Promised Princess @champblaze
Chapter 5

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-One Month Later-

Team-13 and 7 stand on the wave side of the completed bridge, linking Nami-no-kuni and Hi-no-kuni. Tazuna stood with his small family and mei with chojuro, "Thank you so much for all help.. You have saved our country from the brink of collapse.. We are forever in your debt" tazuna says, bowing. Naruko waves her hands quickly, "Do not worry about that.. Evil will spread if good people do nothing" she says.

"Spoken like a good ruler" mei says, hugging her cousin. Naruko returns the hug, "Thank you for becoming the new Daimyo of Wave" she says, after pulling back.

"As you said to create a better place than where I found it" mei says and both sisters nod.

"I'll have Mother send a word to Lord Ozai and he may be able to send more aid" sakura says. Behind them team-7 were watching the exchange, "Maa-maa.. Naruko-chan has grown so much" kakashi states.

"I'll say.. She's a natural leader.. She was taught well in the Empire and gaining some powerful allies" anko states. Sasuke clenches his fist with a glare at naruko, "I'll have to use her" he thought.

"Please take care Tsunami-san" naruko says and they exchange bows.

"To you as well" tsunami says, bidding goodbye and waving inari's hand. The combined ninja group make their way across the bridge, "I think I'll name the bridge.. The Great Naruko Bridge" tazuna says.

"I think it's a fitting name.. Named for the person that brought Hope back to Wave" mei says, as they return to the village. The group crosses the bridge at high-genin speed, only because sakiri wouldn't be able to keep up. The mood was quiet but naruko could sense the dark intentions from sasuke.

"More than likely.. He'll demand things of me or worse try to court me" naruko thought. The group crosses into Hi-no-kuni territory and take to the trees once they come into view, "Oi Kakashi Ja'ne" anko shouts, as her team picks up speed and blasts ahead.

"What the Hell?!" sakiri shouts, a slight wheeze to her voice. Kakashi glances to the pink hair girl with a disappointed look, "She has a long way to go" he thought.


Tsunade sits at a desk in konoha's hospital and looking over candidates for her Iryo-nin program, "I have three years to get this program self-sufficient" she thought. A knock at the door catches her attention, "Enter" tsunade says. The door opens and it was ino, "Hello Tsunade-sama" she greets. Tsunade places her report down and beckons for the younger blonde to sit, "How can I help you Ms Yamanaka" she says.

"Well.. I would like to learn Iryo-jutsu to expand my repertoire" ino states. Tsunade crosses her legs and glances over the blonde, "You will need finite Chakra Control" she says.

"I have good control.. Near Chunin level.. I owe the monks a great deal for that.. I wish to learn to expand my knowledge.. I do not wish to being known solely as His daughter" ino states and tsunade softly laughs.

"Naru-chan is the same way.. She wishes to forge her path" tsunade says and rises from her seat.

"I'll speak to the Sandaime.. I'm putting forth a Iryo-nin program.. A way for those in reserves to expand their horizons.. I'll put your name on the list of candidates" tsunade says. Ino rises from her seat and bows to tsunade, "Thank you Tsunade-sama" she says.

"You're most welcome.. Walk with me Ino" tsunade says and the younger blonde follows her out.

"How are you coping with things" tsunade asks, as they exit the hospital and shunshin towards the senju compound.

"I am dealing as best as I can.. Daddy and Mom are my parents just as much my birth parents.. Most would brag about their heritage.. Like Sasuke does" ino comments. The pair step into the compound and tsunade glances back, "I know that feeling.. I am the Granddaughter of the Shodaime and Grandniece of the Nidaime" she comments. She leads ino to the living room, "Most in the village see me as a Princess and were thoroughly disappointed I left the village but I could no longer stay here" tsunade explains.

"Was it the wars" ino asks but tsunade shakes her head.

"Well partially.. I lost my lover Dan Kato during the war and developed Hemophobia because it.. I then lost my younger brother Nawaki.. So I ran.. I felt like I was cursed.. I spent years drinking and gambling.. A means of escape but that changed when I met Mitsuomi and Naruko" tsunade says and a soft smile forms, "He saved me from myself.. Giving me a future to look forward to" she adds. Naberal steps in with some tea, "Thanks Naberal" tsunade says and naberal bows.

"Have you thought of your plans.. Once your heritage is revealed.. I know Naru-chan agreed to shield you as a ward of Yggdrasil but that will be met with resistance" tsunade comments. Ino takes a sip of tea and sighs as she places the cup down, "If I have to.. I'll resign as a Kunoichi or worst become a Missing-nin.. I will not be made into some breeding animal to allow the village to gain my Jinton" she states.

"I would agree as well.. If the council learned even half what we are now capable of.. Certain elements would do everything in their power to acquire it" tsunade says and ino arches an eyebrow. Tsunade removes her white coat to reveal a back-less dress shirt and ino's eyes widen as a pair of butterfly wings emerge from tsunade's back.

"Using a special ritual in the west.. I became a member of the Fairy race.. I even unlocked my Grandfather's Mokuton to an extent" tsunade states. Ino's eyes flicker as tsunade hides her wings and sits back down, "Have Naruko and Sakura gone through with this" she asks.

"Sakura yes.. She chose the Elven route but Naruko is vastly different.. Mitsuomi is not human but a Dragon and by the time her mother gave birth.. She was a Kitsune Yokai.. Due to her Jinchuriki seal.. My Grandmother may have hand in that" tsunade explains.

"So Naruko would be natural compared to You and Sakura" ino says and cup her chin, "That does explain his Highness' strength to defeat two Biju by himself" she adds. Tsunade chuckles with a sip of tea and smiles, "Ino dear.. You have no idea" she says.

-Kyoto-Yggdrasil Empire-

Mitsuomi sneezes loudly and blows a cloud of smoke from his nose, "Someone is talking about me" he thought. He is currently walking through the cherry blossom trees of Sakura Temple and home of the priestess Yasaka. Several of the miko greet him with bows and children wave, "Heika play with me" a child shouts, landing on his shoulders. She is a young child with golden, blonde hair tied in a ponytail and matching eyes with nine golden fox tails and matching ears. She wears a traditional miko outfit and tall geta sandals with white tabi. The sleeves of her haori feature a giant red star-shaped pentagram, surrounded by five smaller pentagrams in between the points.

"No can do Kunou but I brought Millicas with me" mitsuomi and kunou leaps down, running off in search of his youngest son.

"She is growing bigger and bigger" mitsuomi says, to yasaka standing in front of him. She is a beautiful woman with a voluptuous figure and very long blonde hair with matching eyes, delicate facial features and her eyebrows are cut very short and round. She keeps hair tied in a loose ponytail, reaching all the way down to her legs that ends in a spiral, with taut bandages to keep it in place. She wears a shrine maiden outfit and over that she wears a white coat held closed by a red ribbon.

"Yes.. She runs her caretakers ragged" yasaka says, laughing into her sleeve. The pair continue through the garden of trees and under one of the largest is a familiar orange fox but the size of a full grown lion.

"Hmph.. Should've known you would come sooner or later" he says, opening one of his eyes.

"Nice to see you to Kurama" mitsuomi says. Mitsuomi had managed to save kurama and bring him back with yasaka helping him regain his mind.

"How's the brat" kurama asks. Mitsuomi gains a pointed nose and a smile, "Strong.. I am so proud of her" he says and kurama scoffs.

"Just like my former prison.. Bragging about her" kurama says, going back to sleep.

"Speaking of which.. How is Kushina" mitsuomi says and yasaka beckons for him to follow.

"She was able to regain some her lost power thanks to the Leylines" yasaka says. Inside one of the dojo kushina sits seiza with red fox ears on her head and six red tails swishing behind her. The doors slide open and kushina opens her eyes as her fox features fade, "Feeling better my Habanero" mitsuomi says.

"I do.. It's like I regained a part of myself.. Thank you Yasaka-hime" kushina says and yasaka waves her hand.

"Just helping a fellow Kitsune but I do wonder how you became one Kushina-kogo" yasaka states. Kushina rises to her feet with a small pop of her joints, "I believe it was the Seal Mito-sama used to seal Kurama inside me.. For the longest time.. I could not draw upon his power but that changed.. The seal more than likely was changing my body to adhere to his chakra and drain it from him.. However the side effect was that once I became a youkai.. Kurama lost his mind" she explains.

"That Uchiha didn't help but I wonder how he was able to draw your power away and manifest Kurama as a mindless beast" mitsuomi states.

"We'll deal with that once we find him and I break his spine" mitsuomi adds, darkly. Kushina laughs and pats his chest, "I know you will.. Calm down" she says. Kushina felt the same way as mitsuomi, this masked uchiha had taken not only her life but the took eight precious years with her husband and their daughter.

"What about the other biju" kushina asks, as they leave the dojo.

"It will be their choice.. I can not force them to leave their respective villages but I will offer them asylum if they ask" mitsuomi replies. The pair soon find millicas playing with kunou and kushina gushes over them, "Perhaps another means to further unite our kingdoms" she says and mitsuomi chuckles.

