninja were preparing for outside forces to test the village but no provocations came.

One week later everyone of konoha were gathered in the chunin finals stadium, where the daimyo and mitsuomi were sitting on a raised platform. Mitsuomi's wives were seated with the council to their rights and lefts respectively but the shocking thing was the chained form of danzo kneeling before the men. Also the sand siblings were surrounded by Anbu, along with hinamori and the genin finalists sitting near the konoha council. Ozai rises to his feet and approaches the microphone, "People of Konohagakure no Sato.. One week ago this village was attacked by One of our own a.. Traitor to the Will of Fire" he starts.

"If not for the actions of an old ally.. The Breaker of Chains himself.. Who knows if this village would still stand" ozai continues and turns his gaze to danzo, "However another of our own chose to betray the Will of Fire and conspire with the traitor" he adds, causing many to boo and clap. Danzo raises his head with his hair messed up, "Everything I have done is for Konoha.. We must remain strong at all cost" he shouts.

"Going so far as conspire to kill not one but two Hokage.. Also an Emperor" mitsuomi states, using magic to amplify his voice.

"Do you deny these charges" ozai declares.

"I do not.. Konoha has become weak under Hiruzen's rule.. We should not be subservient to the West or any other village" danzo shouts. Hiruzen lowers his head to hide his face, "Danzo have you truly fallen so low" he thought.

"Before I pronounce Judgement.. Will anyone speak on behalf of Danzo Shimura for lenience" ozai states. Homura and koharu look between each other but neither rise to defend him, as do danzo's other cronies out fear.

"Then in the name of Fire Lord Ozai Hien.. I declare you Guilty of Treason.. Murder and a whole host of crimes.. Lady Kushina I turn him over to you for punishment" ozai declares. Kushina rises from her seat with the royal guard haori draped on her shoulders and a white claymore on her waist.

"Thank you Fire Lord Ozai" kushina declares. Many watch with bated breath as kushina draws the sword as the samurai force danzo's head down, "May you suffer in Hell for your crimes" she says, separating his head from his shoulders, amid many shocked gasps. The red head then uses a katon jutsu to burn the body, before returning to her spot with her sister-wives.

"Now.. Temari Sabaku.. Kankuro Sabaku and Gaara Sabaku.. Step forward" ozai declares. The samurai usher the three forward and all of them bow their heads to ozai, "Your father's actions broke our bond friendship and alliance" he starts and many boo but ozai raises his hand.

"However his actions were done to save his people.. My counterpart Lord Mions has chosen to use our country and ninja village instead of his own.. I do not know why but I intend to find out.. For now the Three of you are released into the Custody of Emperor Kiriyu but you must provide any relevant information to me and the Hokage" ozai states and all three nod, bowing.

"Yggdrasil's Phenex Merchant House will provide relief to Sunagakure free of charge until matters are settled" mitsuomi adds, shocking the three and they bow once more.

"I have one last matter to discuss and I will turn things over to the Sandaime.. Hiashi Hyuga step forward" ozai states, shocking the hyuga clan head.

"How may I be of assistance Daimyo-sama" hiashi asks.

"Over the past week.. I have spoken to your mother and the other elders of your clan and Never have I such biased testimony and I have never been so disgusted.. Why do you continue to subjugate half your clan and allow that barbaric seal to be used" ozai asks and hiashi silently gasps.

"Daimyo-sama the Caged Bird seal is to protect our clan's Dojutsu in case of a missions outside the village" hiashi starts.

"Then why does the Main branch not have the same seal.. They go on missions and take the same risks as well" ozai asks but hiashi says nothing.

"You have cleverly used the fact that Hiruzen can not interfere with clan affairs to your advantage.. However I can and I will.. As of this moment.. The Cage Bird Seal is abolished.. I have commissioned Lady Kushina to create a better seal for your Whole clan" ozai adds and hiashi clenches his fist with his robe, cast a subtle scathing look to his mother.

