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Chapter 4

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-Konohagakure no Sato-

The eternal gate guardians Izumo Kamizuki and Kotetsu Hagane watch the clouds from the main gate shack, "How boring" izumo muses. He has brown hair and dark eyes with his hair combed down and covering his right eye. He wears his forehead protector like a bandanna along with the standard Konoha shinobi outfit which goes all the way up to his chin.

"But relaxing" kotetsu counters. He has long, spiky, black hair and dark eyes. He has a strip of bandage running across the bridge of his nose and a light-colored marking on his chin. He wears the standard attire of a konoha shinobi complete with a forehead protector and a flak jacket. The sound of horses catch their eyes as three women were on horseback and approaching the gate.

"Is that Tsunade-sama" kotetsu says. The three horses reach the gate with loud neighs and a bit of lurch, "Tsunade-sama" izumo asks. Tsunade slowly climbs off her horse, now dressed in black breeches that accent her rear, hips and legs with riding boots. A pale grey blouse with a frilly collar and cuffs, a black waist cincher with gold strings and a tailcoat similar to naruko but with a green interior.

"It is.. Now go get Sensei" tsunade says and kotetsu nods, before leaping off. Naruko and sakura climb off their horse, dressed as before but naruko adds forearm bracers and sakura adds a tailcoat with a fur around the collar. One of the horses nips at naruko's shoulder and she pats her head, "Thank you for taking us" she says and the horse neighs, before taking off with her siblings. A few minutes pass and hiruzen arrives with a few Anbu, "Tsunade-chan.. Sakura-chan.. Naruko-chan.. Thank you for coming back" he says.

"Enough Pleasantries.. Let us go" tsunade states. Hiruzen frowns but beckons for them to follow him and Shunshin to the Hokage tower, "How are things in the Empire" he asks, taking a seat at his desk.

"Things are well.. Have you gotten the girls their Sensei" tsunade says, taking a seat and crossing her legs. Hiruzen slowly nods and passes two Hitai-ate to naruko and sakura, "Yes.. Anko Mitarashi a Tokubetsu Jonin and Chunin Yugao Uzuki" he states.

"Will they meet us at the academy" sakura asks and hiruzen nods.

"Anko-chan will but Yugao-chan is still taking care of things" hiruzen says and both girls excuse themselves.

"Naruko-chan.. I hope you can forgive me for my actions" hiruzen states. Naruko halts in her tracks and slowly turns with a serious look on her face, "Hokage-sama.. You expect me to forgive you for lying to my Father.. Which kept me for my Real Family for Eight years.. Allowed villagers and Ninja to beat.. Torture.. Starve me for what.. As a way to channel their grief.. I was an innocent child.. I will follow your orders but I will never forgive you" she says and leaves the office with sakura. Hiruzen frowns and leans back in his chair with a weary sigh.

"Naruko is right.. You let this village get away to with too much.. You are lucky my husband can be forgiving" tsunade says and hiruzen blinks.

"Husband?!" hiruzen says. Tsunade removes her glove and reveals her wedding ring, "I am married to Mitsuomi now.. Making me the Dai-hachi Empress Consort.. So any illusion of me taking up the Mantle of Hokage are that just illusions" she says.

"You should know Danzo knows you went West.. I had to fully reinstate his Root to keep him quiet" hiruzen states and tsunade slams her fist on the desk with a crack.

"It should not matter If I did go West.. You let Danzo play you once again.. Know this Sensei.. If Danzo or his Lackies on the councils come after my Daughters.. They will bring the full weight of the Yggdrasil Empire upon them" tsunade says, before kicking open the doors.

"Raven.. Tora" hiruzen says and both Anbu appear, "Raven inform the councils of a meeting in two hours.. Tora please follow Tsunade and inform her as well" he orders and both vanish.

-Promised Princess-

"I can not believe the gall of that man" naruko says, as the pair make their way to the academy.

"Just bare with it for now.. In three years.. He and My Ex Mother will have to watch as we leave this village behind" sakura comments. The village has not changed much in eight years but both notice the level of advancement to buildings and people's clothing. The pair soon reach the academy and are lead to the graduation classes' room, knocking twice the door slides open and the gaggle of voices diminish slightly.

"Can I help you" a woman asks. She has long, curly, black hair and wears oval glasses along with makeup, wearing red lipstick. Her outfit consists of a simple pink kimono with mesh armour underneath and a pair of baggy red pants with flip-flop-like sandals worn with socks.

"Yes.. I am Naruko and this is Sakura.. We are here to meet with our Jonin Sensei" naruko says and the woman blinks.

"Oh of course.. I am Suzume please follow me" she says and both enter.

"Who are they?!" a brash voice shouts and both girls knew him.

"Kiba" both thought. Kiba is a teen with messy brown hair, sharp black eyes with vertical slit-like pupils, pronounced canine teeth. He wears a grey, hooded fur-lined coat, with the hood on his head, over a plate of armour and fishnet undershirt, along with black pants and sandals with a white dog next to him.

"I am Naruko and this is Sakura.. We are new graduates" naruko states.

"Why are they allowed to graduate without taking the exams.. Iruka-Sensei.. Suzume-Sensei" states a young girl with white eyes. She has long dark blue hair, that reaches her lower back and framing bangs to shoulder-length. She wears a light lavender, sleeveless kimono-style blouse with vertical lines, tied with a dark purple obi around her waist. She also wears a pair of short dark navy shorts with thigh-high stockings and black high-heeled boots, with a loose fitting, lavender and cream hooded-jacket with lavender cuffs.

"We have studied outside the village and granted an exception by Hokage-sama.. We are Independent Kunoichi" sakura states.

"Bah.. They would be Dead Lasts anyway.. Right Sasuke-kun" screeches sakura's twin sister sakiri. Sakiri is identical to sakura but with long hair to her waist and a weak figure. She wears a red qipao dress with slits along the sides accompanied by a zipper and white circular designs. A pair of black gloves, low-heel, knee-high boots, black shorts underneath a short, front open, pink apron skirt and pink elbow protectors.

"Hn" sasuke mutters. He wears white cargo pants with black stripes, black boots and a grey long-sleeve shirt kept open at the torso, and black arm guards that cover his forearms with a mesh undershirt.

"Alright That's enough.. We can begin with team assignments" iruka states. He is a man of average height and build. He has brown hair in a ponytail, dark eyes and a scar that runs across the bridge of his nose, wearing the standard konoha shinobi outfit. Naruko and sakura lean on the wall near the window as iruka starts on the teams, "Team Seven is Sasuke Uchiha.. Sakiri Haruno and Kiba Inuzuka.. Your Sensei is Kakashi Hatake.. Team Eight is Yakumo Kurama.. Shino Aburame and Hinata Hyuga.. Your Sensei is Kurenai Yuhi.. Team Ten is Shikamaru Nara.. Ino Yamanaka and Choji Akimichi.. Lastly Team Thirteen is Naruko Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno Your Sensei is Anko Mitarashi and Chunin Yugao Uzuki" iruka states.