"Rias says the same.. Even Tsunade has sent word about a young woman in Konoha wanting to meet Mitsukuni" mitsuomi says, waving at the children and kushina quirks an eyebrow.

"An Anko Mitarashi" mitsuomi says and kushina lights up.

"Ohh I know her.. She's a good kid.. A bad lot in life.. A former student of Orochimaru but abandoned" kushina states and mitsuomi nods.

"I'll meet her once we go to Konoha.. His mothers are pushing for him to take multiple wives.. He's engaged to Lady Koyuki of Spring and Semiramis' daughter Celia" mitsuomi says and kushina giggles.

"Says the man with eight wives and the high council wanting you to take more" kushina says. Mitsuomi sighs with a shake of his head, "Why can't they push Ainz.. He only has two" he says, dejectedly.

"Because Ainz is not the Emperor" kushina comments. Millicas and kunou run up to them and kushina hugs them both, "Are you feeling better Kushina-sama" the little girl says.

"Yes.. I am feeling much better.. I owe your Mom a great deal" kushina says, showing off her fox ears and kunou lights up. Mitsuomi picks up millicas, "Well Kunou.. We need to return home" he says and kunou pouts, "But if you ask Sesshomaru.. I am sure he would bring you to the capital to play with Isane's rabbits" he adds and she lights up. Kushina interlocks her arm with mitsuomi's right and they vanish into his magic circle.


Naruko stares at the contents of the scroll mei had given her, one was a white haori with black rhombuses on the bottom edges. The other is a guard-less katana with a sleek black sheath and hilt with the symbol of Uzushio on it.

"That Haori is worn by the Captain of the Royal Guard of the Daimyo" tsunade says, sitting across from naruko.

"Really.. Then mom should have this" naruko says but tsunade shakes her head.

"Then we'll ask her when she comes here" tsunade says.

"The sword" naruko asks but tsunade doesn't know.

"How were things while we were away" naruko asks, picking up her tea cup. Tsunade leans back in her chair, "Jiraiya came and whined about things but I ignored him.. Sensei allowed me to create a Medical ninja program" she starts but her mood darkens, "Hiashi and those old bats tried to bring up marriage proposals" she adds.

"I suspected as much.. I was sensing negative intentions from Sasuke" naruko says and tsunade scoffs.

"Mitsuomi would never allow that" tsunade says and naruko nods. Sakura enters the living room with her elf ears visible, "Allow what" she asks.

"Marriage proposals.. The Hyuga and Sasuke" naruko comments, sealing the haori back in the scroll. Sakura sighs with a scoff, "Not happening" she says. Naruko hands the scroll to tsunade for safe keeping, "We'll be heading out for a bit" she says.

"Be safe you two" tsunade says, bidding them goodbye. The sisters leave the compound, "So where to" sakura asks.

"Inuzuka compound.. I want my puppy" naruko says, as they shunshin away towards the compound.

"Do you think the Inuzuka will be cordial" sakura says, as they land on the streets. Naruko moves some stray hair from her face, "Mom says.. Tsume-san was a friend" she says. The inuzuka compound was fairly large with several large kennels and veterinary office.

"What are you doing here Naruko" kiba says, walking up with akamaru. Naruko squats to pet the white dog, "I'm looking to purchase a dog" she says.

"Really" kiba says and the sisters nod.

"Who's here brat" a voice shouts. Kiba turns as tsume approaches, "Naruko wants a pup" he says and tsume tilts her head.

"Why not.. Come in Girls.. We had a new litter about two month ago" tsume notes and they follow the older woman. The kennel was lively as the sisters follow behind but many of dogs were weary of naruko.

"Here we are.. See which one suit your fancy" tsume says. Naruko and sakura kneel before the small pen as several puppies bark and jump for them but none really stood out. However naruko sees a small white puppy towards the back of the pen, "What about that one" naruko says.

"Hmph that's the runt.. You don't want her" kiba says. Naruko shakes her head and slips off her glove, reaching for the pup but the pup growls.

"We found her in the woods.. Her Sire is a wolf" tsume says. The pup continues to growl as naruko's hand nears but naruko's eyes glow and the pup stares back, sniffing and slowly licking her fingers.

"She usually doesn't let people near her" tsume says and naruko glances back.

"I'll take her.. She has a name" naruko asks but tsume shakes her head.

"I'll name her Ghost" naruko says and picks up the pup. Sakura rubs ghost's head and she barks happily, "You like that huh" she says.

"Alright.. I'll have Hana give Ghost her shots and everything you need" tsume says and the sisters follow tsume to the office. Inside the vet office is a young woman with long brown hair kept in a ponytail with two locks of hair framing her face over her large, black eyes. She has the traditional inuzuka clan marks and dressed a medical clothes.

"Hana" tsume says and hana looks up, seeing her mother and anko's students.

"You must be Naruko and Sakura.. I'm Hana Inuzuka.. Friend of Anko and Yugao" hana says and both nod but sees ghost.

"Taking our little runt huh.. She will be in a good home" hana says, taking ghost.

"It'll be a little while.. Come inside for some drinks" tsume says and both nod, following the older woman inside. Tsume leads them to the living room and goes to get them some drinks as kiba plops on the sofa.

"So you think your Sensei will nominate you for the Chunin exams" kiba asks. Naruko leans back in her chair with a glance to sakura, "More than likely.. What about your team" she replies and kiba sighs.

"Probably.. Sasuke will complain and Sakiri will follow him.. Besides I want to test my strength" kiba states, akamaru resting in his lap. Tsume comes back with some drinks and takes a seat, "Let me start by apologizing for not helping you.. Kushina was a dear friend and I should have done more" she says.

"No need for that.. Konoha's ruling body is more at fault than you Tsume-san" naruko and tsume waves her hand.

"Drop that san part and Don't I know it.. Anybody who tried to adopt you were told flat out No or some legal shit.. The Sandaime even said it would unbalance the clans by have you as apart of one" tsume explains.

"Allowing Yasha to use the civilians" sakura comments and tsume chuckles.

"No love loss with her huh" tsume says, drinking her sake. Sakura crosses her legs and folds her arms, "No.. That woman gave birth me but she not my mother.. She only sees Sakiri as a means to get her hands on the Uchiha fortune or some wealthy person" she explains.

"Sounds like her.. She was sniffing around around Minato.. Fugaku and others but she was to settle on your old man" tsume explains and sakura frowns. Hana walks with ghost in her arms with purple collar around her neck, "Alright.. She has had all her shots and I've registered her in your name" she explains, letting ghost down. The little pup runs to naruko and rubs her head on her leg, allowing naruko to pick her up.

"What did you choose the runt" kiba asks. Naruko cups her chin but look down at ghost, "She's like me.. I want a Runt too but I've grown strong and I will soon show those that considered me a runt.. How strong I am now" she states.

-Two Months Later-

Naruko sits on the back landing of the senju compound, her faithful ghost at her side and laying in her lap. She wears black breeches into black riding boots, a white form-fitting shirt with a black waist cincher with red strings. Sakura steps outside in blue suit vest with golden outer edges and inner edges, underneath is form-fitting sleeveless shirt into loose black and white pants with suspenders.

"It's time to go" sakura says, squatting to pet ghost. Naruko sighs and rises to her feet to secure her new sword to her waist, "Right" she says and ghost barks, "Be good cutie.. Naberal will watch you" she says. Ghost barks again and runs into the house as the sisters vanish into cherry blossom-shunshin. The pair arrive outside the academy as many Genin from various villages were entering.

"Come on Let us in" a voice shout. The sisters see tenten and her team trying to get the marked third floor, "Genjutsu in place" sakura signs.

"Clever.. If you can't recognize something simple.. You are not ready" naruko signs, as they head up to the real third floor.

"Take down that stupid Genjutsu" sasuke says, smugly. Naruko shakes her head but continues on with sakura and waiting for them is yugao.

"Where's Anko-sensei" sakura asks.

"Anko is the proctor of the Second round" yugao says and smiles, "Good luck you two" she says and the sisters enter the room. KI is immediately blasted at them but both sisters press back with their own, deterring many of the Genin. Naruko scans the room and spies teams from all the major nations but the kiri team caught her attention as did one other. The kiri team were rigidly still and gave off this aura of darkness and death. The suna team consists of the Kazekage's children but his oldest daughter temari and youngest son gaara stand out. She has teal eyes but dark circles around them and sandy blonde hair, which is gathered into four consecutive pigtails. She wears mesh armour underneath a sleeveless, purple dress with a purple blouse over it, a purple sash around her waist, hand warmers and leg guards. A large battle fan on her back and two gourds strapped to her sides.

"So she is the Jinchuriki" naruko thought, glancing to gaara. He has as fair skin, green eyes and short auburn hair with kanji for love on the left side of his forehead. Gaara wears a long-sleeve crimson coat and full-length dark trousers with a pair. Over the coat he wears two buckled belts, a grey vest held in place by a single strap over his left shoulder, and two buckled belts which he also uses to carry a gourd. Naruko and sakura make their way to a near wall as they could feel the gazes of temari and gaara.