"Hiashi Hyuga one more thing.. If any Branch members are injured or killed before Kushina prepares the seal.. I will personally have you.. Your Elders or any Main branch members that invoke that seal Executed" ozai states. Many in the crowd were shocked but more so hinata and neji, the former seething in rage at this.

"Now Sarutobi.. I turn things over to you" ozai says and hiruzen makes his way up the microphone, clearing his throat.

"Now as everyone knows.. Our chunin exams were interrupted due to the invasion and due to this we were unable to see but only two matches.. However I have announcement about one of our participants.. Ino Yamanaka please stand" hiruzen starts and ino slowly rises.

"Our Yondaime took a secret to his grave.. Along with Kushina Uzumaki as well.. The two of them married to hide their true marriages.. Kushina married the Emperor and Minato Namikaze was married to the younger sister of Inoichi Yamanaka.. Together he and Iris had a daughter.. A daughter Adopted by Inoichi per their final wishes" hiruzen says and many were confused but soon realized.

"Yes Ino Yamanaka is actually Ino Namikaze and Sole heiress of the Namikaze clan" hiruzen explains and many murmur in shock. Yasha and the civilian council murmur to themselves, along with the two elders and hiruzen could see the wheels turning.

"This concludes all the business for the public.. A council meeting will be called in a few hours to discuss village business" hiruzen declares. Mitsuomi rises from his seat and shakes ozai's hand, before leaving with his guards.

"Thank you Heika" hinamori says, approaching with her guard. Mitsuomi shakes the woman's hand but could see hiashi approaching, "Think nothing of it" he says.

"Mother" hiashi starts but hinamori raises her hand.

"Do not even think of saying anything.. I did this so I could see my family whole once more.. Too long have we been divided.. Have you forgotten Hizashi's sacrifice for you and our clan for your brazen actions" hinamori says. Hiashi grits his teeth with a look to mitsuomi, "How dare you" he says.

"How dare he what.. Help people in danger.. Hitomi would be horrified to see you like this.. You were a good man" kushina says. Shadows cover hiashi's face as he clenches his fist, "A good man.. A good man isn't good enough for the Hyuga to rise to greatness.. Our clans holds sway in this village and your daughter would do well to remember that" he says, only for mitsuomi to grab the front of his robe.

"You would do well to remember.. Who I am.. Attempt anything with either of my daughters or my wife.. Ozai won't have to execute you.. I'll wipe your clan off the map" mitsuomi hisses, his reptilian eyes on display and pushes hiashi back.

"Come on smokestack.. I wanna go see Tsume-chan" kushina says, pulling him along.

-Promised Princess-

Naruko and sakura stand outside lee's hospital room with the latter having flowers, opening the door gai looks up from a sleeping lee.

"Naruko-chan.. Sakura-chan" gai says and the pair bow.

"Hello Gai-sensei.. We came to check on Lee" naruko says. Sakura walks in and places the bouquet of flowers on the table next to his bed, "How is he" she asks.

"He's stable and resting.. Thank you for the gift of flowers" gai says. The door slides open as tsunade enters with a clipboard, "He should be released tomorrow" she says, taking a check with her mystic-palm.

"That is good Tsunade-sama" gai says. Sakura and naruko excuse themselves to wait for tsunade, "When are you gonna ask him out" naruko asks. Sakura blushes slightly with a shake of her head, "I'll wait" she says. Tsunade steps out with a sigh but locks eyes with her adopted daughter and a cheeky look forms.

"So what's this I hear about you and Lee" tsunade says. Naruko gains a foxy grin, "Lee thinks Sakura is cute and now she's interested" she says.

"I'll admit he's eccentric like Gai but he's a good kid" tsunade muses. Sakura slowly nods and follows her mother with naruko to her office.

"So what has dad got planned" sakura asks. Tsunade takes a seat at her desk, "He wants to travel to the merchant houses and several other places.. He wants to hire some genin to be escorts.. It'll knock off more of their debt" she explains.