"Actually Iruka-san it's Sakura Kiriyu now.. I was disowned years ago" sakura says.

"Yeah because She's Trash" sakiri shouts but sakura ignores her.

"Oh I apologize then.. Your Senseis should arrive shortly" iruka says, before leaving with suzume.

"What a drag.. You vanish for eight years and return like nothing has changed" states a boy with narrow brown eyes and a typical expression suggesting he is either bored or irritated. He has shoulder length black hair tied in a spiky ponytail, wearing a short-sleeve grey jacket with green-edges on the sleeves and the rudimentary Nara clan symbol on the back, under which is a green-lined mesh armour T-shirt. He also wears brown pants.

"Things happened Shikamaru.. Just leave it at that" naruko says, her arms folded and her eyes closed. Shikamaru mutters and returns to his seat next to a plump boy with waist length brown hair and swirls on his cheeks. He wears a red suit with plated armour on his torso, arms and upper legs, having the same kanji for food on the front.

"Hello.. I am Ino Yamanaka" a young blonde girl says but leans closer, "Or rather Ino Namikaze" she whispers. Ino has fair skin, light blue eyes and long platinum blonde hair worn in a ponytail, with bangs framing the right side of her face. She wears a purple high-collared qipao-style blouse and matching ankle length apron skirt. Black pants that stop at her knees, bandages the remaining way into Chinese slippers.

"A Pleasure.. Yamanaka-san.. I remember you from my younger days.. Seems like a lifetime ago" naruko says.

"Likewise.. The Temple is quite different from Konoha.. I just hope to make my Father and Mother proud" ino says and the blonde, mismatched red-black hair and pinkette nod in agreement.

"Why are you hanging with Trash.. Piggy.. I thought we were Besties despite you leaving" sakiri sneers and ino sighs.

"We're not friends Sakiri.. You only wanted to be friends with me to push Sakura out" ino states.

"It's cause She's trash and Mommy got rid of her" sakiri directs to sakura but she ignores her twin. Sakiri was about strike sakura but the door slides open and three people enter, "Team Ten with me" one says, with a cigarette in his mouth. He is tall man, with brown eyes, olive skin, short black spiky hair, and a beard. His clothing consists of the standard Konoha ninja uniform with the sleeves rolled up half way, flak jacket, regular shinobi sandals and forehead protector. He also wears a sash that had the kanji for Fire marked on it around his waist, a pair of black bangles, and bandages wrapped around the arms of his sleeves.

"Team eight follow me" one of the women says. She is a fair-skin woman of a slender build. She has long black untamed hair reaching her upper back, and very unique eyes that are red in color, with an additional ring in them. She wears make-up consisting of red lipstick and purple eye shadow. Her outfit consists of a red mesh armour blouse with only the right sleeve visible. Overall, this is very broad material which resembles bandages with a pattern on it similar to those of rose thorns. Her hands and upper thighs are also wrapped in bandages and she wears the Konoha forehead protector and regular shinobi sandals.

"Team Thirteen meet me the Forest of Death main gate in Ten or don't bother coming" the woman say and vanishes in a swirl of leaves. She was fairly tall woman who was of slender frame and light brown, pupil-less eyes with violet hair in a short, spiky, fanned-ponytail. She wears a fitted mesh body suit that covers her from her neck down to her thighs. Over this, she wears a tan overcoat with a purple in-seam and a pocket on each side, a dark orange mini-skirt, a dark blue belt, and pale grey shin guards. Sakura pushes off the wall and grasps naruko's shoulder, before vanishing in a swirl of blue petals and shocking everyone.

-Training ground 44 aka Forest of Death-

Naruko and sakura appear just before their sensei, causing her to blink but start laughing.

"Alright Gakis.. Clever the name's Anko Mitarashi.. Ultra Sexy Single Kunoichi" she greets.

"I'm Naruko and this is Sakura.. Oh and can you have our other Sensei join us" naruko states, shocking anko. Another young woman appears with straight, purple hair reaching down to her waist, warm brown eyes and a shade of red lipstick. She wears the standard Konoha uniform but adds the arm guards of an Anbu.

"Very Impressive.. I am Yugao Uzuki.. Chunin for the duration" she greets.

"Will you still be taking Anbu missions Neko-san" naruko states and yugao remains quiet but slowly nods.

"Damn Gaki you are good.. That makes this easier.. We're not taking D-ranks but I do have one question" anko says and her cheery personality turns serious.

"Are you The Red Death's daughter" anko says. Naruko stays motionless with her eyes closed but they slowly open with a warm smile forming, "I am.. I am the child of the Red Death and the Dragon King" she says, leaking some her power and shocking both. Tsunade suddenly appears in a swirl of blossom petals, "Problems girls.. Sensei has called a council meeting" she says, glancing to anko and yugao.

"Can you meet us at the Senju compound in about an hour.. We need to discuss things" tsunade state and both nod, as tsunade, naruko and sakura vanish.

"You felt that right" yugao states and anko nods with a smirk.

"Yeah.. Those two are stronger than the Hokage or maybe the Gokage" anko says, touching her shoulder.

-Council Room-

The three sides of Konoha's council sit around the semicircle table but the Hokage's eyes were on danzo and shizune standing behind him in Root uniform. Hiruzen smokes his pipe at the head of the table awaiting tsunade and her daughters, "Once things are revealed.. They will act like vultures" he thought, banging his gavel.

"I called this meeting to discuss Two things.. One is that Tsunade has returned and the other being Naruko and Sakura have returned as well" hiruzen says and the councils start murmuring.

"Has Tsunade-sama returned to become our Godaime" hiashi asks. The door kicks open as tsunade enters with naruko and sakura in tow, making their way to the senju seat.

"You can keep that notion to yourself" tsunade states and taking her seat, with naruko and sakura standing behind her. Tsunade then turns her gaze to danzo but more so to shizune, "I'm curious about something.. Do any of you know how the empire found about naruko" she starts but a smirks form, as the room was quiet and slowly points to herself.

"I told him about Naruko" tsunade adds and the room erupts with murmurs and shocked looks.

"How could you betray your clan by consorting with the West" danzo says but tsunade scoffs.

"Consorting with the West.. Well I am doing more than that now" tsunade says and removes her gloves, "I married into the West and I am now the Dai-hachi Empress Consort of the Yggdrasil Empire" she says and the room erupts into furious shouts.

