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Chapter 2

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A small girl with blood-red with black streak hair and glowing steel-blue orbs runs for her dear eight year old life as villagers and shinobi chased her emaciated form. Today is October tenth anniversary of the Kyubi's defeat but for naruko her birthday and worst day. The beatings and cruelness of villagers worsen on this day but on this day, someone would save this child. Naruko cries out as a kunai pierces her leg and causes her to tumble, allowing the mob to reach her and begin their torture. Anbu assigned to watch her and keep her safe watch with glee as the young child suffers. An hour passes as naruko lays a broken mess as several laugh at her pain.

"I'll finish off the demon" one sneers. He is young man with white shoulder-length hair, having a slight hint of blue to it and green eyes.

"It's all yours Mizuki" a man says, kicking naruko. Before the final blow could struck the area was bathe in red. Mizuki and the mob turn to a red array on the ground, from the array rises a beautiful woman. She has white skin and long crimson hair with blue-green eyes. She wears a white skirt to her ankles but a slit to her hips, black stockings with white lace up boots to her calves. A black dress shirt but unbuttoned enough to show her breasts with a gray corset vest and white gloves.

"Did the Demon summon help" one woman says. Blue-green eyes narrow in anger and turn blood red as a similar aura wafts off of naruko's possible saviour, "You have dared to harm his Highness' daughter but worse this cesspool has kept her existence from him" she says. Most of the mob loss their nerve but mizuki gains a haughty and lecherous look, "Highness?!.. The demon has no father.. Let alone some King" he says and nothing more, as body becomes nothing but ashes.

"I don't speak to trash" she declares, with her hand raised. The shinobi of the mob rush the woman but meet the same fate as mizuki and the civilians fared no better. Hiruzen and his Anbu reach the scene but his eyes widen in horror, seeing the crimson hair woman.

"You have some explaining to do Sarutobi to his Majesty" the crimson beauty says, holding naruko and glaring. The Anbu go on edge but hiruzen raises his hand, "I-is his Highness here as well" he says, shocking the Anbu.

"He's making his way here.. He sent me ahead but will arrive tomorrow morning.. Sarutobi you better be truthful with him or He will wipe Konohagakure off the map" the crimson beauty says, angering the Anbu but hiruzen flares his KI.

"Right.. Follow me and I'll have my doctor take care of Naruko" hiruzen says and she follows.

"Why did you believe it was advantageous to lie to Him and the Empire" the woman says. Hiruzen opens his office and she steps in, slowly placing naruko on the sofa and kneeling next to her.

"We were weak from the Kyubi attack.. Minato sealed the Kyubi inside of her.. We needed her.. Madam" hiruzen says but she glares at him.

"My name is Rias and Someone stole Kushina's power and created that mindless animal you fear so much" rias corrects.

"Yes.. Naruko is now the Kyubi Jinchuriki.. Minato wanted her to be seen as a Hero but the village" hirzuen says but rias scoffs, healing naruko's wounds.

"Is filled with bigoted fools and sycophant people" rias adds. Hiruzen takes a seat at his desk but gasps as a dark blue array forms in the room, "You said tomorrow morning" he says. Rias rises to her full height as a tall and broad-shouldered man emerges, his haunting steel-blue eyes pinned on hiruzen.

"I lied to make sure you couldn't spin this in your favor and lie to his Highness" rias says. His highness has two, long and black bangs framing his face, defined cheek bones and a straight slender nose. His attire is a white three-piece suit with a black dress shirt and white tie, a black overcoat drapped on his shoulders and a white with black trim fedora. He removes his hat with a cold and expressionless look on his face, "Give me one Reason why I shouldn't turn this place into a barren Crater" he says. Hiruzen gulps with a tug on his collar, "Ten'nō.. It was for the Will of Fire.. Naruko-chan possesses it and despite the treatment can rise above it" he says.

"Will of Fire.. The Will of Fire that Hashirama preached has been perverted by this village.. The fact that you would lie to me and my Empire about my daughter" mitsuomi says.