"Hehehe.. She's the Kyubi container.. We need to Kill her" a voice says. Temari glances to naruko but closes her eyes, "If she pisses off.. I will crush her into paste.. Shukaku" she thought and shukaku cackles.

"Something bother you Temari" kankuro asks but temari glares at him.

"Shut up or I'll kill you" temari says and kankuro freezes. Gaara glances to where temari was looking and saw the sisters, "They are strong.. They will prove our existence" he thought. The door slams open as team-7 enter but naruko notices the bruise on sasuke's face and a loud cheer from kiba.

"What a drag.. You're here Naruko.. Sakura" shikamaru says, walking up with his team.

"I take it you do not like being here" sakura says and shikamaru sighs.

"His mom would've dragged him here" ino comments, followed by team-9 and team-8 entering but both hyuga were glaring at naruko.

"You should keep it down" naruko heard, looking up she sees kabuto. Her blue eyes narrow seeing the leaf hitai-ate on his head, "So that's how Orochimaru and Danzo communicate" naruko thought. Kabuto pulls out some cards, "These are Ninja info cards.. I can give you information" he says.

"Temari Sabaku.. Gaara Sabaku.. Naruko Uzumaki and Sakura Kiriyu" sasuke say, curtly.. Kabuto adjusts his glasses and channels chakra into them but gasps as his cards are missing.

"I think I can speak for them.. No one needs to know anything about us" naruko says, holding the cards but sakura grabs them and crushes them into bits.

"What you Scared Naru-baka" sakiri shouts but naruko ignores her. The Oto-team saw an opportunity to show off but KI from naruko stopped them in their tracks. A large puff of smoke fills the room as a scarred man and ten proctors arrive, "Alright Sit down and shut up.. The Chunin Exams Round One are about to begin" he shouts. Everyone takes their seats and naruko finds herself between temari and hinata, the latter giving off a cold look.

"My name is Ibiki and this first is simple test of Nine question with a tenth at the end.. You have one hour to complete this test.. If you are caught Cheating.. You get one free pass.. Any more and your whole team is kicked" ibiki states and his fellow proctors hand out the tests. Naruko looks over her test and notices it fair complicated but not too much as the starting bell rings.

"I highly doubt this is a simple test" naruko thought but glances right too see hinata uses her Byakugan. Naruko continues to quietly observe but notices stealthy cheating, "So that the game" she thought. Time ticks by and teams are eliminated one by one, also the room seem to experience fluctuating temperatures.

"Alright Pencil downs" ibiki shouts and clears his throat, "The Final is a simple one.. You can answer it or you can decline.. However if you do.. You and your team as disqualified and can never become Chunin" he adds. Shocked murmurs filled the room but kiba bolts up from his seat, "What?!.. Others have taken this exam" he shouts and ibiki smirks.

"So.. I'm running things.. My game.. My rules" ibiki says, his arms folded. The tension slowly rises as everyone started to make their choices and a few teams quit, even sakiri was about to quit but a sharp glare from sasuke stopped her.

"Anyone else" ibiki shouts and no one gets up, "Good.. You passed" he adds, causing loud shouts of shock.

-Training Ground 44 aka Forest of Death-

"Welcome to my Playground for the Second round of the Chunin exams" anko starts and holds two scrolls, one marked heaven and the other earth.

"This round is simple.. You just have to survive and reach the tower in the center with both these scrolls" anko adds.

"Survive in there?!" sakiri shouts and anko titters with a wide smirk on her face, causing the pinkette to flinch.

"That's right Fangirl.. Treat this like a real mission" anko says and holds up a paper, "You will also sign these waivers to absolve your respective countries" she adds.

"So killing heathens is allowed" one kiri ninja says and anko nods, dropping down off her stand. Naruko listens as choji asks about food but her senses were on the crowd of Genin, "Three Konoha teams are not who they seem and Orochimaru is hiding here as well" she thought. The Genin line up and recieve their scroll and sign their waiver, before taking their place at several gates. Sakura and naruko check their gear and the blonde notices two of the three psuedo konoha teams were with their group and a team from kumo. A loud buzzers go off and the gates thrust open as all team rush into the forest of death.

"So what should we do" sakura asks and naruko glances her way, as they tree hop.

"We should deal with our pursuers first and go from there" naruko says, as they land in a clearing. Quickly three konoha team surround them and the sisters go back to back, "So Danzo thinks this will work" naruko says and none of them speak. Sakura summons her beowolf and cracks her knuckles, "He must know our Father will Kill him" she says. The teams drop their henges and reveal themselves at Root ninja but one stood out. He is a young man with auburn color hair and amber eyes with a short, black jacket and red straps on the shoulders. He also wears a red short kimono under the jacket with a black sash, a pair of black gloves, dark-color pants, and regular shinobi sandals.

"Surrender" he says. Naruko draws her new sword and points the blade at the leader, "Fuu Yamanaka.. Right hand of Danzo Shimura.. Skilled sensor and skilled in the Yamanaka's clan Jutsu" she says and fuu's eyes narrow.

"The Empire knows all about Danzo's plans with Orochimaru and his invasion" sakura adds.

"It will not matter.. All this is for the Good of Konoha" fuu says and summons two kama blades. The remaining Root charge the sister but three suddenly slam into trees, shocking fuu but he charges naruko and she meets him with her sword, their weapon clanging. Sakura snap necks and limbs with punches and kicks, "No emotions doesn't mean more strength" she says. Fuu pushes on his kama but naruko doesn't budge as the blonde was emotionless, quickly he lets go and back jumps with a flash of signs. However fuu finds himself pinned to the tree with naruko's sword through his stomach, "Prepare a place in Hell for your Master" she says, pulling her sword free and separating his head from his body. Naruko flicks the blood away and sheathes her sword but creates several clones to gather the bodies and burn them.

"Do they have any Heaven scrolls" naruko asks but sakura shakes her head.

"They more than likely destroyed them or abandoned them" sakura replies.

"Well let's continue on then" naruko says and the pair leap off. The sisters continue through the forest but sense dark chakra, concealing themselves they watch team-7 fighting orochimaru.

"Should we help them" sakura asks. Naruko keeps her blue eyes as sasuke tries and fails to best the sannin as kiba was unconscious and sakiri was wetting herself.

"No it's almost done" naruko says and points. Sakura looks as orochimaru extends his necks and bites sasuke on the neck, "The curse mark.. Same as had Sensei" she says and naruko nods. Orochimaru quickly vanishes and the sisters follow him, due in part to naruko sensing anko in the forest. They soon find them and orochimaru was monologuing as they land.

"Kukuku.. It's his Highness' beloved daughter" orochimaru says and anko glares at him.

"Leave Snake" naruko says, her face serious. Orochimaru chuckles as he fully faces the sisters but raises a ram-sign, "Anko-chan.. Kill them" he says, activating her curse mark but nothing happens. Anko starts to giggling as the sisters smirk, "Naruko-chan took care of that nasty hickey.. Guess she's smarter than you" anko says. Orochimaru's golden eyes narrow towards the sisters but naruko steps forward, "I'll say it again Orochimau.. Leave.. I can sense several Anbu teams approaching" she says.

"I will make you pay for this Little Girl" orochimaru hisses, sinking into the tree branch.

"Are you alright Sensei" sakura asks. Anko nods with a sigh, "Lousy Bastard" she says but smirks, "Kill anyone yet" she asks.

"Just cleared some annoying Roots" sakura says and naruko nods.

"We'll return to the exam" naruko says and both vanish.

-Promised Princess-

"Who should we target now" sakura asks, as they tree jump. Naruko cups her chin but hears a loud scream, both quickly break left and finding the source being a young girl their age with red hair and eyes, trying to fight off a large bear.

"I got this" sakura says and summons her beowulf, "CHA" she roars, slamming her fist into the bear's head. The girl gasps as the bear crashes to the ground and gasps again as naruko lands in front of her.

"Are you ok" naruko asks and the girl adjusts her glasses, getting to her feet.

"Y-yes.. Who are you two" the girl asks. Naruko gives the girl a warm smile, "I'm Naruko Uzumaki-Kiriyu and that my sister Sakura Kiriyu" she says and the girl gasps again.

"Uzumaki?!.. I'm Karin Uzumaki" the girl says and naruko gasps this time. Naruko removes her glove and holds her hand out, "Touch my hand.. We'll know for sure" she says. Karin adjusts her glasses and slowly places her hand on naruko's but both gasp, "We are related.. Cousins" naruko says and her eyes flicker.

"I've found more of my clan" naruko says.

"More" karin says and sakura lands next to them with smack of her hands.

"Naru found two more of her family in Nami.. Her goal is reunite with her clan's survivors" sakura explains and naruko slips her glove back on.

"What happened to your team Karin" naruko asks. Karin adjusts her glasses with sad but dark look, "Dead but good riddance.. They only saw me as a tool" she starts and raises her sleeve, showing bite marks.