"That is Enough.. Tsunade has the right do as she wishes and marry who she wishes" hiruzen states.

"Hokage-sama.. She has taken the Senju clan from Konoha the very village her Grandfather created" choza states and several council members agree.

"You have only yourselves to blame.. My clan has reduced been to a trickle.. Sacrificed in three shinobi wars.. You all preach the Will of Fire but only when it suits you.. Yet my adopted daughters were allowed to suffer" tsunade states.

"That Thing deserves to suffer" one merchant shouts but gasps in horror as naruko's rapier was inches from his throat.

"When did she move?!" several thought.

"It would be wise not to insult me.. I am no longer that scared little child you all targeted.. I am Naruko Uzumaki-Kiriyu.. Dai-yon Princess of the Yggdrasil Empire.. First of my Name.. Fox Princess and Princess of Dragons" naruko states.

"How dare you speak to your betters" yasha screeches. Sakura rounds the table as naruko retracts her rapier and drives it into the wood floor, resting her gloved hands on the hilt.

"My sister is correct.. As for Betters Yasha Haruno.. We are of a higher station" sakura states.

"I am your Mother.. You will not speak to me this way" yasha shouts but sakura smirks.

"Oh but I can.. You disowned me remember and for quite the sum.. I was adopted by his highness and my official title is Sakura Senju-Kiriyu.. Dai-go Princess of the Yggdrasil empire.. First of my Name.. Blossom Princess and Second coming of the Slug Princess" sakura states, shocking the whole room.

"SENJU?!" yasha screeches. Tsunade leans back in her chair with a smug look on her face, "That's right Bitch.. Sakura is my adopted daughter and heir to the Senju until I have a child of my own" she states. Hiruzen watches in silence and he could see the looks in the eyes of several in the councils, "Even though they despise Naruko.. The civilians will do everything to curry favor with her.. Hiashi will no doubt ask for a marriage proposal with either Sakura or Naruko.. His clan is always looking for a way to move up the social ladder" he thought.

"Enough.. This meeting is adjourned" hiruzen states, banging his gavel.

"That's right you vultures.. You will never get your greedy hands on my daughters" tsunade starts and rises from her seat, "However" she adds, vanishing. Shizune cries out in pain as tsunade slams her head into the table, before snapping her leg with a kick.

"Let this be a warning to any of you.. You try to harm my daughters and I will Kill you" tsunade adds, before following sakura and naruko out. The council stays silent for a few moments but the civilians quickly leave, followed by hiashi. The remaining council start to leave and only the four elders remain, "Hiruzen we can not let this go on" koharu states.

"I agree their loyalty is not the village.. They will not act for the Good the village" homura adds.

"Naruko and Sakura will not answer to the council but to me or the Daimyo and I will not give them orders that you think would be beneficial to the village" hiruzen states.

"It's that thinking is why I should have been chosen as Hokage" danzo interjects, as two Root operatives take shizune to Root HQ.

"And have every nation ready to destroy us.. I think not Danzo.. I will tell you this now.. If you make any moves against Tsunade.. Sakura.. Naruko or Ino Yamanaka for that matter.. You and your Root will be disavowed by Konoha" hiruzen states, his demeanor serious and shocking both elders. Danzo grips his cane with a blank look on his face, "You would bow to them that much" he says.

"No I am ensuring Konoha's survival.. I can say our forces would not survive the full force of Yggdrasil.. I know you read the report about Snow country.. Doto Kazahana's forces only lasted less than a half hour.. His Highness sent only his Son.. Daughter and Nephew to liberate the country" hiruzen states, shocking both koharu and homura. Danzo remains quietly and leaves as such, "Just you Wait Hiruzen.. I will be Hokage after the Chunin exams.. Then those weapons will be under my control" he thought.

-Senju Compound-

Yugao and anko sit in the living room as tsunade sits across from them, numerous clones of all three were outside working on various things. Naruko and sakura soon arrive in casual clothes but anko could see the abs on sakura and the breasts of naruko.

"Now that we are all gathered.. I can discuss things with you" tsunade starts and leans forward to drink some tea.

"Per the contract Mitsuomi drew up for Sensei.. He wanted Someone that would not bow to the whims of the councils and judging by the two of you that is case" tsunade adds.

"In what regard Tsunade-sama" yugao asks.

"We're outcasts Yu-chan.. I am the Snake Whore and abandoned student of Orochimaru.. You are the student of the Red Death.. Who's daughter is sitting across from us.. I bet the Sandaime did it to placate them" anko explains.

"It would seem so but also the two of you took care of me as a child.. However that is boon to us as we don't have to worry about our comings and goings being reported to the councils or our missions compromised" naruko states. Anko slowly nods but grabs her shoulder, "Yeah.. Damn thing" she says.

"What thing" sakura asks. Anko slips off her coat and pulls on her bodysuit, revealing a strange mark with three tomoe on her neck.

"That Bastard of Sensei gave me this thing" anko says and tsunade tsks.

"Can no one remove it" sakura asks, as naruko rises from her seat and heads out of the living room.

"The Sandaime had Jiraiya the Sannin look at it but he claims it can't be removed because it is incomplete" anko replies. Naruko comes back with a Fuinjutsu kit in her hand and places it on the table, "Says who" she says.

"You want to remove it Naru" tsunade says and naruko nods.

"I do.. Anko-sensei I studied a whole host of things in the West.. However the thing I first learned was Fuinjutsu" naruko says and places a seal paper down, starting to inscribe symbols on it.

"Fuinjutsu is in her blood" tsunade muses, thinking of her fellow sister-wife. Naruko finishes the seal and hands anko a stick from her kit, "Bite down" she says. Anko arches an eyebrow but slowly takes it and bites down. Naruko places the seal on anko's neck and the snake mistress' eyes widen in pain as kanji scrawl onto her body. Yugao quickly grabs anko as she convulses, "What happened?!" she shouts.

"I'm removing the curse seal.. Give it a moment and she'll relax" naruko says, holding anko as well. Anko continues to seize but slowly stops as the kanji fades and the spot where the seal was sizzles and fades from her skin, leaving only some burned skin but no mark.

"It's gone" yugao says and guides anko to lay down. Naruko rises to her feet and puts anko's legs out straight, "Yes and she could see a boost to her chakra reserves.. It seems the seal was stifling her chakra.. Like a large amount of water into a small hose" naruko explains.

"How did you know all that" yugao asks and naruko smiles.

"Magic.. Which is prevalent in the West.. Westerners don't use chakra like here in the East" naruko starts and one long lecture about the west later. Yugao and the newly awaken anko were shell-shocked, "Can you two use Magic and stuff" anko asks.