"Daughter?!" a small voice says. Mitsuomi turns and sees naruko sitting up with wide eyes, "Yes.. My name is Mistuomi Kiriyu and you are my Daughter.. You were born this day eight years ago to Kushina Uzumaki.. One of my consorts" he says and looks back to hiruzen.

"I was told both of you perished in the Attack of the Kyubi no Yoko.. However I learned two days ago.. That not only were you alive but being treated as less than human" mitsuomi adds, approaching naruko.

"How can you be my Daddy" naruko says and mitsuomi kneels, pointing to his eyes.

"Look at my eyes.. They are same as yours are they not.. The Kiriyu Bloodline's signature is our eyes" mitsuomi adds, running his gloved fingers along her whiskers.

"Naruko-chan.. His Highness is correct.. He is your biological father" hiruzen says.

"Why did you lie Jiji.. You told me my parents were dead but heroes of Konoha.. N-now my daddy is front of me.. I don't know what to believe but.. But our eyes are the same and he's not lying.. I can tell.. This is t-too much" naruko says. Rias takes a seat next to naruko and strokes her head as the tears run down the red head's cheeks, "Its alright Naru-chan" she whispers.

"Who are you.. Your hair is pretty" naruko says and rias smiles.

"I am Rias Gremory-Kiriyu and one of the Mitsu-bear's consorts" rias says and mitsuomi huffs, turning his attention back to hiruzen.

"Call your Councils" mitsuomi says. Hiruzen glances to naruko but back to mitsuomi, "Your Highness.. It is Late" he says but mitsuomi flares his KI, with a purple-black aura.

"Do not Test me Sarutobi.. I am being generous and not destroying this cesspool.. You gather your councils and They Will learn the Truth" mitsuomi says. Hiruzen clutches his chest and slowly nods, "Of course" he says, nodding.

"Anbu.. Wake the all the Councils members.. They have one hour to get here" hirzuen says and the Anbu vanish. Mitsuomi calls back his power with a sigh, "Good.. Rias can you go get our whistle-blower.. She needs to be here as well" he says. Rias pats naruko's head and rises from her seat, "Of course Anata" she says, vanishing into her red array.

"Whistle-blower" hiruzen questions. Mitsuomi takes off his overcoat and slowly sits down next to naruko and the little red-head stares at him, "If not for Her.. I would have continued being Ignorant of my Daughter's existence" he says.

"Um.. Um can you tell me about my mommy" naruko asks and mitsuomi loosens his tie.

"Kushina was from Uzushiogakure and a fiery Kunoichi.. She took no guff from anyone.. She was a legend of the Third Shinobi war in the Same breath as the Yondaime Hokage and Wicked-eye Fugaku.. We met during the war.. We fought along side each other and I learned her secert" mitsuomi explains and naruko furrows her brow, "I'll explain in detail later" he adds.

"Did she love me" naruko whispers and mitsuomi strokes her head.

"Kushina was so happy and wanted to declare it to the whole village.. She was pregnant and planned to come to the Empire after you were born but" mitsuomi says, rubbing his eyes.

"Naruko you should know his Highness is the Breaker of Chains" hiruzen says. Naruko's eyes light up with a look to her father, "Really" she says and he nods. Rias appears once again with a blonde woman and hiruzen's eyes widen in shock, "Tsunade" he says.

"Hello Sensei" tsunade says with a glare but it softens, seeing naruko.

"H-how did you find out about Naruko-chan" hiruzen asks. Tsunade kneels in front of naruko with a soft look on her face, "I sent Shizune to the Village to pick up something for me.. She saw Naruko and noted her eyes.. Two days ago I saw the same eyes in a casino in the Capital" she explains, hiding her anger.

"Hello Naruko-chan.. I am Tsunade Senju" tsunade greets and naruko slowly nods.

"Pure coincidence" mitsuomi says, getting to his feet and slipping his overcoat on rias' shoulders.

"Rias can you and Tsunade stay with Naruko.. Sarutobi and I have a Council to speak to" mitsuomi says, slipping on his fedora.

"You'll come back right" naruko asks and mitsuomi picks her up into hug, casuing the little girl to clutch him tightly.

