Promised Princess @champblaze
Chapter 3

A/N-1: This chapter will introduce some the empire and will feature a Timeskip to the main meat of the story. Now onward to the story.

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Bright light fills naruko and sakura's vision but it quickly gives way to beautiful place of various flowers. Numerous cherry blossom trees and small ponds were everywhere, "Beautiful" both thought.

"Welcome to the main flower and blossom viewing garden" mitsuomi states. The pair look around in awe but something catches naruko's eyes. The source being numerous bunnies but looking further and naruko saw a pair women sitting on a blanket. One has long silver hair in a braid from her neck down, her silver eyes filled with warmth and love. Her attire was a white sundress with a gray mini-jacket, her boots were near her and a rabbit laying on them. The second is a woman with long black hair, braided in front and ocean-blue eyes. She wears a light green kimono and a white obi with sandals near her.

"That is Empress Isane Kiriyu and my first wife.. The other is Retsu Unohana another of my wives" mitsuomi says, standing behind her.

"She's very bewitching" sakura says. Isane saw them and beckons for them, "Hello" isane greets but her brow furrows and face hardens, "She is linked to Hagoromo.. His Son" she adds, her voice more regal and her silver eyes now a pale white.

"Kaguya" mitsuomi asks and isane nods.

"Why have you brought Asura's reincarnation Here?!" isane/kaguya says, veins bulging around her eyes and scaring both girls.

"T-that's the Byakugan" sakura states. Mitsuomi places his hand on naruko's head, "This is my daughter.. Naruko Uzumaki-Kiriyu" he says. Kaguya's eyes widen and her Byakugan slowly recedes and returns to isane's silver orbs, "I see.. Child I am Kaguya Otsutsuki and mother of your Rikudo Sennin.. This one is my remnant Isane" she says.

"I thought the Rikudo Sennin was a myth" sakura says.

"He was quite real.. He defeated me with Mitsuomi's help.. After I became the Jubi but I created this one.. He created the Nine Biju and gave humans chakra" kaguya states and her rough features fade.

"I never like that" isane says and holds out her arms, "May I hug you Naruko" she adds. Naruko slowly hugs isane and felt safe and warm, "And you are dear" she asks.

"Sakura.. I am Naruko's friend" sakura says but gasps as isane strokes her head.

"Come here Sakura" isane says and pulls sakura into her, causing her to tear up.

"Hello Dears.. I am Retsu Unohana.. Dai-roku Empress Consort" retsu greets and both girls bow to her. Mitsuomi stood with arms folded as rias walks up with tsunade, "Any complications" he asks.

"None.. I took the liberty of contacting my Sister-wives and the kids.. They'll be here in the morning" rias replies.

"I should meet up with Ainz.. We have things to discuss" mitsuomi says and clears his throat, "Isane.. Why don't you put the girls to bed.. I'll speak with Ainz and join you after" he adds.

"Who's Ainz" naruko asks, curiously.

"He is Shield of the Emperor" mitsuomi says, kneeling to kiss her forehead.

"I'll see you in morning" mitsuomi says and excusing himself.

"Morning" sakura and rias laughs.

"It's false daylight.. A bit of magic" rias states. Naruko's eyes widen and start to sparkle, "That's so COOL" she shouts.

"Indeed.. Now let's get you cleaned up and off to bed.. Tomorrow is a big day" isane says and both were confused.

"Well you get to meet your siblings and the other wives" retsu adds.

"How many wives does his Highness have" sakura asks, as they leave the garden.

"Seven including Kushina and five children including Naruko" isane says and leads them to the bathes.

-Promised Princess-

[Ainz will have a human form but a skeletal looking one and the throne room resembles the one in Overlord]

Mitsuomi makes his way to the throne room as his Kingsguards and maids greet him. The large ornate doors open to a large throne room, chandeliers adorn the ceiling with banners of several insignias. His own being a red dragon on a black background. The other end held a throne up several steps and upon the throne was a young man with a skeletal frame. He wears an elaborate, jet-black academic gown adorned with golden and violet edges with glowing red eyes. Next to him was a beautiful woman with pale skin and yellow eyes, two crooked horns emerging from her raven hair. She wears a pure white dress with silky gloves covering her slender hands and a golden spiderweb necklace that covers her shoulders and chest.

"Welcome back.. Your Highness" she greets, bowing.

"Ainz.. Albedo" mitsuomi greets. Ainz rises from the throne and shakes mitsuomi's hand, "Things went well" ainz asks.

"As I could get.. The monkey will have a healthy dose of fear now" mitsuomi says. Albedo's eyes narrow in anger, "Forgive me your highness but why do we not bring the full force of the empire on these fools who stole your daughter" she says.

"Albedo.. That would not be prudent.. Mitsuomi holds the noose to Konohagakure's life.. Should they step out of line.. He tightens it" ainz explains and albedo gasps.

"Such foresight" albedo says, staring lovingly at ainz. Mitsuomi chuckles with his hand on his chin, "Indeed" he starts.

"I would you like you to contact the high council.. We have things to discuss and plans for the future" mitsuomi states.

"Of course.. Your Highness" ainz states but a smirk forms, "Anymore wives from your trip" he adds. Mitsuomi does a spit take with a shake of his head, "No but I did bring Hashirama Senju's granddaughter with us and Naruko's friend" he says.

"Hashirama Senju.. I remember you telling me of him.. A powerful man.. His granddaughter is just as powerful" ainz asks.

"To an extent.. She doesn't possess his Mokuton but she a renowned Combat Medic and her physical strength could rival some of your Pleiades" mitsuomi notes.

"Hahaha.. Most Interesting" ainz states.

"I'll take my leave.. Tomorrow will be an interesting day" ainz says, excusing himself with albedo. Mitsuomi sighs and takes a seat on his throne, loosening his tie with a sigh but a frown forms.

"Something on your mind" mitsuomi muses. Hannya emerges from the shadows with a bow, "I fear Danzo will act.. The man's paranoia will not allow him to let this go" he states. Mitsuomi crosses his legs and rests his right cheek on his fist, "His zealotry to Konoha will be his undoing but he will not act without knowing he can win.. Contact the Lord Commander and increase watch on the Wall and visitor's entrance.. Have our Sensors search for those with no emotion" he orders.

"No emotion Highness" hannya asks.

"Danzo believes emotions are not needed.. Shinobi are to be machines with no feelings.. Only the mission matters" mitsuomi explains and hannya bows, vanishing. Mitsuomi rises from his throne and makes his way to his chambers, finding isane tucking both girls into bed.

"Any trouble" mitsuomi asks and isane hugs him, staring at both sleeping girls and shakes her head.

"They are well behaved but Sakura did have to scold Naruko some" isane comments, with a small laugh. Mitsuomi kisses her temple and heads off to change for bed as she climbs in herself, taking a spot next to sakura. A few minutes later mitsuomi returned in light-blue pajama and climbs in next to naruko but the little girl turn into him, grabbing his shirt. Mitsuomi softly smiles and strokes the little girl's cheek, "Don't worry Naruko.. Poppa is here" he whispers. Time drifts by but naruko starts to squirm and her eyes shoot open, "Where am I" she whispers.

"A bad dream" a voice softly asks. Naruko looks up and sees her father's sleeping face but his eyes open, "This isn't a dream right" she asks, clutching his shirt. Mitsuomi scoops up naruko and slips out of bed, not disturbing sakura or isane.

"No this is reality" mitsuomi says, slipping out onto the balcony. Naruko gasps seeing all the stars in the night sky, "It's pretty here" she says, as mitsuomi takes a seat in a lounge chair.

"Yes.. The Empire is quite large.. Many different places" mitsuomi says. Naruko settles on her father's chest, "How many" she asks.

"Nine including Dragonstone.. You may get to meet the Dukes and Duchess of these kingdoms tomorrow.. The Empire contains many races.. Humans.. Elves.. Vampires.. Fae.. Demons.. Devils an off shoot of demons.. Angels.. Youkai and Dragons like me" mitsuomi explains.

"Dragons like the one that the Sage of Six paths tamed" naruko says and mitsuomi hides his frown.