"Yes we can.. Now you can see why Mitsuomi planned ahead.. He knows Konoha would stop at nothing to garner everything" tsunade states.

"No Shit.. Danzo would do any and everything to get such power" anko says and stands up, followed by yugao and both bow deeply.

"We both Swear Loyalty to you Naruko-sama" both said, in unison. Naruko blushes and waves her hands, "You don't have to call me Sama.. Just be my allies and help me" she says.

"Alright Gaki" anko says, plopping back down.

"Since we can trust you.. I can give one piece of information" tsunade says and her face becomes serious, "Kushina is alive and is in the West" she adds and both gasp with wide eyes.

"How?!" yugao says. Naruko sighs with a smile, "Yondaime-sama placed a portion of mom's soul into the seal matrix for Kurama.. When dad and uncle Ainz got rid of Kurama.. He found her soul and Uncle brought her back to life" she explains.

"Aunt Kushina wanted to be the one to return us but that would open a can of worms.. Danzo and those like him would invade Yggdrasil to gain such power" sakura states.

"No Shit.. Pedomaru would jump at that.. Hell any of the Clan heads too.. Well maybe except Tsume" anko states.

"Will Kushina-sama make her way back to Konoha" yugao asks, her voice hopeful and tsunade smiles.

"Oh Yeah.. She's coming for the Chunin exams with my fellow Sister-wives.. I can imagine the look on a lot of people's faces" tsunade states.

"The King looking for one more" anko says and naruko snorts with a small laugh.

"Sorry to say this Sensei but I doubt Dad would court you.. He has this weird thing about him but my Brother could be candidate" naruko says.

"I second that Mitsukuni needs a firecracker like you Anko.. I'll contact him and introduce you two" tsunade comments and anko tilts her head.

"Who's Mitsukuni" anko asks.

"He's our older half brother and Crown Prince of Yggdrasil.. You might of heard of him.. He saved Snow country and restored the true Daimyo upon the throne" sakura explains.

"Hmm.. I have to look him up.. Yugao you want to get into this.. Maybe persuade Hana and Kurenai" anko says and yugao shakes her head.

"You know I dating Hayate" yugao comments.

"Anyway.. Sensei what should be our first mission" naruko asks. Anko thumbs her chin thought but snaps her fingers, "We're not doing D-ranks.. So how about a C-rank Bandit clear.. Let you get some blood on your hands" she says.

"We have blood on our hands" naruko and sakura say.

"We spent a Year in the most inhospitable place in Yggdrasil.. We have taken lives" naruko adds.

"Ok then to see you in action.. Though we could link up with another Genin team to introduce you to them.. Even though you are Independent.. They are fellow Genin" yugao states.

"Not Kakashi's team.. I love Hana like a sister but her brother is an idiot and don't get me started on that pink hair thing.. No offense" anko says.

"None taken.. Sakiri is no longer my sister.. I have siblings and parents who love me and adore me unlike her and Yasha" sakura comments.

"Kurenai's or Asuma's teams" yugao suggests and anko slowly nods.

"That can work.. We'll meet you at the mission hall tomorrow at eight" anko says and both rise from their seats, excusing themselves. Tsunade escorts to them out as naruko and sakura remain in the living room, "Ryu" naruko says. From the shadows a man dressed in black shinobi shozoku and has vibrant green eyes with golden tint.

"Princesses" ryu says, kneeling on one knee. Naruko sits up straight with a serious look on her face, "Report" she says.

"As his Highness has informed you.. Akatsuki's main base in Amegakure no Sato.. The village has been incommunicado since the Third War's end due to Hanzo the Salamander's paranoia.. However Hanzo no longer rules Amegakure no Sato.. A man called Pein rules with his Voice for the people known as Tenshi.. Unfortunately that is all I could garner.. This Pein controls the rain and it is laden with chakra.. Nothing escapes his sight and the people have come to revere him as a God.. Due in part of having the Rinnegan.. He rarely leaves his tower but I have counted Six bodies with the same eyes but no life with in them" ryu starts.

"Quite Arrogant to call himself that.. The Rinnegan can control life and death.. He may be animating corpses.. Those eyes alone would make S-class.. He may pose a challenge" naruko thought.

"What of the other Akatsuki members" sakura asks.

"What we gathered they are Missing-nin from various countries.. Deidara of Iwagakure no Sato.. Sasori the Red Sands of Sunagakure no Sato.. Kisame Hoshigaki of Kirigakure no Sato.. Kakuzu of the Five Hearts of Takigakure no Sato.. Hidan the Mad Priest of the now Defunct Yugakure no Sato.. Itachi Uchiha of Konohagakure no Sato and formerly Orochimaru also from Konohagakure no Sato.. All of them are considered S-class Missing-nin.. They were frequently used by Iwagakure no Sato before Deidara's defection" ryu states.

"What of Orochimaru.. Father spoke that he was collaborating with Danzo Shimura to seat him as Godaime" naruko states.

"Indeed.. Orochimaru plans to invade during the Chunin Exam.. Using Sunagakure no Sato and Orochimaru's own Otogakure no Sato in the Land of Rice now known as the Land of Sound.. Orochimaru is using the Land of Wind Daimyo's actions of sending work here instead of Sunagakure no Sato.. He's playing on their desperation to break their Alliance with Konohagakure no Sato" ryu explains.

"I knew Orochimaru was a rotten snake but to use Konoha's ally against him" tsunade comments, walking in and ryu bows his head.

"Yes Empress.. It is not dissimilar to the Rebellion Duke Azazel suffered not long ago with Kokabiel" ryu states and tsunade beckons for him to continue.

"From we have gathered.. His Goal is to destroy Konoha and his secondary goal is Sasuke Uchiha but Once Danzo Shimura informs him about the Princessess or Ino Yamanaka.. He will add them to his objectives" ryu reports.

"Then his life will come to an end.. Orochimaru and Danzo are very arrogant to believe he can destroy Konoha and make the latter Hokage.. With us here especially when Mitsuomi and the other Empresses coming" tsunade states.

"Ryu can you put a someone on Ino-san" naruko asks and ryu nods.

"Of course Princess.. I can have Ayame shadow her" ryu says.

"What about the Wave Phenex house" sakura comments.

"The house has been demolished.. This Gato took over a little over a year ago.. Due to the fact that none of our people were harmed or killed.. We could not act but regrettably a man named Kaiza that sold us Seafood was public executed to prove Gato's power and further put a stranglehold on the country.. However Tazuna who is Kaiza's father-in-law is building a bridge to link them to the main land.. He is also secretly gaining money to request a mission from Konoha" ryu reports. Naruko sighs and pinches her nose, "Konoha will try to take advantage of him.. Wave can be a shipping hub if built up and Gato more than likely knows this.. I'll ask Anko-sensei to keep an eye for any missions to Wave.. Once there we can deal with Gato and restore the House.. I can also station Blue Rose there to keep bandits out" she explains.

