The Dark Secret of the Uzumaki Clan @champblaze
Chapter 2

A/N-1: Now a thing to know is that Mitsuomi is the progeny of Alucard from Hellsing see Scarlet Reaper for reference. Now Mitsuomi was turned by Alucard and I used the Idea from the Story Blood Sisters by KharBevNor, where Seras turns Integra. Which allows Mitsuomi to turn non virgins and his progeny can do the same.



Ethereal voice

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Hiruzen sits with a look of quiet rage as danzo stands opposite him, "What do mean He's resurfaced and has Tsunade in his clutches" danzo questions.

"It as I said.. He's been in Land of Water since his escape and has taken it over.. Even making Tsunade in one of his abominations.. She has even claimed to be the Daimyo" hiruzen says. Danzo grips his cane in thought, "Why Water Country.. Unless" he thought but his breath hitches.

"Where's the Jinchuriki?!" danzo says and hiruzen's eyes widen, quickly getting his crystal ball and searching for naruko. Hiruzen sees the blonde with anko in her apartment, causing him to breath a sigh of relief but his breath hitches and both look directly at him. Then suddenly melting into a black sludge with anko having glowing yellow eyes.

"No.. No!" hiruzen says, shuddering.

"Then He has the girl and Mitarashi.. I told you to kill the girl when Orochimaru abandoned her" danzo states.

"How could he have gotten to her.. Naruko was ignorant of everything.. She should have passed the Genin exam" hiruzen says, rising from his seat.

"That no longer matters.. Now we no longer have a Jinchuriki" danzo says but hiruzen ignores him, heading to the academy. Hiruzen quickly makes his way to the academy to find iruka and mizuki, "How could this happen" he thought.

"Hokage-sama" iruka says, seeing the older man.

"Iruka.. Did Naruko pass the exams" hiruzen states and both men shake their heads.

"No Hokage-sama.. She could not do all of the Academy Three" iruka states and hiruzen narrows his eyes.

"Yes Hokage-sama.. Your orders were very clear that all graduates must use all of the Academy Three and she couldn't do a standard Bunshin" mizuki adds. Hiruzen's breath hitches and his eyes slightly widen, "I see.. I should find her and take her to Ichiraku" he says and excuses himself. The Sandaime makes his way back to the tower with hidden angered look, "Damn you Demon" he thought, arriving back at his office.

"Neko" hiruzen says and the purple hair Anbu appears in a kneeling position.

"You and your Team are to head to the Land of Water and retrieve Naruko Uzumaki and Anko Mitarashi is be executed on sight" hiruzen orders and Neko vanishes with leaf-shunshin.

"What's wrong Sensei" a voice says and hiruzen looks right to see jiraiya stepping through the window.

"Everything" hiruzen says and jiraiya furrows his brow.

"Tsunade has betrayed us" hiruzen says and starts to explain everything up to now.

"We need the kid back.. If not the Prophecy will" jiraiya says but hiruzen raises his hand.

"This I know.. Which is why I want you to shadow Neko's team and meet them half way to take Naruko and place seals on her to forget everything" hiruzen says and jiraiya nods.

"But what about Tsunade.. I know she's like that monster now but if we could put her under our control we could create an army" jiraiya says.

"No we must secure Naruko.. Tsunade is lost to us" hiruzen says and jiraiya nods, heading off.

*Kirigakure no Sato*

Naruko stands in front of mei as the older woman looks over the blonde, "Do you swear to serve Kirigakure to the best of your abilities" mei says.

"Yes Godaime-sama" naruko says. Mei rises from her desk and places a Hitai-ate into naruko's hands, "Then serve Kiri well.. Mitsuomi will be your Jonin Sensei for the time being" she says and naruko nods, bowing. The blonde ties the headband to her arm and excuses herself, finding mitsuomi waiting for her.

"Looks good on you" mitsuomi says and naruko gives him a hug, "Come on.. I have a gift for you" he says and they vanish in a swirl of shadows. The pair reappear in a dark hallway, "This gift.. I've held on to for a few years and it's specifically for you" mitsuomi says.

"For me" naruko asks and mitsuomi nods, his hands in his pockets. The hall gives way to a row of cells and the pair walk quietly until the reach the final cell.

"So you brought her" a voice says. Naruko sees a man with spiky black hair with part of his face scarred, his right eye missing and his body slight emaciated.

"Grrr.. That's him" kurama hisses.

"Him who" naruko thought.

"Naru.. Meet Obito Uchiha and he was one of your father's students" mitsuomi starts and naruko gasps.

"T-then he was the one Kurama-aniki says" naruko says and mitsuomi places a hand on her shoulder, causing her to grasp his hand.

"Yes Obito was the mastermind of the Kyubi attack or rather puppet" mitsuomi says and obito glares.

"I am no one's puppet" obito hisses. Mitsuomi opens the cell and the pair enter but naruko keeps her distance, "Yes you were.. Whether it was Madara or Zetsu" he says.

"How long has he been here" naruko asks and mitsuomi cups his chin in thought.

"Almost Six years.. After I took Konan and the Rinnegan from him.. He made an attack after we had defeated the loyalists.. He brought the full force of the Akatsuki to bare" mitsuomi starts but grins wide.

"Which failed Miserably.. Because he underestimated everything.. First Itachi betrayed him.. Then Kisame.. Deidara and Sasori met their ends to me and Anko.. Konan ripped the souls from Kakuzu and Hidan.. Lastly Tsunade ripped Zetsu limb from limb" mitsuomi adds.

"Sasuke's brother" naruko says and mitsuomi nods.

"Yeah.. You'll meet him later.. Now before Obito could escape.. I slapped him with a Fuinjutsu seal and took his Sharingan.. I've would've killed him but I had better idea.. Why not let the person he wronged the most.. Decide his fate" mitsuomi explains. Naruko stares between mitsuomi and obito but the latter was only glaring at her.

"You look like Kushina but I see Sensei in you as well" obito says.

"Then why did you betray them.. Why set Kurama-aniki loose on Konoha" naruko asks. Obito shifts his lone eye to mitsuomi, "Peace.. I needed the Kyubi for peace" he says.

"Peace?!.. All those people that died.. Even my parents" naruko says, nearly shouting.

"You know nothing.. Once I completed Eye of the Moon.. You would have your parents restored and live in peace" obito says but mitsuomi scoffs, laughing.

"Still don't understand.. Eye of the Moon was Never yours or Madara's plan.. Zetsu played you like a fiddle.. Regardless Naru.. Obito's life is your hands.. Life or Die" mitsuomi says. Naruko stares the man who facilitated the death of her parents and her suffering in the village, "Death" dual voices of naruko and kurama declare. Obito shoots to his feet but a black rod erupts from his chest, slowly konan rises from the shadows with her blue hair now past her shoulder.

"You shall serve as my Strongest Path" konan declares. Naruko watches the light leave obito's eye as konan wrenches her chakra rod free, "I want to leave" she says. Mitsuomi touches her shoulder and they vanish, reappearing a large bedroom.

"This is your room.. We'll meet for a team meeting tomorrow at nine" mitsuomi says and naruko slowly nods, as mitsuomi excuses himself. Naruko looks around the room as darcia emerges from her shadow, "Looks like this will be home for now" she thought, plopping on the bed.

*Scene Break*

"Nobles giving you trouble" mitsuomi says, seeing tsunade scowling. The blonde was seated a large desk with a stack of papers and scrolls, inside a beautiful office with several chairs and sofas.

"No my Zetsu spores will keep them in line but I'm worried now that Sensei knows I know things.. He'll tell Jiraiya and he'll come for Kanna-chan" tsunade states. Mitsuomi scoffs and comes around to her chair to rub her shoulders, "Don't worry.. I have Soichiro and Reina watching Kanna.. No one will ever hurt her" he muses. The door opens and a small girl with snow white hair and black eyes, dressed in a snow flake patterned kimono with a pillow in her hands.

"Nap time already Kanna" mitsuomi says and the child nods, taking the sofa for herself. The door opens again as shizune comes in, "Sorry Tsunade-sama" she says but the blonde waves her hand.

"It's fine.. Kanna-chan is more than welcome to nap here" tsunade says.

"You should know.. Hiruzen will inform Jiraiya about things but have no fear" mitsuomi starts and his face becomes serious.

"If he comes anywhere You or Kanna.. I'll rip off his both legs and both his arms.. Maybe I'll eat his face too.. I'll send him back to the Monkey as this Armless.. Legless.. Faceless thing and he'll flop around Konoha like a Turd in the Wind" mitsuomi adds.

"See that he does" shizune says, taking a seat on the sofa and kanna shifts to lay her head in her mother's lap.

"Any word from the Yondaime and Godaime" mitsuomi says, continuing to massage tsunade's shoulders.