"I will never leave you again" mitsuomi whispers, putting her down. Hiruzen rises from his seat and grabs his Kage hat, "Please forgive me Naruko-chan" he says, following mitsuomi.

-Council Room-

Hirzuen sits at a semicircle table with mitsuomi in the shadows as the councils trickle in, wearing their uniforms to wearing pajamas.

"Why have you called this meeting Hiruzen" Homura states. He is an older man with grey hair, a beard, glasses as well as a constant frown and a strong jaw-line facial structure.

"Something has been brought to my attention" hiruzen states, glancing to the hidden mitsuomi. Both sides of the councils take their seats with the last being Danzo Shimura. He is a frail, old man, who walks with a cane and black, shaggy hair, and his right eye was bandaged.

"Tonight Naruko Uzumaki was attacked by Civilans.. Shinobi and Anbu" hiruzen starts but several of the civilians scoff.

"Then It's Dead" Yasha Haruno says. She is woman with long pink hair in a bun and green eyes, dressed in a expensive kimono. A small chill enters the room and puts the shinobi on edge but hiruzen shakes his head, "No but she was saved by a woman named Rias Kiriyu" he says, shocking elders of the council.

"Who is that Hokage-sama" Shikaku asks. He has two scars on the right side of his face with dark hair tied up into a spiky ponytail, dark eyes as well as a goatee.

"Rias Gremory-Kiriyu is the Daigo-Consort of the Western Empire" a voice comments, stepping out of the shadows. Danzo's clenches his cane at the sight of mitsuomi, "How did he Find out?!" he thought.

"Who are you?!" Tsume questions. She has a feral appearance with long, spiky, untamed brown hair, vertical slit-like pupils, elongated canine teeth and nails.

"I am Mitsuomi Kiriyu.. First of my Name.. The Breaker of Chains.. Tamer of Beasts.. The Prince who was Promised.. The Dragon King and a whole host of other titles but the title that means most is the Father of Naruko Uzumaki" mitsuomi states.

"What the Demon has a Father" one plump merchant but soon found his head falling from his shoulders.

"Arrest him" yasha shouts but hiruzen slams his fist on the desk.

"My Law is in effect.. His Highness was in his rights to perform this act" hiruzen shouts, sliencing the civilans councils.

"How can we be sure you are the Girl's father" Hiashi asks. He has long brown hair and pupil-less white eyes, signature of his clan.

"Look at my Eyes.. Are they not exactly the same as Naruko's.. Our bloodline trait is our haunting eyes" mitsuomi states, staring at the hyuga patriarch.

"Why have come you Heika" danzo comments, hiding his disdain. Mitsuomi strolls to the center of the room to face hiruzen and look over the councils, "The Reason I have come is because the Governing body of this Cesspool decided to not only take the assistance of money and resources.. Also saw fit to lie to me that my Daughter perished with her Mother.. My wife Kushina" he states.

"What?!.. Thats a lie Minato was married to Kushina" tsume says.

"No it was a lie.. Minato was married to member of my clan" Inoichi states. He has long ash blond hair reaching into his lower back, which he wears spiky on top and ending in a long ponytail, blue-green eyes and strong facial features.

"As Yamanaka said.. A ruse.. Kushina and Minato agreed to marry to hide their true marriages from their enemies here" mitsuomi explains, thumbing his fedora.

"Back to the matter at hand.. Sarutobi why would you choose to lie to me about my daughter" mitsuomi says.

"Konoha was vulnerable.. We needed a Deterrent despite being a newborn.. If Iwa or Kumo knew her true heritage.. Iwa would Kill her or Kumo would breed her.. I know Konoha lied and took your gracious assistance but it was for the Good of Konoha" hiruzen explains and danzo glares.

"So you thought like a Politician rather than as a Shinobi.. Pathetic" mitsuomi says, a look of disdain on his face.

"How dare you Insult Hokage-sama" yasha shouts. Mitsuomi turns to the pink hair woman, "He could have asked for aid.. I would have stayed in Konoha to help and raised my daughter.. Rather he decided to Lie and say my child was dead but took my money and resourses with a fake smile on his face" mitsuomi states.