"Will we still establish Black Rose" sakura asks and naruko nods.

"I will ask Ino to join us.. Then she can have protection under our Banner" naruko says and rises from her seat.

"Ryu keep your surveillance on Akatsuki but be careful.. As for Danzo and Orochimaru.. I'll leave that to Naberal.. Lupu.. Aura and Mare.. Can you contact Uncle Ainz for their services" naruko states and ryu bows his head.

"Of course.. By your leave Princesses.. Empress" ryu says and vanishes into the shadows. All three of suddenly groan as their clones dispel, "Well the compound is completely secured" naruko says.

"Dinner is ready" a maid says and all three nod, following her to fill their bellies.

-Next Day-

Naruko and sakura were making their way to the mission hall but both could see the dirty looks of most and the greed of others. The sisters were wearing similar outfits of a short, black jackets with the badge of a bouquet of blue roses on both shoulders, the front left pocket and on the center of the back. Naruko was wearing a light orange shirt with a black vest, while sakura wears a light pink shirt and black vest. Completing the outfit was a pair white pants, and dark brown knee-high leather boots with a pouch on their lower backs.

"That didn't take long" naruko muses, thumbing her rapier. Sakura pulls on her gloves with a shake of head, "Yasha works fast" she comments. Naruko uses her enhanced hearing to hear the whispers of the people, most were cursing her existence and some were lusting after her.

"You people are making our work easy" naruko thought, as the arrive at the mission hall. Anko and yugao were waiting for them outside, "Ready Gakis" anko says and both sisters nod, as they enter. Hiruzen was sitting at the desk with iruka, "Ahh Team-13 ready for a D-rank mission" hiruzen asks.

"Actually Hokage-sama we're here for a C-rank Bandit Clear" anko says, shocking iruka.

"They are Rookie Genin.. They are not ready for a C-rank mission" iruka says but naruko and sakura scoff.

"Iruka-san we are independent Kunoichi and we are not some wet behind the ears Genin.. We are from the West and trained with some of the most powerful people there.. D-ranks are wasted on us as they are simple chores that should be relegated to the Academy" naruko states.

"The Kid's right Iruka.. I no We refuse any D-ranks.. So it's C-rank or above for this Team" anko says and iruka sputters.

"Then how about this one.. It's in the village.. The mission is to clear the scorpion nest in the Forest of Death" hiruzen says. Anko grins wide and takes the scroll, "Thank you Hokage-sama" she says

"Alright Team to the my playground" anko crows. Team-13 makes their way out as Team-7 enters for their first mission, "Yo" kakashi states. He is tall man with spiky silver hair often oriented to his left-side, dark grey eyes but his left eye covered by his Hitai-ate and wearing the standard Jonin uniform.

"How's it going Kakashi.. You're team actually passed" anko asks and kakashi looks up from icha-icha.

"Hmm.. Yeah but they need some work" kakashi says. Sasuke was glowering naruko and sakura but sakiri was smugly looking and kiba was leering, "Give me that weapon" sasuke says.

"Yeah it's wasted on trash like you" sakiri says but both sisters ignore them and followed their senseis.

"Sasuke you can not demand someone's personal property" kakashi chides but sasuke scoffs.

"I agree.. Sasuke Uchiha.. You would do well to listen and that goes for all of Team-7.. Naruko and Sakura can be spoken in the same breath as the Daimyo's children.. They are daughters of the Emperor of Yggdrasil.. A man of great influence and power.. Any slight to them is the slight to the Empire" hiruzen explains, shocking kiba but sasuke only scoffs.

"I understand Hokage-sama" sasuke says, his tone not sincere. Kakashi gets his team a D-rank and excuse themselves as hiruzen sighs, "That boy is going bring a whole host of worries upon us" he says.

"Do you believe so Hokage-sama" iruka asks and hiruzen slowly nods.

-Forest of Death-

Team-13 leap through the forest in search of their target, "How much can we show" sakura says. Naruko has her eyes closed and her senses stretched but slowly opens them, "Eastern Jutsu.. We are being tailed" she says.

"Danzo" anko asks, pulling next to them and naruko slowly nods. The group reaches a large clearing with a large opening but several large scorpions about. Naruko dispels her rapier and summons her whip, leaping down as sakura pulls on her gloves and follows suit.

"Shannaro" sakura shouts, punching the ground and creating a fissure. Naruko shoots forward as the scorpions were disoriented and sending her whip forward, wrapping around the tail one and yanking back. The scorpion erupts into flames as another presses forward but naruko bucks her whip and lightning shoots out, "Cha" sakura shouts, slamming a punch into it and ending it's life. Yugao and anko watch from the trees as the pair work in unspoken tandem, "That whip must use Fuinjutsu to work in such a fashion" yugao comments.

"Or their Magic.. They work very well together" anko comments. Naruko and sakura stand in front of the entrance to the nest with dead bodies of numerous scorpions, "Let's end this" naruko says and both start weaving signs.

"Katon: Goryuka no Jutsu/Futon: Daitoppa" both thought, creating a wind infused dragon headed fire stream into the entrance and shocking both their senseis.

"Do we pass Sensei" naruko shouts. Anko and yugao drop down and the former smirks, "With flying colors" anko says.

"I'll report to Hokage-sama" yugao says and anko nods.

"Alright.. I'll take them to see Nai-chan and her brats" anko says and yugao vanishes.

"Alright follow me" anko says and the three takes to the trees and out of the forest. After they were gone several blank mask shinobi arrive but one stood out with his mask, his body covered in heavy clothes and full mask covering his face, with his mouth visible.

"They are stronger than Danzo-sama anticipated.. They noticed that we were following them" he says.

"Do we pursue Torune-taicho" one asks but torune shakes his head.

"We can not act out in the open.. We should return and report our findings" torune says and the group vanishes.

-Training Ground 8-

Anko and her team arrive at the training ground and find kurenai speaking to her team, "Yo Nai-chan finished already" anko shouts, as naruko and sakura look over Team-8. Hinata was also giving naruko and sakura the once over, "You've changed greatly Naruko" she thought.

"Yes.. They passed my test and I was about to take them on their first D-rank mission.. Are you back from one" kurenai states. Anko gives her best friend a cheeky grin, "In a way.. We took the Scorpion job" she says and kurenai's eyes widen.

"Anko that was C-rank.. Fresh Genin aren't ready for such" kurenai chides. Anko jerks her thumb back at naruko and sakura, "These two far are stronger than the current crop of Genin.. With them I am not gonna waste their time on D-ranks" she explains.