"Yes.. They'll be helping us for the Chunin exams" tsunade says, sighing softly. Shizune strokes kanna's head with a look to the pair, "Wouldn't it be prudent for them to side with Konoha than us" she says.

"Hmmhmmhmm.. Unlike their dead predecessors.. They are smart.. Onoki and Ei thought they could bulldoze over us for Supremacy or Bloodlines and now they are Paths for Konan.. Kurotsuchi and Darui witnessed that first hand.. So it's better to be at the Devil's side than in his path.. Besides Kurotsuchi is one of us and Mabui will keep him in line" mitsuomi states.

"How's Naru-chan" tsunade asks. Mitsuomi closes his left eye and looks darcia's eyes, "She's upset at learning certain information but she's strong.. She'll pull through" he replies.

"Will she get along with Kagura" shizune asks and mitsuomi opens his eye with a tilt of his head.

"They have a few things in common.. Children of a Fourth Kage and both Jinchuriki.. Besides Kagura could use a friend" mitsuomi says and furrows his brow, looking down at tsunade.

"Your sensei must be going senile" mitsuomi says and she looks up.

"He's sending a Hit squad to retrieve Naru and kill Anko.. Pervert will be meet them near Hot Water" mitsuomi adds.

"Then he sent them to their deaths.. But going after them instead of us" tsunade muses. Mitsuomi removes his hands and tsunade frowns, "He knows better.. You're Daimyo now and a Vampire Queen.. Even he isn't foolish enough to try.. No matter.. Anko can deal with them and cross a name of her shit list" he says and the blonde nods.

*Kumogakure no Sato*

"That will be all for today" says Darui, Godaime Raikage. He is fairly tall, dark-skin man with a slightly bulbous nose, black eyes and shaggy, white hair which covers his left eye. To darui's left was his left hand and secretary Mabui, "Of course Raikage-sama.. Excuse me" mabui says, excusing herself. She has silver hair pulled back into a bun with two bangs that fall on either side of her face and green eyes. She wears long-sleeve, high-collar dress shirt and skirt, along with a pair of long earrings and high-heel sandals with grey stockings. Mabui makes her out of the kage tower and makes her way to her apartment, her eyes catching the lecherous looks of some. Many thought she was calm, demure and submissive woman but the truth now she was a seductress and one of the devil's fallen angels. Mabui remembers the day of her turning, no embracing as she was plagued by sexual dreams of the man who killed the Yondaime Raikage. He appeared in her bedroom and she eagerly took her embracing to become a fallen angel of the night. Mabui arrives her apartment and loosens her silver hair from the bun, slipping off her heels and making her way to the kitchen. The silverette opens her fridge and pulls out a wine bottle with red liquid inside.

"Mmm.. Virgin male aged twenty-five" mabui muses, after pouring some in a wine glass and sniffing the contents. Unlike her fellow fallen angels she got her blood from hospitals but she was not above feeding from the living. She was her master's go between and brokered their secret alliance with the branch of the Hyuga clan as payment for their assistance. Unlike her counterparts in iwa and kiri she wasn't a fighter but was more of a logistic power and took advantage of her new status in the world. Mabui draws herself a bath and strips off uniform, revealing a seductive body with wide hips, slim waist and modest breasts compared to another kunoichi she knows. The silverette slips into her bath with her wine glass of blood, secretly hoping her loving man would grace her bed tonight or one of his clones.

*Iwagakure no Sato*

Kurotsuchi Kamizuru wipes her bloodstained lips with her thumb and licks the digit clean, her pink eyes on the body of a female spy from konoha. Two more spies were dead as well, "Makes my choice to side with them more advantages" kurotsuchi thought, her shadow expanding to consume all three corpses. She wear a red dress that is open on the front-right side from the waist down, revealing her white stocking covered right leg and has a sleeve on the left side. Like her kumo counterpart kurotsuchi witnessed first hand the power of the man who had corrupted her and made an unholy denizen of the dark. Her grandfather onoki and unruly ei learned the civil war in kiri had ended, and decided to take advantage of the situation for themselves. Onoki for resources and ei for bloodlines but both men grossly underestimated the three demons kiri's rebel employed.

"Now they are puppets of the Fallen Angel of Ame" kurotsuchi thought, leaving her office and making her to her precious little man. After her grandfather's death iwa kept things completely under wraps as the old men of the council debated on who would succeed him but the choice was obvious and kurotsuchi was named Yondaime. However the old men of the council impressed upon her to have a male child to succeed her, as she was one of the first female kage other than her sister mei in kiri. Kurotsuchi managed to have tsunade, under her lady in white guise convince the old men that she couldn't carry a child to term but a surrogate could and allowed her to put things off for a few years and focus on building up iwa. Six months ago her surrogate Aria gave birth to her son Kozuchi, with her dear friend Akatsuchi providing the male DNA.

"I should ask Tsunade for some Zetsu spores to keep those old farts in line" kurotsuchi thought, opening the door to her son's room. Aria was putting him in his crib as kurotsuchi enters, "I made in time" she says.

"Yes he was a little fussy after eating but he should sleep for a few hours" aria says, bowing and excuses herself. Kurotsuchi looks over kozuchi as the little boy sleeps, with a loving smile and finds a book to read until he wakes in the middle of the night.

*Kirigakure no Sato - Next Day*

Naruko yawns as she follows behind mitsuomi towards a training ground to meet her other teammate, "Um do I have two teammates" she asks.

"Only Kagura for now but we working to fast track a third member for the exams" mitsuomi states and naruko slowly nods. They reach a small training ground where a young man was waiting for them with a wooden sword in his hand, doing several sword katas. He has a fair complexion with short, messy, grey hair that falls over the right side of his face and spiked up on the left his forehead, pink eyes and a tattoo with three points running down under his left eye.

"Mitsuomi-sensei" kagura says. He wears black pants, a striped purple shirt, a green long-sleeved vest with a high collar, and black gloves.

"How's it going Kagura" mitsuomi says and pats naruko on the back.

"This your new teammate Naruko Uzumaki and Naruko this is Kagura Karatachi" mitsuomi says and the pair exchange handshakes.

"You two have some things in common.. Both of you are children of Kage and you are both Jinchuriki" mitsuomi says, shocking both of them.

"You're like me" naruko says and kagura slowly nods.

"Yes.. I am the Jinchuriki of the Sanbi Isobu.. Like my father before me" kagura says and mitsuomi places his hand on his shoulder.

"Many in Kiri still hold ill feelings for Kagura.. Very similar to you Naru" mitsuomi explains.

"People see my father instead of me but I will not let them drag me down" kagura says.

"Gaki bump fist him" kurama says. Naruko furrows her brow and holds up her fist, "Um bump fists with me.. Kurama-aniki said to do it" she says and kagura slowly complies. Suddenly the two were in a large expanse with naruko sitting on kurama, his nine tails swishing and across from them were kagura and isobu.

"How's it going Kamehime" kurama says. Isobu resembles a large turtle, but with a crab-like shell, spikes all over its body, and three shrimp-like tails. Under its shell, it has red, muscle-like tissue and a pair of human-like arms and hands, but no hind-legs.

"I was under the control of that accursed Uchiha" isobu says.

"Heh.. Well he's dead now" kurama says.

"The who used my father" kagura says and the fox nods.

"The same and he's now someone's puppet" kurama adds and the pair leave the shared mindscape. Naruko pulls back with a soft blush on her face as kagura smiles, "I look forward to working with you Naruko-san" he says.

"Likewise Kagura-san" naruko says.

"Alright you two.. How about a little spar to test your skills" mitsuomi says, handing naruko a wooden bokken. Kagura and naruko stare each other down as mitsuomi makes an iron throne to sit on, "Begin" he shouts. Mitsuomi crosses his legs and watches his charge spar with their swords but his mind drifts to an old memory.


Mitsuomi slowly opens his eyes to four people, his form nothing but skin and bones but a raspy laugh escapes his lips.

"Hahaha.. Hashirama and Tobirama would weep knowing their students betray them so" mitsuomi sneers. Danzo, hiruzen and homura take offense and the fourth remains silent but approaches the vampire.

"Don't get closer to him Koharu" hiruzen says. Koharu bites her finger open to draw blood, "You have served the Uzumaki.. You will serve us now" she says. Mitsuomi eyes the bleeding finger, "You're as foolish as ever" he hisses, his blue tongue slipping out his mouth and taking the blood from koharu's finger.

"Danzo do what ever it takes to make him serve Konoha and keep him fed" hiruzen says, his advisors following him out.

"So you betrayed Mito huh.. Well not the first time.. Uzushio fell at your hand and Kushina is loyal to the village.. Ignorant of her Legacy" mitsuomi says.

"You will serve the Great Tree once again" danzo says, turning on heels with the clacking of his cane.