"Is that really how you let things go Hagoromo" mitsuomi thought and tilts his head, "Yes in a way" he says.

"So I am dragon" naruko asks but mitsuomi shakes his head.

"You are a Dragonkin like two of your older siblings.. Dragonkin are half breeds.. Once you awaken your dragon blood.. You gain dragon like features.. When using it but you're also half Kitsune Youkai from Kushina" mitsuomi explains and naruko gasps in awe.

"So this is my latest Grandchild" a voice says. The pair look up and see a diminutive woman with black hair, dark grey, reptilian eyes and dressed in a gothic attire.

"Hello dear.. I am Ophis.. Mitsuomi's mother and your grandmother" she greets.

"My grandma but you're so young" naruko says and ophis laughs.

"We dragons age very slowly.. Mitsuomi is barely of his twenties in dragon years" ophis explains.

"Why have you come Mother" mitsuomi asks and ophis smiles.

"I came to see my newest grandchild and awaken her magic" ophis says, leaning and kissing naruko on the forehead. Naruko gasps but she falls asleep immediately as ophis smiles, "You should deal with that thing inside her" she says.

"I will but something is bothering me Mother" mitsuomi says and ophis folds her arms.

"In the East something is lurking in the shadows.. Similar to Hagoromo" mitsuomi says, stroking naruko's head.

"Perhaps Momoshiki's spawn has returned" ophis says and mitsuomi's eyes narrow, "He is not match for you Son but He will reveal himself soon" she adds.

"Perhaps.. If he does.. I will stop him" mitsuomi says and ophis kisses his forehead.

"Tell my other grandchildren.. I stopped by and Tell Erza to come to Frozen Tomb to stretch her wings.. You too son" ophis says and vanishes, with a slight gust of wind. Mitsuomi rises from his chair and carries naruko inside but deep in thought about momoshiki's progeny.

-Next Morning-

Naruko awoke with a loud yawn and stretch, looking around mitsuomi was asleep next to her and isane was sitting at her vanity mirror. A woman in a maid uniform with black hair in a bun and glasses, was braiding her long silver hair. She was wearing a pair of black pants with a white blouse and low-heel boots.

"Morning" naruko says, climbing over a snoring mitsuomi.

"Good morning Princess Naruko.. I am Yuri Alpha.. Head of the Pleiades Seven Star Sisters" the woman greets. Naruko bows politely and isane giggles, pulling the small girl up into her lap.

"Did you sleep well" isane asks and naruko nods.

"Yeah but I had a nightmare and I got to meet Grandma.. She kissed me" naruko says, touching her forehead.

"I see.. Ophis came to bless you as she did all the kids" isane notes.

"Um who is Ophis" sakura asks, now awake and getting off the bed.

"Ophis is the Dragon Goddess and Mitsuomi's mother.. She resides in Frozen Tomb to enjoy the Silence" isane explains.

"So what are we doing today" naruko asks.

"Well.. We will get some breakfast and await your siblings and their mothers to arrive.. Plus you might get to meet the Dukes and a tour perhaps" isane explains.

"While we do that.. Yuri can you have Lupu and Naberal set up a room for the girls.. I doubt they wish to sleep in our bed" isane adds.

"Yes Empress" yuri states. A loud knocking echoes in the room and the door bursts open as a young woman of about eighteen runs in, leaping towards mitsuomi.

"Wake up Daddy" she crows, slamming into him and jarring him awake. Sakura and naruko were gobsmacked but isane and yuri shake their heads, "Yukiko Kiriyu.. Is that any way to act" isane chides. The now named yukiko rolls off the bed as mitsuomi sputters with a few coughs, "Sorry Mama" she says but sees naruko and sakura. Yukiko has long silver hair to her waist with a single bang between her mismatched eyes of steel-blue and silver. Her attire is black breeches with thigh length leather boots, a white blouse with wide cuffs and a black suit vest.

"Hi.. I am Yukiko Kiriyu or Yuki.. First Princess of the Yggdrasil Empire and you are" yukiko says, kneeling down.

"This is Naruko Uzumaki and Sakura.. They have come from the East" isane says and yuki furrows her brow but her eyes widen and tears form.

"Little sister" yuki says and pulls naruko into a hug. Naruko stood still for a moment but quickly embraces her older sister with a mumble of a reply.

"I tried to stop her Mother" another voice states. Isane looks up to see her son and crown prince mitsukuni, "It's alright Dear" she says. Mitsukuni looks identical to mitsuomi but with mismatched eyes like his sister and his hair two-toned of silver and black. He wears a dark blue, double breasted, high collar jacket with the right sleeve missing. Black miltary breeches tucked into knee length riding boots, with sliver and blue gloves.

"Mitsukuni it's our little sister.. Kushi-mama's child" yukiko says and mitsukuni gasps, approaching. Naruko pulls back and looks up at her imposing brother but he pats her head and kneels down, "Welcome home" he says, hugging her.

"How did this happen Daddy" yuki asks.

"Konoha saw fit to lie to me.. However don't worry about it.. I will deal with it in proper fashion" mitsuomi say and slicks back his hair.

"Are you two the first to arrive" mitsuomi asks.

"Yes Father.. Erza said they would arrive in another hour.. Soifon is close by with Yoru-mama" mitsukuni says, picking up naruko.

"That's good.. I am meeting with the council.. I'll be skipping breakfast unfortunately" mitsuomi says, rubbing his head.

"We'll take them on a tour of the palace.. We'll meet in the garden for Brunch" isane says and mitsuomi waves his hand, as he leaves.

"So you're Naruko's older brother and sister" sakura asks and yuki nods.

"Yep.. There is also Erza and Soifon.. I like your hair Sakura" yuki says and sakura blushes.

"Why don't we get something to eat.. After you two change" isane says and both girls nod, as mitsukuni lets naruko down. The pair quickly get dressed and follow the others to the dining room, many of the maids and guards bowing in their wake. To naruko this is was an unusual experience but she welcomed it with waves and smiles. The dinner room was beautiful with a long table with a dozen chairs, "Sit here Naruko and Sakura opposite me" isane says, taking the head of the table. Mitsukuni and yuki take their seats next to them on each side, "How is it in the East" he asks and naruko frowns.

"We survived.. The village didn't treat either of us very well" sakura whispers and naruko looks down at the table.

"Let's not talk about such things right now.. Let's eat and fill our stomachs" isane says and the maid bring the food.

-High Council Room-

Mitsuomi sat with his legs crossed and his hands in his lap as the members of high councils take their seats. On his right were ainz and albedo standing behind him, next to ainz was the master of whispers Demiurge. He is a demon with dark skin and nicely combed black hair. Behind the round glasses are eyes so squinted that they are not normally visible. His attire is a black pinstripe, three-piece suit with a blood red shirt and black tie, his silver barded tail sways behind his chair. Next to demiurge is the Duke of the Devil Kingdom Lilith, Sirzechs Gremory and twin brother of rias. Sirzechs is the male equivalent of rias with long red hair and blue-green eyes, dressed in a fitted white suit and black shoulder cape with the gremory insignia. Behind sirzech was his wife Grayfia Lucifuge-Gremory, dressed in a blue and white French maid outfit with long sleeves and a white maid headband over her head with red lipstick as a cosmetic accessory. Accenting her back-length silver hair that features a long braid on each side with small blue bows at the ends, while the rest is let down which ends in twin braids and red eyes.

"May I ask why we were called so quickly" a deep and gruff voice says. Its owner is the imposing Samael, Duke of the Demon Kingdom Cocytus. He is a hulking figure in full armor with large black horns and demonic features with a human visage.

"Must you be so impatient" the only female of the group states. Semiramis is the Elven Duchess of the Kingdom of Alfheim, her golden eyes pinned on samael but his fiery orbs were on her form-fitting black dress accented by gold.