"Even so.. D-ranks promote Teamwork and show Genin the village they protect" kurenai comments.

"Forgive Kurenai-sensei but we have no need for that.. My teamwork with Sakura is stellar and the village.. They wouldn't protect me if needed" naruko states, shocking kurenai.

"Why do you believe that" yakumo says. Yakumo has long brown hair that is straight on one side, but on the other side it is in a braid with a clip with two circular designs. Her outfit consists of a pink kimono held closed by a pink sash with two pockets on the front, with violet baggy pants and red mesh armour underneath her kimono and legs along with sandals that were orange in color.

"It seems you were not informed or the Sandaime didn't repeal his Law.. I am the Jinchuriki of the Kyubi no Yoko.. The very beast that attacked the village sixteen years ago.. I was hated by nearly all the village until my Father found me and took me back to his Homeland in the West" naruko explains.

"Many speak ill of the West" shino says, his body covered in heavy clothes.

"That may be true in some places but the Empire is in a golden age of peace.. Thanks in part to many people from all walks of life" naruko states, as anko and kurenai stay off to the side to let things play out.

"You speak as if you have shaken off the shackles of Fate.. You went from nothing to everything as your Father is the Ruler of the Empire" hinata comments.

"I do not believe in Fate.. Yes my father is the Emperor of Yggdrasil but I was not preordained to live life of luxury" naruko states.

"It was his Fate to become Emperor.. We can not escape fate" hinata says and kurenai frowns.

"You have changed a great deal Hinata.. I remember a kind and shy girl but now you have become no different than many of your clan" naruko says and hinata's eyes narrow.

"I am no longer that weak and naïve girl you saved from bullies.. I accepted my Fate and now I am True Hyuga.. You are simply an Outsider to me" hinata counters and naruko shakes her head.

"Hinata that was very Rude.. Please Apologize to Naruko-san" kurenai chides but naruko raises her hand.

"It's quite alright Kurenai-sensei.. Hinata is right.. I am no longer a citizen of Konoha or Fire country for that matter.. I am simply an outsider" naruko says.

"Sensei.. Shall we take another mission" naruko adds and anko slowly nods.

"Sure Gaki" anko says and Team-13 turns to leave but sakura stops and turns to hinata.

"Listen Well Hyuga.. My sister can take a great deal but I do not.. Insult my Sister or our Family and I'll show why I am the Second coming of the Slug Princess" sakura says, catching up to her team and hinata glares at them.

"You didn't have to say that Sakura" naruko says and sakura smiles.

"I wanted to.. She was trying to provoke you.. Her Father probably told her about the council meeting.. If we acted.. He would try to get over on Dad" sakura says.

"Dad wouldn't budge" naruko says and anko chuckles.

"You two Gakis are fun to be around.. That Hyuga girl has been a pain in the ass for years now.. Acting all high and mighty" anko says.

"Her father and clan may used my absence to turn Hinata into a carbon copy of him.. She was sweet person in our younger days" naruko asks.

"Hey Naruko" a voice shouts and naruko sees ino approaching with her team and asuma.

"Yo Smoke stack.. Going see Nai-chan" anko says and asuma looks away.

"Perhaps.. I just finished a D-rank and looking to do some inter-team exercises" asuma says.

"We just met Nai-chan a few minutes ago.. After taking the scorpion mission" anko says and asuma jerks.

"For real with two fresh Genin" asuma says and anko smiles wide.

"Yep and they killed the whole nest by themselves" anko says, shocking Team-10.

"How troublesome.. You hit the ground running Naruko" shikamaru comments.

"I saw no need to hold back.. Anko-sensei and Yugao-sensei believe in our strength and we should live up to their standards" naruko says.

"Oh since I met up with you.. I want to have lunch with all the rookies at Akimichi BBQ for a small get know" ino interjects.

"That might not be so well received.. We had a run-in with certain rookies and they made their displeasure known" naruko says but sakura taps her shoulder.

"We'll come Ino but all we ask is to be seated away from Team-7 and the Hyuga" sakura says and ino slowly nods.

"Sure not a problem.. See you at one o'clock" ino says and follows her team.

"So should we take another mission" sakura asks.

"I doubt we would get a serious mission for ya.. So how about you treat me to some Dango until your party" anko says and both girls nod, causing their sensei to squeal.

-Hokage Office-

Tsunade sits with her legs crossed and a blank look on her face as hiruzen was quiet, "Care to repeat that.. Hiashi Hyuga" she says. Sitting next to tsunade in the office was hiashi hyuga, "I wish to form a marriage contract with either Naruko Uzumaki or Sakura Kiriyu.. I would also entertain a contract with both" he says. Tsunade pinches her nose with a dry laugh, "Naruko and Sakura have not been in the village two days and the vultures descend" she says and hiashi's eyes narrow.

"Surely you wish to reform bonds in Konoha like Hokage-sama suggested" hiashi comments.

"Bonds?!.. How arrogant of you.. This village hates an innocent child for something not of her control.. Yet now that Naruko has been revealed to have Royal blood from Two Nations.. You and those like you wish to form bonds of marriage with her" tsunade states.

"Two Nations?!" hiashi states.

"Yes.. She is the Fourth Princess of Yggdrasil but her mother was Kushina Uzumaki.. Granddaughter of Uzushio's Daimyo" tsunade states and she could see the wheels turning in hiashi's eyes.

"Has his Highness decided on what to do with the Ruins of Uzushio" hiruzen asks.

"Since the line of succession is clear for the Throne.. Naruko has expressed a want to rebuild her ancestral homeland and find what remains of her Clan" tsunade explains and hiruzen slowly nods. The door opens as koharu and homura enter with disingenuous looks on their face, "Tsunade-Hime.. We wish to speak with you on certain matters" she says but tsunade scoffs.

"What matters.. A marriage contract with that runt of an Uchiha.. I'll tell you and Hiashi.. It will never happen.. Mitsuomi is their father and he will Never allow his daughters to be bethrothed to your nephew Neji Hyuga or Sasuke Uchiha.. So any aspiration of getting your hands on any of Yggdrasil's riches or technology.. Will not happen" tsunade states.

"See reason Tsunade-hime.. A marriage will link Konoha to the Empire and make our enemies think twice about attacking" homura says but again tsunade scoffs.

"So the fact that I married to the Emperor holds no bearing on it or you feel my loyalty isn't to Konoha" tsunade says and both elders stay quiet.

"The Hyuga can offer much more than the Last Uchiha.. My nephew is a prodigy of our clan and will be loyal to his wife" hiashi says.