"The girl is the Jinchuriki of the Kyubi no Yoko and Property of Konoha like her mother before her" danzo says. Mitsuomi's brow creases and black smoke comes out his nose as his eyes glow, "Do not Besmirch my Daughter or my Wife.. You miserable Pile of Secrets" he says.

"You would threaten me.. Heika" danzo says. Mitsuomi slowly calms down and slicks back his loose hairs, "I am merely stating facts.. Hannya" he says, from mitsuomi's shadow emerges a masked figure. He wears a hannya mask with a sleeveless blue shinobi outfit with a skin tight black hooded shirt underneath and gloves.

"The next time Danzo opens his mouth.. Kill Him" mitsuomi says and hannya bows.

"Thy will be done your Highness" hannya states and mitsuomi points at danzo.

"Now that is a threat.. Learn the Difference" mitsuomi says, turning his attention back to hiruzen.

"Now then.. As of now Naruko is returning to the Empire with me" mitsuomi says and the room erupts into chaos but he flares his power, cracking the wood under him.

"You have No right to Deny me this.. If you refuse me.. I will call in the debts owed and Bankrupt this Cesspool of a Village" mitsuomi shouts, dropping KI.

"Please don't.. Naruko needs to stay here and form bonds.. She wishes to become Hokage some day" hiruzen states, in a half shout. Mitsuomi take a breath and slowly calm down again, "Do you Honestly believe this Village will allow that.. It is obvious that these Civilians and Clans shun her.. Do you think she will get a fair shake at the academy" he says but the room was silent.

"Your silence speaks volumes" mitsuomi adds. Hiruzen interlocks his fingers under his chin and looks down, "You may Take Naruko but I would like her to become a Ninja" he says.

"Hiruzen?!.. What are you doing?!" Koharu shouts. She has dark eyes and gray hair pulled back in a twin bun locked by a traditional hair pins with two pearls dangling off the side.

"I am ensuring our survival.. He is right.. The debt to the Empire would bankrupt our village and give our enemies reason to attack" hiruzen states.

"He's right.. Not even your Daimyo would involve himself in this.. Now then should Naruko decide to become a kunoichi of this village.. She will only answer to you Sarutobi.. Not the councils.. You.. Her possible Sensei should be someone who won't bend to them either" mitsuomit states.

"That is workable.. The Graduation age is sixteen.. I pray Naruko returns" hiruzen states. Mitsuomi slips his fedora on his head, "If Naruko is as forgiving as Kushina.. You prayers may answered" he says, turning on his heels but stops.

"One last thing Danzo.. You pet will returning soon.. She has disobeyed one too many times" mitsuomi adds, leaving the council in silence and danzo in a rage.

"How could you allow this Hiruzen?!.. He has no claim on the Girl" danzo shouts. Hiruzen rises from his seat with a serious look on his face, "Yes He does.. His Highness is her father.. I should never have lied to him about her.. I have let Konoha become weak under my second term as Hokage.. No longer" he says, following mitsuomi.

-Hokage Office-

Mitsuomi opens the door and naruko was sleeping in tsunade's lap, "How did things go" she asks. Mitsuomi removes his fedora with a sigh, "We're returning to the Empire" he says.

"Thats good" rias says, rising from her seat. Tsunade looks down at the sleeping naruko, "And" she asks.

"I want her to return and become a Kunoichi" hiruzen says, behind mitsuomi.

"Sensei.. Do you honestly think Naruko should become a Kunoichi in this village.. Especially with Danzo lurking in the shadows and his.. That Fucking Bitch" tsunade says and hiruzen furrows his brow.

"Shizune works for Danzo.. I found it odd she readily came to the village for me but I sent a clone.. She met with the Cripple and talked about Naruko.. When she returned she told me about Naruko in passing" tsunade explains and glances to mitsuomi.

"I would like to accompany Naruko to the Empire.. I can teach her the Shinobi arts if needed.. Your Highness" tsunade adds, shocking hiruzen.

"Tsunade you can't leave.. Your clan founded Konoha" hiruzen says but tsunade scoffs.