*End Flashback*

"Alright my cute students.. That's enough" mitsuomi states. Naruko and kagura bow to each other as mitsuomi claps, "Well let's get you some D-ranks.. Don't worry they are pretty simple" he says.

"Like what Onii-sama" naruko asks.

"Delivery missions or something Tsunade or Mei can come up with.. We'll take a C-rank after we complete twenty D-ranks" mitsuomi says and both of them nod.

*One Week Later*

Neko and her team look over tsunade's mansion, "Target one is in western wing.. Secondary in east wing" she signs.

"Orders" kame signs. Neko sighs internally with a look to her team, "Secure Target One.. I will eliminate Secondary" she signs and all of them vanish. Neko or Yugao Uzuki sighs with a slight crack of her resolve, hiding herself with a transparency jutsu.

"Anko" neko thought. She finds anko's room and kneels to look through the keyhole, finding her target laying in a futon. Neko slowly picks the lock and slips inside with her stealth on max, "Forgive me" she thought, slowly drawing her tanto. Anko lays motionless as neko raises her tanto, before her eyes shoot open and pain erupts in her chest. Anko spits up some blood with a look of betrayal in her eyes, "Y-yu-chan" she sputters.

"I'm sorry Anko but Konoha's orders are absolute.. Forgive me" neko says, however her breath hitches as anko melts into a black sludge.

"So my loyalty meant Nothing" a voice croons. Neko whips around to see anko in a pink see-through negligee and white panties but neko couldn't move a muscle. Anko sashays closer with her eyes a glowing gold and behind neko's mask, her eyes turn gold and her tanto falls from her hands. Anko removes neko's mask to reveal a beautiful face and full lips, "You will be the first step on my revenge on all of you" she says, tossing the mask aside and a shadow from under the door taking it.

"Yu-chan take off your armor" anko croons. Yugao slowly complies with her forearm guards going first, then her chest armor and leaving her with a black shirt.

"You're going to become my submissive little kitten and will help me with Kurenai and Hana.. Yes" anko says, rounding yugao.

"Yes Anko" yugao says, her voice monotone. Anko giggles as she stops in front of yugao and rips open her shirt and breast bindings, revealing near D-cup breasts.

"Lay down on the futon" anko orders and yugao slowly complies. Anko removes her negligee and slowly kneels next to the prone yugao, her right hand going inside yugao's pants. The purplette's breath becomes heavy as anko toys with her clit and netherlips, "Mitsuomi taught me that blood tastes much better if stimulated" anko coos. She then straddles yugao as she stares blankly at the ceiling, her shadow forming hands to continue molesting yugao's lower region.

"You can enjoy this too Yu-chan" anko coos. Yugao moans softly as anko settles on top of her, her snake like tongue moving around her stiffening left nipple and her right hand groping the other.

"Mmm.. Fuyaah" yugao coos. Anko gyrates on yugao's body with red cheeks and a sinister look in her eyes, "Yu-chan tell me.. Tell me you Want me to bite you.. Beg me to bite you" she coos.

"Ahh.. Yess.. Bite me Anko.. Please Bite me" yugao says. Anko grips yugao's purple hair with her right hand and swiftly bites yugao on the left side of her neck. Yugao's eyes return normal as she starts to scream in pain and trying to fight back but this soon gives way to pleasure as her fighting stops, her cheeks redden and moans escapes her lips.

"Haaah.. Nyahhh" yugao cries. Anko continues to drink from yugao and bring her close to death before, unlatching with blood running down her chin. Anko bites her tongue with her left fang and reinserts her fangs into yugao's neck, forcing her blood inside her. Yugao's back arches and she grips the futon sheets as black vein spread from anko's bite, molding her body and mind to servitude for her mistress. Anko slowly moves off of yugao's neck as blood continues to drip from her mouth as yugao's skin pales, her brown eyes become catlike and fangs form in her mouth. The room's door slowly opens as mitsuomi stood with the heads of yugao's teammates.

"How much of her mind did you leave" mitsuomi asks. Anko slowly rises as blood continues to run down her nude body, "Her loyalty to Konoha is now to me" she says.

"How's Naru" anko asks.

"She's fine didn't even wake up.. I left one alive to meet Jiraiya with the heads and no arms.. Should be enough to show we're serious" mitsuomi says. Anko wipes some blood from her mouth and wipes it on yugao's mask, "I've been meaning to ask.. Were there others before me" she asks. Mitsuomi lifts her chin to place a chaste kiss on her lips, "Not many.. You are the second I've turned since I reawakened.. They have no idea She is still alive.. She is my lovely dark raven" he says.

"Who is She" anko queries and mitsuomi touches her forehead, causing her to gasp and a wide grin to form on her face.

"You are evil.. My loving man.. Come my loving man.. Let's have an orgy until dawn" anko purrs, leaving yugao to awaken and join them.


Hiruzen sits with simmering rage on his face but hidden behind a mask of stone, around him were the council of konoha, except the civilian portion as they didn't need to know. Jiraiya returned just a few hours ago with the corpse of rhino and the heads of neko's remaining team, "Did she betray us.. No her mask was covered in blood.. That bitch must be torturing her" he thought.

"Hokage-sama can I ask why this meeting was called" Shikaku Nara asks. He has two scars on the right side of his face, with dark hair tied up into a spiky ponytail, dark eyes as well as a goatee. He wears the standard konoha jonin attire and hand guards with pants wrapped in tape at the bottom and sandals.

"Well all of you know that we recently had a graduation from our academy.. Which were all of your children" hiruzen says and most of them nod.

"This we know Hokage-sama" Inoichi Yamanaka says. He has long ash blond hair reaching into his lower back, spiky on top and ending in a long ponytail, light green eyes and strong facial features, which included a well defined jaw line. He wears a standard flak jacket over a black konoha outfit, complete with hand-guards.

"However all you noticed that one person did not graduate or has not been seen in the village" hiruzen states.

"You don't mean Her" Choza Akimichi states. He is large man with naturally brown hair but wears a long, spiky red hair-piece and purple markings on his cheeks.

"Yes Naruko Uzumaki failed the Genin exams and by virtue of the set parameters.. Naruko can no longer become a Ninja of this village" hiruzen explains and all of them knew the ramification.

"Then that mean" shikaku says and hiruzen slowly nods, "Then what happens now" he adds. Tsume Inuzuka ignores the talking of the men, her focus was on their heartbeats with blood pumping in their veins. She has pale skin and long, spiky, untamed brown hair, thick eyebrows, vertical slit like pupils, elongated canine teeth and nails with her clan fang markings on her cheeks. She also has markings over her eyes and wears a dark shade of purple lipstick on her lips. She wears the standard outfit of a konoha shinobi consisting of a flak jacket, and a black suit underneath with the sleeves rolled up and bandages around her legs.

"Mistress has forbidden me to harm them but all this blood is almost too much" tsume thought. Several night ago tsume was attacked by an unknown entity but now known as her mistress. Tsume remembers the feeling of her mistress sinking her fangs in her neck, draining her of her lifeblood with pain and pleasure mixing until she was reborn.

"Tsume can you spare a few members of your clan to search for Naruko" hiruzen says and the newborn vampire nods.

"Of course Hokage-sama" tsume says. Hiruzen call an end the the council meeting as the council trickles out, leaving hiruzen, danzo, jiraiya and the two advisors.

"Could Rhino report anything" hiruzen asks.

"No.. His arms were gone and he had the heads of team hung around his neck" jiraiya replies.

"What do we do now.. Send Ne" koharu says.

"We can't act thoughtlessly.. Tsunade is now the Daimyo of Water and the Mizukage is in their pocket" danzo states.

"What about Daimyo-sama.. He could use the political arena" homura suggests.

"He won't act.. He's a Senju supporter and they can do no wrong" hiruzen says and sighs, "We have until the Chunin exams to resolve this.. I will send word to Orochimaru to assist us in this.. For now we'll keep up appearances" he adds and all of them nod.

*One Month Later*

"We finally gotten leads on the final members of Seven Ninja Swordsmen.. I've sent Kisame and Itachi after Raiga.. I want your team to go after Zabuza" mei says, speaking to team six.

"Where is he Mizukage-sama" naruko asks. Naruko changed out her pleated orange skirt for a red skirt, with camo leggings and keeps her black shirt.

"Nami-no-kuni but be warned.. Konoha sent a team to protect someone known as Tazuna" mei states.

"Rules of engagement" mitsuomi says, his hands pocketed. Mei glances to her loving man, "Crush them if they attack first.. Konoha has become an annoyance.. Show them the power of Kirigakure" mei orders and all of them nod.

"Meet me at main gate in thirty minutes.. Pack a two week mission" mitsuomi says and both nods, excusing themselves.

"She's adjusting well" mei says, rising from her desk to lock her door. Mitsuomi takes a seat on the love seat, loosening his tie and unbuttoning the top of his dress shirt.