"If the Emperor calls.. You do well to answer" spoke sesshomaru, Duke of Kyoto the Youkai kingdom. He is handsome, tall and slender young man. He has fair skin with pointed ears, slanted golden eyes with slit pupils, and knee-length silver hair with short bangs. He has a purple crescent moon on his forehead that could be seen beneath his bangs, two magenta stripes on each cheek, and a magenta stripe on each eyelid. His attire is a kimono mostly white with a red and white cherry blossom flower crest at the collar and sleeves, showing that he was of royal birth. He wears sashinuki hakama which were gathered at the ankles, producing a ballooning effect. His footwear consisted of black ankle-high boots. Samael sneers at sesshomaru but scoffs and leans back in his chair, "I come as called" he says. The man next to him is the Azazel Duke of Elysium the kingdom of angels and dark angels.

"We all do" he says. He has black hair, golden bangs and black goatee, with attire being a knee-length dark blue blazer with a lighter blue dress shirt, a black waist coat, and a red tie. He also wears faded-purple slacks and black dress shoes. Floating on a large green leopard pattern pillow was the Duke of the Fae kingdom, Harlequin or King to most. He is a a young boy with short brown hair, a high forehead, thin eyebrows, and brownish-orange eyes. He wears a long orange and aqua sweatshirt with a hood and navy blue sleeves, quarter-length navy blue pants, and short boots with large buttons matching his hoodie.

"Azazel is right" king says. Sitting on mitsuomi's left was the human voice of Dragonstone Iroh, Master of Ships and renowned Fire-bender. Iroh is a young man with short and smooth black hair, along with thick eyebrows and amber eyes. He wears a red, double breasted military uniform with white military breeches and knee length combat boots. Next to iroh was Alucard the Duke of the Vampire kingdom of Walachia. He is beautiful man with long blond hair and golden eyes, dressed in a black pants and boots. A white dress shirt and cravat, with an ankle length black coat featuring a golden interior and accents. The last of the group is Bahamut of the Vale under a human guise of a hulking older man in armor. Behind mitsuomi stood the commander of the Kingsguard Gazef Stronoff. He is a humble man with sunbathed dark face with noticeable wrinkles, short, trimmed, black hair and black eyes that are as sharp as a sword. He wears silver armor and a black cape with the kiriyu symbol on the back.

"Now that everyone is seated.. We can begin.. Last night I returned from the East with several people.. One of which is my daughter.. Naruko Uzumaki-Kiriyu" mitsuomi starts and the room goes silent but erupts with flares of power.

"Those Insolent Dogs.. They would dare Keep the Fourth Princess" samael roars.

"I agree with Samael.. This is cause for War" semiramis states.

"Should we go to War with the East for one's mistake" sirzechs states. Mitsuomi flares his own power to calm them down, "I appreciate your calls of concern but Sirzechs is correct.. Going to War is a last resort" he says, calling back his power.

"What do you propose my Liege" alucard asks.

"The Sandaime Hokage of Konoha has expressed a Want to have Naruko return in eight years to become a Kunoichi of their village" mitsuomi starts but raises his hand, "I agreed but under the condition if Naruko wishes to do so and that She only answers to him.. However I will be making a preemptive strike before then.. I propose to open trade in the East.. Starting with the large countries" he says.

"The East has nothing to offer us" bahamut comments, his voice deep.

"Though true.. I propose to send missive to each Major nation as an invitation to open a Merchant house in their country in a bid of goodwill but the true motive is garner information on those who would do harm to the Empire" mitsuomi explains.

"That is interesting.. Your Grace.. We can offer smaller countries after the Big Five as well if thing go well" iroh comments.

"That can work.. The Elemental nations are a warring country.. You can attest to that.. Empress Yoruichi has seen it as well as Third Princess Shaolin.. These merchant houses could be our eyes and ear to learn of coming threats and Prepare Fourth Princess Naruko should she return" sirzechs explains.

"Who would be leading these Merchant houses" semiramis asks.

"I would like the Phenex clan to be the overseers but I would like you all to send people from your own kingdoms.. Under human guises of course as not to scare them.. Since we do not rely on chakra as they do.. They will assume our people are weak" mitsuomi replies.

"I doubt any from my kingdom will wish to go" samael comments.

"No doubt indeed.. The East would no doubt insult us for said weakness as his Highness noted.. I propose sending notices to the Lords of Fire.. Wind.. Earth.. Water and Lightning.. Fire country will than likely agree.. Due his Highness' actions during their third shinobi war but that still leaves Konoha's merchant guild" demiurge states.

"Yasha Haruno will no doubt raise a stink.. Her daughter Sakura came with us" mitsuomi says and glances to demirurge, "I want you to draw up to contracts.. One for the parameters of Naruko's possible endeavor a Kunoichi and the other for Yasha to give up her parental rights to Sakura for a lucrative price" he adds. Demiruge slowly nods and rises from his seat, "I will begin immediately" he says, excusing himself.

"Another matter I would like to discuss is Naruko and Sakura's training.. I want them to run circles around the Kages of the East" mitsuomi explains.

"Have you decided on a training regiment already" ainz asks and mitsuomi nods.

"Of course.. Tsunade Senju has agreed to teach them the shinobi arts but I want them to go further.. I will have Ryu Hayabusa train them as well" mitsuomi replies.

"I would like to train the Princess as well.. Your grace" gazef states and mitsuomi glances with a nod.

"Thank you commander.. I will allow both girls to train in your kingdoms.. My Mother has already awakened Naruko's magic but I will need to deal with the Monster Fox inside her.. Minato sealed the raging beast inside of her" mitsuomi explains.

"When do you wish to purge the beast" ainz questions.

"In Two weeks" mitsuomi notes and rises from his chair, everyone follows suit.

"Again thank you for coming on short notice.. Please stay the rest of the day and inform your kingdoms of Naruko's return" mitsuomi says and all of them bow. Mitsuomi leaves the room followed by ainz, albedo and gazef.

"I will return to my duties" gazef says, breaking off from them. The three continue on to the garden but ainz and albedo decide to break off their emperor, confusing him.

"Can you tell me why.. Two Ramen chefs are in the Palace's kitchen" a female voice chides and mitsuomi freezes. Standing before mitsuomi was his second wife Irene Belserion and their daughter Erza, with erza holding a plate of strawberry cake. Irene has thickly braided, bow-adorned, scarlet hair. Her two front braids have two golden ornaments near the upper sections with brown eyes. She wears an outfit similar to rias but all black and she holds a large staff. Erza is the younger version of her mother with long scarlet hair with one brown left eye and the other steel-blue, hidden behind her hair. She wears a custom-made armor with a Heart Kreuz design, a blue skirt, black boots, and diamond shaped silver earrings.

"Because it's high time.. I put foot down on having such a Godly food" mitsuomi says and irene's eyes narrow, with a red aura around her. Mitsuomi unleashes his own aura as erza eats her cake but she shoves a piece in her parents' mouths, causing both to gain pink clouds around their heads.

"I will try this Ramen to alleviate Mother's ire" erza comments. The pair snap back to reality and huff at each other, "So where is my newest daughter" irene asks.

"She's with Isane.. Rias told you everything" mitsuomi says, as they fall in step with him. Irene clutches her staff with a small scowl and a nod, "I should send a flight of dragons to wipe them out" she says.

"I agree.. They harmed my little sister" erza says.

"I would agree as well" a third voice says and all of them turn to another of mitsuomi's wives, being Lenore Kiriyu and Dai-nana empress of the empire. Lenore is a slender young woman of short stature, with pale skin, pointed ears, ginger red hair, and red eyes. The sides of her hair is gathered into a small long braid on her back, with a silver hair ornament and a translucent veil attached, covering part of the hair. The rest of the hair is wavy and worn loose. She wears a dark navy blue dress with teal embellishments and trimmings, partially covered at the shoulders by a fluffy white coat.

"We will not crush them.. Fighting is a last resort" mitsuomi says.

"So true.. If I wanted to fight.. Kumogakure would no longer exist" another voice says. Erza looks up and sees a black cat with golden eyes on her head, "Yoru-mama" she says, with a blush on her face. Yoruichi leaps off of ezra and glows, returning to her human form. She is a dark skin woman with golden eyes and long purple hair, her attire is like irene and olga but she wears a purple vest and skirt.

"Where's Soifon" erza asks but her younger sister, appears next to her.