"The Council will love that and with Danzo dead his cronies will be weary to act without his muscle" naruko states and tsunade scoffs.

"Those two old bats should've went down with him" tsunade says but grins, "At least that Bitch Shizune is Lenore's pet by now" she adds and both sweatdrop.

-Inuzuka Compound-

Tsume gives a belly laugh at kushina bringing up their first chunin exams, "Kami I've missed this" she says. Mitsuomi sits with legs crossed as kushina giggles, "So do I but I also miss Hitomi and Mikoto" she says.

"Preach.. With them here.. Maybe their kids and husband would be better people" tsume says, stroking kuromaru's head. Kushina pats mitsuomi on the leg, "Can't be helped.. Some people are too arrogant" she muses. Tsume looks over mitsuomi with a slight lick of her lips, "So you need another wife" she asks and kushina laughs.

"He does but she'll need to be from the empire" kushina says and mitsuomi sighs, rubbing his forehead.

"How about your daughter.. Kushina and the coalition convinced me to allow Anko Mitarashi to begin courting my son and crown prince.. Perhaps your daughter can unite our houses" mitsuomi says. Tsume cups her chin in thought, "That could be interesting.. I'll speak to Hana but if your pup is anything like you.. Well it has taken a lot of effort to keep from marking you as my alpha" she says.

"I know the feeling.. After I was fully healed.. I locked him in a shared bedroom for almost two days" kushina says and mitsuomi sighs once again, as tsume erupts into another belly laugh.

"Hey mom I'm back" kiba shouts, walking into the living room.

"Hey.. You're Naruko's parents right" kiba says and the pair nod, "So she's like a real princess" he adds.

"Yep.. Naru-chan is the Fourth Princess of Yggdrasil" kushina says.

"That's right pup.. So be on Ps and Qs around her" tsume says. Mitsuomi rises from his seat with a look to kushina, "I'll return to the compound.. I need to take care of some things before meeting with Sarutobi" he says and bows slightly.

"It was was pleasure to meet you Tsume.. Kiba.. Akamaru.. Kuromaru" mitsuomi says and sinks into his magic circle.

"Holy Shit.. What was that?!" kiba shouts.

"A bit of Space-Time Jutsu" kushina says, lying to kiba.

-Promised Princess-

Mitsuomi appears behind lenore with his hands pocketed, "Has she given up anything" he asks. Lenore turns to him with a shake of her head, "I need to remove that boorish seal but I'm sure she speak quite quickly" she says. Shizune glares at the pair as she was chained to the wall with a short leash, "Do you think I'll break" she hisses. Lenore's eyes glow in the shadows of the room as do mitsuomi's eyes, "Oh you will my pet" she says.

"I'll be heading back first.. Irene said the same as well.. That ghastly dreg has her very angry" lenore says. Mitsuomi sighs and leans in to kiss her cheek, "I'll deal with her.. Have fun" he says and lenore giggles. Mitsuomi leaves the room and searches for his draconic wife, finding her in the garden with yoruichi, rias and isane.

"Lenore tells me you heading back to empire" mitsuomi says, loosening tie. Irene grips her staff with a sigh, "Of course.. Less I travel to find that cursed Dreg" she hisses.

"He will be dealt with in time.. His master has control of the Land of Water.. Jigen is smart and will not act foolishly" mitsuomi says.

"Meaning he won't attack us thoughtlessly unless he have an advantage" rias says. Mitsuomi ruffles his black hair, "I plan to take away some of his pieces.. I plan to travel to Amegakure and speak their supposed God and bring him down from heaven" he says.

"Is he not an Uzumaki like Kushina and Naruko.. Perhaps learning that members of his clan are still alive could convince him to drop this nonsense of collecting the Biju" isane comments.

"Hopefully" mitsuomi muses, as tsunade enters the garden.

"Where's Kushina" tsunade asks.

"Speaking with Tsume.. They're catching up on old times" mitsuomi says.

"It's good to see old friends" tsunade says. Naberal comes out with a tray of tea and some cookies, "Lord.. Naruko-sama and Sakura-sama have returned" she says.