"We taught her well and she has family" mitsuomi muses. Mei hikes up her blue dress to straddle mitsuomi, "She will make Konoha rue the day they crossed her" she croons, flashing her fangs. Mei softly bites mitsuomi on the neck with soft moans escaping her mouth, his gloved hands grasping her supple tush.

"We can make love before go" mei thought.

"I should've told them an hour if that was the case" mitsuomi muses. Mei pulls back with blood trailing the sides of her mouth, "That is true" she says.

"Then the others would get involved" konan says, forming from her paper. Mei slips off of mitsuomi as konan approaches and lift her chin to lick the blood from the sides of her mouth.

"Suna is willing to listen.. The Wind Daimyo is prioritizing Fire country and Konoha for missions.. Rasa will meet us in two weeks.. I've given the means to use the Magic Lantern Jutsu" konan explains. Mitsuomi rises from his seat with a wide grin, "Excellent work my Dark Angel.. Very soon Four of the Five great villages will wipe out The supposed strongest village" he says and both smirk. Mitsuomi excuses himself and makes his way towards the main gate, "Very soon my revenge will be fulfilled" he thought. The allotted time passes as kagura and naruko arrive at the main gate, "We'll head to the southern harbor and make our way to Nami.. Hop to it at chunin speed" he orders and both of them nod.

"Do we know why a Konoha team was sent" kagura asks.

"If I had to guess.. It concerns Gato and a bridge being built to the main land of Fire country" mitsuomi replies.

"Didn't he make Baa-chan mad by taxing the shipping lanes in the south" naruko says and mitsuomi smirks, nodding.

"So this a two-prong mission.. Get Zabuza and Destroy Gato" mitsuomi says.

*Nami-no-kuni - Two Days Later*

Team-7 consisting of Sakura Haruno, Sai, Sasuke Uchiha and Kakashi Hatake were in a dire situation due to their mission to escort and protect tazuna. First their team encountered the Demon brothers and sakura froze up at the sight of kakashi's faux death but sai and sasuke defeated the brothers. Next in nami itself the team encountered Zabuza Momochi the Demon of Mist but due to laziness kakashi was captured in the Suiro no Jutsu. This prompted sasuke and sai to engage zabuza and free kakashi but zabuza escaped thanks to a fuax Hunter-nin. Currently Team-7 were battling zabuza and the faux hunter-nin Haku but they were outmatched.

"Looks your Uchiha isn't all what he's cracked up to be Kakashi" zabuza sneers, hiding in the mist. He is tall and noticeably muscular man with light grayish skin, short spiky black hair, dark brown eyes, and small eyebrows.

"Don't underestimate Sasuke" kakashi counters. He has spiky silver hair oriented to his left-side and dark grey eyes, wearing the standard konoha jonin uniform. Not far from them was a large ice dome made of mirrors with two young men inside, while a masked figure was inside the mirror.

"Surrender I do not wish to harm you any further" the figure says, revealing a feminine voice. They wear the standard kirigakure pinstriped outfit which stopped at their knees. Over this is a green haori with white trimmings, and around their waist a brown sash with a fringed trail wrapped around the waist twice, light-brown platoon sandals with straps in the same color as the kimono.

"Shut up.. Only an Uchiha can defeat an Uchiha" a voice shouts. He has black hair in the shape of a duck's rump with red eyes, having one tomoe in the left eye and two in the right eye. He wears a navy blue, short-sleeve shirt with a high collar and white cargo pants with blue sandals.

"Then this person must be an Uchiha Emo" the second young man says. He has pale skin and ink black hair with matching eyes, wearing high-collar midriff shirt, black pants, shinobi sandals and gloves with his index and thumb fingers exposed.

"Shut up Sai" the first says and weaves several signs.

"Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu" he roars, blasting a tight flame. The flames do nothing to destroy the ice mirror, "I told you can not melt these mirrors" the figure says. Outside the mirror were the proprietor of this mission tazuna and sakura. Tazuna is an older man with grey-hair, a large beard and dark eyes wearing a sleeveless V-neck shirt with an obi, pants and a pair of sandals.

"I hope they can win" tazuna says.

"Sasuke-kun won't lose" sakura says. She has long pink hair to her waist with jade green eyes. She wears a red qipao dress with slits along the sides accompanied by a zipper and white circular designs. She also wears tight dark green bike shorts with a shuriken holster around her right thigh and blue sandals.

"From our perspective.. Sasuke-kun will lose" a voice says. Tazuna and sakura whip around to see kagura and naruko, "Who are you?!" sakura screeches. Naruko places her hands on her hips, "You don't recognize me Sakura.. I've only be gone over a month" she says and sakura narrow her green eyes.

"Naru-baka" sakura says and naruko nods, "But you ran away.. Why are you here" she adds.

"Naruko-chan is a kunoichi of Kirigakure now" kagura says and sakura scoffs.

"No she's not.. She failed our exam and ran off" sakura says but screams as naruko has a kunai at her throat.

"Shut up eyesore" naruko hisses, her eyes flashing red.

"Old man.. You should head back to your house.. On our way here.. We stopped two samurai from taking your daughter and grandson" naruko adds and tazuna gasps.

"Don't worry Sir.. We saved them.. I can escort you" kagura says and tazuna immediately agrees, following him.

"Hey what you doing?!" sakura shouts but naruko chops her in the neck and the pinkette collapses. The loud crackle of lightning catches naruko's attention but she ignores it as mitsuomi was ahead of them.

[Music: Fairy Tail Absolute Zero Silver Ost - Extended]

"This the only Jutsu I didn't copy" kakashi says, his left hand engulfed in raiton. Zabuza is opposite him with several wounds from kakashi's inu summons binding him. Kakashi shoots forward with hand like a knife, "Raikiri" he shouts, thrusting his hand forward. However a gloved hand shoots from the mist and grabs kakashi's hand, "Sorry but I can't let you do that" a voice says.

"Naru.. Take care of this Mist" the voice shouts and kakashi gasps, as the a gust of wind blows away the mist.

"You?!" kakashi says. Mitsuomi grins wide and brushes kakashi back, "Yes me" he says, smirking.

"Who are you" zabuza says, as the inu summons vanish.

"The Man in Black and the Mizukage want you back" mitsuomi says and zabuza growls.

"I'll never go back to that bastard" zabuza says but mitsuomi glances back, smiling.

"Oh you didn't hear but Yagura died six year ago.. The Godaime Mizukage Mei Terumi wants you back to reform the Seven Swordsmen of Mist" mitsuomi states, as the hunter-nin appears via ice flurries.

"Zabuza-sama" they shout, removing their mask and reveal a young woman's face. Kakashi grits his teeth behind his mask but his eyes widen as naruko appears via a futon-shunshin, "Naruko" he says but naruko glares at him. Suddenly clapping echoes and everyone turns to see gato with about three dozen men, "Looks like I can kill two birds with one stone" he sneers. Mitsuomi chuckles darkly as he moves toward gato and his men, "You pissed off my wife Insect and for that you Die" he hisses, raising his right hand. Gato and men look up as blue ethereal swords form in the air, shocking all of the except naruko.

"Wha.." gato starts but gasps in horror, as all the swords rip through him and his men. Mitsuomi stands with his back to kakashi and the copy ninja uses this to his advantage, "Die" he shouts, with another raikiri but passes through mitsuomi. The vampire grabs kakashi in a rear choke, "Otto-!.. Looks like you attacked first" mitsuomi sneers.

"You kidnapped Naruko with that Snake Bitch" kakashi sputters, trying to keep mitsuomi from choking him out.

"That snake bitch is my girlfriend and Naruko left of her own volition.. She failed the Genin exam three times" mitsuomi says.

"Meaning I would prohibited from becoming a ninja.. So I decided to leave Konoha with Anko-nee's help" naruko says.

"You can't abandon Konoha" kakashi says, as mitsuomi moves him to face naruko.

"Why.. The Will of Fire.. My dream to be Hokage" naruko starts but a dark look forms.

"Or is there another reason why I can't abandon Konoha" naruko adds but kakashi says nothing. Mitsuomi grips kakashi tighter and grips the left side of his face, causing him struggle but scream as mitsuomi rips out kakashi's Sharingan eye.

"No.. No!.. Give That BACK!" kakashi shouts but mitsuomi slams him to the ground, before crushing his legs with his boot.

"So ready to return Kiri" mitsuomi says, pulling a knife out of his sleeves and plunging it into his left eye and replacing it with the Sharingan.

"So Terumi wants me back for What" zabuza asks, getting to his feet with haku's help.

"Ahh.. Now a matching set.. She wants to reform the Seven Swords.. We have Kisame back and a new kid named Chojuro but we have all the swords" mitsuomi replies, staring at kakashi. The copy ninja struggles to move as mitsuomi grinds his boot on his back, "Konoha will not forget this" he hisses.