"You need to work on your sensing Erza" irene comments and erza blushes. Soifon is a petite young woman with steel-grey eyes and black hair. She wears it short but has two long braids bound in white cloth, each ending in a large golden ring. She wears a black and red assassin uniform.[Shao Jun's outfit-Assassin's Creed]

"I agree.. Everyone sensed me but you.. Sister" soifon comments, removing her hood and revealing a pair of cat ears. Erza starts to pout but mitsuomi pulls into her hug and strokes her head, "Now.. Now.. Lin do not tease you sister.. Besides.. Mother came last night" he says.

"What does the old battleaxe want" irene comments, as they continue on.

"She wants Erza and myself to come up to Frozen Tomb and stretch our wings" mitsuomi says and erza perks up.

"I could use some flying time as well" irene muses. The group reaches the garden and found isane and retsu with the others, "So that is our littlest sister.. She is quite small" soifon notes and erza nods.

"And malnourished" lenore comments.

"But she is cute with those whiskers" yoruichi says, with a giggle. Isane sees them and taps naruko to point at them, "Daddy" naruko shouts and runs towards them, leaping up into him.

"Spirited little girl" irene says. Naruko looks her way and waves, "Who are you.. Your hair is pretty" she says. Mitsuomi snorts as irene was blushing but composes herself, "I am Irene Belserion-Kiriyu.. Dai-ni Empress Consort" she states.

"I am Erza Belserion Scarlet Kiriyu.. Second Princess and older sister" erza states.

"Dai-san Empress Consort Yoruichi Shihouin-Kiriyu and this little is our little bee.. Shaolin Shihouin-Kiriyu" yoruichi says, letting out her cat ears and two cat tails.

"However you can call me Soifon.. I am the Third Princess of the Empire" soifon states.

"Lenore Kiriyu.. Dai-nana Empress Consort" lenore says, giving naruko a soft smile.

"I'm Naruko Uzumaki-Kiriyu and um Fourth Princess" naruko says. Mitsuomi puts her down and takes a seat at the table as naruko meets with her other sisters, followed by his wives.

"Only one missing" yoruichi muses and everyone nods.

"She resembles Kushina but she has your eyes" irene states.

"So when are we carpet bombing Konoha" yoruichi says, in a serious tone. Mitsuomi leans back in his chair and folds his arms, "We're not.. Konoha still has a use to us" he says.

"Speaking from experience.. Shinobi villages can't be trusted.. Proof positive of this is not three feet from us" yoruichi comments.

"This I know.. However I am having Demirurge draw up a contract for Naruko and Sakura to be Kunoichi.. The monkey wants her to return.. However she will answer only to him and no one else.. Save the Daimyo but he will act in her best interest" mitsuomi explains.

"How did the High Council takes things" isane asks.

"The same way you're thinking but I managed to back off them from it.. I expect the Kingdoms to send numerous gifts once they return home" mitsuomi states.

"Who wouldn't want to spoil that little girl" rias says, smiling.

"Well then get to having one Rias" yoruichi says, giggling but rias scoffs.

"Same goes to you Yoruichi.. Lin doesn't count" rias counters and yoruichi laughs.

"Then our Emperor needs to get on his job" yoruichi says and mitsuomi's head hits the table a few times.

"Where's Lady Senju" mitsuomi asks.

"I sent her to visit the Hospital with Brain.. She was curious about our Medical field" rias replies.

"You brought a Senju here" yoruichi says and mitsuomi nods.

"She wants to help Naruko with her training.. She wanted to escape.. Her apprentice of many years was working for Danzo Shimura in secret.. Keeping her away from the village" mitsuomi explains.

"Hissss.. That name pisses me off" yoruichi states, her golden eyes glowing.

"Tell me about it.. He was the most vocal about Naruko" mitsuomi comments.

"Do want you the council to see her" lenore asks but yoruichi snorts and points, allowing them to see the council watching from a high point in the coutryard.

"They wanna etch her face into their memories" rias says but shakes her head at her brother, who was waving very animated at her. Naruko runs up with a confused look on her face, "Who are they" she asks.

"They are Dukes and Duchess of the nine kingdoms of the Yggdrasil Empire.. Dragonstone.. Lilith.. Alfheim.. Cocytus.. Elyisum.. Kyoto.. Walachia.. The Vale and the Great Forest of Unmei.. These nine realms make up Yggdrasil.. Our Home" retsu explains.

"Like the Nine branches of Kami's Tree" sakura asks and mitsuomi smiles.

"You quite studied Sakura" mitsuomi replies.

"I like to read.. Kami's Tree is a legend of old.. I found it in the library by accident" sakura explains and mitsuomi gives his wives a knowing look.

"I have the book in the Great Libary if you wish to read it once again" mitsuomi says and sakura's eyes light up and she bows deeply.

"No need to bow to me" mitsuomi says and rises from his seat, "Now let's say we head to Frozen Tomb.. Erza can you give the girls some winter wear" he states.

"What's Frozen Tomb" sakura asks and erza places her hands on their heads, her hands glow and both girl are now outfitted in complete winter apparel.

"It is the Place where Grandmother lives and the Place where Father gained the title of Dragon King" erza explains.

"We'll be back soon" mitsuomi says and claps his hands. His magic array forms as irene, erza, sakura and naruko stand with him.

"Mou.. We should've gone" yuki exclaims but mitsukuni taps her shoulder.

"We can't fly like them.. Besides we need to prepare a party for our little sister" mitsukuni says and yuki lights up.

-Frozen Tomb-

Naruko and sakura gasp as they were in frozen wasteland with a large tower before them, "Did a battle happen here" sakura asks.

"You can say that" erza says and glows bright red, before expanding into a large mass. Naruko and sakura gasp once again as a large dragon with light-colored red and black scales was in erza's place.

"This is my Dragon form.. Like mother and father" erza says. She also has a black fiery-mane running down her back and arms, which appear to be connected to her feathery wings.

"Irene can you take them up to mother" mitsuomi says, loosening his tie. Erza takes flight with a gust of wind, "I'll return soon" she says, flying off.

"Alright girls.. Stand close to me" irene states.

"What about daddy" naruko asks and irene laughs.

"Your Father's form can be bit cumbersome" irene says and they teleport to the balcony of the tower. Ophis was standing with her arms folded, "Hello my grandchild and her young friend" she greets.

"Daughter" ophis adds and irene scoffs.

"Now Girls.. You are about to bare witness to the Child of the Dragon Goddess in all his Glory" irene says.

[Music- GMK: God Of The Sky - King Ghidorah]

Mitsuomi tosses off his shoes, jacket, shirt and vest, before squatting down as blue and yellow lightning churns from his body. The ground under him shudders and fissures as he leaps skyward like a missile, as a storm cloud erupts around him. Ophis raises her hands to form a barrier as rain starts to fall heavily, "My Son is nearly as large as his father and very dangerous.. When in dragon form" she starts. The storm clouds brightly illuminate a huge figure with large bat-like wings, before a loug thud on the ground and plume of snow. The plume starts to dissipate as a large, terrifyingly big dragon appears with its scales a dark obsidian. On its back are a row of spines down its back and up its neck, with a crown of large and curved horns on its head. Two long, spiked and bludgeon like tails were rattling behind it as it stomps towards the tower, its legs are digitigrade with avian-like feet.

"How tall is he" sakura says, in abject awe and ophis laughs.

"Five hundred and twenty-two feet and still growing" ophis says, proudly. Mitsuomi leans towards the balcony and sees naruko staring with wide eyes, before blowing some wind from his nose. Ophis, sakura, naruko and irene are pushed back but naruko reaches out and mitsuomi moves closer, touching his snout as best she could and his forked tongue slips out of his mouth, revealing large jagged teeth. Mitsuomi releases a soft growl and irene places her hands over sakura's ears, "Naruko.. Mitsuomi is about to awaken your dragon blood" she says. Mitsuomi rears back and his wings spread out as he unleashes a bellowing roar, before taking off into the sky and storm clouds. Naruko shudders and her eyes widen as the roar passes through her form, suddenly her blue eyes turn reptilian and white scales form on her arms, face towards her eyes. Irene releases sakura and she rushes to naruko, "What happened?!" she asks.