"My chakra is special.. One bite and I can heal injuries.. Kusagakure took my mother and I in only if she healed people" karin continues but clenches her fists.

"Those Bastards used my mother to death and are planning to do the same with me" karin finishes. Naruko's brow creases with a dark look, "That won't happen cousin.. I'm taking you under our clans protection and the Empire" she says.

"Empire as in Yggdrasil" karin asks and both nod.

"Yes My father is the Emperor.. We can shield you from Kusa" naruko says and karin reaches for her kusa hitai-ate.

"No need my team is dead.. I can fake my death" karin says ripping it off and tossing it near the bear corpse.

"Which scroll did your team have" sakura asks and karin fishes a heaven scroll out her pouch.

"Now we have what we need" naruko says and creates a clone, "My clone will take you to our mother and hide from prying eyes" she adds. Karin slowly nods and hugs naruko, "I'm glad to find some family still alive" she says and naruko smiles.

"Yes our clan still lives" naruko says, as they part. The clone grasps karin's shoulder and they vanish as naruko places the scroll on her pouch.

"Let's head to the tower.. No need to drag things out" naruko says but her eyes narrow and a kunai flies into the brush. Kabuto leaps out and lands in a crouch, "This most interesting.. A Pure Uzumaki" he says.

"Why are you here Yakushi.. Shouldn't you be at Master's side or rather Crotch" sakura says, cracking her knuckles and kabuto frowns.

"Easy now.. I do not wish to fight.. I've seen first hand your Father's power.. I do not wish to see his daughter's rage but finding a Pure Uzumaki is rare" kabuto says.

"Her name is Karin and You or your Master will not harm her" naruko says, leaking her KI and her blue eyes darker. Kabuto adjusts his glasses as shadows covers his face, "Tell me Naruko-san do you not want revenge on Konoha for their actions towards you.. The Sandaime kept you from your father for Eight Long Years.. Orochimaru-sama can give you the revenge.. You so richly deserve" he says. Naruko stays quiet for a few moments but a thin smile forms on her face, "I will have my revenge but mine is more fitting.. Simply destroying Konoha as your Toothless worm of a Master wants.. No my revenge will Konoha Rue the day they lied to my Father" she says.

"That is unfortunate" kabuto starts but finds himself blown through several trees by a punch from sakura.

"Thinks he's dead" sakura says but naruko scoffs.

"Doubt it" naruko says and they head towards the tower. About an hour later the sisters were at the tower and quickly decipher the puzzle, tossing the scrolls yugao appears.

"Congratulations.. It will be another five days before this round is finished" yugao says and both nod, before she vanishes.

"You're second to arrive" temari says, walking up with her brothers. Kankuro has a lecherous look on his face but a glare from temari shuts him down. Gaara has a stoic look on his face, "Are you like my sister" he says. Naruko glances between the siblings, "I am" she says and holds up nine fingers. Temari gains a thin smirk on her face, "Then I look forward to our fight" she says, as the two teams part ways.

-Five Days Later-

The sisters stand with the other survivors of the second round, being temari and her brothers. The kiri, iwa and kumo teams as well as kabuto and his team, along with all the rookies. Hiruzen stands with the jonin and anko standing the railing with a disappointed look on her face.

"So many of you have survived.. Looks like we'll have to have a preliminary round to thin the numbers" anko says and several murmur.

"If you feel you can't go on.. You can quit" anko adds. The kumo and iwa teams pulls out of the exams and kabuto as well but naruko gives him a look. Hiruzen then goes on to give the true mean of the exams, before a sickly looking Jonin appears.

"I am Hayate Gekko and I will be the proctor of this preliminary round.. If your name shows up on the board.. You will fight until.. One of you gives up.. Dies or Forfeits" he explains. The board cycles through names and stops on sasuke and yoroi as everyone else moves to the balcony.

-Sasuke vs Yoroi-Canon-

Sakiri cheers loudly as sasuke stood over an unconscious yoroi as naruko glances to lee and sees the frown on the boy's face. Sakura leans closer, "Looks like Sasuke stole Lee's technique during a fight in the first round" she whispers. The board cycles through once again as kankuro and misumi are chosen. The fight was interesting for the sisters as it shows off kankuro's abilities with puppets, with him taking the win. The board cycles and several fights progress with shikamaru defeating Kin from oto. Shino defeating a crippled Zaku of oto and Dosu of oto defeating choji.

-Sakura vs Sakiri-

Sakura sighs with shake of her head but naruko pats her shoulder, "Easy win Sis" she says. Sakura pulls on her gloves and makes her way down as her twin sister does as well but the latter blowing kisses at the returned sasuke.

"I think Sakiri is in over her head" kakashi comments and kurenai glances his way.

"I would agree.. Sakura has the air of seasoned kunoichi.. She did have Tsunade-sama to teach her" kurenai says.

"Not just that but A clan of Shinobi known as the Dragon clan live in Yggdrasil and taught us their ways" naruko comments.

"So there are Shinobi in the west" asuma asks and naruko nods. Sakiri stands with a haughty look on her face, while sakura has a blank look on hers.

"Here we are trash" sakiri sneers but again sakura ignores her. Hayate calls a begin to the fight and sakiri rushes sakura blindly, creating two bunshin in an attempt to distract her twin. Sakura sighs and blinks forward to crack sakiri in the face with a right straight, breaking her nose, jaw and a few teeth. Sakiri collapses on her back as sakura stands over her, "Cha.. That was for our childhood" she says, walking off.

"Winner.. Sakura Kiriyu" hayate declares. Sakura makes her way up the steps but lee gets in her path, "Sakura-san you are very strong" he says.

"Thank you Lee-san but I didn't really show too much" sakura says, walking pass him.

"Sakura-san would you go on a date with me" lee asks and sakura stops in her tracks and looks back.

"Lee-san you don't even know me" sakura says but shrugs her shoulders, "Why not.. You seem like a nice guy and Good luck in your match" she adds. Lee's eyes widen and burn with youth, "I will Sakura-chan" he says and returns to his bigger self gai.

"Oya a date Sis.. Wait till the Moms hears this" naruko says, with a fox like grin and sakura sighs. A few more matches begin as temari destroys a kiri-nin with her fan and the two other snap, "Heathens" both shout but temari raises her hands. Sand bursts from her small gourds and kills both of them, sending a smirk to naruko.

-Neji vs Lee-

Lee's eyes burn brightly as neji stood impassively, "Give up Lee.. Fate has declared me the winner" neji says. Lee slips into his goken stance with a frown, "I thought you would change under Gai-sensei's tutelage" he thought. Neji slips into his juken with his Byakugan activated as the match begins. A small stand off starts as they pair edge closer but lee breaks it with several snap strikes but neji blocks cleanly and evenly.

"Lee is doing well against Neji" sakura comments but hinata scoffs.

"He will fail as failures do.. Neji is second to me in the Juken.. Lee stands no chance" hinata says and kurenai frowns. Gai watches with a serious look on his face as lee and neji trade blows.

"Must be hard to watch your students do battle" kakashi states and gai nods.

"It is.. Neji is a prodigy.. While Lee has worked for everything he has.. Despite not being able to Ninjutsu or Genjustu" gai says.

"He can't use either" naruko asks, entering their conversation. Gai gives naruko his signature smile, "Yes but that doesn't deter him.. He wants to show everyone that Hard work can trump Natural talent" he says and takes a deep breath, "Lee.. Show them how bright your Youth Burns" he shouts. Lee and neji continues to trade blows but lee back jumps, "It's useless Lee.. You can not defeat me" neji says. Lee reigns in his breath but shocks everyone by slicks back his bowl cut, "I can Neji.. The Juken won't work me" he says and neji's eyes narrow. Lee takes a horseback stance, "Hachimon: Kaimon" he declares, shocking kakashi.

"Gai you taught the Eight Gates" kakashi says and gai glances his way.

"I did.. Lee is very much like me.. If Nin and Gen were useless then we focused on Taijutsu" gai says. Neji shakes away his shock and slips back into his juken, "No matter.. You can escape destiny" he says but gasps, as lee closes the gap with a strike to his stomach. Neji flies back with some spittle escaping his mouth but lee blinks behind neji for a round house kick. Neji catches himself with a look of shock on his face, "What?!.. Is this Lee" he thought. Lee stands in his goken stance with a slight green aura, "I'll end this now Neji" he says and shoots forward. Neji gasps as lee kicks skyward by the chin and the latter uses his speed to get behind the stunned neji. Lee loosens his bandages and wraps them around neji and they start to spin, "Omote Renge" lee thought, slamming them into the floor with a thud. Lee back jumps from the small smoke cloud and lands with crouch, his breath heavy and his eyes flickering. The smoke cloud dissipates and neji is on the ground out cold, "Winner.. Rock Lee" hayate declares. Lee falls on his rear with a shocked look on his face, "I-I won" he says. Gai leaps down to congratulate his student as med-nin check on neji and he slowly regains consciousness.