"Good.. I hope they do" mitsuomi says, walking over kakashi. Zabuza and haku slowly follow mitsuomi and naruko but sasuke gets in their path with sai behind him.

"Huh Itachi's little brother.. I'll have to tell him when we get back" mitsuomi says and sasuke gasps.

"Where is he?!" sasuke shouts, drawing a kunai. Mitsuomi tilts his head with a smirk on his face, "Why should I tell someone who's weak" he sneers. Sasuke shoots forward witha kunai aimed for mitsuomi but like kakashi passes through mitsuomi, only for naruko to connect with a heavy left to his face.

"Boom that felt good" naruko crows. Mitsuomi chuckles and catches sakura's fist but crushes it and her wrist in his hand, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" sakura screeches, falling to her knees. Sai remains unmoving as mitsuomi approaches and leans in mere inches from his face, "Tell Sarutobi and your master.. Naru knows everything" he says, as the three walk pass him.[song ends]

*Scene Break*

However mitsuomi stops and reaches into his coat, pulling out a 1851 ivory handle Colt Peacemaker. The vampire turns and blows a hole through sai's head with blood and brains flying on to sakura, "I changed mind.. I'll tell him myself" mitsuomi says, turning on his heels.

"Why did you kill him" naruko asks.

"He's one of Danzo's drones.. No need for him to know too soon" mitsuomi replies. Zabuza whistles as mitsuomi's brutality, "You live up to the hype" he says and mitsuomi smirks.

"Alright.. Let's get going.. I'll use Kamui to get back quicker" mitsuomi says and his right Sharingan comes to bare. He grabs zabuza and haku by the shoulder, "Don't move once you arrive" mitsuomi says and sucks them into his eye, repeating the process. The vampire turns to the downed kakashi and grabs the sides of his coat into a curtsy, before bursting into black ravens.

*Konoha - One Week Later*

Hiruzen could barely contain his KI as he looks over the severely injured kakashi, both legs in a cast and a bandage over his left eye. Six days ago one of kakashi's summons arrived with a message and hiruzen dispatched an Anbu squad to retrieve Team-7 from nami.

"Not only is Sai dead but He took your Sharingan" hiruzen says. Kakashi has the decency to look ashamed with his head down, "Yes Hokage-sama.. He and his team arrived in the middle of our battle with Zabuza and his accomplice.. He made short work of us and killed Gato" he explains.

"Why would he take your Sharingan" jiraiya comments, sitting on the windowsill.

"He already had another one" kakashi says, shocking both men.

"We should have this power as ours" hiruzen thought.

"Kakashi focus on healing.. I will have another Jonin command Team-7 and one of the reserve Genin take up the missing member.. Sasuke must compete in the Chunin exams" hiruzen says and turns on his heels, with jiraiya following.

"No doubt Naruko will be on Kiri's team" jiraiya comments.

"Then no doubt that vixen knew Naruko would join her village.. Meaning that bastard was in contact with Naruko since his escape.. Using Anko has his pawn" hiruzen says.

"He's been one step ahead of us this whole time.. What will we do" jiraiya says.

"The chunin exams will be the battleground.. All Five Great villages are sending teams.. Danzo will capture Naruko during the Second round.. Orochimaru will also shadow them should they fail.. He will not fail me" hiruzen states and jiraiya nods. Hiruzen returns to his office as jiraiya does some research, leaving the wizen kage to think and vent. The door opens as danzo enters and the two remain in silence, "Sai was my best young operative" danzo says.

"Yes but ultimately useless in front of him.. We have been on the defensive for the last six years because of him" hiruzen starts, not noticing a red eye raven at the window.

"Then what do you propose.. Aligning with Iwa or Kumo to combat Kiri" danzo states.

"Perhaps.. Both have young kage.. We can announce Naruko's heritage to them and force Kiri on the defensive.. Kumo will want her bloodline like her mother before her and Iwa will revenge for her father" hiruzen explains.

"No guarantee that it will work.. The Yondaime isn't like her grandfather and the Godaime is seems disinterested in affairs" danzo counters.

"Even so the threat will be there.. Giving your forces enough time to snatch her from the forest during the second round" hiruzen states.

"I will assign Torune and Fuu but I want Orochimaru to have his Left hand as well" danzo states and hiruzen nods.

"We need her to have bare some children.. Her Kekkei Genkai is rare" hiruzen states and danzo excuses himself, both unaware the raven flies off.

*Kirigakure no Sato*

Mitsuomi sits in an elegant chair with anko in his lap and yugao standing opposite them, "So how do you feel Yugao" he says.

"I feel reborn Mitsuomi-sama.. I can wait for Kurenai and Hana to be reborn like me" yugao says. She wears high-heel boots with black slacks that hug her thighs and ass. A sleeveless, white dress shirt with a red mini-tie and purple suit vest along with black gloves. Mitsuomi smirks and taps anko's thigh to get up, "Very good" he muses. The door opens as tsunade, konan and mei enter to take seats next to mitsuomi. The vampires flash several signs to ignite the magical lantern jutsu, allowing kurotsuchi and mabui to appear. Another figure appears with the stature of a man, "Welcome Lord Rasa' mitsuomi greets.

"Greetings to you as well" rasa says.

"How is your son" mitsuomi asks, crossing his legs.

"He is well but still bloodthirsty despite the new seal.. However he is controllable" rasa replies.

"That's good.. As Konan relayed.. Our three countries will invade Konoha during their chunin exams.. We offer you chance to show them and your Daimyo your True power" mitsuomi starts.

"Konoha has been our ally since the end of the Third shinobi war but alliances are only as good as words on paper.. However actions speak louder than words.. The return of our Sandaime and Killing Sasori went far to push us in breaking our alliance.. Coupled with the fact that you are Man in Black and have the Fallen Angel and Lady in White in your camp" rasa says. Mitsuomi grins with his face hidden in shadow but his eyes glow, "You are indeed a smart man.. Never let anyone tell you different" he says and clears his throat.

"Now Danzo and Hiruzen are extremely paranoid and will keep their nose open to any large troop movements into their borders.. However a large force won't be needed.. I will be providing the bulk of our force.. Your Genin team.. Yourself and Baki are what is required and before you fret.. My forces are S-class ninja and some of are capable wiping our countries" mitsuomi explains, shocking rasa.

"Konoha may have won three wars but they have grown lax and lazy.. They have no one in their force that match the likes of us.. My family is down to me and my grandchild.. They no longer have a Jinchuriki" tsunade comments.

"Crushing Konoha is personal for my loving wife.. Her clan founded Konoha and they have spat on that.. Bleed them for their power.. It's time they be reminded of the order of things and pay what they owe" mitsuomi states.

"When would we act" rasa asks.

"We'll let you know during the month break.. We'll meet once again in this manner" mitsuomi replies and rasa slowly nods, before his projection ceases.

"Should we bring our respective Jinchuriki" kurotsuchi asks and mitsuomi tilts his head, thinking for a moment.

"Now we don't them to completely panic.. We will be more than enough to deal with them" mitsuomi says, glancing to mabui.

"However I know Killer-B will do whatever he pleases.. As for Yugito.. Han and Roshi.. They can stay hidden at the Valley of End.. In case certain elements try to rabbit.. Which they will no doubt do" mitsuomi adds and both nod, ceasing their projections.

"The next three months are gonna be busy for us" tsunade says and all of them nod.

"I will my team through Hell.. They need to crush their foes with ease" mitsuomi muses but grins wide, "I even have idea on how to show off to Konoha and break their morale" he adds, getting their attention and all of them grin hearing his thoughts.

*Three months Later*

Naruko could see her old village coming into view and her anger started build but a few calm breaths calm her down. Mitsuomi was behind her with kagura and new addition haku next to the blonde. Over the last three months mitsuomi and zabuza put the three through hell in preparation for these exams.

"These Gakis will run over those leaf genin" zabuza comments, in jonin attire. Mitsuomi takes a drag off his cigarette with a smirk, "They better" he muses. Team No-life reach the gates and the two guardians recognize naruko, "You joined Kiri" kotetsu asks.

"Yes.. I failed the Genin exams for the third time.. So I left" naruko says.

"Why Kiri though" izumo asks. Mitsuomi taps the table with a stream of smoke over them, "Why not.. Unlike here.. Naru is appreciated by her peers" he says and fishes an envelope from his coat.

"This is the Hokage's eyes only.. It's from Lady Senju of Mizu" mitsuomi adds and izumo slowly takes the envelope, "Remember his eyes only" he says, his eyes glowing behind his glasses. Team no-life plus one enter the village but the vampire could sense a tail on them, "Fufufufu.. Paranoid much but not matter.. You know you can't touch us" mitsuomi thought. The village itself was bustling with activity as they make their way through the village but for naruko it was reliving the horrors of this place. A hand slowly grasps her right hand and she glances to kagura with a smile, giving it a squeeze.