"My son has awakened her Dragon blood taking the form you see now.. Give her a moment to adjust and it will recede" ophis says, rubbing naruko's back. Naruko pants heavily and slowly body returns to normal, "I-it was like" she whispers.

"Mitsukuni and Yuki went through the same but Isane's godly blood helped resist the call" irene explains.

"Call" sakura asks and ophis points to the massive and moving storm cloud.

"He was reaffirming his status as Alpha.. All dragons in Yggdrasil heard his call and acknowledge him as King.. As his mother.. I can resist the call.. As does Irene and Erza as his mate and child" ophis explains.

"Mitsuomi embodies our family's oath.. Ours is Fury.. In his dragon form.. He is a literal turbulent storm.. You can imagine the results if he flew around the kingdom" irene explains.

"So he comes here" sakura says and help naruko to her feet.

"Daddy is strong" naruko says. Irene walks forward as her body glows, "Indeed and like his father.. The Dragon of Dragons" she says, leaping off the balcony and taking her dragon form. Her form is identical to erza but with red scales and a red mane.

"Dragon of Dragons" sakura says amd ophis smiles fondly.

"My Husband.. The Great Red.. Shishio Kiriyu" ophis starts and begins a history lesson for the girls. [song ends]

-Konohagakure no Sato-

Hiruzen quiets sits at his desk and going over his dreaded paperwork for the day. Its has been just over a week since naruko left konoha with her father. The week has been hectic for the aged Hokage as once the council meeting was over the trouble started. The civilian council members lead by yasha quickly spread news that naruko was gone and by mid-day the village was planning a huge celebration. The shinobi side were indifferent to this as they knew naruko's lineage but there were murmurs of discontent for allowing her leave. Many shinobi thought naruko was simply a military asset as the kyubi jinchuriki and was owned by Konoha. His former teammates and danzo were the most vocal in this notion, calling for a force to go the empire and take back their weapon.

"Those fools have conveniently forgotten that his Highness is in high standing with our Daimyo and a Hero of the Third War" hiruzen thought. Danzo had come to him about tsunade and he was forced to concede and reinstate his Root, keeping him quiet about tsunade heading west. The village had no idea tsunade was the one to inform mitsuomi about naruko and left the village.

"If Jiraiya finds out.. He'll go to the West and ruin everything over his inane prophecy" hiruzen thought. A dark blue magic array forms in front of hiruzen and he gasps as mitsuomi rises from the array. He was wearing black cargo pants and boots, a long sleeve shirt and a black 3/4 length coat with a briefcase in his gloved hand.

"Your Highness.. What brings you here.. Is Naruko-chan alright" hiruzen asks.

"Naruko is doing very well.. She is with her true family" mitsuomi says and hiruzen winces. Mitsuomi places the briefcase on the desk and opens it, pulling several documents.

"I have a contract for Naruko's possible Ninja career to keep your unruly councils from mettling with her.. I also have documents for Yasha Haruno about her daughter Sakura" mitsuomi notes and hiruzen again winces.

"She has been vocal about Sakura's disappearance but only due to the fact she wants her to be with the Uchiha boy" hiruzen explains.

"That doesn't matter.. She chose to assault her daughter and force her to be some common whore.. So she can gain the Uchiha riches.. Tobirama was a fool to create a Civilian council.. Now get her here.. I have a tight schedule" mitsuomi states. Hiruzen picks up one of the documents and has his Anbu collect yasha as he reads over the document.

"You will receive a Copy as well as the Daimyo and the third in my possession.. I take it things will be satisfactory" mitsuomi says. The document outlines that should naruko and shockingly sakura decide to become kunoichi, both would answer only to the Hokage and Daimyo. Both would will be independent kunoichi with a sensei to take missions but both would be representing the Yggdrasil empire.

"What about the Uzumaki clan.. The council will call for the CRA" hiruzen says.

"Which will not happen.. Konoha has shown their loyalty to the Uzumaki.. How devastated Kushina was.. When Konoha abandoned Uzushio because they had what they wanted.. The Kyubi" mitsuomi states. The door slams open as yasha enters with a look of disgust, "What is he doing here" she says.

"I am here concerning Naruko and your daughter Sakura" mitsuomi states, as hiruzen signs the documents in triplicate.

"What about my useless child.. Now that the demon is gone.. Did she run away" yasha says.

"It seems you disregarded Neko's words.. Sakura is fine and is in the empire" mitsuomi says, handing her the documents.

"Then bring her back.. She is my child" yasha screeches, tossing the document on the desk. Mitsuomi sighs and opens the briefcase to reveal a large sum of money, "I know you only concern yourself with material wealth.. Relinquish your parental rights to Sakura and the money is yours" he says. He shook his head as yasha quickly signs the forms in triplicate and leaves with the money, "And this person is the head of your Civilian council" mitsuomi says, handing of the documents to him as his copy.

"She will try to bleed you for more.. If Sakura-chan returns" hiruzen says but mitsuomi scoff and points to the very bottom of the document.

"She signed over her rights.. The Daimyo will add his signature as well the contract for Naruko.. This will be legally binding.. Her arrogance and greed is her undoing" mitsuomi says, taking his copies and the copies for the daimyo.

"Good day Sarutobi.. I hope my Trust will not be treaded upon once again" mitsuomi says and sinks into his array. Hiruzen stares at the contracts with a sorrowful look on his face, "Have I truly fallen so low" he thought.

-Fire Country Palace-

Mitsuomi places a drink in front of the Fire Lord Ozai, "You are looking well Heika" ozai comments. Mitsuomi crosses his legs with a slow nod and lights his cigar, "The years have been kind to you as well Ozai" he says.

"So I take this isn't a social call.. I've already heard from Konoha's elders about Naruko Uzumaki" ozai states. Mitsuomi hands the documents to ozai, "They have no recourse to try and take my child from me.. The Kyubi is not property they can use.. The Kyubi no longer exists" he says and ozai's eyes widen.

"At the end of the Third Shinobi war.. The seal containing it had turned Kushina into in essence a new Kyubi no Yoko.. When it was stolen from her.. It was nothing more than a mindless beast" mitsuomi explains.

"Which is now sealed in your daughter.. Konoha has truly fallen.. Hashirama was a Fool to give the Biju away and started this ridiculous notion of Jinchuriki" ozai says, dropping the documents next to him.

"You shouldn't believe him to be completely naive.. He did it to maintain a balance.. Humans are fickle and envy things they do not have.. It's how wars start" mitsuomi says.

"Your Empire has maintained peace longer than the Shinobi villages.. My Grandfather told me stories of the Turbulent West and that One day a Prince who was Promised would unite the West in Peace" ozai muses.

"My mother's propaganda even stretched here to the East" mitsuomi asks and ozai chuckles with a nod.

"Ozai.. I need a favor" mitsuomi asks and ozai furrows his brow but nods.

"Minato has a daughter.. She will be wasted in Konoha.. If she is half as strong as her father.. Her talent is wasted.. I fear she will become a Vapid Fangirl.. Minato and his Wife's sacrifices will in vain" mitsuomi states.

"What will you have me do.. Old Friend" ozai asks. Mitsuomi puts out his cigar and leans forward, "Contact Inoichi Yamanaka and have him send the girl to the Fire Temple for her training until the Graduation.. Reveal her Heritage to her.. If Konoha's ruling elite find out.. They will make the girl a Breeding Mare.. Hiruzen has lost much of his power.. He won't be able to oppose it.. Send an official order to Inoichi and Hiruzen for their eyes only.. Be weary of Danzo as well" he explains.

"Konoha has indeed sunk so low.. I have feared this for some time.. They have allowed their victories go to their heads" ozai says and rises from seat but mitsuomi raises his hand.

"I have one last thing to discuss.. I have decided to expand trade to here in the East.. I would like to open a Trading house here in Fire country and any of the other major countries.. I will be sending a missive to the other Daimyo" mitsuomi states.

"That's very interesting.. You have my blessing to do so.. I know this will step on the toes of Konoha's merchant guild but no matter" ozai says, extending his hand and shaking mitsuomi's hand.

"I am in your Debt.. Fire Lord Ozai" mitsuomi say and ozai laughs loudly.