"Only if his wife uses the Seal on his brow.. Neither of your clans can bring anything to equal what Naruko and Sakura have.. A clan of one person or a clan that treats half like glorified slaves.. So as the Wife of the Emperor.. I will say no either proposal" tsunade states and rises from her seat, "Sensei.. I'm heading to the Hospital to look over things.. I'll return to further discuss thing before we were interrupted" she adds, heading to the door. Hiashi clenches his fist within his robe and abruptly leaves as koharu and homura remain, "What were you discussing" she asks.

"Nothing that needs to discussed with you.. However I can say that it may lessen the debt we owe the Empire" hiruzen says, dismissing both elders.

-Akimichi BBQ-

Naruko and sakura arrive at the restaurant as villagers were giving them muted dirty looks but also looks of greed. Ino came to meet them and lead them to the private room picked out for the little party, "I also invited Team-9 that graduated last year and I got you sitting with me and Shikamaru" ino says and both nod. Everyone was seated in several booths with a grill at the center of each and naruko notice sakiri was looking at them with absolute disgust.

"Naruko.. Sakura.. This is Rock Lee.. Tenten Higarashi and Neji Hyuga of Team-9" ino states. Lee is a young man with black hair in a bowl cut and large eyebrows, dressed in a green bodysuit with orange leg warmers and bandages around his hands to his forearm.

"Hello.. You look most Youthful" lee greets, with a good-guy smile on his face. Naruko and sakura shake lee's hand as his teammates sigh, "Don't mind lee" tenten says. She is a young woman with black hair styled into two panda buns and grey eyes. She wears a long-sleeve, high-collar white blouse with maroon edges, black fingerless gloves, low-heel sandals and a black forehead protector, with maroon, puffy hakama-style pants with the exposed parts covered in bandages.

"You are the ones Hiashi-sama mentioned" neji says and both furrow their brow. He has fair skin and long black hair, dressed in a white kimono-shirt with long, loose sleeves, matching pants, a navy-grey apron tied around his waist, and black shinobi sandals.

"Neji.. They are outsiders.. Do not associate with them" hinata interjects and neji slowly nods, taking his seat in her booth. Naruko silently sighs and takes her seat in the booth as shikamaru and choji is opposite them but tenten joins them.

"I've heard you're from the West" tenten asks.

"Yes both of us are from the Empire of Yggdrasil but were both born here in Konoha" sakura states.

"We left about eight years ago due to certain reasons" naruko adds but sakiri scoffs.

"More like ran away" sakiri sneers but both ignore her, much to her ire.

"What's the West like" choji asks, placing some meat on the grill.

"It's quite large with many different places.. Nine kingdoms under one banner.. Dragonstone.. Lilith.. Alfheim.. Cocytus.. Elyisum.. Kyoto.. Walachia.. The Vale and The Great Forest of Unmei made up of a cornucopia of races make up Yggdrasil" naruko explains.

"Like Kami's Tree" shikamaru states and naruko smiles with a nod.

"Yes my family lives Dragonstone the capital of Yggdrasil.. Most humans live there but others races also as well" naruko explains, shocking all listening.

"Do the West use Chakra like us" shino comments, sitting next to kiba.

"Yes but not to the extent like here.. Those that use chakra are attuned to one Element.. Fire.. Earth.. Wind and Water.. Duke Zuko and Master of Ships is a prominent Fire Bender" sakura states but sasuke scoffs.

"Just Katon.. I bet Everyone is Weak if they can't use Chakra like us" sasuke says and sakiri swoons.

"Anyway you said Duke Zuko.. Is he like a nobleman or something" kiba asks and naruko slowly nods.

"Yes.. Each kingdom is ruled by a Duke or Duchess and all answer to the Emperor.. Duke Zuko overlooks Dragonstone but heads the Navy as well.. He is the voice of the Human population" naruko explains.

"Um Naruko what's that blue rose mean" tenten asks, as the talking dies down and everyone starts eating. Naruko wipes her mouth and places some chicken on the grill, "It's a group Sakura and I formed back home.. Similar to a Hunter corp.. We take jobs in the other kingdoms from the mundane to the serious" she explains.

"Since we're here.. We left Lakyus in charge.. Hopefully she doesn't get possessed by her sword or whatever weird things she thinks of" sakura says and softly laughs but naruko snorts and sputters.

"Don't remind me.. Remember that time we went to Lilith and she practically ranted someone would possess her" naruko says, drinking some soda.

"Does your group use chakra" neji questions but naruko shakes her head and she could sense the negative emotions radiating from some of her fellow rookies.

"Ha then they're a bunch of weaklings" sakiri chimes in but naruko sighs and rises from the booth.

"Ino-san thank you for inviting us but I will have excuse myself.. It is obvious some of the rookies dislike my presence" naruko says, placing some money on the table. Sakura gets up and follows her sister but sees the smug look on sakiri's face and the arrogance on sasuke's face.

"Naruko wait!" ino shouts and follows them.

"How Troublesome.. You do realize.. You will have to do missions with Naruko and Sakura.. Why are you trying to alienate them" shikamaru says.

"They are Outsiders and not worth it to befriend.. They are Failures.. Having abandoned Konoha" hinata comments. Ino catches up to naruko and sakura, "I am sorry about that.. I was trying to promote some comradery" ino says.

"It's not your fault Ino.. Dad experienced something similar once people found out he was from the west" naruko says.

"I kinda have the same feeling.. Some of the clan look at me with a low opinion and even some of the villagers" ino comments, as they start to walk towards the Senju compound.

"Really.. You're mother was from the clan and your adopted father is the Clan Head" sakura says, incredulously. Ino shakes her head with a sigh, "Daddy may be the Head of the clan but some are stuck in their ways of the Village first and family second" she says.

"Many in Konoha have that notion" naruko muses and glances to ino, "Ino I'd like to make an offer to you" she adds, as they reach the compound.

"What sort of offer" ino asks, following them inside the compound.

"A way to protect yourself once your True Heritage comes out" naruko states and ino arches an eyebrow, "Well Daddy has sent something to the Daimyo concerning that.. When I make Chunin.. My Heritage will be revealed.. Once that happens.. Would the West be willing to help me" she asks.

"Indeed.. Yondaime-sama was my dad's friend and sworn brother.. I'd like to extend that same courtesy to you Ino Namikaze" naruko says and extends her hand, shocking ino but the platinum blonde shook naruko's hand.

"Come inside.. We have much to discuss" naruko say and the three enter the house, planning for their future.