"I-I lost to Him" neji thought, shocked and filled with anger. Lee approaches as the med-nin help neji to his feet, "A great match" lee says, extending his hand but neji slaps it way and glares at lee, before leaving with the med-nin. Gai sighs and places his hand on lee's shoulder, "Give him time Lee" he says, as they return to the balcony.

"Congrats Lee-san" sakura says and lee blushes.

"Thank you Sakura-chan" lee says.

-Naruko vs Hinata-

The board cycles once again and it lands on hinata and naruko. The hyuga heiress stare impassively and makes her way to arena floor, while naruko hands her sword to sakura and makes her way down. Naruko rolls up her sleeves and pulls on her gloves. The two princesses stare at each other with blank looks on their faces, "Will you also say Fate has decided this match" naruko says, cracking her knuckles.

"It has" hinata says, activating her Byakugan and slipping into her Juken. Naruko takes a loose stance as hinata was rigid in her stance, "Aren't you gonna tell me to give up.. Because Fate deems so" naruko says but hinata remains silent. The tension slowly starts to build as everyone watches but they gasp as naruko drops her guard.

"Come on then.. I'll give you a free chance" naruko says, shocking everyone but sakura, anko and yugao. Hinata's eyes narrow in anger but she shoots forward with her hand glowing with chakra, aiming for naruko's heart.

"I'll end this in one blow" hinata thought but breath hitches as naruko brushes her hand aside and slaps her across the face. Hinata backpedals with her hand on her cheek as naruko stood impassively, "What happened to you Hinata.. You have changed so much in eight years" naruko says. Hinata clutches her face but shoots forward with several juken strikes but naruko blocks cleanly and evenly.

"Even if you block them.. The damage is done" hinata says but her breath hitches, as naruko's tenketsu points were not closing at all. Naruko breaks open hinata's stance and slams a palm strike to her gut, sending the hyuga heiress back with a stagger.

"How are your Tenketsu points not Closed?!" hinata shouts. Naruko sees the small welts on her arms, "The same reason Lee was a bad opponent for your cousin.. While Lee has too little chakra.. I have too much" she says. Hinata's eyes flicker in anger as naruko stands with hands pocketed, "I have more chakra than the Kage themselves.. I am Uzumaki after all" she adds and steps forward. Hinata grits her teeth but slips into another stance, "You are in my field" she shouts and shoots forward.

"Hakke Rokujūyon Shō" hinata shouts, preparing her assault. Naruko raises her hands out of her pockets and starts to block each of hinata's 64 strikes, shocking those watching.

"Amazing Naruko-chan is very strong Gai-sensei" lee says. Gai gives lee a thumbs up, "Her Youth burns brightly" he shouts. Hinata back jumps in disbelieve as naruko has blocked her attack but the blonde counters attack with several strikes to the body, finishing with a upward palm strike to hinata's chin.

"You were a good person Hinata but you allowed your clan to warp you into what stands before me" naruko says, as hinata collapses. The hyuga scion staggers to her feet with a look of haterd in her eyes, "It's your fault.. You abandoned me and now you returned as some Foreign Princess.. Don't make me laugh" she says, wiping her chin of spittle.

"You are simply a Bastard child and your mother was his play thing" hinata shouts but her breath hitching, before being embedded in the opposite wall. Naruko stood with her fist extended and her blue eyes reptilian like, "Never utter words like that about my Mother" she hisses.

"W-winner Naruko Uzumaki" hayate declares. Naruko stays stock still as she reigns in her anger and she slowly does as med-nin attend to hinata. Temari couldn't hide the smirk on her face as shukaku cackles, "Oh Yes.. She will be some Much fun to kill" he howls. Naruko returns to the stands amid the shocked looks mainly from the konoha rookies but the board cycles through. Ino took on kiba and soundly defeated him with Taijutsu and a bit of Bukijutsu. The last fight was tenten vs gaara but tenten forfeited to the youngest son of the Kazekage.

"Well now that well a more well rounded number of Genin.. We can draw lots for the Finals" anko says. Each genin chose their lots and showed their numbers, "Alright we have.. Rock Lee vs Gaara Sabaku.. Sakura Kiriyu vs Dosu Kinuta.. Shikamaru Nara vs Temari Sabaku.. Ino Yamanaka vs Kankuro Sabaku and lastly.. Naruko Uzumaki vs Sasuke Uchiha" anko declares. Hiruzen clears his throat to get their attention, "You all will one month to prepare for the Finals.. I wish you all luck" he says and vanishes, via leaf-shunshin.

"When I defeat her.. She will beg me to marry her and I'll gain power to crush Itachi" sasuke thought, glancing to naruko.

"Look like you got the short end of the stick" naruko comments and sakura scoffs.

"Tell me about it" sakura says and sees lee, "Congratulations on your win" she adds. Lee smiles with a good guy pose, "Thank you Sakura-chan" he says and excuses himself. Yugao approaches with anko, "Well Gaki.. Congrats and sucks for you facing the Uchiha" anko says.

"It'll be a challenge and I welcome it.. The Sharingan is a unique abiltiy and I wish to test myself on it" naruko says and sakura grasps her shoulder, "We'll return and inform mother of our passing.. Can you inform Hokage-sama that our parents will arrive in one week's time" she adds and both vanish.

"Fufufu.. Finally get to meet the Emperor in person.. Hope I can impress him" anko says and both vanish.

-Hyuga Compound-Next Day-

Hiashi sits with his eyes closed and a blank expression on his face but inside he was livid. Opposite hiashi were hinata and neji, both were stinging from the their defeats during the chunin exams preliminaries. A few minutes pass and hiashi opens his eyes, "Pathetic.. Both of you were defeated by a Commoner and Foreign kunoichi.. You have both tarnished the Hyuga name" he starts. Neji bows his head in submission as hinata sits stone face, "That Bitch.. She dares look down on the Hyuga clan" she thought.

"The elders are not pleased with your performance.. Especially yours Neji.. Losing to your Inferior teammate is unacceptable" hiashi says and raises a half tiger sign. Neji screams his seal activates as hinata sits uncaring but hiashi stop and neji clutches his head.

"Your defeat was not as unacceptable because Uzumaki is the daughter of Kushina and the Emperor.. But you have brought shame on clan and your training will be increased" hiashi says. Hinata bows her head slightly, "Yes Father" she says and hiashi dismisses them. Hinata excuses herself as several cadet branch members take care of neji but her anger was not satiated.

"I will not let this go unpunished" hinata thought but sees her younger sister hanabi.

"Onee-sama are you alright" hanabi says. Hinata stares at her sister and rubs eyes, "I am fine Hanabi" she says, heading to the dojo and hanabi follows.

"Is it true you lost to the foreign princess" hanabi says and hinata stops in her tracks, clenching her fist.

"Rumors have started" hinata says and hanabi slowly nods. Hinata slowly turns to her sister with a dark look on her face, "Do you believe I am weak" she says and hanabi flinches.

"No Onee-sama.. You are strong" hanabi says but hinata backhands her.

"Yet I lost to an outsider.. A traitor" hinata hisses and activates her Byakugan, "You have added to my befouled mood.. You will help me calm down" she adds. Several main branch would pass the dojo and hear hanabi's pained screams but would do nothing to save her. Several hours later one of the elder named hinamori sits next to hanabi's bed with saddened look on her face, "How can you condone this" she says, looking to her son.

"It was a training accident Mother" hiashi says but hinamori glares at him. She takes hanabi's bandaged hand, "This was no accident Hiashi.. You and the other elders have turned a sweet child into a ball of anger and resentment.. She would be horrified to see her daughter that way" she says.

"Hinata has become a true heiress of our clan.. She has cast off unnecessary things and has become stronger" hiashi says but hinamori scoffs.

"Yet she lost to Naruko Uzumaki.. Daughter of your former teammate.. Whom she insulted" hinamori says and hiashi's eyes widen.

"How did you know that" hiashi says. Hinamori gingerly rises from her seat and takes her cane, "I may be old Hiashi but I still command respect.. I spoke to her Sensei and she informed me of Hinata's actions" she says and walks pass hiashi but stops.

"I also plan to speak to the Emperor and apologize for my granddaughter's deplorable behavior" hinamori adds and heads to her chambers. Hiashi clenches his fists and looks to his youngest daughter but says nothing, leaving the room quickly.

-Council Room - One Week Later-

Hiruzen and both sides of the council were awaiting the arrival of the emperor and his consorts. The third fire shadow was weary of this meeting, due in part to the councils trying to curry favor with naruko, sakura and tsunade. Marriage proposals and trade agreements to sell their items in the empire or to graciously sell their items at a reduced price. Hiruzen glances to tsunade and the blonde sits with her legs crossed, her face calm but a fierceness was there.