"Thank you Nabe" mitsuomi says, as naberal serves the tea. The pair in question enter the garden, "Where's mom" naruko asks.

"She's visiting Tsume Inuzuka" mitsuomi replies, as the family have tea and cookies.

-Konoha Council Room-

Hiruzen sits at the table with the entire council as they await mitsuomi and tsunade, soon the doors open the pair arrive with mitsuomi making his way to the center of the room. He wears a pair of black trousers with white embroidery on the front near the pockets and a white dress shirt with a forest green suit vest, and a chain pocket watch accessory. Lastly a black coat with six silver buttons, with the impression of the yggdrasil on each side and two tails.

"Before I give you the floor Heika.. I would like to make some announcements" hiruzen states and mitsuomi nods, taking a place behind his wife. Hiruzen looks around the room and clears his throat as he stops his advisors, "Homura.. Koharu.. You have been my advisors for quite some time.. However that has been too long.. As of now you Dismissed as my advisors.. And by virtue of that.. You are now barred from further Council meetings" he starts and both gasps, as with the civilian council.

"Hiruzen you can't do this.. We need to be here.. We are Sasuke-sama guardians" koharu says.

"While true.. However the Uchiha don't have a position on the council.. Tobirama-sensei gave them the Police Force instead of a seat on the council' hiruzen explains.

"Surely now you seek to change that" homura says.

"I will speak with the council concerning that.. Now please leave this room or Anbu will escort you out" hiruzen says. The two elders begrudgingly rise from their seats and make their way out as the civilian council looks worried.

"Who will be your advisors Hokage-sama" inoichi asks. Hiruzen sighs and taps the table as an Anbu appears with a monkey mask, "I won't need to chose them.. As I will stepping down as Hokage" he says council murmurs.

"Who will be Godaime" hiashi asks, hoping to get his clan's ruling overturned by the new hokage or have them plead to daimyo.

"Monkey remove you mask" hiruzen says and monkey complies, revealing a young woman with a beautiful features and dark eyes.

"My daughter Tobiume.. I had intended for one of my students to succeed me after Minato's passing but that is no longer in the cards.. So I have chosen Tobiume" hiruzen explains. Several of the council clap for tobiume, "Thank you Honored Council.. I will honor the Will of Fire and change Konoha for the better" she says.

"Heika.. I now turn the floor to you" hiruzen says. Mitsuomi makes his way to the center to room, "First congratulation of your retirement Sandaime-dono and your appointment Godaime-dono.. I hope we will a continued working relationship.. Now as I said before.. I wish to hire a team for an Escort" he starts and pauses.

"This will be no simple escort mission.. I plan to make way to the various Merchant houses I have in various countries.. Now each member will need traveling rights of your Sannin.. Also my daughters' team will be a given and the remaining ones will be chosen from other ninja" mitsuomi continues.

"Who will be chosen" shikaku asks.

"These at random but Hana and Kiba Inuzuka.. Rock Lee.. Ino Namikaze.. Shikamaru Nara and Choji Akimichi with their Sensei Asuma Sarutobi" mitsuomi finishes.

"Why not Sasuke-sama" yasha screeches but mitsuomi shoot her a look.

"I refuse to have such an Arrogant child along with us" mitsuomi states and sees hiashi about to speak.

"Or your daughter and nephew for that matter" mitsuomi adds.

"When would your group be leaving" tobiume asks.

"In one month.. Enough time for Kushina to finish the seals for the Hyuga" mitsuomi states and both sarutobi nod.

"If there is no other business.. I will will Fully turn things over to Tobiume" hiruzen says. Tobiume clears her throat and looks around the room but soon settles on yasha and the civilian council, "My First act as Godaime is to Abolish the Civilian Council" she says.

"WHAT!" yasha screeches. Tobiume unleashes her KI towards the civilians, "This is not a civilian village but a ninja village.. You may have taken advantage of chaos of the Kyubi attack to grab power but that changes now.. Civilians will have a voice in village affairs but not to the level you have all had" she says and snaps her fingers, before nearly a dozen Anbu appear.