-Yggdrasil Empire: Palace Throne Room-

Mitsuomi hated sitting on his throne, so much so that he often sits on the steps and lets the wives, ainz or kids sit on it. However this time he has to play the imposing emperor of yggdrasil with an imposing stature. Something else mitsuomi hated was a ruler sitting in a slouching stance, so he sat upright with his legs crossed. Mitsuomi was wearing black riding boots with gold trim, shining in the natural light. A pair of white breeches with a double breasted military coat of black with red chest portion and golden shoulder plates. A black cape hung off his shoulder and his jeweled crown sat up his head, even having one of the smaller dragons lounging next to him. His black claymore resting next to his throne as well.

"I am curious.. Many of the East that seek trade or alliances.. Send their intentions through the Phenex Merchant Houses" mitsuomi starts and pauses for moment.

"However you choose to cross the Wall.. Enter Rivens and Sail to Dragonstone in a bid to meet Me" mitsuomi states. Standing before mitsuomi were two men, one was young man with silver hair and glasses. He wears shinobi uniform of a shōzoku in a purplish grey tint. Under the shōzoku, a crystal-metal mix makes up the plated armor for the forearms and shins. The second was a young man was well with pale skin, vivid green eyes, angular facial features, two scarlet dots on his forehead and shoulder-length white hair. His uniform is a light lavender, loose-fitting, long-sleeve, zip-up shirt, black pants cut off around mid-calf, bandages wrapped around his ankles, traditional shinobi sandals, and a purple, rope-like belt tied in an inverted bow around his waist.

"Yes Heika.. Our Lord felt it was best to meet in such a manner.. As the two of you share a History.. So Our Lord sent myself Kabuto Yakushi and Kimimaro Kaguya to meet with you to discuss a possible alliance" kabuto states, in a respectful tone.

"So your Lord saw fit to dishonor our Emperor by sending underlings instead of coming himself.. And has the Gall to ask for an alliance for simply knowing one another" ainz states, getting a rise from kimimaro.

"We humbly apologize for that but Our Lord can not move freely but I am his Right Hand" kabuto says, adjusting his glasses.

"Who is your Master" mitsuomi says, his eyes narrowed but he knew exactly who their master was.

"Our Lord is Orochimaru the Shodaime Otokage of Otogakure no Sato" kabuto states, proudly but mitsuomi starts laughing.

"Orochimaru that Toothless worm has formed his own Shinobi village.. What in a bid to escape the Hunter-nin set upon him after his defection" mitsuomi says, causing kabuto to frown.

"Orochimaru-sama has expressed a desire to reconnect with you Heika.. Given you are a one of many Heroes of the Third Shinobi War and that your daughter was left in Konoha after the Kyubi attack.. He knows you harbor a Hatred for Konoha as he does and wishes you to aid him and destroying it" kabuto says, trying to goad mitsuomi but he simply laughs once again.

"Interesting.. Has Orochimaru one of The Densetsu no Sannin become so Weak he needs others to do his dirty work.. Has his prowess a Shinobi become such a distant memory that he needs a foreigner to aid him" mitsuomi says. Kabuto frowns again but he could sense kimimaro growing more and more angry, "Orochimaru-sama feels that you deserve Vengeance on Konoha.. The Sandaime lied to you about your Child.. Surely you wish to exact a form of retribution on them for it" he says.

"Kabuto Yakushi tell me.. Do you know what this is" mitsuomi says, holding a pen.

"A pen Heika" kabuto replies and mitsuomi nods, rising from his throne.

"Yes a simple Pen but in my hand a Mighty Weapon.. With a simple motion of this pen.. I can destroy Konoha with no loss of life on either side.. I hold a Debt over Konoha large enough that it would Bankrupt the village itself" mitsuomi says, standing in front of them. Kabuto could not keep his gaze out of mitsuomi's steel-blue orbs, "Kabuto Yakushi return to your Master and tell him this.. I will be in Fire Country for the Chunin exams held Konoha.. If he wishes to discuss an alliance with me.. Tell him to meet me in Tanzaku-Gai one week before the exam finals" mitsuomi says, turning on his heels with a sweep of his cape towards his throne.

"Now you may leave.. My Shield of the Emperor will escort to the back to Rivens" mitsuomi says, retaking his throne. Kabuto reluctantly bows and turns on his heels with kimimaro in tow, ainz closely following them.

"Hannya.. Follow them.. Make sure they return over the Wall straight away" mitsuomi orders and his shadow flickers. Mitsuomi then sighs heavily and slips off his crown, "How'd I do.. Imposing enough" he muses. Several of the Kingsguard hold up signs with various numbers but all of them are above eight, "You are too kind" mitsuomi says and rises once again, placing the crown on the throne and sinks into his magic array. Mitsuomi reappears in the flower-viewing garden but spies kushina doing several katas, "Finished your performance" she says, joking as she stops mid-punch. Mitsuomi slips off his cape and places it on a chair, "Yes I did.. Orochimaru sent two of his men to garner an alliance for his invasion.. Ainz and Hannya are seeing them to Rivens" he says, pulling her into him.

"Is it wrong of me to worry" mitsuomi asks but kushina flicks his nose.

"No but They can take care of themselves and in a few months.. We'll be there to help them" kushina says.

"Papa" a small voice shouts. The pair turn as the youngest kiriyu runs up with rias trailing behind him with two maids, "Where are your manners Millicas" she says.

"Sorry Mother.. Hello Father.. Kushina-Kogo" millicas says but kushina snatches him up into a bearhug.

"Hello sweetie" kushina gushes and millicas giggles.

"How are things in Konoha" rias asks. Kushina puts millicas down and mitsuomi ruffles his red hair, "Cixous.. Foire can you take Millicas to Isane and let him help feed her bunnies" he says and both bow.

"See you later.. Father.. Mother and Kushi-mama" millicas says and they wave.

"Tsunade contacted me.. They are settled in and met their Senseis.. Sarutobi came through with Anko-chan and Yugao-chan.. They told them almost everything and both have sworn loyalty to the girls" kushina starts, after millicas was gone.

"Interesting and Konoha's populous knows they have returned" mitsuomi asks and kushina nods.

"They do.. The council whined and demanded things but Sarutobi kept the course.. However the vultures have started circling.. Hiashi and those Two old bats have expressed a desire to set marriage contracts for their charges" kushina says. Mitsuomi huffs with a billow of black smoke from his nose but rias pats his shoulder, "No need to blow your stack Mitsu-bear" she says.

"Tsunade shot both down but I doubt they will stop trying.. Danzo has kept quiet but Tsunade feels a detail is on them in the village" kushina notes. Mitsuomi crosses his arms with a sigh, "Danzo is daring one too many times.. At Chunin exams in six months.. We'll take him out.. Contact Tsunade and have her ask Ryu to map their facilities with extreme detail.. We leave nothing to chance" he says and both nod.

"I can't wait to see that Bastard's face once he sees Me" kushina says.


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