"This village has taken enough from me and the One person I cared for.. Is a Stinking Traitor.. I have no more ties to this place.. Blame this village for the Last Senju leaving" tsunade states. Mitsuomi gently picks up naruko and she stirs, "Daddy" she whispers.

"Yes.. Wake up ok.. We're leaving soon" mitsuomi says and naruko rests her head on his shoulder, "Where" she asks.

"We're heading to the Empire" mitsuomi replies.

"Yes Naruko-chan.. His highness is taking to his home for awhile but I would like you to return to become a ninja and future Hokage" hiruzen says.

"I'm heading to the Senju compound and pack up some things" tsuande says and rises from her seat.

"Rias go with her.. I wouldn't put it pass Danzo to impede our departure" mitsuomi says and rias nods, following tsunade out.

"Neko" hiruzen says and a Anbu drops down, in standard uniform and long purple hair.

"Neko will escort you to Naruko's apartment" hiruzen says and mitsuomi glares at him but begrudeingly follows neko out of the office.

"When are we leaving daddy" naruko asks, more awake now as they leave the Hokage tower. Mitsuomi places his fedora on her head with a sigh, "Not long.. Once we gather your things.. We'll head home" he says and naruko's eyes widen.

"If we're leaving I have to say goodbye to Teuchi-jiji and Ayame-neechan" naruko says and mitsuomi furrows.

"They own Ichiraku Ramen" neko says and mitsuomi's eyes widen and sparkle and he looks to his daughter, "You are truly mine my child.. Lets get some Ramen" he says, picking up the pace and following his nose. The father and daughter reach the stand with neko in tow, "Welcome to Ichiraku" a young voice says. Mitsuomi raises the flap and steps in, placing naruko on one of the stools and he spies a young girl with brown hair opposite them.

"Naruko.. Thank goodness.. I thought the mob got you" the girl says and sees mitsuomi, "Who are you" she adds.

"He's my Daddy.. Ayame-neechan" naruko says and ayame looks at mitsuomi with suspicious eyes.

"Naruko is right.. We were separated at her birth" mitsuomi says and explains their circumstances, causing ayame to hold back some tears.

"I can't believe Hokage-sama would do something like that" teuchi says, coming with a bowl of ramen. Naruko's eyes light up as teuchi places the bowl, "Thanks Jiji" she says.

"I'll have one too.. Ramen is luxury I don't have back home" mitsuomi comments, lossening his tie.

"You are King.. You could order it" ayame says, handing him a bowl. Mitsuomi tucks on of his bangs behind his ear, "One of my wives claims its fattening" he muses, blowing on his noodles. Mitsuomi started on his noodles but his eyes widen and fireworks go off in his head, into a pink cloud and the cutest expression on his face.

"Daddy likes your Ramen Jiji" naruko says, holding out her bowl. Teuchi laughs loudly and hands naruko another bowl, "Ramen truly is the Food of the Gods" he says.

"Indeed.. Teuchi-dono.. Ayame-dono.. I humbly ask you come to my Empire as our Personal Ramen chefs" mitsuomi says, after finishing his bowl and bowing deeply. Teuchi and ayame were gobsmacked as literal royalty was bowing and using honorfics with them.

"Yeah.. As a Princess I want you to be our Ramen chef.. Dattebane" naruko shouts, mimcking her father. Teuchi starts laughing with a smile on his face, "With an edorsement like that.. We can't refuse" he says.

"Well Ayame lets pack up and make our way west" teuchi adds.

"Hannya" mitsuomi says and his shadow bubbles, "Once they are finished.. Escort them to the Senju compound" he orders and hannya bows. Mitsuomi picks up naruko and they continue on their journey, "Do I have siblings" she asks.

"Yes.. I have one son and four daughters" mitsuomi explains and naruko's eyes widen but grow downcast.

"Will they love me" naruko asks and mitsuomi strokes her head.

"They will.. I promise" mitsuomi assures. The pair soon reach naruko's apartment complex and it brought out mitsuomi's rage but he kept calm, reaching her floor naruko gasps as something or someone was leaning on her door.