"Take the Civilian council members to Ibiki and Anko.. Tell them no kid's gloves" tobiume says. Yasha continues to screech as she and the council are lead out, while mitsuomi gives an approving look to the young sarutobi.

"I will leave informing the escort team to you Godaime-dono" mitsuomi says and tobiume nods, as the emperor turns on his heels with tsunade in tow.

"If there is no other business.. I call this council meeting a close" tobiume says and all of them nod.

-Promised Princess-

News quickly spread through the village of hiruzen's retirement, to tobiume's ascension to hokage and the abolishment of the civilian council. The news was taken in various degrees of emotions as now the village has a stable and young kage once again. The abolishment of the civilian council brought about major changes as their members were involved in shady deals. Some were even executed for selling information to foreign village, while yasha managed to escape with her life but she was charged major fines for actions and bankrupting her due to her excessive spending. Homura and koharu were thoroughly disgraced, both given the choice to be public executed or honorable suicide to which both took the latter.

News also spread through konoha's rookies that mitsuomi had chosen a few of their batch for an escort mission. Naturally sasuke, sakiri, neji and hinata cried foul from the former set and silent rage from the latter set. The other rookies congratulated the ones chosen along with ino after learning of her heritage but the blonde remained humble as the monks taught her. Ino and naruko also became sworn sisters like their father's before them along ino and sakura doing the same. Sakura also went on a date with lee, much to the happiness of the mother coalition and the chagrin of her father.

-Two Weeks Later-

Two figures sit in a dango shop, both wearing black cloaks with red clouds and straw hats on their heads and obscuring their faces. The shorter of two tilts their head as naruko and mitsuomi walk pass the shop as the taller of the two reaches for a large bundle.

"The man is dangerous" the shorter says, revealing his gender.

"Fufufufu.. We can handle him" the tall says, revealing her gender. The shorter sees kakashi, kurenai and asuma walking up with the latter pair together.

"Oh where are you two coming and congrats on your sister becoming Hokage" kakashi says. Kurenai blushes slightly as asuma coughs a bit, "We're here to pick up some dango for Anko" she says.

"Thanks.. Why are you here" asuma adds.

"Well I wanted to make some offerings and made plans to meet Sasuke here" kakashi says, clicking his eye to the right and the smaller figure freezes.

"Will you be doing an offering to Obito and Rin" asuma asks.

"Well more or less" kakashi says. The taller figure places her cup down as sasuke arrives, followed by asuma and kurenai leaving.

"Why did you want to meet me here" sasuke says. Kakashi glances into the shop but sees both figures on gone with money on the table.

"To have some Dango of course" kakashi says, eye-smiling.

"I don't like sweet food" sasuke comments but kakashi pats his back, leading him inside.

-Promised Princess-

"So where are we heading first" naruko asks.

"Wave to start.. I wish to meet Mei and Chojuro.. Then the Fire House" mitsuomi replies but halts in his tracks, as two figure stand before them near a small river running through the village.

"I was beginning to wonder when you would appear" mitsuomi says. The shorter of the pair reaches for his straw hat, removing it and revealing a young man with a fair complexion, black eyes, under which were long, pronounced tear-troughs and jet-black hair pulled into a low pony-tail.

"He seems to know you Itachi-kun" the tall says, removing her hat. She has light blue-grey skin with shark like eyes three sets of curved facial markings under her eyes and sharp triangular teeth.

"Enough Kisame.. Now please allow Naruko-chan come with us Heika" itachi says, opening his cloak and slipping his right hand out as the wind blows. Mitsuomi unbuttons his black suit coat and hands it to naruko, before unbuttoning and rolling up the sleeves of his white dress shirt, also loosening his black tie.