"Where will we be staying" haku asks. Mitsuomi lifts his sunglasses and twirls his cane, "The Burning Leaf Hotel.. It's where all the foreign teams are staying.. What better way to keep them under surveillance" he muses. The group continues on in silence for a few minutes but stopped by several Anbu surround them, causing them to reach for their weapons but mitsuomi laughs with his arms apart.

"Zabuza take them the hotel.. It looks like they want me.. Right" mitsuomi says.

"Yes.. Hokage-sama wishes to speak to you.. Your team can leave" crane says. Team no-life reluctantly leave their leader and make their way to the hotel with zabuza as mitsuomi follows the Anbu to the hokage tower.

"Prompt service.. I guess the monkey can do still something" mitsuomi muses, causing the Anbu to leak some KI but the vampire only laughs. They arrive at the tower and lead mitsuomi to the council room, inside were hiruzen and jiraiya.

"Well hello monkey.. Read my letter so fast" mitsuomi says. Hiruzen glares at mitsuomi as the vampire leans forward on his cane but the Anbu remain around him.

"What do you want" hiruzen says, after several minutes. Mitsuomi reaches for his top hat and slowly removes it with a twinkle in his eyes, "Simply to put on a show.. As my wife put in the letter.. I want to show off my husband.. He will fight Four of your strongest in a four on one battle during the Chunin exam finals.. Should any the of them win.. Both Naruko Uzumaki and Kanna Kato will be returned to Konoha free and clear" he says, touching his chest with the hat.

"Just like that?!" jiraiya shot.

"Exactly.. Do you want throw your hat in.. I would love to fight the one of the Sannin" mitsuomi mocks.

"What are you plotting Demon" hiruzen utters. Mitsuomi tilts his head with a grin on his face, "Is Konoha so weak now.. That they are afraid of little ole me" he says and jiraiya bristles, ready to put mitsuomi in his place.

"Konoha will accept Lady Senju's proposal.. We will select our strongest to put you in your place.. However I want to add one more thing" hiruzen starts.

"Done" mitsuomi interjects, shocking jiraiya and the Anbu. Mitsuomi turns on his heels with a spin of his cane, "I hope you do entertain me" he crows. Hiruzen slams his fist on the desk with a look of anger, "Jiraiya I want to prepare Asuma.. Gai and Kakashi for this.. Do everything to give us the advantage against him" he says.

"You got it Sensei" jiraiya says.

*Scene Break*

Night has fallen over konoha and one kurenai yuhi, jonin sensei of team-8 makes her way home after a date with her boyfriend asuma. She wears a red dress with a black shawl and heels, accenting her sinful figure. The ruby eye kunoichi thoughts drift to her missing friend yugao, "Anko.. I hope you can forgive us but Will of Fire comes first" she thought. Kurenai was ordered by the sandaime like hana and yugao to keep an eye on anko, testing her loyalty to the village but unaware that orochimaru was loyal to the sandaime. Kurenai feels the wind pick up slight and blows her untamed black hair.

"Nai-chan" a voice coos and kurenai whips around, to be snatched by the very darkness and leaving one of her heels behind. Kurenai awakes with a start in a bedroom but her ruby eyes widen as she stares at anko on top of her.

"A-anko" kurenai says. Anko grins and gropes kurenai's right breast, causing her to turn red in the face.

"Of course it's me.. Thought I was dead" anko says, ripping the dress open and exposing kurenai's red bra. Kurenai struggles to move but anko holds her down with her shadows, "If you're alive.. Then where is Yugao" she says, through gritted teeth. Anko licks her lips and cranes kurenai's head and her eyes widen as yugao was giving a blowjob to a woman with long black hair, covering her G-cup breasts and haunting steel-blue eyes.

"Yu-chan.. Nai-chan wants to see you" anko coos. Yugao stops her sucking and crawls towards the bed in only a vest and panties, "Hey Nai.. You'll never believe the things I have experienced" she says, her fangs glinting. Kurenai wrenches her head back to face anko with a angered look, "What did you do to her?!" she hisses.

"She allowed me to be reborn.. Soon you and Hana will be too" yugao coos, licking kurenai's neck and the ruby eye kunoichi recoils.

"Don't worry Nai-chan.. You'll feel so much better" anko says, ripping the bra away and exposing her F-cup breasts. Anko starts licking around kurenai's left nipple and it slowly stiffens, before biting into the globe of flesh and kurenai screams through gritted teeth.

"Ahh.. Ahh.. Stop" kurenai cries.

"Don't fight it Kurenai" yugao coos, biting the left side of kurenai's neck. Kurenai struggles and fights back with a scream as she is drained by both vampires, causing her to fall half of the bed as yugao unlatches. Anko follows kurenai off the bed and bites her tongue to fill her mouth with blood and force it into kurenai. The ruby eye kunoichi's eyes are half-lidded as black veins spread from her breast, turning her skin a shade paler.

"Fufufufu.. Well done Anko.. Two down and one to go" the woman coos, stroking herself. Anko lifts off of kurenai with blood staining her mouth and chest, "She'll be here soon" she coos.

"I didn't know you could change forms like that" anko says, getting off the bed and leaving kurenai half of the bed. The woman shifts into mitsuomi with a smirk on his face, "The Trapping of mortal forms holds no sway on me.. I call her Himiko the Futa" he says, as a knocking on the door echoes and all of them grin.

*Moments Earlier*

Hana follows her mother towards the burning leaf hotel, "Why are we going here" she asks. Tsume glances back with a glint in her eyes, "Don't worry Hana.. All will be revealed soon" she says. Hana furrows her brow, "Mom has been acting weird lately.. Even Kuromaru.. Their scents are off" she thought. The pair arrive at the hotel and make their way to the penthouse, where tsume knocks twice and looks to her daughter.

"Good in first" tsume says. Hana furrows her brow once again but complies and opens the door, causing her breath to hitch.

"Kurenai?!" hana shouts, rushing in. Kurenai lays half off the bed with her dress ripped open, her breasts and neck stained in blood. Tsume enters behind her daughter and locks door, "Mom we need to contact Hokage-sama" hana shouts, checking for a pulse and finding none.

"I can't do that Hana" tsume say and hana springs to her feet but gasps. Tsume stood with a sinister look on her face but hana now noticed how pale her mother was and her now golden eyes.

"Mom" hana says, her senses telling to flee.

"Yes Hana" tsume says. Hana narrows her eyes and calls on her beast mimicry, sharpening her nails and teeth but something grabs her behind in the form of yugao and anko.

"Eh?!.. Yugao?!.. Anko?!" hana says, struggling to free herself. Tsume touches her daughter's cheek and causes her to freeze, "Don't fight this Hana.. You'll be reborn" she says, tearing open hana's shirt and exposing her C-cup breasts.

"She's right.. Kurenai didn't fight.. Neither did Yugao" anko coos, licking up hana's neck and the dog girl recoiling.

"Mistress is right.. Let's be whole again.. The Four Ice Queen of Darkness" yugao coos. Hana screams as anko, yugao and tsume bite her neck and breasts but a fourth sensation erupts in her thigh. Hana's eyes drift down to see kurenai biting her thigh with the same golden eyes, her struggling slowly stops and her eyes go half-lidded with soft moans. The four vampires unlatch from hana as anko bites her lips and pushes her blood into hana, guiding her to the floor and causing black veins to spread from her neck like their transformations.

"Master and Mistress are meeting" tsume asks.

"Yes they are preparing for the Second round" yugao says, licking the blood from her mouth.

"I'll bring her pups for her to have" tsume says and melts into the shadows. Kurenai rips off the remains of her dress, "You were right.. I do feel reborn" she says, touching her pale breasts.

"I told you Nai-chan" anko coos, as hana's eyes open to reveal golden robs with a cute hiss of delight.

*Next Day - Chunin Exams: Round One*

Team No-life make their way to the konoha academy as do many other teams and makes their way to the third floor.

"Hey let us in" a voice shouts. Naruko sees a team of three were arguing with two chunin, "Not happening.. You three aren't ready" one sneers. Naruko looks at the sign labeled three but they were on the second floor, "Genjutsu" she whispers and both nod, following her to the real third floor.

"Hey Take this Genjutsu down" a familiar voice shouts and naruko looks to see sasuke, before shaking her head. They reach the third floor and find zabuza waiting for them, "Good job Gakis.. Now knock 'em dead" he says and all of them nod. Naruko pushes open the door and are immediately hit by KI from the other teams but they counter with their own. Naruko looks over the teams and finds some from kumo, iwa, sound and many other villages. One in particular caught her eye from suna, mainly because the redhead was looking at her intently. He has red hair and teal eyes, with dark markings around his eeys and a strange tattoo over his left eye. He wears a long-sleeve crimson coat and full-length dark trousers, with a large gourd on his back and a grey vest.