"Hokage-sama.. They have arrived" Anbu sparrow says, after appearing behind the sandaime. Hiruzen rises from his seat as the door opens to reveal the emperor and his consorts. Mitsuomi was wearing black riding boots with gold trim, a pair of white breeches with a double breasted military coat of black with red chest portion and golden shoulder plates. A black cape hung off his shoulder with his claymore secured to his side and black gloves. Each of his wives wear a skirt to their ankles with a slit to the hips, black stockings with lace up boots to the calves. A dress shirt with a gray corset vest and white gloves but their respective colors. Irene has black and gold, while yoruichi has have black and purple with rias adding some red to hers. Retsu has light green colors with lenore having teal and tsunade having forest green. However isane wears a dark blue formal cheongsam with snowflakes adorning it and a black cape of her own.

"Welcome Heika.. It has been so long" hiruzen says, with a half bow.

"Indeed Sarutobi.. I look around this room and see many familiar faces" mitsuomi says, his gaze landing on danzo.

"Anata why don't introduce us before you Grandstand" rias comments, with a sly smile on her face. Mitsuomi glances to rias and sighs but clear his throat, "Right.. Allow me to introduce you all to my wives and The Empresses of Yggdrasil.. Saisho-Empress Isane Kotetsu-Kiriyu" he starts. Isane smiles warmly with a slight curtsy, "It's a pleasure to meet everyone" she says, her voice soft.

"Dai-ni Empress Consort.. Irene Belserion-Kiriyu" mitsuomi continues but irene says nothing, simply a scathing look.

"I am Yoruichi Shihouin-Kiriyu.. Dai-san Empress Consort and this is Rias Gremory-Kiriyu Dai-go Empress Consort.. Retsu Unohana-Kiriyu Dai-roku Empress Consort.. Lenore Kiriyu Dai-nana Empress Consort" yoruichi says, with a smirk towards danzo and the other elders.

"Our Dai-yon Empress Consort was Kushina Uzumaki and I am the Dai-hachi Empress Consort" tsunade comments.

"Kōgō.. You said Shihouin.. As in" hiruzen starts and yoruichi chuckles, folding her arms.

"Yes Sarutobi.. I am from the Nidaime Raikage's bloodline" yoruichi states, with a cat like grin.

"How is that possible?!.. You would be near my age" koharu interjects. Yoruichi shrugs her shoulders with a coy look on her face, "I have better Genes than you" she says.

"Putting that aside.. Tsunade can you escort the others to the compound.. I'm sure our girls want to see their mothers" mitsuomi says. Tsunade rises from her chair and drags it to mitsuomi, "Don't take too long" she says, kissing his cheek.

"Yeah she wants a baby your highness.. Fufufufufu" yoruichi says and rias giggles, while isane blushes. Mitsuomi shakes his head as his wives leave, "Hannya" he says and hannya appears, as mitsuomi takes a seat.

"Standing order still active.. Danzo speaks.. Kill him" mitsuomi states and hannya bows. The emperor of yggdrasil crosses his legs and adopts a ruler's aura, "Now then.. Eight years ago I stood in this room as you tried to keep me from my daughter.. However you made the Smart choice and allowed her to go" he starts and several of the civilian council glare.

"As you know.. Yggdrasil has opened several merchant houses over the last eight years.. Some countries have been cordial and others not so much" mitsuomi continues, glancing to the civilians.

"For that reason the debt Konoha owes Yggdrasil has been reduced by twenty percent" mitsuomi states and the councils murmur. Hiruzen lights his pipe as his gaze was on mitsuomi, "That is most generous Heika.. I also would like to bring up a matter" he says and mitsuomi waves his hand, for him to continue.

"It concerns the liberation of Snow country and placing Lady Koyuki Kazahana on the throne" hiruzen states. Hannya pulls a cigarette case from his robe and gives it to mitsuomi, before lighting it for him. Mitsuomi takes a slowly drag and exhales out his nose, "Yes indeed.. My son the Crown Prince Mitsukuni Kiriyu.. My daughter Yukiko Kiriyu and nephew Diablo Ooal Gown liberated the country after Lady Koyuki found our merchant house here in Fire country" he starts and takes another drag.

"Was she on her way to Konoha.. Heika" homura questions and mitsuomi nods.

"She was but her people were attacked by strange shinobi with blank masks.. Luckily our people were near.. I shudder to think what would have happened" mitsuomi replies. Hiruzen glances to danzo and the shadow of konoha was stone-faced, "So you assisted her Heika" hiruzen says and once again mitsuomi nods, re-crossing his legs.

"Yes and Lady Koyuki agreed to unite our countries through marriage with my son" mitsuomi states.

"Giving the Empire a Foothold here in the East" hiashi interjects. Mitsuomi blows a stream of smoke with a smirk, "Indeed it does.. Snow country will become a Colony of Yggdrasil and afforded all the benefits that come with it" he states. Danzo's visible eye narrows, "Possessing Snow country gives him full access to their lost technology.. His forces must have been watching for the girl" he thought.

"Heika that could be seen as the Empire moving to expand into the East" shikaku says.

"To the layman it would seem that way but Shikaku Nara.. However Yggdrasil has no need to interfere with the East.. Unless the East interferes first" mitsuomi states and shikaku slowly nods.

"Let's see the next issue to discuss.. Being several marriage request for my Naru and Sakura" mitsuomi states.

"Indeed Heika.. Sasuke Uchiha would be a perfect husband for either of your daughters.. It would further link our countries and their child could be the strongest in Konoha's history" koharu says. Mitsuomi stays silent as to give impression of debating but starts laughing, "Sarutobi.. It seems you will have replace your advisors.. They have seem to have gone Senile.. Tsunade declined both your proposal and the Hyuga as well.. Sasuke Uchiha and Neji Hyuga have Nothing to offer that measure up to my daughters.. Since returning to Yggdrasil.. Naruko and Sakura have been trained by the best of the West.. Have either Sasuke or Neji fought in a life or death battle.. They have not.. No Neji and Sasuke have been coddled the people of this village for simply having a Dojutsu or a Name.. So I'll say once again.. Your.. Proposals.. Are.. Denied" he says and rises from his seat.

"Sarutobi.. I would like a seat in the Kage booth for the Finals.. Also once the Finals are finished.. I will need to hire a team or two for a simple mission" mitsuomi says and hiruzen furrows his bow.

"That can be arranged but what sort mission" hiruzen says. Mitsuomi adjusts his sword and cape, "A simple escort one.. I'll even knock off thirty percent more of your debt.. Once the Finals conclude.. I will chose my escorts" he states and turns on his heels. Hannya returns to mitsuomi's shadow as the council room was quiet for a few minutes, "That went well" shikaku comments.

"Well?!.. He denied our proposals" koharu says but shikaku shakes his head.

"Koharu-san.. His Highness is willing to forgive fifty percent of our debt if things goes well with him.. Denial of a proposal is well worth it" inoichi states and several clan heads nod.

"He's right.. The runt Uchiha or the Cadet branch runt can't offer anything to appease some of his stature.. You people seem to try and forget.. He fought Two Jinchuriki alone during the war" tsume says. Hiruzen rises from his seat with a sigh, "This is meeting is concluded.. Now let us focus on the Chunin exams finals" he says and calls the meeting to a close.

-Senju Compound-

"I'm so happy.. You grown into a fine young woman" kushina says, sitting next to naruko. Yugao smiles warmly with a bow, "Thank you Sensei and thank Kami for allowing his highness to revive you" she says.

"He was blessed by Kami and Yami" isane says, after drinking some tea. Anko was silent as she looks over the eight empresses, "Wow I can see why I wouldn't compare.. You're all Drop dead gorgeous" she says and yoruichi starts laughing.

"You're not bad yourself Gaki.. You would be perfect for Mitsukuni" yoruichi says. Kushina glances to isane, "Do you think so as well" she asks and isane glances her way.

"Mitsukuni is a very stoic and dutiful child.. He has his father's charisma and will power but I worry for him as does Celia and I believe Anko could be a match for him" isane says and fixes her gaze on anko.

"However you must become stronger and more tactful.. Stoic if needed" isane adds and anko slowly nods.

"And Kick him in the butt if you have to" mitsuomi says, walking in. Anko and yugao quickly bow to mitsuomi but he raises his hand, "So you must be Anko Mitarashi" he says, taking her hand and kissing it. Anko actually blushes and yugao stifles a giggle, "Y-yeah" anko says. Mitsuomi claps his hands and his kingly uniform changes into a casual pair of pants and dress shirt, "So tell me what made you decide to want to court my boy" he says, taking a seat. Anko thought for a moment and sighs, "Naruko told me about you and I asked if you wanted another wife but she told me.. That you're attracted to certain quirks and Tsunade-sama said I would be a good fit for Mitsukuni" she explains. Mitsuomi tilts his head and crosses his legs, "I see" he says, his steel-blue orbs. Anko gulps slightly as she wilts under those haunting orbs but suddenly kushina slaps him in the back of the head.

"Stop scaring Her" kushina chides and his wives stifle their laughter. Mitsuomi rubs his head with a sigh, "Sorry about.. I'll allow you two of you to court.. You won't have to rush into things.. Get to know one another and see if feelings form" he says.

"Thank you Heika" anko says, being respectable.