"Daddy put me down" naruko says and mitsuomi complies. Naruko rushes towards the object but gasps, "Sakura-chan" she says.

"Sakura Haruno.. Twin sister of Sakiri Haruno and daughter of Council woman Haruno" neko says, behind mitsuomi.

"The pink hair was giveaway" mitsuomi says, squatting down but his eyes narrow. Sakura had several old and new bruises on her small frame, slowly pick her up mitsuomi opens naruko's door and the redhead follows.

"Who would do this to her" mitsuomi asks, placing her on the sofa.

"Her mom and sister.. Sakura-chan is my only friend and doesn't ingore me.. They make fun of her forehead" naruko says. Mitsuomi places his hand on sakura's stomach and uses a healing spell on her, "It is quite large" he thought. Slowly sakura starts stir and jade green eyes lock on mitsuomi but then naruko, "Who are you" she asks.

"He's my Daddy and a King.. I am a Princess" naruko says, quickly. Sakura slowly sits and stares suspiciously at mitsuomi but then looks between them as their eyes were identical.

"Then where have you been.. Naruko has suffered in the village" sakura says, glaring. Mitsuomi sighs and looks toward his daughter, "The night she was born.. I was away.. When I returned.. The Hokage and Council deemed it was necessary to lie to me.. Saying Naruko had died with her mother during the Kyubi rampage.. I lost not only my wife but I lost eight years of my daughter's life" he says and rises to his full height.

"However that changes now.. Naruko can you pack your things and we'll head out" mitsuomi says.

"Where are you going" sakura asks, concerned.

"I am going West to see Daddy's empire and guess what he's the Breaker of Chains" naruko says, running to her bedroom followed by neko.

"You're taking her West.. Over the Wall" sakura asks and mitsuomi nods.

"Yes I am but tell why were you so beaten" mitsuomi asks. Sakura looks down at her feet with her hair shadowing her face, "My mother hates me.. My sister can do no wrong but I can only do wrong.. She told my sister and I to pursue Sasuke Uchiha and gain his affection but I don't like him.. He is very cold to people.. Once my mother learned to this.. She would hit me and encourage my sister to be mean to me" she explains.

"This village continues to disappoint me" mitsuomi thought and sighs, "Tell me Sakura.. Would your mother miss you.. If you vanished" he asks and sakura looks up but shakes her head.

"Then is settled.. You're coming with us" mitsuomi says, shocking the blossom hair girl.

"Why would you do that" sakura asks, shocked.

"You are Naruko's friend and I would not abandon someone in need of help" mitsuomi says, as naruko comes with a bag.

"I'm ready Daddy.. I'll miss you Sakura-chan" naruko says but mitsuomi chuckles, confusing her.

"You won't have to miss her.. Sakura is coming with us" mitsuomi says and naruko lights up.

"Neko inform the Hokage of this and if her mother protests this.. Tell her to take it up with me" mitsuomi says and neko bows, before vanishing with a swirl of leafs. Mitsuomi touches his left ear and a magic array forms, "Rias is everyone ready to leave" he asks.

"Of course Mitsu-bear.. The Ichiraku have arrived with Hannya and Tsunade has packed everything she needs and has sealed the grounds" rias replies.

"Good.. You can depart for home.. I'll leave from here with Naruko and another passenger" mitsuomi states.

"Right.. I'll see you at home" rias says and cuts connection.

"Alright stand close to me" mitsuomi says and both comply, before he claps his hands and a dark blue array forms. The array glows brightly and the three vanish, leaving no trace and the two little girls would not return for the next eight years.


A/N-1: Naruko is the Fourth princess of the Empire behind her sisters and fifth in line for the throne. Expect elements a various anime, manga, GOT and the Empire resembles modern japan during their westernization but technology is boruto era and the east in the Blank period of Naruto before boruto. The Imperial palace in the west resembles the Modern Emperor palace. Naruko will be the main focus as mitsuomi will be in the background but assists his daughter on coming threats like Jigen. He is the black Zetsu of this story as Momoshiki's son. Expect a really slow burn on this and changes along the way. Thanks for reading.

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