"That's Shukaku's host" kurama comments and naruko glances to the two others. One wear makeup and a black outfit with a hood and cat ears, with a large bundle on his back. The other is a girl with blonde hair with four pigtails and teal eyes. Outfit is a single light purple-color, off-the-shoulders garment that extended to halfway down her thighs, with a scarlet sash tied around her waist. In addition to incorporating fishnet worn over her shoulders and legs, specifically on her right calf and her left thigh.

"That's Temari.. Kankuro and Gaara Sabaku.. The Kazekage's children" kagura states and naruko nods.

"Yahoo.. Everyone is here" a brash voice shouts. Naruko looks to see the rookies of konoha and her former classmates, "Kiba still as loud as ever" she thought.

"Who's that" kagura asks.

"Kiba Inuzuka.. He's with the other rookies of konoha" naruko says and sees hinata looking at her, before slowly approaching.

"N-naruko-chan.. Y-you're here" hinata says.

"Yeah our Sensei thought we were ready.. These are my teammates Kagura Karatachi and Haku Momochi" naruko says. Kiba approaches with shino, "So you ran away to Kiri" he says.

"So what if I did" narko shot and kiba scoffs with a sneer.

"It won't help you" kiba shot back. Naruko was about to retort but the oto teams attacks an older genin with silver hair and glasses. The room erupts with smoke as a tall man with a bandanna, grey uniform and a trench coat appears with several others.

"Alright Enough.. Take a seat and shut up.. My name is Ibiki Morino and your proctor for the first round of these Chunin exams" the man shouts and everyone takes a seat.

*Jonin Lounge*

Mitsuomi sits with all konoha eyes on him with looks of anger and hidden hatred but the vampire ignores them with his legs crossed. Kakashi was glowering mitsuomi with a white eyepatch of his missing eye, "Fucking Bastard" he thought, glancing to fellow jonin Maito Gai and asuma.

"Most unyouthful to be so arrogant" gai says. He has black hair in a bowl cut with large eyebrows, wearing a green jumpsuit, orange leg warmers and a jonin vest.

"Hokage-sama said he will be fighting You.. Asuma.. Jiraiya-sama and I during the finals" kakashi states. Asuma blows a stream of smoke, "Dad wants us to crush him but he is the Man in Black too" he says.

"Jiraiya-sama is planning for that" kakashi says but narrows his eyes, as mitsuomi rises to his feet and approaches the three.

"Hello victims" mitsuomi says, grabbing his coat for a curtsy.

"You're in enemy territory pal" asuma says but mitsuomi ignores him looking around.

"Hmm odd I was looking for beautiful woman with ruby eyes but I do not see her.. Oh well" mitsuomi muses and asuma's breath hitches.

"Why would he be looking for Kurenai.. She sent me a message to guide her team to the test hall because she wasn't feeling well" asuma thought.

"Who do you mean" asuma asks but mitsuomi ignores him again.

"So you three will join Jiraiya in failing to entertain me" mitsuomi says, mocking the three jonin.

"It's a battle to death.. Even you can't compete with Three elite Jonin and a Sannin" kakashi shot. Mitsuomi covers his mouth with a mocking laugh, "Fufufufu.. I think Three Kage trump a Sannin and Jonin" he says, shocking asuma and gai.

"You're bluffing" kakashi says and mitsuomi gets eye to eyes with him.

"Believe what you want to.. One month you'll see why I am the most dangerous man in the world" mitsuomi says, his flicking between his Sharingan and normal. Mitsuomi turns on his heels with a flap of his cloak and kakashi clenches his fists in anger, "I will take back what is mine and Sensei's child" he thought.

*Chunin Exams: Round Two*

"Welcome to the Second round of the chunin exam.. My name is Genma Shiranui and I'll be the proctor of this round" a man shouts. He has brown, shoulder-length hair which hangs about his face and brown eyes. He wears his forehead protector like a bandanna, and the standard jonin outfit. Naruko stands with her team and her gaze fell on team-7, "So they replaced Sai with Her" she thought. Sasuke stood with brooding look on his face as sakura glowers naruko from a distance with their third member Ami looking with curiosity.

"So their sensei killed your teammate" ami asks. She has purple hair styled in an asymmetrical cut and brown eyes, her outfit a striped blouse that was tied at her neck and waist over a dark blue battle dress.

"Yeah and broke my hand.. Mommy said that he will pay for it" sakura states. Genma goes over the rules of the exams and starts to hand out the waviers for the round, along with their respective scroll of either heaven or earth. Team no-life lines up at the fifth gate with a earth scroll in their possession, "What is our strategy" haku asks.

"Find the heaven scroll reach the tower.. No need to lag about.. Senpai warned us of traps waiting for us" kagura states.

"Agreed.. Konoha wants me under their thumb again.. Let's make them work for it" naruko whispers, as the gate bursts open and they shoot in. Naruko quickly makes fifteen clones, that henge into copies of their team and scatter through the forest.

"Should we take down other teams" kagura asks but naruko shakes her head.

"Onii-sama said to finish as soon as possible" naruko replies but makes a fist for them to stop.

"They found a team.. This way" naruko says and both nod, turning to the north east. Team no-life halt in the tree above a genin team from konoha, "So do you think we'll pass this year Komugi" a kunoichi says. She has short brown hair frames her face, falling over her blue-cloth hitai-ate. She wears a green top, brown knee-length skirt along with a beige sash and a poncho top.

"We need to Inaho.. We've been Genin for five years now" komugi replies. He has spiky black hair and a small, pointed goatee, wearing a simple two-tone t-shirt, pants and konoha's hitai-ate.

"Did you see Her" the last member says. He has a short crop of dark brown hair and dark eyes, wearing a high-collar brown suit with matching pants and a beige sash.

"I heard she joined Kiri Gennai" komugi replies. Kagura glances to naruko with some hand signs and naruko replies back, before haku makes a ram-sign.

"Ninpou: Kirigakure no Jutsu" haku thought. The three konoha ninja remain unaware as a thick mist rolls, putting them on guard but several senbon pierce their necks and they collapse. Naruko blows the mist away with a futon toppa and they land in the clearing, "No wonder they have been Genin for so long.. No Situational awareness" she says. Kagura and haku check their packs and find the heaven scroll, "Now we can go to the tower" he says.

"Right.. You two go on ahead" naruko says, seriously. Kagura notices her tone and grasps haku by the shoulder, "Stay safe" he says and they vanish in a swirl of water, before haku could protest.

"You can come out now" naruko shouts and from the three several Ne operatives lead by two men appear, along with a woman behind her.

"You are to come with us Jinchuriki" one says. He has auburn hair and amber eyes, dressed in a red short kimono under the jacket with a black sash, a pair of black gloves, dark-color pants, and regular shinobi sandals. Along with a short, black jacket with red straps on the shoulders like all members of Ne.

"Should we secure her teammates Fuu" the second asks. He wears a mask that cover his head but his black hair, mouth and nose with fair skin. His uniform is a short, black jacket with red straps on the shoulders. Also a high collar, all black outfit with a red sash around his waist and an apron over his pants, carrying several pouches with him and a pair of black gloves

"No.. Danzo-sama has ordered only the Jinchuriki" fuu replies.

"You do realize that boy was the son of the Mizukage Yagura and more than likely knows the whereabouts of the Sanbi" the woman says, her arms folded. She has fair skin, dark eyes and light blue hair in a spiky ponytail with long strands of hair framing her face. Her outfit consists of a green dress with a long left sleeve and a short right one, a red turtle-neck which has a white, fluffy collar and brown gloves. Under the dress, she wears a one piece red suit and calf-length brown sandal boots.

"Orochimaru wants the Sanbi too.. How arrogant of him.. Guren of Crystal" a voice muses, shocking everyone but naruko.

"Torune secure the girl" fuu orders and torune removes his gloves, as they turn purple. Naruko reaches for her sword but black feathers rain down from the canopy and pierce the Ne operatives but guren, fuu and torune dodge.

"Naru-chan catch up to your team.. I will handle this" the voice says. Naruko turns on her heels to leap away as they look around for the enemy. Fuu narrows his eyes as ravens start to fly and down and coalesce into a woman, causing his eyes to widen.

"Impossible.. You were killed the night of the Uchiha Purge" fuu says. The woman smiles with her dark mascara over her closed eyes and black lipstick on her lips, "Yes a purge of my clan committed by my son" she says. She has pale skin with long, straight black hair with bangs hanging on either side of her face to roughly frame her cheeks. She wears a black-red gothic corset dress with black stockings, high heel boots to knees and stocking arm sleeves.