"I have an Emperor in my debt and I know what I want.. Those Cigars and the Finest Alcohol of the West" ozai says and both men share a laugh.

-One Week Later-

Mitsuomi, isane, retsu, lenore, rias, yoruichi, irene, naruko, albedo and ainz were in a large chamber adorned with strange symbols. The wives scattered about the room as naruko as laying on a raised slab, with mitsuomi standing next to naruko and ainz opposite them.

"Daddy.. I'm scared" naruko whispers and mitsuomi caresses her forehead.

"I know sweetie but this must be done.. Ridding of the Kyubi is the first step in your training" mitsuomi notes. Naruko slowly nods as her eyes becomes heavy and slips into unconsciousness as mitsuomi places his hand on her seal, "I'll begin now.. Rias.. Lenore.. Irene.. Isane maintain the barrier" he says. The four women nod and raises their hands and magical arrays form as mitsuomi's eyes become reptilian like. He found himself in a dark sewer with naruko next to him but he lifts her up, "Let's get rid of this pesky fox" he says.

"What is this place" naruko asks.

"This is your mindscape.. It's looks like this because of your time in Konoha" mitsuomi says, following the two pipes of blue and red but it slowly gives way to rocky walls.

"Is her Dragon blood changing her mindscape" mitsuomi thought. The sewer gives way to a large cavern as loud growls run through the area, its source being a huge orange fox with rabbit like ears and a human upper-body.

"I-is that the K-kyubi" naruko says, seeing the dark chains ensnaring the large fox. Mitsuomi slowly nods as he looks around the cavern but his eyes narrow and slowly widen. Above the restrained kyubi was a small cage but within the cage was a young woman with red hair.

"Ku-kushina?!" mitsuomi says and naruko gasps.

"Mommy?!" naruko shouts. Kyubi roars loudly and stirs the woman awake, "Where am I" she whispers and looks down but her purple orbs widen.

"Mitsuomi?!" she shouts. Mitsuomi raises his left hand and a black with reddish tint Scottish claymore forms, "Minato.. I owe you for this" he thought. Outside ainz furrows his brow as tears start to run down mitsuomi's face, "Ainz.. I need a Homunculus body" mitsuomi says.

"Your highness.. Is something wrong" albedo says.

"No Albedo.. Something Good.. Minato sealed a portion of Kushina's soul into the seal matrix" mitsuomi says, shocking his wives.

"Kushina is alive?!" yoruichi shouts. Ainz raises his arms and forms a magic array, slowly a nondescript human doll appears from the array.

"It will not be her original body.. She will have a body no different than the maids" ainz says.

"It doesn't matter.. If I can give this little girl her mother.. Then so be it" mitsuomi states. Ainz places his hand over mitsuomi's hand, "Then lets us begin.. Old friend" ainz states. Back inside the seal mitsuomi lets naruko down, "Naruko.. Run back to the edge of the cavern.. I will save Kushina and get of the fox" he says.

"I will" naruko says and runs back. Mitsuomi grips his sword as kyubi roars and thrashes about, before launching forward with a rush of water. The cage shatters as mitsuomi pulls kushina into him but she glows and vanishes, "Sorry Kurama but I must end you" he says. Mitsuomi brings the sword down into kurama's head with a surge of yellow lightning as it punches out through his head. Kurama lands with a thud and starts to glow, being absorbed into mitsuomi as the cavern goes silent. Outside the seal on naruko's stomach glows but slow fades away as mitsuomi opens his eyes. Ainz was kneeling next the body as it slowly gains kushina's features, "You are truly blessed by Kami" he says. The wives lower the barrier and rush to them with tears in their eyes, even the cold irene. Mitsuomi kneels down and lifts kushina off the floor, "Thank Kami.. I haven't lost you.. My Habanero" he thought. Isane lifts naruko off the slab with a soft smile, "Is it finished" she asks and mitsuomi slowly nods.

"Yes let's take them to our room.. They can rest.. This was taxing" mitsuomi states and turns to ainz, "Thank you my Friend.. My sworn Brother" he adds.

"Think nothing of it Brother.. I felt the same way.. When I lost Shalltear and brought her back" ainz says but could feel the frown on albedo's face.

"Must we speak of the Lamprey.. This is a joyous day.. Empress Kushina has returned" albedo says and mitsuomi shakes his head.

"Yes a joyous day indeed" mitsuomi says, kissing kushina's forehead.

-Promised Princess-

Mitsuomi sits next to his bed as kushina and naruko were still unconscious, "Any change" he asks, tsunade standing across from him. Tsunade runs her Mystic-palm over naruko's body, "She should wake up soon.. It was a flood of chakra to her system" she replies.

"What about Kushina.. How were you able to bring her back to life" tsunade asks.

"Ainz is a master of life and death.. He has the power to resurrect people.. However in this case.. He placed Kushina's soul into a homunculus body.. Like maids around the palace.. She'll have an artificial body but she will be do normal things" mitsuomi explains, leaning back in his chair and rubbing his eyes.

"You really do love Kushina" tsuande states. Mitsuomi gains a farway look on his face, "I love all wives.. They have their own nuances and tells.. For Kushina it was her scarlet hair that drew me in" he muses.

"I-its w-was h-hi-his eyes f-for me" a voice whispers. Kushina slowly opens her eyes with a smile as mitsuomi leans in to touch their foreheads, "W-where a-am I" she asks.

"Many things have happened but the easiest is that.. You're in the Empire with our little fox" mitsuomi says and kushina gasps but sees tsunade, "B-baa-chan" she whispers.

"Yes I came to the empire with him and your child" tsunade says and points. Kushina turns her head and her eyes widen, seeing naruko's small form and tears forms.

"N-naru-chan" kushina whispers.

"Kushina.. Eight years have passed since the Kyubi attack.. It seems Minato did me a great service by adding your soul to the seal matrix" mitsuomi says and kushina stares at him in shock.

"E-eight Y-years" kushina sputters and mitsuomi rubs her forehead.

"We'll talk about.. When you've gained some strength back.. Being resurrected is an arduous process" mitsuomi says, kissing her forehead. Naruko squirms in her sleep and turns into kushina with a small noise of content, causing mitsuomi and tsunade to laugh.

"A child knows her mother" tsunade muses. Mitsuomi sits back down with a sigh and a smile as the doors open with his kids, sakura and his wives enter.

"Dragonstone is gonna be uproar of joy.. Once words gets out of the Resurrected Dai-yon Empress consort" irene comments.

"Add to that Naruko's return as well" yoruichi adds.

"We'll celebrate once Kushina is fully mobile" mitsuomi says. Naruko starts to wake up and slowly sits up, rubbing her eyes but they widen at the woman known as her mother.

"Mommy" naruko whispers.

"Kami has blessed us" mitsuomi says and reaches out to stroke her head.

"What happened to the fox" naruko asks, grasping kushina's hand and felt a light squeeze.

"Gone.. It will no longer bother you" mitsuomi replies. Kushina opens her eyes again and her eyes tear up, "My little Fox" she whispers.

"I've waited so long to meet you.. Mommy" naruko whispers.

"Mitsuomi help me sit up" kushina asks. Tsunade tosses mitsuomi a pillow and he carefully sits kushina up, allowing her to get a good look at her child.

"Eight years old.. But.. You're so small.. How could this happen and don't lie to me Mitsuomi" kushina says.

"Konoha in their infinitely great wisdom decided to lie and tell Mitsuomi that not only did you die but Naruko as well.. Then Sensei had the gall to ask him for money and resources to rebuild Konoha" tsunade explains. Kushina clutches her arm with an angry look but naruko hugs her, "It's ok Mommy.. We're safe with Daddy and my other mommies.. Even my brother and sisters.. Oh and Sakura-chan" naruko says. Kushina sees the pink hair girl and she bows, "I am Sakura Haruno.. Disowned daughter of Yasha Haruno" sakura says.

"She didn't even think twice to abandon is this sweet girl.. Konoha is a disgraceful place.. No offense Tsunade-san" isane says.

"None taken.. Konoha has been declining since Sensei took over the second time.. I'm glad I left.. If I would have stayed.. He would have roped me into being Godaime" tsunade says. Kushina strokes naruko's head, "Minato had big plans to deal with the Councils and Elders" she says.