"I going to have to decline your provocations Itachi because Naru no long possesses the Kyubi" mitsuomi says, shocking both. Kisame reaches for the bundle on her back and rests the tip to the ground, "Forgive us for not believing you.. So hand over the girl or be prepared to have a limb cut off or shall I shaved off" she sneers. Mitsuomi rolls his left shoulder with a faint smile on his face as he steps forwards, "Do try" he says. Kisame shoots forward with her bandaged bundle raised and swings it right, colliding with mitsuomi's raised left forearm.

"That was foolish.. My Samehada doesn't cut but Shaves" kisame shouts, yanking samehada back and ripping the bandages to reveal shark-skin. However kisame gasps as no wounds appears on mitsuomi's forearm, "I think Shark skin doesn't compare to Dragon scales" mitsuomi says. Itachi steps forward as his Sharingan comes to bare, "Some the rumors were true after all" he says.

"Yes and your significant other comes from the West" mitsuomi says, shocking both but he taps his nose.

"Her scent is all over you.. Now Itachi I do not wish to harm the son of a friend.. So I will give you one chance to surrender" mitsuomi adds. Kisame giggles with a dark look on her face, "Your nose is quite impressive" she sneers but itachi raises his right hand, as asuma and kurenai appear behind them.

"I know what you are capable of Breaker of Chains.. So we surrender to Yggdrasil" itachi says shocking kisame.

"What?!" kisame hisses but gasps, as mitsuomi was behind them with hands on their backs and both feel their chakra restrained.

"Good choice.. Asuma-san.. Kurenai-san inform the Hokage of this and she can come to the Senju compound to speak with them" mitsuomi says and both nod, vanishing with leaf-shunshin.

"Now shall we go.. Oh Kushina is upset with you Itachi" mitsuomi says and itachi freezes.

-Senju Compound-

Itachi avoids the fiery gaze of kushina as the redhead looks at her godchild, "I'm not angry Itachi but disappointed things happened they way they did" she says.

"Damn Fugaku" kushina mutters, under breath.

"Danzo was the main driving force and the mystery Uchiha" mitsuomi says, sitting with his legs crossed.

"His name is Tobi but calls himself Madara" itachi says.

"Bullshit.. Madara dead or alive wouldn't hide behind a mask.. That bastard is too proud to do so or align with others for his dirty work" mitsuomi says.

"How do you know" kisame says. Mitsuomi uncrosses his legs and rises to his full height to come tower over the seated shark woman, "How do old do you think I am.. Young.. Old.. No I was there when the Sage of Six Paths was a boy.. I've seen the rise and fall of many shinobi and kunoichi.. So I know about Madara" he says. Kisame gulps with a bead of sweat runs down her face, "R-right" she says.

"So what will you do" itachi says.

"Well Danzo is dead and Hiruzen is no longer Hokage.. However I doubt the Godaime would allow you back.. So we'll take you in.. I plan to head to Ame to see Pein and convince him to change his ways" mitsuomi says.

"Tobi and Zetsu won't like like that" kisame says but mitsuomi scoffs.

"Then their lives are forfeit" mitsuomi whispers. Naruko enters with a tray of tea and some food, "Enjoy" she says and takes a seat next to her dad.

"How is Kushina-sama alive" itachi asks.

"Minato sealed a part of my soul into Naru-chan's seal matrix.. When Mitsuomi and my sister-wives released the Kyubi.. His sworn brother sealed my soul into an artificial body and revived me" kushina explains, shocking itachi.

"I see" itachi replies. Isane enters the living room with tobiume behind her in full hokage robes having her hat in her hand.

"I didn't believe it at first but see is believing" tobiume says. Itachi bows his head to tobiume, "Hello Tobiume-sama" he says. Tobiume places her hokage hat on the table and takes a seat opposite the pair, "I looked through the files Heika found and father's files.. So I know the whole truth" she says and bows her head.

"On behalf of Konoha.. I humbly apologize for the burden placed on you" tobiume says.

"Thank you Hokage-sama but I do not deserve it.. I took it upon myself to slaughter people I knew and saw each day.. I will carry that burden until I stand before Yami" itachi says.