"Dad.. A message was delivered from the Hyuga" sakura says and mitsuomi's eyes narrow.

"I already declined their marriage proposal" mitsuomi says but naruko shakes her head, handing him the letter.

"No it's from a Hinamori Hyuga" naruko says.

"Hinamori-baabaa.. She's Hiashi's mother.. What could she want" kushina states. Mitsuomi silently reads the letter and furrows his brow, "Apparently she wishes to meet with me tomorrow.. She'll arrive around noon" he explains and looks to kushina, "Is Lady Hinamori like her son or Hitomi" he adds.

"I never spoke to her in person but Hitomi said she is a good person.. She was often against the treatment of the cadet branch but was in the minority on it" kushina replies. Mitsuomi cups his chin in thought and glances to naruko, "Interesting.. I will meet her and I want Naru and Sakura to listen in as well.. I would like your opinion on it as well" he says and both nod.

"Dinner is ready" ayame says, walking up and mitsuomi's eyes light up the same as his redhead daughter. Both quickly rush off as the other wives, daughter and guest sweatdrop.

"Strong as he is That could be considered a weakness" irene says and the others nod, before following their husband and father.

-Next Day-

Naruko and mitsuomi stand face to face with wooden swords in their hands, "You're getting better" he says and naruko smiles. Mitsuomi shoots forward and through naruko's guard, "But I am better" he adds and naruko pouts but he pats her head.

"I am more experience Naru.. You're coming along greatly" mitsuomi says. Kushina steps of the landing with a towel and some water bottles, "She is.. I'm so proud" she says.

"Thanks Mom.. Dad" naruko says. Mitsuomi wipes his face with a tilt of his head, "Lady Hinamori should be coming soon.. I am curious about what she wishes to speak to me about" he says.

"Any number of things" kushina comments, as they enter the house. Mitsuomi heads for a bath as kushina and naruko wake the others. The ruler of yggdrasil sighs softly as he sinks into the large tube of hot water, "I wish I could soak in my dragon form" he thought. Mitsuomi opens his eyes in thought, "Things will be busy for awhile.. Orochimaru's invasion and heading to the other countries.. I'll make some preemptive strikes on certain forces.. I'll need to send people to Uzushio to begin its restorations.. The Elrics can handle it or the Twins" he thought. Mitsuomi finishes his bath and dresses himself in black slacks and dress shoes. A white dress shirt and black suit vest with a coat but no tie and gloves. He makes his way into the kitchen and starts on breakfast for his wives and daughters. The first find him was sakura and she gawks seeing him wearing a pink apron, "Morning Sakura.. How many hotcakes" mitsuomi asks.

"Um Five" sakura says, stifling her laugh. Mitsuomi hums to himself as he makes his hotcakes, soon the others arrive and marvel their pink wearing husband and father.

"Itadakimasu" all them say, over their breakfast. Mitsuomi sits at the head of the table with a large stack of twenty hotcakes, "Things are starting to move.. We need to be prepared" he says and all of them nod.

"When are you meeting the Snake" yoruichi says, slipping a small piece of hotcake in her mouth. Mitsuomi stuffs a stack of five into his mouth with a mumble, "Another two weeks.. I will go alone" he says and raises his hand, to stop them from protesting.

"Orochimaru is a coward and arrogant man rolled into one.. He has the gall to send servants to speak to me in Dragonstone.. His schemes with Danzo will fail" mitsuomi states.

"How will we deal with Danzo" irene asks, wiping her mouth.

"Isane.. Lenore and Kushina will deal with him and his Ne.. Destroy them all but keep Danzo and Shizune alive.. He will brought before the Daimyo.. The evidence the Dragon clan have gathered will forever disgrace him" mitsuomi explains and stuffs another stack in his mouth.

"Rias.. Irene and Yoruichi will deal with Orochimaru and Suna's forces outside.. Retsu and Tsunade will deal with the injured.. I will handle Rasa and Orochimaru" mitsuomi adds and all of them nod. Breakfast soon finishes and several clones of mitsuomi deal with the dishes.

"I'll take walk around the village.. Contact me if Hinamori Hyuga arrives" mitsuomi says and naruko walks him out the compound but hinamori was arriving.

"I hope am not being to forward to presume you are the Emperor of Yggdrasil" hinamori says. Mitsuomi slowly nods his head with a bemused smile as naruko heads back to the house to hide her mother.

"You would be correct Lady Hinamori Hyuga.. Shall we head inside to speak" mitsuomi says and offers his arm. Hinamori genially takes mitsuomi's arm and they head inside with her guards in tow, "How has our village treated you Heika" she asks.

"I have yet the chance to visit the village as a whole but Tsunade and my daughters have told me good things" mitsuomi says, leading her into the garden. Mitsuomi pulls out her chair on the small sitting area and hinamori takes a seat, "You don't have to sugarcoat things Heika.. This village has changed so much in all my years" she says.

"Indeed the Great Tree has changed since last I was here" mitsuomi says and takes a seat, crossing his legs.

"So Lady Hinamori.. What do you wish to speak to me about" mitsuomi states. Hinamori clears her throat and bows her head slightly, "First I would like to Apologize on behalf of my granddaughter's words about Naruko-san's mother" she starts. Mitsuomi rubs his nose and raises his hand, "I accept your words.. Kushina is a touchy subject for both us but I sense you have another matter to discuss" he says. Hinamori rubs her right hand, "I do and it concerns the Cadet branch of the Hyuga" she starts.

"I have had to watch half of my clan be subjugated for arrogant and foolish reasons.. I have seen a sweet girl be turned into a cold and unfeeling person.. That would injury her sister and nearly kill the girl" hinamori continues and mitsuomi's eyes widen a slight fraction.

"She harmed her own sister" mitsuomi questions and hinamori slowly nods.

"She claimed it was a training accident but I have my doubts.. Hanabi was brutally assaulted.. Hiashi and the other elders will not act but I worry for Hanabi and the Cadet branch" hinamori finishes. Mitsuomi cups his chin in thought, "I am not sure how I can help in this situation Lady Hinamori.. Have you spoken to the Hokage or the Fire Daimyo on these matters" he says.

"Hiruzen will play politics and the Daimyo is an unknown to me.. I have not been to capital in years" hinamori states. Mitsuomi uncrosses his legs and leans forward, "Again I am not sure I can help but I can speak to the Daimyo on your behalf and perhaps he can of help" he says.

"Thank you Heika" hinamori says and rises from her seat, giving a small bow and excusing herself. Mitsuomi leans back in his chair and crosses his legs, "Hannya" he says and his shadow appears, "Shadow Lady Hinamori.. I fear her clan would silence her.. Should that happen.. Bring her here to safety" he orders and hannya bows.

"Hiashi wouldn't kill his own mother" kushina says, appearing and mitsuomi glances to his habanero.

"Hiashi perhaps not but the other elders" mitsuomi comments and rises from his seat, "Now I will explore" he says and kisses her hand. Mitsuomi buttons his jacket as he leaves the compound and heads into the village proper, many saw and give him cordial greetings. However mitsuomi could see the greed and lust behind some of their eyes as he moved through the village.

"They have used our resources very well.. The buildings and their clothes have been updated.. According to Ryu's report.. Our items are double or triple priced to make their products sell out.. Yasha is indeed quite the business woman" mitsuomi thought, looking over the village.

"Are you the Emperor" a voice says. Mitsuomi halts in his tracks and glances back to see sasuke, "I am and you are Kozo" he says, already knowing the answer.

"Sasuke Uchiha.. I want to speak to you" sasuke says and mitsuomi arches an eyebrow.

"You wish to speak the Emperor of Yggdrasil and you come to me in such a brash manner" mitsuomi says, fully turning to sasuke and his hands pocketed. Sasuke wanted to snap at mitsuomi but clears his throat, "I apologize Heika" he says and mitsuomi tilts his head.

"Better.. So what do you wish to speak to me about.. Talk as we walk Kozo" mitsuomi says and turns on his heels, sasuke quickly following him.

"I will be facing your daughter in the Chunin exams Third round.. I would not wish to harm her.. I would like to court her.. Since she is in line for the throne" sasuke says. Mitsuomi's shoulders tremble as he stops but he rears back with a loud laugh, "Kozo.. You wish not harm her but it should be the opposite.. I don't know about the current crop of Kunoichi but both my daughters are leagues above them.. As for your half ass want to court my daughter it's Denied" he says, wiping a tear. Sasuke clenches his fists as his eyes flicker in anger, "I am Uchiha Elite.. How dare he" he thought. The pair soon arrive at Team-7's training ground, "I know your Father and like you.. He was an arrogant little man" mitsuomi muses, turning to sasuke.

"You are a clan of One person.. The only reason your clan still holds a place in this village is because it helped found this place.. This place coddles you because of that.. They want your riches and your name.. If not for that.. You would be Nothing" mitsuomi adds, seeing sasuke barely containing his anger.