"Wait what about Minato's daughter" kushina asks.

"I spoke with the Daimyo concerning her.. He'll get her out of Konoha temporarily and have train with the Fire Monks until graduation.. If she is anything like Minato.. She can a force to be reckon with" mitsuomi explains.

"So what do we do now" kushina asks. Mitsuomi rises from his seat with a smile, "We starting training these little girls to be stronger than any Kage in the East but announcing your returns" he explains. Yoruichi, lenore and rias started explaining to kushina what has happened since her demise and rebirth. Mitsuomi headed out the balcony as his mind was working on how best to deal with the east or rather konoha for their actions.

"Hiruzen actually believes Konoha has a debt so large.. That it would bankrupt them but truth is far more funnier.. Hiruzen you really should have read that document.. Naruko's contract is just that.. She will be a Kunoichi but only for three years.. Once it ends.. She will walk out of Konoha.. I can imagine your face and the councils faces.. When you lose the one person who could be the greatest Hokage since Hashirama" mitsuomi thought.

-One Week Later-

[Music: Sky Route OST-Sword Dance- Souten Kouro(蒼天航路OST-劍舞)]

A grand procession makes its way through the streets of dragonstone, with men and women marching with flags of the nine kingdoms. Numerous musicians were playing various instruments as people threw flowers and ribbons. Naruko looks around in wonder at the throngs of people cheering and waving at the procession, "This is a lot to take in" she says. The little princess wears a light orange dress with black trim and a small cape with the kiriyu insignia upon it.

"The people love our family" retsu says, wearing an elegant furisode kimono. Sakura too was awe of the numerous people as kushina was waving as best she could. The fourth empress wears a similar dress to naruko but with a black coat over the dress, "Uzushio was similar but not this scale" she says. The procession held several open carriages with each of the wives having their own with their children sitting with them except mitsukuni. The crown prince of Yggdrasil rides next to his father at the head of the procession.

"I hope this isn't too much for Kushi-mama" mitsukuni states, waving to the people. Mitsuomi holds up his gloved with a sigh, "Retsu is with her and we can't deny the people on seeing the return of Fourth Empress and Fourth Princess" he says and glances to his son.

"How about we give Naruko and Sakura a sight" mitsuomi says and mitsukuni slowly nodding, both parting and slowing their horses to allow the carriages to pass. The fourth carriage containing naruko passes them and mitsuomi extends his hand, "Naruko.. Come here" he shouts, moving his horse closer. Retsu lifts naruko up and passes her to mitsuomi, while mitsukuni lifts sakura with ease to his horse.

"What's going on" sakura asks. Mitsukuni urges his horse forward towards the front of the procession, "Father wants to give you a sight" he says. Sakura furrows her brow but sees naruko with a wide smile, "But I'm not your family" she says.

"That doesn't matter.. You're friends with my littlest sister.. What's one more sister" mitsukuni says and sakura gasps but starts tearing up.

"Thank you" sakura whispers. Naruko holds the reigns as mitsuomi has one arm around her waist, "Naruko how would you feel.. If I adopted Sakura" he says, waving. Naruko looks back with a shocked look, "You would do that" she say and mitsuomi smiles.

"Of course.. I would not turn away someone who needs a family" mitsuomi says and naruko hugs her father's arm. The procession continues through the streets of dragonstone but soon word would spread of a fifth princess of yggdrasil.[song ends]

-Eight Years Later-

True to his word mitsuomi had naruko and sakura train and learn with the dukes and duchess. Kushina, yoruichi and tsunade taught them the shinobi arts of the east. While ryu taught them the ancient styles of his clan. Lenore taught them both diplomatic and political rhetoric for the future. Their second year sent them to kyoto, where sesshomaru's subordinate Yasaka taught naruko about her kitsune heritage and use of fox magic. Naruko learned when she invoked her dragon blood she would gain scales on her arms to her face. However invoking her kitsune blood gave her fox ears and two red tails with black tips. While naruko went kyoto sakura went to lilith to learn healing and water magic from the Sitri clan, having decided to be a combat medic like tsunade.

Their third year the pair linked back up and went to alfheim, where naruko learned to be a ranger and beast-tamer. Where her teachers semiramis and the dark elf twins Aura and Mare taught naruko archery and sakura about poisons, herbs and various other skills. Mitsukuni's fiancé Celia also taught them nature and wild magic.

The fourth year saw celebration in Dragonstone as rias gave birth to a son named Millicas and the marriage of mitsuomi and tsunade. The blonde senju also decided to perform the ritual both yoruichi and soifon had done. Tsunade decided to become one of the fae with king's blessing but it caused a shocking thing as she unlocked her grandfather's Mokuton. Six months after this revelation tsunade formally adopted sakura as her daughter and the pinkette decided to go the elven route with semiramis' blessing.

The next two years the girls spilt time in the Vale, Elysium and Walachia, where naruko learned Kenjutsu from alucard and sakura learned rune magic from alucard's good friend Sypha.

Year seven sent them to the Wall to learn survival from the Lord Commander Olivier Mira Armstrong. The Beast of the Wall taught them to be self sufficient as those at the wall were but it was preparing them for their final year.

Cocytus was the kingdom of demons and one of the most inhospitable places of empire. Both girls would have survive there for one year, this worried kushina and tsunade but mitsuomi felt this was a perfect way to test them.


[Samael's throne room looks the one from Darksiders2]

Mitsuomi stood with his arms folded as his eyes were on the reflecting pool before him, behind him was samael on his throne.

"It's interesting to see you worrying.. Your Lordship" samael comments, drinking from a goblet. In the reflective pool were naruko and sakura fighting a rogue demon named echidna.

"What Father wouldn't be" mitsuomi says. Both of his daughters had grown into powerful young women, no longer neglected and abused children. Naruko now has a swimmer's body and curvaceous figure like her mother, her mismatched hair of scarlet and black tied in a long braid. Sakura was lithe as well but more athletic and toned, often complaining about having abs. Echidna was a match for them as a high level demon but their teamwork proved to the demon's downfall.

"Congratulation.. You daughters are formidable warriors.. To survive in Cocytus" samael states. Mitsuomi turns with a flap of his overcoat, "How would you gauge their power compared to the East" he asks. Samael leans back on his throne, "Though I have not personally fought these Chakra users but I have seen Empress Tsunade in action before her transformation.. Sakura is borderline A-class but only because she is Combat medic but her physical strength rivals her mother and will continue to grow due to the mark on her forehead.. Naruko on the other hand is Kage or above.. I believe she can give me a challenge" he replies.

"Oh really.. A high endorsement" mitsuomi says, lighting a cigar. Samael chuckles deeply and rises from his throne, "I hope to challenge her as I did you.. In fact I will invest into the future" he says.

"Beowulf for the Blossom Princess" samael says, holding up a pair of gauntlets and greaves. Beowulf is a set of black gauntlets and greaves with a somewhat animalistic look. The gauntlets vaguely resemble a wolf's head, fangs and mane with the greaves look like clawed legs.

"I doubt I could surpass that Rapier she carries but I think this will do" samael says, holding up a chain whip with a spiked tip.

"It resembles the Morningstar whip" mitsuomi says.

"Ha.. It's an imitation but perfect for the Dai-yon Princess" samael states. An orange magic array forms behind them as naruko and sakura rise with several scrapes, torn clothes and gashes.

"Hello Father.. How did we do" sakura asks. Mitsuomi approaches the girls and hugs them both, "You have made me proud" he says.

"Thanks Daddy" naruko says.

"Congratulation Princesses.. Your Training has completed and proof of this the Beowulf for Princess Sakura and this chain whip.. A replica of the Morningstar for Princess Naruko" samael states.

"Thank you Duke Samael" both said, in unison and bowing.

"HAHAHAHA.. I look forward to our battle Fox Princess" samael says. Mitsuomi claps his hands and his magic circle forms, "Another day Samael" he says, as all of them vanish. Samael sit on his throne with a rumbling chuckle, "Those two girls will go places.. Not here in the empire but abroad" he thought.