"So what will happen to us now" kisame comments, not reading the mood.

"You will be under Heika's protection and you will confined to this compound to keep hysteria from happening" tobiume says and itachi nods slowly. Tobiume nods and shifts her gaze to mitsuomi, "I actually have another thing to discuss with you Heika" she says and mitsuomi nods.

"It concerns the contract made with my father" tobiume says and mitsuomi narrows his eyes.

"I can't fault you for putting in the clause about Naruko and Sakura's term as kunoichi but I can say.. They will be used to the best of their abilities until they leave the village" tobiume states.

"That's fine" mitsuomi says. Tobiume nods and rises to her feet, "Thank you.. Now excuse me" she says and excuses herself.

"She seems nice" naruko says.

"She's also smart.. So be on toes" mitsuomi states and naruko nods.

"Now Itachi.. I want you to explain to me Akatsuki's overall plan for the Biju" mitsuomi adds and itachi starts to explain what he knew.

-One Week Later-

Hanabi stands at the gates of senju compound, "Can I help you" tsunade says, walking up.

"I am Hanabi Hyuga and I wish to meet with his highness" hanabi says. Tsunade tilts her head and beckons for the young girl to follow her inside, "Can I ask about" tsunade asks.

"I wish to speak to his highness about certain matters" hanabi says. Shouts echo as the pair reach the garden to see mitsuomi working out in sweats and a tank top, while isane sits on a blanket.

"Hello I'm Isane" isane says and hanabi bows.

"I'm Hanabi Hyuga.. I would like speak to his highness about the Hyuga clan" hanabi says.

"Did Hiashi try something" mitsuomi says, holding a kick. Hanabi takes a few calming breaths and looks mitsuomi in the eye, "No but even if Kushina-sama breaks the seal.. I don't believe our clan will be united.. My accident.. The looks from the main house.. Even to me recently" she starts.

"They believe you are reason for the new changes to the clan" isane says, getting to her feet. Hanabi slowly nods and looks up to the older woman, "Yes and I don't want the branch family to be treated even worse due to this.. Hinamori-baachan believes I should ask you for help.. So I've come for help.. Can you help Me and the Branch family" she says. Mitsuomi approaches hanabi and looms over the young girl, before leaning closer to look in her pearl eyes and leans back.

"This is what an heiress should be.. Your sister clearly believes the Dogma the Hyuga have set since their creation" mitsuomi says and glances to isane.

"I am not sure how much I can help but Isane would be more inventive in helping you" mitsuomi adds and hanabi furrows her but gasps, as isane bring forth kaguya's Byakugan.

"We share a common ancestor" isane starts and relaxes her eyes, "Her name was Kaguya Otsutsuki.. Long ago she had two son.. The younger son named Hamura was progenitor of several clans.. One of which is the Hyuga" she adds.

"Are you from the Otsutsuki" hanabi asks and isane nods.

"Yes.. So perhaps I can shelter the Branch clan if they wish to leave the Hyuga.. I would also would be willing to fight your father for them" isane states and hanabi gasps.

"You would" hanabi says and isane places her hands on the young girl's shoulders.

"Yes.. I can not stand by as good people are harmed.. Now let's go" isane says. Mitsuomi chuckles as he downs some water, "This I got to see" he muses. Isane, mitsuomi and hanabi make their way to the hyuga compound, "Heika did you not want to change" hanabi asks.

"Nope.. This is good enough" mitsuomi replies. The guards stop them but hanabi orders them move and both do, letting the three inside. Hanabi and company make way through the compound but hinata stops them, "Why are they here" hinata asks.

"I asked his highness to speak to father on some matters" hanabi states.

"What matters" hinata questions.

"Things moving forward" isane says and hinata glares.

"Where's Hiashi hiding.. Too afraid to show his face after Ozai told him off" mitsuomi says and hinata gnashes her teeth.

"Onee-sama I need to speak with father.. Where is he" hanabi says.