"Who is this Bitch" guren hisses. The woman grabs the sides of her dress with a curtsy, "I am Mikoto Uchiha" she greets, showing her fangs and Sharingan eyes. Torune charges mikoto as fuu readies to take control of her but the uchiha matriarch closes the gap, cleaving off his outstretched arm.

"Shoton: Omiwatari no Jutsu" guren shouts, sending a wave of blue crystals but mikoto dodges. Torune closes the gap and grabs mikoto's right arm, it slowly turns purple but she slices it off with her left hand.

"Shintenshin no Jutsu" fuu shouts and catches mikoto but not a second later fuu regains his body, before blood flows from his ears and eyes.

"Fuu?!" torune shouts.

"Amaterasu" mikoto declares, her eyes now having a black sclera with a red flower petal pattern. The black flames engulf torune and he tries to put them out but it was in vain as he collapses in a heap. Guren surrounds her arm with crystal lance and pierces mikoto from behind with the blade, "Fucking Bitch.. I'll take those eyes to Orochimaru-sama" she sneers. Mikoto spits up blood but smiles wide as her body burst into raven, forcing guren to swat at them and mikoto reforms a small distance away.

"Tsukuyomi" mikoto croons and guren freezes with wide eyes. Several seconds later guren collapses to her knees with red cheeks and her eyes filled with lust as mikoto approaches.

"How do you feel" mikoto says and guren looks up with lusty eyes.

"I am yours Mikoto-sama.. Forever" guren croons and mikoto smiles, taking her hand.

"We'll have to speak to Mitsuomi on what to do with you.. Now let's go" mikoto says and the pair vanish in a swirl of flames.

*Forest of Death Tower*

Naruko catches up to her team and they make their way to the center tower, "Are you ok" kagura asks and naruko nods. The three enter the tower and see the inscription on the wall, "I think it means we open the scrolls now" haku says. Naruko and kagura open the scrolls and they start to smoke, forcing them to toss it and a large puff of smoke erupts.

"Nice job Gakis" zabuza says, appearing from the smoke.

"Are we the first to arrive" haku asks.

"Nope we were" a voice says and team no-life see the sand siblings.

"She's right.. Plus this place has room and mess hall.. You'll be here for another five days.. I'll let Mitsuomi know" zabuza says and vanishes in a swirl of water.

"Follow us.. We can talk in private" naruko says and everyone follows, finding a room to meet. Naruko creates a privacy barrier to keep unwanted ears from listening, "You three know your roles for the Invasion" she asks.

"We do" temari says.

"You two are like me" gaara says and both nod.

"I hold Kurama the Kyubi and Kagura holds Isobu the Sanbi and you hold Shukaku" naruko says.

"Tell your boss thanks for giving me back my little brother" temari says and naruko nods.

"So what's the plan for the finals" kankuro asks.

"If too many teams pass this round.. They'll be a preliminary fights before the finals a month later.. If you're match up with someone from Iwa or Kumo make it look presentable.. Anyone else is fair game.. You can kill or cripple" naruko explains.

"Konoha could see it as suspicious if we kill their ninja" temari states.

"They shouldn't have given waivers.. This should be treated as a real mission.. Even allies should not be held responsible" kagura states.

"That is your choice to kill someone" naruko says and the three nod. Five days pass in relativat silence as teams made their way inside and like naruko thought, a preliminary round would be needed. Two genin retired from the bouts ami and another named Kabuto but naruko knew he was a spy for orochimaru. Hiruzen gave a boring speech about friendship and other boring things, calling for the start to the matches with a large billboard.

*Sasuke vs Yoroi canon, Shikmaru vs Kin canon, Temari vs Tenten canon*

The three matches were iwa and kumo against each other, much to the shock of them but they said nothing with the match ending into two double foreits and Karui defeating her opponent from iwa. The board cycles through the names and stops on naruko and sakura, causing the blonde to smirk. The pair make their way down to the arena as sakura was smugly looking at naruko. Genma chews on his senbon with a look between the two, "Begin" he shouts. Naruko rolls her neck as her whiskers start to thicken and her eyes bleed red, her nails sharpening as sakura rushes forward with a kunai. The blonde closes the gap with her left raised and passes by sakura, only for her to immediately grab her throat. The konoha rookies and jonin gasp in horror as blood starts to run down sakura's chest as she falls to her knees, finally collapsing with a pool of blood forming.

"She's dead.. I won" naruko says, coldly and genma calls her the winner. Hiruzen hidden his shocked face and wide under his hat but shifts his gaze to mitsuomi, "What have you done to her" he thought. Naruko makes her way back to her team but the konoha rookies stop her, "How could you do that to Sakura?!" ino shouts.

"Ino right's.. Why did you kill her" kiba shouts. Naruko gives all of them the coldest look, "Are all of you stupid.. You signed the waviers and the proctor said the same rules apply.. We are ninja and killing is apart of it.. Sakura knew the risk and charged in blindly" she says.

"Naru is right.. You little children seem to be playing ninja" mitsuomi says, as naruko moves pass them.

"B-but to do that to S-sakura-chan.. She was o-our friend and y-you were our friend" hinata says and naruko turns back to them.

"We were Never friends.. I never stayed at your houses or hung out when not in the academy.. You are made fun me or didn't even try to speak to me.. You just followed me and stalked me.. It would have been so much better if you actually talked to me but you didn't.. The rest of you listened to your parents that was some kind of monster.. Well I am.. You know why" naruko says but mitsuomi covers her mouth with a shush motion.

"No need to spoil them" mitsuomi says and naruko nods, returning to her team. Hinata covers her mouth as tears form in her eyes, "N-naruko-chan" she thought. Med-nin take away sakura's body and the board cycles through, stopping on kiba and kagura.

"Yahoo.. We're up Akamaru" kiba shouts and the puppy barks. Kagura quietly makes his way down to the arena floor but could see the angry eyes of the konoha rookies.

"They are navie fool Kagura-kun.. Take out this dog with no effort" isobu says. Kiba stands opposite kagura, "Don't worry pretty boy.. I won't kill you but I am break you for what the Dead-last did" he sneers.

"Why do you call Naruko-chan that.. She is quite strong and some Very important to me" kagura says but kiba scoffs.

"Because she failed the exams and ran off" kiba says, matter-of-factly. Genma calls a begin to the match and kiba goes for his beast mimicry but kagura makes a ram-sign, "Ninpou: Kirigakure no Jutsu" he says and the thick mist forms.

"Ha.. I'll still sniff you out" kiba shouts but kagura says nothing. Akamaru looks around along with kiba as seconds tick by and kagura doesn't attack, "Damn it.. I can't smell him" he thought.

"Can you not smell me.. Anko-oneesama taught us counter your style of fighting" kagura says, seemingly from everywhere. Kiba whips around but a feeling of fear washing over him as heavy KI blankets the mist but only the mist as not to tip his hand.

"W-hat the Hell" kiba shouts but suddenly is engulfed by a bubble of water with akamaru. The mist starts to clear and feed the water prison as kiba and akamara struggle, "Surrender or Perish" kagura declares. Kiba struggles to hold his breath but concedes and kagura releases his jutsu, "It seems you were not as strong as you believe.. Perhaps you were the Dead-last" kagura says. Kiba sees red and was about to charge kagura but genma gets in his path, "You lost Genin.. Back to you team" he says and kiba reluctantly walks off with akamaru shaking off the water and following.

*Shino vs Zaku canon, Dosu vs Choji canon, Gaara vs Lee, canon, Kankuro vs Misumi canon*

Naruko watches with her arms folded and shakes her head as hinata forfeited to neji without even attempting to fight back.

"Without her pillar.. She crumbles with a bit of pressure" mitsuomi muses, standing behind her.

"I saved her from some bullies when were little but her caretaker told her to stay away from me.. All she did after was stalk me from afar.. Not once did she even try to talk to me.. I could've used a friend" naruko says but mitsuomi pulls back to into a hug.

"Don't worry about that anymore.. She will be spared" mitsuomi whispers and naruko nods. The last match of the prelims was ino and haku, with the latter easily defeating the blonde. Naruko and her team join the winners to pick lots for the finals with genma picking for sasuke.

"Alright show your numbers and we'll decide your opponents" genma says and everyone shows their numbers.

"Then it will be Karui of Kumo vs Haku of Kiri.. Sasuke vs Gaara of Suna.. Kankuro of Suna vs Shino.. Shikamaru vs Kagura of Kiri.. Naruko of Kiri vs Temari of Suna and lastly Dosu of Oto vs Neji" genma states. Hiruzen clears his throat with a sutble glance to mitsuomi, "You all will have one month to prepare for your opponents.. Foreign Ninja will be allotted certain training grounds if needed" he says and vanishes with a swirl of leaves.

To Be Concluded

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