-Imperial Palace-Throne Room-

Mitsuomi, sakura and naruko arrive back in the throne room as mitsukuni sits on the throne, "Welcome home My sisters" he says, stepping off the throne.

"Good to be home big brother" naruko says.

"Hello brother" sakura says and hugs her older brother. Mitsuomi pats his son on the shoulder, "Any trouble" he asks.

"None but Lord Ruval is here and the Lord Commander" mitsukuni reports. Mitsuomi cups his chin with a nod, "Sakura.. Naru get yourselves cleaned up and meet me in the High council room as soon as you can" he says and both nod.

"Mitsukuni find Tsunade and Kushina as well" mitsuomi adds and mitsukuni nods, excusing himself. Mitsuomi makes his way to the high council room, meeting up with ainz along the wall.

"It's close to that time" ainz comments and mitsuomi nods.

"Yes it is" mitsuomi says, as the pair continue to the council room. Ruval and olivier were waiting for them with the latter cleaning her sword with a cloth. Ruval is tall man with blond hair in a slicked back style and dark blue eyes, his attire in a fitted black suit. Sitting next to ruval was his younger sister ravel. She is a young girl with dark blue eyes and long blonde hair tied into twin tails with large, drill-like curls and blue ribbons keeping them in place. The front of her hair has several bangs hanging over her forehead, with a V-shaped fringe hanging over the bridge of her nose. Her attire consists of a light purple dress with dark purple accents and a blue bow at the front.

"Why did you bring a child to this Lord Ruval" spoke the lord commander of the watch. Olivier is a beautiful pale-skin woman who has waist-length blonde hair that is noticeably curled at the ends despite being otherwise relatively straight with parts of her hair covering her right eye. Her eyes are dark blue, long eyelashes and her lips are clearly defined and full with light red lipstick. Her attire is the standard uniform of the Watch of blue overcoats, pants, and black boots with a yellow fourragère and white gloves with a black trench coat.

"My sister wishes to learn about politics and meet Prince Millicas" ruval says. Olivier rests her chin on her fist, "I wish my brother had your sister's attitude" she murmurs. The door open and both rise from their seat but ruval taps ravel's shoulder and she stands.

"Thank you both for coming.. I apologize for the wait.. I went to Cocytus to pick up my daughters" mitsuomi says.

"Both have finished their training" olivier asks and mitsuomi nods, "Those Dogs of the East will rue the day" she adds.

"Hahaha.. Well spoken Lord Commander" ainz says, as they take their seats.

"Now let's get down to business until the girls arrive.. How are things on the Wall.. Lord Commander" mitsuomi states.

"Nothing more than usual.. The city of Rivens is thriving now as a port to the other kingdoms.. We catch a few spies but nothing of grave importance" olivier reports.

"Good.. Ruval how are the merchant houses" mitsuomi states. Ruval clears his throat and sighs, "Things are well.. We are opening a new house in Spring thanks to Prince Mitsukuni freeing the country and placing Lady Koyuki back on the throne.. However I regret to report that our Wave country house has been destroyed by a man named Gato.. He owns several shipping lanes in the area and now has a strangle hold on the country" he states.

"Any casualties" ainz asks but ruval shakes his head.

"None on our side but a man named Kaiza was executed as example.. His father in law is currently building a bridge to Fire country but this Gato is making things difficult" ruval replies. Mitsuomi clenches his fist with a scowl on his face, "This Gato has taken advantage of our limited presence in the East to commit such crimes" he says.

"Can we help them Heika" ravel asks.

"It's politics Ravel.. We can not act unless provoked.. If any of our people were harmed or killed.. We would have legal standing to step in" mitsuomi states.

"That vile insect using international law" olivier says. The door open as naruko and sakura enter all cleaned up and wearing new clothes. Naruko is wearing black breeches into black riding boots, a white blouse, a black waist cincher with red strings and a long white tailcoat with dark gray lining. Sakura is dressed a blue suit vest with golden outer edges and inner edges, underneath is form-fitting sleeveless shirt into loose black and white pants with suspenders. A pair of riding boots like naruko but adorned in purple vines and bicep length dark blue gloves.

"We will deal with this Gato.. Once an opportunity presents itself" mitsuomi says, as both girls sit down. The door opens once as kushina and tsunade enter to take their seats, "Sorry we're late" kushina asks.

"How are things in Konoha" mitsuomi asks.

"The merchant guild keeps over pricing our products to keep us in the red within the village but the Sandaime tries to intervene" ruval replies.

"When is the graduation and how has the academy been" tsunade questions.

"It will be in one week.. The Sandaime has sent letters through the house.. Inquiring if Naruko-sama or Sakura-sama will be coming.. He managed to make some changes but the Civilian council still maintains control" ruval explains.

"What about Danzo" kushina asks, a scowl on her face.

"He will dealt with the moment he decided to make move.. Other than testing the border eight years ago.. He's been quiet" olivier comments.

"He's been in talks with Orochimaru.. I have the Hayabusa clan tailing him since we opened the Phenex houses.. Also the organization called Akatsuki.. Their goal is the Biju for reasons unknown at the moment.. It's only recently Ryu was able to infiltrate Ame and learn of their existence.. He'll have a full report once you reach Konoha" mitsuomi explains.

"The Kyubi is gone.. Their plans are for naught if they seek me out.. It would be useless" naruko states.

"Agreed but both of you should be weary of them.. What about Ms. Yamanaka" kushina comments.

"She returned about a month ago.. She is quite skilled.. The Fire monks and the Scrolls You sent helped" mitsuomi explains.

"Girls a word of advice and warning.. Gain allies from inside and outside.. There are those in Konoha not corrupted by Arrogance or Greed.. Also Sakura be prepared for Yasha do everything to take you back.. Once word spreads of your power.. You as well Naruko.. The councils will do everything to have your power.. The contract Demiurge came up with negate their meddling but that will not stop them" mitsuomi adds.

"Don't worry Dear.. Nobody is gonna my Sakura or my Naru" tsunade says and mitsuomi chuckles.

"Of course my Titania" mitsuomi says. Mitsuomi rises from his seat and everyone follows suit, "Thank you for coming Ruval.. Ravel.. Lord Commander" he says and the three bow, excusing themselves.

"Naru.. Sakura.. I have another mission for you and this comes from Fire Lord Ozai" mitsuomi starts and both snap to attention.

"He wants you to evaluate Konoha's governing body and her Ninja.. Hiruzen has had eight years to change things.. Ozai wants to know if Konoha can be saved by trimming a few branches or burning the great tree down" mitsuomi adds, shocking all four of them.

"Ozai wants you to keep this a secret.. He wants genuine reactions.. The three of you use your better judgement on this.. Konoha has survived three shinobi wars.. It should not fall to the arrogance of some" mitsuomi says and all three nod.


Master of whispers-Demiurge(Overlord)

Master of Ships-Iroh(Avatar Legend of Korra)

Lord Commander-Olivier Mira Armstrong(Full Metal Alchemist)

Commander of Kingsguard-Gazef Stronoff(Overlord)

Shield of the King-Ainz Ooal Gown(Overlord)

High Council-Alucard(Vampires-Castlevana-Netflix), Zechs(Devils-Offshoot of demons-DxD), Sesshomaru(Youkai-Inuyasha), King(Fae-Nanatsu no Taizai), Semiramis(Elves and Dark Elves-FGO), Samael(Demons-Darksiders), Azazel(Angels and Fallen Angels-DxD), Iroh(Avatar Legend of Korra), Bahamuth(Dragons).

A/N-2: I will stop here and Chapter-2 will pick up with them arriving in Konoha and meeting the Rookies. Now Naruko and Sakura are strong, very strong and will put the likes of Pein in his place with minimal effort. However Jigen lurks in the shadows and he is stronger than them but the dragon king is waiting in the wings. As you have read Tsunade is a Fae and Sakura is a Half Elf, with the former now having the Mokuton. Sakura will use magic to hide her elf ears. The Rookies will close to their strength at Shippuden with Ms Yamanaka being the strongest among them and Sasuke second. Lastly a pairing for Naruko and Sakura will up to everyone, with the most votes getting the nods. Thank you for Reading and Stay Frosty.

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