"In the Dojo" hinata replies, reluctantly. Hanabi makes her way to the dojo with mitsuomi and isane, finding her father going through sparring with a branch member but being rough with the man.

"Why are They here daughter" hiashi says, holding a strike.

"Hanabi came to us concerning the Cadet Branch of the Hyuga" isane says.

"What concern is it to you" hiashi states.

"She feels even though Ozai commissioned Kushina to make a new seal for the Hyuga.. Some of you are not happy with this choice.. Some are even blaming Hanabi for this" mitsuomi says.

"You dare speak clan business to outsiders" hiashi says.

"I am not an Outsider.. Tell me Hiashi Hyuga do you know the True origins of the Hyuga clan.. Because I do" isane says and shocks hiashi with kaguya's Byakugan.

"How?!" hiashi says, in disbelief. Isane relaxes her eyes, "The Hyuga are descended from the Otsutsuki clan which I am apart of.. My Full name is Isane Otsutsuki-Kotetsu-Kiriyu" isane states.

"Why would that matter" hiashi says but gasps, as isane's glove strikes his face.

"Because I challenge you Hiashi Hyuga for the Cadet Branch and any other Hyuga who wish to Truly be free" isane declares. Hiashi touches his face with a blank look on his face, "Ko retrieve the Hokage.. She will bare witness to this" he says and ko bows, excusing himself.

"That was fast.. Confident in your abilities" mitsuomi says. Hiashi looks both emperor and empress in the eyes, "Yes and when I defeat her.. This nonsense of a new seal will be dropped per Your request" hiashi says. Mitsuomi places a hand on isane's shoulder with a smirk on his face, "Better yet Love.. Let me face him in your name.. This has been a long time coming" he says.

"Will that suffice Lord Hiashi" isane says and hiashi nods.

"Yes.. We'll fight in the training yard in full view of the clan" hiashi says and sends several to alert the clan. Time passes and mitsuomi stands under a tree with isane as the hyuga gather in full to witness the fight for their future.

"Are you sure about this Heika" tobiume says, standing in her kage robes.

"I'm sure Lady Tobiume" mitsuomi says, unfolding his arms and pocketing his hands. The dragon king makes his way to the training field as hiashi stood unmoving, while tobiume walks between them.

"This will be a sanctioned battle between Hiashi Hyuga and Mitsuomi Kiriyu.. No Killing Blows are allowed.. All else is allowed" tobiume declares and both men nod.

"Begin" tobiume shouts, raising her hand and dropping it. Hiashi activates his Byakugan with a serious look on his face compared to mitsuomi's relaxed face and stance with his hands in pockets.

"Grrr.. If you won't move.. Then I will" hiashi shouts and shoot forward.

"Hakke Rokujūyon Shō" hiashi shouts starting his attacks. Mitsuomi remains motionless as hiashi unleashes his strikes but loud snaps erupts, causing him to open his eyes and smirk. Hiashi staggers back with his fingers completely broken, "W-what?!" he says but mitsuomi grabs him by the head.

"Sorry.. It must be hard punching something as hard as diamonds" mitsuomi utters, before cracking hiashi with a headbutt. The hyuga patriarch's knees give out as he crumples to his knees unconscious, much to the shock of the main and branch members. Hinata was about to attack mitsuomi in a fit of rage but the presence of the hokage halts her.

"Winner Mitsuomi Kiriyu" tobiume declares. Mitsuomi looks around at the stunned hyuga, "As my wife decreed.. Any members of the Hyuga clan that wish to leave Konoha will placed under the protections of Yggdrasil" he declares, as many of the hyuga murmur. On this day forever changed both the main and branch sides of the hyuga clan as the main branch stagnated, the branch clan would flourish under hanabi and were renamed the Tsukiko or Moon children. In yggdrasil the tsukiko become a clan of healers, using their famed dojutsu to usher in a new age of medicine in the empire. On the other side the hyuga would falter and stumble as hiashi drives the clan further into stagnation and insanity.


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