"How Dare you say that" sasuke says, his teeth gritted. Mitsuomi slicks his right bang behind his ear, "I can because I am above you Kozo.. I am superior to you in Every way.. I am the Breaker of Chains.. I fought in the same War your father fought in and earned his named Wicked Eye Fugaku but to me.. Fugaku was a arrogant man and not worth the effort to fight.. I fought both the Yonbi and Gobi Jinchuriki Alone and while they were fully transformed.. Can you or your Father say the same.. You are infant before an adult" he states. Sasuke sees red and activates his Sharingan to lunge at mitsuomi but kakashi appear and pins sasuke to the ground.

"Sasuke what are you doing?!" kakashi shouts.

"Proving my point Kakashi.. I hope you can train him to control his rage or it will be his downfall" mitsuomi says, walking pass them.

"Let me go.. I'll Kill him" sasuke shouts but kakashi chops his neck. The copy-nin sighs with a weary look, "Sasuke" he thought and Shunshins them away.

-Two weeks Later-

Mitsuomi sits under a large umbrella at the dango shop, his legs crossed and his eyes admiring the castle. He wears a pair of riding boots with black pants, a white dress shirt and a 3/4 length grey coat with black sleeves. The last two weeks had been interesting as konoha's two elder came to whine about his words to sasuke. However he dismissed them and told them to give the boy proper decorum, when speaking to someone of his station and promptly shut them up. Before arriving in tanzaku-gai he also contacted ozai about hinamori's concerns about her clan and his bid to bring danzo before him. Ozai assured that once the chunin exams were over major changes would be coming to konoha and for the better.

"Here you are.. Sorry for the wait" a young woman says, holding a tray of dango and breaking mitsuomi from his thoughts.

"Not a problem" mitsuomi says, with a disarming smile and the woman blushes. Mitsuomi crosses his legs and picks a stick and slips one dango in his mouth, "Hmm.. I've found a competitor for Ramen" he muses but his eyes narrow.

"About time you got here.. I dislike waiting" mitsuomi says, looking up. Orochimaru stood before him under a henge, "You sound like my former partner" he says. Mitsuomi rises from his seat and grabs his dango, "Follow me" he says and the snake sannin follows, unaware someone was watching them. Orochimaru drops his henge after they leave tanzaku-gai, "Kukuku.. So on guard" he says. The trees soon give way to open flat land, "So what do you want.. Your spy Kabuto Yakushi told me.. You wish to form an alliance" mitsuomi says.

"Yesss.. Konoha has besmirched us both.. Together we can bring it to ruin" orochimaru says but mitsuomi scoffs.

"I can do that without you.. I stand by my statement.. Has the Genius Orochimaru become so Weak to need my help" mitsuomi says and orochimaru's brow creases.

"Kabuto told me of your debt over Konoha but that is not enough.. Sensei lied to your face.. His life should be forfeit" orochimaru says but mitsuomi folds his arms.

"Your obsession with Sarutobi is pathetic.. However what would I receive in return for assisting you" mitsuomi says. Orochimaru glares at mitsuomi but regains his composure, "I can give you and your daughter Kushina" he says but mitsuomi unleashes his KI for a second. A bead of sweat runs from orochimaru brow, "So will you accept and turn a blind eye to Konoha's demise" he says.

"I'll be sitting with Sarutobi and the Yondaime Kazekage.. You'll have your chance" mitsuomi says and orochimaru chuckles.

"Kukuku.. Excell" orochimaru starts but mitsuomi grabs his throat.

"However.. This is twice.. You do not appear before me.. You won't get a Third" mitsuomi says, snapping orochimaru's neck but his body morphs into a young man in bandages.

"Well Sakura's match is no longer gonna happen" mitsuomi says, tossing dosu aside.

"That was very ruthless Heika" a woman's voice says. Mitsuomi sighs and glances back as delta stands a few feet away from him. Delta removes her hood with her light-brown eyes pinned on mitsuomi, "My name is Delta and I have come to kill you" she states. Mitsuomi rubs the back of his neck with one eye closed, "Well you're the prettiest assassin I've had" he says.

"You shouldn't underestimate me Breaker of chains" delta says. Mitsuomi slips out of his coat and rolls up his sleeves, "So I take you aren't from Yggdrasil.. No you're from here but your chakra is similar to my wife Isane" he states.

"Fufufu.. You are perceptive but it won't save you" delta says and mitsuomi smirks, rubbing his knuckles together and creating an electical discharge.

[Music: BLACK DRAGON-Peter Roe]

"I would beg to differ" mitsuomi says. Delta shoots forward into a leap and several rapid kicks but mitsuomi dodges, causing her to rotate counter clockwise and slam a roundhouse into his right arm. Mitsuomi grins and grabs delta's leg and spins with a raise to slams\ her hard to the ground, creating a small crater but delta uses her free leg to kick mitsuomi in the face. This allows her to back flip to a crouched position and she opens her mouth wide, "Hakai Kozen" delta thought, firing a concussive blast of chakra. Mitsuomi's eyes widen as the blast engulfs his upper half in a small explosion. Delta slams her right foot into the ground and several wooden roots pierce the debris cloud.

"Not bad.. You would definitely be a match for Naruko or Sakura" mitsuomi says and delta gasps, as the wooden roots were broken.

"Impossible" delta thought, seeing mitsuomi's body unharmed without any scratches but his shirt burned away. Mitsuomi rolls his neck as yellow lightning skates across his body, "It seems Jigen did not tell you.. I am a Dragon" he says. Delta rips off her cloak and launches forward once again with a high right kick but mitsuomi blocks with his left arm. However her leg changes and morphs into something a akin to claw shape foot to ensnare mitsuomi, "How do you know of Jigen" she hisses. Mitsuomi clenches his free right fist with a smirk on his face, "Impress me more and I'll tell you" he says, shattering her leg. Delta somersaults back and lands as her leg starts to regenerate, "Bastard" she says.

"Hmph sorry.. I have a mother and father" mitsuomi says. Delta jerks as mitsuomi was lifting her off the ground with a uppercut to gut, launching her into the air and cracking the ground under him.

"Roar of the Calamity Dragon" mitsuomi thought, spewing his concussive lightning beam from his mouth. Delta opens her left hand wide as a Rinnegan eye forms and starts to absorb the energy but mitsuomi appears behind with his right leg raised, "My wife taught me this.. Tsūtenkyaku" he shouts, connecting with heel kick. Delta slams hard into the ground with another crater as mitsuomi lands with a thud.

"I retract saying I will kill you" delta says and spits some blood, "I'll rip you apart limb by limb" she hisses, as a dark red aura surrounds her body. Mitsuomi spreads his legs apart with a lick of his lips, "You even have the same eye as Hagoromo.. Interesting" he says. Both rocket and collide in a small shockwave of punches, kicks and blocks.

"Here have this back" delta shouts, denotating mitsuomi's own attack in his face. The dragon king flies back but lands with a skid and drags his hand into the dirt. Delta is on him with a left straight but mitsuomi tanks it with his forehead and launches her back with a roundhouse kick. Delta alter her legs to leap higher and alters them more to make them longer but mitsuomi shatters them with another lightning blast. Delta regens her legs and lands with a anger look on her face, "Is this the power of the Emperor?!" she thought.

"Well then.. This should be enough for you to see the Futility of trying to kill me" mitsuomi says and raises his right hand out with the palm up.

"Minato showed me this Jutsu" mitsuomi starts and a spiraling orb forms. Delta's eyes widen as the ball continues to grow but jerks as mitsuomi appears above, shooting her left up she tries to starts to absorb the chakra. However this proved to be impossible as the ball grew more, "Gryahh" delta howls, as she is engulfed.

"Odama Rasengen" mitsuomi shouts, as a crater is ripped into the ground. Mitsuomi lands with a thud as the debris cloud starts to disperse but his eyes narrow.

"So you're Momoshiki's son.. Jigen" mitsuomi says. Jigen stands in front of his downed daughter, "I did not wish to meet you this early but due to my daughter's hubris.. It seems for naught" he says. Mitsuomi pockets his hands and shrugs his shoulders, "Can't be helped but I can sense you're strong but you want that edge" he muses.

"Indeed.. One does not face the Son of the Infinity Dragon and Dragon of Dragons.. Once I acquire the Jubi.. You and I will do battle" jigen says and kneels down to pick up delta. Mitsuomi slicks back his hair with a tilt of his head, "I patiently await that day and one more thing.. Tell that black dreg his Alpha will see him sooner or later" he says and vanishes with a crackle of yellow lightning. A void slowly opens behind jigen as he turns on his heels, "His senses are very sharp to sense Deathwing this far away.. Indeed I will need the Jubi to face him" he thought, stepping inside.


A/N-2: Another cliffhanger and a meeting between Mitsuomi and Jigen. I was originally gonna end this chapter with the beginning of the invasion but changed my mind. The next chapter will cover the Chunin Finals and start the invasion. The fight between Delta and Mitsuomi is based off her fight with Naruto with some tweaking. Also tell me what you think of Lee defeating Neji or a possible pairing between Sakura and Lee. Lastly thank you to everyone for their support and Stay Frosty.

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